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Joe-Bot Boat Trip

Defeat the Mandates

Reality Is Not What You Thought It Was - Robots

Heightened alert here we go #WagTheDog


The Tragic Story Of The Kidnapping Of Johnny Gosch
In 1982, Johnny Gosch disappeared and the Gosch family found themselves living a parents' worst nightmare. And 40 years later, they're still hoping for answers.

We are in the “VALLEY OF DECISION.”

That is Armageddon language. 
It’s going to be one way or the other.
Either the cabal rules the world thru the administrative state.. 

Spoiler alert- THE PEOPLE WIN!

P Miller, [1/24/2022 5:35 PM]
[Forwarded from Donald J. Trump]
“Drop boxes” are for Democrats, not for Republicans. They are a disgrace to our system of Elections and will always lead to massive Voter Fraud. 
Read the full article by Joe Hoft with the Gateway Pundit here

P Miller, [1/24/2022 5:38 PM]
[Forwarded from Donald J. Trump]
Some RINO Republicans in Wisconsin are working hand in hand with others to have drop boxes again placed in Wisconsin. These fools are playing right into the Democrats’ hand. Drop boxes are only good for Democrats and cheating, not good for Republicans.

NATO Sec General joint press conference with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Finland and Sweden | | Joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and the Ministers of


P Miller, [1/24/2022 12:19 PM]

[Forwarded from MJTruth 🇺🇸🐸US🐸🇺🇸 (MJTruth (CandlesInTheNight))]

Stock markets worldwide looking kinda 📉

P Miller, [1/24/2022 3:14 PM]
[Forwarded from A Message From The Vice President JFK Jr]


P Miller, [1/24/2022 3:16 PM]
[Forwarded from CaptKyle Patriots🍊 (Capt Kyle 🍊)]
☝️This looks to be the great setup of sleepy🤡

JUST IN - Junta in Burkina Faso confirms coup live on state TV: President detained, parliament dissolved, and the constitution suspended.


Walmart is an evil place & like all DS entities, they are dying now. Spend your money with local American mom & pops businesses! 💯💯💯

🔥Walmart temporarily shut nearly 60 U.S. stores for COVID cleaning in December

🔥Walton family’s trust sold more than $750 million worth of Walmart stock the past 2 weeks

🔥Walmart has a history of human/child trafficking, with underground tunnels into DUMBS


🔥upload your info about DUMBS and TUNNELS HERE. 



 ⚔️☠️⚔️WWG1WGA ⚔️☠️⚔️

in Alliance with

P Miller, [1/24/2022 12:19 PM]
[Forwarded from A New Day ఌ]

The takedown of the Khazarian mafia is accelerating. A worldwide arrest warrant issued for David Rockefeller Jr. means one of their top bosses is now a hunted man. Meanwhile, riots and demonstrations around the Western world are bringing down other KM leaders like Emmanuelle Macron of France and Justin Castro of Canada.

The defeat of the very top levels of the KM is leading to historical changes around the world. This includes the demise of the UN, the rebirth of the United States and the start of a New Age of the planet Earth.

The overall story is the end of millennia of rule by a Satanic cult. 

The ongoing fake pandemic and very real vaccine mass murder campaign is just the latest attempt by these Satanists to murder enough people so that they can stay in power and enslave humanity.

The revolution is now unstoppable. Soon the whole world is about to see the US equivalent of the fall of the Berlin Wall when the White House is demolished. 

According to the CIA “The concrete blast barricades being placed around the White House is so the detonation blast 💥 (when the WH is imploded) won’t go out into the street and surrounding area. It’s coming soon. You have seen the videos online of late-night detonation flashes going on inside the WH on the second floor. The pillars are being weakened, in preparation for the upcoming implosion. 

As confirmation that something historical is about to happen, President Trump reveals the United States Military is in charge of the country, that a plan of action is in place to return our nation to a constitutional Republic, and that a blackout is coming soon. He also indicates that he never received a vaccination. 

In corroboration, a Pentagon source says something really strange is happening at the White House, and that an EMP attack may soon be upon us. This “EMP attack” may be an excuse for a complete shutdown of the internet. 

Their COVID agenda is falling fast, but that does not mean the fight is over. The planet is a big place, and there will be pockets of KM satanic Deep State agents that will keep pushing this agenda in their small areas of control. What we must realize is that - WE THE PEOPLE CAN NOT COMPLY. Without compliance, they have NOTHING. 

Stand your ground. Hold the line. 



P Miller, [1/24/2022 3:17 PM]
[Forwarded from CaptKyle Patriots🍊 (Capt Kyle 🍊)]
Everything is heating up. 
We are getting really close. 
I know you are prepared. 
Stay ready for anything. 
Non of us what will be the thing that starts the Dominos but once they start hold on‼️


P Miller, [1/24/2022 3:17 PM]
[Forwarded from CaptKyle Patriots🍊 (Capt Kyle 🍊)]
The military will also be there to help with supplies and medications. Most likely they will take over the Wal-Mart locations for this very reason. Several years ago FEMA and Walmart were integrated for Marshall-Law to be a supply hub. 
Before Trump became our president this was all being setup not for good reasons. 
But Trump changed out the purpose back to the original intentions. 
They have everything needed in times of emergencies Food, basic needs from babies to elderly as well the have a full pharmacy in them as well. 
So fear not as all of these things start falling apart. There is a plan to backstop everything. 
All of these old systems must collapse and come down to replace them with the new. All of these things have been done during this time. 
As I showed in the video with Elon many Jobs will never come back and lots more will be replaced with AI and robotics. 
This is considered the 4th industrial revolution. They have been showing you this for the last couple of years. 
  Self driving vehicles from personal to delivery’s and truck driving to taxis. They were already talking universal income knowing they were planning to illuminate 50% of the jobs. 
This was going to happen with the Great Reset total reliant on government control. 
With the way going forward the jobs are going away but you will not need to work after having your debts cleared and monies paid back to you all of you Income tax, all of your interest you ever paid on any and all loans and well CCards. There will also be sharing of the wealth that was stolen from the people. 
You have Bonds that were taken out and traded on the markets using your Birth certificate. 
You will never be in lack again. Debt slavery is gone!
Social enslavement has been what we have all been living in. None of us have ever known True Freedom. 


You Are Now A Galactic Federation Human

Dear beloved ones,

If you are reading this, it means the space program worked. Welcome to the fifth dimension.

You are now a Galactic Federation Human. Congratulations.

The universe is an am azing place, filled with exotic life forms, incredible sights and new experiences.
We come in peace and with good news.

You are not alone. Life exists beyond your world; intelligent life. We want to be your friends and we invite you to the Fifth dimension.

We will wipe out all diseases and war and hunger and we will help you build a better civilization, which is more spiritual and peaceful than you can currently imagine.

Our spaceships are on their way and, so far, life has been good for us here. You see, we've figured out the secret to living well without any harm to others or ourselves.  It's really quite simple—all we do is listen to our hearts, do what feels good for us, and allow everyone else to do the same.

The heart chakra is the 5th chakra in the chakra system. In Chinese philosophy, the heart chakra is called the "Sea of Chi" and it’s responsible for the vital energy flowing through the entire body.

Listen to your heart and follow the beat. Use the rhythm of your heart to help you understand yourself better, learn from mistakes and move towards achieving new goals.

Your heart guides you through life with hints and whispers, coaxing you along until one day you realize its true purpose. The thump, thump, thumping is your heartbeat pounding in your ears, urging you to listen to your soul.

Do what your nature desires, what your inherent traits yearn to do. Listen to your heart instead of your thinking; pay attention and be aware of what you're feeling. And you will never be split if you listen to your own heart. By listening to your own heart, you will begin to move in the correct direction.

The mind can be compared to water. Just as water is continuously in movement, similarly, the mind is never still. It is always in movement within itself, in conflict with itself.

And there is no silence. The noise that comes from the mind is so much that one is caught in it, lost, completely immersed in it. There is no sense of self.

In the very center of this turmoil, however, there is a still point. In Sanskrit, this point is called the ‘atman’, the self. In the West, it is called the ‘soul’. In Latin, it is called persona, and that means mask. The word 'person' is derived from this.

And the day you let go of all your mental garbage is the day you begin your journey to liberation.

The entire art of the new era will be based on the secret of consciously, alertly, and attentively listening to one's heart. You will fall many times. Rise up again, for falling and rising again is how one gains strength. This is how you become a part of the new golden age.

Tapping into your feelings is a way of connecting with your heart, which is the part of you that is in charge of your emotions. And when you connect with your heart, it will help you access the wisdom that is native to you.

Start to feel your breath whenever you have the opportunity. Simply take a deep breath and feel it fill your lungs, as if your entire being is being flooded with divine love energy.

Then exhale fully, as if you're pouring the divine love energy you've received back into the Universe. Do it as often as you remember throughout the day. This will assist you in moving from your head to your heart.

So many of your senses are atrophied in modern life. You're constantly distracted, and the more you're distracted, the less you care about what's really happening in front of you.

This is why it's important to break away from the daily routine. Take a walk, get some fresh air, be with nature. Most importantly, try to do something that will make you feel alive. The more you take up your senses, the more alive you'll be.

As you travel from the head to the heart, all of your senses will grow brighter. You'll start to sense life pulsing through your veins, preparing to leap and flow into the Fifth Dimension.

The truth is that you are all already in the Fifth Dimension; most people on earth are simply caught up in the three-dimensional illusion of their minds.

But if you learn how to move from head to heart, and even if you catch a glimpse of your ‘self’ for a single moment, you will be able to enter the Fifth Dimension realm, which is far more beautiful than you can imagine.

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Channel and Art by Aurora Ray

The Chrystal Merkaba or 12 pointed star of Sirius...
What is it ?
The Merkaba is an energy vehicle for traveling from one dimension to another in consciousness. It is also called spiritual vehicle or Body of light.
It is a lift which can help the mind, the soul and the body to access and experience other levels of life realities or potentials.
The light body is made up of ten energy centers similar to the chakras but much more powerful.
The Merkaba balances and stimulates exchanges between the two hemispheres of our brain and reactivates the pineal gland in the center of our brain. The reactivation of this gland, which has been almost asleep for 13,000 years, allows us to increase our telepathic capacities and our faculties of extra-sensory perception, and connects us to our higher Self (i.e. our higher state of consciousness) .
Definition of the term Merkaba:
The term Merkaba represents the link between the sky (Sea), the energy body (Ka) and the soul (Ba).
In its best known form it is represented by the sacred geometric form of the double tetrahedron.
The Merkaba invites you to travel without your energy field being negatively affected. That said, this technique is very powerful, this technique is to be reserved for moments of calm and alignment with oneself, moments favorable to real awareness.
As our spiritual evolution progresses, the sacred geometric shapes of the Merkaba are more and more complex and more and more powerful, which greatly increases our vibrations and clarifies our energetic bodies and our charisma.
The benefits of sacred Merkaba techniques:
Sacred Merkaba techniques consist of a series of techniques of purification, self-healing and activation of the Light Body. This combination of fabulous spiritual techniques makes it possible to achieve Enlightenment, and beyond, in this life.
The Merkaba assists us in our spiritual development. It is a very powerful tool that promotes healing and protection. The Merkaba enables us to feel unconditional love, and brings healing to us and to those around us.
I detail here what I call the Merkaba of Crystal or the Star of Sirius:
The Dodecahedral Star, also called the Star of Sirius, is formed by the nesting of 3 tetrahedra which create a 12-pointed star.
This Sirius Star helps promote communication, decontaminate energy, amplify intention, and energize energy centers and subtle bodies.
The modulations it emits set in motion the energies of the electric grid that surrounds us. These energies promote our spiritual evolution, give us the fullness that allows us to access inner peace. The action of the Dodecahedral Star restores and harmonizes the disturbed energy circuits.
This star gives us the ability to govern our inner kingdom. This is why it is associated with consciousness and therefore with the Sacred Flower of Life.
It makes it possible to create a direct link between the mind and the heart. This direct link between the mind and the heart makes it possible to concretize in matter all the experience necessary for Life. The Dodecahedral Star promotes awareness of the Primordial Source.
Its main role is to put Life in phase with the higher dimension.
This Star by its action on the electric grid, helps to become aware of the other dimensions to which we can access.
It represents a perfect mediation between the infinite and the finite, the sphere and the cube.
As our spiritual evolution progresses, the forms of Merkaba are different, I invite you to discover the Crystal Merkaba which takes you into the sixth dimension and towards the following, these are the crystalline dimensions which include the energetic body with the 24 and 33 chakras ...
We will therefore travel beyond the limits of space and time ... I invite you to take a beautiful cosmic journey ...
shared with love always ...

P Miller, [1/24/2022 12:19 PM]
[Forwarded from A New Day ఌ]
[ Photo ]
We are asleep - in a dream state - and mistakenly think we are awake. One of the fundamental aspects of the ontological category of ignorance is ignorance of this very ignorance; he not only does not know, he does not know that he does not know. We are in a kind of prison, but do not know it.

There is so much to unlearn of what we once thought we are. And there is such beauty in discovering your true nature and embodying it. You are a sacred being of divine light. You are love. You are magic . . .

                     -𝑒𝑛𝑑 𝑞𝑢𝑜𝑡𝑒

I figured out a way to explain each Draco tribe relatively easy. You take the original tribe, mix in the RH- and you get a new resulting hybrid. When you understand this it becomes easy to recognize and learn what each tribe is / was and who they became. 

If you take the original Neanderthal and Draco / RH- you end up with the Titans which were megalomaniac by nature but not evil. These are O-

Then you the Titan Betrayer's who then bred with Cain's tribe and became the Demon Clan / Jomon. These are O-

This tribe goes and breeds with Ham's in Africa and creates the Canaanites. These are O-

The Canaanites breed into the Saxons and create the Hebrew Jews of Jacob and Esau. These are the first A2- and B-

From Esau's Clan come the Amalekites and Ashkenazim. The Askenazim was from the Greek line of Japheth.  A2- / O-

Thor and the Ashkenazim create the Elven of the Gael, Scythian and Khazar. A2- / O- 

The Hebrew Jews from Jacob's tribe through Dan and one of the Elven Scythian lines create the Tribe of Dan. A2- / O- and B- / O-

Yeshua was the last Dragon blood line and the perfected model of the AB- which was fusing the A2- of Esau's clan and the B- of Jacob's creating the Cis AB- through the Magdalene line. ~

Simplified and easy to track and all the details of these tribes will be discussed in my history course as well as their haplogroup data and exactly who was who and who created who genetically.

Safe Travel With Your #Merkaba

Travel Safe With Your Merkaba

By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”
Metatron and the Stellar Skulls channeled through the Heart of Crysta

Terra: I asked Metatron and the Stellar Skulls for the history and definition along with the best way to work with a personal Merkaba, since we add Merkabas to everyone and all over the planet. You can as well.

Metatron: I have used Merkabas since the beginning of time, and I do see them as a form of creation around individuals as they come into their ‘being’ state.

I do not see them all of the time with individuals now, as I believe they got dissolved or removed in one manner or another. This we see, has been the case with many who have been attacked or depleted from the dark side. It is a precious commodity and a vibration of purity. So reinstating it assists the strength, and grounding to Gaia, as well as it keeps one solid and in a state of reception, using a filter so only love can come through.

It is a natural state of sacred geometry around all beings in the beginning. So it is important to keep it alive and give the Merkaba energy, and use it with different light forms of color. One can strengthen it with intention. It can specifically be used for protection before sleep states so you remain grounded. We see that it is key to keeping sanity while these implemented devices are within.

* You may notice there are many strong Magdalenes in “Team Earth”, and those that have been cleared.

Metatron: The Merkaba keeps a level of discernment which can keep people alive. When people have Ascended you will see the Merkabas around them all.

Terra: Since we have been seeing more interference as of late, we are always concerned that our clients, and people in general call in a Merkaba and keep it activated with the Golden Ray, the Rainbow Ray, and the Green Ray for healing, which you can spiral in clockwise from the top, all the way down to the Heart of Gaia and back up to fill it. Flushing it out with the Violet Flame is another way to transmute and move sticky or dark energy. Bring up a counter-clockwise Violet Flame spiral from the heart of Gaia ~ right up and through your Merkaba.

“Tron”: Yes, this is not full protection by any means, since many individuals have different implants from other lives when they were marked, and they have continued to be used as some form of contact with the nefarious ones. It is also true that there are some spiritual teachers who are not what they say they are!

Skulls: We see merkabas as baskets of light. They keep your vitals alive, and you connected to others in a more magnificent way. This allows your ideas and evolution to truly transcend and ignite others. So, it revs up the grid of light connecting your Heart-light to Gaia. The Merkabas are significant receptors of light, and senders of your information streaming from your heart. This is a gift and keeps the energy of light receptors at an all-time high. All Merkabas ignited would assist with Ascension moving forward at a rapid pace. Imagine that!

Crystalline Stellar Skull Merkabas are of a different breed!
This is a special gift for you at this time!

Skulls: Ahh, Crystalline Stellar Merkabas! They add neon to your magnificence. They enhance your abilities to ground further and connect with Gaia’s heart. They also enhance your abilities to open your heart to a new level, to magnify your own true brilliance, by keeping you connected in a galactic yet grounded manner, so you have safety and are nurtured by our presence. We serve to ignite your heart and release what may be holding you back on various levels. When we surround you, you have our bright lights showing you the pathway. This gives you a means with which to move yourself forward at an advanced pace. We give you the ability to reap more benefits by moving deeper into your consciousness, so you can be inspired and receive massages as you wish. We do this upon invitation and with your permission of course. We are messengers of light! We are an extraordinary team of an ignited backpack, propelling you at a stellar rate into new dimensions. Our Crystalline Stellar Merkaba comes with a seat belt.

Creating a Merkaba
Terra: Here’s what you do. Get quiet and breathe deeply. Call in the Stellar Skulls into your heart. Now visualize a golden, 3-sided pyramid, floating down over you, till the apex is about 3 feet over your head. This will cover your eighth chakra, with the base going down to mid-thigh. Ask the Skulls to make it in the Golden Mean Ratio. (This means they are longer, rather than square. They know what to do.)

Now bring down a second 3-sided golden pyramid with the apex going down under you into Gaia about 3 feet. The base will be right below your heart.

This is when you can ask the Stellar Skulls to do their sacred geometry throughout your basket of light ~ the two pyramids, which is now your Merkaba.

You can call forth the different sparkling colors that will fortify the whole Merkaba with you in it. It is your intention that brings this forth.

Now ask the Stellar Skulls to spin it. The upright top pyramid will start to spin first in a clockwise direction.

The bottom pyramid facing down will spin counterclockwise. This will then expand out around 22 feet into your auric field, creating a brilliant sphere of light. You may also ask to keep it close to you for now.

Once you call forth your new Merkaba around you, it will be there, yet will diminish if it is not filled and fortified with your intention. Before bedtime and upon waking are good times, yet anytime will work. Ask the Stellar Skulls to keep you safe in both waking and dreamtime. It’s that easy, yet again they like to be asked! This is a simple technique that would be good to teach your children. You will usually feel better immediately. Namaste!

This article appeared in the SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE.

We are like the Robin Hoods of the skies, guiding innocent spiritual light beings back to their true original selves. ~*Flying Red Angel of Light* #62G

Boom! – #SkullTalk with the #CrystallineStellarSkullsNewsletter/Galactic Update ~ Stellar Call Info. ~ Book Announcement –...

Understanding The Merkaba, Your Inter-Dimensional Light Body

Numerous customs everywhere throughout the world locate the consecrated geometry of Merkaba to be integral to their otherworldly rehearses.

Merkaba is basically the unadulterated vitality that your rose self in the upper domains of awareness gains admittance to.

Utilizing it, one can open a few forces of the transcendentalism that one’s otherworldly life may bring. One ought to consistently attempt to comprehend the idea of Merkaba better so as to shape solid associations with one’s inward intelligence.

Merkaba is material to improve your intuitive appreciation of the structure of the body, soul, and psyche as well.


It is otherwise called the ‘light body’. The word is really an amalgamation of three words-Mer, which signifies ‘light’, Ka, which signifies ‘soul’, and Ba, which signifies ‘body’. Or on the other hand, you could just comprehend it being the profound piece of the set of three of body-mind-soul.

Additionally, it is fundamentally the mysticism of one’s being.

On an antiquated level, it is developed of one’s chakra, atmosphere, and the different types of vitality that converge your lines of the meridian.

Do You Have One?

In spite of the fact that it is available taking all things together, it, as a rule, lies lethargic much of the time. Already, it was accepted that solitary bosses who have climbed the domain of material cognizance could discover the ability to open it.

In any case, presently, with the Internet wherever you go, you can without much of a stretch discover the data accessible that will help you all the while.

When you actuate your Merkaba, you get the capacity to open already inaccessible forces. It likewise incorporates the idea of between dimensional vitality, while additionally acquiring source vitality.

Sacrosanct Geometry

Sacrosanct geometry is allocated to different images and shapes that have concurred otherworldly and religious essentialness in the lives of individuals since ancient occasions.

While it seems unusual that numerous religions or convictions on the planet have a comparable holy geometrical figure, it is on the grounds that most shapes on Earth have an otherworldly meaning to it.

They look beautiful as well as have astuteness covered up inside them. It is accepted that most shapes have their forces showed in the very plan they come in. Furthermore, that conviction has never been out of style.


One part of Merkaba geometry which makes it exceptional is its capacity to converse with us straightforwardly. As a matter of fact, you have to visit it straightforwardly, so as to enact it.

The geometry of one’s light body is an aftereffect of two tetrahedrons which are restricting to one another more than three measurements. As it very well may be speculated as of now, this is the vitality of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine spoken to by the two tetrahedrons, which we have to adjust. The point where they cross makes a little star-molded tetrahedral, which is their mass focus.

While it isn’t generally anomalous to have comparable types of vitality continually, it doesn’t support the body. You need contradicting powers at work, which will enable the body to get to a place of homeostasis.

Truth be told, if the sorts of vitality present in yourself end up being the equivalent, it will prompt chakra over-enactment or blockages.

As the Merkaba gets enacted the tetrahedrons start pivoting in inverse ways, making a vortex of vitality. With the expansion in the turn, you will have the option to get more layers of what your atmosphere speaks to.

You could likewise take a plan of action to breathing systems that will enable you to take your atmosphere to the most extreme limit.

Merkaba isn’t only an image for the sacrosanct, it is likewise a vehicle that will help transport you between measurements. This is correctly how the Indigo Children, Starseeds, and Crystals contact us.

The Merkaba Star

As the name goes, it is a star that will enable you to arrive at your higher self, and accomplish access to your collection of light. It tends to be utilized if there should arise an occurrence of astral travel as well.

For individuals who have never gathered gems, this can be an incredible beginning to your accumulation. Additionally, it is amazingly indispensable, for it frames the establishment of most ceremonies that you would do.

However, in the event that gems make you feel nauseous, you can generally present them in your life through garments or notices with a particular geometric plan.

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