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News Update January 21st 2022
January 20th and 21st are two of the most important dates in history. Updates on Martial Law, EBS controlled by military and how we will be notified. How MSM will be coming down. QFS is in effect and we are under the gold standard once again. Law of war manual and what that means to patriots. New election  is planned. Event driven and eve
nts are happening. The end of the current stock market as we knew it.

MUST WATCH! Share far and wide! The secrets known by President Donald J. Trump are being made public by David Straight - the world's expert in Law and the Constitution. David Straight meets with Trump and JSOC. 

Watch David Straight’s seminar below to learn more about the Constitution and international HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Pentagon Pedophile Task Force is real.




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🧐 What's Going On w/Gen. Flynn? 🧐
🧐 Make Sure To Check The Graphic 🧐
(Full graphic link)

QP585  Jan 22, 2018 » 4 yr Delta 
TRUST Admiral R
He played the game to remain in control

R= (Michael S) Rogers - 4 Star Admiral) - Ex-NSA
NSA's Future Rests On Admiral Roger's




My Allegiance Is to finding TRUTH!

Thought all of this was really interesting 🧐 

Gen Flynn: Bill Maher Endorsement (today): Jan 22, 2022 
Red Shoe Club/Pedo Member (Satanic Child Abuse) 👇 - Flynn Statement - Red Shoe Members Pic - Flynn Statement

Gen Flynn Assoc. w/Child Trafficking Customer (video, docs)
Meet Robert Patrick Lewis (took plea deal 2014) 👇

Robert Patrick Lewis/Jan 6th Comm. To Testify pdf👇👆

Robert Patrick Lewis' 1st Amendment Praetorian org.👇
'.. corruption is one of the greatest threats to our Republic'

Gen Flynn & Robert Patrick Lewis (video, tweets, docs)👇
Confirms Flynn-Lewis Relationship

Praetorian Guard (Guardians Of Pope/Holy See)

Gen. Flynn: Marshall Plan Parts 1 to 6👇

Tom Barrack Jailed: Agent of Foreign Gov't (UAE):
Author of Marshall Plan👇👆

Timeline: Gen Flynn Efforts to Lift Sanctions, JV w/Russia, Nuclear Reactors in Middle East (House Oversight Comm.) pdf 👇

Under Section 123 of the Act, the U.S. may not transfer nuclear technology to a foreign country
without the approval of Congress

Failure To Disclose $530k lobbying for Dutch Co tied to Turkish government, whilst advising Trump campaign 👇

Trump Mixes Oranges w/Origins: Mueller Investigation👇

"Many will be shocked and dismayed when ALL the Communists are revealed. The Deep State is a Communist State. Very, very deceptive"👇

Biden Crime Family & CCP👇

Nazism & Communism (Pope, Nazis, M.I.C)👇

Donald Trump Reciting 'The Snake' (video)👇
Who Is The Snake? (Vatican/Pope?)

Owl Symbolizes MOLOCH/Devil👇

Mr Pool Templar's Sigil - Answer to Pope 👇

Knights Templars pdf

7 Rays Of Light (Catholic) Explained
The essence of the 7th ray is found in the familiar aphorism of Hermes Trismegistus: "As above so below." - Baphomet (?)

LibDem Playbook: Communism
Control healthcare, HRC, Obama 👇

Huge ThanQ to A's War Room & @FreeTheWillPatriots For Posts


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