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Martial Law - Military Tribunals - Hawaii 1

Egypt is Florida HS Retoucher

Durham Comms

Graphene Oxide activated by Cell Tower

Panic in DC

JOHN! JOHN! #17 



P Miller, [12/26/2021 12:38 PM]
Christmas 💚❤️ isn’t over ‼️
The Return of Christ Consciousness is Here
From Super Soldier Talk, James reads a message from St. Germain and explains 
December 23rd, the 108th anniversary of the 
Fed Reserve Act and how the evil took over. 
Jekyll Island, Rockefeller Banking Elites...
It’s Over for them... 
Higher Consciousness is here. Time for the Bell of Freedom. 💖 Nesara 💖
Video explains so much and worth a watch
Life will be Glorious ‼️ThanQ James Rink ❣️

Saint Germain Message December 2021 Jekyll Island
On December 23, 2021, the 108th anniversary of the signing of the Federal Reserve Act; I traveled to Jekyll Island at the southern tip of the state of Georgia to present a special channeled message


La NASA a récemment découvert 10 planètes similaires à la Terre !
La terre est-elle unique ? Existe-t-il d'autres êtres intelligents dans l'immensité de l'univers ?

Truth by Billie Beene E277 122321 Prosperity $ On Track!/Remote View - Future!

Dec 23, 2021

billie beene

Red Dragon Transmutation ~ ENTERING THE PORTAL OF CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANSION ~ Christ Light Decree

Dec 27, 2021

Paul White Gold Eagle

Is the Universe In a State of Meditation?

written by Martin LeFevre 2018/09/14

They're Hiding The Truth About Our Reality

Dec 23, 2021

End Times Productions

P Miller, [12/26/2021 12:39 PM]
[Forwarded from JFKJrIsQ]
Folks, Negative48 Isn't Me.
He's A Fraud.

P Miller, [12/26/2021 2:56 PM]
[ Album ]
Final Approach

P Miller, [12/26/2021 2:57 PM]
[Forwarded from JFKJrIsQ]
The Stage Is Set
Frazzle Drip Inbound. 
Put On The Armor Of God


L👀k what I found. I knew this guy before he changed his Twit name to JFK JR and I DM'd him to stop deceiving anons, he refused...LARP! @hsretoucher17


Arrest Warrant Issued For Cindy-Kay Currier
Arrest Warrant Issued For Mr Romana
Arrest Warrant Issued For Michael Protzman
Enjoy The Show


Birds of a feather flock together. All friends. It's a club.

Ron Jeremy faces 330 years in jail. Sexual assault on minors.

P Miller, [12/26/2021 7:43 PM]
[ Album ]
Understand The Deception
By The Draconians
You Don't Have Any Internal Organs

We Don't Even Have Restrooms On Ashtar's Ship

P Miller, [12/26/2021 7:44 PM]
[Forwarded from JFKJrIsQ]
Folks, You Don't Think The American Taxpayer Is Paying For Jailing Any Person Guilty Of Touching A Child?
All Are Executed.

P Miller, [12/26/2021 7:44 PM]
[Forwarded from JFKJrIsQ]
Worth Remembering.

What a wonderful Christmas Message & boy does this get me fired up!!!

We are the news now!
Digital Soldier are we!!

Have Faith Fellow Patriots! 
Take a Listen!


⚠️ Warning: This Videos Contains Content That Some May Find Disturbing❗️


In-Depth Exploration


Tom Hanx


Symbolism & PizzaGate 2.0

Elite Human Trafficking [Vol. 1] Ghislaine Maxwell's Terramar Project

Elite Human Trafficking [Vol.2]

Art In Embassies

Elite Human Trafficking [Vol.3] Patterns of The Cabal

Elite Human Trafficking [Vol.4]

Dr. Phil's Turn-About Ranch

Elite Human Trafficking [Vol.5]

The Cult of Moloch & The Luzzatto Family 


There’s so much to unlearn of what we once thought we are. And there’s such a beauty in discovering your true nature and embodying it. You are a sacred being of divine light. You are magic. You are love. It’s time you see yourself like this . . .🦋


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