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New in October  -  PODBEAN -

Morning Minute

Dale Andrew Tobin

Holy shit balls

The eclipsed moon and Pleiades!. Such an image is only possible during a lunar eclipse, when the moon dims to reveal nebula and stars otherwise shrouded by the moons light. All the data for this image was acquired during the eclipse!

Photo :Astrofalls


Neo Anderson is with Mars Place and 

According to the Area 51 former employee there are dozens. If not hundreds of videos documenting unidentified flying objects in space and even on our very own planet.

But they are kept hidden and safe in the bunkers of area 51. And they have been in their possession for a very long time now.


The lying, omitting MSM all need to be behind bars----- Great summary posted about the

Ritt en house trial..

“I have watched the whole Ritt en house case. The Jury is in deliberation now.

I didn't know that Kyle put out a dumpster fire that was being rolled down to a gas station to blow up, with people all around.

I didn't know that the Police were told to stand down as businesses were destroyed.

I didn't know that Kyles Dad, Grandma and Friends all lived in Kenosha, 20 minutes from where he resided with his Mom part time in Illinois.

I didn't know that Joseph Rose nbaum knocked him down twice and then attempted to kick him with lethal force to the head.

I didn't know that Huber had hit him in the head 2x with a skateboard.

I didn't know Gaige Gross kreutz, a felon in possession of firearm, aimed his gun at Kyle first, as he admitted on the stand.

I also didn't know that in the State of Wisconsin, it is legal for Kyle to have a gun, even at 17 (which was why the gun charge was dismissed).

I didn't know that Kyle did not cross state lines with a gun he wasn't supposed to have. The rightful gun owner did, as he was legally permitted to do.

I also didn't realize that Rose nbaum was a 5 time convicted child ra pist and that Huber was a 2 time convicted woman beater. I didn't know that Gross kreutz was a convicted Burglar with an assault on his record also.

IF THE MEDIA DID THEIR JOB... we would ALL have known this!

Stop believing the media lies

Kim Skelton

We have entered the largest exercise of free will in human history, the great separation. These are the times when every single person on Earth will be challenged to choose a side.

Many will choose the Word and Truth of God and many others will choose to follow evil. This is our reality. Choose wisely. Help others choose wisely.

Tartaria the Great Mud Flood

Esperanza Luce Amore

The Cover up of a lost Empire, just to bring you up to speed with the most relevant information.

These buildings created by our ancestors during a phase in the old realm where they lived accordingly with nature - having the understanding of how, where and why to build in specific areas in cities around the realm.

This was due to the Earths electromagnetic field that is able to be harnessed for energy. Our ancestors were masters of ENERGY, FREQUENCY & VIBRATIONS

Giant magnets are found all throughout the world. They are so common that you would think that they had a function.

They are positioned in the center of cities that happen to look like circuit boards. These were made to either store, transmit, or balance energy in a city.

Join @electricbeings789

Gary A. Flynn

If You Disregard Your Roots The Tree Will Die.


Message From General Flynn:

A friend said something to me this morning that got me thinking;

''...people need to go back and read Hosea and especially Amos. Look how they spoke to the power structures of their day. Oh, and let’s not forget Jesus himself … flipping over tables and calling them white walled sepulchers. People that say Jesus was not political have no idea what they are talking about. Almost Everything he did and said challenged authority…”

Our lives are entrenched in politics and there are no American adults today that can say, “I don’t do politics.” You better start understanding and getting involved or else you’ll be part of the reason why we lost our republic and our freedoms.

I actually find the discourse about God and how God is in each of our lives a very healthy thing for every American.

God is in all aspects of who we are as Americans. I’m not here to tell you what or how to believe, but I’d ask each and everyone to consider how far away from our Judeo-Christian roots and values our nation has moved.

The further away, the greater the need to return. That’s what I believe.

Thanks for listening to me think out loud publicly and most of your feedback…

Wisconsin Right Now

27m  · 11:59am cst

We’ve been told by a great source that state emails have gone out saying there is a verdict in the Rittenhouse case. Stay tuned

Carolyn BeGood

15m  · 

“The KEY piece was taken out of the GAME.”



This world is not BLACK AND WHITE—- like the GAME OF CHESS or “their” satanic devil worshipping floors . There are some BRAVE priests that are speaking “TRUTH” and fighting this SPIRITUAL BATTLE for ALL OF US. THANK GOD THEY EXIST TODAY. They are human beings too- using their very best discernment to teach us-LOVE JESUS ABOVE ALL.

FACT: THROUGH MARY = JESUS. The same yesterday and TODAY. You ALL can’t give up on your faith and need to discern for yourselves the MANY wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing. (There are many!) The TRUTH is coming and it will set us ALL free. It’s important to still have FAITH, HOPE and LOVE within your hearts and to believe and pray before the moment arrives. NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING and GOD WILL MAKE US THE STRONGEST BODY THIS WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN. WE ARE ONE!!!! #WWG1WGA

“In the end, MY IMMACULATE HEART WILL TRiUMPh.” You can’t spell TRIUMPH without TRUMP. They tried but they failed. GOD ALWAYS WINS!

Linda Good McGillis

Inverted matrix story was the feminine was suppressed.

Light was suppressed in the heart. Buried by noise of beliefs.

Organic matrix nothing has ever been suppressed.

Now we have information wars. One says feminine is rising. How if it's never been suppressed, only the belief it has been and people bought into it?.

What has been suppressed is knowing from lack of connection. Love (feminine) is evolving If anything is rising it is the Light which is masculine. Are y'all done playing in distortion yet?

Truth of information will ever only be found in silence. Very few ever verily silent the mind from the noise of information

Leslie Nelson

Just heard Joe B. going in today for tests. If you know you know. SB

Jackie Thompson

Doc Truthfull

It's Time To End This Charade.




Raj Habid

The MAYO Clinic in Canada announced their first living clone named Eve in 2002.

Orlando Brown, Disney Star and Child Trafficking survivor accused Will Smith of raping him

Orlando is now speaking up telling people to listen to the Trump Card by my brother Gepetto aka Maga Jackson, which is dedicated to Our fight to end human trafficking

Now a new Will appears and the audience isn't fooled

There are no coincidences


Did you hear that 'ring tone' on someone's phone as David Hancock was speaking after the RT??

Doc Truthfull

The pedophile left is imploding right now. Kyle Rittenhouse house has been taken to safety.

They will attack him through the media, Hollywood, corporations, banks..etc.

I would like to nominate Lin Wood as Kyle's defamation lawyer... Lin is good at hurting the media's bank accounts

General McInerney

Rhen Carberry is with Wren Berlin.

It was the Sun/son/humanity who fell in love with its own reflection, cutting itself off from connection to heart (love). It is only in heart does Light exists/birthed. Meaning light rises when love is given. Light rises not the heart. The heart expands. Love (consciousness) evolves

Linda Good McGillis

Shell Evans

Electric Beings - Telegram

We are now living in a time where people who called you a conspiracy theorist are realizing they were completely fucking brainwashed.

Go easy on them. Go easy on yourself. Most people are not ready yet to be completely unplugged from the Matrix. The stuff some of us know could drive a person to suicide or insanity.

One step at the time my good people, never underestimate the power of planting a seed, and the God factor which has ability to penetrate the illusions of this world that hangs over it like a shroud.

Remember, every day you and you alone can make the decision to be happy and have a great day no matter what the circumstances appear.

Get excited!

Find the good.

Find the blessings.

Love you all!


Shell Evans

2h  · 

TippyTopPatriot - Telegram

Kyle, I know the chances of you seeing this post are slim, but I'm proud of you.

You stood strong and faced storms that many men twice your age would've chosen to shrink away from.

Your courage, commitment, and unwavering patriotism is a breath of fresh air in a culture where weakness is celebrated by the MSM.

I will continue to pray for you in the coming days and weeks. I know this experience has likely changed you forever, but I pray it has only strengthened your faith and resolve.

Now, go sue every single liar in the MSM cesspool who slandered you endlessly for the last 15 months.

Bankrupt their entire, corrupt system; bring their entire satanic temple crashing around them.

There are millions of patriots all over the County that are here for you. Whatever you need, don't ever hesitate to ask.

Keep the faith, Kyle...I'm proud to hold the line with you.

- TippyTopPatriot

Marco Rider

There is so much things happening through the world in politics and chaos and madness and different fractions of movements.>>>

Let's not get to distracted w/ Kyle RITTERHOUSE <<

The reason I say this is because there is so much more happening like GHISLAINE MAXWELL TRIAL >>>

[MSM ] [DS] is only covering Kyle RITTERHOUSE trial and not mentioning GHISLAINE MAXWELL (who is behind the World CHILD TRAFFICKING/Sex blackmailing Networks.. >>> that involves almost every Nation and LEADER across the WORLD and including deep state intelligence agencies and deep state Militarys >>> MAXWELL IS THE REAL NEWS<<<






We All prayed for Kyle and happy he is found not guilty!!!

.. But still let's keep our eyes to MAXWELL<<<

Mary Flynn is with Lisa Akins.

Just so everyone is aware. Immediately after the verdict was read and the courtroom was dismissed. Kyle and his mom left Kenosha to get out of the city. His lawyer said that they are indeed safe and they are spending time with family for the rest of the day.

ThankQ Doc Truthfull

Neo Anderson is with Mars Place and 


Now. You understand why BILL GATES is TALKING about a Smallpox terror ATTACK)))>>>>

It's all PLANNED


FINAL stages of the DEEP STATE PLAN is getting ready to hit ..... Final Chess MOVES....(more lockdowns, more Bioweapon release /controlled COLLAPSE/ food/gas/, supply chain///...

Weather WEAPONS...


I have WARNED many times of everything taken place and the [COLLAPSE]>>



WHEN EVERYTHING IS DONE..... THE WORLD WILL BE AWAKENED and the control of the World will never happen again and lies of MSM, Governments, INTEL<<<<<






in the END_ there is no Game.... just the Great Awakening and Golden era



Neo Anderson is with Mars Place and 

2021 Lions Gate : RISE UP

At this Lions Gate of 2021 many of you who were previously feeling “stuck” or “uncertain” or “unmotivated” will now step up to your new responsibilities on the Planet.

You will become Human Angels and beings of LOVE, you will guide people and help raise the Frequency of the Emerging New Earth. You will become leaders who will gently guide and support your communities through the Earths changes and transitions to the New Earth Consciousness.

The Lions Gate will provide the tsunami of High Frequency energy that will activate these transformations and lift you into the New Earths higher timeline.

Are you ready to move into the new paradigm of peace and Love

Be prepared, it will be quite an Experience!

#SpaceForce #EarthAlliance #GalacticFederation #SempreSupra




supported by



Маниакальный Прах


Dicyanin Dye is illegal because it is said to have special properties when placed between two glass planes. The resulting effect gives anyone the ability to look into the Astral Realm, along with seeing a persons emanating aura. Essentially proving that another plane of reality exists.

Many wonder why Dicyanin is highly restricted since it it’s not a drug, isn’t physically dangerous nor is it poisonous. However, a skilled chemist with keen ability is able to synthesize the chemical with basic lab equipment.The dyes ability to block out the white light spectrum, it helped Kilner’s ability to concentrate on the person’s aura.

In 2010, very briefly the public was able to buy Dicyanin Dye but was quickly banned once again. When a government chemist was asked to see just how classified the dye was, the chemist found out that the company that creates the dye assigns a special code to its customers.

The chemist also found out that his security code allowed him to buy all the LSD, Heroin and Cocaine he wanted but wasn’t high enough in clearance to request ‘Dicyanin Dye’.

Dicyanin Dye has "special" properties. If you make a window using two panes of glass with Dicyanin Dye between and look into it you can see the Astral World directly. If you are a psychic or meditation student, you can often see the Astral World too, but this dye allows ANYONE to see it. Now you see why it has a higher security rating than Heroin. If people could buy this simple dye [freely available in the 1940s] they could prove to themselves and anyone else the existence of another Plane of reality.

Private researchers used Dicyanin Dye before the Government locked it away in the 1940s. This gives an approximation of the time when the decisions were being made to censor all available knowledge so that new generations could be "programmed" into a belief system that was manufactured by the Government and which had no relation to true reality.


Dicyanin blue dye can be prepared by the action of KOH [potassium hydroxide] + atmospheric O [oxygen] on α-γ-Dimethylquinolinium salts.

Any capable chemist can create it. Contrary to the superstition that is current among the uneducated, it is not "illegal" to create, use, or sell it. You'll want to get a copy of Dyestuffs & Coal-Tar Products (1915), by Beacall, Martin, et. al. That will cost you ~20 bucks at Amazon:

John Quent

We'll are witnessing the GREATEST STORY ever told as it's being written. For a thousand years this moment will be carved into the face OF HUMAN HISTORY.

Today was an emotional winning day. Now imagine on a grand scale the things to come in the future? Ghislaine Maxwell, John Durham, 2020 Election,7 Crimes against humanity, Covid 19’s true intent, Getting Trump back in office. The truth is something that can be trashed, hidden, altered, but can never be stopped. Eventually the truth always comes out.

It feels amazing when the truth finally reveals itself, but just like in the Rittenhouse verdict it was a very intense and emotional moment. There are going to be plenty more ahead.

Today we got a good taste of justice. I believe there is so much more to come and we’re going to get through all of it together.

God bless all the people fighting for the truth. Such a great time to be alive. Thank you all to let me be a part of it.

HAVE you ever WONDERED, why there are close to NONE or absolutely NO VIDEOS taped during the process of ALIEN ABDUCTION on the internet??
It's because both EBEs and BLACK OPS during ABDUCTION use DELTA WAVES to make everybody in the house AND in the neighborhood go to DEEP SLEEP...
This is how it's done...
DELTA < 4 Hz: This frequency can induce Deep meditation /relaxation, REM sleep. During EBE ET abduction, DELTA waves are induced so everybody goes to sleep mode, hence nobody every recorded any incident of abduction. Only the abductee are awake as the chip or implant in their body is activated so they are not affected by the DELTA frequencies.

Details of DELTA Frequency:
0.5 Hz - Complete relaxation and headache relief.
0.5-1.5Hz - Natural pain relief through stimulating endorphin release.
0.9 Hz - Euphoric state.
1 Hz - Feeling of well-being; stimulation of pituitary glands to release growth hormones (helps recover from injuries, rejuvenate, and develop muscles).
2 Hz - Nerve regeneration.
2.5 Hz - Further pain and migraine relief from production of endogenous opiates. Natural sedative effect.
1-3 Hz - Restorative sleep and profound relaxation.
3.4Hz - Restful sleep.
3.5 Hz - Feeling of calmness, reducing anger and irritability. Retention of languages.
4Hz - Enkephalin release for natural stress and pain reduction. Improved memory, subconscious learning and problem solving.

If you LIKE this post, please SHARE it. PEOPLE NEED TO BE AWAKENED too. We WILL keep POSTING more INTRIGUING STUFF like this.
There are more posts including NEVER SEEN BEFORE photos and videos in the DISCLOSURE ALBUM:
Go thru all the posts with evidences in 'em and let us know if you have any questions... Ask the questions in the comment section of the relevant posts... 

  • Mike Pales

    There’s a cctv video out there of an employee going outside for a smoke break and a bright flash of light outside he vanished. After some time there’s another flash and he’s back, proceeds to get sick on the sidewalk.

    is a SUPER FEDERATION COUNCIL which consists of 40 human like EBEs have been running 22 genetic programs all over the Earth. Hence, even though modern science ca… 


Celestial battle over the German city of Nuremberg on April 14, 1561, as printed in an illustrated news notice
What compelled the Newspaper to write an article on this incident??
The 1561 celestial phenomenon/aerial battle of extraterrestrial origin over Nuremberg was a mass sighting of unidentified flying objects (UFO) above Nuremberg, Germany.

A broadsheet news article printed in April 1561 describes a mass sighting of UFOs. The broadsheet, illustrated with a woodcut engraving and text by Hans Glaser, measures 26.2 centimetres (10.3 in) by 38.0 centimetres (15.0 in). The document is archived in the prints and drawings collection at the Zentralbibliothek Zürich in Zürich, Switzerland.

According to the broadsheet, around dawn on April 14, 1561, residents of Nuremberg saw what they described as an aerial battle, followed by the appearance of a large black triangular object and then a large crash outside of the city. The broadsheet claims that witnesses observed hundreds of spheres, cylinders and other odd-shaped objects that moved erratically overhead.

The broadsheet describes objects of various shapes including crosses, globes, two lunar crescents, a black spear and tubular objects from which several smaller, round objects emerged and darted around the sky at dawn.

The text of the broadsheet can be translated as giving the following description of the event:

"In the morning of April 14, 1561, at daybreak, between 4 and 5 a.m., a dreadful apparition occurred on the sun, and then this was seen in Nuremberg in the city, before the gates and in the country – by many men and women. At first there appeared in the middle of the sun two blood-red semi-circular arcs, just like the moon in its last quarter. And in the sun, above and below and on both sides, the color was blood, there stood a round ball of partly dull, partly black ferrous color. Likewise there stood on both sides and as a torus about the sun such blood-red ones and other balls in large number, about three in a line and four in a square, also some alone. In between these globes there were visible a few blood-red crosses, between which there were blood-red strips, becoming thicker to the rear and in the front malleable like the rods of reed-grass, which were intermingled, among them two big rods, one on the right, the other to the left, and within the small and big rods there were three, also four and more globes. These all started to fight among themselves, so that the globes, which were first in the sun, flew out to the ones standing on both sides, thereafter, the globes standing outside the sun, in the small and large rods, flew into the sun. Besides the globes flew back and forth among themselves and fought vehemently with each other for over an hour. And when the conflict in and again out of the sun was most intense, they became fatigued to such an extent that they all, as said above, fell from the sun down upon the earth 'as if they all burned' and they then wasted away on the earth with immense smoke. After all this there was something like a black spear, very long and thick, sighted; the shaft pointed to the east, the point pointed west. Whatever such signs mean, God alone knows. Although we have seen, shortly one after another, many kinds of signs on the heaven, which are sent to us by the almighty God, to bring us to repentance, we still are, unfortunately, so ungrateful that we despise such high signs and miracles of God. Or we speak of them with ridicule and discard them to the wind, in order that God may send us a frightening punishment on account of our ungratefulness. After all, the God-fearing will by no means discard these signs, but will take it to heart as a warning of their merciful Father in heaven, will mend their lives and faithfully beg God, that He may avert His wrath, including the well-deserved punishment, on us, so that we may temporarily here and perpetually there, live as his children. For it, may God grant us his help, Amen. By Hanns Glaser, letter-painter of Nurnberg."

If you LIKE this post, please let me know what you think, and DO NOT FORGET TO SHARE it with your friends as THEY NEED TO BE AWAKENED too. I WILL keep POSTING more INTRIGUING STUFF like this. Thank you for your time and talk to you soon.
If you liked this post, you will also like the other photos and videos in the Disclosure Album:
Go thru all the posts with evidences in 'em and let us know if you have any questions... Ask the questions in the comment section of the relevant posts... 

1566 celestial phenomenon over Basel, Switzerland
The 1566 celestial phenomenon over Basel was a series of mass sightings of celestial phenomena above Basel, Switzerland. The Basel pamphlet of 1566 describes unusual sunrises and sunsets. Celestial phenomena were said to have "fought" together in the form of numerous red and black balls in the sky before the rising sun. The report is discussed among historians and meteorologists. The phenomenon has been interpreted by some ufologists to be a sky battle between unidentified flying objects. The leaflet written by historian Samuel Coccius reported it as a religious event. The Basel pamphlet of 1566 is not the only one of its kind. In the 15th and 16th centuries, many leaflets wrote of "miracles" and "sky spectacles".

The event is reported to have taken place in Basel, Switzerland in 1566. According to Samuel Coccius, on 25-28 July and 7 August, many local witnesses in Basel reported seeing three celestial phenomena. The first is described as an unusual sunrise, the second as a total eclipse of the moon with a red sun rising, and the third like a cloud of black spheres in front of the sun.

The text of the broadsheet can be translated as giving the following description of the event:

It happened in 1566 three times, on 27 and 28 of July, and on August 7, against the sunrise and sunset; we saw strange shapes in the sky above Basel.

During the year 1566, on the 27th of July, after the sun had shone warm on the clear, bright skies, and then around 9 pm, it suddenly took a different shape and color. First, the sun lost all its radiance and luster, and it was no bigger than the full moon, and finally it seemed to weep tears of blood and the air behind him went dark. And he was seen by all the people of the city and countryside. In much the same way also the moon, which has already been almost full and has shone through the night, assuming an almost blood-red color in the sky. The next day, Sunday, the sun rose at about six o'clock and slept with the same appearance it had when it was lying before. He lit the houses, streets and around as if everything was blood-red and fiery. At the dawn of August 7, we saw large black spheres coming and going with great speed and precipitation before the sun and chattered as if they led a fight. Many of them were fiery red and, soon crumbled and then extinguished.

If you LIKE this post, please let me know what you think, and DO NOT FORGET TO SHARE it with your friends as THEY NEED TO BE AWAKENED too. I WILL keep POSTING more INTRIGUING STUFF like this. Thank you for your time and talk to you soon.
If you liked this post, you will also like the other photos and videos in the Disclosure Album:
Go thru all the posts with evidences in 'em and let us know if you have any questions... Ask the questions in the comment section of the relevant posts... 

33rd North parallel: The 33rd parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 33 degrees north of the Earth's equatorial plane. It crosses Africa, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, North America and the Atlantic Ocean.
In the area under or surrounding 33rd parallel most of the UFO Sightings are still happening on a regular basis...

Jeff Thomas

The law of war manual .

An unlawful enemy combatant is one or more who participate in an act or acts of war on our republic .

Their actions afford them NO constitutional rights and they forego all rights under the Geneva convention .

The rats are coming out of the woodwork !!

Scott Felton

3m  · 

#Q THING Like a #CGI Warfare #MQVIE:
The #Whitehats vs #Blackhats #TheWarHasBeenWon

Gematria Calculator that calculates numbers & words



TOOL - Ænema

You are in a Matrix FB

„WE HAVE IT | THEM ALL“… The Land of Illusion

Operation Watch Tower

Short & Sweet GOD Comms from Mark

Biden briefly relinquished power to Harris

Schumannn Punisher gif

Zac Stacy NFL player beats wife

Brad Barton Lil Talk Show

Kyle Rittenhouse reation to not guilty

Kyle Rittenhouse is a green screen

Lebron cries to Proud to Be an American Rittenhouse

Strange things happening all over the world

Rittenhouse celebration in bar


November 19th, 2021.

Exposing Corruption

‘Everybody’s Absolutely Horrified’: High Society Is Bracing Itself for Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial

Rolling Stone

Marilyn Monroe waving goodby to toxic relationsships and BS

Just the Greatest Movie Ever Told ~ The MSMedia Reveals the Truth

Nov 19, 2021



Neo Anderson

From Twitter Strange?

Judge: "A person who identified as James Jim Morrison and claimed that he was a producer with NBC News, MSNBC under the supervision of someone named Irene Byon" was pulled over for following the bus of Kyle Rittenhouse jurors last night.

Judge bans MSNBC from courthouse


Dog the Bounty Hunter Supports Maga Jackson Single Let’s Go Brandon “He Sounds Like Michael Jackson”

Nov 18, 2021

Maga Jackson

10 heinous lies about Kyle Rittenhouse debunked: Devine

November 17, 2021

By  Miranda Devine

Jury released without reaching verdict following third day of deliberations in Kyle Rittenhouse trial

by Sam Borcia November 18, 2021

Lori Buccellato is with NotShirley NotTemple and Aseye Slays.

RITTENHOUSE UPDATE: Judge finally addresses the court this morning. Jury has been being transported in a bus with sealed windows. During their transportation a vehicle with a MSNBC reporter was stalking the bus and stopped by police. The matter is under further investigation the judge has told the court. He was ticketed for running a red light.



Kyle Rittenhouse is a Hero

Nov 14, 2021

Mr Reagan

Judge Drops One of Six Charges Against Kyle Rittenhouse

 by RTM Staff

November 15, 2021

Body Language: Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

Nov 12, 2021

Body Language Ghost

Watch: CNN Host Asks Key Rittenhouse Trial Witness to ‘Clarify His Testimony’

 by RTM Staff

November 14, 2021

New FBI Infrared Video Blows Kyle Rittenhouse Prosecutor’s Case Into A Million Pieces

WOAH... this could end careers

12 NOVEMBER, 2021

Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Wisconsin National Guard to support Kenosha police

By Cassidy Williams and FOX6 News Digital Team

Published November 12, 2021 2:23PM

Judge Destroys Prosecutor in Rittenhouse Trial

Nov 11, 2021

Guns & Gadgets

Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Drone video shows 1st shooting

Published November 9, 2021 8:42AM

By Michael Tarm, Scott Bauer and Amy Forliti

Kyle Rittenhouse closing arguments today.


Defense rests case in Kyle Rittenhouse homicide trial

Nov 11, 2021

ABC News

WATCH LIVE: Kyle Rittenhouse trial for Kenosha shooting continues - Day 6

Streamed live on Nov 9, 2021

PBS NewsHour

WATCH LIVE: Kyle Rittenhouse trial for Kenosha shooting continues - Day 5

Streamed live on Nov 8, 2021

PBS NewsHour

Man shot by Kyle Rittenhouse testifies

Nov 8, 2021

ABC News

WATCH LIVE: Kyle Rittenhouse trial for Kenosha shooting continues - Day 4

Streamed live on Nov 5, 2021

PBS NewsHour

WATCH LIVE: Kyle Rittenhouse trial for Kenosha shooting continues - Day 3

PBS NewsHour

FOX6 News Milwaukee

Yahoo Finance

WATCH LIVE: Kyle Rittenhouse trial for Kenosha shooting continues - Day 2

Streamed live on Nov 3, 2021

PBS NewsHour

LIVE: Kyle Rittenhouse trial begins in Kenosha, Wisconsin (via Court TV) DAY 1

Yahoo Finance

I Told you So Song


Jesus Strand Part 1

Oct 30, 2021

Jesus Strand 2

Oct 31, 2021


Negative 48 ( JOHN F KENNEDY ) : Jesus Strand Part FULL VIDEO ( NEW UPDATE TODAY )

Premiered Oct 31, 2021

NEGATIVE 48 News Today!


The Rolling Stones Live in Dallas, Texas Cotton Bowl 11/02/2021

DJ Gerry from Starlight Music

The Opening of the Stones Concert was Tiffany Blue


Lambert Page

The Rolling Stones Live in Atlanta, Georgia 11/11/2021 Full Concert ~Subscriber Chat

DJ Gerry from Starlight Music


Live From the Grassy Knoll for QAnon's Anticipated Arrival of John Kennedy Jr.

Conspiracy Castle

Welcome to, the home of the National Quantum Initiative and ongoing activities to explore and promote Quantum Information Science. The National Quantum Initiative Act was signed into law on December 21, 2018. The purpose of this Act is to ensure the continued leadership of the United States in quantum information science and its technology applications. It provides for a coordinated Federal program to accelerate quantum research and development for the economic and national security of the United States.

The Global Peoples Monetary System & Simplified Divine Law– Interview with Rick Jewers

Sep 27, 2021

Meet Rick Jewers who works with God and introduces The New Global Monetary System For the People!

Nov 1, 2021

Global People's Monetary System

Journey2Service Episode 31 - A New Lee-f!

Oct 31, 2021

Randall Earl Kaiser

‘Public & Banking Debt Is Just An Illusion’

Humanity is ready, it has all been Divinely Prepared reasons why You should not hesitate and join NOW

Awakening Journals

Real World Awakenings


So the unrestricted travel, utilization of Unalienable Rights is rapidly growing, as governments separate airline workers through discrimination. With increasing accidents occurring with the operations of machinery due to the uncertain and instant effects caused by vaccinations upon those operators of machinery, the safety is now being created and seen in the less risky environment of the unvaccinated.

Rick Jewers


Replacing politicians with patriots

TAPs America is a community of like-minded True Patriotic Conservatives who have joined together in a concerted effort to combat the evils of the liberal agenda upon our beloved America. We are structured and organized for the unique purpose of effective conservative victories in local elections. We have agreed to combine our resources and exist as a cohesive community with similar goals.

Rather than each individual trying to effect change alone, we have formed a more perfect union among ourselves to make our voices heard and the effects of our resources recognized in the conservative movement. We have been called by God for such a time as this and to preserve the original American way of life.


Healing Meditation Frequency Healing Videos on YouTube

AKASHIC RECORDS PORTAL┇Remember Who You Really Are and Remember the Secrets of Life and Universe

Lovemotives Meditation Music

DMT Music to Full Restore All 7 Chakras┇DMT Power to Open All Chakras┇UNLOCK Pineal Gland Activation

Started streaming on Oct 30, 2021

Lovemotives Meditation Music

DMT Music to Full Restore All 7 Chakras, DMT Power to Open All Chakras, UNLOCK Pineal Gland Activation with this music for deep meditation and trance experience.

Relaxing Music. Healing Dolphins Songs + Alpha Binaural Beats for Study, Meditation, Deep Sleep

Queen Romana's Telegram Channel

Queen Romana Didulo of Canada posted healing link:

She reccomends playing it 24/7 for those who are very ill - but best if done in the morning and at night


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