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“London Bridge is Down”: Social media BLACKOUT plans for Queen’s death (Report) 12:07pm CST

Secret plans by the UK govt’s in the immediate aftermath of Queen Elizabeth II’s death have been revealed and they include an OFFICIAL social media blackout and a ban on retweets! (Politico)

Codenamed Operation London Bridge, the documents show the vast scale of plans and strategies mooted by the govt and discuss whether the UK has the resources to execute them.

The British PM will be informed by a civil servant that “London Bridge is down” upon her death with the royal family website transforming to a black holding page with a short statement. All govt social media pages will display a black banner and retweets will not be allowed unless cleared by parliament’s head of communications

Telegram Q the Storm


Very important people are currently being taken into protective custody.. In many countries...>>These important doctors, scientist, Whistleblowers, ext,ect...<

Are being taken to secure locations..///

WITHIN THE U.S. , Germany, UK.

Canada, Italy, Australia///>>

Several inside sources confirm

Something major is happening and White HATS are securing these people from Retributions


The Death of the Queen .. Has opened up chaos in the laws that over see corporation States (U.S. Canada, Germany ect.).//

The Death of the Queen insures the death of these broke Corporation States<<

*Shits about to hit the fan*


Ladies and gents listen up:

Timing is key.

The saying, “we have it all,” wasn’t a joke, or a catchphrase.

Let me say it again:

Timing is key.

•EO 13848 was extended yesterday.

•The (cover-up) plan for the Queens death has been foretold.

•“Solar storms” are being predicted to cause a massive power blackout.

•3GD is at record high levels

•20th anniversary of 9/11 is 3 days away.

•Independent results of the first domino (AZ) are being revealed before the hammer drops.

Christmas is coming early this year.

We knew about AZ on Nov 3rd.

Yes, this is the first domino. But in my opinion, it has not been released to the public yet, because all dominoes behind it need to be in place first. This is a worldwide operation, and it’s a big stage.

This is a mind war, designed to involve, test, and push every single one of us.

It had to be this way. If mistakes aren’t fixed, if we continue to be self serving and complacent as a whole, history is doomed to repeat itself.

Remember this is ultimately for our children. Future, past, and present. We must get this right. These monsters must pay for what they have done.

No loopholes.

No deals.

“Move slowly, carefully— then strike like the fastest animal on the planet.”


Ok, since a whole lot of you say you're paying attention... have you come across this?

Let me break this down for you, as Denzel so famously said, like you're a 6 year old.

Afghanistan sits on the largest untapped lithium reserves on Earth...

Lithium is used in batteries. Rechargeable ones...

ESPECIALLY in electric car batteries...

Mind you, those Afghan lithium reserves are currently estimated to be worth as much as $3 TRILLION dollars...

Before the Taliban retook the country, China was already in negotiations to mine the lithium and market it for the country - through it's own lithium battery manufacturers...

CAN YOU GUESS whose family owns 10% of the third largest company that does this in China?

Why... none other than Joe Biden's family! They stand to make over a THIRD OF A BILLION $$$ from this!!!

Want to fact check me? Be my guest. The company is called Contemporary Amperex Technology Company, LTD. (CATL)...

NOW does the Afghanistan fiasco start to make more sense? Some of you voted for him... are you paying attention NOW?

Leslie Nelson

High level:

Very simple my good brother! The next 30 days will change the world forever. You all will be happy very soon. The movie is complete and the only thing left is full disclosure. Tell your friends to please quit watching the news. Love you man. Sccottb

Lidija Lidija

The peace of mind.

No. No. 526 BREAKING NEWS: Banks in Germany recommend withdrawing all your money from your account

Emergency news from Germany has arrived, bankers know what's coming (GESARA NESARA with gold-supported currencies)

Alex Quade

Rhen Carberry is with Wren Berlin.

2htS0pohagntsomred  · 

The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act as proposed by Dr. Harvey Barnard, PhD

The NESARA Institute

P.O. Box 70

Greenwell Springs, LA 70739

(225) 634-3228

The NESARA Discussion Board

An online community organization

in association with the NESARA Institute elects the following submission by:

Ryan Kingsly


NESARA Discussion Board

April 26, 2005


“True tax reform is futile without reform of the current monetary system and its policies.” This statement, written by Dr. Harvey Barnard (PhD in Applied Science with an emphasis in Systems Philosophy) has captured the essence of the current financial woes of our nation. Tax reform, though a nice bandage for solving things temporarily, does not in itself provide the remedy this nation needs to combat a rising deficit, a rising trade imbalance, a rising public debt, and rising inflation.

Only by reforming both parts of our nation’s economy, the fiscal policies, as well as its monetary policies, can the nation recover from decades of waste, bloated government budgets, personal spending habits, and continual cycles of serious recessions that hurt our economy and our national strength.

No one change is perfect, and the changes that do need to be made are too extensive as to be practically applicable in any single administration. What is needed is a transitional solution - not a band aid. Only the National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act, as proposed by Dr. Harvey Barnard at the NESARA Institute at, has presented itself as the transitional solution this nation needs, and we ask the President’s Advisory Panel on Tax Reform to take a serious look at its proposal.


Ryan Kingsly


The NESARA Discussion Board

The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act as proposed by Dr. Harvey Barnard, PhD

Contents of Proposal for Comprehensive Reform

Identification and Cover Sheet


Contents of Proposal

Description of Proposal

The Tax Base

Exemptions, Deductions, Credits, and Exclusions

Tax Rates

Distribution of Tax Burden

Treatment of Charitable Giving

Treatment of Home Ownership

Collection Methods

Treatment of Businesses

Impact of Proposal Relative to Current System





Economic Growth and Competitiveness

Compliance and Administrative Costs

Transition, Tradeoffs, and Special Issues

Impact of Transistion


Special Issues and Considerations


I. Description of Proposal

This proposal will primarily focus on the fiscal reform provisions of the full NESARA draft at . To encourage members of the panel to read the full draft, some monetary reform provisions are included in this paper.

The Tax Base

All non-exempt retail transactions performed within the jurisdiction of the United States.

Exemptions, Deductions, Credits, and Exclusions

The necessities of life are excluded from the consumption tax. The necessities of life are defined as groceries, rents, leases, insurances, and medical services.

Charities are exempt if their purchases are for non-profit, non-competitive use.

Initial issues of stocks and bonds are exempt.

Government purchases are exempt.

Government services such as licenses, passports, etc., are exempt.

Bake sales, garage sales, and other small ventures, as long as they are not commercially frequent activities are exempt.

Tax Rates

A revenue neutral National Consumption Tax Rate of 14%

Secondary Sales of Securities Consumption Tax Rate of 1.4% (10% of National Consumption Tax Rate)

Gaming Sponsors Gross Profits Tax: 8% (since gaming is a licensed activity, government is considered a partner, therefore players are not taxed, only the profits of the gaming sponsor)

Social Security and Medicare income taxes remain in effect until Congress decides otherwise.

Distribution of Tax Burden

Spending decisions determine level of tax burden. Under this system, poor people, spending most of their money on the essentials pay little if any tax while the rich, who buy more cars and eat out, pay lots of tax.

Treatment of Charitable Giving

The loss of the income tax removes the deductible incentives for charitable giving, however some of this loss is recovered by the government issuance of Credit Certificates to donors to qualified non-profit organizations equal to 10% of the amount over $250. These Credit Certificates are used to pay consumption tax obligations, and can be transferred on the open market.

Businesses do not have to charge consumption tax for purchases by a registered nonprofit organization if the purchase is for a nonprofit use, or noncompetitive commercial use.

Treatment of Home Ownership

Buying a home is considered a qualified retail event applicable to the National Consumption Tax.

Used homes have a taxable base of only the difference between the original purchase price and the new selling price. Whereas new homes are taxed at the full purchase price at the time of sale.

(Monetary reform) Compound interest on secured loans is eliminated. Only simple interest is allowed to be collected as a monetization fee.

(Monetary reform) Principles are required to be paid first before banks collect their monetization fee.

(Monetary reform) These changes are retroactive on all secured loans.

Collection Methods

Initiating a non-exempt retail transaction makes one an agent for collecting the sales tax due for that transaction.

The sales tax is due at the closest regional bank by the 10th day of the following month of the month the transaction occurred.

Treatment of Businesses

Businesses are treated as agents of the national sales tax service. They collect sales tax on taxable goods and services and remit their payments by the due date.

(Monetary reform) Businesses have the ability to acquire new secured loans without the inherent instability of a compound interest loan equation, as all secured loan payment plans always end in 0 since under NESARA, principles are paid first. This has the effect of generating fewer bankruptcies due to defaults, and increases the ability of businesses to expand and create jobs.

The elimination of the income tax will dramatically reduce the costs of goods and services due to the inherent nature of the embedded costs of the income tax (or any other tax system that adds a tax throughout the process of making a good or service) which add as much as 30% to current prices. On top of the monetary reform provisions of NESARA, this is why we believe a 14% sales tax rate is a very conservative revenue neutral rate, with some estimates as low as 7%.

II. Impact of Proposal Relative to Current System

Compared to the current system and other proposals, NESARA is the simplest, fairest, and takes into account the moral need to provide for blind tax exemptions on the necessities of life.


A flat 14% sales tax on the non-essentials of life is simple, especially when compared to a confusing eight volume work of the current income tax code. A flat national consumption tax is easy to manage as a single percentage. Most other exemptions and exclusions and special provisions of NESARA are tied to that number, making adjustments easy and understandable.

Transparency: The true cost of government is reflected in a simple, flat, national consumption/sales tax.

Stability: The monetary reform provisions of the NESARA proposal include the stability of our monetary system as its chief priority. A flat national consumption tax is a stable, easily manageable system if simple over-the-counter exemptions are included. Ultimately, however, it is the author’s opinion that true stability can only come with a reformation of our monetary system as well. Please check out the NESARA monetary reform provisions here:

 NESARA is blinded to individuals’ incomes. If the good or service is not necessary for living in the United States, then that good or service must be taxed. The rich, who pay more than just for the necessities, buy more goods and services that aren’t considered necessities for living.
 NESARA provides Congress the freedom to legislate what is exempt and what is not.

Also, an arbitrary, intrusive, expansive, and expensive, yearly national rebate program is avoided altogether with simple, over-the-counter exemptions on the necessities of life.

Economic Growth and Competitiveness
 The monetary reform provisions of the NESARA proposal returns a benefit to the economy that is just too great to measure. It is estimated that $1 trillion of the national debt would be eliminated, and approximately $500 billion in bank reserves would be available for lending.
 A national consumption tax would tax imports equally, however with the hidden costs of the income tax eliminated from domestic purchases (calculated to be as high as 30% of current prices), domestic prices will fall and subsequently be more competitive versus imported goods and services. NESARA projects a modest 2.5% productivity growth per year, which equates to a doubling of the standard of living within a 20 year period. It is believed that other nations would have to adopt a similar fiscal and monetary system just to keep up with the increased prosperity of the United States.

Compliance and Administrative Costs

Compliance is mandatory for all non-exempt commercial transactions.

Evasion is harder since it will require more than one party to evade paying the sales tax.

If the national tax service believes the tax has not been paid on a non-exempt commercial transaction within the jurisdiction of the United States, the parties named in a warrant of deficiency only have to produce a receipt of the transaction proving the tax was paid, or provide books and records concerning the transaction.

Investigation of continuing fraud becomes a mere matter of a tax agent making a purchase and verifying the tax was paid.

Administrative costs for the transition to the fiscal provisions of NESARA are relatively small. In fact, the tax service might find themselves with not a lot to do, and hence a smaller budget.

An expensive government rebate program is avoided entirely with over-the-counter exemptions on the necessities of life.

III. Transition, Tradeoffs, and Special Issues

It is believed the transition costs of both the fiscal and monetary provisions of the NESARA proposal are only the cost of printing new letterhead, the elimination of most IRS staff, and (monetary reform provision) the cost of printing new currency.

Impact of Transition

The impact of converting the fiscal system of the United States to one proposed by NESARA would see a dramatic increase in tax compliance, competitive downward pressure on prices versus imports, and an increase in the value of used homes, helping to put an end to urban blight. The benefits are just too numerous to list here in full.


People no longer have to fill out forms to discharge their tax liabilities.

The government does not have to keep yearly tabs on the income of the people (assuming of course the Social Security and Medicare income taxes are not referred to in this proposal).

An arbitrary national rebate program is avoided, and so more government spending, and government intrusion, is also avoided.

Special Issues and Considerations
 The monetary reform provisions of the NESARA proposal provide for sweeping, positive changes to our current monetary system, the benefits of which are incalculable in terms of its prosperity to the economy of the United States. Since we believe true tax reform is futile without reforming the monetary system, we encourage the President’s Advisory Panel for Tax Reform to visit and find out more.
 The effect of the changes would become apparent overnight. Prices for non-exempted items and services become temporarily inflated. The costs for the basic necessities of life stay the same or become cheaper. The standard of living for the working poor increases almost immediately as a result since they are not largely affected the new national consumption tax, but are freed from the government intrusive income tax. Over time, as cost-reductions are realized, prices for non-exempt goods and services will come back down slightly, and stabilize as businesses no longer have to collect income taxes from their employees and so they can pass on the savings to their employees who receive a larger paycheck or lower prices.

Under NESARA’s monetary provisions, new home sales will skyrocket before the bill becomes law. Once the bill becomes law, immediately the cost of buying a used home becomes immediately more appealing.

NESARA’s new monetary reform loans equations become retroactive (a provision for NESARA to guarantee fairness when compound interest is eliminated on secure loans). Some homeowners who are in the 17-20th year of paying their home, under the NESARA equations that are applied retroactively, many may find themselves with their home completely paid for, or very nearly paid for. Immediately their discretionary spending increases.

Under the NESARA monetary reform provisions, banks will find that they have their reserves met faster as secured loans are converted under the NESARA secured loan equations. They all of a sudden have more money to lend. Some estimates place this amount at $500 billion nationwide. This new pile of cash can then become available for the community, for new loans, or new government projects if the voters decide to pay for them. If anything, the fiscal and monetary changes become sharply deflationary, and the government will probably have to spend money to keep deflation at zero – further increasing national productivity as spending is increased to ease deflation worries.

In short, NESARA is a win-win solution to the country’s current monetary and fiscal problems, and we would like representatives from the government to take a serious look at the full NESARA proposal at and to feel free to ask questions at

There are many more transitional changes that take place that have not been talked about in this proposal, however we have tried to focus on the fiscal reform side of the National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act in accordance with the proposal guidelines.

IV. Conclusion

We believe NESARA is the best proposal to date that is fair, equitable, and revenue neutral, and we would not be doing our job if we did not let the President’s Advisory Panel for Tax Reform be made aware of it. We hope that someone on that panel takes a serious look at it. Please check the proposed bill and its detailed summary explanation at Thank you.


Ryan Kingsly


The NESARA Discussion Board

Scott Brunswick:

Huge 11:11 update:

We were just informed there was an extension given to the release of the RV or GCR event forthcoming.

The Worl d Court legal framework for the Department of Defe nse to fully release all RV payments expires on Sunday, September 12, 2021, therefore the finalization date for everything will be Monday, September 13th moving forward.

There are multiple facets and moving parts to this transition. There are numerous contracts that must be honored before anyone can reap the benefits of this wonderful event. This will allow you to understand the complexity and coordination of the event. The procedures for all of these transactions are as follows:

1. Processing of all contracts.

2. Any settlements that need tied up for approval.

3. Closing of all settlements.

4. Posting to accounts.

5. The liquidation process.

6. The distribution of all payments.

This all is being completed under the new Cue FS (i.e. Quantu m Financial System).

Do not be discouraged over this extension. It is not a delay whatsoever and no one is kicking the can down the road. Stay away from that mentality and frame of mind.

As a side note, the EB ess will happen with 100% certainty as mentioned prior. Yes there will be 3 days of general announcements that will precede the E bee S and 10 days of darkness sharing full disclosure. Remember all financials must be done prior to the EB ess happening. This includes NESARA GESARA as indicated in prior messages. So folks, do the math of the above and please don’t ask for details of this information as there will be none available. Not trying to sound mean but what I have shared, without details, is what I am permitted to disclose at this moment.

As long as many of you have been on this journey, you should know by now or recognize the reality that dates are subject to change. If this should occur do not be upset.

Side note 1:

Keep in mind this is all a militar y operation. The whi te hats and allianc e are in full control of this movie, and always were PERIOD my folks. Do not panic over FF events. It has to be done this way. You will understand it all at a later moment. Quit watching the M ess M news as it will cause unnecessary heartache and false representation of reality.

Side note 2:

Please continue to view my page and get the majority of updates from Mega, as she will continue to share the latest information.

God bless!



_US Navy Helicopter Was Vibrating Before Crash That Killed 5
_ Russian Court to Consider Transferring Jailed Ex-Marine to US: Lawyers
_YEMEN  Several sources report air raids by Saudi Arabian warplanes which were allegedly carried out
_The Polish parliament has backed a state of emergency on the Belarus border amid a surge in migration and upcoming Russian-led military exercises.
_September 8, 2021 | Taiwan Strait, South China Sea. USAF vs. PLAAF reconnaissance mission amid highest tensions in the region. 
_ Russia: A explosion occurred in a residential  building in Noginsk, about 50 km from Moscow. 
_SYRIA – Kurdish militants from the Afrin Liberation front attacked a Turkish-backed militants vehicle with a IED on Sep 5, killing 4 of them in the northern part of the country.
_RUSSIA – The head of the Russian Emergencies Ministry Yevgeny Zinichev died during a military exercise in Norilsk.  He was 55 years old.
_SYRIA – At least 3 dead have been reported so far along with a number of wounded after regime and Iran backed militants shelling on Idlib city.
_Iraq – The Turkish Ministry of Defense continues to publish clips of aerial bombardment operations deep in Iraq in the north, where they claimed to have killed 4 persons from the PKK earlier today. 
_ U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer USS Benfold (DDG 65) conducted a Freedom of Navigation Operation (FONOP) near the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, which are claimed by China. 
_Russia has already sent Su-30 fighter jets to Belarus to secure its borders. 
The announcement comes two days before the start of MILITARY DRILLS in BELARUS and Russia that have prompted consternation in the NATO military alliance and European Union countries.
_Israel/Gaza }Hamas:
“The army is preparing for a massive incursion into Jenin tonight.” 
_Clashes between Palestinians and Israeli Security Forces have been reported

__ Thanks to >> @WW3INFO  for the information 

Royal Decree - Back Alleys/Residential Streets/Roads (Winter, Spring, and Summer Months) yearly events.

I, Queen Romana of Canada hereby Decree lawful the following:

1) Each year beginning day one of Spring Season to last day of Summer Season all back Alleys /Residential Streets/Roads - must have a, ONE to FIVE (1-5) /KPH Zone signs in all Cities and Towns.

*This is to allow all Children to play safely outdoors in their Neighbourhoods during Winter, Spring, and Summer Months.*

* Road Hockey Snowball fights, Basketball, kids learning to Rollerblade, etc, are returning to your Neighbourhoods *

2) Emergency Vehicles/Patrolling Police Cars must have their sirens turned on before entering and exiting these ONE to FIVE (1-5) /KPH Zones.

This Royal Decree is effective on day one of Spring Season, year 2022.


Peace and Prosperity. Or perish.

I don't play Politics.

HRH Majesty Queen Romana Didulo,

Head of State and Commander-in-Chief,

Head of Government of Canada,

Queen of Canada/President of Canada


The return of Christ

You have been misleaded to worship a Man, Jesus, used as a distraction to blind your eyes from the Truth about the Christ.

The Christ is the divine essence available in every human being.
The return of Christ as spoken about is the layers of spiritual awakening so many souls are now in the process of.
The awakening to the truth of who you really are and the ascension process where you climb the stairs to heaven.
A proces of transformation and activation possible for each soul that finds the path towards the light.

The Sacred Oil that is activated in your solar plexus , where the Christ is born, to rises up along the 33 vertebrae of your spine.

The 33 vertebrae represent the double helix string of DNA. The stairs of Jacob.

This is the Kundalini awakening that upgrades the human body into the full divine operation like God has created it.

All humans should come to understand how to achieve this ascension on the stairs into heaven.
Heaven is a state of being.
Your divine bleuprint and birthright.

When the Mind and the Heart are connected, you are Aligned with your Higher Self and the DNA stairs are whole, to ascend on your divine unique soul path in this life.

When the Mind and the Heart are seperated the ascension process stagnates. 
You remain stuck in the lower 3D vibrations of Fear, Shame and Guilt programmed to believe you are unworthy.
This has been going on for centuries, generation after generation.

When you start to break free from the individual, tribal and collective Mind programming, start healing and learn how to Master your Mind, Body and Spirit.
You repair the chakras from the blocks that allow the divine flow of God to move through you freely.

You heal your DNA mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

You become, not only excisting linear in 3D on a mental and physical level, but you become your Quantum concious highest Self connected to all there is. 

When the Christ is activated to meet the Father, in the pineal gland, you enter into the kingdom of heaven, when you balance your masculine and feminine polarities and you start to live in gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, unconditional love, service to others, will power.

Jesus was just an highly evolved soul, like many others that are here now, that activated his Christ.

The personification of a Divine Principle like the Christ is used to manipulate consciousness so you believe you can never be like him.
Religion taught you he is the son of God and you are born in sin. 
That is how the programming and the evil curse humanity has been victim of works.

Now is the time to reverse this manipulation.
You are not born in sin.
You are the Son of God.
You can activate the Christ.
You are the Christ returning.

Sending love into this world 

Danielle Stotijn

Telos - Lemuria - Mt.Shasta  · 


Keith Peter Lefebvre Dyck  · SteepSponmdcteacsmbner 5 enat a7:lsafon5retimmersd4 mArM  · 

Our ancestors were some of the Original Planners of Earth, orchestrators who seeded worlds and civilizations with creativity and love. Because of their qualifications, they liked to orchestrate worlds just as conductors love to conduct. Our ancestors are also your ancestors, and we like to call you our ancient family, as indeed you are. Our ancestors gave their DNA to the Original Planners, and this DNA became part of the DNA of the human species. We Pleiadians come from your future. In a version of our "now," there exists a place of tyranny and turmoil, and the have seen probable futures of Earth that include that same tyranny and decay. Time is greatly misunderstood in third-dimensional reality: you believe that time is measured in minutes or degrees. Time is much vaster than you realize. In actuality, time codes and plays with information, allowing you to move into realities simultaneously by stretching, distorting, curving, and twisting time around. You can get on an elliptical curve of time and experience many realities by simply going around the elliptical curve and discovering that, as time is not "solid," neither is reality.

Bringers Of The Dawn

Teachings of the Pleiades

Barbara Marciniak


Telegram Judge Jeanine

We are in the last battle. This is the apocalypse.

We are fighting for the salvation of humanity.

We all knew this was coming at some point.

I never believed it would come in my lifetime, but here it is.

Follow me on Telegram


Telegram @tealJohnQuent

IMHO January 6, 2021 Pelosi and other no names and agencies planned the event and the wrongful arrests to prevent future protests the size of which are unimaginable. They knew this was their future. After watching entire football stadiums full of people last weekend voicing displeasure of our current administration, think about the amount of citizens that would join and the probability of these events eventually growing nationwide.

I believe this sham prosecution was set up as a threat with the sole purpose of using it as a threat to future peaceful protests.

What say you?

Lidija Lidija


Q & A, Australia

Q: Queen Romana, will Australia be ok?

A: Of course yes. The whole world will be more than ok. Welcome to planet earth 2.0

People at Multiple Stadiums Break Into ‘F**k Joe Biden’ Chants at NCAA Division 1 Football Games:

TB scccottb


Jefferson Airplane -White Rabbit 9-9

Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight

The Matrix was a Documentary

Med Beds - 5D - Stargates - Free Energy - Antigravity

There will be a day - Jeremy Camp

NOBEL Award Jennifer DOUDNA: "CRISPR is a technology to rewrite the "code of life"

UN FEMA / Amazon Containment Camps

The Great Awakening * The Rebirth of American * Our Movement in Art

If you grew up watching Steve from Blue’s Clues, this message is for you  #BluesClues25

911 Project BlueBeam and witness testimony BOOM BOOM BOOM

Kennedy kids singing Timber

Pitbull - Timber (Lyrics) ft. Ke$ha

Van Morrison - Almost Independence Day


cheesetoon84 · 8-8 Tik Tok

Everyone say hello to Robin Williams! Gone With the Wind WPP

Robin Williams says "See You in the Morning"

Robin Williams "Hey Tinkerbell, Who's that?"  cheesetoon84 TikTok

Kennedy Family Magazine Tribute

1000 years Im coming home

Sep 8, 2021

Lauren’s Library

JOHN F KENNEDY ETERNAL FLAME = 243 + Juan O Savin(126) = 369 🔥🛸🔂123 + 110 = 233... 385..38+85=123

Sep 9, 2021

PSYCH CLUB - Tom Sidney Bushnell aka NUMBERS

Thought of The Day: WAITING

May 14, 2020



RedpillTheWorld Published September 7, 2021

RebelNews - Don't Get Censored

Big Tech is censoring us. Sign up so we can always stay in touch.

Kristin Mayberry Barton is live now.

Melissa Redpill : Holy Shit! They Caught us! Trump in Arizona 💜 Freedom Force Battalion

Sep 10, 2021

Melissa Redpill - Fc

Message from Jfk jr, Juan O Savin thoughts, Gene & scott



Are these future Camps for Patriots?

Sep 9, 2021

Monkey Werx US

Trump reveals when he will make a decision about 2024

Sep 9, 2021

Fox News

Aligning: Dates and Stars

The Angel Warrior Network

HIGHLIGHTS: James O'Keefe x Candace Owens Interview on The Candace Show - 09/07/2021

Sep 8, 2021

Project Veritas

MAN OF GOD Declaration Of The People

Simon Parkes Published September 6, 2021

Hannity: Biden ignoring the worst hostage situation in American history

Sep 7, 2021

Fox News

These Eco-Friendly Floating Condos Will Let You Live in Luxury Wherever There’s Water

The high-end Anthénea Floating Condos will hit the seas in early 2022.



Sep 6, 2021


Sep 6, 2021






8 facts about Rods of God. [Apple Tree] Space weapon, Future weapon, Rods from God (HD)

May 31, 2017

Apple Tree

JOE BIDEN delivers remarks on his robust plan to stop the spread of Delta & boost CV19 vaccinations

Scheduled for Sep 9, 2021


"This Is Way More Serious Than You Think - They don't want it out


Sep 8, 2021

Anonymous Official


NEW - Researcher at the University of Arizona discovered a genetically related snake venom enzyme in COVID-19 fatalities in doses 20 times the safe amount.

We Must See It Before It’s Too Late - Alan Watts on The Eternal Illusion

Sep 6, 2021

T&H - Inspiration & Motivation

Aliens/Sci-Fi/Outer Space * Hobo Nickels

Lidija Lidija


Donald Trump Qteam (ex YU)

Whiplash34 luck

17 armies (elite forces)

Australia, France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Denmark, Croatia, Canada, N. Korea and the USA

Daniel 7 17 and 7 3 (4 beasts)

• USA, Can, Aus. A combination of lion and eagle.

• Russia - Bear.

• Leopard with 4 heads and wings.

Germany and other euro states.

• Beast with iron teeth and 10 horns - North Korea

17 is the letter Q in the alphabet.

Q is a plan to save the world.

It has begun in 17.

140 + now.

When Charles De Gaulle returned from the Pacific last March in May, the French Foreign Legion carried out a raid in CERN.

Yes Geneva Lake will be hit with Rods & Dew.

Remember Donald Trump's secret trip to Switzerland?

Do you remember the American flag raised in Switzerland?

Did you know that Swiss bank is Basel bank?

Isn't that funny Swiss custody related to Luxbank. 2 neutral places

I dare to say that the Vatican gold was transferred there. Russian Spetznaz performed a raid in the Vatican. D

at d.jpg


Friends Of Earth!

To Many Of You That Live In The Light, Our Messages May Seem Repetitive, Though Different Words And Thoughts Come Forth.

There Is ONE Absolute Truth. There Are Many Paths To Discover The Truth Lies Within You! It Is Easy To Judge One Another If Their Opinion Differs From Yours, But Maybe In Distant Moments, Your Perspective Was The Same. What Sets You On Fire Now, Would Have Been Meaningless Earlier In Your Dream. Awakening In Increments Is Like Taking A Blindfold Off. Then Another. Then Another. You Find It Amazing That You Left Entire Belief Systems Behind. You Find It Even More Astonishing That You Have Been Controlled And Brainwashed By Any News You Have Received Since Arriving On Earth And Comprehending Language And Meaning!

Now You Realize So Much Truth! You See Toxic Governments Misleading And Destroying The Masses As They Promise To Have More Remedies To Harm You! It Is No Wonder That Many Are Checking Out! Many Are Having Deep Depression And Anxiety And Problems Sleeping. Continual News Of New Variants And Endless Mandates Are Taking The Freedoms That You Have Known. Even With Lies Throughout The Dream, You Had Freedom! This Waking Dream Is Full Of Patriots, Families That Understood Love And Unity, And Gatherings Of Multitudes Of Celebrations.

Governments Are Dividing And Isolating You With Fear! You Have Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself! You Will Create What You Desire From This Point! If You Could Only Realize The Power You Brought To This Waking Dream! You Brought Purpose And Divinity! You Are Majestic And Infinite!

You Are Holographic In Nature And Each Thought, Action, Emotion And Intention Will Move As A Ripple Of Vibrational Frequency Through Your Being And To All Others! You Do Make A Difference! Those Ruling Over You Wish For You To Believe You Have No Voice And That You Do Not Matter! The Darkest Ones Left Have Set An Agenda For You!

But We Have Great News! We Have Something Better! It Is The Great Awakening And No Agenda Will Stand! Do Your Best To Find Peace In Your Heart! Each Moment You Are Breathing, It Is By The Power And Grace Of Source Creator! Meditate At Least Twice Daily. To Really Change Your Vibrational Frequency Higher, Meditate As You Are Just Waking From Slumber And Just Before You Enter Sleep. This Will Change Your Subconscious Mind. This Will Connect You To The Living Field Which Is The Answer. The ONE.

Breathe Deeply And Stop The Endless News Reports. You Know Enough And Many Lies Will Be Toxic. Change Your Habits And Choose Wisely What You Allow Into Your Being!


Join The Move Forward Into Infinite Light!

There We Begin Where All Dreams Started!

We Love You So!



Mohsen Paul SarfaraziDr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi Speaks on Consciousness, Creation, Cosmos, etc.

Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi  

Beloved: Although made dormant by the negative aliens, you are endowed with an additional 10 strands of DNA, making you the crown jewel of all physical beings in the Nebadon Universe. Yet, for your OWN sake, in order to live your life as eternal crystalline consciousness beings, the Prime Creator has mandated only one directive to you: to expand your consciousness by practically becoming progressively more aware within the Matrix of reality devised within the Divine Mind of the Prime Creator, what you might refer to also as the 'zero point energetic field.' This is ensured for you through an open energetic loop that IT provides for you by transforming ITSELF into a system of Trinity comprised of three principle arcs (Father, Mother, Golden SUN), disseminating ITS energy to you via the advent of electromagnetic Light. So, in essence, all you must do is to remain connected to this SOURCE of Free Energy. Yet, at the same time, a bio-system of energetic field disconnected from the God-SOURCE is subject to entropy and eventual decay, effectuated by excessively expanding away from the SOURCE via evil and deviant, apathetic, attitude towards ALL life, being void of any compassion and unconditional love, dedicating itself with avaricious lust in favor of 'service to self only.' Such is the nature of existence of the negative beings as synthetic inorganic entities who have resorted to vampiric-parasitic energetics to maintain themselves at the expense of other solar beings, meanwhile devising all the tricks they can to steal energy from us and other sentient beings in order to be able to stay afloat, yet with the delusion of obtaining "eternal" existence that defies the purpose of their 'life' altogether. And, to keep us docile and obedient to institute their devious, malevolent intent, they have learned to resort to trickery via devising mind control programs through their artificial intelligence that they constantly stream upon us. As a result of this, and their deceptive conduct of recruiting the members of our own species to do their evil bidding in the hope of futile "elitism" and having a luxurious life of excess and "comfort," and through their mind control propaganda to follow their artificial paradigm of 3D reality created in duality in the form of avaricious lust for money, material things, and redundant carnal desires that all serve their purpose of further siphoning out our divine consciousness energy. Thus, effectively, this has lead to lobotomizing us to feel 'nothing,' living in a state of utter 'unconsciousness,' as they have effectively managed to make us blindly follow some of their missions and repugnant traits that lead to our entropic existence and eventual decay. Meanwhile this is purposeful to them as using us as 'farm animals,' continuously preying upon us as their food source. Thus, in the following papers, I have emphasized the need for our consciousness expansion, proposing a new cosmological law dubbed as the 'Cosmological Law of Consciousness Expansion,' defining a new concept as 'soul syntropy' that counteracts the negative tendencies of 'soul entropy,' leading us to prosperity, and once again, achieving our inherent trait of crystalline consciousnesses, culminating in eternal prosperity and 'immortality' as a way of fulfilling our underlying design for 'natural existence'. Always be blessed by furthering your consciousness expansion through attainment of continuous enlightenment. With Unconditional Love

Beloved: The Cosmos, as the body of the Prime Creator, emanated from precise crystalline, coherent, intelligent energies of the perfect ORDER, what we refer to as the Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent God-SOURCE of infinite consciousness. Accordingly, everything is pre-designed to ultimately work with perfect, crystalline ORDER. And, in order to achieve this, the God-SOURCE/Prime Creator has ultimately instituted a series of fail-safe mechanisms for the flawless operation of the Cosmos. And, probably the most prolific of these fail-safe mechanisms has to do with the concept of syntropy and the mandate for consciousness expansion. So, as it is the case that the self-similar fractilized holographic quantum energies of the God-SOURCE may expand away from the SOURCE (called the process of Creation) and be scattered all over the Cosmos to explore the vast realm of the Cosmos as to epitomize sentience and intelligent Light Beings as ITS offspring, they must ALL inevitably contract back to the SOURCE. This is, in essence, an alternative statement from the “Law of Conservation of Energy” that I have more appropriately referred to simply as ‘That which expands away from the SOURCE must inevitably contract back to the SOURCE.’ And, of course, this describes the Principle involved behind Sentient or Conscious Vibration. In other words, one may, for the sake of experimentation in space-time and for the purpose of self-discovery, expand away from the SOURCE, and even be subject to entropic energies as described in metaphysics as negative ‘karma,’ yet such entropic energies must be ‘balanced’ with syntropy that describes the energetic quality just opposite to entropy. That is through ‘positive karma,’ describing gaining better ‘propinquity’ with respect to (or contracting towards) the SOURCE. And, as the God-SOURCE always constantly provides ITS offspring (organic solar consciousness beings) with an open loop of energy from its infinite pool-fountain of consciousness energy, acting as the ‘main’ support for the ALL, the overall result of entropic-syntropic energy will inevitably lead to consciousness expansion appropriated through gaining gnostic experience and attaining spiritual education, experimenting with the sojourns of life within the myriads of space-time dimensions. Thus, below, I have introduced the concept of ‘syntropy’ and the ‘Cosmological Law of Consciousness Expansion’ as the primary caveat for ensuring the fail-safe operation of the Cosmos. Thus, the God-SOURCE only has one primarily mandate or directive to us: to expand our consciousness, and to that end, help OTHERS (consciousness siblings and our brethren) to do the same. In this respect, the fundamental aspect of Law of One becomes synonymous with having compassion, empathy, and loving your siblings unconditionally as to freely, readily, and wholeheartedly engage in SERVICE TO OTHERS as opposed the ultimately engage in self-destructive, utterly selfish conduct of ‘service to self only.’ With Unconditional Love.


It is explicated that the contention of positive entropy production rate indicating that the Universe eventually tends to chaos and disorder is not necessarily true, as this principle applies to closed energetic systems. On the other hand, our Universe is a part of a system of multiverse that is ultimately connected to the SOURCE, being part of an open energetic loop. As such, in conformance with the Dualism Principle of Creation that everything is created in pairs, being symbiotic with one another, ‘balancing’ each other, conjugate to entropy is what is referred to as ‘syntropy.’ In this respect, syntropy is synonymous with spontaneously drawing the energetic of life and consciousness from the open loop of ‘free energy’ provided by the SOURCE. This principle comes to existence via the advent of ‘sentient vibration’ introduced by the author earlier that asserts all sentient beings function as harmonic resonators, undergoing positive as well as negative karmic energies that need not be equal to one another, with the free energetic SOURCE to compensate for the difference if negative karma generating entropy or disorder is dominant over positive karma giving rise to the advent of syntropy, resulting in overall consciousness expansion and ORDER. A new cosmological law dubbed as the Cosmological Law of Consciousness Expansion and ORDER is introduced that asserts that in open systems, the rate of syntropy production rate is positive. Finally, a brief discussion of ‘negentropy’ as simply being the negative of entropy, and a scenario for a closed energetic Universe run by artificial intelligence is given.

Download free pdf.

Adama & His Guidance Into The Higher Dimensions  · 


Mehroo Fitter  · 23m  · 


On behalf of the Lemurian Council of Twelve of Telos, the king and queen of Telos, Ra and Rana Mu, and all of your former brothers and sisters of the present-day Lemurian civilization, we welcome you to the Heart of Lemuria, the Heart of Compassion. We are indeed the survivors of that mighty civilization, and to the great surprise of many on the surface, we reveal to you at this important time in Earth’s evolution, that we are real, very well and alive within Mount Shasta, California, after 12,000 years of isolation from the surface population.

The time has now come, beloved ones, for our two civilizations to reunite again. One of the main purposes of our writings is to assist in the establishment of the foundation necessary to prepare for our eventual emergence among you. The long dark night that has separated us for so long is now over. We are planning to emerge among you in the near future to reunite in love, wisdom and understanding with those of you who are ready.

It is our heart-felt desire to teach you what we have learned since the sinking of the Lemurian continent, and to assist you in creating for yourselves the type of paradise we have created for ourselves. We have forged the path for you, and when we share this higher level of spiritual wisdom and understanding, it will be much easier for you to follow in our footsteps. We will walk side-by side with you along the way.

It is especially heart-warming for us to see our information published in several languages, because we are aware that it will reach a much greater population on the planet. Many souls in other countries are ready and yearning to reconnect with us and with the aspect of themselves which lived on the Lemurian continent. So many of you who are drawn to this material have, to this day, former family members living in Telos or in present-day Lemuria. These family members and friends love you so very much and are longing to reconnect with you. Many of our people in Telos, who have former family members living on the surface, have learned your language in order to communicate with you with ease at the time of our emergence.

We ask you, dear ones, to take our information to heart and make a conscious effort to create a bridge of love and communication between our two civilizations. It is that bridge of love and receptivity from your hearts to ours that will bring us to you in a more tangible way. We are awaiting your response. Call on us in your hearts, and we will be at your side, whispering and singing to you our “song of union and oneness.” We all champion your victory. We are always available to assist you in reaching your goals and hearts’ desires.

I am Adama, your Lemurian brother.

( From Telos Book 1 by Aurelia)

Shell Evans

Has to happen first -

Q) The Storm Rider /Official - Telegram





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Leslie Nelson is with Jennifer Huff and 


Is it too late for some? It is never too late to use your free will and to wake up but if you don’t it will be forced on you it will be a shock. We pray for those still sleeping we will be here when they awake and we will be their teachers. We will show them love kindness and the true light of God  C

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Christopher Davis Gilmer




[S]tate Legislature



Patriots Stand By, Stand Ready.

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Jesse actually appeared in a few of Elvis' films.

The back of Elvis' jacket on the day of his last concert is full of code.

Abraham Lincoln is of druize blood - the bloodline of Jeshua - he sent his two sons to be raised by distant family in Bengazi (the world was told they died as children) HERE IS THE STORY -

Telegram Maryann



Born on: Saturday, December 21, 1850 Springfield, Illinois, U.S.A

Day 21….777

21 December 1850 = 16th of Tevet, 5611 “Hebrew Calendar”.

Day 16 …1+6 = 7.

21 December 1850 = 16th of Safar, 1267 “Lunar Calendar”.

Day 16 ..1+6 = 7.

The Libyan Government had confirmed to me that the remains of “William Wallace Lincoln” had been sent to the United States.

William Wallace was brought to Benghazi – Libya in 1863, they changed his identity , was raised by The Sanussi Royal family of Libya and lived in that Country for the rest of his life.

He was known as “Omar Mukhtar”, the great freedom fighter who fought against The Italian Military invasion of Libya from 1911, until his arrest near Caves Valley (180 Km east of Benghazi), on Friday [11th September 1931] when he was defending those Holy Valleys of Marcus the Evangelist, Valley of The Bible and Mary’s Lake in the region of Cyrene “280 Km east of Benghazi”.

He was transferred to face trial on Tuesday 15th September 1931 held by The Italian Military Tribunal in Benghazi, the trial ended in just one day.

He was sentenced to Death. They Hanged him on Wednesday 16th September 1931,(age 81) in The Town of Solluk 50 Km south of Benghazi “US Peridous”- Libya..



P.S. William Wallace Lincoln was born on the 16th day of the Hebrew Calendar, and on the 16th day of the Lunar Calendar. His father is The 16th President of USA….They killed him on The 16th Day , on the 31st Year….

At that time The President of USA was Herbert Clark Hoover (31st President).

Remember: “Orthodox Cathedral of Christ the Savior” in Moscow was destroyed by “Joseph Stalin” on December 5th,1931..(D5) mentioned in Q post.

Remember: “Orthodox Messiah”, written in Hebrew, gives (777): he, mem, shin, yod, heth, daleth, taw and yod, giving 5+40+300+10+8+4+400+10 = 777.

William Wallace Lincoln, had 3 daughters “Mary, Gallia and Saieda”, and one Son. His only Son was shot in the head & killed by The Italian Military Police in downtown Benghazi in 1942.

His daughter “Mary” married a “ Prince “ originally from “The Golan Heights” , his name is “Said H Issa Kahlooni” and was born in The Orchards in The Governorate of Mount Lebanon.

He arrived The ((Port of Derna)) Libya on March 1911 coming from The Port of Beirut Lebanon. They had 2 Sons (Older son was born on : July 25, 1915..& (Younger son was born on May 29, 1917) , they were known later in life as Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr & John Fitzgerald Kennedy > “The 35th President Of The United States of America ”….

Kidnapped from Benghazi, Libya and handed over to mafia boss’ family, Joseph Kennedy [BOTH OF THEM WERE KILLED].

..P.S The ((port of Derna)) “20 Km west of Those Holy Valleys mentioned above.”

The “Kahlooni” family descend from an ethnic minority called the “Druze” , and they inhabit the Golan Heights.

This family originally from the Towns of Qunaitara & Majdal Shams in (The Golan Heights- Israel)…

The Town of “Kahloonia” in Mount Lebanon [45 Km south east of Beirut]…


The Druze are the descendants of “Jethro” ,The Priest of Midian in The Bible & “Torah” (Exodus 2:18).

The 16th President Of The United States of America “Abraham Lincoln” , descend from The Kahlooni family.

Remember: “Q” recent post about [Bloodline]..

Remember: JFK’s autoimmune disease is a (Genetic Disease)…> Both Parents are Lincolns (Kahlooni).

Remember : Trump’s Golan Heights Declaration…

Remember : The (3) Daughters of William Wallace Lincoln (777)…

Remember: His Daughter “Mary” gave birth to her Son “JFK” on 29th May 1917…(16) days after the first apparition of The Virgin “Mary” to the (3) Girls in Fatima Portugal on 13th May 1917….(See above ,the significance of the number 16 to William Wallace Lincoln (777).

JFK & jackie had 5 children - Arabella - Carolyn - JFK, jr - Patrick Bouvier - another son and another daughter (sorry can't remember their names right now)

jfk j r and cbk had 3 children by surrogate BEFORE the world even knew they were married (they were wed in secret)- his sister -Arabella carried the children and they were then raised by 3 different families -Kaleigh - Ezera - (can't remember the other sons name - sorry)

jr and cbk also have 3 other younger children and nothing has been released on them

PHEW - hope you are now caught up on the Jeshua bloodline

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