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Cure inbound. President Trump is really about to save the world. Best movie eva and we got front row. #Trump2020Landslide #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE


James Woods@RealJamesWoods


7hDear Mr. President, it has often been asked, “Does a man make the times, or do the times make the man?” I implore you, sir, to focus on the task at hand, stay the course, and get America home safely. Ignore naysayers, but be humble. Let these times make the man.


Trey Gowdy@TGowdySC



These 3 remain: Faith, Hope, and Love. We’ll make it. No us/them. Just us now. Let’s put others ahead of ourselves. Courage, Compassion, Caution in equal parts. Take care of one another with cautious courage until the sun re-emerges.

72 SECONDS@55true4u



We are going to find out what is on Anthony Weiner's Laptop. Tip of the iceberg. Tip of the spear ...



3hBREAKING: Anti-Trump GOP Senator Richard Burr Accused of Insider Trading - Dumped Hotel Stocks After Reassuring Public About Coronavirus Crisis via



BREAKING: Anti-Trump GOP Senator Richard Burr Accused of Insider Trading - Dumped Hotel Stocks...

Anti-Trump GOP Senator Richard Burr is in deep trouble on Thursday after it was discovered the powerful chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee dumped as much as $1.72 million in hotel stocks...

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President Donald J Trump's Most Loyal Supporters. Host of D&S Chit Chat Live. Vloggers, Fox Nation Host, Public Figures & Speakers.

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Joseph J. Flynn @JosephJFlynn1



Sen Burr did everything he could to encourage the #RussiaHoax by allowing Mueller to continue...he called none of the #CoupPlotters to task over their behavior and now this!!!! GOP Swamp suck just as bad!!! This stinks to high heaven. #DrainTheDeepStateSwamp !!

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Robert Faturechi


· 14h

NEW: After assuring the public about the government's coronavirus preparedness, Senate Intel chair Richard Burr, in one day, sold off up to $1.6 million is stock. A week later, the market began its fall.

Pam Miller

Yesterday at 5:34 AM · 

Yea, why was that? Why SO MUCH precaution, on a global scale, for THIS PARTICULAR virus - THE ENEMY - as our President has called it.

How come no reaction like this ever before ? Perhaps, we never truly understood, the enemy, before. Perhaps, before, we were not provided the information we needed to make better decisions about what was really going on. Perhaps we are just human, and they have learned enough about us, to know what will make us react, effectively.

All possibilities.

Many seem to have an unexpected amount of free time on their hands. This might be a good time to let your curiosity lead you to the information that will calm your nerves and your soul. Be well my friends. This too shall pass.
Where we go one - we go all.


Melody Rose Durst Ginther

March 13 at 3:21 AM

Bernie and Joe Debate clips

Biden Bot gets it wrong alot.




US CV update 3/20 5:20 am EDST 14,366 total cases 125 recovered 217 deaths 14,024 still sick - 13,960 mild condition - 64 serious Top 3 states NY 5,712 WA 1,377 CA 1,060 * Note: These 3 states account for 56.8% of all US cases.

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Bob Hardt@bobhardt

· 20m

Mayor de Blasio says 30% of all U.S. Coronavirus cases are in New York City.

Lisa Mei Crowley @LisaMei62



The fact that this was NOT unanimous speaks volumes. SCOTUS Rules 5-4, States Can Charge Illegal Immigrants For I.D. Theft


In 5-4 Decision, U.S. Supreme Court Hands President Donald Trump Major Victory - Court Rules That...

This will have major implications on the election.

Katie Hopkins@KTHopkins


21mIf you would find it helpful to understand why Italy is in crises with Corona - please calmly read this article. When the workers fled #Wuhan - they came ‘home’ to Italy. Facts. Not fear. Please



The Italian fashion capital being led by the Chinese

A growing number of Chinese clothing companies are now dominating business in one of Italy's most historic centres of fashion production, as the BBC's Sylvia Smith reports.

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