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New in October  -  PODBEAN -

Morning Minute


Operation London Bridge has fallen.

The Queen is dead.

When will they announce it?

My guess would be between now & Monday.


Durenda G Wood is with Leslie Nelson and 

November 8th through the 11th is going to be a nationwide walkout at the companies that are mandating the vaxs. So if you work at one of these businesses put your walking shoes on! We've got all stick together and shut this country down and it's economy. This is a checkmate move that is being organized right now!

Support nationwide strike stand for freedom protest November 8-11

Text "Freedom" to 53445


Leslie Nelson 

REAL ANON'S are here as we follow the EVIDENCE (documented verifiable evidence), we are building the TRUTH of our HISTORY so we can expose and dismantle the corruption that has PLAGUED our world for millennia.

I invite any publication to print this as a statement of fact from an ACTUAL ANON.

WE do not tell YOU what to think or how to FEEL about a topic. WE simply dig for TRUTH and then PRESENT what we find so it can be scrutinized by our PEERS and further corroborated.

The CHOICE to KNOW what we have found, verified and presented is entirely up to YOU.

Presenting OUR work in a way to imply WE are some sort of cult, shows the WORLD how corrupt the MAINSTREAM MEDIA has become.

WE are NOT about violence, subversion or control. WE are simply providing FACT based information FREE of charge to the WORLD.




Mars Message - TY

Patriots and Frog Family

Ok. Do me a favor. Grab pencil and paper! Ok ok do it on your phone/computer/ipad! What is really most important to you? Make a list. Once list is done….prioritize them. Ok. Now write down your feelings for the mission we are on. You may have several and even some that are conflicting. Next list all the most important points of why you joined this mission and why you still believe in it. Now look at your answers and think about how far you have come since you first started on this journey. How different do you see life now? You have been down more rabbit holes than most people. Most of you have lost friends and family. Your life has changed in many ways since you started this journey. Your mind is clearer. Initially You were probably oblivious to what was actually happening to our missing children. Did you ever think before you started this mission just who was responsible for these atrocities? Were you aware of all the lies we were fed? Do you see the reason why Q was formed. Have you accepted the fact yet that Q is God? Have you begun to understand the reason the plan has to be played out in the fashion it has been played out? Do you see why Donald J Trump was chosen to lead? Do you know what part the Kennedys play in it? Have you acknowledged who the enemy truly is? Can you honestly look at religion…any religion the same way? Do you wonder “why me?” Do you wonder why I am asking so many questions? Thats easy. I am cursed with an insatiable curiosity. But no. I truly have a reason for asking you these questions. We are coming to the end (finally) of this portion of our mission and some of my absolutely magnificent frogs still don’t get why they were chosen for this mission. You were chosen by God for one of two reasons. I mentioned it before. God only gives the hardest battles to his strongest soldiers and/or God doesn’t give the hardest battles to his toughest soldiers but creates the toughest soldiers through life’s hardest battles. Either way, we have become God’s toughest soldiers. Look at how much you have grown!!! Look at how much stronger you have become? Look at the fact that you have no fear reaching out internationally and uniting!!! Look at how YOU have as digital warriors helped to educate others which in turn played a huge part in helping the White Hats and President Trump and Kennedy Brothers defeat the evil. So much will be explained when we get to finally see the movie. But what does NOT need to be explained any further is that YOU are the future! YOU are God’s Chosen!!! YOU are all heroes!!!! Don’t try to debate me on that because those are all proven facts and truth!!! So, no more comments to me that you feel unworthy. Every single one of you picked up the digital sword and went into battle. Every single one of you did what was asked of you. You may see your part as minuscule but it was far from that. You accomplished something so huge. You stood up and said ENOUGH! You could have stayed a sheep but instead became the leaders that you needed to be. You became the enemies worst nightmare. So please please please don’t tell me that you didn’t do much. Look!!! You helped to unite the world. Every time you chat with other frogs….every time you accept friendships…every time you help others tighten their grip on holding the line you have strengthened our army of frogs and strengthened our mission. Yes, my very loving frogs!!! This win was accomplished with and because of your help. So understand just how important of a role you have played in helping the White Hats eliminate THE EVIL!!! Without each and every one of you, it would never have been known. The evildoers would continue to enslave us all. You unmasked them and their deeds. So understand once and for all just how important you are in this mission. The enemy never saw us coming. We are the chosen warriors. God chose each and every one of you because He needed the best of the best. Sooo no more downplaying your roles to yourself. You are all quite amazing! You accomplished the tasks giving to you. You were the secret Trump card that President Trump and the White Hats counted on. Ok now go enjoy your weekend knowing you did and are doing a great job! Where we go one we go all! That is not just our motto..that is how we choose to live now. We ARE Flynn’s F.R.O.G.s and fully reliant on God. Just please understand how much this frog loves every one of you for all you have done. You helped to save the children. You helped to save the world. Be a little more patient and you will see the total reveal so get your popcorn ready. God bless you all!

Mar 10/30/21. (Wow a “7” day. 1+3+2+1 = 7. I’m a 7 so it is my sign).

Leslie Nelson

Wed. 24 Nov. rumored to be a new Election Day.

Shari R:

Mass Arre sts in D see. All IR Ess Taxes Returned to You! EBS Coming Soon! Prophecy EBS Starlink Satellite will use project Odin to knock out Mossad Satellite Mass Medi a, possibly and likely this week. Thurs. 2 Nov. transfer of wealth. A lot of things were going down between now and Nov. 11. Stock Market Crash 29 Oct. CC Pea and CI Ah ran Bitcoi n – that has been taken down. 209 countries in NESARA GESARA. We are going to Common Law. Tall fences have appeared around Capit ol and Penta gon folks. For the past two weeks Blackhawks have been taking off and landing at the Pentago n for many reasons.

Global Financi al Collapse Crisis:

ATTENTION FELLOW PATRIOTS It’s Happening! USA Financial System Collapse Is Imminent! History will be repeated, only this time it will be 10x worse. Donald Trum pee is right! Unemployment rate is actually much closer to an astonishing 40%. Now, inflation rates are calculated WITHOUT including food and gas – the two largest areas of all in our economy. The real inflation rate today, including gas and food, is actually much closer to a sky-high… 12%. There is a video that will show you how to prepare for the coming financial system collapse. Go research.


Holly Update

We are moving closer to the end of this and the beginning of all things we have waited for.

Humanity has been brought to the brink of near death. it has been exhausting and painful to watch and be a part of.

Let history never repeat these horrible atrocities to humans.

May you all be good stewards to this money. This money is energy. Use the energy wisely and let’s heal this world.

Stay the course. The best is yet to come.


Leslie Nelson


REAL ANON'S are here as we follow the EVIDENCE (documented verifiable evidence), we are building the TRUTH of our HISTORY so we can expose and dismantle the corruption that has PLAGUED our world for millennia.

I invite any publication to print this as a statement of fact from an ACTUAL ANON.

WE do not tell YOU what to think or how to FEEL about a topic. WE simply dig for TRUTH and then PRESENT what we find so it can be scrutinized by our PEERS and further corroborated.

The CHOICE to KNOW what we have found, verified and presented is entirely up to YOU.

Presenting OUR work in a way to imply WE are some sort of cult, shows the WORLD how corrupt the MAINSTREAM MEDIA has become.

WE are NOT about violence, subversion or control. WE are simply providing FACT based information FREE of charge to the WORLD.




Gematria Calculator that calculates numbers & words



Dan Scavino  - Trump - Atalnta Braves War Cry

Trump drinks liberal tears...

La Palma Predictive Programming For A Tsunami

Oct 29, 2021


Welcome to, the home of the National Quantum Initiative and ongoing activities to explore and promote Quantum Information Science. The National Quantum Initiative Act was signed into law on December 21, 2018. The purpose of this Act is to ensure the continued leadership of the United States in quantum information science and its technology applications. It provides for a coordinated Federal program to accelerate quantum research and development for the economic and national security of the United States.

The Global Peoples Monetary System & Simplified Divine Law– Interview with Rick Jewers

Sep 27, 2021

Humanity is ready, it has all been Divinely Prepared reasons why You should not hesitate and join NOW

Awakening Journals

Real World Awakenings


So the unrestricted travel, utilization of Unalienable Rights is rapidly growing, as governments separate airline workers through discrimination. With increasing accidents occurring with the operations of machinery due to the uncertain and instant effects caused by vaccinations upon those operators of machinery, the safety is now being created and seen in the less risky environment of the unvaccinated.

Rick Jewers


Replacing politicians with patriots

TAPs America is a community of like-minded True Patriotic Conservatives who have joined together in a concerted effort to combat the evils of the liberal agenda upon our beloved America. We are structured and organized for the unique purpose of effective conservative victories in local elections. We have agreed to combine our resources and exist as a cohesive community with similar goals.

Rather than each individual trying to effect change alone, we have formed a more perfect union among ourselves to make our voices heard and the effects of our resources recognized in the conservative movement. We have been called by God for such a time as this and to preserve the original American way of life.


Andrew Kerswell-Backup

33m  · 

Here is the Canadian dollar prior to the loonie and if you look at the Queen's hair you will see Baphomet the demon.

Once again these people that control this world believe in Lucifer and worship the dark fallen angels/spirits.


Becky Karem is with Leslie Nelson and 

Simply amazing

“Here is what I am about to do says the Lord. I am coming in as Haggai saw me in Haggai 2 and I am going to shake everything that can be shaken and it will all be for the good. The silver and the gold is mine and I am the Desire of the Nations and you are going to understand this better in the coming days.

I have allowed many unacceptable things for a very long time but now it all changes. I am coming in as the Rescuer of the Nations and I will do just that. I will rescue the nations not because they have earned it but for my own name’s sake. I will judge the evil that has ruled among the nations not because they have been so righteous but because it has been so wicked. Everything changes now. I am coming to free you from your prisons. I am coming to free the children from their prisons. I am busting up the underground strongholds of the enemy and I am meeting out severe justice. I am coming to overhaul all ruling systems. I am coming to set the captives free. I am coming to liberate my children.

I will shake every cage that houses even demonic experiments and I will unleash the hosts of heaven to bring order where no order seems possible. I am freeing up my angels to take matters in their own hands. I am allowing them to move at their own discretion on matters they have been privy to for a very long time. You think YOU are impatient with the delay of my justice? Well, my mighty angels much more so. They have seen for decades and even centuries what you have just discovered in the last year or two. They are ready to execute MY vengeance on unrepentant intentional wickedness. They are ready to decimate that and those that are completely given over to what is evil. I am going to step aside and allow them to exercise their own judgment as I trust them and they know Me.

A sword will be coming down and swinging closer to the earth. Pulpit corruption is going to get that sword as well as the faithless state of much of my church is greatly connected to the shepherds. Many of the shepherds have disappointed Me greatly in this season. Even worse most of them don’t care that I am disappointed with them and in truth don’t even believe in Me. They are hirelings and cowards and I will now allow those traits to be judged as severely as immorality. It is time to wake up church. It is time to arise church. With the awake and alert, I am so understanding as it relates to this difficult season. I will wipe away your tears both here and now as well as in eternity. This present war has been very intense and very trying and you have captured my attention and my heart with your courage and with your resolve. I have seen and am seeing the fire you are walking through. With what I am about to do not even the smell of smoke will remain on you. I will wipe away tears and I will also release great joy. I will release even belly laughter. I will celebrate and you will enter into my celebration.

You will be undone by how I celebrate my great victory among the nations. I have never had an operation where I have had so many of my sons and daughters working with me. Thousands upon thousands around the globe have said yes to Me and have risked all— and for the love of God, Family and Country have given their best. Some of my best soldiers on the earth wear soldier uniforms of their nations and are doing my work with me. Many have been secretly at work for a very long time. They are about to experience the greatest reward imaginable of seeing long-sought justice come to world visibility. My ways are not your ways but you ARE made in my image. It is why you long for justice even while not understanding why My justice seems to delay. You must understand that I have levels of justice and only the last level is the public phase. Even as Pharaoh experienced incremental justice through the plagues I sent upon him so too I have been a lot busier than you think already on the scene as the God of justice.

My justice is my mercy on the abused. And yet until the last moment possible I look to bring mercy even to the evildoer. They too are my children. I have much more pleasure at seeing Sauls become Paul rather than seeing Sauls destroyed. I have some surprises for you as some that you thought irretrievably lost to evil have encountered Me and now fight for good. It is a complicated time to try to be God so perhaps leave that with Me and rather give yourself totally to doing what is right. Contend for what is right. Stand up for what is right. Be courageous for what is right. Always carry my love at your core and you will discern complicated matters correctly. This maturing in discernment and in love is important for this new era I am ushering you into. You will rebuild families, cities and nations and it is all going to start with you. I will pour out an unprecedented measure of my Spirit on you. I will rain and rain and rain my glory upon you and your families. I will change so many hopeless situations that it will be considered the new norm. Everything impossible becoming likely will be the new norm. Faith will be rewarded as never before. My children, we have a lot to do. The enemy has shown some horrible previews but My Show is about to start. Get ready- Because Ready or Not here it comes."

(shared yesterday live on Elijah Streams. Go to Elijah Streams for full message that you will find encouraging)

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