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Carol Elmer


Breaking News: This week US Special Op forces recovered bodies, body parts and surviving children from tunnels buried deep beneath the White House. With the US functioning under Martial Law, B*iden and 464 elected government officials were arrested early Mon. 1 Feb. Since the Mainstream Media refused to air official announcements of such, the US Military would take over all American media outlets.

Juan O Savin (JFK Jr.): “This illusion was all going down in a few hours, but the fight will go on for some time.”

In the 2020 B*iden Inauguration was clear it was a cut and paste pre-recording.

B*iden’s West Wing Oval Office was in Hollywood Castle Rock Studios where he was signing EOs on blank sheets of paper with a parking lot in the back window.

White House dark. Building something huge in front of the White House.

A video of White House early morning showed soldiers coming out with little kids.

Tunnels go from Comet Pizza to White House.

They kept Trump away from that area while he was President. Since he moved to Mar a Largo the Military have gone in there. They entered tunnels buried deep – a long way down – beneath the White House. Evidently they have been running this for the past 10-15 years.

On Sun. 31 Jan. the Military put out a press release to the Mainstream Media saying that they had arrested B*iden and 4-5 hundred Congress people. The MSM chose to bury that whole story – which the Military regarded as High Treason. The ongoing cover-up of the evil going on was going to destroy the MSM.

The transition from the fiat SWIFT Financial System to the Quantum Financial System began in Aug. 2020. As of Mon. 1 Feb. it was fully operational.

Ward has done over 30 Zooms with medical doctors who told him that if they told the truth about C19 they would lose their licenses.

Ward has 17 people working behind the scenes full time to give him Intel of what is going on.

Juan O’Savin: A list of close confidants to Trump were arriving at Mar a largo this weekend. It was obvious that B*iden was on a stage other than the Oval office. The courts and Congress have failed in their duty to protect the Constitution so the Military has taken control with a mandate to install a lawful Republic. This illusion was all going down in a few hours. We have air craft carriers off both coasts. What you are hearing and seeing are very different from what is really going on. You are hearing tidbits. We have hard and overwhelming evidence that Trump decisively won the 2020 Election by over 80%. The Military has the responsibility to insure that the Constitution was enforced. The US Inc. was bankrupt. The false claims against corporations and Wall Street assets get off our back. Trump brought back the troops because this was where the fight was. We could get a Cuban Missile Crisis moment to awaken the people.

Let me explain something about bIackmail... it isn’t an accident that all these perverts are in positions of power & success.

This is what all the normies trip over & can’t get past. It seems crazy to think all these politicians and artists would just *happen* to be the worst kind of pervert.

What they can’t wrap grasp is it’s the *other way around*

They entrap some low-level Joe. A struggling actress. A local-level politician. 

In the movies, we see blackmail “victims” being forced to do things they don’t want to do.

But what if someone gets caught with CP on their work computer... and instead of prosecution/punishment... 

they get offered a promotion? Not just a promotion: THE Promotion. The one they’ve always wanted. 

With the understanding they’ll do what they’re told.

Why do you think all of Hollywood/Journalism/Politics is an apparent Monolith?

Obedient people get promoted. 

People that are dangerous get kept down... or worse.

That’s the key to understanding: these aren’t politicians/Hwood/“journalists” that *happen* to be perverts.

These are perverts that we’re selected, controlled, and THEN put into those positions. 

Some are turned as children [Disney, Bloodline families].

And depending on their ambitions, they get invited to more [exclusive islands & locales], & [knowingly] show they’re willing to go farther. 

It’s not that Joe Shmoe became a Senator cleanly through the American Dream and then HAPPENED to get caught with CP. 

They were ensnared long before 

& then funded and promoted up the chain.

Literally selling their souls for positions & advancement within [The Club]. 

And if they decide [they] want out or grow a “conscience” - or just decide to save their own skins by flipping... 

they have an accident. 

[They] play the long game. [They] use powerful families and Old Money to keep The Game rigged.

So many people - especially normies - can’t wrap their head around this. It’s counter to everything they thought they knew. 

So they just see a 1-Dimensional image (“Q people think everyone is a psycho child abuser - psh, the odds of that are insane”). 

They think WE think it’s an accidental happenstance.

Keep their misguided perspective in mind when engaging with them. They’re not just asleep: they don’t even understand what Awake would look like.

Brother Street Joy 2-3-2021

Carol Elmer

E. Fri. 5 Feb. Notes from New Intelligence, Mark Baughman:

-) Confirmed American Military had to take power in emergency situation (With no active President) and has taken over control of the new Republic government of the United States, the former U.S. Inc is bankrupt and defunct, Congress and the Judicial system FAILED to protect the Constitution, were complacent and participated in the Massive Voter Fraud on November 3rd, 2020.

-) The Military will turn the government to civilian control and is expected in March and very Possible, but not for sure, that President Trump will be sworn in on March 4, 2021, with the original Constitution, now enabled, and stated in the writing's March 4, is the real date for the inauguration.

-) The QFS (Quantum Financial System) is in full control of the world banking system. As of February 1st, 2021. NO more Central Banks Worldwide, and the Swift System has been totally taken down and NOT running that the D*eep State or Cabal depended on to fund things. Many D*eep State accounts have been frozen. Whoever participated in the massive voter fraud, from what President Trump signed an Executive Order to freeze and confiscate their funds for the High-Treason acts.

-) It is now known that that the U.S. government gave Main Stream Media direct information that B*iden and most members of Congress have been arrested (on January 24 & 25th) for High-Treason on voter fraud corruption and did NOT report it, all networks did NOT report. This is High-Treason for the all Fake MSM and can be taken down anytime. They all will get their FCC licenses pulled. Also, it is stated that notice for NESARA was to be published and was not.

-) This is a 3-D chess game, and the public gets only hints from one-third of the real transactions or goings-on. The 3-D chess game is about done.

-) In Days and less than a week, many real information will flow. Or, as we call "Shocking Information" to be released. President Trump is gathering his closest Friends and Supporter in Mar-O-Largo on 2/5/2021 and 2/6/2021. It is stated by some that 2/5- the EBS will be used at 6:30PM to release real information. Some others say 2/7/2021, and real larger releases will be 2/12 to 2/15/2021.

-) Military on High Alert (Defcon #2), Juan O'Savin stated there is a real reason to secure America that:

Three Air-Craft Carrier groups (with 100 ships strong for each group, support ships) off West Coast, one can see these ships on the all along the off the coast line on the West Coast.

Two Air-Craft Carrier groups (with 100 ships strong for each group, support ships) on the East Coast

One Air-Craft Carrier groups (with 100 ships strong for each group, support ships) in the South Chinese Sea

One Air-Craft Carrier groups (with 100 ships strong for each group, support ships) of the coast in India

Our Allies—Russian Navy covering the European Coasts.

-) Public Release of information Since January 20th, 2021 TO WAKE UP THE SOME STILL SLEEPING PEOPLE

B*iden is as a studio in Castle Rock, California, Not really signing Executive Orders, blank paper with NO letter head.

Fake White House has a parked-cars outside the White House window behind B*iden fake Desk, it is all a Hollywood set.

A silhouette of Trump, sometimes in those windows too.

The real B*iden was executed in 2019 along with his son, Hunter. An actor plays this role, and was told it was Jim Carey and maybe sometimes Steve Martin who wears a made mask like used on the "Mission Impossible" movies.

The real White House has had all lights off at night since January 20th, 2021 and B*iden does not live there, no one does.

No Flag Flying over the Real White House Now, not the real head of state place now, and also, no snipers on top the roof now too. Hint, Hint!

Jeff Bezos of Amazon resigns

Jeff Zucker of CNN resigns Hint, Hint!

-) The Old Paradigm is crashing down, not real anyway, or our Reality Bubble is going to change, dramatically.

-) Juan O'Savin, first order of business is to Secure our American Borders now, and then help other countries.

We are now back under our original Constitution, ratified in 1789.

The U.S. Corporation we were sold into, under the Act of 1871, is now bankrupt and defunct.

President Trump, has resumed the use of our original Constitution which uses the date of March 4th as the Presidential Inauguration Day.

Under NESARA, which appears to have been implemented by the signing of Executive Order # 13958, on 11/2/2020, allows up to 120 days before a new election is held. Under that mandate, it seems a new election must be held on, or before March 2nd, which would work nicely with an inauguration to be held on the 4th.

The last major victories of "The Plan" was the taking down of the fiat currency of the Cabal, and the ending of the control, the CCP had over the people of China.

There has also been mass arrests of the many people that fell, during the sting operation perpetrated during the Congressional Electoral Vote count, and the stolen fraudulent election, and the subsequent 2nd Impeachment of Donald Trump. There have been hundreds of arrests of Representatives, and Senators, and also the fake President, and Vice President. Many of these arrests have been body doubles, or clones of the originals, that have already been dealt with.

Now there is much disclosure needed between today, February 4th, and the remaining 4 weeks leading up to March 4th.

Rumors on this site indicate the possibility that the military may take over the mass media as early as tomorrow (Friday) night.

Wouldn't a comprehensive disclosure, perhaps beginning at halftime of the Super Bowl be poetic justice, as many of the players anymore appear to hate our country. But, rumors on this site, also indicate the disclosure may come on Friday the 12th.

I'm so looking forward to the disclosure with the hopes that a very large percentage of the sheeple will be awakened, And then to the Inauguration of President Trump, as the 19th President of the Republic of the United States of America, founded by our forefathers.

Farewell Address of President Donald J. Trump


•Jan 19, 2021

The White House

Nancy Pelosi is in Greenland (US Mil Prison)


•Jan 13, 2021


: Gods : Child.@Gods_Child922·


Holy ships !


Episode 17 - URGENT Breaking News! Inauguration Canceled! Military In Charge! Swamp to be Fully Drained of Luciferian Demons!. - 01/15/2021

From: Retired Marine Sounds Off aka


January 15, 2021

US Election Outcome Jan. 20th and Beyond

By Benjamin Fulford

USA 1871 - 19th President


•Premiered Jan 15, 2021

Hammurabi (Eye For An Eye) @i4ni2th4a2th

 52 seconds ago

Anyone notice the INSANE number of correlations between the “movie” we’re watching and the television series Fringe?

It’s about a Quantum physicist and his team of white hat citizen truthers who to uncover “fringe” conspiracy theories being hidden from the average person.

It has phrases like “calm before the storm”, “drain the swamp”, “the plan”, “follow the white rabbit”, “the storm”, etc. There are even several references to the letter Q.

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