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Rep. Elise Stefanik@RepStefanik·


Bipartisan opposition to impeachment in the House. Adam Schiff lied in his testimony to the Senate. NO EVIDENCE to impeach


The American people elected Donald Trump. Voters deserve to decide for themselves again in November.


1mSuper impressed with@HawleyMO

. Hopefully he never swims in the Swamp water.

#DrainTheSwamp #DemocratEmbarrassment

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Senator Hawley Press Office@SenHawleyPress

· 19h

Hawley on the *extraordinary* performance from House managers so far "If the point was to go on for 13 hrs to no apparent purpose, frequently using rebuttal time to delay further & alienate the very senators that they're trying to convince then I'd say it was a raging success…"

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