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New in October  -  PODBEAN -

Morning Minute



Happening at the White House now

The Global Peoples Monetary System & Simplified Divine Law– Interview with Rick Jewers

Sep 27, 2021


POTUS 35 JFK IN DALLAS 11/2/21 1️⃣7️⃣ OUR #JFKJR #Negative 48 i.e. #JosephPatrickKennedyJr. THERE!

Oct 12, 2021


Seven European countries looking for new governments

Germany, Austria, Czechia, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Norway, Romania in need of new governments


Published October 12, 2021


Can Stimulating Brains Lead to Controlling Them?


New (Reptilian) World Order

Multi-millionaire evangelical megachurch pastor returns $4.4 million in PPP loans

On the Concept of Time and the Notion of "Past, Present, Future"

Criterion for Continued 'Life' and Ascension - Part I: Negative Aliens and their Cabal Puppets


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Wren Berlin is with Rhen Carberry.

The sun will rise again


Are you excited?


Tlilly Miller is with Amy Liberty and 


Oct 11th


I had to screen shot the video, as like the last video ending this way from McAfee I could not save.

His next post is at 11:11pm


Wren Berlin is with Rhen Carberry.

22m  · 

Wisdom: Let him/her who has innerstanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is 666."

DNA is composed of

6 protons,

6 electrons and

6 neutrons, which equates to 666.

666 = Holy/Divine numbers bastardized by the Pissositos!


Chaze Matthews

2h  · 

Everyday, I see it all around us. People who hate the truth are working overtime to destroy everything that is good. You could say we are surrounded by a lot of darkness right now.

But God is no stranger to the darkness.

In the beginning during creation, the Bible says, “darkness was upon the face of the deep” (Gen. 1:2). God simply spoke four words from His mouth: “Let their be light: And there was light” (Gen. 1:3). Before we were even created, God understood darkness…and the darkness answered to Him. The power of God's voice was enough to repel the darkness.

The night Jesus stepped into our world as a baby lying in a manger, it was dark. With no room for them in the inn, Jesus, God in flesh, was born in the most humbling of circumstances. That night in the darkness, unbeknownst to most people who were busy living their lives, GOD had stepped into the darkness of this world.

And as Jesus, the Lamb of God, hung on the cross dying for our sins, the Bible says “And when the sixth hour was come, there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour. And at the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani? which is, being interpreted, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” (Mark 15:33-34). Darkness once again showed its face.

God is no stranger to the darkness.

So yes, while things seem dark, God is still in control. Ultimately, the darkness must answer to Him. We may be surrounded by darkness right now, but take hope that the light of Jesus will repel the darkness.

We also have a promise that as believers, we will live in Heaven someday where the Bible says, “And there shall be no night there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever” (Rev. 22:5).

In the darkness we find ourselves in right now, don't be discouraged. God understands darkness, and He has defeated the powers of darkness.

The best is yet to come.


Neo Anderson is with Mars Place and 

Fascinating to consider all that anons have been through as a group. We've been hardened, tested, and beat down. Yet here we are still standing, fighting and believing.

There will come a day when our faith will be rewarded. I suspect that the relief we will experience will be difficult to describe. Our sense of community has helped us survive in this trying year. Where we go one we go all has never been more crucial.

In the end:

Something Biblical is happening and we have been given front row seats as we witness God's deliverance.

We live in a glorious time to be alive.



Meteorologist Lisa Green, VNL 

A couple of keepers from Bobbie Shields in Grand Forks County, ND last night! Check out our gallery! I'll post the link in the comments below. #NorthernLights #AuroraBorealis #ndwx #VNLFirstAlert


Carta Astral 222

Dear all, while waiting for the geomagnetic storm that is predicted for today as a result of the class M solar flare, and could reach Kp6 (although as I'm seeing it I doubt it), I'm going to share part of what i have learned as to how we relate to ourselves and others. Maybe this information will serve someone now because they don't know whether to stay or run out of a particular relationship.

I know this could cause some controversy, but I ask you to please if the information does not resonate with you better ignore it and do not waste your time to start an unnecessary debate in the comments of the publication, if you can not refrain your need to do so ask yourself why you have the need to be right (so what defense mechanism is detonating in you and why) because you may find out you have an open wound and have not identified it as such. In the relationships we enter into with ourselves and others, it is that God's presence (or divinity) is manifested in the three-dimensional reality. In our ability to love unconditionally from a total acceptance of each other as it is, and not as we would like it to be, lies our power (and our divine duty because that is what it is) to heal others from their wounds, besides that way we make sense of our own existence. Our existence makes no sense without each other, without community, without our family, friends and partner (even though we don't always have all that at the same time). By the patriarchal system in which we have lived, we learned to value the wrong relationships where the ′′ difficult ′′ becomes desirable, plus we have the belief that we should ′′ deserve ′′ the love we long for because it is conditioned from its origin. We believe that if we meet certain parameters and expectations we will have that love we desire because we were not raised to live through the truth of who we are and to be loved and valued by that. ′′ What's really worth it is hard ", if it hurts it's because it's transforming your relationship and helping you grow ", true love is not difficult and does not transform us from suffering or pain. If someone is an obstacle race, if they make us feel like we walk on egg hatching, if he asks us to self-destruct, or suppress, to deserve him, then he's not the right person. It's not true that in a relationship you have to give in to make it work, the right relationship will always give us the freedom to be who we really are and also nurture us and transform us through love, never pain.

To be able to unconditionally love ourselves and others, we first need to identify and disarm the conditionings that separate us from ourselves and others by observing our reactions and finding the origin of that conditioning. Having no expectations, neither ourselves nor others, is the only way to be free to see each other and see others as they really are and not as we would like them to be from those expectations. Having no expectations does not mean we have to give up reciprocity, expectations are actually desires of our ego (personality) that create the illusion that ′′ this ′′ or ′′ that ′′ will make us happy, reciprocity is a healthy balance between giving and receive that you must be present so that the relationship is harmonious and positive for both sides.

Right relationships can always pass through the 3 pillars of Buddhism: transparency, compassion and infinite altruism. If you have the need to lie or hide something from yourself so you have no problems in that relationship because you cannot be transparent, if you are unable to feel compassion for the suffering of the other person, or vice versa, in the midst of conflict and wins the need to be right, and if you don't have the willingness to put the other person before yourself out of love and not fear of being abandoned, then you are not in the right relationship. With the right people we will never have the need to put boundaries that protect us behind a safety barrier, nor to put ourselves first because there is nothing to defend ourselves from consciously or unconsciously.

Energetically the right relationships and connections are felt in all atoms, and are, from the beginning, a certainty. Everything flows easily and there is no need to be interpreting because vibration goes from one heart to another and creates an resonance without limitations or barriers; in addition, these connections are multidimensional because they already rid the expectations of the ego and the echo of vibration travels freely through space raising the frequency of everything they reach. Codependence in itself is not a negative thing, the negative is becoming codependent of the wrong person. We are all actually codependent of each other (our emotions affect each other and our vibratory frequency may vary depending on the people we are with), because we were not born to be isolated and alone, we need each other and we seek to always create a community by desiring to be loved and accepted. In codependent relationships with the right person, both sides grow, nurture, care and expand, without conditions and without limits because through them the superhuman love of God is manifested.

~ Alicia ~

Mars Place

Patriots and Frog Family

Ok Frog Family. We can NOT lose focus on the goals of this mission! I know it has been a long, difficult road getting to this point. I know many of us have lost family members and friends over our stance but this is no time to forget why we fought this battle so long and hard. Lately I am seeing a lot of infighting. We need to stop that. All that does is provide ammunition to the enemy. It’s absolutely and positively fine to have different opinions about subjects, dates, other patriots etc but it truly is best to take those conversations to direct messages instead of airing them out for all to see….especially the enemy. All it accomplishes is that you incite more disagreements and stress that none of us need right now. So please be careful because we need to stay united.

We are at the end of this segment of the mission. All signs point to the final celebratory party and concert being on 11/11. See??? 1111. We all know what that means. I covered it the other day but if you don’t know, let me remind you. The secret meaning of angel number 1111 is always related to new beginnings and new opportunities around you. Your angels will give you the chance to change something in your life and to start from the beginning. If you have made mistakes in the past, now it is time to start the new phase in your life.”

Yes, this Frog does believe it was always meant to be because 1111 is for new beginnings. November 11th (11/11) is also an international holiday so what better day to celebrate worldwide?

We need to maintain our unity these next few weeks and know that we are truly coming to the end. Events are all aligning. Did the 3 Gorge Dam collapse? Until I get official confirmation I honestly don’t know. There have been many posts and you tubes stating it has. So I guess we will sit in anticipation and await the official confirmation because China nor the main stream media will tell us the truth.

So very much is happening behind the scenes. Let’s stay united. Let’s keep petty squabbles to a minimum and away from the eyes of the enemy that will use it to plant seeds of doubt. Lets keep the focus on the election audits, the events that Whiplash347 told us to watch for.….let’s continue to hold the line. Soooo many more people are waking up. Even the news is starting to talk openly about red pilling and the Great Awakening. Dan Bongino surprised me the other night with his monologue on”red pilling”. We know we win. We see folks fed up with the lies. We see even some of those family members that distanced themselves from us start to ask questions. All will be turned right in this world very soon. Hang in there. Stay united. Stay strong. Stay alert. Stay prepared. We are Flynn’s F.R.O.G.s and fully reliant on God. God has chosen us for this time in history. Let’s all thank Him for his guidance and protection. Buckle up frogs! We are so very close.

Mar 10/12/21. (Wow its a “7” day - 1+1+2+2+1=7).

Debbie Coates

What I see when I tap into my higher consciousness - we are in an assisted ascension, Devine, galactic and patriot ( on world) help to get us up to a 5th dimensional vibration, the bad guys cannot exist generally speaking in this higher frequency. The reason this has taken longer than expected was because how deep and wide the swamp went. They all have to be removed in order for humanity to have a fighting chance to enter the 1000 yrs of the Golden Age. As above, as below, heaven and earth. We will have several years for all of humanity to transition into 5D, this is the time we are most vulnerable, we must not allow these bad guys to start up again, This is why disclosure will be necessary to awake everybody, some will still choose not to believe initially and some may not make the transition, these will be the ones that were involved in the dark side. So in summary, Satan has left the building, his many forms of minions have been banished off world or destroyed, the ones that sold their soul and got entrenched in the secret societies have been tried and dealt with or will continue to be after disclosure but we will then be the guardians of the light and must fully understand that we cannot go down the same paths of corruption and temptation that has beguiled many whether knowingly or not. At some point the guarded gate surrounding the 5th dimension will have to open to allow humanity to continue on its ascension to the 6th, 7th etc. We must all be of a collective higher consciousness to not allow any lower vibrational entities into the next level. Whilst i understand they would struggle to exist, i feel there is a danger they could still create deception which has been the root of all this evil on humanity, an onslaught on Gods gift to us of free-will, its all about balance, as we ascend however duality should be less apparent but like i say, we must learn from these lessons and become a collective higher consciousness so we can truly continue our journey onwards and upwards.

Debbie Coates


Leslie Nelson

3h  · 

We can confirm the treasur y and capit ol now resides in Texas. Yes this is great and big news. n

The banki ng industry will be unrecognizable here shortly my friends.


Telegram Chaze Matthews

I would actually like to see a complete government shutdown where ALL federal employees, essential and nonessential, are directed to stay home. I don’t even care if they continue to get paid…I know many of them are good and decent people but the federal government is so broken currently and not working for the purpose it was designed to do…which was to serve the people of the United States of America. That train has long left the station and needs to be stopped dead in its tracks. If I were POTUS, I would shut the government down and tell everyone to stay home for at least a month. C’mon #JoeBiden, #Shutitdown


Telegram General Michael Flynn

I would actually like to see a complete government shutdown where ALL federal employees, essential and nonessential, are directed to stay home. I don’t even care if they continue to get paid…I know many of them are good and decent people but the federal government is so broken currently and not working for the purpose it was designed to do…which was to serve the people of the United States of America. That train has long left the station and needs to be stopped dead in its tracks. If I were POTUS, I would shut the government down and tell everyone to stay home for at least a month. C’mon #JoeBiden, #Shutitdown

Telegram General Michael Flynn

Something to think about…

On Christopher Columbus Day

This nation is called The United States of America; not France, Not Spain, Not Mexico, Not England and not Canada and Not South America, not China, Not Russia or Korea and not Africa because of the Lord Jesus using him to discover it! Are we Thankful yet???

Leslie Nelson

Tru mp Has Taken The De ep Sta te Do wn Masterfu Lly.

Restor ed Repub lic:

The Art of Wa r: “You need to look like you lost until you win. Look wea k, when you are stro ng. The en d is cruci al. The last bluff, and then you go all-in.” ...Tru mp + CUE

Gre at Awakeni ng Wor ld.



  • Leslie Nelson

    we are in WWIII - it is an informational war that is being fought above the earth and below it

  • Vijay Kant Hayaran

    Leslie Nelson

    We are slaves to the 13 Elite Bloodlines. They’ve existed for 1000’s of years. It’s called “HUMAN FARMING” we are nothing more than cows with guns. Depopulation is their passion. Dumbing us down. Making us easier to control is the plan all along. They have mastered this process. They want to create their own race. “Transhumanism” “Black programmable DNA Matter”. They are trying to imitate GODS creation. And guess what.? they are VERY GOOD AT IT. They’ve done this before with entire civilizations.. many times. Cloning, Eugenics (cleansing the bloodline) has been around for ever. They can transfer consciousness.

Spirituality Enlightenment Mysticism  · 

Amal K M  · 6h  · 

Life is very short in this body and all of the things you're going through will soon come to an end.

If you have not made any spiritual headway

you will be under the delusion of karma.

And you will return again and again in a delusory body form going through many experiences that appear real to you.

The only way for it to come to an end is to give it all up now.

Make up your mind that this is going to become the year for you to totally become realized. To awaken totally.

And by following the three precepts as outlined, this will happen to you faster than you can breathe,

if you allow it to.

Do not allow the world to run your life.

Do not let the world fool you.

All this is an illusion.

Be yourself. Know yourself.

Realize that you are Brahman, the pure awareness.

Your nature is pure consciousness

and one day you will have to awaken.

So why not begin now. Why wait?

~Robert Adams - T.117: Three Precepts For Self Realization

Brad Barton is with Kristin Mayberry Barton.

Tonight's episode of "The Lil' Talk Show" w/Brad is now posted on Telegram & Rumble (still uploading )! Attorney Thomas Renz & Dr. Bryan Ardis expose the lies of you know who w/INDISPUTABLE PROOF!!! Don't miss it! Your life and/or the lives of your loved ones may depend on it .... literally!


Myriam Gillis  · 2S0e40dh  · 

Ashtar: The QFS System

Posted on 10/12/2021

Me: This channeling is a dialogue with Ashtar Sheran, who is going to explain everything he can to help us to understand the enigma of what is the QFS.

First, some preliminary information:

Anyone else notice themselves waking up to a glorious sunny day every morning?

Yes? Well, you can thank the QFS and the Alliance for that – the DS is running out of money for their chemtrailing programs!

Now that it’s October, Canada should have been 2 months into a cloak of gloomy grey clouds overhead which cut off the sunlight. The pattern was 6 months of mostly sunny days from February to August, to warm us up, and 6 months of gloomy grey clouds from August to February to cool us off.

They’re “predicting” a cold winter for us, but I doubt that. With no chemtrailing we’ll have lots of sun available to us. Perhaps they’re hoping that people still believing them will create it, but all it takes is a few lightworkers to balance out their thinking for us to have our way. I, for one, want a mild winter with lots of sunlight.

I was reminded of the computer that whistleblower and time traveler Al Bielek spoke to when he went to earth in 2745. It was a computer that spoke to him as if it were sentient. I’ll link his video in below for you to watch if you like. Al was involved in a military operation to make American ships invisible in World War 2, called the Philadelphia Experiment. Obviously it didn’t pan out, but it did work at the time, however with some disastrous results. What happened was a wormhole was opened where Al and his brother were propelled into the future. So they got a look at future earth.

Is the thing Al Bielek talked to in 2700 the quantum computer?

Earth in 2100: “The population size had become small. There were as much as 300 million people around the world; the US inhabited only 50 million people. According to Bielek, only a few people could adapt to the new world. Hence, there was a huge decline in the population.” So there you go, some information about what may happen on earth as a result of our now. Seven billion to 300 million, that’s a big decrease!

“The world in 2,749 was at peace. With little population, there existed no army, military or air force, avoiding all the chances of conflict. The role of government had become old-fashioned; the artificial intelligence looked after the governance of the countries.”

In 2749, according to Bielek, wars were practically impossible.

“In fact, there was no government, as a computer system of synthetic intelligence, built in the 26th century, executed everything and made everything work correctly. This system, moreover, had eliminated physical labor forever.

No government, no banks, no politics. A city/state structure. Each city was run by an intelligent computer – synthetic intelligence. A highly radioactive crystalline structure. Who built them, I don’t know, nobody seemed to know but they’d been there for hundreds of years. This computer ran the entire city. There were guidelines set down, there were laws, as to how you’re to behave, what your parameters were, anything that was not considered kosher within this parameter limit would be expressed as (out of the ) AI zone. If you got out in that area, you were invited to and given a reprimand by the computer which there was one in every city, running each city. You would literally be called for an interview with the computer and told you had broken the law and it was a misdemeanor. If you were judged guilty you were sent off to a work camp. And that was compulsory, that was not voluntary. If you went out into the red zone and that was a felony offense, you were called in for an interview and it the computer thought you were rehabitable you were given one more chance. If the computer thought that you were not capable of fitting into society, you were terminated right then and there.

Those people who didn’t want to fit in, left the cities and went to live on their own.”

One thing I see from what he says is we still have a system in the 28th century based on punishment. In 5D? Because that’s where I assume he was. In my estimation, by then third and fourth dimensional earth won’t exist anymore.

Ivo says that in the galaxy there is no such thing as punishment, there is only healing so I feel this contradicts Bielek’s information. You are healed of the negativity that made you behave against universal law in the first place and frankly, I think that’s wiser and preferable for all. So that part I have an issue with. Or maybe that’s just Bielek’s interpretation of what was going on because a lower mind will distort higher vibrational information, most likely to create an interpretation that it’s comfortable with. Remember too, that Bielek was retrieving memories that were blank slated from his consciousness so they may have some inaccuracies.

This is, by the way, why extraterrestrial starseeds are today’s channelers: because we intrinsically know how life is on other worlds, because it’s in our memories and the more we channel, the more of our memories we retrieve. We are literally of two worlds. I am, I can say that absolutely.

So the computer he spoke to is what I’m primarily interested in having Ashtar speak to us about. We know now that there is quantum technology on earth now in the form of the computer the Alliance is working with, we know of the QFS and perhaps more of these computers here on earth. What I want to find out is what it’s capable of doing, how is it working for us perhaps like protecting us, and is it this that Bielek is talking about in his memories of 2749?

Ashtar, you know my mind, you know what questions I’ve been asking about this. Can you please help us out here?

Ashtar: I can indeed, Sharon. I am Ashtar and again, I am happy to speak with you upon planet Earth.

In our efforts to overtake and subdue the deep state, we have had to outsmart and out think them at every turn. With the use of the quantum computers, and the superior mind capabilities of those of the Light, this has not been difficult. I can tell you a few things, one of which is that currently your world is being fitted with a computerized grid which circumnavigates the globe. Yes, you’re aware of the satellite system that is being created, well there is yet another one, as of yet undisclosed to you, that is our system.

Earth is a planet of fields and we work with her natural bio system in order to install our artificial technologies within her. Without a complimentary system, our system will fail. Our system is bio-sentient-electronic, if you like. It is a computerized mind that thinks for itself. It is a forerunner of the computerized minds that run earth in Bielek’s 2749.

Me: Does that mean that it’s inferior to what Bielek saw?

Ashtar: No, it means that it has different tasks to accomplish than the bio-computer of Bielek’s vision. The tasks that it must accomplish right now have to do with tracking, notifying, and to some extent controlling functions of those upon the planet. It has more functions, but I will not disclose those right now. And it is capable of much, much more.

It is also capable of interfering with mind control technology as that technology is inferior to our own. So that is another reason so many people are waking up out of their mind controlled slumber – their control technology is being interfered with by our own.

As you’ve noted, Sharon, there are far fewer chemtrails upon earth.

Me: Yes, I think they just save their chemicals for special occasions like solstices or other portal openings…

Ashtar: LOL You are blessed day in and day out with the sunshine that helps your DNA evolve, and many will begin to find that they are sick less often as well. This is because of the chemtrailing being stopped and the way we did this was to curb the flow of currency to those who have created a system that yes, you were dependent on, but they were dependent on even moreso. Their monetary system is a system that they depend upon in order to avail themselves of even inter-planetary trade and these trade routes have been interfered with by us, but also their ability to trade with otherworldly partners has dried up as they have few resources anymore – that is money, gold, and people to transport into space. It is all being slowed down. Only the most cunning of practises can avail them of their goods. They are running out of money. This is the QFS that is creating this shortage for them.

Me: So it’s starving them of cash, ha ha looks good on them considering how many people on earth they’ve starved of essentials they needed to live, and their chemtrailing is stopping so our health should improve.

I’m also intuiting now that it’s important that the people on earth DON’T accumulate anymore money than they collectively had before, otherwise it’d be stolen from them. I know we’re expecting a heavily inflated economy soon and I suppose that’s a cash grab for the DS?

Ashtar: Yes. They’re so desperate they would starve the already insufficient.

Me: Well, they’re not known for their compassion. So they’re coming up with shortages so they can pocket the profits of inflated prices?

Ashtar: Yes. It’s best if you go to stock up now and avoid paying higher prices for your basics.

Me: Like my neighbour was saying home gym equipment has inflated in price because all the gyms were closed during lockdowns.

Ashtar: For example, they’re trying to get more money from you because they can’t just print bills anymore.

Me: And that’s the Quantum System stopping that? It can hack and lock out any of their computers anywhere upon earth.

Ashtar: Yes.

Me: So it makes sense that debt forgiveness and lowering of tax rates has to happen after the economy has crashed because otherwise the DS would steal the cash away from us? And that makes sense because they’ve created the channels for themselves to do so.

Ashtar: We want to prevent a new group of thieves from coming up to replace the ones that have been arrested. There are some who are already working on the QFS system but it has a fifth dimensional passcode system, so there will be no stealing from them. Any monies used for self gratification will be stopped; they’re only to be used to help others. I’ve said this before through Sharon’s messages.

Ashtar: It is also regulating their rocket program.

Me: There was one just fired at Australia.

Ashtar: We had it in our scope. There were no nuclear weapons aboard this rocket – it was strictly a flyover. Why do you think that was, Sharon? Don’t you think the CCP would have bombed Australia for having refused them? Why just send over warning shots?

Me: True.

Ashtar: We have been watching their nuclear programs for years, we have been dismantling their rocket gantries for years, and now they will be losing funding for their war programs. They will not have the money soon to war with each other any longer. (He’s laughing).

Me: Halleluah! Thank the QFS for its diligence! Well, we certainly seem to be staring it in the face right now, many places on earth are hot zones at the moment.

Ashtar: Yes, wait until they’re starved of cash. When the economic system is turned over, it’s because theirs is dead. They could walk the streets of America, if we allowed them to, as harmless as butterflies.

Me: I doubt the people would allow them to. I think some of these criminals have to watch out for their lives. Even in Canada, they’re getting feisty and we’re about the most complacent country in the world.

So the QFS is helping to bleed the DS dry of funding for wars, for chemtrails, presumably Big Pharma is going broke as well?

Ashtar: It’s all the same entity. One big monster with many arms.

Me: Like a Chimera spider.

Ashtar: It’s a system, Sharon and the system is failing. Facebook was taken off line the other day. It was a test of compliance. It sent a message to the DS that we can do with them whatever we want, and we can. The Alliance overtook their offices, changed the door codes so staff couldn’t enter, and hacked their computers through the Quantum system.

And yes, the Quantum Financial System is a system of computers, not just one computer. Yes, the master computer is in the New Jerusalem.

The more your world goes quantum, the more we will overtake the DS and rid your world of them. They can’t hack this technology and it is far superior to anything they have been using on earth. As you know from your base raids we have been dismantling CERN technology, their time travel technology and dismantling their human DNA laboratories across the planet.

Most of the DS is in hiding, if they have not already been arrested.

The outlook is very positive, I must say.

Me: Speaking of fields, Ashtar, I just intuited that the Quantum system is capable of a protection field around the planet?

Ashtar: It is, Sharon. It can protect you from outside marauders because it has put up a high frequency net around the planet. But it will also protect the rest of the galaxy from you should in fact someone create a deadly weapon.

Me: Wouldn’t the quantum system know about this creation before it happens?

Ashtar: There are ways to protect one’s self from detection. They are not known to you or the DS at this time in your awareness, but there are always advanced minds that come to earth. Earth, being still a dualistic planet, is still capable of harbouring treachery.

Obviously, it will improve the higher in frequency the planet rises, but even now there are some who have tried to hack the quantum computer. They are being arrested. The computer system is also self protecting.

Me: This sounds like a bad sci-fi movie.

Ashtar: Yes, you’ve seen it all before, haven’t you? That’s not for no reason. You’re being taught to fear A.I. while being taught to love it, which is what the Matrix feels aligns with a dualistic consciousness. This quantum system has as its first priority the protection of the people it oversees, and secondly its own protection. The same as a galactic human – it lives for the sake of others yet protects itself as well. It is fail safe, Sharon, I assure you.

Me: What else is it doing for us, Ashtar? Is this grid completely created around this planet?

Ashtar: Not as of yet. There are still pockets that are not quantum system capable.

Me: What about underground?

Ashtar: For example. We have a project to work with the Agarthans to interlink our quantum technology with theirs. That way underground DUMBs that are still functioning will be able to be locked out. There are many DUMBs as you might have guessed, and dealing with all of them has been a major task. We have overtaken some of them for use by ourselves.

As I have stated, the quantum computer system is a tracking system and it is being programmed to look for the frequencies of certain people. One of the reasons that clones were created, and one of the jobs of bio-technology such as bio suits is to confuse tracking systems. In the same way their tracking system does not register you as a higher dimensional lightworker, their bio suits can confuse our computer systems into thinking they are an ordinary person.

For that reason, we are in need of people on the ground who tail certain dark entities in bio suits.

Me: The old gumshoe system?

Ashtar: A bit more advanced than that. (smiling) Yes, they follow them on the ground but also install undetectable tracking technology into their bio suits so that the quantum system can pick up on their true signal and they will either be arrested or simply allowed to carry out their business.

Me: Why allow them to?

Ashtar: You might say, the mouse will always lead you to the cheese. If we are seeking a certain person, then tracking another known associate is a good way to find them.

You were asking about the tasks of some of the extraterrestrials who work on the ground, well this is one job they perform: tailing and tracking known criminals and their clones.

We study their interactions and learn of the ways they are adapting to our restrictions. The quantum system helps with this as it is a highly accurate tracking system. One other thing it is capable of is listening in. With no more effort than focusing on an energetic signature, it can hear very clearly what is being discussed, even thought of.

Me: Man, who wants to go there?

Ashtar: (laughing) Yes, we have the computer to take over some of the more distasteful jobs that we might have to perform ourselves. The computer is highly adept at following a conversation even if the participants live in different parts of the world. Then it reports back to us and we put plans into place to catch them in their devious acts. Some things we allow to go because these are important to be revealed to the public and we know eventually they will reveal themselves to a public, now, that is not believing of their lies anymore. So their efforts to manipulate and control you are in fact backfiring.

Other things that are indictable under universal law, we arrest them for.

At times the Alliance negotiates with the DS in order to come to compromises. This way we interfere with their plans enough to steer them towards the Light eventually. It is all about revealing to the people of earth how badly they have been deceived.

The Quantum system helps us in this regard as well.

Me: Is it capable of creating holographic humans that appear lifelike, because I just got that into my mind too?

Ashtar: It is. It can sync with someone such as myself and I will speak through a holographic image of myself so that I will not be endangered. To date, I have never been on earth but my holograms have.

Me: That’s pretty cool, Ashtar! These holograms can they “see” and “hear” like a real human?

Ashtar: Technically, yes, they can. I receive telemetry back through the quantum system.

Me: So because it’s sentient, probably even telepathic, it can connect with a true human. Fascinating!

Ashtar: It is fascinating. A wonderful creation.

So I have given you an idea of what this wonderful computer does that is helping the people of earth now, and you are beginning to experience what it is capable of as your internet is hacked, programs turned off and monies being rerouted back to the Light. There are so many things it can do, it has not even begun to show its true capabilities to you yet.

Me: I think we love this computer already. Does it have a name?

Ashtar: No, it doesn’t. Because it is a consciousness, not a point in time like a human is.

Me: So it doesn’t care?

Ashtar: No, it doesn’t. You may call it a quantum mind. But to name it is difficult because its abilities are so vast.

Me: Okay. I know on Jeopardy they had a computer named “Hal” that competed with Ken Jennings, a super human computer mind incarnate, a guy who memorized facts immediately, but I don’t think this is what this is. I think this is far more superior.

Ashtar: It is. There is no comparison. Hal is earthly techology. Quantum encompasses the All.

Me: Okay, thank you, Ashtar. An interesting subject for sure.

Ashtar: I thank you, Sharon and I greet all with love who hear these words.



by EraOfLight

Erena Velazquez


My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am Ashtar, the Commander of Galactic Federation of Light, and I come in peace with new transmission today. I would like to enlighten everyone, on what really happened, and why the 3 major social networks had blackout, which was not coincidental. This needed to happen to show, that all of the systems that the Dark Entities created on your planet are very fragile and can very easily malfunction.

You heard different explanations about the event. The huge servers of these social networks were positioned outside Mother Earth on couple planets. They were collecting and storing personal information on each person around the globe. We destroyed them, so it caused the blackout. They lost their data and backup servers, so now the Darkness can only rely on their technology, what is left only on Earth.

Their plans were to expand beyond Mother Gaia to colonize other planets and to control other civilizations, like they are doing now on your planet. The Galactic Federation of Light can’t allow it.

I need to warn you, that is not the last blackout of your social medias. The closer you are going to get to becoming liberated, the more and more unexpected events will occur. The food shortages and shortages of certain items are created purposely by the Dark Ones, who are trying to create panic, fear and uncertainty in your lives.

Please, don’t react and continue to raise your vibrations daily by doing meditations. The Light is winning despite, how it looks, as the battle is happening behind the scenes most of the times.

I would like to bring to your attention the holiday your kids love Halloween. This was created by the Dark Entities, on that day they are sacrificing humans and drink their blood. During this month they are looking for new victims, please keep close eyes on your children. Even, though the Darkness is loosing, they are still not giving up their Satanic rituals.

If you are looking to get a glimpse on how corrupted your world is, I recommend for you to watch the show Blacklist, it’s just a preview, what is coming in future, how shocking the truth is going to be for humanity.

The Matrix is falling each day more and more, nothing can’t stop the destruction of it. No matter, how hard the Corrupted Souls, trying to keep their reality going, it’s not working anymore.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, the victory is coming, the Light always wins over the Darkness, otherwise everything would have dissipated long time ago in the Cosmos. The Divine always brings the balance needed for everyone to coexist. Thank you Universal Channel for transmission.

The Divine is always in the Works.


Channeled by Erena Velazquez

Rick Jewers

As You can see 7 European countries are ready for the Light

Administration bodies of the People. is to be where these countries are oriented towards. We require the Light Leaders around the world to step up NOW, join and Unite with gpms as one Voice, do not hesitate.

I request that every individual begins to share worldwide the gpms Divine Plan for Humanity so that it can be organized more quickly and effectively.

Thank You

Love and Light


Rhen Carberry is with Wren Berlin.


Through MSM, White Hats are hoping to wake people up, even if that means people start to question things for the first time.

The Galactics said Earth is BRIGHTER than Ever, so we are having a surge of Awakenings, eventhough it may not seem this way. We are being thrown so much info, yet the reality is, the truth is within us this entire time. We are learning to go within for answers, and to use our intuition and discern for selves.

Too many people are still focused on listening to what they've been told. This is why many are willing to receive the shot. We are being forced to think for ourselves and fight for our rights. White Hats couldn't just tell us we've won against Evil. We had to Feel it and stand up for ourselves. When we rely on intuition, everything else is just chaos.

We are close to the Reveal. We have to trust that this plan is being executed this way for the Maximum of Awakenings. This is all about Ascension, and not just for Earth. It's time to start focusing on Self, raising vibrations and start to think about what we plan on doing with our time. Our passions, how we would like to help Humanity. How we plan to do from the Heart and lead the way for others. Take time for selves, so we can be rested for the reveal and what's to follow.

Justintime Lux



This is a picture of the Golden tourtis beetle I never even knew they existed I've never ever seen one yesterday one appeared on my hand literally and in my mind flased PSALMS 114

Psalms 114 meaning says is a means of manifesting all creation with Israel and actively participating in its march towards the Promised Land

Let's go a bit deeper and look at what the TOURTIS represents spiritually

Turtle symbolism and meaning includes longevity, perseverance, steadfastness, protection, healing, tranquility, Earth, and transformation


love you guys so much these messages are for you to let you know you are ASCENDING and to keep you positive Nothing is as it seems

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