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New in October  -  PODBEAN -

Morning Minute

Debbie Coates

All commercial flights cancelled in / out of Washington DC Monday 11th


At 1010 Universal Time today, 1010, a B2 flare occured from the Sun/Son. Its Divine Timing is in conjunction with several other important solar/energetic events occurring at this time. As a "Halo CME" is arriving to the surface, of which several other smaller "Halo CMEs" have already been applied in the last 77 hours to the surface, it is timed for the 1010 Portal.

I will include some pictures where You can see some of the Seven Sacred Ray colours as well as Halo points. I will also add that these incoming Light influxes include Christaligned Diamond DNA Coding as well, associated with major Christaligned upgrades.

The Divine Working Portal that Femke De Graef and I currently have opened where We are staying is constantly producing physical confirmations such as birds and aircraft getting caught up in the energetic! /wind vortex directly above us. The Eagle's will frequent here often, circling and floating on the clockwise rotating vortex, as well as other multiple bird species that when flying over become attracted to the vortex.

It is important to vaguely mention Femke parting the clouds the other night during an important Divine Preparation, where a completely overcast sky began to have portals open in the clouds, with a huge Trident being formed with clear skies within the complete cloud cover. Another very powerful Divine Comrade, from a distance, shortly thereafter, performed an important Divine Energetic Time Capsule. that is directly connected. As the Trident of several was stolen and abused, this energetic power is NOW back into the hands of the Children of God and is being used to rectify the wrong, the enslavement, the violations of Universal Law.

Love and Light

Femke and Rick

Leslie Nelson

“We Enter the Sto rm.” …J F KJr. wrote on Sat. 9 Oct.

Emergen CY BROAD Ca ST – Marti al La w To Be Implemented Between Oct. 8-16 In Cana da! Austral ia, USA, World To Soon Follow

Glob al Curren cy Res et

A Bla ck Swa n event (Glob al Mark et

Cra sh) was in the process, opening the door for GESA RA/NESA RA La W, while Ban KS worldwi DE were moving to Digita L Curren CY.

“Stor M is Com-in”.

-M sb

“Militar y Operation” – R V In tel Update from Wolve rine 10-9-21.

I’m going to be as honest with you as I can.

First is we’ve being instructed to be quiet as too many times we mentioned dates something wrong happens as they have caught these crimin als appearing and trying to steal mone y folks.

The R V is definitely happening 10000% this month but it’s not tomorrow. We are close.

The Germ an b o n d s will get released on early this week and then the Dra gon bonds will follow and then the 4 B group and it’s all happening this month. Z i m holders will have to wait but it’s happening and to have patience.

The people that are in Zu rich are having direct meetings with the source like HSBC, UTS, Biggest Pay masters in Europe, Super Whales and have had meetings with the Chinese El ders and more closer contacts you cannot get. These people did not fly all the way to Zurich for a cup of coffee as it cost money to fly over there and paying hotels and food.

I was advised to stop listening to some of these gurus as they do not have direct access to the source as they fish for intel and some of these people get it from a third party.

The people in Zurich have been shown how the Q F S is going to work and will have the codes by next week and they’ll let me know when that happens.

In relation to D1 and 2 they are going to talk to Michael R**** ( huge pay master in Reno) to confirm what is the case with that.

Now I want you all to have faith and be patient as this is definitely happening and keep your vibrations high. This is a military operation and there is a war going on which we cannot see.

Love you guys, God bless. sb

Mars Place

Patriots and Frog Family

Please join us today for our International Day of Prayer by flooding social media with your prayers and prayer memes. The goal is simple….let’s flood social media with our prayers thanking God for His protection of our children and family during this particularly difficult time in history. Let’s raise our voices and make this go viral. It starts right here with each and every one of you. Each of you DO make a difference. Let’s show the world we are God’s warriors and are doing our part in stomping out evil.

We are Flynn’s F.R.O.G.s and Fully Reliant On God! God has blessed us all!!! WWG1WGA!

Mar . 10/10/21

“Lord God, I pray for Your protection as I begin this day. You are my hiding place, and under Your wings I can always find refuge. Protect me from trouble wherever I go, and keep evil far from me. No matter where I am, I will look to You as my Protector, the One Who fights for me every day. Your love and faithfulness, along with Your goodness and mercy, surround me daily, so I will not fear whatever might come against me. My trust is in You, God, and I give thanks to You for Your love and protection. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Leslie Nelson

1h  · 

Still waking at all hours of the night - unable to go back to sleep? I do - and just received this from Lee Carroll and Kryon Channel - If this resonates with your soul great! If not that is okay also


"Dear Kryon, I recently discovered the Kryon series of books and have been reading them avidly ever since. I read that sleeping patterns can be altered in the new energy. As a teenager, I had trouble with insomnia, which cleared up as I matured physically. Now, it seems to be back. I seem to be noticing a subtle vibration, a tenseness in my body, that prevents me from relaxing, even though my eyes and mind are tired enough to sleep. I'm worried that I can only relax with a glass of wine, even after I've taken a prescription sleeping pill. This has been going on for several months now, and I've been blaming hormonal changes."


Dear one, you and many like you are facing the exact same thing. It's tough to sleep when the bedroom is being renovated! (Kyron humor)

Here is the answer: Don't be angry when you can't sleep. You think you need a certain amount to exist? The answer is yes, but Spirit can give you the equivalent of it without you ever having that much! It's only energy, you know.

So try this:

• At a sleepless moment, thank God for this, that you're being vibrated so much that you can't sleep — that the energy of DNA change is so great that sleep cannot be accomplished.

• Ask Spirit to give you the needed energy as though you had slept. If you need seven hours of sleep, then make a deal with God. You get the equivalent of seven hours of sleep (from Spirit) even though you didn't sleep (in 4D), and you'll promise to just lie there and smile, and not get angry or frustrated as they work on you!

Take the rest. Don't get up and do cleaning, or errands either. Don't read or otherwise occupy yourself. Rest and celebrate.

Then watch this process reveal itself. The next day you will have more energy than you expected. Repeat this often until it no longer bothers you that you're not seeming to sleep in the way you used to rest.

Just about the time you get used to the whole scenario? Zzzzzzzzzzz (smiles)

Rick Jewers

The death rate due to ill intent, upon the planet, will now accelerate, unquestionably exposing the nefarious intent to all upon the planet. This in turn, will rustle One's from Their complacent zones and to fully accept and know the absolute truth of the attempted worldwide genocide. This causes all of the perpetrators to be incontestably identified and a blatant accelerated natural death process for them has begun and will increase exponentially in quick time.

Love and Light


Leslie Nelson

2h  · 

From Matt Kahn:

Be that person who demands a more kind, peaceful, and compassionate world that doesn’t leave evolution any other option when leading by the power of your own living example.

Be that person who reaches in for nourished support, while reaching out to those who have forgotten their hearts as the source of eternal sustenance.

Be that person who fearlessly meets conflict with curiosity, daring to ask more questions, instead of making assumptions about the paths only other people’s feet have walked.

Be that person who transcends the ugliest of circumstances by showing there is no single moment absent of the beauty of our true enlightened form.

Be that person who builds a living relationship with the nature of divinity, no matter how often the seasons of change move through your field.

Be that person who holds no expectation over another person’s head, while maintaining an uncanny degree of ethical worthiness for how you will and won’t allow yourself to be treated.

Be that person who meets the venom of negativity as the defense mechanism of a snake afraid to part with known realities by shedding another layer of skin. When seeing the operating system fear hides in, a bite of venom becomes cleansing medicine instead of poison within the wisdom of a shamanic heart.

Be that person who turns turbulence into transition and sadness into a celebration. Much like a song initially only your heart can sing or hear, written by the lyrics of each tragedy survived, that brings other radiant souls towards you to share in the mutual glory of a mission fulfilled.

Be that person who measures achievement by the deeper qualities each moment cultivates in you, whether demonstrated with immaculate precision or still being brought to the surface by the moments in view.

Be that person who remains an ally to the innocence in every heart with the intuitive discernment to know how to hold space for the healing of others without being a place for anyone’s unprocessed pain to hide.

Be that person who cannot be manipulated into taking sides in a battle only molded by the hands of greed. For whenever sides are taken, the ‘I versus you’ or ‘us against them’ ensures no one will be that person who brings greed to justice -- a justice only served when each of us dare to be that person -- together as one.

Be that person who leaves this planet with the most breathtaking garden of insight to discover, grown from the seeds you so intentionally planted by insisting there is more to life than a rhythm of loss and gain.

Be that person, who becomes the person, no longer hiding within you, but brought to the surface for the unending joyful benefit of a world still afraid or unaware of that person deep within themselves.

Hear the peaceful rumble like the drumming of sacred ceremony echoing throughout all directions and corners of Mother Earth. It is an interconnection of light beings mindfully assembling for the salvation of our planet. It is a movement of progress only set into greater motion when that person dares to step forward. As each of us answer this call to be that person, it is only then when we the people can be heard, acknowledged, and respected by the reciprocity of collective progress. Welcome to the Love Revolution.


Chaze - 10/09/21

Whether you follow Q or not, have an opinion of it or not just know this one thing. If this was an operation by the elite, "muh operation trust" (like the uninformed like to use as their baseless argument), or some "pysop" created by the intelligence agencies to keep you complacent, then why on Earth would every media institution on the planet expend so much time, energy, and resources to make documentaries, hit piece articles and propaganda content about a so called conspiracy theory?

At what point in history has the entire global media EVER took this much interest in a conspiracy such as this?

Your all smart enough to know that if the media doesn't want you to know something or wants to attack it constantly that there must be an element of truth to it that threatens the very status quo of the corrupt empire they have built for [themselves].

This explanation below is the simplest, but most comprehensive explanation for what the Q operation at its very core represents.

A bypass or the corporate controlled media through direct communication with the people by bringing together scattered critical thinkers around the world and giving them a coherent mission based on the very core principles that they fight for- the truth. A vast demographic of freedom fighters, truth seekers and visionaries, people from all corners of the world, of all ethnicities, backgrounds and cultures who all seek different truths but all held the same ideals.

This is by far the best explanation for the Q operation and it is the reason for nearly everything you see, whether you understand it or not.

This will not be stopped!

WE will not be stopped!

The Great Awakening ('Freedom of Thought’), was designed and created not only as a backchannel to the public (away from the longstanding ‘mind’ control of the corrupt & heavily biased media) to endure future events through transparency and regeneration of individual thought (breaking the chains of ‘group-think’), but, more importantly, aid in the construction of a vehicle (a ‘ship’) that provides the scattered (‘free thinkers’) with a ‘starter’ new social-networking platform which allows for freedom of thought, expression, and patriotism or national pride (the feeling of love, devotion and sense of attachment to a homeland and alliance with other citizens who share the same sentiment).

When ‘non-dogmatic’ information becomes FREE & TRANSPARENT it becomes a threat to those who attempt to control the narrative and/or the stable.

When you are awake, you stand on the outside of the stable (‘group-think’ collective), and have ‘free thought’.

"Free thought" is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, revelation, or dogma.

When you are awake, you are able to clearly see.

The choice is yours, and yours alone.

Trust and put faith in yourself.

You are not alone and you are not in the minority.

Difficult truths will soon see the light of day.




Adama & His Guidance Into The Higher Dimensions  · 

Mehroo Fitter  · 

From the book “ Telos welcoming New Earth” by Bryan Tilghman


Mother Gaia has made the request to the Creator that all of you be allowed to transition with Her as She makes her Ascension and moves into higher Dimensions. This is the transition of humanity from a 3 rd Dimensional experience to a 5 th Dimensional experience and indeed all life on the planet will be making the same transition. She has made pleas on behalf of humanity that comes from her great love for humanity and indeed all manner of life that she is supporting here.

Secondly , the Ascended Masters and the Ascended Master Councils have also made pleas on behalf of humanity such that dispensations may now be offered to assist each one, in their own personal evolution to move confidently into a 5 th dimensional experience of Unity Conciousness.

This is also why those of us here in the Agartha Network have chosen to stay behind. We have continued to keep the flames burning on behalf of humanity, knowing this day would come; so we are here, as are many others from other Star Nations, working with the project teams to facilitate the Ascension of Gaia, humanity, and all life on the Planet.

Debbie Coates

Did he do everything he said he was going to do - yes, when he says trust the plan, I trust the plan…always think mirror…who is really in control of food, comms, military, banks…it ain’t a great awakening unless they awake …negative to positive…best is yet to come is a bold statement…it’s almost as if one could see into the future…chess board played…checkmate…a bit of back and forth but they are stuck, concede is the gentlemanly thing to do but that’s not their nature, remember they are after us… he is just in their way


Myriam Gillis  · · 

Sananda: Our Actions

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I am Sananda!

Once again, and I will never tire of saying it, it is with great joy and great gratitude that I come here once again. My heart is filled with much love, if that is possible, because the love I have for this planet and for each inhabitant that lives on it, is an infinite love; I would say impossible to grow more. But for God the Father/Mother and for each one of us, evolved beings, there is never a limit. So I can indeed affirm that this love grows every day.

Watching closely the consciousness and the minds of each one of you is a moment of great joy and pleasure for me. I would say that not only for me, but for all the Beings of Light who today place their eyes and attention on this planet, and its inhabitants. When we started this journey of enlightenment, of change, of battles to overcome the non-light, of course we knew the outcome of everything. We always knew we would be victorious. It was just building the middle of the story that would take a lot of planning and a lot of love for all of you. And so we have done.

Each planning carefully thought out, carefully tested, endless times; and we can say that almost 100% of the time, we had no surprises. Many times some small battles got out of hand, because they used, and use to this day, your consciousness. And this is for sure an extremely determining factor, for everything to work out or not. But even so, we lost the battles, and today we are here, at this point in the road, where the Central Sunlight has already dominated, implanted, enveloped, every… I would call it a thing, but it’s a very inexpressive term for the importance of this planet. So I would say that the Light of the Central Sun, has enveloped every little energy that exists on this planet; be it in the form of an atom, be it in the form of a cell, be it in the form of a human, an animal, a stone, a crystal, it doesn’t matter.

All structures, all energies, are connected to the light of the Central Sun. Nothing on this planet is invisible to this Light. Of course, those who cannot stand this light, have not done very well. Many have given themselves up voluntarily, no longer able to stand the pain they have been feeling in their bodies. Many are simply choosing to die, so that their souls can be cared for and taken to where their journeys have taken them.

To look at the consciousness that exists today in human beings on this planet is something that brings us great joy. Of course, we would like many more people to have the awareness that you have today. But their time will come. This moment is very close. I’m not going to justify myself or explain why things don’t appear to you. The great strategy in any battle is to take the enemy by surprise, to stop him from expanding, to stop him from making momentary and extremely dangerous decisions.

So today we can say that… I will call them enemies so that it is easy for you to understand, this is not how we see them, but I will speak in your language. So today the enemy no longer has that communication network, which allowed them, with a simple command, to provoke an immense catastrophe all over the planet. Because those buttons that they used to push don’t work anymore, they have all been destroyed. There is nothing more they can do against the planet. Like a mass destruction, as they had predicted. One day you will know, one day you will see, how mined the ground of this planet was, not just below the surface, but in the very deep bowels of Gaia, so that with a single button, everything was destroyed. I assure you that they would no longer be on the surface, they would leave, and they would virtually wipe out the human race. But we would never allow this.

Destroying these bases inside the Earth, was the most difficult battle we had. But we must not forget who Ashtar Sheran is, our great commander. His strategy and experience, never failed. So all the decisions taken by him, and never challenged by us because of the total confidence we have in his ability, have always been victorious. So today, at this moment, when each one of you hears this message, each one in his own time, each one in his own moment, a lot is happening. Yes, you don’t see it; yes, you don’t hear about it; yes, you don’t know what it is. And this is how we are gaining ground, this is how we are conquering the surface of the planet.

We are no longer inside it, we are no longer in the skies, because the skies are also cleared. All the openings, portals and escape routes are very well controlled and monitored, there is no way in and out of this planet without going through the entire Ashtar Sheran fleet. So we are concentrating now on the surface of the planet, on eliminating the living and thinking heads of this planet. To make this happen is not an easy move. Taking down a leader of a country, is not an easy move. It is necessary to armor all the rest of the country, so that he also does not make any abrupt decisions and cause the death of innocent people.

Yes, don’t be scared, there are leaders who are ready for this. The moment they are cornered, they want to destroy everything, no matter who will die. So realize that the actions are not easy, we need to eliminate any and all risk to you. We understand the anxiety, we understand many times the lack of belief, because we talk and talk and talk, and nothing happens. Nothing happens in your eyes, because everything is happening. And when we have total security for each and every inhabitant of this planet, then yes, that will be the final moment; the moment to remove each and every one of these thinking heads and take them away. They will not remain here.

No, they will not be judged by human laws, because their actions go far beyond their own laws. These are actions that will be reviewed by the Universal Courts, by the Universal Laws. It is not you who will determine what the end of these thinking heads will be. Some are already falling naturally, without us having to do anything. And I tell you, they are desperate, because without their power in their hands, how can they threaten anything?

And so it is happening, but you see nothing, you observe nothing; everything is the same. So let it be so, let you keep realizing that everything is the same. Because the more you isolate yourself from this whole process, not putting the focus of fear, anxiety, on something that is happening, the easier it is for us to act. Effectively, we are a great team. We didn’t decide to take back this planet because we are amateurs, we are all very experienced. But our greatest weapon, the one that always gives us the certainty of victory, is the unconditional love we have in our hearts. It is letting the spark of Father/Mother God, not just be a spark, be far, far, far beyond us. We are contained within it, not it contained within us. And it is exactly this love of Father/Mother God, this strength of this great energy, that always gives us the victory.

And these enemies know this, that is why they have prepared themselves for so long, to at the hour of escape, destroy this planet. But we are not fools. We are not, and at no time did we do, what they expected us to do. And that was the strategy, which allowed us to destroy everything that was theirs, without them realizing it. When they realized, they had no more control over anything. We don’t threaten and then act, we act and then inform. This has been our way of acting; we do, then we communicate. And that is what you will get. Nobody will see anything happening right now, everything will have already happened, and you will just be informed. Because if we did everything live, the very energy of those who follow these enemies, could cause mass disasters.

So that is not what we want. It will all be done by the time you are informed; and then our troops, our minds, will be focused exactly on those who think they can do something against you. And each one of these will be closely monitored, and if necessary, taken off the planet. So once again, I want to remind you: You know the laws of men; you know laws that have been put in place by your religions, but there are higher laws than all of that, which are the Universal Laws. And as we act, we enforce the Universal Laws. We are not concerned whether you will condemn us, judge us, be angry with us, not understand us.

I would just like each one of you, who happens to have such a thought, to remember that you are now a free people, that you now owe no submission to anybody. And it will not be you who will judge, or condemn, or dispute what we have done. When it all happens, don’t forget, that from that point forward you will be free, with no more submission of any kind.

So learn and exercise non-judgment. Learn and exercise non-condemnation. Learn and exercise “think only as you have been taught to think. There are much higher laws that you don’t know about, but it is exactly these laws, which allow us to keep the universe in balance. Because if it were not, this universe you see today would be chaos. And Father/Mother God is not chaos, He is pure love. Yes, it will never cease to be. But we have to know how to deal firmly, against those who turn against this great energy.

We have to keep the universe in balance. It is not you who will judge whether these laws are valid or not. You are a people who are waking up now to the universe, but the universe has been around for billions and billions of earth years. So who are you to condemn or judge anything? The Universal Laws will be enforced on this planet, no matter who it hurts, no matter who agrees. So once again, I warn you: Learn to live non-judgmentally, because this will also reverberate against you.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez.

thank you UMA KUMARI for your inspration.

Encoded Frequency

Drawing of the Light 9th Dimensional Pleiades Beings

When I connected with this Pleiades aspect it reminded me not only of a very mystical and Angelic Light, but also it felt Sirian alike.

The Pleiades - Atlantis are linked with this life especially in ancient Turkey, your Atlantean aspect explored Turkey like 10,000 AC and helped to build a type of temples they may not even exist. They showed me a type of mountain where a holy spring would come from the Sacred Earth fused with minerals that would have a type of emerald color and people use to heal themselves there.

Reason why you feel a strong connection, and it feels like royalty because they are practically Angels, however at that level royalty does not exist, at least not in the form we associate, they are Christed Being of Light and the Pleidian from the image are from the 9th Dimension. They are pure Blue Ray Light and their work is to infuse angelic plasmic LIGHT into the Galaxy just to exist. They can be considered as Angels, yes even though they have no wings however their Light is exquisite.

They are a collective of 111 Souls blended into one Light craft that appears in kaleidoscopic fractal plasmic light as you can see in the image. In a way their wings are a Merkabah that spin and create vortex of Light fully embody my truest God-Self.

To read more please visit


Myriam Gillis  · Ou32ctSpob0me3lo1rn7s 7 at h3u:o9216 PM  · 

Which Timeline Are You On? — The 9D Arcturian Council

Channel: Daniel Scranton

October 6, 2021

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are putting a great deal of emphasis at this time on listening to your inner guidance, because you have never lived on Earth in any other lifetime where you have had as much influence from outside sources available to you. You can go onto your computer, your phone, your tablet, and find out what someone else is thinking, what someone else is predicting, who lives thousands of miles away. And there isn’t just one person who’s offering their perspective online. There are so many who are doing this, who are influencing many, many people and how they think, what they believe, and ultimately, how they vibrate.

Many of the ones who are doing this are getting their information from other people that they have found on the Internet and putting their own twist or their own spin on something they have read, or heard, or seen. It’s time for you all to put your trust in yourselves and in your feelings, because you are deciding which future you experience in every now moment. When you hear people talking about timelines, you may assume that everyone is going on the same timeline together, regardless of how they are vibrating, regardless of the choices they are making, regardless of how enlightened they are. That hardly seems like the universe we are living in, where each individuated consciousness, each aspect of Source, gets to choose by virtue of their vibration, which timeline they are on.

Therefore, if you are putting your faith in someone who is telling you about one timeline that you are all destined to experience, and when you take in that person’s perspective, you feel terrible inside, you need to listen to that feeling. That feeling is telling you that there is something about this prediction that is triggering you, that is bringing up some trauma from your past lives, that you still need to clear. And once you clear it by feeling it it and breathing into it, then you can remember this transmission from us that is telling you that you no longer need to put your attention on the doom and gloom scenario that you came across, no matter how many people are telling you it is the one true truth.

Remember, many of these people are just getting their information from another source, and it spreads, because it’s compelling, because it’s an interesting story. It has the good and the bad fighting against each other in some sort of holy war, and all of that makes for excellent storytelling, but you don’t want to live it, and you don’t have to. In most cases, you already have, and that is why it resonates with you on some level but still makes you feel awful inside. There are so many beautiful timelines that you have in front of you right now to choose from, and in fact, there are many more positive, good-feeling timelines than there are negative ones, but the negative ones get all the press. They get more views, more comments, and more likes, which perpetuates them in the world you are living in right now.

We advise you to choose what feels best to you in this now moment, and then trust that your now moment is what determines your future. You live in a world right now where so many people have begun channeling, but keep in mind that most channelers are relatively new to channeling, and therefore, are still putting a lot of themselves into their channeling. A lot of their own beliefs will be a part of the messages that they put out, even if they are connecting to a higher form of consciousness as they do. If you will simply put your attention on information that empowers you, that makes you feel good, that reminds you of who you are, and that affirms for you what you know deep, down inside to be true, then you are doing something that serves you by looking outside of yourself to see what certain teachers, certain channelers are saying.

And you can spend the rest of your time going within, meditating, living your life, following your bliss, spending time with those you love, accessing your own direct link to higher consciousness, feeling Source inside of you and all around you, and you can give your minds a break from having to know everything that’s going to happen in the next few weeks, months, and years. Trust your hearts, trust your impulses, your instincts, your intuition, and trust your feelings, and let everything work out in the way it is meant to, which is always for the positive, because you are always on this ascension journey, and there is no stopping it.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

thank you Sue Finley

Repost from Hanya Neferet:

A lot of people are asking.." Where are the arrests? No mass arrests! "

How would you accomplish this without causing any chaos, fear and agitation?

How do you capably execute mass arrests without giving a warning beforehand?

A crime had to be completed first before the arrest. You cannot simply arrest people without probable cause or committed crimes. Let all the complicit finish their crimes.

Come to think of it, if the deepstate cabal are winning, we won't be here in this platform, instead we'll find ourselves inside those concentration camps prepared for us before Trump was seated by the Earth Alliance. Even with the massive censorship, we're still here.. getting word out. Yes?

There are wounded, injured, missing and killed. Individuals and families in pains and sufferings. But nothing in comparison to what was planned by the deepstate WEF. Unfortunately, in a war, there are casualties, including among the civilian population.

Yes, we are facing hardships but again, nothing to what was planned by the elites. Most of us are fine and sleeping comfortably under our own roof with our family.

Deepening energy crunch, unprecedented power cuts, internet glitches, supply chain disruption, stock market crash, crisis hitting households, mass staff shortages, ships held off ports, resignations and all. Why do you think this is happening?

People are expecting to see big names being arrested publicly, handcuffed and convicted of crimes against humanity.

Rationalize. Use logic. Mirror.

Don't disturb your enemies when they are making mistakes. Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak .

Create a scenario where only a small portion of your force is visible. Mislead opponents into thinking they outnumber or outarm you. When they prepare an attack under that guise, they will be ill-prepared for the full strength of your forces. If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

If you needed to do mass arrests globally, you’re not going to give them a warning or make it appear like they are losing so they start to defend themselves or run. Attack the enemies where they are unprepared, appear where you are not expected. The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.

Arrests are done quietly WHILE the masses are having the GREAT AWAKENING.

Kendra Edmonds Stetler/$B repost:


This is from Charlie Freak : Dental hygiene

Remember, your mouth is the gateway to what is inside of you; therefore, the things that you put into it and how you care for it, are ESSENTIAL if you wish to remain in Health and Strength...Dentists are absolutely NOT necessary, at all, as virtually everything that they do is in response to us doing the exact WRONG things for our Teeth and Mouth...thus, by changing our practices, we remove the need for Dentistry...

So, let me go over a few things with you...first, if you cannot find Calcium Fluoride, then just add that "10%" with Sodium Bicarbonate (making it now 80%), and remember, Sodium Fluoride is a massive Toxin to us, Calcium Fluoride is like "Salt of the Earth", it is so good for Mankind, especially our is the Calcium Fluoride that will stimulate new Calcification and Enamel for your teeth to make them "New" again, while it is the Sodium Bicarbonate and Organic Salt that will create an overall Alkaline state inside your mouth, which will allow your Teeth, Gums, Tongue and lining to All Heal and Rejuvenate...also, during the 6 months of the "Fall of Man" (from September 22 to March 22) remove 5% of the Sodium Bicarbonate and replace it with Activated Charcoal...your body changes over these 6 months, and begins to store things more readily, thus, adding the Activated Charcoal, will force any toxins that exist inside your mouth...OUT!!!

Now, this recipe makes a Powder, which Colleen and I prefer as the "grit" from this powder is all your Gums need for cleaning...NEVER use Floss in your mouth, other than for emergency removal of food stuck between your teeth...never more than this, as when you constantly "clean" your gums with floss, you are SCREAMING at your gums to recede, exposing parts of your Teeth that were never meant to be exposed...also, when you cause your Gums to bleed on a regular basis, you are creating cuts in your gums where Acidic Bacteria from the food that you eat can enter into and cause major infections that can spread thru the entire body...this is a very dangerous practice to engage in...But, if you do not want the "Grit" of the Powder, and want to soften this mixture into a Paste, then simply add this mixture to Organic, Cold-Pressed, Coconut Oil...this will create the similar experience as toothpaste for you...

It is also important to get into the habit of completing this process of cleaning your teeth by cleaning your entire, remember to Brush your TONGUE, as much bacteria gets lodged on it and then spreads...and when your brushing is done, then you gargle with Hydrogen both Health Stores and Pharmacies where you can buy it, there are three grades of HP...we use the strongest concentration (3% concentration in the Brown bottles), but that choice is up to you, as the Medium and Light mixtures are merely cut with water...a natural consequence of gargling with HP is the Whitening and Strengthening of your Teeth...also, Colleen is a major proponent of OIL PULLING, as it really helps to remove all Toxins from your mouth...Colleen uses a teaspoon of Organic, Cold-pressed Coconut Oil along with 3 to 4 drops of Clove Essential with the Hydrogen Peroxide, do not swallow these mixtures, rather, gargle and then spit out...the Oil Pulling needs to last TEN minutes before you discharge the mixture...and all of this costs PENNIES, and yet, it gifts to you, Long Life and Health!!!

Finally, DO NOT GO TO A DENTIST, they are butchers and rapists of your Mouth, and thus your entire body and mind, b/c all 12 of the Major Electrical Circuits that run the full length of your body, all go thru your Molars...ever wonder why it is your Molars tha

t Dentists always find the Caves or "Cavities" and then drill and eventually destroy with Crowns??? Because they have been Taught and Told to do this, and when they do, they disrupt and often times severe these electrical circuits that encourage and allow ease and flow, electrically, within the body...thus, this leads to a lack of circulation, and ultimately a lack of movability...

God First In Everything

CBK News - Telegram

Put God first in everything you do.

The Bible says “faith without works is nothing” so destiny is great, fate is great, faith is great – but you still have to work at it. I don’t just sit at home and wait for it all to unfold.

At the end of the day, it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished. It’s about what you’ve done with those accomplishments. It’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.

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Denzel Washington


Leslie Nelson

WWI the Morris code was used - WWII the code used was decoded by the Navahos - WWIII the informational war is using gemantria and Morris Code -

-.. .- .-. -.- / - --- / .-.. .. --. .... - / -..-. -..-. -..-. -..-. -..-. -..-. -..-. / - .... . / / --.- / / - . .- -- / .. ... / .- / ..- -. .. --- -. / --- ..-. / .---- --... / -.-. --- ..- -. - .-. .. . ... / - .... .- - / -. --- .-- / .... .- ...- . / .---- ....- ----- / -.-. --- ..- -. - .-. .. . ... .-.-.- / -.-. .... . ... ... / ..-. .. --. ..- .-. . ... / -- --- ...- .. -. --. / --- -. / ... .. - . / .- .-. . -. .----. - / .--- ..- ... - / - .... . / ..-. .. . .-.. -.. / -- .. .-.. .. - .- .-. -.-- --..-- / -... --- --- - ... / --- -. / . .- .-. - .... --..-- / -... ..- - / - .... . / -- .. .-.. .. - .- .-. -.-- / -.-. --- -. - .-. --- .-.. ... / - .... . / ... .--. .-. . .- -.. / --- ..-. / ... - . .-.. / / .-.. .- .-. / .- -. -.. / --.- ..-. ... --..-- / ... / / .--. .- -.-. . / ..-. / / --- .-. -.-. . --..-- / .--. .-.. ..- ... / -- .. .-.. .. - .- .-. -.-- / .. -. - . .-.. .-.. .. --. . -. -.-. . / .. -. / .- .-. .. --.. --- -. .- .-.-.- / .-- .- .-. ... / .- .-. . / .-- --- -. / .- -. -.. / .-.. --- ... - / - --- / - .... . / --- -. . / .-- .... --- / -.-. --- -. - .-. --- .-.. ... / - .... . / ... -.- -.-- .-.-.- / - .... . / -. . .-- / --. .-.. --- -... .- .-.. / .- .-.. .-.. .. .- -. -.-. . --..-- / .- .-.. ... --- / -.-. .- .-.. .-.. . -.. / .-- .... .. - . / .... .- - ... --..-- / .. -. -.-. .-.. ..- -.. . / - .... . / ..-. --- .-.. .-.. --- .-- .. -. --. / .---- --... / -.-. --- ..- -. - .-. .. . ... ---... / .- ..- ... - .-. .- .-.. .. .- --..-- / ..-. .-. .- -. -.-. . --..-- / .... ..- -. --. .- .-. -.-- --..-- / --. . .-. -- .- -. -.-- --..-- / .--. --- .-.. .- -. -.. --..-- / .-. --- -- .- -. .. .- --..-- / ... .--. .- .. -. --..-- / -. . - .... . .-. .-.. .- -. -.. ... --..-- / -. --- .-. .-- .- -.-- --..-- / .-. ..- ... ... .. .- --..-- / ..-. .. -. .-.. .- -. -.. --..-- / ... .-- . -.. . -. --..-- / -.. . -. -- .- .-. -.- --..-- / -.-. .-. --- .- - .. .- --..-- / -.-. .- -. .- -.. .- --..-- / -. --- .-. - .... / -.- --- .-. . .- / .- -. -.. / - .... . / ..- ... .- .-.-.- / - .... . / ... ..- .--. .-. . -- . / -.-. --- -- -- .- -. -.. . .-. / --- ..-. / - .... . / .- .-.. .-.. .. .- -. -.-. . / .. ... / .--. .-. . ... .. -.. . -. - / -.. --- -. .- .-.. -.. / - .-. ..- -- .--. .-.-.- / - .... . / .-.. .- .-. --. . ... - / -- .. .-.. .. - .- .-. -.-- / --- .--. . .-. .- - .. --- -. / .. -. / - .... . / .... .. ... - --- .-. -.-- / --- ..-. / - .... . / .--. .-.. .- -. . - / .. ... / -.-. --- -. -.. ..- -.-. - . -.. / - .... .-. --- ..- --. .... --- ..- - / - .... . / .--. .-.. .- -. . - .-.-.- / .-- . / -.. --- -. .----. - / . ...- . -. / .... .- ...- . / - .... . / ... .-.. .. --. .... - . ... - / .. -.. . .- / .-- .... .- - .----. ... / --. --- .. -. --. / --- -. / -... . .... .. -. -.. / - .... . / ... -.-. . -. . ... / .-. .. --. .... - / -. --- .-- .-.-.- / - .... . / .-- .- .-. / .-- .. - .... / . ...- .. .-.. / .. ... / - . -. / - .. -- . ... / --. .-. . .- - . .-. / - .... .- -. / - .... . / ... . -.-. --- -. -.. / .-- --- .-. .-.. -.. / .-- .- .-. .-.-.- / - .... . / --- -. .-.. -.-- / .-- .- -.-- / .-- .- ... / - .... . / -- .. .-.. .. - .- .-. -.-- .-.-.- / ..-. .. -. .- .-.. .-.. -.-- / - .... . / --. --- --- -.. / --- -. . ... / .-- .. -. -.-.-- / .-- . / .- .-. . / .-. . --.- ..- .. .-. . -.. / - --- / -- .- .. -. - .- .. -. / - .... . / .-.. .. -. . / .- -. -.. / .--. --- ... .. - .. ...- . / . -. . .-. --. -.-- / --- ..-. / .--. .-. .- -.-- . .-. .-.-.- / -..-. -..-. -..-. -..-. -..-. -..-. -..-. / .--.-. / -.-. --- -.. . --.. ...- .. .. / -.. .- .-. -.- / - --- / .-.. .. --. .... - / --. --- -.. / .- .-.. .-- .- -.-- ... / .-- .. -. ... .-.-.- / ... .--. .- -.-. . ..-. --- .-. -.-. . /. .- .-. - .... .- .-.. .-.. .. .- -. -.-. . / --. .- .-.. .- -.-. - .. -.-. ..-. . -.. . .-. .- - .. --- -. / ... . -- .--. . .-. ... ..- .--. .-. .- / .-- .-- --. .---- --. --.- / .-- .-- --. .---- .-- --. .- / .--.-. --.- .---- --... ..--.- .- .-- .- -.- . -. .. -. --. / .. -. / .--.-. ... .--. .- -.-. . ..-. --- .-. -.-. . --. .- .-.. .- -.-. - .. -.-. ..-. . -.. . .-. .- - .

Leslie Nelson



Symbolism will be [their] downfall Q

The British Red Cross 

When I Ruled the World - Trump

Never, ever give up! Hold the Line! God is with us!

Med Beds are Coming !!

Military is the Only Way

Rogers and Flynn

Dark to Light

Nothing to Seeto Here

Something Unbelievable Is Happening On Antarctica.. THEY Are Hiding It? (2021)

Oct 10, 2021

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What On Earth Happened? (Full Documentary - 8 Hours) Re-Upload

Jun 29, 2021

The Sage of Quay Radio Hour

The Global Peoples Monetary System & Simplified Divine Law– Interview with Rick Jewers

Sep 27, 2021

Martial Law Canada,Australia,NYC.Wy,16 Oct Nesara #GeorgeNasif


Did Joe Biden Really Say He's Not the President

Can We Hold the Line until 2024?

Oct 9, 2021

Monkey Werx US



Michael Jaco's Personal Meeting Room

Unleashing Intuition

Michael Jaco's Personal Meeting Room

Unleashing Intuition

10/10 Gate | LOVE: The Miracle Of Soul Coherence | The Heyoka Circle⎮Kryon Late Night Series

The Heyoka


Pryme Minister Original Dripster

Pedophiles Rule the World

Apr 5, 2017

Paul Joseph Watson

Ancient Civilizations

Vibes Of Cosmos - Telegram

Atlantis & Lemurya Map

DrVirtual7 Empower Dynamics


Donald Trump Qteam (ex YU)

Jaskijazz Jaskijazz  · 3d  · 

Prescan clinics are opening in Holland.... well people these are MEDBEDS


Shell Evans

17h  · 

Bravo Mom

Pepe Lives Matter- Telegram

Mother tells her son that she beat the mask mandate in court.

I'm not crying. You're crying.



Penny L A Shepard  · Sp3ns01lrehffd  · 

I was born Aug 11, 1958 into Project Genesis, Subproject Eve. EVE IS A CLONING PROJECT.

Madonna was born 5 days after me; The Project is a "boys from Brazil" project.

I am a daughter of Joseph Mengele, Hitler's scientist, so is Madonna. She has the Mengele space between her teeth. I look like Irene Mengele; Joseph Mengele's wife.

Madonna's father was in the military, stationed in Alaska; he then worked on top-secret projects, in the defense industry, according to his son Christopher, who wrote a book about his family and relationship with his evil sister Madonna.

I believe Madonna and I were both created by Joseph Mengele and General Ishii. Ishii created the Manchurian candidate and tortured and murdered over 10,000 people that we know of, in WWII, running Mengele type experiments in Manchuria China puppet state of Japan. Ishii is infamous for his 731 Unit.

Ishii's primary specialty was as an expert in bio warfare. He was also a Geneticist. The United States aquired Ishii into our bio warfare program and flew him to Ft Detrik in Maryland to work on bio warfare and CLONING projects with Joseph Mengele.

"Ishii's immunity deal was concluded in 1948 and he was never prosecuted for any war crimes, and his exact whereabouts or occupation were unknown from 1947. Richard Drayton, a Cambridge University history lecturer, claimed that Ishii later went to Maryland to advise on bioweapons.[11] Another source says he stayed in Japan, where he opened a clinic, performing examinations and treatments for free. Ishii kept a diary, but it did not make reference to any of his wartime activities with Unit 731."

Ishi disappeared from 1945 to 1958; He reappeared in Japan one day after Madonna's birth day.

Madonna is evil as fuck; she's an illumniati witch queen of Darkness;

When I was suicided in San Diego I saw a man in the civilian hospital who looked like Ishii; I was chained by my hands and feet and drugged, for a month. It was in a basement of a hospital- there were only a few patients there.

Aug 15, 1945 Japan's Surgeon Geberal Ishii was going to drop the bubonic plague on San Diego-- but he cancelled the operation. Sept 2, 1945 Japan surrendered and signed a treatise; Ishii was not prosecuted. Like war criminal Warner Von Braun we flew him to America to work with our military.

So whoever it was that was watching me in a General's uniform while I was being drugged and experimented on, in a San Diego hospital, in approximately 2013, was either a relative of Ishii, or a clone of Ishii as he allegedly died in 1959.

BTW my evil brother John represents Madonna, and he had me do Vogue and a Madonna Impersonation in his band Stinger; Not happy about that either.

Richie Hawtin Gibb

THE BBC ENTRANCE LONDON , the Artist who sculpted this Eric Gill who admitted to Raping his own daughters, sister and Dog , yet the BBC still commissioned this Deviants pedophile work ()

Tammy Patriots

Bet most haven't looked at this movie like this !

The Wizard of Oz = the Crown Temple.

This is not a mere child’s story written by L. Frank Baum.

What symbol does “Oz” stand for? Ounces…Gold, what is the yellow brick road? Bricks or ingot bars of gold.

The character known as the Straw Man represents that fictitious ALL CAPS legal fiction – a PERSON – the Federal U.S. Government created with the same spelling as your Christian birth name.

Remember what the Straw Man wanted from the Wizard of Oz? A brain! No legal fiction has a brain because they have no breath of life! What did he get in place of a brain? A Certificate. A Birth Certificate for a new legal creation. He was proud of his new legal status, plus all the other legalisms he was granted. Now he becomes the true epitome of the brainless sack of straw who was given a Certificate in place of a brain of common sense.

What about the Tin Man?

Does Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) mean anything to you? The poor TIN Man just stood there mindlessly doing his work until his body literally froze up and stopped functioning. He worked himself to death because he had no heart nor soul. He’s the heartless and emotionless creature robotically carrying out his daily task as if he was already dead. He’s the ox pulling the plow and the mule toiling under the yoke. His masters keep him cold on the outside and heartless on the inside in order to control any emotions or heart he may get a hold of.

The pitiful Cowardly Lion was always too frightened to stand up for himself. Of course, he was a bully and a big mouth when it came to picking on those smaller than he was. They act as if they have great courage, but they really have none at all. All roar with no teeth of authority to back them up. When push came to shove, the Cowardly Lion always buckled under and whimpered when anyone of any size or stature challenged him. He wanted courage from the Grand Wizard, so he was awarded a medal of “official” recognition. Now, regardless of how much of a coward he still was, his official status made him a bully with officially recognized authority. He’s just like the Attorneys who hide behind the Middle Courts of the Temple Bar.

What about the trip through the field of poppies? They weren’t real people, so drugs had no effect on them. The Wizard of Oz was written at the turn of the century, so how could the author have known America was going to be drugged? The Crown has been playing the drug cartel game for centuries. Just look up the history of Hong Kong and the Opium Wars. The Crown already had valuable experience conquering all of China with drugs, so why not the rest of the world?

Who finally exposed the Wizard for what he really was? Toto, the ugly (or cute, depending on your perspective) and somewhat annoying little dog. Toto means “in total, all together; Latin in toto.” Notice how Toto was not scared of the Great Wizard’s theatrics, yet he was so small in size compared to the Wizard, no-one seemed to notice him. The smoke, flames and hologram images were designed to frighten people into doing as the Great Wizard of Oz commanded. Toto simply went over, looked behind the curtain – the court – (see the definition for curtain above), saw it was a scam, and started barking until others paid attention to him and came to see what all the barking was about. Just an ordinary person controlling the levers that created the illusions of the Great Wizard’s power and authority. The veil hiding the corporate legal fiction and its false courts was removed. The Wizard’s game was up. It’s too bad that people don’t realize how loud a bark from a little dog is. How about your bark? Do you just remain silent and wait to be given whatever food and recognition, if any, your legal master gives you?

Let’s not forget those pesky flying monkeys. What a perfect mythical creature to symbolize the Bar Association Attorners who attack and control all the little people for the Great Crown Wizard, the powerful and grand Bankers of Oz – Gold.

Dougie Hodge is with Pryme PM Minister and 

MY DAD BOB HODGE "Dopey FREED" at Trump Rally Iowa Tonight! (SEE PHOTO BELOW) President Trump talked about the Butler, Pa. Rally which I was at Closely talking with my new SECRET SERVICE AGENT BUD & Where some MSM Photographer came down after me talking with Secret Service strolled down in front of me and started snapping photo's of me. I think there may be a Coded Message for me from President Trump? Am I correct? Donald Trump Jr. DAD has on: Red Shirt, Black or Blue Ball cap, "THE HODGE BEARD"..... "Only took me 5 seconds to find DAD there. LOVE YOU DAD! MISS YOU BAD! LOVE YOU ALL! GOD BLESS! SEE Y'ALL SOON I RECKON. THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP & VICE PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY JR.! #WWG1WGA "If You Know You Know" #DopeyDadFREED #TheBOY #TEAMHODGE #TRUMPKENNEDY John Durham THANK YOU MIGHTY YESHUA!




Myriam Gillis  · 74htS1oo4re  · 


Today is the 1010 portal. It is an energetic opening where we can connect and receive new light codes and downloads from the Universe, the energy of creation. On the tenth day of the tenth month we have the 1010 portal. We are receiving the energy of this powerful portal into the planetary and individual systems for a few days now. It is the reason for more ascension symptoms and tiredness. This portal represents the ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. We might just say the beginning of a new era. The energy is really powerful right now and we can feel this sense of great change, leveling up, moving forward, stepping into our power. Our DNA is being upgraded, activated. It can cause tingles within the body, itchy skin. We are able to live in a 5th dimensional kind of way in the physical life more and more. We will be able to jump timeliness because of all the energy, knowledge, information we are receiving right now.

This is a portal of rebirth. Number 10 has the vibration of optimism, positivity, it brings new beginnings, confidence, independence, creativity, success, determination, motivation, individuality, but also nothingness, infinity, oneness, the energy of creation. We are invited to open up to the unknown, receive the light codes and downloads that are coming in right now and create the life we desire. Really do it, not just think or dream about it. No more waiting for someone from the outside to do it for you as you are the one. we are going through an important expansion right now. Receiving high frequency energy from the universe, source energy into our systems – planetary and personal systems. We are shifting into a new reality where we can be more who we truly are, speak our truth, set boundaries, love ourselves more and meet others on that higher level of awareness and understanding of the world within and around us and the connections with others. We will even jump timelines. Some amazingly powerful days are in front of us. The universe is bringing some magic into our lives. Open up to receive and take care of your physical body. Enjoy!

shared with love

always ...

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