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New in October  -  PODBEAN -

Morning Minute

Rhen Carberry is with Patrick Bouvier Kennedy.

27m  · 

Edward Baker Lincoln has a son,his name is Salem.

This man in photo is Moftah ,the son of Salem.

Moftah was born in 1923..he is no. 3 in this Census shown.

He raised my Sisters ,very kind person .

He worked in the Libyan Embassy Washington DC 50s & 60s.

Patrick Bouvier Kennedy…

(JFK, Jr's brother)

Nancy Kivett

The planned enslavement...

Cathy O’Brien — Intended enslavement by the government.

Cathy O’Brien, survivor and victim of the infamous government mind-control program, MK ULTRA.

Linzy Sherry is with Carolyn BeGood and 

Well, some of you said you were intellectually ready for [ SOME] truth.... YOUR NOT

I am that girl that will make you think and feel EVERYTHING

Everything we ever learned about the " holy bible" has been twisted to the illusion we were given to believe & think that's all that existed in this life. I realize this is a bold statement OF TRUTH, but You need to learn & understand GEMATRIA, it's the ONLY accurate, and first translation of scripture using alphanumerics. It's been around since the 8th century BC. That is why military intelligence uses it, because of the accuracy in mathematical formulation codes/numbers. Numbers exist in words and phrases. Everything has meaning. Numbers don't lie like words can, and numbers can't be twisted, nor edited like words can.

THE RAPTURE is not what you think. It's for the wrong doers to be taken out. Not for the righteous to be taken away

Rapture = 99

Rapture= COMETH OF EVIL ( 99)

Rapture= JUDGEMENT (99)

Rapture= HEAVEN ON EARTH (99)

Rapture= EVERGREEN ( 99)

Rapture= RESTORATION (99)



EVERYTHING THAT YOU WILL FIND OUT ABOUT WILL PISS YOU OFF, MAKE YOU SICK, AND MENTALLY CHANGE YOU. YOU WILL NOT BE THE SAME AFTER THIS....IT HAS TO ME FOR OVER 20YRS. I'm not asking you all to agree automatically, it's hard to comprehend things that we have always been taught, that is now embedded. Think about why religion was never taught in schools. If you learned some or ALOT, it would eventually lead you to the actual Gematria truth. Think about why they want it taken away altogether. Think about why the world is shifting, and changing. Think about why there are talks of a better world as a " new republic". Think about why there were so many indictments, arrest, and the plan to take out the evil corrupt doers. Think about why we the people will be given back what has been taken from us. Why new medical advancements like " med beds" will be made available to the public in the new republic world. Sounds like a dream. I know this isn't something you can process the truth and believe overnight, but if you are a believer in christ then keep an open mind with all things to consider that's been going on. EXPAND YOUR THINKING, AND TRUTH SEEKING. If Evil has tempered with God's children, it will definitely tampered with Gods word. That's all I'm asking of you is to just expand your thinking to seek the real truth

Rick Jewers

Any Awakened Masculine I emphasize the importance of You refraining from consuming meat and fowl and immediately transition Your diet to plant. The DNA from the meat and fowls You have been eating has hindered Your Christalign transition and Your energetic values.

You will confirm to Your self through how You feel and the New experience after doing so for several days, even if You are sceptical at this time. It Truly is imperative that You transition to become more compatible with the higher energetics.

Love and Light


Men, all around the world, You MUST RISE. You must shake off the logical programming that has kept You complacent and enslaved to the old system. The Women and Children are RISING, Yet You cower away from standing, this is no longer accepted, look into Your Heart and do what is right, walk away from jobs, the old program and join the Women and Children on the front lines. By You not rising, You are supporting the old system that deprives most, making the lift heavier for Those standing up, You MUST make Your choice NOW. Rise. Get on the streets.



Lambert Page

49m  · 

Anyone heard that Adele is a white hat and went into witness protection and thats what we see on screen isn’t her it’s an actress playing her...

Lambert Page

If you haven’t watched the video bad habits you need to, they are showing you exactly what they are/were reptilian vampires, link:

Gemma Prince

Lambert Page

Keep fighting they are pumping raw sewage purposely into our rivers, creating a literal shit storm in the UK. The cycle with storms is the water evaporates into the air which creates rain clouds. Wear a Mac or use an umbrella. The end of the reign of the cabal terrorists is here, this is there last ditch attempt to create chaos

Lambert Page

titf8Sp4g2hus625r7ei2m1  · 

Thank you Michelle Haggerty

“A bank is called that as it holds the current-sea /currency, when your up in court, your put in a dock’ it’s the

law of the sea!

Cestie que vie act 1666’ we’re all pronounced dead at sea!!! “

And that’s why the banks are now shutting down and the federal reserve has been diminished!

Lambert Page

ai4th3ncalo08eh6mdciti  · 

Words are spells use them wisely, think Harry Potter

For example good morning is actually meaning mourning, sadness, cabal twist the meaning in another definition of the word to cast a bad frequency unbeknown to the person delivering it

Words cast spells!

This !!!

Leonard Larose

Watch this!

Kathy E Payne is with Leslie Nelson and 

Are you hanging on to everything that the media spews out daily waiting for something to happen, are you flipping through every media outlet info porn they post in every group trying to be the best poster on social media, do you hold celebrities, sports figures, continually watch movies or sports shows to pass the time, do you follow watch and hang on to every word a "pay" triot shares as gospel (any or all the above), thinking to yourself you are not evolving, changing or you have the same attitude you’ve had your entire life, are you still judgemental of others thinking there is nothing wrong with you??.........well I hate to break it to you NO, you have no your not evolving, no you will not change doing what you've always done. You follow the crowd, you are living in fear, you judge what you don't understand, you don't ask questions, you don't other words you are programmed, they have all brainwashed you to thinking and feeling a certain way. You haven't broken free or won't even try. I understand it's hard and it's not easy because you have to give up the things you love ( everything listed and more). I know about it, because I did it! I'm still going through it and will never give up on my journey to awakening. I made the conscious decision 6 years ago and possibly sooner but wasn't paying attention to the messages put before me. God had to shake my life up to make me realize I must do this. Once I made the decision and started the ball rolling God and the universe stepped in. I'm not going to sit here and tell you it was lollie pops and was struggle, frustration and even the devil stepped in to distract me (more than once). I kept moving forward learning, staying focused, tripping over myself and falling down a few times but I got right back up and kept regrets, lotsvof lessons, joy and I'm at a place now with more understanding, love, compassion and empathy of who I am and what path I'm on and who guides and protects me in my life. If I can do this anyone can, you just have to start.

Rick Jewers

New York, the main world financial centre, thousands of emergency response units walking of the jobs. Solar activities extremely high. Setting up for the perfect storm and perhaps the death of the old orion monetary system, as the Arion monetary system and simplified law has been securely seeded and growing here upon the planet, waiting....

Love and Light


Lambert Page

51m  · 

The irony is the ravens leaving the bell tower was a blessing from God and not a tragedy to signal the fall of the monarchy!

  • Oleary John

    Queen hasn't worn Crown @ state openings of ALL parliaments.

    But the blind royalists say...Because she s too old and crown is heavy...BS.

    Tradition & Law.

    No wonder covid fines are all rescinded

Lambert Page

Dyslexia is a gift and not a burden, you automatically think outside of a conventional box! It’s refered to as a disability and we are mocked continously and ‘experts’ say our brains are wired the wrong way! I was told in my assessment if I wasn’t dyslexic I would of had an IQ equal to Einstein, well thanks for that so because I have I am I considered thick. They forgot to mention that Einstein himself was Dyslexic. Dyslexia is Part of psychological programming another game of separation

Lambert Page

DMT experience in practice

*stimulate crystals in the neurological pathway through breathing technique

In, 2, 3, 4 out 2, 3, 4

Repeat several times to 432hz music (pan Drum is a perfect stimulant)

Sink deeper into the embrace of the practice

*activate pineal gland

*open third eye

*trigger DMT experience

*heal at a cellular level

The astral plane can be your oyster

Make sure you cast a blue cloak or shield of protection and the start of your practice

Jenny Beth

Shared with Your friends

1:11 ON 11-1 VIBES....

Light of the world - shine on me - LOVE IS THE ANSWER

Shine on us all - set us free - LOVE IS THE ANSWER

Gematria Calculator that calculates numbers & words



UFO at Pyramids, Antarctica View from the MOON

The Earth has many layers to peel back and explore

Mike Penny, M.L. & Guests Live from Dallas Part II 11.01.2021

Legacy Marketing Network


Legacy Marketing Network


There's a general sense of incompetence from Biden admin

Nov 1, 2021

Fox News

Jesus Strand Part 1

Oct 30, 2021

Jesus Strand 2

Oct 31, 2021


Bible by Billie Beene E45 110121 Intel from God Applied! Pass Tr Prov C16 P2 V21-33

Nov 1, 2021

billie beene


Biblical Family Tree 1 - Adam to David

Oct 30, 2020


Biblical Family Tree 2 - Kings of Israel & Judah

Jul 24, 2020


What Did Jesus REALLY Look Like? Ethnicity, Hair, Skin, Eyes, Body Type.

Jul 25, 2021


Biblical Family Tree 4 - Genealogy of Jesus

Dec 25, 2020


Biblical Family Tree Poster:

This Ranger Can't Explain What His Trail Camera Just Captured Deep Within These Woods

Oct 31, 2021

Unexplained Mysteries


By Kevin Annett

Noralee Ralph

Hold the line 2

hamishpatterson high frequency tribe

Med Beds Covert Technology Roll Out - James Rink , Ileana the Star Traveler, Dr. Johnny Delirious

Streamed live on Oct 25, 2021

Super Soldier Talk



Welcome to, the home of the National Quantum Initiative and ongoing activities to explore and promote Quantum Information Science. The National Quantum Initiative Act was signed into law on December 21, 2018. The purpose of this Act is to ensure the continued leadership of the United States in quantum information science and its technology applications. It provides for a coordinated Federal program to accelerate quantum research and development for the economic and national security of the United States.

The Global Peoples Monetary System & Simplified Divine Law– Interview with Rick Jewers

Sep 27, 2021

Humanity is ready, it has all been Divinely Prepared reasons why You should not hesitate and join NOW

Awakening Journals

Real World Awakenings


So the unrestricted travel, utilization of Unalienable Rights is rapidly growing, as governments separate airline workers through discrimination. With increasing accidents occurring with the operations of machinery due to the uncertain and instant effects caused by vaccinations upon those operators of machinery, the safety is now being created and seen in the less risky environment of the unvaccinated.

Rick Jewers


Replacing politicians with patriots

TAPs America is a community of like-minded True Patriotic Conservatives who have joined together in a concerted effort to combat the evils of the liberal agenda upon our beloved America. We are structured and organized for the unique purpose of effective conservative victories in local elections. We have agreed to combine our resources and exist as a cohesive community with similar goals.

Rather than each individual trying to effect change alone, we have formed a more perfect union among ourselves to make our voices heard and the effects of our resources recognized in the conservative movement. We have been called by God for such a time as this and to preserve the original American way of life.

Healing Meditation Frequency Healing Videos on YouTube

DMT Music to Full Restore All 7 Chakras┇DMT Power to Open All Chakras┇UNLOCK Pineal Gland Activation

Started streaming on Oct 30, 2021

Lovemotives Meditation Music

DMT Music to Full Restore All 7 Chakras, DMT Power to Open All Chakras, UNLOCK Pineal Gland Activation with this music for deep meditation and trance experience.

Relaxing Music. Healing Dolphins Songs + Alpha Binaural Beats for Study, Meditation, Deep Sleep

Queen Romana's Telegram Channel

Queen Romana Didulo of Canada posted healing link:

She reccomends playing it 24/7 for those who are very ill - but best if done in the morning and at night


Szabóné Matusek Edit

Please read this........................

Med Bed technology has been suppressed and hidden from the public for a long time. Fortunately, because of the growing demand for the transparency of collective human consciousness, more and more people come out to disclose what they have been hiding for decades, even centuries, and probably for millennials.

Before anyone imagines, many things will happen that will be considered the greatest evolutionary event in human history, and we will all witness.

Some alien technology gifts for mankind are the Quantum Financial System (already implemented worldwide), anti-gravity drive, Replicators and medical beds.

There are three types of medical beds that revolutionize medical science

There are 3 types of medical beds:

1) Medical holographic beds (holographic medical capsules);

2) Regenerative medicinal beds;

3) Reatomizes Med beds - which fully regenerates the body in 3 minutes..

What protects this advanced technology, for example, is that a woman in her 80 s can turn 30 years in 3 minutes (! Med Bed is the eternal source of youth. No one will be old.

Med Bed scanning the body and fixing all imperfections including the DNA level.

The medical bed was not created by humans, but by technology provided by aliens and has been hidden from the human race for a long time.

Med Beds technology is based on tachion particles (tachion energy) and plasma energy (plasma energies) energy.

Earth, atmosphere, water, eventually all plasma energy, all plasma energies in the universe.

The energy of tachionic particles is organizing, free and tasty energy.

This is the highest frequency energy in the universe.

This neutral energy consists of two pairs that invalidate and balance due to their opposite electric charging. Because it is neutral, it offers no resistance and moves 27 times faster than the light.

Since it doesn't have polarity, it can be used for positive or negative, so it is not visible.

This is the vibration of cosmic harmony.

Taquionic energy is also connected to thought, consciousness and the fifth dimension.

Taquionic energy is the energy of thought vibrates with a high frequency of positive emotions and connects to universal love.

Everything in the Universe vibrates at different frequencies, depending on their level of evolution.

Medical beds are controlled by artificial intelligence functioning as magnetic resonance, where the person lies in a special bed carrying magnetic oscillation and resonance scanner to diagnose diseases and imperfections in his body.

Med Bed examines the systems of your skin, muscle tissue, organs and body.

Shows it all, even blood level.

In fact, it identifies your DNA and does complete internal analysis of the body, identifying any illness and genetic imperfections.

For example, a person can have leukemia in stage 4. and will heal completely after 3 minutes without pain or side effects in a medical bed.

If a person is removed from an organ, a limb, or a body part, the process of reatomization of Med Bed regenerates the organ as if it was never removed.

The result of a soldier losing his legs as a result of a cancerous breast, or, for example, a diabetes amputation.

This is possible because as soon as the body leaves the vibrational frequency, an amputee or functioning part, the Artificial Intelligence Med Bed is connected to this vibration frequency and DNA regenerating the organism.

Cancer disappears in Med Bed, chemo and radiation are outdated.

Med Beds (Med Pods, Med Beds or Healing Beds) may also regenerate cell tissues dying in the body,

that cells will be healthy again and revive neurons and synaptic relationships, stem cells, etc.

This will be the end of degenerative diseases.

The main and most common degenerative disease: Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, sclerosis multiplex, which isotrophy lateral sclerosis, osteoarthritis, osteoporthritis, intervertebral disc degeneration, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, certain types of cancer, rheumatic, deforming arthritis,

arthritis and green blockage.

World's leading death list:

1st) Ischemic Cardiopathy;

2 o) Cerebrovascular accident - Cerebrovological accident;

3 o) chronic obstructive lung disease;

Lower respiratory infections;

5 o) Alzheimer, Parkinson's disease and other dementia;

6 o) Lung cancer, air pipe and brongevities;

7th) Diabetes mellitus;

8 o) Diarreicas nurses;

9 o) Tuberculosis;

10th) HIV / AIDS

All illnesses simply disappear!

Pharmacy industry will end, pharmacies,

............................................................................................................. for professionals who only know how to prescribe drugs.


Hospital hotels and dental clinics will end,

.................................................................................................................. for laboratory tests, aesthetic clinics, plastic surgery,

....................................................................................................................................... research laboratories, ultimately the market needs it again

....................................................................................................................... create or change the industry.


Because all diseases are removed from the face of the earth!

When the person is in a medical bed, he feels no pain, no radiation.

The person enters deep sleep, the anesthesia liquid spray, the lasers are ultra thin, the robotic arms are controlled by the computer of Artificial Intelligence.

The person is having a great time without having to spend days recovering, looking in the mirror and not recognizing themselves anymore.

All white hair regained its original color when I was 20 Hair grows back to delight bald ones. Stop using glasses, earphones, lost teeth recover, your skin is completely rejuvenated, wrinkles, imperfections, scars, expression lines, cellulitis, everything disappears completely.

This is the new era of the new Earth and the new human race

Completely the opposite of what we live in today.

And this is not an illusion or an old woman's story, let alone a sci-fi. These beds exist and are already manufactured massively for their global distribution.

The treatment will be free and available to the population of the whole world.

Med Bed is undoubtedly the source of eternal youth

Source..... Florentin Patriotaseven


Lambert Page

21m  · 

The airlines are of cabal operations, they have to go! Enter the TR-3B, the jetsons here we come!

Where we’re going we don’t need roads!


  • Lesa Tetoff

    Airlines?? How so?

    • Lesa Tetoff the airlines are closing down gradually and they are run by corrupt CEOs like Richard Branson etc

    • Heather Triplett

    • Lambert Page Directly under your reply. 


    • Charmain Wilding

    • Road less travel! And yes where we're going we don't need roads! LQVE IT!! WQQ HQQ 

    • Sharon Runge

    • Remember the Jetsons

    • Lambert Page

    • Sharon Runge Jetson White,

    • Talks about this plenty!

    • Sunshine Wolf

    • Well it would take years before this came true . Example turning everything over in power will put millions out of their jobs . Same with this .

    • Lambert Page

    • Sunshine Wolf it wouldn’t the patent has already been released for the TR-3B, Tesla had the blueprints too

    • Sunshine Wolf

    • Lambert Page okay I got that . I don't think you understand what I said we are working people maybe that's the difference like all of these gas tanks who's going to go remove them . What happens to the millions that work in these fields . They starve loose their homes . Where are you going to put all the cars ?

    • Charmain Wilding

    • Sunshine Wolf the whole world is going to change! There will be jobs for people, but in a different way. I don't have all the answers but, have faith the future is bright #TheBestIsYetToCome 

Charlie Kai Kanones

45m  · 

Copied from Sandra Wighthat

Kat IstheSea3

Charlie Ward

I learned the other day

that Q goes back to the times of Jesus Christ.

There's a Gospel of Q.

Isn’t that amazing?

Pryme Minister

He’s back to save the world.

Q is Jesus Christ.


It’s incredible.

Charlie Ward

It’s followed all the way through.

God has used Q as protection

& for goodness.

Abraham Lincoln was a good man.

John F. Kennedy was a good man.

Donald Trump is a good man.

And they’ve all used the Q-Protection

& Philosophy

to try & protect against evil…

Q The Storm Rider

Christmas Eve 1963 was the day

77 U.S. Generals came together

& The Plan was born to Save The World.

3 months later, 133 Generals became


You are a witness to a 58-year military delta

coming in hot.


+22 Nations, 1600 generals


Tonie Perus


I have never seen this kind of path being connected...

And the heart is connected directly centered ON DEALEY PLAZA...


Shell Evans

Schumann Resonance Report - Telegram

Couples, couples

We hold hands;

We interact;

We almost merge into One.

But immediately we remember that we are already One with ourselves.

And we learn to relate in a new way.

The process of ascension is visibly accelerated

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