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Washington DC - LIVE CAM

Vatican - LIVE CAM



"Biden our time until the Trump card."

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Biden oval office Hollywood movie set Gi

DC Vlog - What's being built (or unbuilt) next to the White House in Lafayette Park?



Andre Popa


Seal Beach CA! 1 Naval ship and MANY Cargo Ships!

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Is Joe Biden's Oval Office being filmed on a set in LA??

Follow the reflections - castle rock

•Jan 24, 2021

TranQuility _45 @bib45le

What makes you think theyre not? No one has seen Bidan except in CA at a fake Castlerock entertainment studio w a fake Oval office. White House in DC is locked up tight with lights on a timer!😂.

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LIVE Footage of the Culver City, CA set. 



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DS Tunnels In DC!

Santa Claus Of The United States @bigredwavenow

•Dec 18, 2018

Carol Elmer


Breaking News: This week US Special Op forces recovered bodies, body parts and surviving children from tunnels buried deep beneath the White House. With the US functioning under Martial Law, B*iden and 464 elected government officials were arrested early Mon. 1 Feb. Since the Mainstream Media refused to air official announcements of such, the US Military would take over all American media outlets.

Juan O Savin (JFK Jr.): “This illusion was all going down in a few hours, but the fight will go on for some time.”

In the 2020 B*iden Inauguration was clear it was a cut and paste pre-recording.

B*iden’s West Wing Oval Office was in Hollywood Castle Rock Studios where he was signing EOs on blank sheets of paper with a parking lot in the back window.

White House dark. Building something huge in front of the White House.

A video of White House early morning showed soldiers coming out with little kids.

Tunnels go from Comet Pizza to White House.

They kept Trump away from that area while he was President.

Since he moved to Mar a Largo the Military have gone in there.

They entered tunnels buried deep – a long way down – beneath the White House. Evidently they have been running this for the past 10-15 years.

On Sun. 31 Jan. the Military put out a press release to the Mainstream Media saying that they had arrested B*iden and 4-5 hundred Congress people. The MSM chose to bury that whole story – which the Military regarded as High Treason. The ongoing cover-up of the evil going on was going to destroy the MSM.

The transition from the fiat SWIFT Financial System to the Quantum Financial System began in Aug. 2020. As of Mon. 1 Feb. it was fully operational.

Ward has done over 30 Zooms with medical doctors who told him that if they told the truth about C19 they would lose their licenses.

Ward has 17 people working behind the scenes full time to give him Intel of what is going on.

Juan O’Savin: A list of close confidants to Trump were arriving at Mar a largo this weekend. It was obvious that B*iden was on a stage other than the Oval office.


The courts and Congress have failed in their duty to protect the Constitution so the Military has taken control with a mandate to install a lawful Republic. This illusion was all going down in a few hours.


We have air craft carriers off both coasts. What you are hearing and seeing are very different from what is really going on. You are hearing tidbits.


We have hard and overwhelming evidence that Trump decisively won the 2020 Election by over 80%. The Military has the responsibility to insure that the Constitution was enforced.


The US Inc. was bankrupt. The false claims against corporations and Wall Street assets get off our back. Trump brought back the troops because this was where the fight was.

We could get a Cuban Missile Crisis moment to awaken the people.


Dueling Presidents 👉Show LInks BELOW👇👇

•Feb 1, 2021

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2017 Military Tribunals List.jpg

Kirk's Law Corner

The Trump administration did not reveal the "designated survivor" for Wednesday's inauguration ceremony, and it remains unclear whether the White House named one.

During major events, such as the State of the Union address or inauguration, the nation's top leaders in the presidential line of succession are gathered in one place, putting them -- and the nation -- at risk.


One person, usually a Cabinet member or senator, is placed in an undisclosed location with one of the country's nuclear "footballs" -- the briefcase carrying the technology to launch the nation's nuclear arsenal, according to John Hudak, deputy director of the Center for Effective Public Management at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C.


Back To The Future @backontrack

 2 months ago


2017 Inauguration
Trump at the front in control of the dissolving corporation
Military behind in charge of the saving the republic.

2020 Q Castle Clean
Trump now behind shrouded in black background & his attire black
Black signifies death (corporation).
Military in Front with the LIGHT beaming on them

Gematria Castle Clean we get.

hi pontiff - bauer - creation - corpse

Hi Pope Rothschild creation 1871 Organic Act USA incorporated is dead.

Vatican owns title deed to USA Inc. Bauer name changed to Rothschild. USA inc created in City of London by Rothschild’s.

Vatican 2017 visit Melania wearing all black attire to meet Pope. Black signifies death & the black Veil signifies Darkness of Sin.

Military was and is still in Charge of the republic.
Take it to the bank.

inauguration the plan.jpg



Say "hello" to 'Trip' Everyone!!

CAPITAL RAID Mass Arrests?

Wednesday, February 3, 2021 1:58


Seal Beach CA! 1 Naval ship and MANY Cargo Ships! 

Andre Popa  2-2-2021·

Real crime boss Joe Biden. Dead. Firing squad 2019. Treason, conspiracy, child trafficking.

Ghost Ezra @ghostezra

2 minutes ago 2-3-2021

Lightning at DC.jpeg

TheStormIsUponUs Now @stormis_us

 5 hours ago

Praise You In This Storm
by Casting Crowns
Have no fear rather learn how to dance in the rain. For today is the first day of the rest of your life. Live it as if it were your last.
You do not need alcohol or drugs to hide in , as your soul is a light given to you by God. You have a part of God within you , your soul. There is a Storm Coming and do not be afraid as you will be safe.

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Biden is not our president reasons why.j
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WATCH: Pam Bondi argues Biden

corruption concerns are legitimate

Trump impeachment trial

•Jan 27, 2020

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Biden Gets On An Old and Tiny Air Force1 and the Giant New One That Trump Rode on? Symbolism & Lies. Michael Jaco 2-7


•Feb 10, 2021

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Superbowl flyover shot.jpg

  • January 22nd 2021

  • Lt. Scott Bennett


  • Joe Biden is not the President of the United States of America, despite the propaganda machine (mainstream media, democrats, fake republicans, etc.) attempting to bully and brainwash Americans into believing he is.


  • I know because I was in Washington DC not long ago, and worked with General Michael Flynn’s team (and others) on examining the evidence and affidavits from the technical experts who provided the proof not only of election fraud, but of treason and espionage and cyber warfare attacks. Without disclosing too much or identifying people that might be put in danger, I can say with absolute authority that the materials provided by the military personnel, the cryptologists, the attorneys, and the analysts prove beyond any doubt that the election on November 3, 2020, was a corrupt fraud and act of high treason committed, and an act of war by China.


  • I sat down with experts over several weeks, and saw some amazing things, documents, videos, and other materials that both enraged me and nauseated me. I interviewed technical geniuses who provided testimony and evidence clearly showed me that Barak Obama, John McCain, Mitt Romney, John Brennan, and others committed high treason and should be prosecuted and promptly executed for their crimes. So damaging was the material we were analyzing, that we had CIA—and most likely Mossad—hacking into our phones, our computers, planting microphones, setting up “honey-traps”, and breaking into our hotel rooms searching for our evidence. As a result, we were moved around to different hotels every few days, and surrounded by gun-carrying Navy SEALS, U.S. Marshalls, and Special Forces soldiers.


  • Essentially, Joe Biden’s presidential election was the result of a multidimensional fraud that consisted of

  • 1) Mail-in ballots justified by the Covid-19 Chinese virus.

  • 2) Chinese Communist Party purchased Dominion voting machines with software that manipulated the election numbers to a pre-determined percentage.

  • 3) Fake ballots transported into vote counting polls to reflect the fake computer manipulations of the numbers.

  • 4) Delusional democrats, fake republicans, and a mainstream media that was hysterical and obsessed with removing Donald Trump by all means necessary. The Supreme Court also seemed to play a passive-aggressive role by abandoning its constitutional duty to rule on controversies between the states—and nothing is more controversial that evidence of a corrupted election of a person controlled and bribed by foreign nations.


  • Of course the implication of this election is that those nations and people supporting Joe Biden are going to attempt to control, dominate, brainwash, imprison, or destroy anyone who supported Donald Trump, and erase every political act of Donald Trump. We see this already with Biden’s executive orders to stop the border wall construction, subjugate America to the Paris Climate Treaty, assist foreign people to invade America illegally and grant them citizenship to vote, and morally destroy Americans through a fascist transgender-homosexual agenda to indoctrinate the population. All of these actions may of course ignite a civil war in America.


  • As a result of the overwhelming evidence, we can clearly see that the election of Joe Biden was a fraud, and as a result has no lawful power or legitimacy; and therefore no word, order, policy, or instruction from Joe Biden or his representatives has any authority, power, or legitimacy, and should not be accepted or obeyed in any way. To do so would clearly be an act of treason.


  • The strategy we should use to counteract the false and dangerous Biden orders, is as follows:


  • Use this document as a NOTICE OF LEGAL SERVICE that all orders, policies, and instructions from the Joe Biden Administration are unlawful and unconstitutional due to the overwhelming evidence of fraud and corruption.

  • Collect the legal filings and exhibits provided by attorneys Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Patrick Byrne, and Joseph Kline as evidence of this fraud and corruption, and demand that it not only be acknowledged by state and federal courts and government agencies as factual and accurate, but that indeed it mandates the rejection of all Biden Administration claims of Presidential authority by said courts and government agencies.

  • Declare that any political or government person or agency (majors, town councils, supervisors, members of Congress, police, judges, etc.) that does not reject as unlawful all claims and orders from the Biden Administration, are violating the constitution, have abdicated their authority, and are complicit in treason against the constitution of the United States, as well as the State Constitutions.

  • Send this notice by certified mail to all members of Congress, Military leaders, and state and local government officials; churches and media. "Truth is the best psychological operation, and the natural antiseptic for lies, and rejection of tyrants and their orders is the duty of free men to both God and others." --Scott Bennett



  • Scott Bennett – copyright © 2021, all rights reserved

  • American Media Periscope

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the weekend mj unzip.jpg

Kat IstheSea3 @katisthesea3 2-7-2021

 34 seconds ago

Not one scintilla of doubt in my mind 💞

“Our future will be brighter
than ever before.
I go from this majestic place
with a loyal & joyful heart
& optimistic Spirit
& a supreme confidence
that for our country
& for our children
President Trump 1-19-21 🦅

“I’ll be back by Monday,” Donald Trump said as he gathered his closest advisors to Mar a Lago this weekend.🇺🇸

#NESARAGESARA 🚀#QuantumFinancialSystem 💰💸

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