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Leslie Nelson

Green Lantern:

Hi my friends!

I have some awesome news to share with you my friends!

Our paymaster is dancing out of JOY he said finally his funds are on his account but he can’t release the liquidity…so he said after 21yrs this is really it!

I just cannot believe after years of waiting for this incredible blessing that we are just days away my friends.

God bless you everyone. SB

Leslie Nelson


Intel Update:

Hi my friends,

Just letting you know that I have received a call today that we will go liquid on Tuesday.

Praying really hard that this actually occurs but you all know about dates so please use discernment as I’m as frustrated as everyone else.

I know and have faith that this is the week we have all been waiting for.

I will be notifying you as soon as I have confirmation that it’s gone liquid.

Please keep having faith and stay close to God. God is with us.


Leslie Nelson

2h  · 

Are you ready for The Glob al Financial Reset? The Great Reset was the Deep-State plan. The white hats plan is NESA RA GESA RA. We also like to call it The TrumpSara.


From Neo: Hey Fam, I wanted to share with you my thoughts for the next 3 days, which could be the scariest 3 days for those still asleep. Right now pre-market everything is tanking, not to mention China’s market is closed tomorrow. Tomorrow just happens to be Tuesday in China. Think back to the Q post saying Tuesday & Chongqing. Now think 3GD breaking causing the crypto and stock market to completely tank. Then think back Mr. Pool’s post with thginrevo or mirrored overnight, where XRP rises from the ashes. Now think of the setup for a world scare event in reference to the Q post stating scare event necessary. Think of the volcano that just erupted in the Canary Islands, which has the potential to cause a “mega Tsunami”. This Tsunami has to the potential to wipe out many parts of the world including a catastrophic event on the U.S East Coast. Think back to Mr. Pool’s post with the massive tidal wave and then several posts with people freaking out. Now think of the harvest moon which will make its peak illumination today 9/20 at 7:55pm EST. The harvest moon will appear full from Sunday evening 9/19 through Wednesday morning 9/22. 9/22 at 3:20pm EST happens to be the time of the autumn equinox. Now when I thought of the importance of 3:20 I went to book of Revelation 3:20 “Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he will me.” I believe the EBS will be this Wednesday at 3:20pm triggered by the Tsunami Mass Extinction event, where the people must decide whether to let Jesus Christ into their hearts or be left behind. I encourage everyone to Gematria “Wednesday september 22 2021 at 320pm”…it is mind blowing. “Wow Signal”, another Mr. Pool post, is listed first followed by a ton of mind blowing messages. I believe it is now time for the wake to comfort family, friends and those who are still asleep. If I am right this will be unimaginably scary for those asleep and only partially awake. Our time has finally come! Remember we were all chosen for this part of the plan for a reason. God is here and we all must comfort and protect every last soul. God Bless and I send my love and prayers to every single one of you!

Telegram - Princess Dianna

God is doing a lot behind the scenes, too many people don't see it, therefore they don't believe it and they don't think it will happen. Even when you don't see things right now, it doesn't mean God is not working.

Walk Daily with God.


Leslie Nelson

1d  · 

Scott b

Folks I’ve held onto this since Friday morning and it’s getting out so I have permission to share.

The 11:11 update from Friday:

*****Source #1 friends:

Over the past week and a half the significant amount of progress on the financial front has been mind blowing. All clean ups and wrap ups will take place over the next 4 to 6 days with certain groups starting the process and giving us the RV GCR kick off if you will. After that there will be the conversion from USD to USTN and it will usher all gold into play backing up all 184 currencies in 209 countries. The general public will get their turn around October 7th providing the aforementioned goes as planned and with all of the security that is in place there should be no issues whatsoever. During this time through October 7th we will expect major changes that would appear as though we are heading for a WWIII scenario. Please do not fall for it. The TV has been instructed to make everything appear catastrophic. This is the script of the movie. Even though we are warning you in advance right now, there will be so many of you that when all of the chaos comes and False Flags come out of nowhere, you will fall for it and forget about this post. Period!

So with that being said, the EBS will be forced or appear to be forced and come into action from September 26th through October 7th and save the world as we know it. Only a few know the exact time of this. This is the latest updated information that we have received from our sources. Many of you will read this message and be disappointed and think “the can is being kicked down the road once again or oh my goodness they are at it again with another delay”. That is the furthest from the truth and reality. If this is your reaction, you need to take a step back from all of this for a moment. You need to understand that things are forever changing and security measures that have been put in place were designed to fulfill the promise of a tremendous and safe future for you, your children, grandchildren and everyone in general. Yes you were chosen for this journey for a very specific purpose. My advice to you is to stay strong within yourself and more importantly in your faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God bless!


***** Source #2 folks:


Why do you think the White Hats telegraphed that the AZ Audit results will be released next Friday, September 24th? Wouldn't that be an invitation to the Caba l to plan FF's for then? The date is firmly stated because the Cab al has made a SURRENDER DEAL.

The Caba l caved to Trump's threat of launching the EBS this past weekend if The Cab al and media failed to show the AZ Audit results that were due to come out tomorrow, September 17 folks. To make the deal, all Trump had to do was delay the AZ Audit results for one week, and no EBS this weekend. In return, Durham got to indict Sussmann without a FF distraction, and any FF's by the Caba l going forward will break the deal and the EBS will immediately launch. This should prevent FF attempts at the Sept. 18 'protest'. And it worked. Additionally, the deal appears to include allowing Durham to go forward, unobstructed, in his Fisagate indictments, which will include O bama folks.

The Art Of The Deal. Negotiations were indeed real.


This post is to clarify the above post that revealed how Trump leveraged The Caba l into showing the upcoming AZ AUDIT results by agreeing to delay the EBS, which he threatened for this weekend if [they] refused. The reason we know that this Trump statement is connected to the AZ Audit or EBS threat from Trump is that he posted it at 1:48, which 148 = INSPIRATION4 (the rocket launch comm being used to send the comm to the Cab al the previous day with the SpaceX launch).

In the Trump statement from Donaldo at 1:48pm, capital letters = 72 = EBS AND AZ = AZ DEAL MADE. Since both of these are related to the deal, 72 + 72 = 144 = SURRENDER DEAL = EBS THREAT DID IT. This confirms the connection to Donaldo's 11:54am post before the 1:48pm given the capital letters of that post = 144 (72 + 72). Should the Caba l engage in any more FF's, it seems that will break the deal, and Trump immediately launches the EBS my friends.


Leslie Nelson

2h  · 

While most of you watched a bunch of rigged NFL satanic liberal vax pushing games, the White hats paved the way for a 21 day period that will be remembered in history forever my friends.


Leslie Nelson

Remember to honor your everyday lives as much as you feed your soul - get away - be with family - breath! Life is still good and God still reigns over all the Heavens and Earth

Leslie Nelson

Remember when we get this done, to stop and Breathe. Several times. Be wise. Be smart. Do not be rash. Make good decisions. Seek advice.

God bless all of you. This has been a journey none of us ever expected, but we should all be grateful to have been included in it.


Leslie Nelson

FOX News:

DRONE over the international bridge in Del Rio, Texas captures on camera 8,200 migrants doubled in one day. Situation is “out of control.” Unvaccinat ed illeg al

alie ns gathered under the international bridge in Del Rio, waiting for release inside the United States.

"President Dona ld Tru mp just dropped bombshell news on the matter of electi on integrity by predicting that officials will “decertify” the 2020 presidenti al election. “I do believe they are going to decertify the election.””_TRU MP

C N N - 56% of Americans feel that Democracy is under attack. It is likely that elected officials in the U.S. will successfully overturn the results of a future Electi on.

BREAKING! Project Veritas set to release BOMBSHELL whistleblower story about the C-1 9 vacci ne. DON'T MISS IT. sb

Leslie Nelson

Dozens of A List Hollywood actors and actresses, famous politicians and business leaders have gone missing, including Microsoft Founder / CEO turned pharmaceutic al vacci ne guru Bi ll Gat es who has been suddenly silenced.

MR sb

Leslie Nelson

It’s coming….Durha m report and indictments publicly it’s all coming. You have remained patient while we did our part. Pain is coming for a lot of people. You didn’t think we forgot did you? No chance. My brother I said the word coming three times to reiterate the depths of what is happening.

-High level sb

Scott Felton is with Lambert Page.

18h  · 

MANY Hollywood ACTQRS are playing the #RQLE of their "lives" as DepeState characters


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Leslie Nelson

Drink from the well that will ever run dry and He will give you peace! Monday Blessings Family A

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