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Babylon to Rome

The blueprint for control by religion was honed and polished in Babylon, in the lands of Sumer in Mesopotamia.

Babylon is also the location from where the global financial scam was foisted on the world.

This scam involves lending people money that doesn't exist and charging interest on it.

It just so happens that Babylon became the new headquarters of the Anunnaki bloodlines after the Sumer Empire collapsed.


Their operational centre later moved to Rome and it was then that we had the Roman Empire and the founding of the Roman Church, which, understandably, was a copy of the religion of Babylon.

It uses the same methods, symbols, and stories. It is interesting to note that the word basilica, as in St Peter's Basilica in Rome, would appear to originate from a term relating to both a deadly serpent and royalty.

A basilisk was a "mythical serpent, lizard or dragon, the "King of Serpents", whose hissing drove away all other reptiles, and whose glance and breath were fatal", according to Norman Lewis in the Comprehensive Word Guide (Doubleday, New York, 1958).


It was the "king snake" that all other reptiles feared.

American Heritage Dictionary Of The English Language, Fourth Edition, 2000, reveals that the name basilisk comes from the Latin/Greek terms basiliscus, basiliskos, and basileus, meaning king or "little king".

This evolved into the Old French word, basilisc.

Here we have the connection between royalty and the serpent yet again.


The basilisk is mentioned in Psalm 91, but by the time of the King James translation, the reference has been changed to an "adder".

Later the basilisk became associated with the cock and became interchangeable with the term "cockatrice".

St Peter of basilica fame is connected to the cock, as we shall see.

How appropriate should the centerpiece of the headquarters of the Babylonian Church in Rome be named after a royal serpent.

Rome to London


When the Anunnaki bloodlines moved their operational centre to London after William of Orange arrived in 1688, we had the emergence of the British Empire.

In fact, the empires of Sumer, Babylon, Rome, and Britain were all created and controlled by one force.

In Babylon they used the same structure they had in Sumer with the priesthood acting as the go-between or middleman for the "gods", and this gave them enormous power over the people.


During the Babylon period the Anunnaki were seeking to rise from the ashes of Sumer and develop their strategy for taking over the world covertly through their bloodlines and front organizations.

To do this, they needed to take out of circulation the true accounts of history, especially their own role in humanity's suppression, and the esoteric knowledge that would allow the people to understand the magnitude of their own power and potential.


God save us from religion

It has served us well, this myth of Christ.
Pope Leo X

Religion is the greatest form of mass mind control yet invented and it has been the most important weapon in the reptilian agenda for thousands of years. It has imprisoned the minds of the masses and kept them in perpetual fear and servitude.

They accept their, often grotesque, plight on the word of men in long frocks who tell them it is "God's plan".

Take the shit today and you'll have paradise tomorrow.


It's always tomorrow.


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