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Rudy Giuliani@RudyGiuliani

· Jan 19

Very exciting project underway! Stay tuned.

Senator Ted Cruz@SenTedCruz·


@SpeakerPelosi& House Democrats’ #impeachment sham is not about Ukraine. It is about a partisan game they’ve been playing since the day after@realDonaldTrump’s election


Warrior for life @Warrioroftruths·


Absolutely fascinating! Leukemia cells shatter under 100,000 -300,000 Hz of frequency. Truly amazing...Cancer cures...AWESOME!

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· 15h

Frequency and Leukemia cells shatter... must watch


Dec 9, 2019

Replying to@RedFootBlueFoot@trixirilla

and 46 others

The bad guys worship OSIRIS (Lucifer/Satan). They do a lot of their rituals and spells from OSIRIS’s book of the dead. Chapter 17. They killed JFK and marked his grave with 17(Q)a spell. The good guys are now taking the power back and taking over 17 for the power of LOVE AN LIGHT

TR Can  PPC@TRCan66839023·

Jan 14Replying to


and 47 others

We can do that with all their symbols. Take the back into the LIGHT!


Jan 16Replying to@aDeo_creata_est

@RedFootBlueFoot and 47 others

you'll like this! God of the Afterlife, Osiris, found under the Sphinx

Symbolism@CodesUcq· Jan 7

01/06/2020 Nearly 200 People Where Arrested Across Australia For Deliberately Starting Bushfires While The Media & Celebrities Blamed “climate change.”… #ClimateCriminals #GlobalWarming

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01/20/2020 World's Top Central Bank Warns That The Australian Central Bank Branch Could Soon 'Mobilize All Forces' i.e. print infinite money - To "buy up coal mines and fossil-fuel power stations" To 'Rescue The Environment' From Climate Change



You may want to re-read that last tweet - It's incredible - and now we have a clear motive for this the Hundreds arrested for starting fires. They are using that as excuse. Reminder: Central Bank = Rothschild 1/3 of pyramid. Strings behind Climate hysteria



Q is telling us to read between the lines by posting this famous warning. Weapons manufacturers must have war to make filthy money. Imagine the endless lies we’ve been told about how evil other countries are. “The world is not how you view it.” -Q Nineveh repents.

Q Drop #3777

Liberty @dmills3710·

Jan 19

“Secret Society Meeting” Hmmm....... Now where have I heard that before

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Nick Frechen@NFrechen

· Nov 29, 2019

Just trey gowdy on CNN talking about texts from FBI about the first meeting of the "secret society". Not weird or anything


14hReplying to@ReginaT01716957

It’s happening. “It’s going to be biblical.” -Q

iammark#KAG Qanon pal #DREAMWARRIOR #WWG1WGA·

Jan 15Replying to@aDeo_creata_est

@RedFootBlueFoot and 47 others

I say that book could b crescent moon that William Sinclair brought over2nova scotia!Listened2a Juan osavin podcast!Lady anon interviewing Juan said their’s a book in green ink,written by Satan!Their vanity for symbolism makes me believe it might be true!South Carolina flag?why

lynn ellicott@LynnEllicott·

Jan 20Replying to@aDeo_creata_est

@RedFootBlueFootand 47 others

God says I give you power over ALL the power of the enemy. Book of the living Bible: Luke 10:19 God is Love and may his light shine through his people that take their authority.

Jan 14Replying to@aDeo_creata_est

@RedFootBlueFoot and 47 others

We can do that with all their symbols. Take the back into the LIGHT!

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