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UPDATED - List of Arrests - July 11, 2020


Franz Glaus @franz

18 minutes ago

Producer of Hunger Games talks about Hollywood pedophiles

Looks like Gaga's Hunger Games costume at the Biden In-OZ-uration triggered the resharing of this vid posted last summer!

"In a shocking video, American film actor and producer John Paul Rice sent an alarming message about child sex trafficking in Hollywood and urged viewers to take action to end violations which, according to him, are not accidental in the entertainment industry."

House of Gagga

•Feb 6, 2016

Eddie Murphy talks about Sammy Davis worshipping Satan

EASY SHARE Hollywood Pedos

The Real Meaning Behind Ricky Gervais' Golden Globes Routine

•Jun 30, 2020


Ricky Gervais – Golden Globes 2020 (Uncensored, HD)
100,130 views•May 28, 2020

Ricky Gervais' Thoughtful Reason For Targeting Celebs During Awards Shows
201,462 views•Jul 6, 2020

Coronavirus Celebrities are sick.jpg

Sep 14, 2019

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Jersey Gurl: @jerseyhotgurl


· Sep 14, 2019

Cautioning us to never idolize any "Star", our insider says all successful actors, stars, celebs and so on, have been heavily compromised in order to achieve their "dream".…

Celebrity Homes get corona.jpg

EXCLUSIVE: Ritzy celebrity enclaves like Beverly Hills and Bel Air are hit hardest by coronavirus with number of cases higher than most other neighborhoods in LA county



43m5. Spanx Inside out pink sock. NOTE: Bottom of sock UPRIGHT. We have recently seen WH pink with


for the International Women of Courage Awards.…


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The White House@WhiteHouse

· 1h

.@FLOTUS, alongside @SecPompeo, recognized the accomplishments of 12 extraordinary women at the International Women of Courage Award Ceremony this week!




6. SCRATCH THAT about sock position! SOCK IS NOT BOTTOM UPRIGHT. SOCK IS BOTTOM DOWN, TOE POINTING TO CAMERA (or just left of camera) for clarification & accuracy.




10m7. This is a YUGE find by


Esoteric Turning the Sock Inside Out Western culture = outside of sock; Inside = Foreign terrifying land. No MAPS for interior of sock. Afraid to give up outside of sock; “Now is the inside sock of Time”…


Hammer Time@TheHammmerTime_


1hReplying to@AnJillOfLight@LovesTheLight



Wonder if Pam Bondi was involved (good or bad?) in Epstein’s Sweetheart deal?

Hammer Time@TheHammmerTime_



Also Note: Scientology Human Trafficking connection!!!

Pedo Island map.png


Sep 16, 2019

This is how the Elite Gender Inversion have children:


Clones, Vril Lizards, Robotoids and Time Travel

Cause I’m Slim Shady Yes I’m the real Shady All you other Slim Shadys are just imitations So won’t the real Slim Shady Please stand up Please stand up. So goes the chorus in the s


Sep 16, 2019

Cause I’m Slim Shady Yes I’m the real Shady All you other Slim Shadys are just imitations So won’t the real Slim Shady Please stand up Please stand up. So goes the chorus in the song Slim Shady by Eminem. It is a reference to his clones.


Sep 16, 2019

Unbeknownst to the public there is a mass cloning of celebrities taking place. Just about every famous person you can think of has been cloned.


Sep 16, 2019

It is hard to conceptualize secret underground facilities of cloning operations with rooms that have heads in jars and bodies in cocoon-like envelopes. There is Digital Human Freight. Which are bodies exactly the same standing motionless in a line.

Sep 16, 2019

Cloning research began in the 1930’s. After WW2 it started receiving inexhaustible funding. Frogs were cloned in the 1950’s. Then animals were cloned in the 60’s. Development The cloning of a


Sep 14, 2019

What price to make it in show biz? There are two realities to the industry. First, there are the insider blood line types who get out of film school, a call is made and the career is launched.

Sep 14, 2019

Shirley MacLaine and Warren Beatty might be an an example. Many of these people come from multi-generational abuse families.


Sep 14, 2019

Then there are the nobody's who eventually come across the pay to play scenario. Basically prostitution, sleeping with producers, directors and so on, and being on call as an escort. If you say no, your career goes nowhere.


Sep 14, 2019

[Darwin Porter says many stars, like James Dean, Rock Hudson, Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball, started their careers as prostitutes. Hoover & Tolson: Sexual Secrets of America's Most Famous Men and Women.]


Sep 14, 2019

THE GROOMING STAGE: In order to reach the higher echelons of entertainment with no family or Tribe connections, you must work yourself up through the drug use/sexual permissiveness/prostitution/escort stages to things like mind control, handlers, and


Sep 14, 2019

into darker levels of spiritual possession or soul-loss at a profound level.


Sep 14, 2019

This sets the stage for the performer to become part of a very dark world. Artists who resist are a huge threat.


Sep 14, 2019

So the Controllers compromise you in some way with evidence of your perversions, or they threaten you, or they finally kill you.

Sep 14, 2019

And especially if you are a big money-maker, you are often replaced, and I don't mean by another actor. This way, "you" or the 2.0 version of you, can keep on making money for the dark side!


Sep 14, 2019

We are talking about losing one's Soul people! And... it's real! YOU CAN BE CLONED...


Sep 14, 2019

CLONING has been around for many decades. We just are kept in the dark about it. Read more about cloning here:


Donald Marshall Revolution

Ex-Illuminati insider, Donald Marshall speaks out and exposes the truth about the New World Order, a dark organization of world leaders secretly orchestrating global events.


Jersey Gurl: #PicazioUsesFamilyCourtToGagPatriots



Sep 14, 2019

Our former entertainer has many stories to relay of how famous celebrities changed in character and looks. Her suspicion is that they had been replaced. She names such stars as, Michael Jackson, Ann Margaret, Joan Baez, Jane Fonda and Jennifer Connolly...






Sep 14, 2019

Cloning Humans…


Sep 14, 2019

She had friends in the industry who knew these entertainers personals and believed they had indeed been replaced.


Sep 14, 2019

She also mentions Bob Dylan. Recently, I saw an interview with Dylan who was on 60 Minutes, and he admitted on camera that he had indeed made a deal with the devil long ago! Bob didn't look happy…


Sep 14, 2019

Replacement can be confusing to detect because many stars have plastic surgery with horrific results. Basic mutilation. Think Mickey Rourke or Priscilla Presley...

Sep 14, 2019

Mickey Rourke or Priscilla Presley


Sep 14, 2019



Sep 14, 2019

Cloning vs Torture: In their cases, extreme surgeries could be used as a form of torture to "fall in line" or the actor /performer is replaced. The surgery takes place after the cloning to improve the original.

Sep 14, 2019

Clones never live up to the originals. They deteriorate rapidly. There are many subtle differences. However, many actors will do anything to their bodies and minds to work in Hollywood. Most are damaged people.

Sep 14, 2019

Cautioning us to never idolize any "Star", our insider says all successful actors, stars, celebs and so on, have been heavily compromised in order to achieve their "dream".


Sep 14, 2019

After all, show business is just a distraction. In ancient Rome, the poet Juvenal describing the political power scene of the day said, "Panem et Circenses", Bread and Circuses". Cont.


Sep 14, 2019

Meaning, if you keep the masses fed and entertained, they are less likely to kill or even notice their invisible handlers.


Sep 14, 2019

So it all boils down to the elite and the demonic force that is behind them.


Sep 14, 2019

She spoke of the Madonnas: Who groom the younger women to eventually take their place with the sexual/psychic rituals. She said that all these women are mind controlled and abused.


Sep 14, 2019

This is HUGE! Insider states, "Many [celeb charity boards] are [fronts for prostitution], [sex trafficking] and [drugs!] €IA=CLOWN Operation? #Pedowood


Sep 14, 2019

Additionally, "Many celebs are set up with boyfriends and marriages that are arranged. and The actresses agree to do porn in exchange for all the perks of being with a rich man but knowing they will lose it all if they break up with the guy."

Sep 14, 2019

"There is a huge market for these [satanic sacrifice snuff] films; among the exclusive, connected and wealthy circles i.e. the demonic Illuminati."

Sep 14, 2019

Our actress insider; believes there is a long list of [famous people] who have sacrificed a child; including many political figures. Many mysterious accidents have happened to big name people and thereafter, magically, their career takes off.


Sep 14, 2019

Remember Barbara Bush keeping a fetus in a jar?…


Sep 14, 2019

Author: " I can attest to this phenomenon and, I am very suspicious. Shortly after my beautiful young mother was killed in a horrific "accident", weeks after the death, I was invited to Washington D.C. by a U.S. Senator. " cont.


Sep 14, 2019

"My father was his financial campaign manager. I went to the home of George Bush, Sr. for a party. Holding Poppy's hand and chatting with Barbara, I remember being in total and complete shock and profoundly disassociated from my body at the time and for years afterward.


Sep 14, 2019

[Aleister Crowley], Father to [Barbara Bush] George W. Bush, Barbara Bush, and Aleister Crowley

Sep 14, 2019

Author(cont.): "Soon after this Presidential visit, my father's career took off like gangbusters and we soon had oodles of money and a family jet. And who was flying in that jet? Henry Kissinger among many other elites. Pretty suspicious if you ask me. A Sacrifice I don't know?

Sep 14, 2019

KANSAS NO MORE: Our informant ran into the Dark Arts very early on. These dark arts are ruled by the [Illuminati/reptilian/negative ET’s>>>Vril negative humans/military industrial complex].


Sep 14, 2019

The negative #gatekeepers: Need a certain number of true artists; as camouflage. Sometimes they are targeted to move to a higher level on the playing field.


Sep 14, 2019

At the same time they are surrounded by relatively nice "handlers" who don't corrupt them. But, the conclusion is that at some point everyone in the industry has to make the decision to yield to the corruption or get out.


Sep 14, 2019

That is, if it's not too late. We are human batteries to them. They pilfer our higher energy. and Q, tells US: [C]lowns [I]n [A]merica = €IA Q dropped-placeholders

Sep 14, 2019

but needless to say: Eventually [They] GET YA! Through: Drugs, alcohol and spiritual possession make it a much easier choice for the actor/performer to compromise; I'll do anything; to get a job/gig/role.

Sep 14, 2019

That is when the evil really steps in. Many of these people-celebs/stars, keep drugging and drinking to make their harrowing dark choice "OK". But, many cannot keep up the illusion and want out at some point. Example


Sep 14, 2019

If they protest or tell the truth of what is really going on...they are often replaced. They become surrounded by dark people, dark organizations and dark non-humans (ET's >>> vril hybrids). Once this happens they barely have control over what happens next.


Sep 14, 2019

Kardashian Jenner, Witches; prime example of dark entities taking over their men and ruining them; to mere puppets. Along with help of Kris Jenner, being their manager; this also includes Scott Disick, and Kylies men.

Sep 14, 2019



Sep 14, 2019

[Kim Kardashian] was lacing Kenya's beverages with LSD; too.


Sep 14, 2019

Many victims of this [satanic industry] are those who have no family ties to speak of. Their lives are easier to erase and dispose of. All planned, all by design.



Sep 14, 2019

CONCLUSION: WE, The people, have allowed: [Hollywood Jesuit s] along with [MSMs] hype to distort our sense of reality. None of this is by accident. All has been carefully planned. Our world is held hostage by an illusion run by a Satanic cult. #ItEndsNow

"If the ship goes down, we're all going down together." Welcome to the real world Madonna. Elitism. Personified. Morose, amazingly defeatist, and whiny. Pure, selfish celebrity entitlement on full display.

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· 2h

No-Discrimination- Covid-19!! #quarantine #covid_19 #staysafe #becreative #brianeno

Epstein Island overhead photo.jpg… This thread has like 30 videos on this stuff. The visual convinces ppl.

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Nick Frechen


· Mar 28

Lady Gaga

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John Grover (D





Mar 28Replying to@NFrechen


Vampires vs Wolves..... the one eye and mouth is for the site where Fenrir is bound, where the accent ones hide the artifact that will break the chains of the Great Wolf..but the wolves will destroy all the vampires soon....they were used as willing tools in the plan.



John Grover (DK)@Batman09502284


Mar 28

The Wolf is calling, as the time of beast and gods dawns on the world.....a greater picture is there.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

#TomHanksPedo post breakdownDown pointing backhand indexLEyesK=Pay attention. Hit a King=Australia term for 'By surprise' Dice= movie he was in. 9 of clubs/Terror Cards=Up-Down reverse-Hardship/betrayal. 21 is also movie entertainment of SatanJapanese ogre. YUUGE message to #DeepState 
#TickTock Alarm clock⌛ #Pedowood #QArmy


Johnny Depp reptilian Disney/666 pedophile child murder supporter for his father SATAN&HUNTER s

Maya Luna


Let it be known:

The audio of Britney Spears' voice proclaiming her sovereignty is the voice of the Deep Feminine roaring out of the trance of performative "femininity".

This is a spell breaking occult event of incredible significance.

A symbolic and magical act rippling out through space and time.

Britney spears is not just a human being though she deserves human rights and healing.

Her incarnation is more than this.

She is an avatar. A symbolic voodoo doll of the collective trope of distorted femininity.

And the Great Split in the Feminine Principal.

She is the personification of the Madonna/Wh*re Split. Her entire life story has been the living myth and archetypal expression of the state of the feminine in the era of the Lost Feminine.

The psychic energy she has absorbed from the collective gaze, and the collective unconscious projection field of the misogynistic, inverted, split concept of The Feminine principal onto her, and the sheer power of that vested psychic energy and attention has molded her into the ultimate avatar for a larger collective phenomena. It is THE living spell of the dominator anti feminine virus over earth for the last 3000 years.

Britney Spears is a pre-cog for the current zeitgeist and collective dream and trajectory of the Feminine.

And she is breaking the spell.

She is an oracle.

And now the oracle is saying:

"After I've lied and told the whole world I'm happy and I'm ok... now I'm telling you the Truth. I'm so angry it's insane."

When we first met her she wore a plaid school girl outfit and pig tales. Coo-ing in a high pitched contrived voice of performative femininity. Seducing us with her girlish innocence and coy submission.

Provocatively tempting us to “Hit Her one more time”

A few years later she crawled on all fours, looked us in the eyes and sang

"I'm a slave for you"

Videos of her singing as a very young girl reveal her true voice: deep, bass, gutteral and gospel. Belting out with operatic bravado that is stunning to behold in the small body of a seven year old girl.

Following her performance Ed Mcman leans in close to whisper the real important question we all need to know when witnessing a female exhibit such raw talent:

"You have the most pretty eyes. Do you have a boyfriend?"

As years passed and her career boomed, the deep guterral voice of passionate artistry and power magically vanished.

She aged yet her voice regressed. Her body grew yet her clothes became smaller.

Like tight corsets around her vocal chords, contorting her voice into her signature high pitched, breathy, innocent little girl tone. With a dash of ditzy helplessness. Always smiling. Always pleasing. Being a good doll for us.

Even her non singing voice in any interview or social media post was that same signature britney squeaky high pitched little girl. Doe eyed. Submissive. Pleasing. Innocent.

She pranced for us. She was perfectly "feminine."

She was the poster child for the good girl. Obedient. Pleasing. Non theatening. Her sex dressed up as a power we could eat and consume. But don't worry. I won't ever be challenging, confrontational or press your buttons. I won't use my true voice. I'll say what you want me to say. Look how you want me to look. Offer my sex and my beauty for your consumption. But never bring in the messy reality of my soverignty, boundaries or personhood. Never bother you with the true magic of my deep power.

Do you like me now?

Is this how you like it?

How do you want me to be?

She was eaten and consumed. Siphoned and exploited. Controlled, stalked and harassed.

Living underneath the heavy cloak of the projection field of what it means to be a "good girl".

In an interview with Diane Sawyer she began to uncontrollably cry when asked about the constant harassment she was enduring. She fought back tears and then pointed at herself and said...

"EW! Bad Britney!"

And then one day. She snapped.

Shaved her head because she no longer wanted us "touching her". Drowned herself in pills and booze. Tattooed that silky flesh that had never been her own. Reclaimed her body. Made herself into a hideous monster we would no longer be attracted to just to get some room to breathe.

She rebelled. She dropped the script. She broke the deal.

And instantly, through the power of the vested psychic energy of the collective unconscious of the Great Split.

She became:

The Damned Woman.

The crazy woman.

The damaged goods.

Scarlet letter reject.

No longer on her pretty pedastal of Madonna perfection.

She became the Whore.

A hot mess.

A wild one.

As it would HAVE to be if one is the living myth of the archetypal condition of the feminine in the era of the lost feminine:

She was quickly detained. Drugged. And imprisoned.

Her rights taken away.

Keys to her life handed to Daddy to take care of her.

In that moment the archetypal vessel joined in the ancient tradition of abused women exhibiting classic symptoms of trauma being diagnosed as mentally ill. Hysteria.

And for the last several years we have watched her. Make up smeared. Rocking back and forth, visibly traumatized in a lithium induced haze. A look of brokenness and heart ache in her eyes. A sense of being out of body. Struggling to just be alive.

But that pretty smile was painted back on.

That high pitched squeaky ditzy effect of "femininity".

Cheerful. Grateful to be alive. Inspiring. Simple. Non threatening. Not powerful. No. Not disagreeable. No. Not opinionated. No. Not with her own voice. No.

A good little girl.

Except now the girl is a woman.

And her battle scars are showing underneath as she grimaces and winces out her seductive cooing and fawning.

Enduring her abuse with Feminine Grace.

Convincing us and herself that she likes it. She needs it. She needs to be told what to do. She needs to submit. She isn't bothered. She isn't angry. She isn't HUNGRY for true life. That wouldnt be feminine. The Feminine isn’t hungry. The Feminine does not have a life or desire of her own. She exists purely for Other. She does what she is told. Coos in just the right way. Says all the things you want to hear.

Embraces her abuser as her savior.

Knows “love” as the act of being controlled and consumed.

Loves to get pimped and siphoned off of because it feels so good and so right to be so "loved" and "accepted".

And now, in her first public statement speaking out on the decades long abuse, pimping, siphoning and imprisonment she's endured.... Her voice is DEEP. LOW.

From the belly. The cunt. The womb. Her True Voice.

And you can hear it in her tone. In the urgency and speed at which the words run out of her mouth:

She literally CAN. NOT. TAKE. IT. ANY. MORE.

"I'm so angry it's insane."

'I'm tired of being pretty and being perfect"

"I want my life back"

And, the most profound statement of all:

"The control that he had over someone as powerful as me. He LOVED it".

Like a collective gong shattering through all our gas-lit notions of what power is.

The power of the pimp.

The power of the abuser.

The power of the controller.

The power of the dominator.

Revealed and seen through for what it is:

The pathetic fetish for attempted and illusory domination over the power of the feminine principal.

And this goes for ALL of us and our distorted relationship to the Goddess of Reality, Creation and Existence.

The psychic vessel for our distorted vision of The Feminine is speaking.

And she is not only woman and our relationship to woman.

She is all of us.

She is Earth.

She is the untamed wildness of existence.

She is the collective Soul.

And her voice is deep and low and full of clarity, passion and anger.

“I'm not crazy.

I'm not happy.

I've been in denial.

I am traumatized.

I am angry.

I want to be free.”

(Audio of Britneys Oracular Transmission Below)

pyramid sign and meaning.jpg
Ron Howard pizza tweet.jpg
Bruce Willis is a white hat.jpg


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RedHerringAlert  RedHerringAlert

· 13h Replying to @prof_horatio

Just like Bruce Willis and his Pizza-Rat sweater.



Wrong! Bruce Willis is a WHITEHAT!

Trutherfly 11.11-Reclaimingthesymbol

@agentmyami ·


Exactly! It’s not just pizza! This is a clear message from Bruce Willis to the s! When will ppl get that not every Hollywood star is a ??? #Uselogic!




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Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

· Oct 19, 2015

Bruce Willis wearing my hat on @FallonTonight last Friday-


15hReplying to@spauldingshowal

Lots of meanings, I am making my opinion CLEAR!TY

Spaulding Showalter@spauldingshowal·

15hReplying to@LoveBling6

His handle “red herring” is appropriate. “A red herring is something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important question.[1] It may be either a logical fallacy or a literary device that leads readers or audiences toward a false conclusion.”


15hReplying to@RedHerringAlert


I agree!


RedHerringAlert @RedHerringAlert·

15hReplying to


I know. I think Seal is a whitehat like Bruce Willis.


Replying to@prof_horatio

I think he's a white hat letting the DS know he's on the right side.

Exposing Ashton Kutcher

Demi Moore makes out with a kid





Apr 1
OJ Simpson weighs in on the new documentary “Tiger King
! Like nearly anyone who watched the show, OJ believes that Carole murdered her husband, fed him to the tigers, and got away with it! So yes, OJ just accused someone of getting away with murder! Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joy

56 minutes ago @12:55pm cst

In response AQ. PATRONS to his Publication

On Guitar is Mark Milley, because Ace Freshley is Jew, so it perfectly fit Milley "Space Ace outfit" but in Fact Mark is Zionist...😎
Guy with bat costume Gene Simmons...Wuhan Barry...😈

Guy with Panda Eyes... Joe Biden, in band was more actors on his post during years, same with Joe🤷‍♀️😂😂😂

And finally man with Star in his Eye, Paul Stanley, represent more prominent MOSSAD AGENT in USA Jeffrey Epstein...
Symbolism will be THEIR DOWNFALL😇

Their MasterStroke Unplugged from GITMO😇😎

kiss ss.jpg
Kiss bad guy list.jpg

Jimi Hendrix, Madonna, Beyonce and Star-Gates


The fickle minds of America are easily distracted and have the attention span of a house fly thanks to the speed of media today. What is hot news in the moment is forever forgotten when the next news sensation inundates the airwaves. This is exactly what happened with Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance which knocked the lights out in the stadium for thirty-three minutes.

Many people dismissed this as just an electrical problem and all of the cosmic motifs included in her show as merely artistic expressions from Beyonce. Totally dismissed was the fact a star constellation above the stadium was also included in the art of the show using fire and light. This clearly showed a direct relationship to the heavens and earthly archetypes playing out on the stage.


Silver Gate star configuration over Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance


This is obviously too much for common folk to grasp because this story did not go viral and the reason being — what does it really mean? What is the point of it all? How does it affect you and I? What it really means is there is another world we can not see and it can be opened up using the stars, music and people. This is the world of Spirit. The point of opening up this world is to bring entities in and out of it. Finally, it affects us all by altering mass behavior and events in the present and future.

What Beyonce did has happened before and this is the most compelling proof this Super Bowl performance of hers was in fact a ritual. It was a carefully planned ritual to open gates and harness energy of people to correspond with particular stars to create a gate. Nothing in the cosmic world is good or evil, it just is. It is the intention of the human hearts and minds which make good and evil.


UFO seen over stadium after Beyonce’s performance


We can all agree what is done in secret usually does not have the best intentions. Beyonce adorned with an embroidered Baphomet sigil and eyes that transformed into dark was apparently a conduit of cosmic energy.  As this earthly “star” was being worshiped by adoring fans, she was connecting with a heavenly star configuration generating cosmic energy. This could be compared to a physical/spiritual ionization process where positive and negative merge to create a new . . . star gate energy.

There is nothing good nor evil created in the Universe. It is all about intentions and what you do with the energy. Some people, groups and secret societies are notorious for having evil intentions for the world. When harnessing the power of the “stars” on Earth and the stars in the heavens it can easily be used for both.

Madonna performed under the exact same Gemini/Taurus (intersected by the Galactic Plane) star-gate February 5, 2012. Again, you saw a carefully chosen wardrobe which was identical to Sumerian and Egyptian costumes. These same costumes worn by Madonna and dancers represented the goddess of the time as well as her minions. Most likely unbeknownst to people another ritual was unfolding right under their noses. Madonna performance also captured more viewers than Beyonce.


Silver Gate star configuration over Madonna’s Super Bowl performance


If you have followed the Beyonce series on this digital magazine you are aware of the “Silver Gate” star configuration over the Super Bowl.  If you studied the picture of the fiery bull near the beginning of the ritual, you saw people just standing around the bull in position. Beyonce even asked people in the crowd to hold out their hands to the stage. She said, “I want to feel your energy.” There were also reports of strange lights above the stadium and then the power went out.


These are not the dancers in the performance. Who are they?


This is not the first time a musician achieved these same results. Jimi Hendrix created a similar experience for fans forty-four years prior to Madonna and Beyonce at his “Rainbow Bridge” concert in Hawaii. The exact same star constellation was overhead known as the “Silver Gate.” Jimi Hendrix was a LSD user which allowed him to artificially open his mind to the spirit realm. We now have a pattern where Hendrix, Madonna, and Beyonce all performed occult science under the “Silver Gate.”


Fast forward to 37 minutes into the documentary to hear witness testimony


It was commonly known Hendrix studied the occult and the teachings of Aleister Crowley. He learned of corresponding (frequencies) guitar notes were matched to a person’s Sun sign. He strategically placed people in groups by their signs and played their corresponding frequencies at them evoking great emotion. He used a cyclical musical pattern where eventually people received 1 to 3 bars of notes which created an energy vortex so large the power went out in the town! Does this sound familiar? Some people actually began to cry as he played the emotion up and out of them.


Silver Gate star configuration over Jimi Hendrix performance


It was also recounted by witnesses “UFO” appeared in the sky above the stage and in the town. Hendrix even pointed to the sky and said, “Look my friends are here.” What does all of this tell us? It tells us there is obviously an ancient science being applied by musicians on the fans. I say ancient because of the occult studies incorporated into the rituals from Aliester Crowley himself.

This whole UFO phenomenon needs to be reexamined because apparently there are “UFO” which can be summoned or conjured. This all achieved by an earthly “star”  using music, people, and under the “Silver Gate.” I believe this anonymous quote sums up the “idiocracy” of believing “aliens” are traveling thousands of light years to the planet we call Earth.

“If we ever travel thousands of light years to another planet inhabited by intelligent life, let’s just make patterns in their crops and leave.”

There are corresponding frequencies which causes sympathetic cosmic frequencies. When certain star patterns are present such as the “Silver Gate” and the “Golden Gate” energy vortexes are opened allowing non-physical sentient beings to traverse dimensions. We crudely can elaborate on this Earth to star configuration by using sympathetic resonance or sympathetic vibration which is a harmonic phenomenon wherein a formerly passive string or vibratory body responds to external vibrations to which it has a harmonic likeness.


Sounds of the Earth’s planetary cycle


All of the planets and stars have their own frequency or signature, if you will. Hendrix was very correct when he chose “Rainbow Bridge” as the theme of his musical ritual. Because this is exactly what he did! He bridged the astrological houses together under the “Silver Gate” creating an opening where dimensional entities could be seen streaking across the sky. Some people call them angels, demons or jinns but they are definitely not aliens from other planets here to save humanity. Furthermore, they are not our creators!

We call where they are from the Spirit world. There is an intelligence at play here driving the desires of mankind. Can this energy harvest be stored? What causes the lights to out? These same results were created by Jimi Hendrix and now Beyonce. It is apparent the celebrities or “stars” are the keys powered by the energy of the fans. It is clear Beyonce has been taught this ancient science because she does not even possess a GED!


Ritual ElementJimmy HendricksBeyonce

MusicHe played bars based on the astrological signs of the people. They were grouped together and began to resonate with emotions setting off a chain reaction.She played music and asked the crowd to hold their hands to the stage so she could feel their energy.

PeopleHe figured out the frequency of each astrological sign and the corresponding star constellations. How did he know each sign had their own notes?During her performance it appears people were strategically placed around the stage. This is evident near the beginning of her performance when the fiery bull appeared. It looks like eerie witches in black robes standing near the fiery bull.

StarsHe learned from his occult studies he could harness cosmic energy. He performed his "Rainbow Bridge" concert in Hawaii on June 30, 1970 under the constellations of Gemini and Taurus intersected by the Galactic equator.Beyonce performed her Half Time Super Bowl show under the constellations of Gemini and Taurus intersected by the Galactic equator. She also incorporated the Gemini in the stage and Taurus using fire and light. Taurus is also known as the bestower of light.

UFODuring his performance Jimmy pointed out "UFO" that appeared in the sky.Strange lights appeared over the stadium during Beyonce's performance and the light show most likely masked the phenomenon as part of the light show.

Power OutageThe power went out in the town during the performance.The power went out in the stadium during the performance.


Jimi Hendrix’s “Rainbow Bridge” was small compared to Madonna’s and Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance. It was said, “Rainbow Bridge” had a handful of people present while Madonna and Beyonce had over 70,0000 people in the stadium. We can easily assume her ritual was thousands of times more power the “Rainbow Bridge.”

My personal belief is when these portals are opened these entities traverse their dimension into ours, they need host. They need bodies to possess and coexist within these bodies. Sometimes possession happens with the person’s consent and other times without it. This is why you are hearing so many artist claim they have another personality which takes over them.

There is another pattern emerging when an artist threatens to leave secular music and return to their Gospel roots. They end up dead. Perhaps the entity within would rather leave the host than be subjected to music dedicated to “The Most High?” Jimi Hendrix loved Gospel music and was said to have intentions on transforming it. Most likely, this ancient science can not fall into the hands of Christians. It is too powerful and will nullify the strategies of people with evil intentions.


Jimi Hendrix admitted he shared his body with a demonic entity


In closing, Jimi Hendrix has shown us there is a science to our bodies which corresponding with frequency and the planetary alignments we were born under. They can be caused to resonate and create a sympathetic resonance with the corresponding stars and planets. This synergy causes energy to be transmuted to open star gates where entities appear we call UFO. We now know these UFO are not from other planets. They are something we know from the Bible.

Madonna and Beyonce have replicated the “Rainbow Bridge” experiment to a grander scale and we can expect a greater outcome. We now have evidence of a pattern and depending on the intention it can be good or evil. We need to only look at the people involved and judge if they are righteous or unrighteous in their behavior. Inevitably, we have all been hoodwinked to participate in rituals with unknown intentions. It is time to question these artists as simply artist, especially since we have evidence of an occult science at play here.

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