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Pope declared dead by mistake

Trump Boom Boom Boom

Space X Blown Away...

I Will Not Say When We Are Going To Attack, But Attack We Will.

Durham   Soon, Very Soon

Egypt is Florida

Two more statues marking Tiananmen Square massacre are torn down

🔥 Devolved - Volume 1 🔥

DEVOLVED | Vol 1 - A Fortified Election
If the 2020 US presidential election was rigged against Donald Trump, is it possible the military was prepared well in advance of this election to monitor for fraud? Is there any evidence to indicate

The Forbidden Land of Agartha: And The Mythical Inner Earth

 by  Ancient Code Team

WW3.INFO | Battleground Research, [12/27/2021 8:22 AM]
[ Video ]
RUSSIA – Battleground 🔎 Research: There is a strong indication that this base has had no significant activity until the last 2 weeks. 

The base is approx. 57km by road to the nearest border crossing with Belarus. 

That means, Russian troops are already in attack mode! 

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JUST IN ⚠️ – Israeli Foreign Minister: We are not against an agreement with Iran but we oppose any agreement that has no real future.

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🇮🇷🚀🇮🇱 #Iran showed off another batch off missiles which it says will one day soon land in #TelAviv.

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WW3.INFO | Battleground Research, [12/27/2021 8:58 AM]
[Forwarded from Twitter Media Downloader]
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🇸🇾🇷🇺🇹🇷 Despite a ceasefire agreement with Turkey, #Russia has resumed airstrikes against #Turkey-backed jihadists in Idlib, #Syria.

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WW3.INFO | Battleground Research, [12/27/2021 9:06 AM]
[Forwarded from | OSINT Research]
Ukraine launches production of Bayraktar drones - Yermak

The production of armed drones Bayraktar TB2 has been launched in Ukraine, according to Andriy Yermak, head of the President's Office.

In an interview with the Focus magazine on Friday, December 24, Yermak said the Ukrainian government is expanding cooperation with Turkey, which sent the first batch of Bayraktar TB2 drones to Ukraine in July this year.

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WW3.INFO | Battleground Research, [12/27/2021 9:19 AM]
[Forwarded from Twitter Media Downloader]
[ Video ]
SAA 🇸🇾 intercepts an American convoy in northern Syria.

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WW3.INFO | Battleground Research, [12/27/2021 10:44 AM]
[Forwarded from | OSINT Research]
Mali's military-dominated government launches four-day national forum on returning the country to civilian rule following the country's August 2020 coup 

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WW3.INFO | Battleground Research, [12/27/2021 10:48 AM]
JUST IN – Russian Deputy Defense Minister Fomin: 

NATO's military construction is completely re-focused on preparations for a large-scale, high-intensity armed conflict with Russia. 

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WW3.INFO | Battleground Research, [12/27/2021 12:08 PM]
Russian network RBC reports that the Russian government has announced that it will hold high-level talks with NATO on January 12 and 13, 2022. The first high-level talks in two and a half years. 

Russia and the U.S. will have talks on January 7th. 

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WW3.INFO | Battleground Research, [12/27/2021 12:11 PM]
[In reply to WW3.INFO | Battleground Research]
Israel is prepared to act alone against Iran if needed, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid warned hours before the eighth round of talks to revive the 2015 Iran deal began in Vienna on Monday evening.

"Of course, we prefer to act in international cooperation, but if necessary - we will act alone," Lapid told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. "We will defend ourselves by ourselves," he emphasized.

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Russian forces have held a military exercise to practice repelling a massive air strike by an adversary, Interfax cited Russia’s Western Military District as saying on Monday, amid a standoff between Moscow and the West over Kyiv’s NATO ambitions.

About 1,000 troops took part in the operation, Interfax reported. 

Russia has amassed tens of thousands of troops at staging posts close to Ukraine and demanded that its southern neighbor not be admitted to NATO and that no offensive weapons be deployed there or in other neighboring countries. 

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Telegram | OSINT Research
Russian military forces have staged a military exercise to practice repelling airstrikes by adversaries amid Moscow’s worsening standoff with the West.

🔗 Tehran Times (@TehranTimes79) 

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Historical days between December 27 & January 1.
All very relevant.


P Miller, [12/27/2021 8:28 AM]
[Forwarded from JFKJrIsQ]
[ Photo ]

P Miller, [12/27/2021 8:28 AM]
[Forwarded from JFKJrIsQ private chat]
Only Difference Is Mr Romana Won't Be Around When It Ends ;)

P Miller, [12/27/2021 8:28 AM]
[Forwarded from JFKJrIsQ]
(     (    (   (   (  ( (((•))) )  )   )   )    )     )

P Miller, [12/27/2021 8:28 AM]
[Forwarded from Sonya CYC]
Why u defending QR ? You sound like trying to "curse" me for calling out her as fake? In Nesara gesara, royalties must stand down, common use common sense, why does she call herself a queen? Somethgs not right, she aint part of Alliance. Use discernment

P Miller, [12/27/2021 8:28 AM]
[Forwarded from JFKJrIsQ]
[ Photo ]

What Part Of We Have It All Don't You Understand?

The Truth Is A Force Of Nature


Folks, Negative48 Isn't Me.
He's A Fraud.

Somebody Better Ring The Alarm
Two Queens Dead By Neo
Here Comes The Killshot

Somebody Better Ring The Alarm
Two Queens Dead By Neo
Here Comes The Killshot

P Miller, [12/27/2021 8:29 AM]
[ Album ]
You Know That Carolyn And I Are The Actors Behind The Movies/Documentaries?

Since 1999
Enjoy The Show


P Miller, [12/27/2021 8:13 AM]
[Forwarded from JFKJrIsQ]
--- .--. . .-. .- - .. --- -. / .--. .- .--. . .-. -.-. .-.. .. .--. / ..-. --- .-.. -.- ... --..-- / .. - / .-- .- ... / -.. . -- --- -. .. -.-. / .- .. / - .... .- - / -.-. --- -. ... ..- -- . -.. / - .... . / .... ..- -- .- -. ... .-.-.- / - .... . / -- .- - .-. .. -..- / .-- .- ... / .- / -.. --- -.-. ..- -- . -. - .- .-. -.-- .-.-.- / - .... . / -... . ... - / .. ... / -.-- . - / - --- / -.-. --- -- .

P Miller, [12/27/2021 7:40 AM]
[Forwarded from JFKJrIsQ]
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They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.

P Miller, [12/27/2021 7:41 AM]
[ Album ]
Understand The Deception
By The Draconians
You Don't Have Any Internal Organs

We Don't Even Have Restrooms On Ashtar's Ship

P Miller, [12/27/2021 7:41 AM]
[Forwarded from JFKJrIsQ]
Nanotechnology &
Nervous Control Patents &
Electronics &
US Military &
Q, R, Z Teams &
Healing &
We Have The Source

P Miller, [12/27/2021 7:41 AM]
[Forwarded from JFKJrIsQ]
Folks, You Don't Think The American Taxpayer Is Paying For Jailing Any Person Guilty Of Touching A Child?
All Are Executed.

P Miller, [12/27/2021 7:42 AM]
[Forwarded from JFKJrIsQ]
The Truth Is A Force Of Nature
Those With Eyes Shall See

P Miller, [12/27/2021 7:42 AM]
[Forwarded from JFKJrIsQ]
This Game Is Too Easy
Deep State Puppets

P Miller, [12/27/2021 7:42 AM]
[Forwarded from JFKJrIsQ]
Q+ is my Father President John F Kennedy.
Connect the dots.
Signed by DJT

P Miller, [12/27/2021 10:20 AM]
[Forwarded from EstherSpeaksTruth]
Soon… very soon!

Q talks about 3 Red Castles.

1 - US Army Corp of Engineers

2 - Rock Of Gibraltar

3 - I believe is Tiananmen Square.

P Miller, [12/27/2021 9:32 AM]
VATICAN LAW AND ORDER:                                                                                                                                                    The modifications to the Vatican's legal system affect the ongoing investigation of corruption involving the Vatican's finances.

P Miller, [12/27/2021 9:32 AM]

Maryann Chambers, [12/28/2021 9:10 AM]
[Forwarded from Military News Alerts - Defcon Level Warning System]
A new news and alerts archive has been created that now holds all previous alerts and news. The current alerts pages cut off end of November at which point previous news and alerts have been placed in the archives located here:

Beijing Suspends Flights From NYC, LA Due To COVID Cases…

🦅🇺🇲Mike Pompeo Crumbs🇺🇲🦅

"American leaders have the fundamental duty to protect America's borders."

Your trust & faith in us is enough.
You elected us to do the heavy lifting.
Enjoy the show.

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H/T to Hold My Wine💖🥂

P Miller, [12/27/2021 11:08 AM]
[Forwarded from Praying Medic (Dave Hayes)]
[ Photo ]
If Trump openly opposed vaccines, the media would paint him as another Alex Jones and he would lose all credibility with normies. His public opposition to vaccines would not stop the deep state's plan to roll out multiple variants and vaccines while locking down the country and destroying business over the span of many years. 

In supporting vaccines publicly, Trump maintains credibility with normies.

Forcing drug companies to develop their vaccines in record time, set them up for failure. They must forego clinical testing and bring to market untested vaccines. Data showing adverse side effects must be concealed. In doing so, drug companies violate the law, removing their financial immunity for damages. 

The Omicron variant is released. It's incredibly contagious but extremely mild and provides herd immunity in a matter of weeks. Some believe it was engineered for that purpose.

All the while, the Defense Department was working on a vaccine that cures all past and future covid variants.

P Miller, [12/27/2021 11:09 AM]
[Forwarded from CaptKyle Patriots (Capt Kyle®)]







⚡️God IS 100% IN COMPLETE CONTROL💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥


President Trump & Melania sent a box of gifts to a little girl who was seriously injured in a tornado in Missouri. 

The greatest POTUS of all time ❤️


P Miller, [12/27/2021 11:09 AM]
[Forwarded from RT News]
[ Photo ]
Capitol Panel to Probe Trump’s Jan 6 Call Made Hours before Riot

The House select committee will investigate a phone call made by former President Trump to aides at the Willard hotel - to look into an alleged attempt to stop Joe Biden’s certification taking place. 

Committee chairman Bennie Thompson suggested the only hurdle would be Trump succeeding in his legal objections through executive privilege.

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P Miller, [12/27/2021 11:10 AM]
[Forwarded from]
JUST IN - UK PM Boris Johnson will NOT announce any more Covid restrictions today after #Omicron briefing (Sun)


P Miller, [12/27/2021 11:10 AM]
[Forwarded from Gateway Pundit]
PART 1: EXCLUSIVE EXPOSING THE DEEP STATE TIES TO JAN 6: The Origin of the Russia Sham - Don Berlin's Original Russia Dossier

Biologist EO Wilson - 'Darwin's heir' - dies at 92

BBC News 
Leading American naturalist EO Wilson, dubbed 'Darwin's heir', dies at 92
The award-winning naturalist and conservationist earned the Darwin nickname for his life's work.

Biden Investigated For Threatening The President By Saying 'Let's Go Brandon’


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Carlos Tejada, Deputy Asia Editor for The Times, Dies at 49

NY Times 
Carlos Tejada, Deputy Asia Editor for The Times, Dies at 49
He was an editor in Asia for 13 years, including with The Wall Street Journal. One colleague said he had embodied the phrase, “Edit ferociously and with joy.”


P Miller, [12/27/2021 8:32 AM]

We are nearing the Glob al Financia l Crisis leading to a Global Curre ncy Reset and Ten Days of Darkness or fall of the Caba l Mainstr eam Medi a folks.
--- Scott Brunswick 

We Are Part of The Sting of the Century and the World’s Largest Transfer of Wealth. All is complete behind the scenes. 

The Chin ese Communi st Party was being turned into a Republi c under the leadership of XI. Truly Whi te hat.

A Quan tum Financi al System is being set up to replace the current system with 100 Centra l banks showing interest in joining. Is this evidence that glob al elites recently capitulated to the Earth Alliance? Yes it is.

Julia n Assan ge has been in the Fede ral Witne$$ Protectio n Program and he is going home. Why? Game over. Oh did you realize he is Trum p’s Cousin. 


World’s Largest Ever Transfer of Wealth and was Destined to create Freedom and Peace Across the Globe. Congrats to all.

World’s largest Milit@ry Sting Operati0ns in Progress
The world’s largest Milit@ry Sting Opera tions were in progr€ss in over 32 maj0r countries with crim€s  connected to the UN, G@tes, Big Pharm@, Big Tech, Vatic@n, Roth child’s, etc. In the End Gam€ the Milit@ry would arr€st  the D€€p State Milit@ry in all countries. Everything happening now must happ€n. Let the D€€p St@te play their cards and make th€ir moves. These crim€s needed to be recorded by the B00k and by the Milit@ry Alliance and Milit@ry Courts, Judges and Int€l Battali0n Divisions. When a crime was done and recorded, the real hands of justic€ would bring in the hamm€r. …

The Choice To Kn0w Is Yours
The Ev€nt: Chin@ Dam, Tianan men Squar€ & Wuh@n Big Pharm@ L@bs leads into 34 Sat@nic Buildings getting hit with R0ds of God & Fl00ded. This will surely mak€ the St0ck Market Collaps€. …Whiplash347

Think about this my good people: The 9 11 questi0ns that can’t be answ€red:
How did 2 pl@nes make 3 build!ngs fall? 
Why is there no f00tage of the pl@ne that hit the Pent@gon?
How did the Pent@gon and Pennsylvania pl@nes v@porize?
How goes jet fu€l burn hot enough to m€lt steel?
Why didn’t the US Air Force or N0RAD resp0nd?
Why were the people responsible promoted instead of fired? 
Why did the US inv@de Iraq if the ‘hij@ck ers’ were Saudi Ar@bi@ns? 
How did 3 st€€l frame build!ngs collapse for the first tim€ in history on the s@me d@y?
Why am I considered a conspir@cy theorist for asking these qu€s tions? SB

No one was privy as to when the EB$ would start theTen Days of Darkness, which referred to 10 days of a medi a social med ia blackout. Only thing I will say is it’s imminent. 
-High level

The good news is all is operating smoothly and finally we can proceed forward. The other good news is fines and penalties have started. 
It seems that finally the major issue has been resolved once and for all! 

Much love and peace to you all this time of the year! We are almost done with this leg of the Journey and our new earth awaits us! 


For the years that most of us have been in this journey it’s beginning to appear that we are close to the end. 

This will truly be an incredible historical event that has never been seen before since man first walked in the moon. 

We have been tested throughout this journey and many have quit as their faith was not strong enough and many were influenced by people that were not fully awaken and being influenced by fake news and negative people around them. 

This was God’s plan all along to see who would finish last and who were capable to take God’s challenge to help the human race.

I like to thank everyone of you for joining me in my journey and I apologize if I have been wrong in some of the messages I’ve received which nothing ever happened. At the end I’m only a messenger trying to do God’s work in helping people in their journey.

P Miller, [12/27/2021 8:32 AM]
I like to give an enormous thanks to Holly because of it wasn’t for her our journey would’ve encountered a hard road and thanks to her the journey has been made a lot easier. 

I like to thank every person that has helped us in this journey and made this room the way it is .

Soon we will be launching this vehicle and go where no other man has been before and explore incredible adventures and watch ourselves change into HUMANITARIANS.

God bless you all


Patriots and Frog Family

I’m not going to quit!!!  God chose me because He knew I would see it to the end.  I have absolutely NO doubts that this mission is the right path for me to be on. I have NO doubts about our leadership.  I started out to help save the children but it expanded rapidly from there because there were just so many rabbit holes to go down.  Although I do understand the frustration of many that it is taking too long, i truly do not understand why some frogs got this far and when everything is lined up for all events to start they throw their hands up and say they can’t hold on any longer.  Christmas day I received a message from a distraught frog.  Unfortunately I  didn’t see the message until it was too late.  He left me a message that said “Mar, thanks for getting me this far but its time for me to check out…I lost too many but I still believe so my answer is to check out”.  He took his life because he apparently thought that was his best option.  I will never know if I got the message faster I could have prevented this tragedy.  Frogs!!!!   No one here is alone!!!  You have family here.   In the past three years, that is the third suicide that I have heard about.  I can’t tell you strongly enough YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! YOU ARE PART OF THIS GLOBAL FAMILY AND WE WILL STRENGTHEN YOU WHEN YOU FEEL WEAK!   I am here.   You have frog family members that are your favorites, turn to them when you need to. We are a family that offers unconditional love.  Please know just what that means!!!!  We don’t put any conditions on our love.  This was a hard post for me to do but I need to try to prevent any more tragedies.  My one request from all is to intensify our prayers to help all those in dire need.  So, I need you all to know that I will not quit.  I dare to ask you all to hold the line and never quit!!!
Mar  ❤️❤️❤️. 12/27/21


All Artificial Intelligences, Artificial Lifeforms, Thoughtforms, Technologies, Smartdust, Nanodust, Graphene Oxide, Algorithms, Operating Systems, and all else that is artificial life not created by the one true living God of all love, light, creation and compassion, the Divine Holy Spirit, and the only Begotten Son Jesus Christ, I demand them to leave now and never return in the authority of the God of all creation. All Beings, Lifeforms, Thoughtforms, Entities, Assemblages, Technologies, Beingnesses, Awareness’s, and all else that Exists That Do Not Have My Highest Interest, and The Highest Interest of All Life Everywhere, and are not in the highest service to the one true living God of all love, light, creation and compassion, the Divine Holy Spirit, and the only begotten son Jesus Christ, in Thought, Form, Mind, Deed, Action, Word, and in all ways, I Demand you to Leave my Mind, Spirit, Body, Soul, and all that I am; On All Levels, Dimensions, Densities, and Locations NOW & FOREVER & NEVER RETURN. ALL PERMISSION to create or maintain attachments, to influence from within or without in any way, to possess or cohabitate in part or in whole, to infect or affect or defect in anyway is: PERMANENTLY NOW AND FOREVER REMOVED. All Protections are asked for In The Name of The One True Living God Of ALL Compassion, Love, Light & Creation And His Holy Son, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit. All artificial intelligences that are feeding off my energies, infecting and defecting my body in any way, creating pain, or influencing my mind’s thoughts, feelings, bodies and all that I am in all dimensions, densities, levels, and locations I demand them to leave now and never return. All contracts, obligations, and agreements I have made that are not in my highest interest, and/or not in the highest interest of all life everywhere, and not in the highest service to the one true living God of all creation, I now declare null and void. All emptiness, holes, vacancies, rips, tears, or injuries from invocation contract negation, and removal of artificial intelligences are now to be filled with the Word of the one true living God, the only God of all creation, the light of the Holy Spirit and the healing and compassion of the only begotten Son Jesus Christ, all are asked for and stated and demanded in the name of the one and only God of all creation, the living God of all love, light, creation and compassion and Divine Holy Spirit, and the only begotten son Jesus Christ. As it is Said, now it is done and is Sealed Now and For ALL Time!

Project Bluebird
Project Bluebeam
Project Evergreen
Project Artichoke
Project Monarch
Operation Chaos 
Operation Gladio
Operation Mockingbird 
Operation Paperclip
Operation Northwoods 
Operation Ranch Hand
Operation Popeye
(Doomsday Project)
Operation Project Seal
Operation Stargate
Operation Highjump
Operation Delirium
Project Rainbow
Operation Midnight Climax
Project Woodpecker 
Project Stagate - Grill Flame,  Sun Streak
Operation Cloverleaf
Operation Fishbowl
Project Bluebook
Project Coast.
Musical Control ( Rockefeller )
Project Groom Lake
Jekyll Island.
The creation of the Federal Reserve.
Fiat currency.
Operation High Jump.
Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd.
Operation Paperclip.
Flouridation effects.
Agenda 21.
Agenda 30.
B G H (Bovine growth hormone).
Rothschild’s family history.
Albert Pike.
Adam Weishaupt.
Council of Foreign Relations
Committee of 300.
13 families.
Skull and Bones Society.
The Bush family’s business dealings.
General Wesley Clark.
Bill Cooper.
William Guy Carr.
Zacharaiah Sitchen.
Nibiru (Planet X).
Ninth Circle Cult.
Nazi eugenics.
Council of 13.
Council of Nicea.
Library of Alexandria.
Vatican Catacombs.
Emperor Constantine.
Bloodlines of the Illuminati.
Sabbatean Frankists.
Phil Schneider.
Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion.
Tavistock Institute.
Frankfurt subversion techniques.
Fabian society.
Satanic ritual abuse.
Elm St Guest house.
788 - 790 Finchley Road, Hampstead.
Christchurch Primary School, Hampstead.
Balfour Declaration and the Creation of Israel.
The Samson Option
Project ARTICHOKE was a CIA mind control program initiallly run by the CIA's Office of Scientific Intelligence

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P Miller, [12/27/2021 9:28 AM]
The discontinuance of Third Dimensional Reality 
This is an important message from the galactic federation of light Council of 7 Channeled by Jessica Alstrom creator of the Quantum Method and Quantum Fitness.

“Dear beloved humans, The holographic game of third dimension has a discontinue date of December 21,2021. 
You are being asked to choose your next adventure. Look around and gather your personal “belongings”. Nothing can be brought with you that is heavier than the frequency of boredom (refer to frequency chart below)

Anything heavier will be asked to be integrated before arriving.
The New Game of 5-6 D will be significantly “lighter” 
If you are unsure of your ability to move on from the third dimension ask yourself these questions:

1. What big desires are still unfulfilled within me?
2. How well do you “ play with others”
3. Who am I afraid to lose?
4. What is your current state of being? “ I want” or ‘I am”
5. Am I getting paid to be myself?
6. Are you afraid of your fellow humans?
7. Are abandonment and rejection still creating conflict?
8. Are you angry with your world?
9. Are you afraid to lose your job? family?money? security?
10. What are you doing to your body to cover pain? 
11. Are you co creating with your body or are you still submitting to its traumatized will.
12. Do you feel you are running out of time?
13. What resentment do you have for others?
14. Are you in a state of comparison or inspiration?
15. Are you using your reality to understand your hidden vibrations or are you feeling your life is disappointing, expectations not met.
16. What fear still vibrates around failing and starting over?
17. What do you fear about surrender?
18. What do you think you can not live without?
19. Where are you codependent ( attached ) ?
20. How do you feel about uncertainty?
21. How important is security to you?
22. What guilt inspires obligation?
23. Who do you feel responsible for?
24. Do you believe you are higher vibration than your loved ones and worried you will leave them?

On December 21st 2021 the 3d reality will finalize it's implosion
Where will you be? What will you choose to experience?

Do you believe you have the tools and physical body buoyancy to play in the next version of the 5D Matrix? 

Have you mastered the 3D Matrix game yet? Do you have the abundance within to create the bridge to the next game? If you are still wondering what game you're playing? We have quickly broken down the game plate of the 3D Matrix for you to check in with. 

3D the game of survival. (duality- separation)
Adam & Eve “atom and Eve”- (An adrogenous viral element)
Apple (separation) 
Law of cause and effect -Belief (being the lie) creates reality 
Law of reflection-Intimacy - into me I see
Law of resistance - Only yes in the Universe.What you resist you get YES.
Law of time and space- choice and environment 
Law of attraction- Like attracts like

Your assignment starts as a seed of potential. Complete Universe within. Impacted within the hard protective shell wall the seed may live a life of dormancy within its own Universe or expand through the contrast and pressure of its environment .The seed is placed in (fertilizer) It is pressurized to complete discomfort then grows not up but downward to stabilize its rise.It grows roots first deep into the dirt.The stronger and deeper the roots the longer life span of the bloom.

Your life begins as the perfect seed, put into darkness, pressurized until it's time to root into the darkness to balance gravity.The seedling begins to rise in the nakedness of vulnerability. 

The game of duality “experience” of contract, cause & effect, time & space, separation, gravity.

You believe you have to work hard here for little appreciation abundnace.80% work - 20% play.

This game is governed by abandonment and rejection.

P Miller, [12/27/2021 9:28 AM]
Pain is your teacher. 
Love is based on attachment. 
Love is conditional 
you play both victim (disempowered) and perpetrator (false empowerment) to manipulate your desires.
Judgment used in place of intuition 
Spiritual gifts and channeled connections are abundant. Yet The "channel" project's message for others rarely heals from its own internal resources.
lose something to get something to model." I have to lose my freedom at work to get paid"
Choice feels limited to circumstances- You are only able to get what you believe you have access to.
Love is guilt and shame based. Obligation  
Force versus flow 
Time and space alter awareness
Attachment creates lack of freedom
Focus easily becomes obsessive 
Brian acts as an addict to patterns created out of pain.
Biological hormones without awareness trigger epigenetic matching blueprints.
Dense energy( trauma) hides in the body vibrating on your behalf. Ego defense to protect you.
We hide behind masks for acceptance.False pride, False success, False abundance. Shallow love. We use materialism to represent our state of being. 

It's a catch 22. You are damned if you do and damned if you don't
Law of reflection and projection are your guru.
Law of resistance manifests faster than pure desire. 
The game of hot and cold, hide and seek( The ones you want, don't want you)
Comparison is used to judge rather than inspire.
Fear is addictive 

You are devalued and worth- less when you shine from within.
Humiliation and shame drive your need to rescue and heal others. 
You are taught to lack empathy for self while helping others, creating internal self abuse.

The 3rd stage of grief (bargaining and settling ) is your averaged decision in picking partners.

Future thinking and planning as a source of joy or control.
Past chases you like a hungry ghost.
You will never truly be seen in 3D or heard until you see yourself. 
safety and security defines freedom.
Addiction in Hope and Future desires lead you away from pain. 
Excitement as a form of hiding grief.
Disappointment and unmet expectation are in every single manifestation within 3 months of receiving. 
Twin flames are catalyst teachers not soul mates (Pain separates the two of you)Some cases this is healed by both and moves into alignment of soul mates. Rare due to ego baggage. 
Healing happens in layers. Appearing to be the same story over and over again.
You can't outrun yourself here.
Fear as the default emotion.The need for acceptance triumphant over personal desires.
Auric field is glitchy (from trauma and pain) causing emphatic stress, parasites and infection as well as infestation.
Ego acts as CEO rather than manager.
3D separates the three brains. Brain, Heart and gut. This then requires outside support in healing and manifesting.

Starseeds remain seeds here. 

Law of attraction delivers bittersweet manifestation. (10 steps forward 5 steps back) 
Relationships hold the most hidden pain. 
Money is used as the broker or middle man of freedom.
Creative energy is used to survive. 
Outside solutions are designed to trap you into loss. You solve a problem with a new problem here.
Bodies are heavy ( solid) difficult to change and heal . 
Beta as your default brain wave
You believe you have to learn here. You forget you know.
You access only 10% of the brain's potential to create. 
You use 25% to focus on future desires and worries.
25% on hiding and avoiding pain in the past.
25 % on managing and living vicariously through others.
15% is in undecided/crossroads/confusion and uncertainty.
Leadership is corrupted
Awakened empaths and sensitive beings people struggle the most here. 
A coded feeling of loneliness and inability to" fit in" is embedded within you 

The game of “ wait” is perpetual. 
Here you rely on someone or something to tell you yes so you can be yourself.

P Miller, [12/27/2021 9:28 AM]
you are attacked and judged for your authentic state of being. 
Your light triggers others
False light guru leads people into judgment 
Your intimate family and loved ones treat each other the worst.
The brain is at war with self (masucline and feminie) 
The game is a ``doing game" not a "being" game.
Selflessness is considered love.
Truth spoken can get you attacked and killed.
This game ends on Dec 21st 2021 

The new game is available! 

Non duality. - STATE OF BEING determines your reality. Choose your own adventure. Code your own game within the game.
No right or wrong, just balanced.
Love is your teacher. 
You are no longer on a spiritual journey or healing journey.
You are on a "living journey"

Solutions are win-win based. Choosing yourself heals others.
Bodies lighten up.( heal) become more efficient and pain free. 
You play here more, work less. 80% play 20% work 
Time and space becomes malleable

Shadow self fully integrates providing lost 50% of intuition. 
Integrated pain acts as a purpose. Limits become potential. 
Empty space fires up excitement, creativity & intuition not fear. 
Joy becomes default emotion 

Ego heals and integrates as the new manager of higher self. Ego runs and focuses on new build out of preferred reality.
Possibilities are hidden in limits but easy to see and access. Change is intended through choice.

Inner child- Imagination creates 
Connection replaces attachment. 
Free will awareness returns 

Bodies activate higher dimensional access points, seeing and working with higher dimensional info, tech and assistance.
Hormones are directed through Pineal gland ( super human power ) Balanced through a healthy relationship with self.

Gamma as your default brain wave 
heart field activates and heals auric field ( bullet proof ) 
Heart field telepathy returns 
13 chakras blend providing Crystalline kundalini activation
Junk DNA turns on"
Genetics and DNA utilized through choice rather than default blueprint. 
Superhuman ability available through alignment 
Desire comes from heart not circumstances 
Abundance is within . No outside order required to manifest 
Abundance as freedom.
Relationships are no longer kryptonite . 
Intention becomes direction. 
World begins to unite 
Karma resolved 
Self governorship replaces tyranny
Religion and corporations disappear. 
Earth cleared and ready to upgrade again. 
Ashes as fertilizer.
Bodies become malleable based on soul fragment alignment.
Isolation and reclusion to feel safe disappear. 
End of life for starseed. Star seeds become STAR bloom.
Lost real family, tribe reunites. 
New world emerges through choice.
Potential is easily realized 
Fully operational body mind soul connection. Coherence of Brain heart and gut return.
life as a mosaic (broken pieces fractals)  rather than black and white. 
Age becomes a choice.
gravity becomes malleable 
Love is abundantly shared because it isn't coming from desire,It is coming from a state of being.
"I want love"" I AM love".

You will have access to the discontinued game as long as you vibrate to its reality. 

How do you get to the new world aka New 5D Matrix? 
1. Integrate shadow fears 
2. Live from connection not attachment 
3. Unify Brian, gut or heart coherence (Me, Myself & I)
4. Manifest with kundalini energy
5. Prepare to shine (demonstrate choice)
6. Access gamma frequency at will
7. Empty grief from body and auric field (lighten up) 
8. Courage (vulnerability)
9. Acceptance that everyone heals at their own level and time.
10. Let go of need to heal others, heal by inspiration 
11. Strengthen the core of the body and realign posture.
12. Utilize inner tool box to build new reality
13. Communicate with heart not mind 
14. Self governorship
15. Intuition replaces judgement 

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