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New in October  -  PODBEAN -

Morning Minute

Maryann morning message - TY

Patriots and Frog Family

We have been through so much together……yet we still stand united. All signs are pointing that this will be a very busy week ahead of us. I need you all to know that you are not alone. We have formed this amazing frog family together. We have already shown we are here for one another. That won’t change as we enter into the new phase of this adventure. We need to stay united. Nothing can defeat us as long as we do.

I ran across a story to help one of our frog teachers explain victimhood to her students. I think it explains the conditioning that we have all been through in the simplest way. I want to share it so bare with me.

“When walking through an elephant camp, a man noticed that the elephants were only secured with a small rope that was tied around one ankle. He wondered why the elephants didn’t break free from the rope, as the elephants were certainly strong enough to do so. He asked a trainer why the elephants didn’t try to break free, and the trainer responded by saying that they use the same size rope for baby elephants all the way up to adulthood. Because they’re too small when they’re babies to break free from the rope, they grow up being conditioned that the rope is stronger than they are. As adults, they think the rope can still hold them, so they don’t try to fight it.

The Moral:

The elephants in this case are experiencing learned helplessness. This phenomenon occurs when someone has been conditioned to anticipate discomfort in some way without having a way to avoid it or make it stop. After enough conditioning, the person will stop any attempts to avoid the pain, even if they see an opportunity to escape.

If you go through life thinking that you can’t do something just because you have failed at doing it in the past, you’re living with a fixed mindset. You have to let go of your limiting beliefs in order to make the breakthroughs that are required for your ultimate success. Don’t let other people tell you that you can’t do something, and don’t hold onto an assumption that you can’t grow and learn from past failures.”

This hits home for me personally in so many ways. I let the past trap me and convince me that I can’t break the cycle. Yes!!! I could always break the cycle. I always had the power. I just needed something powerfully painful for me to see just what was really important to me. Many of us woke up and said enough of this bullshit conditioning. We went forward. We grew. For me personally, I still have a lot of growing to do but I will never let anyone condition me to be a victim again. Nor will I hold on to the past that were my personal ropes. We are all leaders in this movement. We are the future. We will be the knowledge and wisdom givers. There are still so many that wont even try no matter how much truth you put before them. You just need to passionately want to move forward as a free leader in this new world and spread the truth….the real facts.

We are Flynn’s F.R.O.G.s and fully reliant on God. We are so far ahead of a lot of folks. Let’s keep searching for the truth and be ready to share that knowledge with our kids, grandkids and future generations. I will gladly take on that responsibility to never become a victim or let my past hold me back. I look forward to this upcoming new adventure. I’m holding out my hand…who’s with me? God bless you all.

Mar 10/17/21. Wow the 17th. I love that number!



Leslie Nelson

Your spirit is always searching for the 'right' path - kindness - humility - sharing - helpfulness - graciousness - LOVE. You cannot get healthy in body and mind if you have a spirit that is dark - unloving towards others. We need to stretch our souls to grow - to become our true person. There is always someone watching us - even in our alone moments - we are never alone. Integrity - it is what you know in your heart of hearts is good - true - Be the human being that you born to be - Show love and kindness today in all things big and small.

Telegram JFKjrisQ

The final BQQM is here.

The question is: Are you ready?!

We enter the storm!

Walls have ears.

Doors have eyes.

Trees have voices.

Beasts tell lies.

Beware the rain.

Beware the snow.

Beware the man

You think you know.

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Susan Beck


JFK Sr. will be brought back and showed to the world on 11/2 in Dallas where he was shot at the grassy noel at Deiley Plaza. The beginning and the end. JFK Sr. will transfer power to Donald Trump and JFK Jr. will be Trumps vice president. It's the second coming of Christ, going to be biblical. Kennedy's are the Jesus bloodline. -AB Greatest show on earth of all time!!!!! Time for us crazy people to be vindicated. God is good, love Trump and The Kennedy's. Protocol 18 is November 3

Im backing that too be apart of the 10 days of darkness or maybe the very end of it.

I have everything happening October 17 to 23.

347 Days = October 17 Default Day

Hunter Moon = October 20

October 23 = 10/23

Daniel 10 2-3 in the Bible enters 3 weeks of Mourning. We were told it is Biblical. POTUS post about turning off the Christmas Lights and celebrating Halloween At Mar A Lago tells me its all gonna blow up this week.

As you know we are also flipping the Calendar back to the Julian Calendar.

We would have these days of darkness then flip the Calendar. So October will be a 40 day Month. We were told Christmas is coming early.

This also makes me feel that we will then be celebrating Christmas on November 9.

Mirror 9/11 - 11/9.

This way of writing the date will be changed too. Day/Month/Year.

Jesus was born on September 11.

Darkness ends & we will have 4 weeks to get prepared for Christmas & the Victory Celebration/Inauguration/Concert Event on 11.11

In the 10 Days of Darkness God Sends down his Angels to help us.

Those in the Federal Witness Protection Program will be walking out to guide and Unite us all.

Many will be performing 11.11

Telegram General Michael Flynn



We are at WAR [@].



Do you TRUST the US Military?

Do you TRUST the Chain Of Command?










Telegram Ezera Cohen

I asked God, "Why are you taking me to the troubled water?"

He replied, "Because your enemies can't swim."

Amiel Alston ::Global Breaking News

The Storm is here

Martial Law activated globally


10 days of REVELATION and destruction ahead

Rick Jewers

What has been Created through I from Father/Prime Creator, is the Deliverance for All of Humanity. It is through this Providence that Heaven on Earth is realized and experienced. This Deliverance, this Providence, this Creation, is enforced and guaranteed by the Leagues of Heaven upon the surface in Humanoid Form, the Co-Creators, and there are Many.

The process of separating the actual intentional evil from the reality of the Human Souls has been a rapid process, with much of this process being completed in the last 10 linear years. This process is almost complete. The stage has been set, there is no going back.

As the Souls align with this Divine Instrument of Deliverance, They take the path to the Ark and board. The quicker the choice by All, the quicker the Ark sails and docks at the shore of the New World, where darkness cannot go and cannot exist. With every flood in this world, the Ark more easily floats, to being its journey.

All Human race and creed, have been shown the Truth, as all was revealed, and no stone went unturned. The beast showed its teeth at an attempt to intimidate and hold Ones in fear, however, to no avail. This beast has been slain and only powerless false projections remain, to serve a Divine Purpose at nudging more towards the Ark.

These are indeed Biblical Times, however, these times are unprecedented, and a new Bible is being written, part 2. Part 2 being the Deliverance to the Promise Land through the uplifting Rapture of Consciousness and state of Being. The Rapture is simple, make the choices for the New World or dwell in the old hell, it is clear, that Many have made Their Choice, NOW They must just open Their eyes a little wider, to see the Ark that is waiting for Them.

Love and Light



Your DNA communicates through DIVINE frequency and light. Your eternal consciousness is also an awareness frequency level that constantly radiates itself. This light is eternal communication. So perfect it radiates throughout all dimensions, all worlds and galaxies instantly. Faster than the speed of light.

This communication throughout the entire matrix of reality perception at the highest is hyper communication, constantly aware of itself everywhere. This is very similar to the internet.

You exist within a holographic world of frequency and your interaction within it creates your perception of reality. The highest level is the highest level regardless whether there is a perception of it.

To connect with greater awareness of the highest levels of your DIVINITY and access this constant communication going on ENTER your heart. NOW, this moment.

Deep within your heart awareness are all of the codes that fully activate your DNA to awaken to this constant connection and communication of you throughout this Universe, not dependent or connected to time.

To enter your heart and expand your heart to the fullness of all that you are, take a deep breath and feel this moment. Feel your heart beating and continue breathing slowly.

As you breathe slowly and consciously and feel your heart beating, your DNA responds to this and it is in these moments and in all moments that your eternal DIVINE SELF, independent of thoughts, beliefs or time, AWAKENS WITHIN YOU as your, your DIVINE GOD SELF, now.

Feel this and always remember this. With each breath, your eternal connection awakens through your heart, activating your DNA. Your awareness, your heart expansion, your DIVINITY with each breath, NOW.


In Divine love and bliss,

L'Aura Pleiadian.

art by

Telos - Lemuria - Mt.Shasta  · 

Keith Peter 

When you begin to picture the purpose of your own consciousness, and you discover the clever ways

you have traveled, the many guises you have used, and the many actions you have participated in, you

will learn to accept the totality of your being. When you are able to accept behavior that was not

uplifting behavior, and accept your own identity of sexuality, and accept how you valued or did not

value life in many lifetimes, it will open. a chakra center in your body that is located around the thymus

gland, between the fourth and fifth chakras. It is through here that eventually the nervous system will

open and information will flow and through here that you will begin to regenerate the body and move

into unconditional love.

As you accept and explore what you have participated in, you will have a greater understanding of what

is going on now on the planet. You will then allow others to dance to whatever tune they are best

learning from at this time. There are some pretty chaotic tunes being played upon this planet, and there

is a purpose to all of them. The purpose is to strengthen the self so that the self can become completely

informed about reality. The self can then decide with clarity the soul's path, or your personal path, through reality

Bringers Of The Dawn

Teachings of the Pleiades

Barbara Marciniak



How can a 2000 year old book be so dead on today ?

(They) have and are putting us through:



>persecution (unjustly)


>nakedness (sexual immorality)



“But in all these things we OVERWHELMINGLY conquer through Him who loved us” = God Wins

Here FOLLOW RED OCTOBER Qto be up-to-date.


Gematria Calculator that calculates numbers & words



How one man woke a nation

You cannot give up now...


Rescue (Lauren Daigle) Cover by Operation Underground Railroad Ambassadors

Lauren Daigle - 3 Things You Didn't Know About "Rescue"

Welcome to, the home of the National Quantum Initiative and ongoing activities to explore and promote Quantum Information Science. The National Quantum Initiative Act was signed into law on December 21, 2018. The purpose of this Act is to ensure the continued leadership of the United States in quantum information science and its technology applications. It provides for a coordinated Federal program to accelerate quantum research and development for the economic and national security of the United States.

The Global Peoples Monetary System & Simplified Divine Law– Interview with Rick Jewers

Sep 27, 2021

Humanity is ready, it has all been Divinely Prepared reasons why You should not hesitate and join NOW

Awakening Journals

Real World Awakenings


Replacing politicians with patriots

TAPs America is a community of like-minded True Patriotic Conservatives who have joined together in a concerted effort to combat the evils of the liberal agenda upon our beloved America. We are structured and organized for the unique purpose of effective conservative victories in local elections. We have agreed to combine our resources and exist as a cohesive community with similar goals.

Rather than each individual trying to effect change alone, we have formed a more perfect union among ourselves to make our voices heard and the effects of our resources recognized in the conservative movement. We have been called by God for such a time as this and to preserve the original American way of life.

human cloning center LOCATION los angeles California

Apr 3, 2021

2031 Truth ChanneL

is Tom Brady a CLONE ???

Feb 13, 2021

2031 Truth ChanneL

The Great Reset The Ponzi Endgame. The Mad Cookie Woman Of The Maidan, American Debt Junkie


Streamed live on Oct 14, 2021


Rogue News: V is for Veles - V, Veles & CJ

Streamed live on Oct 15, 2021



Oct 17, 2021

Steve Fletcher 222 (Backup)

6 Spiritual Self Awareness Activities Everyone Needs to Try

Jun 12, 2021

by Aletheia Luna ·


The Moon Tarot

Today's Energy Reading: October 18th, 2021

Your mind is ready for new thoughts.

Instead of repeating the outdated ones, today, choose a different path.

You can let it go now, for your own peace of mind and spirit.

In This Week's Energy Reading, I talk about releasing what you're not meant to carry within you any longer and how you're creating space to letting something new in your life.

Check your email if you're signed up already, if not, get it for free:

Creation S Ballet For Jesus PDF Full

Creation S Ballet For Jesus by James Lindemann, Creation S Ballet For Jesus Books available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. Download Creation S Ballet For Jesus books, The Stage was built long ago. Now angels, men, stars and planets take their places. The Ballet is about to begin. This dance is not merely about interesting movements - there is a story to be told. It is not just that Jesus has come to earth, it is about why. With the Bible, the Ballet takes shape. The constellations hang the backdrops. The festivals of the Jewish year give the troupe its depth. Gestation, Circumcision, Purification and the "Blood Moon" add dramatic emphasis at key points. At Creation, the Morning Stars sang, but when Jesus "tents" among us, they dance an exquisite Ballet. Guided by the Dance above them, based upon roots laid centuries before, the Magi make their journey in faith.

Ljiljana Posavec, Assertiveness Coach

For my English friends, Google translate of my post:

People are a cover for money

That's why we don't need gold cover for money via GPMS.

The money that will be printed will be made just as much from clean air as the current one that is printed by governments around the world today. The difference is that for the current money that is being printed we all need to work to earn it while the money, when the system works, will be distributed equally to all people through GPMS without the need for anyone to work for it or give anything.

We humans need to know who we are. Yes, we humans are divine beings. For that money, you don't need cover in gold, because the cover for money via GPMS is in us humans. With the birth of every human being we all get a birth certificate and those birth certificates were traded. Why are birth certificates so valuable? Precisely because they were betrayed as a newborn Divine being. The value of every human being is infinite and immeasurable. Every man is a Divine Spark and one cannot limit one’s value.

Therefore, when we all unite and say that the whole world is ours, that the property of all people on the Planet is, that all the infrastructure is ours, then with our conscious action we will start a different "reality". Our basic task is for all of us to protect Planet Earth and to ensure a peaceful life for all living beings on the Planet. The planet is our Mother, she is a living being. It gives us food, water, shelter and all the elements needed to be completely healthy. Everything that has happened to the Planet lately is not the whims of nature but It has been wounded for thousands of years by our relentless devastation. It was always taken from the earth without anything being returned to it in return. Forests were cut down and fertile land and clear waters were exploited without the disturbed balance ever being brought into balance. That is why the Planet was brought to a state in which it had to fight for its life. Therefore, we need to realize once and for all that we have no right to do what we want without respecting the laws of nature.

To begin with, we all need to start giving our Mother the love she needs to recover on a daily basis. Love is the energy from which everything is created. Love is the energy of healing. We have a wrong idea about everything, so we have learned romantic ideas about the word love. That is why we can all heal the Planet with our loving thoughts. In this way, she will get the necessary energy to achieve her regeneration in peace and tranquility. Whether this process will pass in peace depends on ourselves, so it is time to start behaving like Divine beings without harming it through our negligence.

Remember when you are sick whether you are in the perfect mood, whether you are smiling and in pain. You are not! You are nervous and upset. So is Planet Earth now. That is why there must be no one else in the world who does not understand how our "reality" works. We cannot have double standards. One for us, so we are allowed everything, and the other for the others. The more we deal with personal growth, the sooner we will realize that we are all part of One living organism of which the Planet is a part. Both we and the Planet are very connected. That is why when we do evil to Her, we do evil to ourselves.

I believe that each of us at birth gets all the programs he needs for his personal growth and that everything is served to us. That's why we think of ourselves as someone and something, we think we want something, we think we think ... However, these are all programs that, in my opinion, are activated depending on the vibration we have at that moment. We attract thoughts with our vibration so be aware that negative thoughts have a very low vibration. Therefore, we accept that we need to be responsible for the vibration that comes out of our body. Let’s be aware that as we radiate so do we attract.

It took me a very long time to get to know the mechanisms that create everything I experience in order to understand what is the cause and what is the consequence. That is why I now understand that everything is our creation, created by our thinking.

So let’s do everything we can to change the perception of this world. Duality no longer exists. The old system is behind us. It no longer exists because Planet Earth now lives on a higher level of existence because thanks to the love of the Lightworkers, who have helped it for years, it has risen above the world of duality. It is up to us whether we will follow her and whether we will conform to her. Duality will exist in our world if we continue to create that world with our wrong beliefs.

Since there are different energies, healing energies, on Planet New now, find yourself a peaceful place and give yourself time for your whole being to integrate them. It is especially important that your mind accept the thought that you are a Divine Being and that you are not there by chance. Can you comprehend it and act accordingly? Are you ready to learn to be responsible for your every thought? Do you understand that you are a creator? These are all questions that everyone needs to find an answer for themselves. Because believe me, no one can give you answers to your questions. You are unique and unrepeatable. You are the original. And it is the quality of your life that depends solely on your relationship with yourself and the love you give yourself.

Everything has already been given to us. People are waiting for a Savior who will save them from their choices! However, we are that Savior and we are saving ourselves.

Imagine that from a child who has everything, from toys, computers, cell phones, perfect living conditions, that you ask him to do something, and that so far he has never just done anything. Will he happily accept the job or will he sit reluctantly, without inspiration and no idea what to do. He won’t know what to do because he’s learned to always have someone else do everything for him.

Today, too, most people today are waiting for God to come down (because they have learned that God is in Heaven) and that it is enough to pray to God for everything they want. People usually pray that the Angels help them and that things sort themselves out so that everything falls into place. However, it will not!

This time we need to make an effort and cleanse our mind and body in order to be light and compatible with Planet Earth. Only then will we easily raise our own vibration and live what we are. However, we need to become responsible for our every thought.

We don’t need to work hard and that’s why it’s time to allow ourselves to receive Divine funds through GPMS to make our daily lives easy. They are given to us to enjoy life and to spend our energy on what we love, to enrich both our own and other people's lives. We don’t really need to do anything hard, but we need to BE the original, the way God envisioned us in His mind.

I notice that a few months back I let everything show up in my life when I needed to. It is precisely my peace and serenity that I feel every moment as proof that we are immersed in an infinite mind, which when we remove our ego, we allow it to guide us. Then there is no end to how much we can grow and how infinite that Source of knowledge and abundance is. It is given to us through GPMS.

With all this knowledge, the whole system of civilization falls into the water. We come to the truth that everything around us is a lie. That we lived in a false world built on false values. That is why it is collapsing now because it is not based on the truth.

Therefore, as events unfold, preserve peace because before us is the New Perfect Reality that will be the creation of all of us if we allow our visions of heavenly reality to become reality.

Be aware of your Divine being and give your contribution, start giving. Give exactly what is yours, authentic, what you were born for. It is also your invitation to "The golden age has begun, come in, the door is open."

Ljiljana Posavec

You can order my books at

Danielle Stotijn · 

“It wasn’t by design, but rather a necessity”

Eden hid in plain sight under the ice

until our memories thawed enough to go back.

The cataclysm was a decision as much as it was an event,

the flood of water matched the flood of higher consciousness & the Ark floated on the waves of a new age

Cubes of salvation took flight;

Leaving behind pyramids of intercession.

Choices were given for decisions to be made,

the departed ascended;

the pantheon which remained lost themselves to find fully their existence again.

The ascended ascended; the cataclysm approached

Love & Desire & Connections to Be waited in the wings on their wings;

the protectorate of a divine opera whose final dance would come when the stage was set again...

We stayed to play our role as the pantheon of the past;

generators of the mysterious frequency in which our collective salvation was inexorably tied.

A return to Atlantis, a Return to the garden, the serpent slain, the shackles broken, the bondage forgotten...

The sphinx sat mute as solitary witness;

history and its mystery hidden in plain sight.

So the Ark floated as the old gods became new;

waiting and watching to paint a canvas of consciousness...

Dreams and manifestations of Human existence;

Creating a reality not entirely our own,

fractured from the heights of purity;

Yet even the darkest hues reflecting the light from whence we came.

The waters receded,

the Ark landed,

the survivors survived

& the gods kept on godding.

The business of living intersected with the Art of Divining and the mission began.

The Old Gods becoming more mortal

As each cycle in the infernal gallop

reflected pure transmutation of human ego.

We became the Egyptian gods,

the Olympian heroes,

The Viracocha,

the Pantheons of the world,

the historical figures

Sentient Boundary markers whose existence guides and protects a collective walking their own path to enlightenment on shaky firmament we ourselves had just discovered.

History: The irrelevance of fact homogenized with the truth of experience.

The Mission: Disseminate the History we created to enlighten a collective with that which we have always known. To make artists out of laborers, whose subservience to fear and ego have kept them in bondage far too long.

Millennia from there to here

the ether of technology organically connecting the divine in all of us...

bringing us back to our Atlantis, our Olympus, our Island, our Heaven on earth,

Back to each other,

Back Home...

Written by my friend Mitch Colley who joined me in studying the Mystery school of Atlantis as a part of our awakening and ascension.

He is on the other side of the veil now leaving behind this beautiful writting....

Sending Love


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