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ONE MORE TIME - INCASE YOU MISSED IT~Abraham Lincoln is of druize blood - the bloodline of Jeshua - he sent his two sons to be raised by distant family in Bengazi (the world was told they died as children) HERE IS THE STORY -

Telegram Maryann



Born on: Saturday, December 21, 1850 Springfield, Illinois, U.S.A

Day 21….777

21 December 1850 = 16th of Tevet, 5611 “Hebrew Calendar”.

Day 16 …1+6 = 7.

21 December 1850 = 16th of Safar, 1267 “Lunar Calendar”.

Day 16 ..1+6 = 7.

The Libyan Government had confirmed to me that the remains of “William Wallace Lincoln” had been sent to the United States.

William Wallace was brought to Benghazi – Libya in 1863, they changed his identity , was raised by The Sanussi Royal family of Libya and lived in that Country for the rest of his life.

He was known as “Omar Mukhtar”, the great freedom fighter who fought against The Italian Military invasion of Libya from 1911, until his arrest near Caves Valley (180 Km east of Benghazi), on Friday [11th September 1931] when he was defending those Holy Valleys of Marcus the Evangelist, Valley of The Bible and Mary’s Lake in the region of Cyrene “280 Km east of Benghazi”.

He was transferred to face trial on Tuesday 15th September 1931 held by The Italian Military Tribunal in Benghazi, the trial ended in just one day.

He was sentenced to Death. They Hanged him on Wednesday 16th September 1931,(age 81) in The Town of Solluk 50 Km south of Benghazi “US Peridous”- Libya..



P.S. William Wallace Lincoln was born on the 16th day of the Hebrew Calendar, and on the 16th day of the Lunar Calendar. His father is The 16th President of USA….They killed him on The 16th Day , on the 31st Year….

At that time The President of USA was Herbert Clark Hoover (31st President).

Remember: “Orthodox Cathedral of Christ the Savior” in Moscow was destroyed by “Joseph Stalin” on December 5th,1931..(D5) mentioned in Q post.

Remember: “Orthodox Messiah”, written in Hebrew, gives (777): he, mem, shin, yod, heth, daleth, taw and yod, giving 5+40+300+10+8+4+400+10 = 777.

William Wallace Lincoln, had 3 daughters “Mary, Gallia and Saieda”, and one Son. His only Son was shot in the head & killed by The Italian Military Police in downtown Benghazi in 1942.

His daughter “Mary” married a “ Prince “ originally from “The Golan Heights” , his name is “Said H Issa Kahlooni” and was born in The Orchards in The Governorate of Mount Lebanon.

He arrived The ((Port of Derna)) Libya on March 1911 coming from The Port of Beirut Lebanon. They had 2 Sons (Older son was born on : July 25, 1915..& (Younger son was born on May 29, 1917) , they were known later in life as Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr & John Fitzgerald Kennedy > “The 35th President Of The United States of America ”….

Kidnapped from Benghazi, Libya and handed over to mafia boss’ family, Joseph Kennedy [BOTH OF THEM WERE KILLED].

..P.S The ((port of Derna)) “20 Km west of Those Holy Valleys mentioned above.”

The “Kahlooni” family descend from an ethnic minority called the “Druze” , and they inhabit the Golan Heights.

This family originally from the Towns of Qunaitara & Majdal Shams in (The Golan Heights- Israel)…

The Town of “Kahloonia” in Mount Lebanon [45 Km south east of Beirut]…


The Druze are the descendants of “Jethro” ,The Priest of Midian in The Bible & “Torah” (Exodus 2:18).

The 16th President Of The United States of America “Abraham Lincoln” , descend from The Kahlooni family.

Remember: “Q” recent post about [Bloodline]..

Remember: JFK’s autoimmune disease is a (Genetic Disease)…> Both Parents are Lincolns (Kahlooni).

Remember : Trump’s Golan Heights Declaration…

Remember : The (3) Daughters of William Wallace Lincoln (777)…

Remember: His Daughter “Mary” gave birth to her Son “JFK” on 29th May 1917…(16) days after the first apparition of The Virgin “Mary” to the (3) Girls in Fatima Portugal on 13th May 1917….(See above ,the significance of the number 16 to William Wallace Lincoln (777).

JFK & jackie had 5 children - Arabella - Carolyn - JFK, jr - Patrick Bouvier - another son and another daughter (sorry can't remember their names right now)

jfk j r and cbk had 3 children by surrogate BEFORE the world even knew they were married (they were wed in secret)- his sister -Arabella carried the children and they were then raised by 3 different families -Kaleigh - Ezera - (can't remember the other sons name - sorry)

jr and cbk also have 3 other younger children and nothing has been released on them

PHEW - hope you are now caught up on the Jeshua bloodline


Jesus Birthday

Join: @TheRealKimShady


Telegram Donald J Trump Official

Undoing all of the lies perpetuated by pure evil and consumed by the global public and the good of humanity is one of the most monumental tasks ever taken on in world history.

One must give credit where credit is due: the Synagogue of Satan are the world’s experts in deceit- no doubt to due to their “father” they worship - Satan.

These people have come in and portrayed themselves as the heroes, the problem solvers, the teachers of tolerance, all for our amorality- the amorality they themselves designed, plotted, and perpetuated- thus preventing the majority of good people from ever discovering who their true enemy was by hiding and pretending to be that which they are not.

But BY GOD, When we are finished here, their hand will be FORCED out of the shadows and into THE LIGHT for all to see.

“You will bite our heel but the seed (descendant) of Eve will crush your head”

Genesis 3:15

Join Me Here Donald J. Trump



Get ready.


Donald Trump Qteam (ex YU)

Restored Republic according to GCR: updated from September 10., 2021

Friday, September 10., 2021., 01:59 pm

Trust the plan

Call for action!!!

Judy Note: In the last few days, some of Wall Street's biggest banks have issued red warnings on the US stock exchange, expecting an upcoming correction from 10 % to 20 % or a slow drop. All Toyota factories in the United States have been closed. The lack of semi-vodka chips ′′ due to Covid ′′ has closed the installation of GM, Ford Motor and other car manufacturers in North America and elsewhere. Truck drivers paralyzed trade in parts of the United States, across Brazil and from Australia to Sweden, causing narrow throats to deliver companies from Ikea to McDonalds to General Motors. Accident is inevitable. The pain. Get ready. Coming soon.... Q warriors.

The World Court has determined that Tier 4 B (we, the internet group) will leave this week.

I will be on Wednesday. September 8. th at 3:30 am EST, RV / GCR is officially launched according to Fleming's contact with military intelligence.

Do later that day on Wed 8. September elders, Zurich, Australia and F & Ps were paid off, and HSBC, JP Morgan and Chase Banks received a letter from the US Ministry of Finance directing them to release SKR funds in their accounts.

Bruce Bond's words, the owners are fully funded until 16:30 pm Wednesday. September 8. and on Thursday they had access to 1 % of their obligatory funds. September 9. th

Nivo 4 B (we, the internet group) should receive notification of the purchase / exchange date by Friday. September 10. th or sub. September 11. th (9/11).

General public exchange can start in banks on Wednesday. September 15. th or five. September 17. th.

O. To set up your winter and / or currency exchange appointment: This is just in my opinion and could easily change. Official instructions would come with the publication of the protected website.

If you would buy Bonds and / or exchange foreign currencies at higher rates, you must go to the Redemption Center within the day intended for such exchanges / redemption. If you go to the bank, it will give you lower rates as shown on Forex for that day.

The notice of setting an appointment at the buyout centers would come through letters to your email accounts. Those emails would include a link to a protected website. This link to the protected website would also be published on various dinars websites as well as in the renewed republic through the GCR update.

Hanya Neferet is with Shell Evans and

Top secret video. Large-scale military operations in Antarctica.

Antarctica South Shetland Islands. U.S.-Russian alliance special forces raided D.U.M.B Hidden entrance from the spectacular snow-white pyramid

A large number of shallow earthquakes occurred in Antarctica Many explosions separated by 10 kilometers caused earthquakes.

Military strikes destroyed the underground high-speed maglev system. DS Elite’s underground escape route completely cut off.

NESARA GESARA Drain the Swamp.

Trump, the last trump.

BIBLICAL. The world will know.


Repost from Scott Brunswick

The 3:33 reminder:

Keep in mind we are inte l providers. We do not come up with the information we share ourselves. The information is from credible sources. We cannot help it should dates change. That is out of our control. Truly we love each and every one of you and we have a mission and desire to help every one of you during this once and a lifetime transition. The journey requires the utmost patience and perseverance.

There are so many moving parts with the ultimate goal being that of perfection. The whi te hats and personnel in charge have one shot to get this right. Keep the faith as the battle has already been claimed. We realize each one of you are at your wits end. All we can do is let the movie play out and be completed. Game is over behind the scenes and all truths will be revealed publicly via the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) which is imminent and still on schedule as planned.

Be thankful God has woken you up because many are still sound asleep. To God be the glory!


Utsava Prophecy

I think that the difficulties we have are no 1) things are dragged on, delayed and we are all tired, and 2), we have not much reference points, meaning confirmation of our predictions. A lot of times when predictions came true, they were of course usually not publically announced but we got confirmation on Twitter by the Q Anon group, for instance Joe M. Now all we get is scattered information on Telegram or Anon up, perhaps on some channels, but nobody really knows what is true anymore. It feels like we are living in this Twilight zone and we are all tired of it. Events are def. delayed such as the official Nesara/Reset and the EBS. We already got this confirmed. The White hats are waiting for a certain event to trigger the EBS that was supposed to happen a while ago.

Leslie Nelson

@2:33am CST

Telegram Q-Tell

Whos ready to fig ht. i am. Be prep ared with food and water, its coming. am m o good luck. We were rel oadi ng until primer ran out. Have a bug out plan if your safety becomes an issue. We are hea v il y ar me d where i live but all have kids so bug out plan is an option. My kids come first. They can come after us, good luck. Get some rest, we all need it for whats coming. Have a great night. Cya later this morning

Jenny Beth

1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing. …16Rejoice at all times. 17Pray without ceasing. 18Give thanks in every circumstance, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

The European folks are still on standby. I know of 3 different bond groups that are on standby and waiting for the release of their funds…they are hoping this still will be today.

I do though have a number of paymasters that have much larger bank accounts , but they have not been given permission to distribute them yet though. Think of it like your bank has already cut the check for your home closing…but you havn’t signed all the paperwork yet to distribute it.

It’s really neat to see us this close though. It is neat to know so many people have already pocketed big amounts of money on historic bonds……so I feel good today. We are getting there. Perhaps they are going to do it today or tomorrow….perhaps we are days away still…..we just do not know.

I’m hearing tomorrow is NES ARA announcement!

I read that EU court ruled that millions of debts are illegal. Sounds like GESA RA to me.

It’s coming really soon…..we just have to hang in there.

This whole reval makes complete sense. Besides curren CY exchange, ALL business will benefit from this. The country will bounce back almost immediately!

-M and M scott b

MAryann Message

Patriots and Frog Family

9/11/2001 - 9/11/2021. 20 years have passed. We shall never forget nor shall we continue to believe the lies told to us about the who and what was truly responsible for this horrible event. When the truth comes out finally, America will indeed reunite like we did that tragic day.

As Mike Pompeo stated this morning, “Today, 20 years ago, the fabric of our nation changed forever. We will never forget the lives lost, the victims and their families and the heroes who came to the rescue. Let this day be a reminder that we will never stop fighting terrorism. We will #NeverForget. ”

How do I know we will once again become united? Think logically. What brought us all together to fight this battle? What upset us enough to put ourselves through all the pain and losses that we have endured by taking our stance? What was it that brought us together internationally? What appalled us so much that we are all still standing firmly in this battle? What was our first battlecry? Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! You do know! It was “Save our children!!!” When the still sleeping are shown the truths we have learned, our countries will become reunited. Am I wrong? Few may still deny but the majority will unite to make sure our children are never stolen (and worse) from us again. Time will show this to be true. Have faith in knowing that God has been guiding us the whole time when he whispered to us to join this battle.

Also many (including me) believe September 11th to be Jesus’s actual birthday. In Revelation 12:1-6 the Apostle John is presenting something of great significance in a symbolic way. The date of September 11, 3 BC was Tishri 1 on the Jewish calendar in 3 BC. I suggest you research the following:

• Tishri 1

• Yom Teruah

• Feast of Trumpets

• John 1:1-3, 14

• Revelation 12:1-6

So, are we to now celebrate Christmas today? I would say “absolutely. “. The Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah) is the start of the Jewish civil year. Before God told Moses that the month of the Exodus (Nisan) was to become the start of the religious year, Tishri 1 was the start of all years, from Creation to the Exodus from Egypt. There is an impressive assortment of biblical and prophetic scenes which align with this date. The Day of Trumpets was the day that commemorated the creation of the world, the first day of Genesis 1:1-5. We’re talking the birthday of the world! It is very fitting that the Creator of the world (John 1:1-3, 14) would come into this world on this very date! So please do your own research and draw your own conclusions.

Today is both solemn and joyous. We are awake. We will be finally free to control our future. Our children will be allowed to be children and safe. So understand the importance of this day! This is the start to our “new beginnings.” Our eyes are now open. We can now celebrate that we are sheep no more. Where we go one, we go all. Love, peace and continued hope and faith to all. In God we trust because we are Flynn’s F.R.O.G.s and Fully Reliant On God! Enjoy your weekend with family and friends!

Mar 9/11/21

When you know - you know ~

On May 31, 2014, Oba ma happily announced that he had transferred five prisoners from Guantana mo to Qat ar in exchange for the release of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, held by the Talib an in

Afghanist an. Five Talib an-Mohammad Fazl, Mohammed Nabi, Abdul Haq Wasik, Mullah Norullah Nori and Khairullah Khairkhwa were released from

Guantana mo in exchange for Bergdahl. Four of these five criminals are appointed top commanders of the new Talib an government in Afghanist an. The Daily Mail reports: "Four senior members of the new interim Talib an government are former Guantanamo Bay prisoners who were released by the Oba ma administrati ON during a prison er exchange for army deserter Bowe Bergdahl." It is worth noting that Tru MP sharply criticized Bergdahl during his electi ON campaign, calling him a "dirty, rotten traitor”.


American Medical Association releases stunning document teaching doctors to LIE to patients while deliberately exaggerating covid death claims… the AMA admits to its own complicity in crimes against humanity


The American Medical Association -- which is now engaged in training its members to lie to patients as they murder them -- has released an eyebrow-raising document that teaches doctors how to lie to patients and the press, falsely exaggerating covid deaths on purpose.

In the same document, on page 8, doctors are instructed on how to block, deflect and redirect questions to cover up the truth about vaccine injuries and deaths. They are specifically instructed to change the subject and reject questions from reporters or patients, while pushing AMA-approved "official" propaganda by claiming it's all based on "facts," not "science" or "medicine."

In essence the AMA is now attempting to transform doctors into propaganda puppets for the global depopulation agenda. Practicing real medicine is no longer the priority of the AMA, it seems. Rather, physicians must practice lying in order to remain an AMA member in good standing.

(Copied from _natursl-news_)

[If anyone desires to see the AMA PDF document send me an pm ]

COVID-19 vaccines go through many tests for safety and effectiveness and are then monitored closely.

Source: World Health Organization

Get Vaccine Info


7m  · 

Q & A, Song Frequency.

Q: Queen Romana, will you be resetting music Frequency standards?

A: Yes. I will reset it back to harmonious tone / frequencies.


Q & A, Medbe ds + grow teeth?

Q: Queen Romana, can the MedBe ds /Healing PODs regrow teeth?

A: Yes. They can also regrow missing limbs and vital organs, etc.

QR sb

The Plan to save the World/Planet Earth did not originate from Earth...

Q & A, Intergalactic Federation of Worlds of Light beings...

Q: Queen Romana, with the Federation of Worlds of Light beings, what do Brother "Evergreen" and Sister "Phoenix" call you as?

A: Commander/HRH Queen Romana/Romana/Sister/Sis

Queen Romana's name is not an Alias or Costume.

Rom Ana

Rom = Romualdo (name of Father)

Ana = Ana (name of Mother)

Romana = Child's Name.

A Tradition upheld and practiced amongst true Royal Ancient Bloodlines when naming a Child...

It respects and honours Mother's and Father's true Royal Ancient Bloodlines.


#EBS is the old name of #EAS.

Don't get know what...into a knot.

Queen Romana

Qtah - Telegram

Today there was a shift.

60% of the population was already done with this administration, when the administration comes out attacking half the country today with fake statistics and lies the number just jumped to about 80%. Remember we haven’t even shown the public yet that the resident of the White House should not be there making these decisions. Sleepy Joe and gang are showing the world how good we had it with Trump. The great reveal will be celebrated across the land and not just on one side. Americans are uniting against a tyranny never seen before. We just didn’t think it’d be this full of stupidity and blatantly obvious mistakes.

Enjoy the show. It’s getting good.

Stay Home - DO NOT go to any rallie on 18 SEP -

Sat. Sept. 18: Worldwide Demonstration for Freedom Weekend. WARNING: The F B I and ANTI FA are holding a pro J6 rally in DC on Sat. 18 Sept. They'll be providing snacks, fake MA GA gear and false flag entertainment. Plenty of actors will attend the event. I'm told a large group of flag waving grannies may also make an appearance. I know it sounds like a BLAST and the atmosphere will be EXPLOSIVE, but I highly advise against going. Go decimate a corrupt school board instead.

PL scott b



Bill Presnell

This is what is about to be revealed at a global level.

This is the great awakening.

Exposing the satanic covered earth, what the sheep call tin hat theories.

The video below is about the sexual abuse of a less than 2 year old boy, once the boys body was mangled to a point his father was done with him sexually, the boy was used in a satanic ritual with local residents and gov officials. The last ritual is where one last sex orgy was done b4 he was suffocated as a sacrifice to satan. This ritual and cover up included DCF department, two judges, attorneys, hospital personnel and a satanic controlled police department.

The father still has access to the boys older sister.

Cosmic Light Force - Telegram

The BIGGEST DRUG TRAFFICKERS in the world was the Royal Reptilian Family (Queen Lizarbeth II) — they supplied the vatican mafia with heroin + opium through the CiA & other agency agents. Think the Opium Wars in China — a war pushed to allow sales of opium & heroin in another country.

The Opium Wars were two wars waged between the Qing dynasty & Western powers. The First Opium War, fought in 1839–1842 between Qing China & Great Britain, was triggered by the dynasty's campaign against the British merchants who sold opium in China. The Second Opium War was fought between the Qing and Britain & France, 1856–1860. In each war, the European force's modern military technology led to easy victory over the Qing forces, with the consequence that the government was compelled to grant favorable tariffs, trade concessions, reparations and territory to the Europeans. The wars and the subsequently-imposed treaties weakened the Qing dynasty & the Chinese imperial government, and forced China to open specified treaty ports (especially Shanghai) that handled all trade with imperial powers. In addition, China gave the sovereignty over Hong Kong to Britain.

The vatican supplied the world with heroin from the Golden Crescent — meth & opium from the Golden Triangle, tied to Myanmar. Myanmar the largest drug & child trafficking country in the world.

The Golden Triangle has been shutdown.

The Royal Lizards have been taken out. Buckingham palace has been closed since 2019. Queen Lizarbeth has cooperated with The Alliance. Phillip was put down — only to be announced this year.

Andrew is on his own — no one will save him. They are all gone or controlled now. Charles is not done yet too. The whole Princess Diana story is coming up again. Qperation WakeUp — DRIP to Flood.

First royal dies of coronavirus as COVID-19 cases worldwide soar

Royal death: Who is Prince Otto of Hesse? How did he die?

ROYAL TRAGEDY The Queen’s cousin and party planner Lady Elizabeth Shakerley dies aged 79

Princess Maria Galitzine of Austria dies aged 31

Royal heartbreak: How Norwegian royal spent last days before tragic death

'London Bridge is down': the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death

Prince Philip's cause of death revealed by Queen Elizabeth's physician

Barbados expected to cut ties with British royals

Prince Charles Was Questioned In Princess Diana's Death Over An Eerie Note She Left

BREAKING: Just Hours Before Her Tragic Death, CIA Was Listening ToPrincess Diana's Calls


Shazza Matazz

5m  · 

Your tired, your in pain and things seem hopeless, BUT THEY'RE NOT. Don't let the devil whisper crap in your ear. He's a liar. You've got this, we've got this. Peace is the prize, 1000 years of light is on the way. Breathe, cry, scream, Whatever. Just don't give up! You weren't chosen, because you were a quitter, or weak. You were chosen, because your a Warrior and will fight to the finish. The devil fears you. God loves you. Stand strong, stand firm and stand in your power. The battle is almost over. Keep fkn going Warriors!

Copied unknown

#Godwins #WWG1WGA


Patrick Bouvier Kennedy

Remember the official story of Joe’s drone strike in retaliation of the killing of 13 US servicemen? Well the intended target, an ISIS-K militant, wasn’t even there.

In fact, Joe struck and killed a US aid worker, ten Afghan civilians, including seven children....

Courtney Leeser is with Lana Long Colquitt and 

40 others

Keystone: The end won't be for everybody.

Their choice to take the roadless traveled.

That is what they mean the truth is out there for them to find the ending but only people will that are wanting to know the truth will seek the answers.

Either your in the #KNQW or you'll be force awakened either way were all in this together.

Where we go one, we go all.

Nobody gets left behind. The time is for people to decide for themselves. Free will is a powerful tool.

Love all you beautiful souls the time is now to wake up and stop letting people tell you what to believe.

You don't want to miss this exciting adventure with us.

Welcome to the new Quantum world you'll be astonish what we can do.

Q=We the people news

We are the future together as one all thanks to good people showing us the way again just to show the truth to us.

Be blessed and thankful for the truth.


JFK JR Stayin' Alive...

Warning Sign || John F. Kennedy Jr. & Carolyn Bessette

Do you see any planes??

CGI Whale and 911 Planes

Keep your eyes on the sun

Weather reports are full of crap

Trump reads "The Snake" poem

QAnon planet crowns the Virgo

Arrest of Hillary Clinton 9-11-2016

WTC Building 7 

The Star Spangled Banner over the blue lights of WTC


The Real 2nd Declaration of Independence Signed by President Trump 7/4/2020

Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 9, 2021


Sep 9, 2021

: Russell-Jay: Gould.

CHRYSLER(108 Fitzgerald), 🛕🌠EMPIRE STATE (131 John F Kennedy), 🦍 KING KONG (88 Trump) 🌇🗽🔥🕊🔂

Sep 10, 2021

PSYCH CLUB - Tom Sidney Bushnell aka NUMBERS

The Ant Beings | with Gene Decode | Ep.2 S25 | The Galactic Talk

The Galactic Talk


Published September 10, 2021



Published September 10, 2021



Sep 10, 2021

Channel 2 Remember

Black Rock: One Company to Rule Them All


JFK Jr PLANE CRASH - Setting the Record STRAIGHT!

Jun 12, 2021



Gerry Foley

Questions For Yourself

Raven Moonstone Art

The Bush's Clan and the NWO

I am t a k ing a ma j or ch ance pos ting this - you need to know the truth about sat urday s 20 year 'heartbreak' it is not a rememberance - they all need to be hung - li nk in comments



Leslie Nelson

Flight 93: First in the Fight on 9/11 | History Traveler Episode 163

Premiered 4 hours ago

The History Underground

Pilots for 9/11 Truth: Airplane controllability

Mar 21, 2010


Edgar Cayce... His Incredible Predictions Were 93% Accurate And Often Shocking

Oct 23, 2020


Satanic ritual abuse with children as young as 1 1/2 involving judges, lawyers, police & medical.

Streamed live on Aug 3, 2021

Unleashing Intuition

How Maritime Law Works

Jul 26, 2016

Wendover Productions

America: Freedom to Fascism (FL)

Dec 2, 2013


Ganesh Chaturthi ~ Venus Enters Scorpio ~ SOLAR FLARE AND THE TRUE BODY ~ The Moment Of The Shift

Sep 11, 2021

Paul White Gold Eagle

The RAPTURE Final Upgrades for Lightworkers DNA ACTIVATIONS happening now

Streamed live on Sep 8, 2021

Our Everyday Lives


The Storm Is Coming CBK



Patri0tsareinContr0l - Telegram

WTC 7 collapsed at 5:20 PM on September 11, 2001. It was not hit by a plane.

Tenants inside WTC 7 included:

⁃ Department of Defense


⁃ Secret Service


⁃ Securities and Exchange Commission

⁃ NYC Office of Emergency Management

According to the government’s official story, the building suffered a fire-induced progressive collapse.

Did fire really cause the collapse, or was WTC 7 purposely demolished to destroy evidence?

Patrick Bouvier Kennedy

  · CGTN  · 

Why does Biden insist on 31st of August ,for the withdrawal from Afghanistan without delay ?

To give Taliban the time to form their Government ,and set the Inauguration Ceremony none other than on Saturday 11th of September .

It is all planned...


Cosmic Light Force - Telegram

In early 2019, the UK reptilian royals had their powers stripped by The Alliance — later that year The 1871 Act of England was deleted. All royal assets were seized — commonwealth, gold, etc. Buckingham Palace has been closed — the mockingbird media narrative blames convid.

The mockingbird media blamed the Talibans for the 911 job, but we all know they didn’t do it. So who was responsible? Bush family — CIA, Mossad, MI6. Who controls those agencies? Reptilian UK royals & vatican. Who is really responsible for 9/11? Who was responsible for all the major drug & human trafficking trade in the world?

Operation London Bridge is in full effect.

The AdrenoQueen is already dead. Just like Phillips — public announcement was earlier this year. Lizarbeth’s death announcement is leaking out too. Prince Andrew will be left for a public hanging.

Operation London Bridge: Secret Arrangements Revealed For When Queen Elizabeth II dies

DARKEST HOUR Secret plans for Queen’s death dubbed ‘Operation London Bridge’ reveal who will be first to know and funeral details

Security operation for Queen’s death includes social media blackouts


Telegram Melissa Freedom Force Battalion

The Day of Atonement, which is the day in God’s Word when the debts are paid and the captives are freed, is this Wednesday, Sept 15, Tishrei 10.

Just sayin’.

“Set this year apart as holy, a time to proclaim liberty (freedom) throughout the land for all who live there. It will be a jubilee year for you, when each of you may return to the land that belonged to your ancestors and return to your own clan.”

Leviticus 25:10 NLT


What's Happening Racine?

Tonight and tomorrow, please take a moment , or 6 moments to reflect. NEVER FORGET!!!!!

September 11th 2001 ~ 20 years ago 246 people went to sleep in preparation for their morning flights.

2,606 people went to sleep in preparation for work in the morning.

343 firefighters went to sleep in preparation for their morning shift.

60 police officers went to sleep in preparation for morning patrol.

8 paramedics went to sleep in preparation for the morning shift.

None of them saw past 11:00am Sept 11, 2001.

In one single moment life was never to be the same.

As you live and enjoy the breaths you take today and tonight before you go to sleep in preparation for your life tomorrow, kiss the ones you love, snuggle a little tighter, and never take one second of your life for granted.


Nick Jr.

For all the clues you helped us find, all the songs you helped us sing, and all the joy you helped us spread, thank you! We owe it all to YOU #BluesClues25

A Mom's Perspective:




Myriam Gillis  · 13tSSphonssorendh  · 

Galactic Federation:

FREE Energy

Dear ones,

This is a message for humanity from the Galactic Federation. We are here to inform you that, based on new developments and research, we are introducing this new initiative on the planet earth.

The idea is to create a free energy zone here on earth, which will be areas of designation that are provided to supply clean and free without charge or cost energy to those in these areas willing to participate in these projects.

This new breakthrough in technology will change the entire planet.

You may not know that you have a galactic federation representative very close by. We're here to let you know we're upgrading your planet's energy supply. No need to panic! We won't be taking anything away from you and making things worse for you in the process, quite the opposite. We'll be installing a new completely free energy source that not only takes care of all your needs better than your current system does but there's so much more to it.

It not only keeps your household appliances running, but also keeps your car on the road. This works with zero emissions and is completely green!

By using the free energy source, you are taking back your right to exist on this planet without being taxed by someone else; you take back your liberty right to live without paying for someone else’s pollution. It is time to stop paying your monthly bills for your fuel, electricity, or crude oil.

The moment you realize that you don't need electricity or heating oil or gas, to be able to live comfortably, is truly magical.

As we observe, many people on earth are on the verge of destroying themselves because of the choices they have made. Many of these destructive choices are inherent within their belief systems. They have destroyed so much of your natural resources and continue to create pollution that changes the composition of the earth’s atmosphere.

Today, most systems use dirty and outdated technology as their source of energy. The Earth has become very polluted. This pollution is all around you. It surrounds the planet at certain levels.

Our free clean energy system will be portable and more efficient for your needs. It's environmentally friendly and will help the planet become more sustainable for future generations.

With the enormous amount of energy that is available in space, the use of completely new energy capture and conversion technology, and the very low cost of energy storage in space, it is practical for this advanced infrastructure component to provide clean and free energy to the entire planet.

It does not need any wiring; it is wireless, and it is STRONGER. Hence, you can enjoy unlimited technological power for your computer, mobile phone, home appliances, etc., without the necessity of any fuel like electricity, gas, or oil.

It is compatible with all devices. There's no need to charge your phone or put gas in your car. All these gadgets will work 'ON' 24x7 with this energy without the worry of theft of power because it is wireless Free Energy.

Are you ready to be part of this free energy movement that will change the world and bring about a bright and prosperous future for you and your family?

You are about to make the right choice that will empower you beyond imagination! You are about to take your life into your own hands.

The first phase of free zones will be established by the Galactic Federation of Light. To become available for this designation does not require an individual to subscribe to any specific religion, ideology, system of belief, or way of life.

The first phase of free energy zones will be strategically chosen based on several variables including but not limited to; land contour, water flow patterns, temperature patterns, the location of hot spots (vortices), tectonic plate movement, tectonic plate stress points, tectonic plate stress points, and residual tectonic pressure points will all factor into this area's selection.

It is with great enthusiasm that we present to you this gift of new technology. This will provide you with the necessary foundation to allow your civilization to progress on its ascension path.

The words you are reading now are just a glimpse into the main goals of the Galactic Federation.

We are here to prepare you and your planet for ascension, and we will not stop until you and everyone else on Earth experience enlightenment and become free!

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

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I know that many of you are impatient for the delay of the events that we have talked about, however I assure you that there is no delay since everything follows the plans of the creator, and now I ask you, are you ready for the revelations that are about to arrive ? They will answer yes, and of course I agree with your answer because you are part of the first group to awaken in this planetary transition, but even though you know part of what is happening, I assure you that you will be shocked, now imagine most who do not even imagine what is to come, then the divine plan takes all this into account.

All of you who have awakened will help and support those who will be terrified, confused and aimless given the greatness of what is to come, because being prepared is not just knowing a little of what is to come, being prepared is keeping your energy high, permanent trust in the divine plan unlimited patience, avoiding judgments, always having a word of comfort and encouragement for the confused and above all never agreeing with any initiative of the dark because everyone is here for the purpose of cooperating and not competing with each other. you guys. Everything is close to being revealed, you will leave the old beliefs and give way to a new being, that is why this year 2021 is defined as the year of revelation and rebirth.

After these revelations, the lie will cease to exist forever, fear will also be a thing of the past and all low vibration feelings such as anger, pride, vanity, power and control will also disappear, as you can see, there is much that must happen and everything. this will happen exactly after the revelations. The revelations will cause a collective shock wave like a Tsunami, it will sweep away all the beliefs rooted in human consciences, many will resist but the divine cannot wait any longer because there was a long time, Christ himself became flesh to warn us that the times would come, 2,000 years to evolve, awaken, understand and prepare.

Many of you had a number of incarnations and did practices in higher planets to later incarnate here and now in this present time, you are one of them, you asked to incarnate during this transition of the earth, you obtained permission to be here as a worker of the light, they came to help the rest of humanity and now you cannot imagine what is to come.

We are an army of souls who have made a great commitment to the current humanity of the earth, even if some soldiers abandon the mission there is a sufficient contingent to take humanity to a higher rung on the ladder of evolution, that is why you have what you can do it for yourself and for others, no one said it would be easy but you volunteered for this divine service.

Remember, you are very brave beings, only the brave have presented themselves for the greatest mission that the earth has faced and will never face again, we are about to see a new time, a new world, a new humanity, the new land, that's what awaits us ... Baljinder !!

WELCOME BaliAnn Balmeet.

Emma Ann


Here's what's happening after the EBS, and it's already begun, if you can see the signs around us.

The material I'm sharing is taken from Sharon Stewart's book, Ashtar Sheran: Your Future Eden, available for purchase on this link:

3D, 4d, 5d humanity.

From 2020 till around 2040, 3D humans will be gone from the Earth, whether through death by vaccine or some other means.

At some point in 2040 or so, only 4D and 5D humans will be left on the planet.

4D humans will have time to transition to 5D, or die naturally and be reborn on a 3D planet. This process is gradual, and will not be forced on anyone. It could take hundreds of years or more.

Lightworkers are here to clear out dysfunctional family bloodlines. This is why so many of us were born into situations of abuse, neglect, trauma, and so on. Humanity's bloodlines are too polluted energetically to hold a 5D child incarnating into that bloodline.

If you find yourself constantly wondering why your life sucks so much as a lightworker... congratulations ! Now you know you're a glorified galactic maintenance volunteer for cleaning up your particular family's bloodlines. If you succeed, your lineage's epigenetic trauma will be cleared, and your children and grandchildren will be able to incarnate souls with higher frequencies.

Once the diehard 3D humans have made their exits on the planet, humanity will further divide into two: Homo Sapiens, and Homo Universalis.

The Homo Sapiens will continue to live in cities, while the Ascensionists, or Homo Universalis, will be moving out of the cities to live once more in nature and pursue spirituality. Both factions of humanity will share the planet and each will live their lives according to their wishes.

Ascending first or last is not the point. The majority of Ascensionists as you can already guess, will be lightworkers and starseeds utilizing their GESARA funds to continue the task of clearing out their respective family bloodlines. Without us volunteering to do this, humanity would fry in an instant when their bodies can no longer hold Gaia's too-strong frequency as she is already a 5D planet.

The galactics are buffering the high frequencies for all of us, so we won't be fried in these bodies while we work to turn them from carbon to crystalline. There is so much trauma inflicted on all of us, that needs clearing out.


The galactics will give us technology that cannot be misused: med beds for healing, and replicator technology for creating what we need.

Humans will gradually realize that concrete and modern industrial buildings are harmful to their energies. In 100 years, most modern cities like New York, London, etc, will be wastelands. Nobody wants to inhabit a place that drains your life force. Concrete drains your life force--- I've previously mentioned not to go buy a nice house or fancy condo unit with your GESARA funds, since you'll be sensitized to its anti-life properties later on.

The galactics will give us biosynthetic technology to create housing that is eco friendly and sustainable. They will give us tech to create new roofs that do not block nourishing UV from sunlight from entering our houses.


All television programs that broadcast violence, gossip, promiscuity, etc will be banned from the airwaves. No more advertising on TV; it will revert to a public service. All TVs will now emit healing frequencies to the viewer, and have NO subliminal or manipulative programming attached to it. The real history of the earth will also be shown on TV. There will be no shortage of things to watch on TV.

There will be a TV show for every viewer preference, except that these shows will now tell the truth and not display any violence.


All education will be reformed. All adults, teenagers, and children will be retaught. All curricula will be geared towards spirituality. Most of it in the early years after the EBS/The Great Awakening will be unlearning what we have been taught in the past.


There will be minimal government, and it will be run by the people directly affected in their communities. So if a bridge or hospital needs to be built in your community, you the people living there will be responsible for its build, design, budget, and so on. No more bureaucrats from far away deciding on what gets built in your town. There will still be occurrences of theft, and minor crime, so police forces will be necessary. 4D is the lowest rung of unconditional love, which means there's still room for hurting others and offending/breaking the law. In 5D society there is no more need for external police. This may take a few hundred years, depending on humanity's work ethic.


The galactics will give us a formula for a biological product to substitute plastic with. They will also give us tech to clean up the planet from all the plastic waste we created. It is an alchemical process where a piece of plastic waste will be converted into breathable air! They have already been saving whales and dolphins, and other animal life forms who can no longer live in polluted seas or environments.

GESARA funds

Freedom to pursue one's inclinations is a basic galactic right, and it will soon be obvious that this is also a basic human right. The GESARA or St Germain funds will be released to the public. Every person's bank account will have money deposits into it, more than what a normal person needs to live and thrive. Eventually (like in a few hundred years) money will disappear altogether.


Nuclear, solar, hydro, and wind energy will be obsolete. Solar panels can be reconfigured to to pick up photon energies if you like. ETA: 50 years.


Maglev trains will be the main mode of public transport. In many cases public transport is free of cost.

Airlines will become a public service. Each person on Earth is given a number of airline points to use each year for travel. If you exceed your points, a fee will be charged to you.

Cars will morph into land/aquatic/air vehicles, but in order to operate these, a license is required just like today, a license is needed to fly an airplane or captain a ship.

Humans will also bilocate as a mode of travel.


Ashtar Sheran says that all large corporations who do not resonate to 4D (telling the truth, doing no harm, exploiting no one) will go bankrupt. New business models will flourish, but only if they align to 4D or 5D principles.


Due to free will, it can take hundreds to thousands of years for all the 4D humans to ascend to 5D.

Now you know why Q said "One step at a time, we are entering a brave new world"

Sanderlez Gfl

The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light

"We are here now.

We love you.

We are you, from your future, to assist you on your path.

Dear Ones, all Star Fleets of Light are currently beaming high amounts of Love frequencies to your planet to assist in the grand transition.

Humanity is approaching a pivotal point in the separation of worlds.

One world will continue in the third dimension, which is the lower dimension, and will have a chance to choose their ascension at a later point.

One world will ascend into the higher dimensions and enter the 5D - New Divine Earth experience.

It is imperative at this moment for those who wish to be part of the 5D Earth to disconnect completely from the 3D experience.

That means to eliminate any thoughts, feelings, words and actions relating to the fear-based 3D world.

The choice is entirely yours and you have free will in this.

But if you do choose the 5D world, it will take a very strong stand from you:

Detach any connections to negative, fear based concepts and replace them with love based concepts completely - 100%.

Use all the self discipline you have and disconnect all limiting and fear based beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words and actions now.

Bless all life.

Meditate in stillness as often as you can.

No Judgement or opinions of others.

Connect with Source/God/Your I AM Presence as often as you can.

Eat only high vibrational food and water.

Rest and exercise to move the chakras and energies within you.

Visualize the 5D New Divine Earth experience as often as you can.

Love more and be kind.

Connect with the Ascended Masters, Angels, Telosians and Galactic Families of Light as much as you can and call forth our help with this process.

This is not a drill.

It is the last chance to hop on board of the 5D train if you will.

The time has come.

We are holding the vision of the Divine New Earth with you and from our vantage point it is glorious.

We are with you, every step of the way.

You are loved beyond measure.

We are with you... always

We love you.

We are you


Asara Adams


Shell Evans

Red.Pill.Pharmacist - Telegram

Our Man - Today

Officer sends photo of message left by President Trump in the 17th Precinct, NYPD logbook.



Kerissa Payne

I have never seen the whole transcript of this phone call. I couldn’t read it without tears. May we never forget. May we never forget freedom isn’t free. #GodBlessAmerica #wewillneverforget

Todd: Hello… Operator…listen to me…I can’t speak very loud. – This is an emergency. I’m a passenger on a United flight to San Francisco.. We have a situation here….Our plane has been hijacked…..can you understand me?

Lisa: (exhaling a deep breath to herself) I understand… Can the hijackers see you talking on the phone?

Todd: No

Lisa: Can you tell me how many hijackers are on the plane?

Todd: There are three that we know of.

Lisa: Can you see any weapons? What kind of weapons do they have?

Todd: Yes…. they don’t have guns….they have knives – they took over the plane with knives.

Lisa: Do you mean…like steak knives?

Todd: No, these are razor knives…like box cutters.

Lisa: Can you tell what country these people are from?

Todd: No…..I don’t know. They sound like they’re from the mid-east.

Lisa: Have they said what they want?

Todd: Someone announced from the cockpit that there was a bomb on board. He said he was the captain and to stay in our seats and stay quiet.

He said that they were meeting these men’s demands and returning to the airport… It was very broken English, and… I’m telling you…it sounded fake!

Lisa: Ok sir, please give me your name.

Todd: My name is Todd Beamer.

Lisa: Ok Todd….my name is Lisa…Do you know your flight number? If you can’t remember, it’s on your ticket.

Todd: It’s United Flight 93.

Lisa: Now Todd, can you try to tell me exactly what happened?

Todd: Two of the hijackers were sitting in first class near the cockpit. A third one was sitting near the back of the coach section. The two up. front got into the cockpit somehow; there was shouting. The third hijacker said he had a bomb. It looks like a bomb. He’s got it tied to his waist with a red belt of some kind.

Lisa: So is the door to the cockpit open?

Todd: No, the hijackers shut it behind them.

Lisa: Has anyone been injured?

Todd: Yes, ..they…they killed one passenger sitting in first class. There’s been lots of shouting. We don’t know if the pilots are dead or alive. A flight attendant told me that the pilot and copilot had been forced from the cockpit and may have been wounded.

Lisa: Where is the 3rd hijacker now Todd?

Todd: He’s near the back of the plane. They forced most of the passengers into first class. There are fourteen of us here in the back. Five are flight attendants. He hasn’t noticed that I slipped into this pantry to get the phone. The guy with the bomb ordered us to sit on the floor in the rear of the plane……….oh Jesus.. Help!

Lisa: Todd….are you ok? Tell me what’s happening!

Todd: Hello…..We’re going down….I think we’re going to crash……Wait – wait a minute. No, we’re leveling off….we’re ok. I think we may be turning around…..That’s it – we changed directions. Do you hear me….we’re flying east again.

Lisa: Ok Todd…. What’s going on with the other passengers?

Todd: Everyone is… really scared. A few passengers with cell phones have made calls to relatives. A guy, Jeremy, was talking to his wife just before the hijacking started. She told him that hijackers had crashed two planes into the World Trade Center……Lisa is that true??

Lisa: Todd…..I have to tell you the truth…’s very bad. The World Trade Center is gone. Both of the towers have been destroyed.

Todd: Oh God —help us!

Lisa: A third plane was taken over by terrorists. It crashed into the Pentagon in Washington DC. Our country is under attack….and I’m afraid that your plane may be part of their plan.

Todd: Oh dear God. Dear God…….Lisa, will you do something for me?

Lisa: I’ll try….if I can….Yes.

Todd: I want you to call my wife and my kids for me and tell them what’s happened. Promise me you’ll call..

Lisa: I promise – I’ll call.

Todd: Our home number is 201 353-1073…….You have the same name as my wife…Lisa….We’ve been married for 10 years. She’s pregnant with our 3rd child. Tell her that I love her…….(choking up)..I’ll always love her..(clearing throat) We have two boys.. David, he’s 3 and Andrew, he’s 1…..Tell them……(choking) tell them that their daddy loves them and that he is so proud of them. (clearing throat again) Our baby is due January 12th…..I saw an ultra sound… was great….we still don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy………Lisa?

Lisa: (barely able to speak) I’ll tell them, I promise Todd.

Todd: I’m going back to the group—if I can get back I will…

Lisa: Todd, leave this line open…are you still there?……

Lisa: (dials the phone..) Hello, FBI, my name is Lisa Jefferson, I’m a telephone supervisor for GTE. I need to report a terrorist hijacking of a United Airlines Flight 93….Yes I’ll hold.

Goodwin: Hello, this is Agent Goodwin.. I understand you have a hijacking situation?

Lisa: Yes sir, I’ve been talking with a passenger, a Todd Beamer, on Flight 93 who managed to get to an air phone unnoticed.

Goodwin: Where did this flight originate, and what was its destination?

Lisa: The flight left Newark New Jersey at 8 A.M. departing for San Francisco. The hijackers took over the plane shortly after takeoff, and several minutes later the plane changed course – it is now flying east.

Goodwin: Ms. Jefferson…I need to talk to someone aboard that plane. Can you get me thru to the planes phone?

Lisa: I still have that line open sir, I can patch you through on a conference call…hold a mo…..

Todd: Hello Lisa, Lisa are you there?

Lisa: Yes, I’m here. Todd, I made a call to the FBI, Agent Goodwin is on the line and will be talking to you as well.

Todd: The others all know that this isn’t your normal hijacking. Jeremy called his wife again on his cell phone. She told him more about the World Trade Center and all.

Goodwin: Hello Todd. This is Agent Goodwin with the FBI. We have been monitoring your flight. Your plane is on a course for Washington, DC. These terrorists sent two planes into the World Trade Center and one plane into the Pentagon. Our best guess is that they plan to fly your plane into either the White House or the United States Capital Building.

Todd: I understand…hold on……I’ll…….I’ll be back..

Lisa: Mr. Goodwin, how much time do they have before they get to Washington?

Goodwin: Not long ma’am. They changed course over Cleveland; they’re approaching Pittsburgh now. Washington may be twenty minutes away.

Todd: (breathing a little heavier) The plane seems to be changing directions just a little. It’s getting pretty rough up here. The plane is flying real erratic….We’re not going to make it out of here. Listen to me….I want you to hear this….I have talked with the others….we have decided we would not be pawns in these hijackers suicidal plot.

Lisa: Todd, what are you going to do?

Todd: We’ve hatched a plan. Four of us are going to rush the hijacker with the bomb. After we take him out, we’ll break into the cockpit. A stewardess is getting some boiling water to throw on the hijackers at the controls. We’ll get them….and we’ll take them out. Lisa, …..will you do one last thing for me?

Lisa: Yes…What is it?

Todd: Would you pray with me?

They pray: Our father which art in Heaven

Hallowed be thy name,

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done

on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,

And forgive us our trespasses

As we forgive our trespassers,

And lead us not into temptation

But deliver us from evil

For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory


The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…

He makes me to lie down in green pastures

He leads me beside the still waters

He restores my soul

He leads me in paths of righteousness

for His name’s sake

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death

I will fear no evil, for thou art with me…..

Todd: (softer) God help me…Jesus help me….(clears throat and louder)

Are you guys ready?……..

Let’s Roll……………………

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