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Rhen Carberry

1h  · 

"The most powerful man in the word is The Grey Pope, his name is Pepe Orsini and he lives somewhere in Italy, most likely Venice & The Vatican. He controls the Black & White Popes who are now both commoners. The Grey Pope always remains unseen!

Did you notice David Rothchild married Princess Olimpia Aldobrandini? Because they are all one huge family who are always changing their last names to keep the conspiracy hidden and to avoid public scrutiny," Patrick Kennedy, JFK Junior's brother.

*The Evil bloodlines have been removed.

Rhen Carberry

9h  · 

In 1855 ISIS was formed by Kings of Morocco & Libya.

[HASSAN Family]

They signed in the Mohameddi Law which was to Kill The Bloodlines of Jesus Christ [DRUZE].

6 Yrs later they merged with Skull n Bones.

Rothschilds, Schiff, Rockefellers, Scherff aka Bush, Kissingers, etc.

The UK Royals artificially inseminated by the Rothschilds had taken control of the Satanic Sanussi [HASSAN] Family of Libya.

See the Sanussi Family.


ISIS was already created, it was just merged over.

Skull n Bones_ISIS Assassinated JFK.

See JFK meeting Crown Prince HASSAN of Libya & King HASSAN 2 of MOROCCO.

See Obama's first year of Presidency 2009.

Green Day released a song called Know Your Enemy.

They told you ISIS will rise & don't be blinded by "Lies in your eyes".

Zbigniew Brzezinski created Tim Osman/OBL in late 70s.



Rhen Carberry

7h  · 

"The real holocaust of the descendants of "Christ " happened between 1911 to 1943 in Libya, where hundreds of thousands of Libyans were murdered in Camps in Libya and Military prisons in Italy.

In 1912, thousands of Libyans were shipped and murdered in Gaeta Military Prison," Patrick Kennedy (JFK Junior's brother).

Rhen Carberry

1h  · 

"The 13 Satanic families who are controlling the World..."Their Ancestors have the blood of Christ on their hands"

The Luciferian Demi-Gods who rule over their own G.O.D. (Gold-Oil-Drugs):

The Gaetani family is one of them

House of Borja

House of Breakspeare

House of Somaglia

House of Orsini (Orso)

House of Conti

House of Chigi

House of Colonna

House of Farnese

House of Medici

House of Gaetani

House of Pamphili

House of Este

House of Aldobrandini

As you noticed the Rothchilds don't make it to the top 13. There are of course other powerful crime families like the Maximus Family, The Pallavicini (Maria Camila Pallavicini is more powerful than Queen Elizabeth) Yes, Queen Elizabeth is a subordinate to this people," Patrick Kennedy, JFK Junior's brother.

*The Evil bloodlines have been removed.

Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, [22.08.21 09:00]
A Deep Dark World Is Being Exposed

The Truth Won't Be For Everyone.

Have faith in Humanity.

Sometimes you can't TELL the public the truth.



Do you see a pattern?


We haven’t forgotten about Texas, Florida, or Ohio.

Every state needs audited!

America’s Audit started with Arizona, but it’s far from over.

There are many more dominoes to fall!

God bless President Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Rhen Carberry

7h  · 

"The real holocaust of the descendants of "Christ " happened between 1911 to 1943 in Libya, where hundreds of thousands of Libyans were murdered in Camps in Libya and Military prisons in Italy.

In 1912, thousands of Libyans were shipped and murdered in Gaeta Military Prison," Patrick Kennedy (JFK Junior's brother).

Shell Evans

17h  · 

Repost from ScottB/Mega D:

Big news.



The Freed om Tribe includes everyone that heard about the vision for VND, IQD, ZIM, etc., and believed in this incredible vision – our right to be free. All wonderful Freedom Tri Be members are now waiting at the table, ready for the glorious repast to be served. To all the open-hearted souls, able to grasp the importance of this time and this day, we honor you. You are the

Kingd om come. You are the future. You carry the hearts and minds of great nations in your capable hands. Your time has come.

The repast we mention will include 23 currencies, including Zimbabwe

Governme nt Bonds. The choice you make in this moment will determine your appetite for business, because the TO DO list is never-ending. It’s going to take every able-bodied person to restore the Grace and Beauty – everywhere, that is our birthright.

This is all made possible by the commitment to Prosperi ty and Freedom, by the good people in Ir aq, who together with wise advisors, pushed through the mire, and muck, and countless obstacles, and facilitated this rate change, along with a change of heart. Suni vs Kurds), is recognized for what it is. The People of

Ir Aq, and of Ira n, and every North African, sovereign nation state, will be getting to the task of delivering their people to Health and Healing Decades of Abuse. It begins with education and patience. In Ir Aq, they began early this week, educating the People with Jumbotrons, set up in town squares, sharing the feed to TVs everywhere, stating that Iraq is a SOVEREIGN FREE NATION, committed to Freed om. They told the People that all will receive money along with all the help needed, to restore this damaged country to greatness. They only have to believe it, do their part, and little by little, they will feel whole and safe, and know this is true. Corruption is ended.

It’s time for optimism and hope to see a huge resurgence.

As goes Ir aq, so goes the soverei gn nation of UNITED STATES.

The long-standing and most effective "weapon" of globalists always is artificially inflated interethnic conflict. This is ending now. We, in Tier 4 B say NO MORE.

Assembling your capable team will be the first task for each of us. Start with your Private Banki ng relationship and spread out from there. The CODES WERE ENTERED SUCCESSFULLY IN THE WEE HOURS, AND ALL IS FLOWING OUR WAY. Rejoice! Prosperity and Peace begins right now.

COMMANDER VALIANTTHOR @commandervaliantthor

 3 hours ago

[Forwarded from Nicholas Veniamin]
Singapore has become the first country in the world to perform an autopsy (post-mortem) of a COVID-19 body. After a thorough investigation, it was discovered that Covid-19 does not exist as a virus, but rather as a bacteria that has been exposed to radiation and causes human death by clotting in the blood.
It was found that Covid-19 disease causes blood clots, which leads to blood clotting in humans, and causes blood to clot in the veins, making it difficult for a person to breathe; Because the brain, heart and lungs cannot receive oxygen, causing people to die quickly.

To find the cause of the shortage of respiratory power, doctors in Singapore did not listen to WHO protocol and performed an autopsy on COVID-19. After doctors opened and carefully examined the arms, legs and other parts of the body, they noticed that the blood vessels were dilated and filled with blood clots, which impeded blood flow and also reduced the flow of oxygen in the

Nirvana - The Man Who Sold The World

Gideons Army -----Sunday 9 am est ---power---fellowshp----unity Aug 22 2021

Gerry Foley

President Biden Delivers Remarks on Tropical Storm Henri and Afghanistan Evacuations

1,431 watching now

Streamed live 78 minutes ago


Aug 10, 2021

367 I like this


The White House

4PM, JOE BIDEN gives remarks on the evacuation of American citizens from Afghanistan, 08/22/2021


Streamed live 103 minutes ago



Truth by Billie Beene E1-225 82121 Alien Disclosure by a Redneck Part 21 Blk Goo/Gen 6/Mecca

billie beene

Australia 24000 children inoculated,Weatherwarfare #Grace #Henri


Danielle and Peter Update august 22 (ENG)

Moral Compass



UPDATES !!!!! AUGUST 14, 2021!!!!!!!!!!!




Gitmo Busy!!!!!!!!!! FBI Dissolved!!!!!!! Planes stopped!!!!! Buildings Shut Down In DC!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump Won!!!!!!! Order to Cease and Desist! Birx arrested!!!!! Banks Closed!!!!! NESARA


MILITARY INSIDER: They Panicked When They Saw The Future


The Beales of Grey Gardens

Afghan pop star describes 'horrifying' evacuation experience
Aug 21, 2021

Emma Abraham is with Lambert Page.
1d  · 
''Afghanistan'' The movie uncut 
whitehats 👏👏

Wicca Teachings is with Laila Dia and 2 others.
Poster based in the United Kingdom

  · 14h  · 

Tonight is the Full Corn Moon named because this is a time of the corn harvests. The August Full Moon is also known as the Sturgeon Moon because this was the time when wild sturgeon and Salmon would be abundant in rivers and streams. At this time our emotions will be heightened, our senses will be sharp, things that were hidden or in the shadows can now be seen.

If you have been feeling stuck in a situation or that everything has been standing still lately, get ready because this Full Moon will be bringing with it a wind of change. The whole of earth is going through a massive transition at the minute, Summer is fading and Autumn is coming in, leaves are starting to change colour on the trees, plants and flowers are dying and seeding the earth for next Spring. But at the same time crops in fields are flourishing with the harvest, fruit is now at it's most ripest. We will feel this energy of transformation, we should use it to help transform and shape ourselves into what we want to be.

The Full Moon is in the sign of Aquarius. The time is potent to follow our hearts and to create new pathways. We have shed our skin, now is the time to emerge and start turning the visions we have of ourselves into something real. There will be some deep emotional changes happening now, don't fight them, let them come to the surface we must move with the changes, allow what wants to come forth, and trust our inner knowing and guidance.

Your enthusiasm, idealism and creativity will be at an all time high. You will be bursting with new ideas and energy. You could have sudden insights into the future and where it is you are going. Dreams will be wild and vivid and could even be prophetic. You can move from a breakdown to a breakthrough now. You are experiencing a transformation in consciousness, big changes are coming.

Sometimes your growth can feel weird and strange when you are no longer connecting to your past. But truly, the old way of living no longer works for you. You are experiencing new aspects of yourself and life. You are giving birth to the new you, and giving birth is painful. This is real work. This is real growth. There is so much to celebrate right now. Realise that to live out new, promising visions there's a need to restructure and grow. A new vision of the future will be illuminated, it is up to you what you do with it.

Most of all tonight's Full Moon will be about healing. Let the Air element of Aquarius blow away negative thoughts and feelings and take you on a journey of discovery. Let go of the past and welcome in the future. This is the harvest and it is time to start reaping what we have sown, your hard work will start paying off. Take the gifts life offers you and make the most of them.

Have a Blessed Full Moon, May the Goddess watch over you.


Ancient Order Of The Hermetics  · 


Mario Eres  · 3d  · 

The pyramid of Bin Bin, which puzzled scientists for thousands of years, and they were unable to solve the mystery.

The pyramid is made of black stone, but it is not an ordinary stone because all its components do not exist on the face of the earth. The black iron stone is only found in space in space meteorites, and here appears the other puzzle because it is a very hard iron stone and difficult to shape and dig, but it is not difficult to break, so how was it cut with that Accuracy in angles and deflections?? How was its face polished with this unique refinement? How was the engraving done with these very precise inscriptions on the faces of the pyramid, and the scientists found it impossible for any tool, whether old or new, to carve those inscriptions unless using a laser cutting tool. And now we come to the last mystery, which is that the black iron meteorite stone, thanks to its composition, enjoys transmitting positive electromagnetic energy in its surroundings that makes everyone who approaches it feel psychologically comfortable and affects human energy..

The pyramid is in the Egyptian Museum.

From the group - The Secrets of Egypt

Leslie Nelson

3 6 9 - Energy - everything on earth INCLUDE YOU is made up of God's Energy!


Leslie Nelson12h  · Telegram WhipLash347 This is William Wallace Lincoln. JFKs Grandfather.He is was the Great Freedom Fighter. You must understand the Roman invasion of Libya.Ghaddafi was a good guy, he wore WWL on his chest.He was hung in the streets of Benghazi when he was 81 yrs old.Notice the Actor Quinn & the Film maker. Weren't those the names used for the AT & T Nashville White Hat hit on CIA servers?


COMMANDER VALIANTTHOR @commandervaliantthor
3 hours ago
Q) The Storm Rider

This Report goes heavy into.. Five eyes agencies.. OBAMA/BIDEN/CLINTONS
CCP/TECH GIANTS(Gates/Zuckerberg/Sergey brin/ect..

For those who don't understand.. Why the DURHAM report couldn't be done early.. Here's the reason>>>> SO MUCH MORE MORE EVIDENCE EVOLVED AFTER THE ELECTION!!

WHAT WAS SIMPLY RUSSIA GATE TURNED INTO A SNOW BALLING STORM>FAUCI FBI CIA ROTHSCHILDS NIH CDC, CDC WUHAN... The creation of bioweapon and release of the Bioweapon by Obama/Clinton/CCP during TRUMPs administration when their impeachment proceedings failed


COMMANDER VALIANTTHOR @commandervaliantthor
9 hours ago

I don’t understand if people just realized the symbolism of what just happened. The Patton speech wasn’t for theatre.

President Trump is showing the American people and the world as we tune in that he is going to be our war time General, our war time leader that liberates and leads the free world through this communist enemy we all face together.


I believe we are about to enter a new phase.

God bless America. 🇺🇸


Debbie Wheeler

Can you explain this. Watching news max and there was blimp in the tv. The guys behind Trump totally changed


Martha Krul

1d  · 

Today's energy update 21/08/2021

Another strong increase. That increase yesterday has only been strengthened more than 300 x. You feel we are on our way to changes. When you look around you you see signs of that too. Tomorrow a strong and special full moon. Everything thrusts us into and into our own special power. You will be fully absorbed in the NOW. You can start releasing more and more the period behind. You have crossed a great threshold and entered another dimension. At first you asked yourself if you too crossed that threshold. Now you see with your own eyes that things are so changing. You don't know yourself anymore and you don't see much of the life you once led on earth. Everything is changing at a very high pace. You are supported from the universe in letting go. You don't get the time to watch anymore. You have to focus through the speed on the NOW. You're really out of turn. Give yourself an extra pat on the back. You do it anyway and you went that whole way. That's not nothing, but also brought you a lot.

You can only walk your own path

When you have decided to live your own life

and then you can feel the power through you

flowing over.

You feel the shells falling from your eyes.

You feel like you got in your own car.

You decide your own direction.

No one can determine your direction for you.

No one knows YOUR path.

So how can you discharge your responsibilities

Giving hands?

How can you start doing things, because they are good

For the other person?

When you fill your own jug, you can always

giving water to thirsty people.

When you take good care of your own wellbeing,

are you a support for the other.

You're standing on your own feet.

You are connected to your heart and the SOURCE.

No one can talk you into anything else unless

You want that yourself.

Then this goes back to your own responsibility.

You can't take care of the other.

That's what the other person determines.

You can only take care of yourself,

because you can only make decisions in your own life

Take it.. n

Not in the other person's life.

When the other person doesn't want you for him / her

If you don't, you will have to accept that.

That's why that call is correct: ′′ You do it for the other ′′

Not either.

Feel why you respond to that statement like this.

It goes against your feeling.

You feel good and pure.

YOU are at the wheel and determining your direction.

YOUR direction.

You're not being selfish because of good for yourself

to be taken care of.

You are being selfish, when you aware the other person

disadvantaged to get better by themselves.

That's something completely different.

The other only benefits from it,

when you take good care of yourself.

He can always fall back on a strong one

Person.. n

That person will always be there for the other.

When you have seen your own uniqueness and

Recognized, then you know that the other is unique as well.

Then your heart is opened and you will always be there

The other ones are.

You are the pivot of this special process.

Everything is about you.

By gathering all powerful souls on earth

the process can be implemented.

We are the lions.

Feeling that and we know it.

No one can tell us anything.

We have our own wisdom.

We've known this for a long time.

Stay with and within yourself.

YOU know your path.

The universe guides you.

YOU are the most important part in this

Process.. n

You're here for a reason.

Let your light shine, so the others shine theirs too

Being able to find a path.

Namast é

I see the light

Martha Curl


Okechukwu Opara

22h  · 

Thank you Lord Sananda. Starseeds, Wayshowers and dear Light Bearers this lovely message is for you. Trust yourselves, trust the Plan you made before reincarnation, trust the Great Plan. The Trumpet is about to blown by the Trumpeter, once the Trumpet start blowing everything across the planet will be shaken to it's foundation.. are you ready?

Lord Sananda: Many Shall Awaken

I am Sananda. I am here at this time. In this quite opportune time, I will add, as things are rapidly changing, both internally and externally, within all that you are coming to understand your lives, as things more and more are coming to the surface.

It has been said, those in the shadows cannot stand within the light, so they are coming out of those shadows and being shown for what they are, what they represent, as they do not represent love and Light. They represent fear and darkness, attempting to hold onto the unknown. Keeping you, rather, in the unknown. Keeping you in the shadow within yourself.

But no longer. For it has been destined that the Light shall prevail. And the Light, indeed, has prevailed. It is only those small pockets of darkness that still remain.

For largely, the collective consciousness of man is now enlightened. Not all, of course. But the majority of the population of this world, of this planet, are now within the Light.

It is only a small percentage that continues to attempt to hold control over the larger population of the planet, but not for much longer.

For a great announcement is about to come forward. You’ve heard this before, and for various reasons, it has been curtailed, held back, postponed. But not for much longer now.

When this announcement comes forward, all will be revealed to this yet sleeping population. Whether it awakens them or not is up to their life plan.

But I tell you this now that this great announcement is going to shake many, many across the planet.

Not only here in this country, but across the planet, will be shaken out of their doldrums. They will be shaken out of their sleepiness.

Many will awaken as a result of this. Many that have been wondering and ‘on the fence,’ you might say, will wonder no longer and will step onto the other side along with you.

But as yet, many will also tend to hold onto everything that they have known, for they will not be ready to relinquish those things that are being brought forth or relinquish the comfort zone that has held them, to keep them from knowing these things as they come forth.

As always, continue to trust.

Trust in yourselves.

Trust in those that work alongside of you.

Trust in the Great Plan. Because it cannot be held back much longer.

Forces are at work, Forces of Light are at work. And you’ll find then, as you open up to the possibilities, you will find them not in the shadows, but more and more in the light: the light of truth, the light of oneness, the light of love.

Believe in yourselves, my friends.

Believe in who you are.

Trust in who you are.

Trust that you are the ones, the ones that are stepping forth, moving ahead.

Because you cannot be held back, as a collective, much longer. It will not be possible.

For the Light has won, the plan is set and cannot be undone.

Nothing can stop what is coming.

All of my peace and love be with all of you.

I am Sananda.

I love you all deeply, beyond what many of you can even come to understand, as many of you have a strong connection with myself and with all of those that are alongside of me in working in this plan within this planet.

Peace and love be with all of you.

Channeled by James McConnell

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