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Words of a very wise sister - THANQ YQU SusanAnthony Liberde

Happy October, Ladies & Gents!

10-01-2021 = 7

Numerology, the number 7 is described as the seeker, the searcher of the truth, and the thinker. The number seven believes in seeing beyond the face and understanding the hidden truth.

I feel we have been deep sea diving in truth for a long time now. I'm proud of all of us! We have kicked azz and taken names throughout this journey.

We've been knocked down metaphorically, physically, mentally, emotionally and guess what... We've gotten up and dusted off! We adjusted the crown while telling the world... you hit like a b*tch and we keep going!

There is a reason we are all here, right now. I've said it before and I'll say it again... God gives his strongest children the ability to see beyond the facade, the lies and deception.

God gives us the strength to stare the evil down. We dig, research, and share the truth... no matter the depth of disgust. We must endure true darkness in order to see the beauty of light and one day live in peace, light and love.

We are up to bat, fellow Patriots.

Our love, without ego, must embrace those who are going to get hit with the nasty truths that we've been sharing, that they didn't and, for some, still don't believe. Either they're still asleep or my favorite "it's not on news" so they won't believe it.

Anyway... no "I told you so", no mocking, no laughing...

Simply love and embrace. Where we've been "dripped" the truth and allowed to digest... they're going to get flooded and might need "cpr".

Much love to all! Peace! Love! Light!


Telegram Melissa Freedom Force Battalion

The Hunt for Red October is a great movie that Q talked about...

and we’ve been hunting for Red October ever since!

I hope we have finally found red October is October 2021!

At the end of the movie Red October the torpedo that the bad guys meant for the good guys got turned around and blew up the bad guys!

As in this entire money grab continuing resolution of trillions of dollars is going to leave the Cabal penniless!



Literally Habakkuk 2

Search Habakkuk 2 on this Telegram and on FREEDOMFORCE.LIVE


Bill Presnell

Why is Trump still encouraging the arm thingy? Why did Jesus wash your feet? Jesus was telling you not to worship him, that he was your servant

To follow him in worshiping our father but never to worship him. The Christian religion is a trick to make you sin against God. Christians say the word Christ in worship more than they say God in worship. This is breaking the first commandment. You have been tricked by Satan. So again why is Trump encouraging it? Because he is the 2nd Cyrus not the 2nd Christ, and Cyrus has a different way to teach you lessons of faith. He is telling you not to worship him the way Jesus washed your feet. He is testing your faith in God by testing your ability to not listen to him. Take the arm thingy and you are turning your back on God. Love cyrus, appreciate Cyrus for his work of the lord, but never worship him or anyone else and don't do everything he tells you. You only worship the one true source, you only listen to yourself because God is not out there, he is in here, in me and in you. Remember, who is Q, Q is U we are all Q. God is the shared consciousness of all living things. Those who took that arm thingy will NOT be left behind in these end times. They will be taken away so that those left behind are able to enjoy the gifts God gives us as Christ brings Heaven to Earth.


The morning 11:11 report:

Restored Republic:

All MILITAR Y around the world is on High Alert: The Deep Sta te Caba l in every country was working hard to stop the 32 Nation Alliance Milit ary from stepping in and stopping the depopulation agenda that is connected to resetting the financial system (every time the Deep Stat e money goes into major debt they create wars. Their financial institutions cannot sustain growing societies. That's why WAR is created every time their financial system starts to crash.

They are starting to withhold energy resources, yet this will bring the collapse. The Dee p State Plan was crumbling at many levels. Exposure was leaking and time was ticking.

Sat. 2 Oct. Beginning of Three Day Scare Event, False Flag Scenerio

Tues. 5 Oct. Beginning of Ten Days of Darkness where with the Mass Med ia Satellite System taken down, eight hour information videos giving new revelations would be broadcast 24 7 on TV, radio and phones using the new Starlight Satellite System.

Fri. 15 Oct. End of Ten Days of Darkness, Announcement of implementation of NESARA GESARA.

17 days! Boom! GESARA October 15th….

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November.

Important Historic Events and dates coming NOW:

– Reconciliation day – Canada banks closed (30 sept.)

– 3 days darkness (2-3-4 Oct. 8am) Mickey Mouse clock.

– 10 days darkness. Gregorian to Julian Calendar. 10 days missing. (5-14 Oct.)

– GCR QFS Global Reset GESARA NESARA Dept Jubilee (October 15th)

-US Gov. Bankrupt Shutdown Sept. 30th.

– 10 2, Oct 2nd, end of Trump 21 days of prayer. Mickey Mouse Clock.

– Black Swan Evergrande China Event Stock Marke t Crash.

– Tether Bitcoin ETH Corruption Cryp to crash

– SEC vs Ripple/l coinbase Lawsuits and ISO20022 regulations.

– Maricopa Audit – Proof Trump Win!

– Gaz oil Shortage and price rise.

– Mass Inflation rising.

– Tesla Free Energy Activation (Purple Lightning)

– Star Fall Project Free Satellite blockchain Internet 3.0 Starlink Odin ICP dfinity

– 589 (22) Gold Basel 3 XRP GCR.

– XRP to the moon, Pheonix rises from ashes.

– Revelations 3x8h video 24h 7 during 10 days.

– 7 Trumpets, EBS alert shutdown

– Trump Twitter “The storm is upon us”.

– Jesus Christ Resurrection.


Wishing you all a Great Awakening Everyone!

God doesn’t hear our lips, he hears our hearts. Words are lip service, you help other people from deep within your soul.

Well when this finally happens first we will all be in shock …second we are going to wonder if it’s true…. third we are going to miss the heck out of these times together.

-God bless

Neo Anderson

We live in an extraordinary time.

A time of Revelation.

A time of Repentance.

A time of Revival.

A time of Restoration.

We do not battle against flesh and blood. We battle against powers and principalities, against evil and wickedness.

This is THE battle of Good v. Evil.

God v. the devil

God won that battle at Calvary with the death, the burial, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior.

Stay strong in your faith.

Speak TRUTH and be fearless.

Keep fighting.

Trust God.


Shazza Matazz

Please don't send or tag me in anything to do with "Riccard0 B0si"...I don't like him. I was all for him until I watched a zoom with him and Fanos( another one I'm not crazy about too) last year.

He was asked about what he was going to do about removeing scumbag ped0philes, simple question you would think...well...he completely lost his shit!! Calling people "pin dick keyboard warriors" ffs and then went on to be swareing every second word...totally lost his mind!!!

It was then a flatout NO from me.

Imagine him in parliament and being asked questions, he would have a hissy fit wouldn't be able to control himself, not stable or mature enough for me.

Not someone I want in control of our country!!

I can't even say "wolf in sheeps clothing" because he outed himself as a wolf...his undoing for me.

A friend and I were also banned on here last year for exposing him.

2 min vid

Each to their own I guess...all individual journeys but on the same path!!

Leslie Nelson

Telegram Kim Shady

Strengthen my faith, Lord. Forgive my sins, so that I may be clean in your righteousness. Make me brave, so I can stand and fight the spiritual battles in my life and in our world. Give me your wisdom and discernment so I won't be caught off guard. Together, Lord, we'll win, because in truth, you already have. While evil still roams, the power of Your name and Your blood rises up to defeat and bring us victory against every evil planned against us. While malicious actions may disturb us, we use the armor of God You have given us to stand firm. You will bring justice in due time for all the harm and needless violence aimed at Your children. Until then, we remain in Your presence, aligned with Your purposes, and we look to You as our Supreme Commander and Protector. Help us to avoid temptation, and deliver us from evil, Lord. You are the Mighty One, the One Who will ultimately bring all evil to light. With You, Jesus, we are safe.


Forty seven three Niner

Leslie Nelson

Telegram -48

Red October indications we’ve seen…

Feel free to add related information

Leslie Nelson

Telegram -48

Red October indications we’ve seen…

Feel free to add related information

Carolyn BeGood

November 5, 1997. GEORGE MAGAZINE’s 2nd Anniversary Party.

(Asia de Cuba restaurant, NYC.)

HELLO Mr. Weinstein! “Don’t think for even ONE second WE don’t KNOW EXACTLY what you are up to!”

“BE” afraid…..”BE” very afraid.

Leslie Nelson

59m  · 

Once you stand up to the forces of dark and evil - wearing the full suit of God's armor and shine your God Light so brightly - there is no place for evil and dark except to flee! We are victorious through our Brother Jeshua the Christ

Chaze Matthews

20h  · 

Tomorrow is the beginning

of the 4th Quarter.

Whose ready for a Red October?

Carolyn BeGood


Lambert Page


I think people forgot about Dodi Fayed, he helped Diana escape the fake royals, Dodi is part of the good House of Saud. They hid out in his Father Mohammed Al Fayed's hotel during the whole faking of their Deaths. Dodi is so significant to the movie, he's not the 3rd Fusca as thats Steve Irwin, so who is he? He's playing a prominent role, I feel this could be him, whats your feelings...

Richard Christopher SaragozaScience & Progress with Richard

Mar 19, 2019

Can Humans Sense Magnetic Fields?

A study of people’s brainwaves hints at their unconscious ability to perceive the Earth’s magnetic field.

A schematic of the experimental chamber (top) shows how a volunteer would sit and experience an applied magnetic field. The participant wears an EEG cap to monitor the brain’s response (example, bottom). Deep blue color reflects a strong change in alpha wave activity, while green and yellow are less strong changes, as found by 64 electrodes positioned across the head.

Image credit: -

Cheryl Korst-Dye

Atlas V Rocket...

Just another DlCK PlC.

Ramona Silvestri


Sometimes God will wreck your plans to save your life. Appreciate the detour.

*****You were chosen for this moment so stay strong to the end.

-T team

Sheri Ty· 

Beautiful Kaleigh McEnany and her sister Ryann - great name btw.

Both are JFK JR's (Children)

JFK JR & The Kennedy's

Lambert Page

Scott Felton


Lambert Page

I think people forgot about Dodi Fayed, he helped Diana escape the fake royals, Dodi is part of the good House of Saud. They hid out in his Father Mohammed Al Fayed's hotel during the whole faking of their Deaths. Dodi is so significant to the movie, he's not the 3rd Fusca as thats Steve Irwin, so who is he? He's playing a prominent role, I feel this could be him, whats your feelings...

3D to 5D Archangel Michael sword.jpg

Lesa Tetoff

Who’s that??

  • Lambert Page

    Lesa Tetoff Rik Mayall, hes a terrific red pill film called One by One, woken up thousands of people

  • Tilessia LaFluer

    Lambert Page did he also "die"?

  • Nikki Henderson

  • The young ones my favourite  I thought you were him I really did at first my gut instinct 

  • Douglas Northup

  • Mr Destiny knows best..

  • Angie Ofthefamily Wilson

  • Oh I do hope so  and after that film he made, “One by One”, this would not surprise me one little bit 

  • Lambert Page

  • Angie Ofthefamily Wilson tony Blair couldn’t stand Rik, as the newstatesman was targeting him, Rik helped to knock him off his purch. They attempted to do away with Rik during the quad bike incident, he bounced back and went in harder on the cabal, they were after him and then he ‘mysteriously’ died of heart complications when on the phone, I reckon it was his witness protection transport call, he shuffled off to WP

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