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Current News:

* Stay focused on the election audits. These audits are essential to the mission moving forward.

* Australia Supreme Court hearing Here is a short statement from the court proceedings today pretty damming for the government looks good for the people. For those that may have not been following the Supreme Court hearings over the past couple of weeks against Hazaard and the NSW Government:As per my earlier post, Kristine McCartney is a big key player in this whole story.

• Today, along with 20,000 + other Australians I watched the Supreme Court case continue in NSW against the government for the rollout of mandatory vaccines

• The barrister asked Kristine McCartney a few questions today (the player behind the scenes that insisted we lock down our state and mandate vaccines as the only solution)

• Barrister - ‘Is it true that double vaccinated people are 13 times more likely to catch and spread the virus?

• Kristine - Yes

• Barrister - ‘Are vaccines dangerous at all to pregnant women or those planning to fall pregnant?’

• Kristine - Yes

• Barrister - ‘Is it true that the vaccines have never been studied for effectiveness and safety’?

• Kristine - Yes, they have never been fully studied

• We are patiently waiting for what was meant to be the final hearting today and it’s looking promising that the Judge Thomas Beech Jones will put a stop to the mandatory rollout of the vaccines

• Judge Thomas Beech Jones also stated that the government suppressed the medication to the population and the government made people believe there was no way out of this unless we all get the vaccine

As a wise man once said, the people have the power, all we have to do is awaken the power in the people!

Please Share Everywhere because although this court hearing was live streamed, I bet you all that it will not make any main stream news.

* Pfizer submits US emergency authorization for Covid vaccine for children aged 5-11 (AFP)

* Tokyo rocked by 6.1 magnitude earthquake (AFP)

* Hospital System Announces It Will Deny Organ Transplants for Unvaccinated Patients in ‘Almost All Situations’

* BREAKING – Israel warns all its embassies around the world for fear of Iran. Israeli media reported that Israel had warned its embassies around the world of possible threats from Iran and instructed Israeli diplomats to remain on full alert. The reason for this warning is the failed assassination of a Israeli businessman in Cyprus, which the Zionists claim was planned by Iran.

* Moscow court sends BAILIFFS to recover $360k Facebook fine - Platform could be facing penalties into the MILLIONS

* Devolution is the statutory delegation of powers from the central government of a sovereign state (Wash D.C.), to govern at a subnational level (50 States), or as a regional or even local level. It is a form of administrative decentralization from Federal Gov to State Gov. Now if Trump implemented this process FEMA/Military leaders of designated areas would be placed to ensure the process of Government. This is to ensure that our day to day lives do not fall apart. Devolution would need to have a military code it is based upon and to follow. Possibly the Law of War Manuel (11.3)? What did Trump tell us today? that true insurrection happened (11.3) I do not like to put out dates or timeframes, but 1/20/22 is when the application of the GC shall cease rendering the closing of Mil Operations (Trump & WH’s)?

* South Australia Imposes Vax Mandate for Out-of-State Arriving Truck Drivers. South Australia has implemented the tighter Covid curbs after close to a dozen infections reported were linked to truck drivers passing through the state. From Thursday, truckies and other freight workers entering from NSW, Victoria or the ACT must show proof of having at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine. Premier Steven Marshall said the change was necessary: “We’ve had 7, 8, maybe 9 truck drivers bring the Delta variant into South Australia just in the last couple of weeks." The new rules will also apply to emergency service workers, remote and specialist workers, plus diplomatic and consular staff as of next week.

* The United States could be just weeks away from defaulting on its debt for the first time ever.

* Joe Biden isn’t ‘in control of himself’ | Sky News Australia.

* CHAPTER 11 [BANKRUPTCY] Filed & Actioned. The 3 Pillars

1 - City Of London/UK Royals - FINANCE - Bankrupted

2 - Vatican/Rome - RELIGION - Bankrupted = Hologram Pope has been telling you for Months.

IRON BRIDGE COLLAPSE on the day Julius Caesar claimed Victory.


3 - Washington D.C - MILITARY

- Bankrupted.


7 Trumpets

7 Presidential Msgs to everyone's phones on Planet Earth.

7 Kingdoms.

1776 Common Law & 1950s

[19] prices for

* Devolution is the statutory delegation of powers from the central government of a sovereign state (Wash D.C.), to govern at a subnational level (50 States), or as a regional or even local level. It is a form of administrative decentralization from Federal Gov to State Gov. Now if Trump implemented this process FEMA/Military leaders of designated areas would be placed to ensure the process of Government. This is to ensure that our day to day lives do not fall apart. Devolution would need to have a military code it is based upon and to follow. Possibly the Law of War Manuel (11.3)? What did Trump tell us today? that true insurrection happened (11.3). I do not like to put out dates or timeframes, but 1/20/22 is when the application of the GC shall cease rendering the closing of Mil Operations (Trump & WH’s)? Let’s see what happens.

* US Treasury is Closed!! So where the heck is Yellen Head working from? GITMO?? WOOHOO!!!

* IRS is Closed....Phone number is shut down!!! Changing of the Guard is happening!!History in the making!!HELLO TRUMPSARA!!!!!

* Pandora Papers: Secret wealth and dealings of world leaders exposed. Queen Elizabeth among those implicated.

* How Big is Pandora Papers?Evergrande defaults on billions! Owes $300B USD (as of today). Evergrande incorporated in Cayman! Sold as an OTC stock filed in USA SEC yet is a CCP owned business!!!Fantasia (another China company) defaults today! Then article released the warrants will be issued to Google for search terms, but they won't tell us what those terms are! PANIC??

* Trump’s latest comms are all pointing to “go” button. Many events about to unfold.

* NEWS/Quick reads MILITARY

_A US special operations unit and a Marine contingent have been secretly operating in Taiwan to train the army there for at least a year

_China’s military has deployed its new J-16D fighter jet designed for electronic warfare to an eastern airbase near Taiwan. - SCMP

_ Erdogan hold talks with Putin on the border crisis in northern Iran, caused by Israel and Azerbaijan, the Russian Navy in the bordering Caspian Sea

_ Israel warns all its embassies around the world for fear of Iran

_Over 40 Myanmar Junta Soldiers Killed

YDF ambushed a military convoy of 50 vehicles with 14 landmines on the Gangaw-Pale Highway.

_Tensions at the India-China border continue to grow. With China increasing troop build up

_SYRIA – Battlefield Report: Russian Aerospace Forces warplanes launched an air strike on the Basankul village in the west of Idlib

_Serbia forces build along west and south borders, EU worried about Serbias major build up

_Iranian state TV: Revolutionary Guard boats intercepted a US Navy ship

_Russian Forces heading to Belarus border build up continues. Reports of Russian military moving through villages to the west.

_China real imminent threat Taiwan diplomat warns

_WUHAN Global Energy Crisis [SWAN]

Xi Jinping will deliver an important speech this Saturday emphasizing reunification and resolutely opposing external forces' interference in the Taiwan


Largest MILITARY buildup in the world taking place with over 162 exercises in the past 6 months//) Not reported in the news>> ALL COUNTRIES ON HIGH ALART///


Leslie Nelson

13m  · 

From John Durham


Welcome to the end game, PATRIOTS.



They are not PREPARED.

Now buckle up and listen to what I have to say, Patriots.

BLACKOUT is necessary.

The hour is upon us.

Largest DECLAS yet.



AFTER 1 WEEK I WILL LOCK THIS CHANNEL TO PRIVATE. IT'S all part of the show, a show that will leave everyone speechless. You have 1 week left to JOIN this channel. After that you will be able to access it only with PROVIDED LINK by me and me only.

1 WEEK REMAINING. After that a lot of things will change. SHARE this channel with your family and friends.




They will do everything they can to stop us, but will they succeed?




John Durham

Jaycee Dayne is with Mars Place and 


The UN was established to put a Deep State foothold into the United States that was something that Wilson wanted at the end of his presidency and couldn't get it. It is no coincidence that the FBI, CIA and UN were established fairly quickly in the 20th Century to establish operatives here under a fake reasoning. The Deep State is multigenerational and very patient in their plans understanding that they won't win it all in one war or operation. They are like a boa constrictor working on an animal slowly killing it. They funded multiple wars in the 19th Century in Europe until countries and leaders gave in to ridiculous peace treaties that were broken anyway. When they were ready to move on to their next stage, they created WWI and WWII as well as the Great Depression in the United States. The establishment of the Federal Reserve allowed for the Deep State to manipulate our economy to create both booms and artificial drops in the economy based on lies generated from deep within the cabal. When JFK figured out what they were up to in the CIA with George H.W. Bush, he tried to warn us. That didn't end well for him or anyone who questioned them as in Robert Kennedy. Nixon was removed as well as they worked on his ego until he realized that he was compromised and had to duck for cover and get out of D.C. Ford was a plant because he was in on the Warren Commission along with Bush. Their entire existence has morphed over the eons to become the Deep State as we know them today, but that type of organization has always existed within the ruling class of the various continents and empires/kingdoms. Once a group of people get that kind of power, they don't want to give it up even if that means killing millions or billions of people to maintain it. They don't care about others besides themselves, and that is debatable as well since they will throw each other under the bus when given the chance.

Written by Peter Charles Miller

Rick Jewers

14h  · 

An Update from 2018 to perhaps reflect upon and see where We are today, what has evolved forward.

Love and Light



The current internal bleeding and Ascension symptoms brought on by a prolonged period to the lower density, is about to be alleviated in the next few days. All were succumbed to this lower density timeline, to various degrees, for multiple reasons. One reason being, to assist and raise particular others to Higher timelines, where their New roles will be more readily accessible to them directly, and they are on their way.It has been extremely uncomfortable for many, but many chose to dive once again, attempting to bring many higher, and You are rising with a considerable backload this time, impressive, but advised, to re-energize and clear Your individual fields of the lower density residue, as You pop back up into Your higher vibratory place. These "New Ones" You are bringing up will allow for the planetary vibration to raise higher, and subsequently, it has triggered new physical body upgrades and downloads for You. You may consider this as a reward of Your labor.

We are entering a major period that has a scheduled Upward Shift involved. The Divine Sun energy will be increased for You and You are reminded to ground constantly with this influx. Outdoors and barefoot is most effective. For Grid Workers and Advanced Energy Workers, it is more effective as a whole, if You deposit this access Light Energy into physical Divinely Energized locations around Gaia, like New Ley Lines, Crystalline/quartz Areas, and All attracted areas of Nature. With this upcoming influx, ample rest to the physical vessel is also required, listen to the body, not a clock. Vertigo symptoms will be common with this Upward Shift. Any of You currently disabled by vertigo symptoms in the Matrix are reminded to apply for disabilities, as more and more will become incapacitated by this symptom/experience and unable to work within the Matrix/the old, during the transition away from the enslavement phase. When You are to separate from workforces of society, there is no freewill by You and the departure from supporting the enslavement system is assured at a Higher Level.

The breakdown of society is well underway on several timelines. Communities are set up temporarily for those needing separation from the Matrix during this transitional period, seek, and Ye shall find. These communities are growing in size as more and more detach from the lower reality and are compelled to join with other like-minded These communities vary in the degrees they are connected with the Matrix and the use of money, but All transition to a common ground in relation to how much of the old remains intact. Economics and the ancient forms of sustenance are rapidly imploding to make way for the New, this is a transitional period. In the blink of an eye, global leaders could announce wealth equality, that is how close You are. The very few with great wealth, will/are becoming equal to All, they have NO choice. The larger the support for the New grows, the reciprocal happens with the old, the withdrawn support, collapses everything as it was. The people, the Masses are rising, time is speeding up.

Follow Your Hearts, Your Guidance mechanism, if it does NOT feel right to pay taxes, support corporations, be intimidated by financial institutions etc, then do NOT. Do Not give Your consent away to anything that does not feel right, state Your claim, Your feeling, and share with others what is NOT right about societal programs and the entailed suppression. The more that stand up, the quicker the change. All of the info You may require in standing up against any legal, societal matter, is on the internet, every bit of information You require is written. With larger injustices against You, UNITE and band with others that have suffered likewise injustices, stand as a TEAM, You Know the strength in numbers, USE IT. Do this for Your Children, do this for the Future Timelines You are Creating that Your Children will carry on.It is partially up to You to Create a Free LIFE FOR YOUR CHILDREN, NOT TO LET THEM BE CONDEMNED TO A LIFE THAT WOULD HAVE THEM IMPRISONED at an age of approximately 3 years onward as a slave.

Love and Light


Femke De Graef

Real It Is

This Is One of My Powers,

and Divine Ones Have It too!

The Power to Create and Effect Weather in Good Ways.

Here I Show You My hand making the Cloud Disappear as an example.

Practice makes You Stronger, Try It




Telegram John Durham

Stolen elections have consequences. Everyone involved will get what they deserve.


We are in the last battle. This is the apocalypse.

We are fighting for the salvation of humanity.

We all knew this was coming at some point.

I never believed it would come in my lifetime, but here it is.



Game Over: The Level Playing Field

Premiered Oct 30, 2020

Bonfire Guy


You Need To Hear This "The Truth May Scare You"

Oct 8, 2021

Anonymous Official

Dam collapse that China kept secret | Three Gorges Dam | China Flood

Oct 8, 2021

China News Today

10 days of Blackout will be Sporadic,FB whilstleblower is a plant

Streamed live on Oct 7, 2021


The Ark Of The Covenant and its Whereabouts With Graham Hancock

Premiered Nov 28, 2020

The Psychedelic Journal

Wren Berlin is with Rhen Carberry and Linda Ledesma.

In the name of God Supreme Master Creator and the most high, I AM Queen Romana Didulo @romanadidulo, hereby Activate DNA - X, for the whole Planet Earth in each and every living I AM. And, so it is...

What does DNA - X, do?

I AM Her Majesty Queen Romana

Telegram Address: @romanadidulo

Davonte Sheard


Places and Relationships that lead to Sex the quickest vibrate the lowest

Don't expect to turn a one night stand into a long term spiritually aligned relationship

The best relationships happen between friends who've gotten to know each other fully before engaging in Sex

Strip clubs, bars with alcohol, brothels, ect have an intention of stirring your sexual energy

These places vibrate the lowest because they are root chakra focused

You go to these places looking for hookups or to stir your sexual energy

Your Divine Partner won't be here because that partner vibrates higher near the crown chakra

Sexual Lust Demons lurk in these places waiting for you to open a sexual portal so they can attach to you

These demons cause car accidents, breaks ups, shoot-outs and all kinds of physical traumas

Alcohol contains spirits and acts as a medium so these low vibrational entities can take over your mind

Once you open a sex portal while under their influence they gain greater access to your energy

The reason you have more sexual thoughts under the influence of alcohol is because these entities are controlling your thoughts to make you desire sex so they can get a greater grip of control

Once you have too much alcohol you black out and can't remember what happened

People tell you things you did that you wouldn't normally do

This is because YOU weren't YOU, YOU WERE BEING CONTROLLED


To ensure your energy remains pure enough to vibrate at its highest frequency to attract your greatest life it would behoove you to avoid these places

Like I said in my previous post these lust filled places lack LOVE ENERGY so going to these places seeking LOVE is contradictory

You won't find a sage or any enlightened being in these places

You'll find them in Nature or fully focused on their spiritual purpose and evolution






Photo Credit @twinflames.infinity

Telegram Mike Pompeo

"What Storm Mr. President?" ....

"You'll find out"

Keanu Reeves



Aurora Ray  · 15h  · Smart Post App  · 

Are you a Starseed?

A Starseed (also known as a "Starseed Alien," or "Star Child") is a hybrid human and extraterrestrial being. Starseeds are raised by a Starseed society, usually in a creche, and are then sent into society to spread peace and enlightenment.

They come from many worlds and cultures, although most originate from the Andromeda Galaxy. Many Starseeds come from planets in the Milky Way, while others come from other galaxies.

Some of them choose to remain hidden, while others become prominent members of society. Most starseeds choose to go back to the stars after their mission on Earth is complete.

Many starseeds assume Earthly roles, such as being teachers, doctors, healers, lawyers, ministers, artists, politicians, actors, scientists, etc.

Starseeds are people who have unusual encounters with extraterrestrials, often from a young age. Many starseeds have memories of being abducted by aliens or of having witnessed strange lights in the sky, for example.

Starseeds typically enjoy other-worldly abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis, spiritual abilities, and astral projection. Many of them possess high IQs and psychic abilities, although they choose to hide or subdue their gifts.

Some starseeds are pure energy, and others host one or more physical bodies.

Some of them are immortal, while others have short lifespans.

Some of the most famous examples of starseeds include Jesus and Mary that appear in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, Edgar Cayce, the Oracle of Apollo, and (according to the Kabbalah) Adam Kadmon.

There are thousands of documented starseeds throughout history, including scientists, political leaders, writers, religious leaders, and more.

Some of the earliest recorded starseeds are the Sumerian star seeds who landed on Earth 4,000 years ago. These starseeds built the great civilizations of Sumer, most notably the great city of Uruk.

Many Starseeds come here to birth more starseed children because the soul knows that many people need love and attention, and these children will provide that.

Starseeds often feel a deep connection to nature and animals. This feeling comes from their extraterrestrial origins.

They often have a deep passion for helping other people. They feel drawn to humanitarian causes and charity work, and they often volunteer to help others.

If you believe that you are a reincarnated Starseed, there are three things you should look for in yourself:

You've always been drawn to stars and astronomy. You enjoy gazing up at the night sky, and you find it relaxing and soothing. Sometimes, the stars seem to speak to you.

In your dreams, you often find yourself near or in outer space. You're aware of being outside of Earth, and you feel a strong pull to look down and witness the wonders of the solar system and galaxy.

You find certain days to be especially inspiring. You feel more energetic, creative, and connected to the world, and you feel a compulsion to share it with others.

You've experienced several synchronicities in your life that seem to point to your Starseed status. Perhaps you suddenly hear a snippet of a song on the radio that perfectly describes your feelings about a certain situation. Or maybe you pick up a newspaper or magazine and see an article that resonates with your beliefs.

You often feel drawn to places or people that remind you of stars or planets, like ancient ruins or cathedrals.

You love to travel, often to places you've never been before.

You often find yourself humming songs or reciting poetry, or chanting mantras.

You have a strong affinity with animals, and you feel strongly drawn to nature.

When others ask you why you're interested in astronomy or stargazing, you sometimes struggle to answer. You feel as though your Starseed nature is, in a sense, a "secret" to you.

You often feel like you've lived many lives and that each life is lived out simultaneously.

You often feel that there are other beings in your world who are "on your side," people who can see, hear and communicate with you.

You are more curious than the average person. You enjoy learning new things, and you are interested in learning about the past, other cultures, and belief systems.

You often feel out of place and alienated in your current environment.

There are many Starseeds who have been born into the 21st century, and they are now here to help usher in the new age.

You may think that meeting a stranger on the road is just a coincidence, but you'd be wrong. The friendly passerby running to help you with your flat tire or broken down car actually could have been a starseed who had been waiting for his chance to help another human being!

Examine interactions like these. Usually, there's an important message transferred by these encounters.

This message is another piece of the puzzle you have come here to solve.

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Channel and Art by Aurora Ray

Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

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