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The Disney Pedophilia Symbolism thread is back!

Normies are asking me what Disney has done that's bad.


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Reverse [Their] spells...Save Our children #WWG1WGA #ThesePeopleAreSick #TheGreatAwakening ♡♡♡

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Hollywood (also see Laurel Canyon and also Disney Club 33!) has long been a part of MK ULTRA. If you cooperate you will be successful, if not you get ostracized or “suicided“. A few though do break out of their programming or become programmers but are able to get out. 

Take a look at Tila Tequila (got out), Britany Spears (tried to…), Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith (“suicide”). Some are not necessarily “programmed” but become part of the program, Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle. 

Ever wonder how so many of these Hollywood celebs wind up so seriously f** up? Sure access to all the free money, drugs and sex you can handle? That can account for quite a few…. but all of them? Even if you don’t think there is a connection do some further reading, 

find out what you can and I’ll bet you’ll find some connections there. The “powers that be” really just can’t help themselves with their own sense of self importance so they leave behind tell tale signs and symbols (remember the 33 Club? 

Britney Spears’ career is a perfect case study of trauma-based mind control in the entertainment industry. From Lolita/kitten themes to group sex to Mars and clone labs, practically every aspect of MK ULTRA programming can be witnessed in her career. 

"If you have a little bit of Sunshine in you, it's never good to play in the dark. ~2Pac.

When her music videos are watched in chronological order, they tell a horrific story of never ending enslavement, Britney has been a performer since her childhood days of Disney’s Mouseketeers and won many pageants and talent competitions in the vein of Toddlers and Tiaras. 

Her 1998 first hit single, Hit Me Baby One More Time, is an obvious reference to physical abuse and identification with her handler and she appears in a uniform similar to a catholic schoolgirl. 

The Babylonian Mystery Religion eventually became the Roman Catholic Church and factions of the church are at the root of the mind control network. Survivor Cathy O’Brien’s formal induction as a presidential model mind controlled slave began with her first Holy Communion. 

where she was given the “Rite to Remain Silent.” She received a Rosy Cross necklace which would lead her through the rest of her mind controlled existence. Her abuser told her he worked for the Vatican and now, so did she. The Rite to Remain Silent is anchored in the 

“Vow of Silence” performed by the Jesuit monks. At the end of the music video Britney awakens from her disassociation to find that the entire scenario was all in her imagination. This becomes a common theme in many of her videos. 

I love Hollywood. I hate what [They] do to children, women, men, and innocent people. When I was much younger this was my dream. Make entertainment moral and safe again. I've been at this sick twisted game for so dang long clearly. 

#WWG1WGA_WORLDWIDE it's not left vs. right. It's good vs. evil. #DarkToLight #GoodVsEvil #FreeBritney "if you have a little bit of Sunshine in you, it's never good to play in the dark. ~2Pac. 




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Club 33 is a set of private clubs located in three of the Disney Parks. The original is in the heart of the New Orleans Square section of Disneyland. Known similar locations in Tokyo Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland, and new locations coming to Walt Disney World's four parks. 

Boasting an alleged initiation fee of $25,000 to $50,000, with annual dues as high as $30,000, and a 10-year waiting list to join, Club 33 is a five-star restaurant and lounge whose members are corporations, high-rollers, and celebrities. It's rumored that Tom Hanks is a member. 

What Is Club 33

Club 33 is a private and exclusive five star restaurant in Disneyland. It has been discretely located in the heart of the New Orleans Square on “33 Royal Street”. In fact, you have probably walked past the entrance many times without even knowing it was there! 

A Meeting Place For VIPs
This exclusive club was originally intended for use by Disneyland’s Corporate sponsors and other industry VIPs when it opened May, 1967. 

Other Members

Limited individual memberships soon became available, and now dignitaries, celebrities, and even U.S.Presidents might be spotted entering Club 33. 

EOnline reports recent (2012-2013) visits by Katy Perry (at Club 33) 

The fact that they openly use the number 33 and other symbolism to decorate the place lets us know that there is something more sinister going on in there.


Those who are fortunate enough/have sufficient disposable income to get in can expect to rub some pretty darn impressive shoulders. Mental Floss has this to say about the calibre of the clientele: “Johnny Depp sometimes pops in when he's around. 

Now it boasts members such as Tom Hanks and Christina Aguilera. 

Elton John, Kobe Bryant and Arnold Schwarzenegger have all dined there. 

Angela Gabour, who has worked at Club 33 for 28 years, likes to tell of the time Prince Rainier of Monaco visited. 


Michael Jackson - Captain EO 1986 Disneyland

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