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Morning Minute

Lambert Page

Shutdown Imminent.


Military Is The Only Way


Vegas IsleofWightman

May I introduce to you [107]


Jack Wightman

Carolyn BeGood


Raj Habid

17m  ·  @5:30pm cst

Weekly Reminders,,

Epstein Didn't Kill Himself

Amber Alert VP was arrested for child trafficking

Every one of you taking chances sharing truths on social media are Digital Warriors. Thank You For Your Service


Neo Anderson

NATO begins to push up it's equipment to match up Russia's deployment on the Ukrainian border.

A current stand off is beginning to form between western powers & Eastern powers, only Belarus & Ukraine stand in the between.

6m  · @6:05 pm cst


Russian nuclear submarines based in Vilyuchinsk near the Alaskan Peninsula were urgently sent to sea.

Against the background of rising tensions between Russia and NATO, all nuclear submarines of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy in a state of combat readiness left their places of deployment and went on alert duty.

This situation was observed at several Russian bases. Satellite images of the naval base in Vilyuchinsk, Kamchatka, confirm that Russian nuclear submarines have left the base in turn within several days.

Willeke Lansing

An oncomir (also oncomiR) is a microRNA (miRNA) that is associated with cancer. MicroRNAs are short RNA molecules about 22 nucleotides in length. Essentially, miRNAs specifically target certain messenger RNAs (mRNAs) to prevent them from coding for a specific protein.

That's what Amigos Are for mi Lin. Disagreeing-o is how we grow as Friends and Human Being-os. They didn't try the plane crash-o but they tried another way-o and it wasn't nice-o. Just want you to know I Love You. I'm Praying For You and My Friggin Heart is Heavy because of what you're going through. Stay Strong and Find Peace mi Beautiful Lin. Life is Absolutely Beautiful and You Deserve to Enjoy Every Second of It. As they say en mi pueblo... BRUSH OFF THE BULLSHITO!!! Donaldo Trumpo

Neo Anderson is with Mars Place and 

Let’s use basic Logic.

The plan would not be sidelined by all these “disagreements” we’re seeing right now.

Do you honestly think the Q team would plan for all these “disagreements” to completely ruin everything at the last minute….. after decades?!

Fog of war , smoke and mirrors , whatever you wanna call it.

40,000 ft view friends. Zoom out.

Stay focused on your job as a digital soldier

President John F Kennedy visited Fort Bragg in 1961 and established the Army Green Berets. On November 18, 2020, as Secretary of Defense, Miller ordered Special Force Operations to report directly to him to avoid the corrupt 3-letter agencies. Now listen very carefully to Ezra Cohen-Watnick and who he mentions and the mission he's on. Also notice that the speeches were given 2 weeks after the election, at Fort Bragg, home of the Army Special Forces, where JFK established the Green Berets. They both took the oath and were placed in top positions right after the election. They’re both aligned with Trump, the US Constitution, and defending America against all enemies, foreign & domestic

Neo Anderson

Nobody's telling the TRUTH<

Saudi Arabia almost out of OIL <

Russian running out of Natural Gas <.../)/ Investors being lied too.. Major companies don't know how to break the news and don't want to lose investors

MAINSTREAM media staying clear of this news>>>>

(Sometimes I read the comments sections of other posts...... Very interesting to see so much PATRIOTS /ANONS still don't believe they are inside the [CRASH]........ )




(If you still don't understand your INSIDE the Worst [CRASH]

in human history taking place... and your not prepared << I wish you the Best of luck>>> )////







Neo Anderson is with Trinity John-Matrix and 

Patriots and Frog Family

During my red pilling sessions, these words were repeated to me on a regular basis: “Think Logically!” At this point in the mission, those words are so very important because we need to remember we are at war…yes this IS a movie but we are still at war and must play our parts. Ok Mar how the heck can that be logical? Ok here goes…yes, Q told us this is a movie because all the major evil players were taken out (military tribunals, execution or gitmo-forever-more) before most of us got involved. As in every war, there is cleanup and that is what we are watching happen now. But….. what about the movie? Well the movie needs a plot, main characters and an audience so they are eased into total understanding why this was played out behind the scenes. That is where we came in as Flynn’s digital journalists….as Flynn’s F.R.OG.s!!! We started our campaign with the most powerful piece initially…our #SaveTheChildren campaign. Once we awakened many on that, we showed them who, what, when, how and why our children needed to be saved. From there we moved on into more detailed information exposing adrenochrome, red shoe club, black eye club, pizza club, cannabalism etc. and because of getting that info out to the public, we were able to enlist more frogs to assist us. We exposed the politicians, hollywood, sports and music elite etc. as our team of frogs grew dramatically. We became the news. Then we became the digital journalists that others trusted for the truth. The enemy never saw us coming. They were confident that the majority were completely brainwashed. We surprised them. The silent majority got off their couches and joined us. Do NOT let anyone tell you we are NOT the majority now because we ARE!!! Yes, many are still “sheep” but not because they haven’t heard the truth. They are sheep because they choose to be. They enjoy being slaves and told what to do every second of their day. There are others that also just think we are all conspiracy theorists. Those people want proof but when we submit the truth to them, they choose not to believe because they don’t want to admit that we have been being brainwashed for decades… so now it is time to “think logically”… stop believing the mainstream media’s reports and bogus covid numbers. Heck, why are you even bothering to still be watching or reading their crap??? Think logically…Q said disinformation is necessary…an example…When asked, Q said JFK Jr was not alive. I know personally and without a question that John is very much alive. Why would Q say he isn’t alive? You can figure that reason out for yourself, right? In war, you never give your game plan to the enemy. Have you noticed lately all the “that can’t be true” news stories happening and the supposed patriots “in fighting” going on? Think logically. Sometimes a distraction is necessary to keep all eyes on one hand while the other hand is getting the job done. I have been asked if General Flynn is really with Cabal…and if so was I going to have to rename my Signal groups which are all called “Flynn’s F.R.O.G.s”. Holy crap frogs…absolutely, positively NO NO NO!!! I actually got to look into the General’s eyes and his passion is so extremely true and loyal to the USA and to its citizens!!! He is also strongly true to President Trump and the White Hats!!! Think logically. Think distraction. Think patriots at the top levels that must do a heck of a lot of personal sacrifices for this mission. Speaking of personal sacrifices, look at all the personal sacrifices that you, as frogs and patriots, had to go through. My point here today is that when you hear something that doesn’t quite ring true to you, THINK LOGICALLY and look to see what the other hand is doing. Just trust that together we are strong!!! It has never been more important than now to research everything for yourself. You truly need to think for yourself. You truly need to trust yourself. Above all trust in God. Trust in the Plan. If you do your research you will understand the plan much better. You can start by going back to the Q drops and read them from start to finish. Trust in President Trump and the White Hats. Think logically. Think strategically. And PRAY! Ask God to help you stay on His path. We are Flynn’s F.R.O.G.s and fully reliant on God. Where we go one, we go all. Tighten your Armor of God and continue to hold the line until we are told to stand down. God has blessed us all. We are His chosen warriors for this mission. He whispered and you answered. Love to all.

Mar 11/27/21

Elijah Matthew

This may anger or confuse some patriots because our understanding is very limited.

Also, the state of many patriots right now is dis-ease (worry, stress, anxiety, and/or fear just to name a few, and these emotions inhibit logical thinking). Not to mention, they're not of God


designed to AWAKEN those asleep. Yet many of YQU are believing what YQU are seeing (thinking it is real when it is NOT). Remember pain awakens.

(I can already feel some of you refuting me in your mind because again you are believing your eyes/ears, yet I'm telling you that's an illusion. No need for debate, Future will Prove Past).

A good movie is not predictable (SHOCKING EVEN ) and I assure YQU this movie will be the greatest show on Earth. It will not go as YQU think or desire, a scare event is coming. What scares?? What YQU anticipate??? Obviously not.

Practically every time in the bible, just before God appears, ALL HOPE APPEARS LOST. SO WHAT MAKES YQU THINK THAT THIS BIBLICAL MOMENT WOULD BE ANY DIFFERENT???

The ALL HOPE SEEMS LOST moment is when God flips the script and...





(Biden, Kamala, Pelosi, it's all a show)

Everyday, more and more people are Awakening.



But I get it, it's hard to believe something so fantastic or insane. But I bet Moses thought a talking bush on fire was insane. Noah probably thought building a massive ark was insane.

God DOES NOT work the way YQU want Him to. And your lack of faith through all of this will only serve to portray your weakness, not His.

God is in control, I GUARANTEE IT

Földvári Erzsébet


***The world stops to restart***

ALL financial movements must stop to RESET.

They are trying to make this look like a natural response to a natural pandemic.

The world is temporarily stopping and people will be forced to unite - the world is uniting as one human

Separating the wheat from the ash...

Separating Fear and Love...

All fear based beliefs, energy, thoughts etc. - it clears as the world faces the fear of death and the loss of financial stability - the collapse of the matrix.

This was the plan, and to prepare you - once all is lost - no longer attached to illusions - material things - survival instincts disappear and fear vanishes.

Your identity is no longer what it used to be.

This is what the world is facing right now.

When you have nothing to lose - you are mentally free.

You become able to recognize when you connect back to the source.

The world stops to heal...

The world stops to reveal the TRUTH...

The world stops to restart...

The world stops because the clock is not real...

The world stands for you...

Humanity is waking up - and this was the main aspect..

Fear is a virus

You all deserve the highest respect and admiration.

You are no longer star seeds. , cause y'all already a star!

It is an honor for me to walk this journey with all of you.

Let's make the earth great again...

From darkness to light ...

Lorraine Ann is with Danny Strausbaugh and 

#wakeup & #StopComplying - All distractions to hide the truth!!!


THE END OF THE UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION THE GLOBAL PEACE AND RECOVERY HAS BEGUN. The Global Consortium for Peace and Restoration of Member States was officially ratified in the Hall of Record, which comes into effect immediately as a substitute body, which takes over the powers previously owned under the Charter of the United Nations the watermelon nations. When previous international organizations failed to establish peace on Earth, a similar process had to be implemented. The predecessor of the United Nations is the League of Nations, founded in 1919. , after the First World War, according to the Treaty of Versailles. Their main goal was “to promote international cooperation and to achieve peace and security.” The League of Nations failed to prevent the Second World War and was subsequently launched in April 1946. The United Nations Organization is an international organization founded in 1945. , AFTER WORLD WAR II, TO REPLACE THE SOCIETY OF THE NATIONS OF 51 COUNTRIES, COMMITTED TO MAINTAIN INTERNATIONAL PEACE AND SECURITY, Developing Friendships between Nations and Promoting Social Process, A Better Standard of Living t and human rights. Since its creation, it has grown to the inclusion of almost every country in the world. Her original goals were and still are essential for all life on Earth. The UN Charter was approved in the World Hall of Records in 1947. The United Nations' trials are highlighted by the hundreds of trillions of dollars donated to humanitarian projects. Approximately 1.7% of the project money went to the actual owner of the project. Moreover, the world has been in constant conflict, poverty and division since the establishment of the United Nations. For this reason, all orders and directives once issued by the United Nations were officially cancelled on November 22, 2021. This message has been sent and received from all official channels used for government communications around the world. The changes to these records have been officially submitted to the Hall of Record, which will have an immediate impact on funding and operations as the UN Program continues to collapse. The Hall of Records stores the official records of any legally established organization, contract or major historical event. The recorded history, registered in the Hall of Record, gives credibility to any legal action and allows it to be funded by the Global Storage. These records are supposed to be made public and have an impact on the National Archives of each country when new orders are ratified. The United Nations, along with the organizations formed as part of their globalist structure, including the International Monetary Fund, the World Health Organization and the World Bank, have also been disbanded and their powers etc. the privileges have been removed and recorded in the Hall of Records. Via Iskra Loukanova II


Kimberly Arnold


Mr Pool posted a roulette picture with BLACK 26, not for Black Friday on the 26th but for 26 = EBS.

To confirm, the 'fake tweet' timestamp is 11:17pm & the Telegram timestamp is 11:54pm (23:54). The delta is 37 minutes => 37 = EMS, which Q connects to Emergency Broadcast System in Q34. Also, BLACK 2+6 = 37, and 11:17 => 111 7 => 37.

BLACK TWENTY SIX = 188 = PRESIDENTIAL ALERT. 188 => 18 + 8 = 26 = EBS.

Mr Pool then posted the symbol for COBALT, which is the 27th chemical element. This connects to Mr Pool's username looP_rM311_7211 => 11 27 (date hint?).

In his final post of the series, Mr Pool posts a smiley face with STAY SAFE = 96 = THE EBS/EMS. The 'fake tweet' timestamp is 11:18pm => 118 = LAUNCH THE EBS. The Telegram timestamp is 11:55pm => 1155 = THE EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGE (EAM) in Jewish gematria.

Finally, 11:18 => 111 8 => 38, and the total delta of Mr Pool's series: 11:17 to 11:55 = 38 = 11+27 => 11.27 (like Mr Pool's username).

*Dates are speculation

Serrie Qweedy


There Are No Coincidences Best Is Yet To Come

Jupiter And Saturn Come Together A December 21st *


Q What Is Check1=127

Miracle Event

A Dec Gematria ID Code (Dec 7)

You Can’t Beat 720 864 888 972 1140 9000

The New Earth


Neo Anderson













(11.11 MARKER)








Neo Anderson is with Mars Place and 

ALL Financial movement must STOP for the RESET

They are trying to roll this out in a way that makes it look like it is a natural response to a natural pandemic

So it is coming out in waves and In "suspending payment" "extending deadlines" etc

Scare event necessary -

The world stops temporarily and humans will be forced to unite -

We used to say we needed a good alien invasion to bring the world together as one -

Well we got a manmade virus that cannot infect conscious human beings - because they are sealed

You are sealed

Separating the wheat from the chaff -

Is separating fear from love

All fear based beliefs, energies, thoughts etc - are being purged as the world faces the fear of death and the loss of financial stability - the crash of the matrix

The Ground Crew - that was targeted by the deep fake - lost everything all ready

We've been speaking truth for years now - ridiculed, called crazy, ostracized, some we lost to suicide, some were placed in institutions, some were murdered, some were arrested - all ascend regardless of how they get there

This was by design and to get you prepared - once everything is lost - there is no more attachment to illusions - material things - survival instinct goes away and fear is gone

Your identity is no longer what it once was

This is what the world is facing now for the sleepers

When you have nothing left to lose - you are mentally free

You become able to discern when you are connected back to source

The world is stopping to HEAL

The world is stopping to reveal TRUTH

The world is stopping to RESET

The world is stopping because you won't stop running off a clock and the clock isn't real

The world is stopping for you

Ground Crew - this is your time

I am so damn honored proud and humbled to have been walking this path with all of you

Even if we aren't 100% correct on the outcomes -

Humanity still wakes up - and that was the main point and our biggest role - to remove fear from the grid

Fear is the virus

You all deserve the utmost respect and admiration

You are no longer star seeds

You are stars!

I have nothing but love for all of you,



Make Earth Great Again

Quantum Shift

Dark to light


Most governments and media are suddenly, today, all at the same time - going full-court press on a new variant with 4 known cases in South Africa.

Must be a coincidence.

Join: @Catturd_2

Neo Anderson





Due to increased spam and troll Attacks, we are switching the chat function to inactive NIGHT SHIFT MODE. So the group quality is not strained by TROLLS and BOTS as the coin and fake account spammers too much during admins are taking their recovery & energy reloading times -

We are looking forward to get back on track together as soon we open the group chat again.

thank you for sharing good vibes, energies and times.







supported by




in Alliance with





~The Kingdom of Canada ~

To those of you whom have been employed by the murder care industry your jobs are now obsolete!!! The medbeds/ galactic healing chambers will replace all.

~The Kingdom of Canada ~

The training for our MedBeds / Galactic Healing Chambers are #FREE.

The Trainers are the #Military and Intergalactic Alliance of Worlds of Light beings.

Anyone in the Kingdom of Canada charging fees to train the public for MedBeds is a fraud and will be arrested.

~The Kingdom of Canada ~

The MedBeds/ Galactic Healing Chambers - Training is FREE

The USE of MedBeds/Galacting Healing Chambers is FREE in the Kingdom of Canada.

Private groups or individuals/NGOs/Foundations will NOT be authorized to purchase the MedBeds / galactic Healing Chambers to be used for their Businesses.

These technologies are gifts to human species and will NOT be monetized...

Please and thank you



Peace and Prosperity. Or perish.

I don't play Politics.

HRH Majesty Queen Romana Didulo,

Head of State and Commander-in-Chief,

Head of Government of Canada,

President and Queen of Canada


22m  · 

~The Kingdom of Canada ~

Re: CAF previous starting pay scale versus new pay scale

Old CAF starting rate $27,600 pay scale yearly

$27,600 yearly divided by12 months = $2,300/monthly

$2,300 a month divided by 4 weeks = $575.00/weekly

$575.00 weekly divided by 40 hours work week/ = $14.37 hourly

New CAF starting rate $37,600.00 pay scale yearly (zero income tax)

$37,600.00 yearly divided by12 months = $3,133.00/monthly

$3,133 a month divided by 4 weeks = $783.33./weekly

$783.33 weekly divided by 40 hours work week/ = $19.58 hourly

Queen Romana

Neo Anderson

I woke up thinking of Mr Pool’s

Black Swan on a background & remembered Melania’s recent

Black like .

Is he hinting we can defeat the NWO by taking the gamble to not shop on

Black Friday, the 26th?

Do we kill the Evergreenby not Christmas shopping at their Big Corporations?

Neo Anderson

Found the Nov 29 DELTAS interesting. Came across this compelling twitter thread from 2018 when searching, in reference to Qpost 2503


we know”

with a Christmas tree on it.

It links a hotel in CHONGQING called the Hyatt Regency Chongqing (HRC) & two books entitled:

Book 1

“SHEEP NO MORE: The art of awareness and attack survival”

Book 2

“Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”

Zuzana Balazova

Message from the Vice President

Nikola Tesla managed to see the past, present and future, which we call the transition process.

He was able to use the energy from the source, he was able to transfer it - wireless or directly as alternative electricity.

A world where there are no electric cables, electric poles, phone poses, just a beautiful sky with no problems.

Spacecrafts happen with astronauts capable of creating worm holes/portal towards the distant points of the infinite universe.

To travel the Earth with flying ships or personal astronauts capable of crossing the nearby star gates that have destinations around the Universe.

Nicola has used vibrations and frequencies to heal along with the colors used in the healing beds.

This will be accessible to all. A new beautiful world awaits us, with infinite possibilities.

J.F.Kennedy Jr.

19th Vice President


It's worth quoting yet again the stirring words of Title 39: "The United States Postal Service shall be operated as a basic and fundamental service provided to the people by the Government of the United States, authorized by the Constitution, created by Act of Congress, and supported by the people."

Also Known As


We The People

We Own It Qll

Anyone seen Russell J Gould lately???

Michael Steele

The most vital repost I’ve ever done




1. The true size and shape of the Earth

2. Ancient Giant Tree Stumps

3. Tartaria, Osharian, Vedic Oscillating Esoteric advanced technology and Antiquitech buildings, healing vibrations rippled across earth for humanity with solfreggio and binaural frequencies.

4. The fact we have access of free energy in the Aether.

5. The Earth is an expanding realm of consciousness that is created by the collective consciousness.

6. The power of Consciousness

7. The power of Meditation

8. Remote viewing


10. Mudfossils

11. The power of Crystals and how certain 1's can help you Lucid dream

12. The fact we are all infinite consciousness of unconditional love and divinity just having a brief human experience

13. The double slit experiment

14. Sacred Geometry

15. The Synchronicity of the Universe

16. The importance of your CHAKRAS

17. The pineal gland (3rd eye) and how if it's decalcified it can let you see through the veils of illusions and deceptions

18. Hiding the Kingdom of God within us.

19. The Fibonacci sequence and the connections we humans, plants and trees have with it. (The God Print)

20. Gone through many resets to repeat the process of lowering the collective consciousness of humanity once the parasitical elites feel they are losing a grip on control

21. Nothing is invented in a Free Will Universe

22. the Earth acts like a water droplet creating a ripple effect and always expanding the realm of consciousness that it’s in!!!!

Welcome to add anymore bullet points in the comments

Hunter S Thompson - was he playing the role of the lama? Thompson wrote about adrenochrome in fear and loathing in Las Vegas. The lama is a fictional character of controlled opposition, people who follow Buddhism are really struggling with this

Copied: Sandra Wighthat

Kat IstheSea3

Q The Storm Rider [Edited] NEWS/FLASH

-NEW EVIDENCE: Epstein Did NOT Kill Himself!

-Bill Clinton? Prince Andrew?

Epstein's 'Guests' Getting Nervous?

Victim Says Property Had Computer Rooms To Spy On Elites

-Kevin Spacey Ordered To Pay $31 Million To 'House Of Cards' Producer Over Sexual Harassment Scandal

- Professor Who Defended Pedophiles Announces Resignation

- New York ER Closes As Employees Refuse To Comply With Vaccine Mandate

- The new variant hysteria comes from the same Gates-funded Imperial College that has been wrong about every prediction made since the start of covid-19…

Stock up, stock up

I know you’re getting tired of hearing this

But it's the TRUTH

Even I have stocked up food water supplies & essentials

For the 3rd time this year

(Has been worth it.... I used most everything I stock up)

In the old days it was common knowledge & sense

to have things ready in case of any emergency

Schumann Resonance Report - Telegram

We have been reprogrammed in the subconscious.

We feel different.

We act differently.

We know (consciously or subconsciously) where we want to go.

We feel the pull of our mission.

Everything has changed and is about to change.

The old 3D energies have been released and will be released to access 5D and 6D.

Some energies don't even touch us anymore (red line away from the yellow and white ones that instead dance together).

What to do to accelerate the process?

Letting go

The path is already marked out

Schumann Resonance Report - Telegram

New paths and new connections continue to be created in the depths of our essence (white and green grids in the low frequencies) .

Blow the wind of purification and spread the Light everywhere, pushing out the emotions and toxicities (red) that are obsolete.

Let the Light of Truth pass through you

Wren Berlin is with Rhen Carberry.

Science and Religion are both wrong about Joan of Arc.

She didn't have epilepsy, or schizophrenia, and people don't literally hear "God" speaking. Remember, God is Source. Light Forces interact with us.

We all have Guides that we intuitively hear, some more than others. Joan was a Pleiadian Soul listening to her own Pleiadian Guidance.

AIMEE is LAKA's mate on Taygeta. You will get to meet her after The Shift.



Greetings Beloved Ones!

There Is So Much Life Unknown To You In These Moments Of This Magnificent Waking Dream. There Is The Perception Of Understanding That You Know Enough To Transcend The Earth Frequency. Yet There Are Layers Of The Unknown That You Are Longing For As You Observe And Questions Arise. Let's Dig A Little Deeper!

Addressing Those Questions That Have Come Up Repetitively Through The Dream, I Hope To Put Them To Rest And Give You Peace In Doing This! Let's Discuss The Perceived Death Of The Human Form, Freeing The Soul To Return To Origin Or Reincarnate. What Is The Reason For An Infant To Leave When They Just Arrived? Why Do Some Leave The Story When Falling Off A Ladder And Another Lives To Be One Hundred Years Old As They Engage In Multiple Activities That Would Frighten The Young! Indeed!

Understanding That The Soul Is Powerful And Infinite Is Your First Clue. The Soul Is Much Larger Than Your Body Form And Extends Infinitely Into Source. The Aspects Of The Soul Have Lived Many Simultaneous Or Parallel Lives. As Each Waking Dream Ends, The Aspect Integrates Into The Next Vibrational Frequency Of Soul That Resonates. Your Soul Is Always Moving To Oneness Of Self And The Return Movement Of Life.

In Each Waking Dream, The Soul Has Seven 'Exit' Points Of Choice To Leave. Remembering That The Soul Is Infinite And Ageless, Understand That An Infant Has A Plan For Arriving. The Soul Of The Infant Knows The Purpose And Intention. If The Intention Is To Leave Shortly After Arrival, The Purpose Will Be Specific And Planned. It Could Be To Change The Lives Of The Parents, The Outlook Of The Spiritual For A Group That Knows Of The Death. An Opening For Growth And Discussion Of The Greater Purpose Of Life. The Reasons Are As Unlimited As The Soul Chooses.

In Going Further With Understanding The Seven 'Exit' Points, You Might Remember Hearing Many Times Of Those Leaving The Body And Returning. Maybe There Was An Illness And The Person Begins To See Angels Or Other Beings. They Are 'Exiting' The Human Life, And Yet The Soul Will Make A Decision Through The Person To Remain. There Are Many Vehicle Accidents And An 'Exit' Occurs And The Scenario Will Play Out. The Person Perceives They Are Above The Accident And Surrounded By Beings. They Choose Through The Soul Coming Through To Stay Or Leave. The Soul, Not The Human Being Is In Control.

Throughout Your Own Waking Dream, You Might Recall Many Moments Of Danger Or Illness Where You Felt You Were Leaving. There Are Bodies That Have Been Almost Destroyed And Yet Survived And Thrived As The Soul Spoke, 'Not Yet’. Your Understanding Of The Silent Soul Is Truth, Yet Spirit Communicates As Spirit And The Universe Hears.



Now We Give You Truth Concerning Perceived Mental Illness. This Is Not Referring To Moods, Emotions And Passing Anger Or Feelings. Humans Deal With Many Self Created Situations And Thoughts Create Emotions. We Are Referring To Illnesses Such As Schizophrenia, Bipolar And Mental Illness That Affects The Person To The Point That They Can Become Harmful To Self Or Others. Many Have Raging Mood Swings And Become Psychotic Before Returning To Be Seemingly Very Normal.

What Is This? As You Know, These Illnesses Remain With No Exact Scientific Cause. No Blood Test To Diagnose. Only Behavior And What Is Reported By The Person. This Will Be Difficult For Many To Accept And Understand But For Others, It Will Bring Peace.

These Are Situations Of Soul Aspects That Have Not Merged And Integrated. They Remain In Conflict And Are Fragmented Unless Integration Occurs.

In Ancient Dreams These Humans Were Burned Alive Or Killed. In More Recent Dreams To Your Time-Space Understanding, These People Were Killed, Locked Away Or Parts Of The Brain Removed. Heavy Medication To Calm And Quiet The Person Was Simply Drugging Them. The Mind Remained The Same. The Brain Is A Conduit For The Conscious Mind.

The Intention We Have Is To Honor And Teach You The Basics Of Life Before You! You Carry All Information Within And You May Become Activated In Downloads As You Hear Truth!

All Will Awaken In The Final Moments Of This Waking Dream. If You Exit Before The Grand Shift, We Will Greet You There! For All Exist In The Unified Field And You Are Having A Temporary Life Experience. Enjoy The Remainder For All That Follows Is Bliss!

We Are Light! We Cover You In Power!


I Love You So!


Lynn Manison

I am 

I learnt another from conversations with god

Say Who to yourself three times for ten seconds

Each time stretching the who

Sound aloud or silently within

Either way stare directly at your own eyes in the reflection

Take a deep breath and ask on a single breath three times who

The question you are posing to yourself is

Who is this standing before me

Who is this being that I think I am

Who ,who

If you do this 100 times in the next 30 days

You will become aware of yourself, you may not have come to a full understanding of who you are

But you will come to an awareness that you are

That is you will become self conscious

Once you know you have a consciousness that is a part of you

That is larger than you

That can separate itself from the little you

And talk back to you

You are well on your way to discovering the truth of your being

And stepping into the enlightenment

You will soon understand that enlightenment is experienced by not seeking to experience it

One becomes enlightened

Because one is xxxx

Ascension - A- MEMEoir - Telegram

The lead up to the Winter Solstice is often a very dense time, requiring purging, thus producing powerful transformation.

This weekend we are caught between a Lunar Eclipse on the 18th November and a Solar Eclipse on the 2nd December, which may have the effect of being held in a magnetic field, with a sense of force from all around. Symptoms such as :

Head pressure.

Ear ringing and popping Inflammation.


are likely but should have a beneficial effect in the long run.

Sensitives may need to be opening their self care tool kit on a regular basis and would do best to surrender to rest during intense times. It is good to remember that during sleep we do our best I work and in this way know that we are not unproductive. There is so much more to living a human life that we have yet to discover and accept. Anything that we are going through is leading us to expand.

Focusing on love and harmony through friends and family connections is a great way to focus powerful fiery energies on manifesting on a positive vibration and with so many cultural holidays coming up this is an easy world wide focus for a mass intention of new creations.

Via Kirsty Elizabeth

Nadire Freedom is with Byron Miller and 


it works with the Orbital quantum mesh network- always connected with full privacy controls Love it !

Neo Anderson

We hit an amplitude of 37hz an hour ago Fam.

There were depressive energies in the air a couple of days ago but whatever has been going on, it feels like there’s a smoother energy happening. Like there’s more ease or something.

The message that comes through is to make sure you thoroughly enjoy whatever is in your life, but at the same time never forget that balance needs to be applied to everything in our world or we can get lost and end up falling hard, in which case it would still be a gain if we can view that fall as a lesson for our future.

November 29th is the 25th of Kislev on the Hebrew calendar. 11/29/21 will be significant for:
⚫️Evil 👿:
* The 12th anniversary of Obama accepting the Nobel ☮️ prize for ZERO accomplishments
* It’s the date of the original Abomination of the Temple, by Antiochus Epiphanies.
* Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial begins.


🟡Good 😇:
* 1st night of Hanukkah at 🌞set
* Jesus was conceived.
* Jesus healed the blind
* Jesus said, “I am the Light🕯of the 🌎.”

Obama’s being awarded the Nobel ☮️ Prize by the NWO was a ritual mocking of Us & Christ. They awarded it on the Feast of Tabernacles & he accepted it on Hanukkah 🕎. 

They used Daniel’s prophetic day counts to connect to him visiting the “holy place” of Christ’s birth, the Church of the Nativity, during “Unbreakable Alliance” trip to 🇮🇱, so he could be the “Obamanation that caused desolation!”

+ 1260 days = 👇
3/22/13 was the day Obama visited Jesus’s birthplace on the 33rd anniversary of the
Georgia Guidestones!

I never know WHAT Mr Pool means!! But this is a great thought. Monday is Ghislaine Maxwell's Public Trial [think she's long gone & we're still in the Q-Movie ] so if I was the "movie-deep state," I'd pull the plug on Monday [internet blackout] to prevent the TRUTH about the rampant horrific deep state Child Trafficking & satanic practices to be revealed to the world. Maxwell connects them ALLLLLLLLLLLL. Monday is a great day to publicly declare QE2 is dead [also long gone ] Staying tuned!!!

Mr Pool, [11/26/2021 8:18 PM]

Neo Anderson is with Mars Place and 

Few weeks back I told you all.... The new variants coming out are MILITARY codes and each variant signals Military operations and White Hats chess< counter movements/

(The DEEP STATE got really confused when so much different Variants started popping up on the news and papers without their CONTROL and Acknowledgement>>>> they can't back track these STORIES planted or say they didn't name the new variants will truly destroy their NARRATION if they deny these variants popping up!!!)/////

Pay close attention to the new variant >>>>>>>>>>>>OMICROM<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

OMI= ODIN (Omi is one of ODINS name)

CROM: is a commanded to an operating system or server for a job that is to be Executed at Specified time.

> >>>>>>>>>>PROJECT ODIN < </<<<<<<<<




WHO Skips Next Greek Letter After “Nu” in Naming New COVID Variant – The Next Letter “Xi” Might Draw Attention to China – So They Named it “Omicron” Instead

Xi =11 in Roman numerals


>Q, POST #1116 (>ELEVEN<16)

Thank you Xi

Good start.

China/CQ cancel.


(This post was not about China or Xi was disinformation..Q knew the enemy was reading the post.... And Q Mil.Intel couldn't break the laws of National Security by openly stating the Laws of War > End of occupation 11.3< )

CHAPTER 11(xi) in the Law Of War all pertain to END FOREIGN OCCUPATION and 11.15 has specific rules on how to " combat the spread of contagious diseases and EPIDEMICS"


Side note;

Xi also means 14 (fourteen in gematria =104)

Q post #104

Now is the time to pray.

We're are operational.

God bless the United States of America.



How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?

It was over before it began.



~ Be careful PATRIOTS/ANONS/ Freedom fighters across the world....... Be careful of those who divide inside the Great AWAKENING......( Many are drunk on EGO> FOLLOWERS>or simply are drunks and high and take to social media to vent (hate/accuse/>ego<) and instead of seeking help for their mental problems or drug problems or alcohol problems........./////

I'm not here for these games or followers or being a keyboard warrior looking for fights and raging nonsense....

Some of us are here.. Because we truly care for humanity, nature, animals and Earth...

No matter where you are seek peace.

God will not do for you.. What you can do for yourself. ( This means learn to use all your sacred senses in Harmony ..... Come to a clean life.. LIGHT)> THE GREAT AWAKENING is much more than can be fathomed...


Buenas Noches, my Beautiful Patriotos. Enjoy Every Single Momento with Your Friends and Family... THAT'S YOUR TEAM AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM IS ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS!!! Love Them with All of Your Hearto!!! I Love You with All of Mine. Donaldo Trumpo

DA Empson

Remember, cue said that Israel would be last. Today Black Friday 26 Nov. Israel was on the ‘verge of state of emergency’ after detecting the country’s first case of a new faster mutating “c” vari ant discovered in Africa. While the new Varian t was out just in time to take the news off the Maxwe ll trial, Pfize r’s stock was up 6% and Moder na was up 26%. Meanwhile, the rest of the marke t was in deep red and pushing Global Mark ets to crash.

-ScottBru nswick


Although that Global Marke t has been artificially held up for years, the downfall officially began yesterday.


The caba l is done. We are hearing Governm ents are going to be stopped, there will be an interim governmen t during the blackout with marti al law.

There will be a communications blackout in order to stop govern ments and take control.

Possibly the only thing that works will be Telegra m and Sign al, but only for those awake, other people will only have the rotating message reporting the truth on television and different media.

Try to have backup copies of all the data you have in the clouds and platforms that are going to disconnect or disappear.

You know, that you accumulate food, water, medici nes that you need and food for people and animals or pets for 2 or 3 weeks.

The alliance army will be on the streets to prevent any disturbances.

Although this seems something terrible, it is not, it is necessary to reset and that all our less evolved or more asleep brothers can make the change and find out the truth.

Come up and raise the vibration as much as you can, feel every present moment that you live, savor every moment regardless of the past or the future. Asking God for forgiveness for all the damage that you may have done to others.

Feel free from guilt and with love, be loving and positive, feel, put on music that makes your hair stand on end of feelings, love life and love all people, love this precious planet earth in which we live and in the that we will continue to live.



The media doesn’t have to get cleaned up before anything happens. They are destroying themselves and that is the point. Yes the true job, and reason we have the EB S folks is just one purpose and that is simply to takeover the medi a period. So be patient.


Susan Beck share


Gematria Calculator that calculates numbers & words



Meet your Strawman

Rise Up - The truth about our lives -Slaves No More!

Obama the end of the Republic has never looked better


Lightning strikes the Capitol Dome - ​ Jul 1, 2015

The Greatest Military Operation of our time

Dark to Light

New BS Variant of the day

Lady Gaga on Divide and Conquer

Enter the Clones....

Jeff Dunham We are thankful?

We still need help from the boss - Trump - Jesus Christ is more famous

Trump 2020 YMCA Dance

Trump enter Sandman

KEK Santa is coming to town

Looking Glass with Moutain background

Mark Twain and Tesla Oscillating healer

United States v. Maxwell (1:20-cr-00330)

Welcome To The Great Awakening - Eye Drop Media

Published July 7, 2021



Ghislaine Maxwell’s Brother Says Prosecutors Are Trying To ‘Break’ Her

 by Tony Gray

 November 26, 2021

INSIDE IVY GETTY’S WEDDING; In-Depth Analysis (Fasten Your Seatbelt)

Nov 19, 2021

Everything Inside Me

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of November 27, 2021

Candace Owens HUMILIATES Dr. Fauci With An EXPLOSIVE Speech, Gets A Standing Ovation


Nov 23, 2021


We Are Saving Israel For Last

Mar 25, 2021


Brad Barton was given permission to say JFK JR is alive

Trump Bashes Rittenhouse Prosecutors For ‘Misconduct,’ Condemns Waukesha Attacker

CPL Daniel Bulford

Nov 26, 2021



Welcome To The Great Awakening - Eye Drop Media

Published July 7, 2021



Storm Arwen Scotland: Met Office issue Amber warning over winds and snow  25th November

By Gemma Ryder

Validation of Global Submission to the TRUMP White Hat Alliance Liberating Earth from Dark Factions Once United to Destroy America.

AUGUST 30, 2020


  1. Queen Surrender Article:

  2. Military Tribunal Catch & Release Plan:

AnnMarie Bell

Egypt reopens the 1.7-mile long "Avenue of Sphinxes" that links the ancient Egyptian temples of Luxor and Karnak.

LIVE from Luxor as Egypt unveils Avenue of Sphinxes


Mandatory Credit: The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Live from Egypt’s southern city of Luxor as the country is set to open the 3,000-year-old Avenue of Sphinxes to the public in a ceremony on Thursday, November 25. The avenue connects Karnak Temple with Luxor Temple and features sphinxes and ram-headed statues lined up on both sides. The Avenue of Sphinxes was founded during the New Kingdom era and was completed during the reign of Nectanebo I , who ruled from 380-362 B.C. Buried under sand for centuries, fresh efforts were made to excavate the avenue in 2017 and turn it into an attraction for Egyptians and tourists.​


Jesus Strand Part 1

Oct 30, 2021

Jesus Strand 2

Oct 31, 2021


Negative 48 ( JOHN F KENNEDY ) : Jesus Strand Part FULL VIDEO ( NEW UPDATE TODAY )

Premiered Oct 31, 2021

NEGATIVE 48 News Today!


PrymeMinister Published November 18, 2021


The Rolling Stones Live in Dallas, Texas Cotton Bowl 11/02/2021

DJ Gerry from Starlight Music

The Opening of the Stones Concert was Tiffany Blue


Lambert Page

The Rolling Stones Live in Atlanta, Georgia 11/11/2021 Full Concert ~Subscriber Chat

DJ Gerry from Starlight Music


Live From the Grassy Knoll for QAnon's Anticipated Arrival of John Kennedy Jr.

Conspiracy Castle

I Told you So Song

Welcome to, the home of the National Quantum Initiative and ongoing activities to explore and promote Quantum Information Science. The National Quantum Initiative Act was signed into law on December 21, 2018. The purpose of this Act is to ensure the continued leadership of the United States in quantum information science and its technology applications. It provides for a coordinated Federal program to accelerate quantum research and development for the economic and national security of the United States.

The Global Peoples Monetary System & Simplified Divine Law– Interview with Rick Jewers

Sep 27, 2021

Meet Rick Jewers who works with God and introduces The New Global Monetary System For the People!

Nov 1, 2021

Global People's Monetary System

Journey2Service Episode 31 - A New Lee-f!

Oct 31, 2021

Randall Earl Kaiser

‘Public & Banking Debt Is Just An Illusion’

Humanity is ready, it has all been Divinely Prepared reasons why You should not hesitate and join NOW

Awakening Journals

Real World Awakenings


So the unrestricted travel, utilization of Unalienable Rights is rapidly growing, as governments separate airline workers through discrimination. With increasing accidents occurring with the operations of machinery due to the uncertain and instant effects caused by vaccinations upon those operators of machinery, the safety is now being created and seen in the less risky environment of the unvaccinated.

Rick Jewers


Replacing politicians with patriots

TAPs America is a community of like-minded True Patriotic Conservatives who have joined together in a concerted effort to combat the evils of the liberal agenda upon our beloved America. We are structured and organized for the unique purpose of effective conservative victories in local elections. We have agreed to combine our resources and exist as a cohesive community with similar goals.

Rather than each individual trying to effect change alone, we have formed a more perfect union among ourselves to make our voices heard and the effects of our resources recognized in the conservative movement. We have been called by God for such a time as this and to preserve the original American way of life.


What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Cashews Every Day

Feb 22, 2021


Healing Meditation Frequency Healing Videos on YouTube

AKASHIC RECORDS PORTAL┇Remember Who You Really Are and Remember the Secrets of Life and Universe

Lovemotives Meditation Music

DMT Music to Full Restore All 7 Chakras┇DMT Power to Open All Chakras┇UNLOCK Pineal Gland Activation

Started streaming on Oct 30, 2021

Lovemotives Meditation Music

DMT Music to Full Restore All 7 Chakras, DMT Power to Open All Chakras, UNLOCK Pineal Gland Activation with this music for deep meditation and trance experience.

Relaxing Music. Healing Dolphins Songs + Alpha Binaural Beats for Study, Meditation, Deep Sleep

Queen Romana's Telegram Channel

Queen Romana Didulo of Canada posted healing link:

She reccomends playing it 24/7 for those who are very ill - but best if done in the morning and at night

All 6 Videos recommended by Queen Romana, infused with

10D vibrational energetic frequencies.

*How to Loop* right click on the video and a pop-up menu will come up, first choice = Loop**

1) Terminate A.I Nano Bots- Smart Dust Nanites. DO NOT loop this video. Safe for Children and Pets

2) Healing MorgellonS LymE Disease Sine Wave. Safe for Children and Pets.

DO NOT Loop this video.

3) For those who want to be Healers....This video is for you...

IF you want to also heal your Pets - let your Pet listen to this as well while you are listening... Safe for Children and Pets

4) Listen to remove duality from your life.

Note: Low frequencies people and those that no longer resonate with your high vibration will be removed from your life, ie friends and Families, places and things- so that's a Head up.

You will notice you won't be able to stand certain people.

Safe for Children and Pets.

5) To sleep listen to this video 30 minutes before going to sleep...

Do not drive or operate mechanical device(s) after listening to this video until next day.

6) Anyone who may have anxiety, foggy minds or negative energy attachments...

Please, listen to this on a Loop or as much as possible.

Play it out loud in your home or room to remove any entities hanging around.

It is safe for animals and children

Infused with 10D vibrational frequencies...

It's time to permamently erase Dark Archetypes from 3rd and 4th dimensions. Play this 24/7, IF you can...



Ramona Silvestri 

African Dogon Tribe Reveals Man’s True Origins

June 7, 2017/by Kathy J. Forti

The Dogon are an ancient tribe living in Mali, West Africa. They claim to be the living conduit between heaven and Earth and to possess not only knowledge of the cosmos, but of man’s true origins.

The Dogon are believed to be of Egyptian descent and their astronomical lore goes back thousands of years to 3200 BC. For centuries the Dogon successfully managed to remain isolated from neighboring influences as well as from capture by Islamic slave traders. Their cultural, oral and written history stayed miraculously intact. What they kept hidden from the rest of the world is quite amazing.

According to one of their oldest legends, a race called the “Nommos” visited the Earth from the star Sirius many millennia ago. The Dogon learned from the Nommos that there was a companion star (Sirius orbiting the Sirius star (the brightest star in the sky near the constellation Orion) where the Nommos came from. They landed on Earth in an “ark” that made a spinning decent to the ground with great noise and wind.

Dogon Cliff Village

In the 1930’s two French anthropologists, Marcel Griaule and Germain Dieterlen, recorded this legend from four Dogon priests. The tribal elders not only shared their amazing understanding of Astronomy but Physics as well. They knew that the Earth was not flat, as many primitive tribes believed, but a spherical orbiting body in ‘space’.

Somehow they knew a companion star exists to Sirius A, even though Sirius B wasn’t visible to the naked eye until it was photographed by a large space telescope in 1970. While scientists had long suspected its existence since as early as 1844, none could confirm what was speculated as a “white dwarf” star smaller than Earth.

Some modern-day scientists scoff at the Dogon’s early knowledge of the cosmos, yet have a hard time explaining how the Dogon came to possess a 400-year old artifact that apparently depicts the Sirius configuration. Since the 13th Century they have also performed a “Sigui” ceremony every 60 years to celebrate the cycle of these stars, somehow accurately knowing that this is approximately how long it takes for Sirius A to orbit Sirius B. (The next one is expected to occur n 2027.)

Scientists also find it hard to explain how the Dogons knew about the super-density of Sirius B, a fact only discovered a few years before the anthropologists recorded the Dogon stories. The Dogons legend goes on to say that the Nommos also furnished the Dogon’s with some interesting information about our own solar system: That the planet Jupiter has four major moons, that Saturn has rings, and that planets orbit the sun. These were all facts discovered by Westerners only after Galileo invented the telescope.


Dagan's primary cult centers were Tuttul, where his clergy was likely involved in the traditional form of governance,[40] and Terqa (near Mari), where his temple E-kisiga ("the house, the silent place") was located.[40] The worship of Dagan evidently spread over a large area from these cities, even though its principal centers were not a major political power in their own right, a situation which according to Alfonso Archi can be compared to that of Hadabal (a 3rd millennium BCE god of the upper Orontes valley[41]) and Hadad of Halab.[42] In addition to Tuttul and Terqa, settlements in which Dagan possessed a temple or shrine include Mari, Subatūm (located in the proximity of the aforementioned city),[43] Urah (on the left bank of the Euphrates),[44] Hakkulân,[45] Šaggarātum, Zarri-amnān,[46] Dašrah, Ida-Maras (in the Habur triangle), Admatum (a village in the kingdom of Ašlakkā),[47] as well as Emar and various difficult to locate villages in its proximity.[40]

In Ebla, Dagan was usually referred to with titles such as "lord of Tuttul" (dBAD Du-du-luki) or "lord of the country" (dBAD KALAMTIM), but a phonetic spelling can be found in personal names.[48] References to him as Bel Terqa - "Lord of Terqa" - are known from Eblaite sources too.[37][49] Shalash was already regarded as his wife in this period.[48] Representatives of the city of Nagar swore allegiance to the king of Ebla in the temple of Dagan in Tuttul,[50] which was viewed as a neutral third party.[51] While certain other gods known from the Eblaite texts, such as Hadabal and Kura, disappear from records after the fall of the city, Dagan's cult continued and retained its prestige.[52]

In Mari, Dagan and Addu (Hadad) were protectors of the king and played a role in enthronement ceremony.[12] Multiple kings of Mari regarded Dagan as the source of their authority.[37] During the rein of Zimri-Lim, Dagan was one of the gods who received the most offerings during festivals, with other deities comparably celebrated in official offering lists including the local dynasty's tutelary deity Itūr-Mēr, Annunitum, Nergal, Shamash, Ea, Ninhursag, Addu (Hadad) and Belet Ekalli (Ninegal).[53] In a letter Zimri-Lim's wife Šibtu enumerated Dagan, Shamash, Itūr-Mēr, Belet Ekalli and Addu as "the allies for me" and the deities who "go by my lord's side."[54] The Terqa temple was closely associated with Zimri-Lim.[55] A source from the period of his reign attests that to celebrate his coronation, a weapon was sent from Hadad's temple in Aleppo to Dagan's in Terqa, likely to legitimize his rule.[56] It is possible that this ritual object represented the mace wielded by the weather god in his battle with the sea (analogous to the battle between Baal and Yam in the Ugaritic Baal cycle.[57] Despite the close connection between the clergy of Dagan from Terqa and Zimri-Lim, he was viewed unfavorably by the population of Tuttul and the presence of his officials was in at least one case regarded as a disturbance of Dagan's rites.[55]

In Emar, Dagan was the most senior god in offering lists, preceding the weather god (Baal/Hadad) and the city god, whose name was written logographically as NIN.URTA.[58] An important celebration dedicated to him in this location was so-called erēb Dagan, "entry of Dagan."[59] It took the form of a cultic journey of a statue, similar to celebrations of deities such as Lagamal or Belet Nagar attested in the same region.[59] He was also celebrated during the zukru festival.[60]

Ḫammu-rāpi, who around 1400 BCE ruled the area comprising the former independent Kingdom of Khana, used the title "governor of Ilaba and Dagan."[61]

Due to scarcity of sources the later history of Dagan's cult remains unclear, though it is evident that he was no longer the head god of the upper Euphrates area in later times as the head of the Aramean pantheon known from sources from the first millennium BCE was Hadad.[62]

Mesopotamian reception[edit]

Mesopotamian rulers saw Dagan as the lord of the western lands (e.g., ancient Syria) and thanked him for enabling their conquests in that area.[63] Inscriptions credit Dagan with granting Sargon of Akkad rule over the "Upper Land" and the cities of Ebla, Mari and Yarmuti in particular, as well as over areas as distant as the "cedar forest and silver mountains."[64] To gain Dagan's favor, Sargon prayed to him in Tuttul.[65] An inscription from the reign of Naram-Sin describes inhabitants of the western frontier of his empire "as far as (the city of) Ulišum" as "people whom the god Dagan had given to him."[66]

In Mesopotamian sources, Dagan is sometimes regarded as equal in rank to the great city gods of Sumer and Akkad.[48] One text uses the formula "Ishtar in Eanna, Enlil in Nippur, Dagan in Tuttul, Ninhursag in Kesh, Ea in Eridu."[48]

In the Ur III period, marriages between rulers of Syrian and Mesopotamian politites likely contributed to the spread of Dagan worship (as well as that of other western deities like Ishara and Haburitum) in the south of Mesopotamia.[48] In Nippur, Dagan shared a temple with Ishara, first attested during the reign of Amar-Suen. Both deities were likely introduced from Mari and were linked only by their northwestern origin.[67] Ishbi-Erra of Isin, assumed to be of Amorite origin[68] and described by Ibbi-Sin of Ur as "man of Mari" and "traveling rubbish salesman of non-Sumerian origin"[20] frequently mentioned Dagan in documents.[20] Several of Ishbi-Erra's successors on the throne had theophoric names invoking Dagan, among them Iddin-Dagan and Ishme-Dagan.[37] They were also involved in restoring his temples in Isin and in Ur.[37] Some aspects of the syncretism between Dagan and Enlil seemingly can be attributed to this dynasty.[21]

A few of the early Amorite kings of Assyria mention Dagan in their inscriptions, for example Shamshi-Adad I called himself "worshipper of Dagan" in a document describing the expansion of the god's temple in Terqa,[69] as well as "beloved of Dagan."[70] An inscription of his son Yasmah-Adad, however, refers to "Mullil [Enlil] (...) who dwells in Tuttul."[69]

A šubtu (a type of shrine[71]) of Dagan was located near Ka-ude-babbar,[72] one of the gates of the Esagil temple complex in Babylon.[73]

Itti-Marduk-balatu, a king from the Second Dynasty of Isin (middle Babylonian period), called himself Dagan's regent.[74]

The stele of the 9th century BC Assyrian emperor Ashurnasirpal II refers to Ashurnasirpal as the favorite of Anu and of Dagan.[75] This phrase might, however, be simply a literary relic.[10]


In Mesopotamian god list An-Anum Dagan was placed in the circle of Dagan (as was another western deity, Ishara).[76]

There is some evidence that in Mesopotamia Dagan was connected with the poorly known tradition about conflict between the gods and Enmesharra, for example a passage stating that "with Dagan's authority [gods] have been guarding Enmešarra from time immemorial" is known; Dagan might represent Enlil here according to Wilfred G. Lambert.[77]

The fragmentary myth Uraš and Marduk (here the male god from Dilbat, not the earth goddess) mentions Dagan, seemingly equated in this context with Enlil.[78]

A legendary king of Purushanda who serves as an opponent of Sargon of Akkad in the epic King of Battle bears the name Nūr-Dagan.[79]


Evidence from the coastal city of Ugarit is inconclusive. Whether a temple initially often identified as Dagan's was dedicated to him rather than El is a matter of scholarly debate.[80]

In lists of gods and offerings from Ugarit, Dagan sometimes follows El but precedes Baal.[81] Two such examples are known, but in six Dagan follows El and Baal.[82] An incantation against snakebite mentions Dagan alongside Baal, while El is paired with Horon.[83]

Dagan appears in six theophoric names known from Ugarit, and possibly in a seventh under the logographic spelling dKUR; for comparison Baal appears in 201, with further 36 using the form Haddu.[84] For comparison, in known documents from Mari Hadad appears in 159 names, while Dagan in 138.[85] However, only 17% of known names from Ugarit are theophoric, which makes it difficult to tell how representative are they when it comes to estimating the popularity of some deities.[86] Additionally, many gods prominent in texts from Ugarit, including Anat, are uncommon in personal names, while the Mesopotamian god Ea (under a phonetic spelling of the name, which makes it impossible he was a logographic stand-in for local god Kothar-wa-Khasis) appeared frequently in them.[87]

Dagan, El, and Baal's parentage[edit]

Dagan plays no active role in Ugaritic myths (such as the Baal cycle), though Baal is frequently referred to as his "son" or "lineage."[82] In the poem Marriage of Nikkal and Yarikh he's referred to as "Dagan of Tuttul," possibly indicating that he was viewed as a foreign god by Ugaritic scribes.[82]

It has been argued by Joseph Fontenrose in an article from 1957 that, whatever their deep origins, at Ugarit Dagan was sometimes identified with El, explaining why Dagan, who possibly had an important temple at Ugarit is so neglected in the Ras Shamra mythological texts, where he is merely the father of Baal, but Anat, El's daughter, is Baal's sister, and why no temple of El has appeared at Ugarit.[88] More recent research shows that evidence for identification of Dagan with El is at best indirect.[89] In god lists El was equated with Hurrian Kumarbi and Mesopotamian Enlil[90] rather than directly with Dagan. Alfonso Archi notes in some texts both appear separately, but also that Dagan was extraneous to the theology of Ugarit.[91]

Other recent studies provide various other approaches to the problem of Baal's parentage in mythical texts. Daniel Schwemer proposes that he epithet "Son of Dagan" applied to Baal in Ugaritic texts was influenced by Syrian and Hurrian tradition.[58] Noga Ayali-Darshan states that the portrayal of the relationship between El and Baal in the Baal cycle is similar to that between Kumarbi and Teshub in the Kumarbi cycle, and that in the Hellenized Phoenician tradition recorded by Philo of Byblos Demarous (Baal) has both a biological father ("Ouranos") and a step-father (Dagon) - both of them distinct from Elos (El; in this Phoenician myth a brother of Dagon). She also notes that due to the circumstances of his birth Teshub had two fathers, one opposing him and one who supported his rise to power. She suggests that therefore it is not necessarily contradictory that two separate gods were regarded as Baal's fathers, though she assumes both in Ugarit and in Phoenician beliefs Dagan/Dagon was merely an element introduced from the culture of inland Syria and played no significant role himself.[92] Aaron Tugendhaft considers Baal an outsider who is not a member of the family of El and Athirat in the beginning of the narrative and thus not their son by birth, but merely a brother of their children in the sense known from Bronze Age diplomatic texts, and argues that much as allied kings referred to each other as "brothers" so did the gods in Ugaritic myths.[93]

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