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Dr. Sam Mugzzi@MzMugzzi·


Peeps, listen up. The virus can be killed with Oil Of Oregano. Put 4 drops glass water, and done. Protected. This virus is meant for Multi Cell creatures. Not the humans race. Do the science.

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Vincent Kennedy@VincentCrypt46

· 13h

. It will come from every angle. Panic.



A grateful nation humbly thanks you for your service. Praying for those you love.

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· 1h

God be with family, friends and fellow soldiers at this horribly sad time. Give them the assurance he is in heaven with You, Lord. Comfort them with these words. I know he's with You, Lord. I can see Your glory on his face. Heaven. #WWG1WGA #KnowYourMil



Praying with you

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Charlie Daniels@CharlieDaniels

· 3h

Morning prayer Lord let the Senate hearings proceed in truth, expose the lies, the hate and the political ambition that so dominates the prosecution of these proceedings, let this darkness be seen and recognized by those who hold the fate of our beloved nation in their hands.



35 house boats?

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EVE WHITE@evewhite5500

· 1h

Alabama fire chief confirms deaths as fire destroys 35 boats #SmartNews These were houseboats.

Karli  - Text TRUMP to 88022@KarluskaP·


Replying to@RandyRRQuaid and


Rudy was spot on!!! That’s why he started his own podcast!



This is not just an attack on


, but a full on assault on the way of life that we've been lied to about for decades, manipulating us to believe that the Constitution and patriotism have always been in the forefront... [They] never wanted us to actually be free.



Mayor Pete: “Kobe Bryant was one of the best Quarterbacks of all time.”

G Jean Miller@GJeanMiller1·


The biggest cover up in the history of the USA was 9-11

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Carminda B@carmindabrendel

· 4h

Replying to @realDonaldTrump

TIME TO USE BOLTON Get the details of 9/11 On the WORLD STAGE !!! Remember high-level Bush administration officials, including Rumsfeld and his deputy Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton, Elliott Abrams and Richard Armitage



This is great advice! Praying every day!

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Ann @Doodisgirl

· 14h

You know Christians, we are living in difficult days, to say the least. Talk to God. Read His Word (or listen to it) continually to hear from Him. Pray for each other. Speak words of encouragement. Spend chunks of time away from Twitter! Look for beauty. Remember to laugh!

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump·


Senate hearing on the Impeachment Hoax starts today at 1:00 P.M.



This is good!

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· 1h

Replying to @TapTruth

Chanel Rion OAN@ChanelRion·


Remember, Pelosi worked here under Moscow based businessman Sergey Sorokin... whose corporate filing literally lists MOSCOW as his address.

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Patrick Howley@HowleyReporter

· 9h

BREAKING: Paul Pelosi Jr. oil company that did business in Ukraine (featured Nancy in promo video) employed RUSSIANS to influence prominent 'politicians' and 'government officials' HUGE ARCHIVED RECORDS. Thank you to @__IRREDEEMABLES for ongoing Help

l E T 17@Inevitable_ET·


I mean who knows if this is true but The similarities are ....just wow

1. Vindman 2. Schumer’s “wife”

Vindman Schumers wife.jpg



"The 'love' of money is the root of every kind of evil." This sums up the Democrats&Rinos, aka [DEEP STATE]. This is why Q says, "Follow the money. Follow the wives." It's always about the money. These people will lie for power, money, & control. They'll do anything. Evil. #QAnon




Magnesium fire that destroyed “ much of the Kobe crash site”. Hmmm w was here did the Magnesium come from? Is it falling from the sky?

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}Q{U€stion €v€ver¥||||Thinq •°○@UestionY

· 8h

18 ntsb on the way to coby crash site. Cbs reposts that there was a magnesium fire that destroyed alot of the evidence???



Good thing Bill and Melinda R ded! About 2 years ago! Only clones or body doubles now



Fabulous thread about Bill and Melinda Gates! Bad Bad Bad PEOPLE


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Thread Reader App@threadreaderapp

· Jan 26

Replying to @DeeBennett

Hi please find the unroll here: Thread by @SURSDIK: Know your enemy. Here is one you should know about. 1. Bill Gates: Selling Bad Advice to the Public Schools thedailybeas…… Enjoy :)

PENCE STATUS 1-26-2020.png

Daniel Baranowski@DFBHarvard·


Hunter is a bad, corrupt boy! Joe is as crooked as a $3 bill!




OH MY GOSH! Pam Bondi just played the video of@JoeBidenadmitting to withholding $ to fire the prosecutor. “

Son of a b****.” I

t’s all coming out.

This is historic. We’re watching a crime cabal crumble.

Pat Holzer@PatHolzer·


Replying to@CBSNews

BREAKING: All Big 3 networks ABC, CBS, NBC blacked out Trump defense lawyer Pam Bondi's presentation this afternoon of Ukraine corruption related to Joe Biden, son Hunter Biden & Burisma. In contrast, Big 3 carried Schiff's p.m. presentations live, preempting regular programming

Herman Munster@HermanM36169986·


Wholly they are going after Obama The trial is getting good now WHAT DID OBAMA KNOW AND WHEN DID HE KNOW IT



They just played the video of Obama on Hot Mic Game over

Shem Horne@Shem_Infinite·


President Trump's legal team just played the hot mic moment of President Obama telling the Russians he would have more flexibility after the election as part of their defense. Taking no prisoners today! I love it.



BIZARREJUAN O'SAVINlast 3 minutes talking about HUNTSVILLE/ALABAMA...."gun running" and BOOM, Huge MARINA FIRE in Scottsdale about 40 miles away Little too COINKY-DINK for me TRYING TO DESTROY EVIDENCE/ETC

Martin Geddes@martingeddes

· 1m

#WWG1WGA means we are all equal. That said, some people are going to be the one paying for lunch for a LONG time.

I AM...@P0A_Triot23·

5hReplying to@P0A_Triot23and



The TRUTH Is SAD BuT True ... [They] Did Not Have ALL THE RIGHT TECH To Do The Time Jumps Right .. So [They] Created MULTIPLE (LEFT TURNS IN TIME) That DJT And (TESLA TECH) Had To Fix .., With The Help Of Other Of Course .. A-TEAM.

Beautiful Day Patriots United@Gregham47472271·


I Talk to Q and Q talks back


Timestamp and gap code Same tweet time difference from last tweet from yesterday is 11:51 +1 Qdrop 1152 Timestamp and gap code Your welcome Q

Beautiful Day Patriots United



Who do I talk to ? It’s in the GAP Timestamp and gap code Same tweet time difference from first tweet of yesterday is 28:00 -1 28:00-1= 27:59 Qdrop 2759 Timestamp and gap code


Todd With Trump@THeinrich22



OMG he speaks such truth The greatest scripture of America is the Declaration of Independence The liberals have become corrupt, evil & they have lost their way. They trample on it The good news...

@realDonaldTrump is still their President

AwakenedOutlaw @AwakenedOutlaw·


Love that #KenStarr just referred to the USA as a Constitutional Republic. If you don't understand why this distinction about our actual form of Govt is impt versus that of a 'Democracy', then I suggest you seek out what the difference is.

Sol @Solmemes1·


As your self appointed Minister of Memes you know ill never let your memes be dreams! Bolton curtains!



Mayor Pete: “Kobe Bryant was one of the best Quarterbacks of all time.”



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SteveAmerica FirstMAGAKAG


· 11h

Things To Trust More Than The Impeachment Managers!

Obama’s birth certificate

Rides home from Ted Kennedy

Legal advise from Ana Navarro

Michelle Obama's school lunches

Parenting advise from Alec Baldwin

Brian Williams

2016 Presidential Polls

Not Hiliary Clinton :

Rick Shaftan@Shaftan·


"2020 will determine not only the fate of Trump, but the fate of the world." Soros is spending billions to determine "the fate of the world." What are you doing to stop him? #KAG2020

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump·


Senate hearing on the Impeachment Hoax starts today at 1:00 P.M.




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Patriotic E @QueueTheMusic22

· 4h

Replying to @ChristinePolon1 @TapTruth and @USATODAY

I mean, assassination... ritual. Potato Potatto right?

Susan Suehr@miraclegrids·

2hReplying to@TapTruthand@aleoniea

Yes, & the proof is shown with the huge opening act that AS used with his fake script conversation.

Rep. Liz Cheney@RepLizCheney·

Jan 21

Huawei is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party and its efforts to infiltrate 5G are nefarious at their core. Allowing the company into the U.K.’s 5G networks would pose a national security threat that could not be mitigated or contained.

Team Trump (Text FIRST to 88022)



Ken Starr: It is NOT an impeachable offense for the President of the United States to defend the asserted legal & Constitutional prerogatives of the Presidency

Vincent Kennedy@VincentCrypt46·


. Trump still won't win the Nobel Peace Prize. Screenshot this tweet so you can prove me wrong. <2023






Replying to@LightworkerCainand


Hmm, could JFK Jnr be about to emerge from his forced witness protection programme to lawfully return to his name and position, with VP legitimacy and uplift of hearts?

Rich M#ExpandYourThinking



I think you are right on target! This will all begin to unfold in April, and a new face, that of #JFK , on Mt Rushmore either announced or in place by 7/4/20


Disinformation is Real & Necessary (repost)

Q!CbboFOtcZs4 Jul 2018 - 12:03:24 PM



Today, as Patriots, we celebrate our Independence.📁

Eyes On Q @EyesOnQ·


Justice: NYC mayor being sued for $1 billion over rape, murder of an elderly woman by an illegal immigrant

Sotiri Dimpinoudis@sotiridi

· 8h

#Breaking: The USAF military E-11A BACN has crashed in #Afghanistan due to a unknown cause, but some reports suggest that it was allegedly shot down by #Taliban terrorists in the area. Reports that there were 86 people on board the aircraft and are dead

#Update: The USAF military E-11A BACN aircraft can carry at max 26 people on board if all seats on both sides are placed. But the question still remains how much personnel did it carry when it crashed over #Taliban controlled airspace in #Afganistan.

#Breaking: Just in - A #Taliban terror spokesperson confirms and said "that we did not shot down the USAF military E-11A BACN aircraft over out controlled airspace in #Afganistan" and said that the plane crashed.

WWII Pictures@WWIIpix·


Today 75 years ago, Red Army soldiers liberate Auschwitz, the largest Nazi concentration camp. Between 1940 and 1945, about 1.3 million people, mostly Jews, were deported to Auschwitz, 1.1 million were murdered. #WW2

Toxic Avenger 1@Avenger2Toxic·


All I know is one morning I woke up and found myself in a titanic battle between good and evil. I chose good.

Heaven's Gate G QArmy@HeavensGateG1



Replying to


and 48 others

We are in the process of complete dismemberment of Satan's evil children our Planet will be free of this infestation in the very near future till then soldiers must continue to fight

Judicial Watch @JudicialWatch·



: "Excuse me for getting a little heated about the coup attack on


. Let's cut to the chase -- the perps of #Spygate are abusing President Trump and our Republic to cover up their crimes."

LQQKING ANON@BraveHe99369239·


Replying to@AWISHNSTAR2@John_F_Kennnedy

and 10 others

Family is everything. This family is bringing our Nation together as one United family again.WWG1WGA and the love needed to restore faith in our Republic that is so desperately needed. Be well, be safe we will meet again & come out to play as God's children FREE, not slaves

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