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Laura Wins

1d  · 

Some may not remember and others may not know......

Q talked about suicide weekend....

Who remembers the pics with Nancy in a bullet bracelet.... things are not always what they appear... its a suicide bracelet...

These are used to hold cyanide so that if the enemy captures you, that you have an exit strategy....

They know that nothing can stop what is coming..... its only a matter of time now.... ladies and gentlemen .....


Trump on Hannity 8-18-2021

Newman Hoverd

1d  · 

When asked if he’ll be back:

You see the confidence in his demeanour?

“People, you’re gonna be happy”

Leslie Nelson

1d  · 

From Relentless Truth -

I keep seeing people say that there was no reason to drag things out this long and that we should have made arrests months ago.

This is false and should be extremely obvious by now.

We broke the algorithms on November 3rd.

Without Q that doesn't happen.

If we didn't break the algos, election fraud is never even discovered, let alone brought to justice.

If election fraud is never discovered, the globalist cabal regains control over the United States as if Trump never even existed once he leaves office.

Four more years of a satanic Chinese puppet running the country would have solidified our fate of living in a technocratic dystopian nightmare. We would already be living in that hell had Trump not beaten HRC.

Somebody had to battle the MSM and expose their constant lies and hypocrisy.

Digital soldiers stepped up and risked everything to do so. An incredible group of people who care more about the fate of our planet than themselves.

We changed the world on election day. It will be talked about for countless generations.

Q was 100% a psyop and a damn brilliant one.

How else do you reverse decades of brainwashing in 4 years?

How else do you expose the depths of evil on this planet without fracturing the minds of many?

How else do you give people a major wake up call without ceding power to the enemy?

How do you expose the entire system and safeguard from ever letting this happen again?

Has this not been by far the craziest year of our entire lives? This is THE GREAT AWAKENING. The moment when humanity collectively decides to take the next evolutionary step towards a world that functions on light, love and prosperity.

In other words, this is the without a doubt the greatest time to be alive. Learn to bask in this moment instead of letting it consume you.

We can all feel it in our bones...something major is about to happen.

Deep. Breaths.

Adama & His Guidance Into The Higher Dimensions  · 


Mehroo Fitter  · 1h  · 

The Effects and Uses of the Enhanced Planetary Crystal Grid


The crystal grid, or crystal life-stream as it is also known, has essentially two parts, one physical and one etheric. The primary uses of the grid relate to energy amplification (in the physical) and storage and transfer of information (in the etheric). The grid is a direct conduit for human consciousness to access and enjoy full perceptivity in the lower Earth dimensions. Human consciousness, or mind-stream, is in truth the third grid that will be adjusted during the ascension of planet Earth. The crystal grid has always been in place within and around the planet Earth.

What you have experienced recently is an expansion of the effects of the grid in the DNA of both the planet and yourselves. This is a direct result of the ascension of the energies of the crystal grid into a higher and purer vibration. What you are experiencing today as you interact with the crystal grid in the ascension process is what the planet herself is undergoing. Through this interaction with the planet’s process, your physical bodies are also restructuring. Your own crystalline structure is ascending through the adjustments of your DNA. This happens, my beloveds, as you increase and maintain your level of love and light quotient, day by day through the energies of the heart. There is really no other way.

Why is this happening? It is happening because it is now time for humanity and for the Earth to move into a much higher level of existence. It is also because you have chosen it from the level of your higher self. You have had enough of separation, and you have requested the necessary assistance to bring forth the change within yourself and on your planet. Throughout the last 20 Earth years, as measurements were taken of your willingness to move out of the denser energies in which you have resided for so long, the grids have been recalibrated for your benefit. First the magnetic grid, the geomagnetic lifestream of the planet, was adjusted. This allowed for a greater connection with the etheric realms, and dissolution of much of the veil of duality and illusion.

Then the crystal grid was raised into a higher vibration and many of you heard the call to work more actively with these energies. All of you are experiencing the vibrational shift of the grid, whether you are conscious of it or not. Your own vibrational rate is entraining itself to that of the grid, and so the planet as a whole is fully involved now in the ascension process. To interact with the grid in a more conscious manner, you must gain a fuller understanding of its uses.

You must make a commitment within your heart to access the grid only as appropriate, for the good of the whole. In times past, as witnessed in the age of Atlantis, this grid was often accessed for corrupt purposes. While the lessons learned and the experience gained was valuable beyond question, you still need to fully understand its proper use. The misuse of the grid will not be allowed to happen again. Those who might try will face a quick return of their negative energies upon themselves, and the karmic consequences of their self-centered agenda.

( From Telos Book 3 by Aurelia)

JFK Sr._2020

More chix with dix

All Good Things - For The Glory 8-19


Guest Speaker tonight tells all...8/19/21

Legacy Marketing Network

LIVE: View of Kabul airport as evacuation efforts continue

Started streaming 22 minutes ago@5:35am CST


Brad Barton was live.

10h  · 

‘LIVE’ w/Brad AND Mel K

Gideons Army August 19th 2021 730am est power and unity

Scheduled for Aug 19, 2021

Gerry Foley

Gene Decode - Patriot Underground's 3rd Exclusive Interview With Gene Decode-GeneExposes JFKandTrump

Premiered Aug 6, 2021

Gene Decode

NESARA Pricing & Wages | Gold Standard, Debt Crisis & the Value of Currency | The Great Reset​

Premiered Aug 16, 2021

Upcoming events with Kelly Marie Prophetess

Scheduled for Aug 19, 2021


Truth by Billie Beene E1-223 81821 God Wins!/Pres T Aug 22?!/Arrests!/Prosperity!

Aug 18, 2021

billie beene

Shazza Matazz

1d  · 

Can you feel it comin in the air tonite...Ohh Lord..

1961 JFK Prophecy

General Pain 

Published July 21, 2021

JFK prophecy


Published March 27, 2021

Grand Rising ~ Golden Harmony ~ Blu Rainbow Gold Aura Ray ~ Open Heart ~ Diamond Light

Aug 19, 2021

Paul White Gold Eagle


Jan 5, 2019

Paul White Gold Eagle

Dr Scott Jensen 

February 21  ·


Mena Arkansas: Clinton Crime Syndicate Of Drug Smuggling And Child Killing

Hollywood Arrestd & Executed

A Brief overview of Earth

Where did God come from?

Phuckingham Palace


Rhen Carberry

5h  · 


Greetings Of Light To All Beings!

Allow Us To Begin Our Sharing With Deep Love Directed To Your Heart!

The Heart That Beats Within Your Body By The Source Of All Life, Feels Everything! It Is No Longer Called A Muscled Chamber That Blood Circulates Through, But Your Scientists Now Call It A Living Organ.

We Call It The Origin Of Your Life Form In Physical Manifestation. As This Magnificent Consciousness Allows All Other Bodily Processes To Continue, Let's Get To Know And Understand The Heart That Sustains Your Form In 3-D.

Besides Being The Source Of Oxygen, Nutrients, Blood, Immunity, Hormones And Every Chemical And Physiological Reaction That You Know About, Consider Much More. The Heart Has 40,000 Neurons That Are Thinking And Feeling Continually! 'As A Man Thinks In His Heart So Is He.' This Sacred Verse Is Telling You Truth. The Electromagnetic Field In The Heart Is 5,000 Times Stronger Than The Brain. The Heart Can Guide You While The Brain Can Both Guide You And Confuse You!

The Heart And Brain Can Be Harmonized By Touching The Heart And Allowing Your Focus To Be Here NOW And Breathing Deeply And Slowly. This Changes The Chemistry Of The Body And Now Choose Thoughts That Are Uplifting And Will Bring Emotions Of Gratitude, Compassion And Joy! This Will Move You From Polarity To Oneness. You Will FEEL Your True Self. Peace And Love Is Your True State Of Being!

The Heart Carries Your Life! The Heart Chakra Guides You And Enfolds All Information From Each Waking Dream To The Next. Known As The Akashic Records Of Divine Frequency, All Is Recorded For Your Own Growth And Soul Review.

If You Have Suffered Trauma That Is Unresolved In Any Dream, Including The Current One, You Have The Power With Intention To Heal All Residual Energy And Be Free. Be Grateful And Say 'Thank You That I Am Healed.' 'Thank You!' Meditate With This Until You Feel It. Be Aware Of The Consciousness Of Your Heart!

Beloved Ones, Be Of Great Peace! You Will Be Shifting Into The Higher Densities Where The Chaos Of The State Of This Dream, Does Not Exist! Meditate On This Truth!

You Are The Collective And We Are With You NOW!

We Have Always Loved You And Now We Remain!



Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, [19.08.21 07:03]

Telegram Channel
We stand with you.

Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, [19.08.21 07:03]
Never give up the good fight.

Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, [19.08.21 07:04]
Sometimes you can't TELL the public the truth.

Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, [19.08.21 07:23]
Enjoy the show!

Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, [19.08.21 07:23]

Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, [19.08.21 07:24]
You awake, thinking for yourself, is their greatest fear.

Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, [19.08.21 07:24]
Nothing can stop this.

Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, [19.08.21 07:26]
Digital Warriors know the truth.

Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, [19.08.21 07:27]

Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, [19.08.21 08:10]
Biden is a dead man.

Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, [19.08.21 08:18]
"Let's see what happens."

Shell Evans

1h  · 

Patrick Bouvier Kennedy - Telegram

The "Lombardi D'Alesandro" family !

Who are they ?

What is The Baltimore Plan ?

Who are the Puppets of the Grand Lodge of (Baltimore, Maryland) Masonic Temple ? "Rosslyn Chapel".

Who run the Temples of The Egyptian Pharaohs & Witches in San Francisco -California ?

Join The Official Telegram Channel of P.B.K


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