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The National / Global Economic Security & Reformation Act

NESARA is the most ground breaking reformation to sweep not only the United States of America but the whole planet (thus GESARA) in its entire history. The act does away with the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS, the shadow government, and much more.
NESARA implements the following changes:


  • Zeros out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities. This is the Federal Reserve’s worst nightmare, a “jubilee” or a forgiveness of debt.

  • Abolishes the income tax.

  • Abolishes the IRS. Employees of the IRS will be transferred into the US Treasury national sales tax area.

  • Creates a 14% flat rate non-essential new items only sales tax revenue for the government. In other words, food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such as old homes.

  • Increases benefits to senior citizens.

  • Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters.

  • Reinstates the original Title of Nobility amendment.

  • Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA's announcement. The interim government will cancel all National Emergencies and return us back to constitutional law.

  • Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups.

  • Creates a new U.S. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.

  • Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation.

  • Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law

  • Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. During the transition period the Federal Reserve will be allowed to operate side by side of the U.S. treasury for one year in order to remove all Federal Reserve notes from the money supply.

  • Restores financial privacy.

  • Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law.

  • Ceases all aggressive, U.S. government military actions worldwide.

  • Establishes peace throughout the world.

  • Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.

  • Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security, including free energy devices, antigravity, and sonic healing machines.

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The National Economic Security & Reformation Act

Compiled by Nancy Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

NOTE:  Writing a history of NESARA requires locating the separate dots and attempting to put them together to create truth.  The original documents are sequestered and those individuals directly involved are still under a strict gag order.  I have used as my foundation a history written by James Rink.  My research set out to prove NESARA by locating original documents and articles written by reputable people that illustrated each of the tenets.  I have inserted some of these URLs for these tenets into Rink’s history.  In my 7+ years of research, I have found nothing to disprove the existence of the NESARA LAW.  The internet is loaded with disinformation that can be easily dismissed by research. 

Now that information regarding the government/military cover-up of the extraterrestrial presence is in the public domain, we can see parallels of the facets regarding NESARA that many have used to discredit it.  Some of these are:  deliberate cover-up of information, government/military gag orders, the suspicious death of persons who attempted to tell the truth, control of the media, and the ruining of individual lives and professions. 

I encourage all to do your own research and add to the pool of documented evidence on the truth of NESARA.
Now is the perfect time for NESARA to be released to the world!

1892 – Bankers adopted their Bankers’ Manifesto of 1892 in which it was declared:  "We [the bankers] must proceed with caution and guard every move made, for the lower order of people are already showing signs of restless commotion. Prudence will therefore show a policy of apparently yielding to the popular will until our plans are so far consummated that we can declare our designs without fear of any organized resistance. The Farmers Alliance and Knights of Labor organizations in the United States should be carefully watched by our trusted men, and we must take immediate steps to control these organizations in our interest or disrupt them….

The courts must be called to our aid, debts must be collected, bonds and mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible.
When through the process of the law, the common people have lost their homes, they will be more tractable and easily governed through the influence of the strong arm of the government applied to a central power of imperial wealth under the control of the leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders.”

1907-1917 - In order to warn Americans, the1892 Bankers’ Manifesto was revealed by US Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr. from Minnesota before the US Congress sometime during his term of office between the years of 1907 and 1917.

1910 - John E. DiNardo, professor of public policy and economics at the University of Michigan, writes in his article “The Federal Reserve Act”:  “On the night of November 22, 1910, a small group of surrogates of the most powerful bankers of the World met … under the veil of utmost secrecy.

Over the next few weeks these men would perpetrate, under the orders of their masters, … perhaps the most colossal and devastating fraud ever inflicted upon the American People.

This ultra-secret fraud is known as the Federal Reserve Act of 1913….  The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 concocted legislation, to be foisted upon the People’s Congress of the United States, that empowered and commissioned this secret cabal of World-dominant bankers to PRINT UNITED STATES CURRENCY, a usurpation of our Constitution’s explicit edict empowering ONLY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT to print and coin currency. This world banking empire used their stolen power to print, out of thin air, paper currency which, in no way represents the gold and silver reserves that authentic currency is supposed to represent.”

1913 – The Federal Reserve Act of 1913  Complete text of Act may seen at:

1933 – 1934 – Prior to 1933, Federal Reserve Notes were backed by gold.  This changed with the new law:  Congressional Record, March 9, 1933 on HR 1491 p. 83. "Under the new law the money is issued to the banks in return for government obligations, bills of exchange, drafts, notes, trade acceptances, and bankers acceptances. The money will be worth 100 cents on the dollar, because it is backed by the credit of the nation. It will represent a mortgage on all the homes, and other property of all the people of the nation."

The Bankers’ Manifesto ties in with the U.S. Senate Document No. 43, 73rd Congress, 1st Session (1934), which states: "The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State; individual so-called ‘ownership’ is only by virtue of Government, i.e., law, amounting to mere ‘user’ and use must be in acceptance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State."

1970s - The Federal Land Bank illegally foreclosed on farmers mortgages all throughout the Midwest. In each of these cases the farmers were defrauded by the banks with the approval of the Federal Reserve System. These court cases would eventually become known as the Farmer Claims Program.

1978 - An elderly ranch farmer in Colorado purchased a farm with loan from the Federal Land Bank.  After he died the property was passed on to his son Roy Schwasinger, Jr., who was a retired military general. Soon after a Federal Land Bank officer and Federal Marshall appeared on his property and informed him the bank was foreclosing on his farm, ordering him to vacate within 30 days. Without his knowledge, his deceased father had signed a stipulation which reverted the property back to the Federal Land Bank in the event of the borrower’s death.
Outraged, Roy E. Schwasinger, Jr. filed a class action lawsuit in the Denver Federal Court system. The suit was dismissed on the basis of incorrect filing. This prompted Roy Schwasinger’s investigation into the inner workings of the banking system.

1982 – Roy Schwasinger was given a contract by the US senate and later Supreme Court to investigate banking fraud. But because he was under a strict non-disclosure order he was not allowed to tell the media what he discovered. In the late 80s he began sharing his knowledge with others including high ranking military personnel who helped him bring about a class action lawsuit against the federal government. The first series of these lawsuits began in the mid 1980’s when William and Shirley Baskerville of Fort Collins, Colorado were involved in a bankruptcy case with First Interstate Bank of Fort Collins; who was trying to foreclose on their farm. At a restaurant their lawyer informed them that he would no longer be able to help them and walked-off. Overhearing the conversation Roy Schwasinger offered his advice on how to appeal the case in bankruptcy court. So in 1987 they filed an appeal (Case No. 87-C-716) with the United States District Court in Colorado.
1988 - On November 3, 1988, the Denver Federal Court system ruled that indeed the banks had defrauded the Baskervilles and proceeded to reverse its bankruptcy decision. But when the foreclosed property was not returned they filed a new lawsuit. Eventually, 23 other farmers, ranchers, and Indians swindled by the banks in the same manner would join in the case.

In these cases, the banks were foreclosing on the properties using fraudulent methods such as charging exorbitant interest, illegal foreclosure, or by not crediting mortgage payments to their account as they should have but instead would steal the mortgage payments for themselves triggering foreclosure on the property. After running out of money they continued their fight without the help of lawyers. With some assistance by the Farmers Union a new lawsuit was filed against the Federal Land Bank and the Farmers Credit System.  Case No. 92-C-1781
The District Court ruled in their favor and ordered the banks to return the stolen properties with help from either Federal Marshals or the National Guard. But when no payments were made, the farmers declared involuntary Chapter Seven Bankruptcy against the Federal Land Bank and the Farmers Credit System. The banks appealed their case insisting they were not a business but a federal agency therefore they were not liable to pay the damages.
So the farmer’s legal team adopted a new strategy. According to the Federal Land Bank’s 1933 charter they are not allowed to make loans directly to applicants, but instead could only back loans as a guarantor in case of default. Because the Federal Land Bank had violated this rule the farmer’s legal team was able to successfully sue the bank for damages. Word of the lawsuit began to spread; the legal team would teach others how to fight foreclosure and to help them file lawsuits as well (Case No. 93-1308-M). Celebrities such as Willie Nelson joined in the cause and helped raise money during his “Farm Aid” concerts.

The Baskerville case had now become the Farmer Claims Class Action Lawsuit. Worried about the legal ramifications the government retaliated against the farmers by hitting them with either outrageous IRS fees, or by imprisoning the legal team under frivolous nonrelated charges. When the farmers realized they were being unfairly targeted, they had military generals such as General Roy Schwasinger sit in the courtroom to make sure the bribed judges would vote according to constitutional law.
The farmers now with a large team of knowledgeable people of the law behind them filed a new case to claim additional damages from the fraudulent loaning activities of the Farmers Credit System.
The government tried to settle but they had already lost many cases and were now loosing the appeals as well. More and more evidence was collected. According to the National Banking Act all banks are required to register their charters with the Federal and State Bureau of Records, but none of the banks complied, allowing the legal team to sue the Farmers Credit System. Not only was Farmers Credit System not chartered to do business with the American Banking Association, but so were other quasi government organizations such as the Federal Housing Administration, The Department of Housing and Urban Development, and even the Federal Reserve Bank.
The Farmers Claims lawsuit was thrown out of court at each level with the records purposely destroyed.  An example of these court cases may be viewed at:

1990s - In the early 1990’s Roy Schwasinger brought the case before the United States Supreme Court. Some of the content of this case is sealed from public eyes but most of it can be viewed today.

The U.S. Supreme Court Justices ruled that the Farmers Union claims were indeed valid, therefore, all property foreclosed by the Farmers Credit System was illegal and all those who were foreclosed on would have to receive damages. In addition, they ruled that the U.S. federal government and banks had defrauded the farmers, and all U.S. citizens, out of vast sums of money and property. Furthermore, the court ruled the shocking truth that the IRS was a Puerto Rican Trust.  Read more at:

In addition the court ruled that the Federal Reserve was unlawful:

That the income tax amendment was only ratified by four states and therefore was not a legal amendment, that the IRS code was not enacted into “Positive Law” within the Code of Federal Regulations.  Positive Law = Laws that have been enacted by a properly instituted and recognized branch of the government.

That the U.S. government illegally foreclosed on farmer’s homes with help from federal agencies.  Irrefutable proof was presented by a retired CIA agent. He provided testimony and records of the banks illegal activities as further evidence that the Farmers’ Union claims were indeed legitimate. The implications of such a decision were profound. All gold, silver, and property titles, taken by the Federal Reserve and IRS must be returned to the people.

The legal team sought assistance from a small group of benevolent visionaries, consisting of politicians, military generals, and business people who have been secretly working to restore the constitution since the mid 1950’s. Somehow within their ranks, a four star U.S. army general received “title” and “receiver” of the original 1933 United States Bankruptcy. When the case was brought before the U.S. Supreme Court, they ruled in his favor, giving the Army General title over the United States, Inc. Legal action was then passed on to the Senate Finance Committee and Senator Sam Nunn, who was working with Roy Schwasinger.

1991 - With the help of covert congressional and political pressure, President George H.W. Bush issued an Executive Order on Oct. 23, 1991, which provided a provision allowing anyone who has a claim against the federal government to receive payment as long as it’s within the rules of the original format of the case.  You may read Executive Order No. 12778 at the URL below. Executive Order No. 12778 Principles of Ethical Conduct for Government Officers and Employees; October 23, 1991

According to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, all present and succeeding debts against the U.S. Treasury must be assumed by the Federal Reserve. Thus the famer’s claims legal team was able to use that executive order to not only force the Federal Reserve to pay out damages in a gold backed currency but also allow them to receive legal ownership over the bankruptcy of United States, Inc.
To collect damages the farmers legal team used an obscure attachment to the 14th amendment which most people are not aware of. After the civil war the government allowed citizens to claim a payment on anyone who suffered damages as a result of the Federal Government failing to protect its citizens from harm or damages by a foreign government. President Grant had this attachment sealed from public eyes but somehow, someone on the farmer’s legal team got a hold of it.
If you read that carefully, it specifies damages by a foreign government. That foreign government is the corporate federal government which has been masquerading to the public as the constitutional government.  See for explanations.

Remember this goes back to the Organic Act of 1871 and the Trading with the Enemies Act of 1933, which defined all citizens as enemy combatants under the federal system known as the United States. The Justices and farmer’s legal team recognized how evil and corrupt our federal government had become and to counteract this they added some provisions in the settlement to bring the government back under control.

a. First they would have to be paid using a lawful currency, backed by gold and silver as the constitution dictates. This would eliminate inflation and gyrating economic cycles created by the Federal Reserve System.  See Article 1, Section 10 of the US Constitution.

b. Second they would be required to go back to common law instead of admiralty law under the gold fringe flags. Under common law if there is no damage or harm done then there is no violation of the law. This would eliminate millions of laws which are used to control the masses and protect corrupt politicians.

c. Lastly the IRS would have to be dismantled and replaced with a national sales tax. This is the basis of the NESARA Law.

When the legal team finally settled on a figure, each individual would receive an average of $20 million dollars payout per claim. Multiplied by a total of 336,000 claims that were filed against the U.S. Federal Government, the total payout would come out to a staggering $6.6 trillion dollars.
The U.S. Supreme Court placed a gag order on the case, struck all information from the Federal Registry, and placed all records in the Supreme Court files. Up to that point Senator Sam Nunn had kept the Baskerville Case records within his office. A settlement was agreed to out of court and the decision was sealed by Janet Reno. Because the case was sealed, claimants are not allowed to share court documents to media outlets without violating the settlement, but they can still tell others about the lawsuit. This is why you probably have not heard about this.

1991 - Roy Schwasinger went before a senate committee to present evidence of the banks and governments criminal activity. He informed them how the Corporation of the United States was tied to the establishment of a New World Order which would bring about a fascist one world government ruled by the international bankers.

1992 -  A task force was put together consisting of over 300 retired and 35 active US military officers who strongly supported constitutional law.* This task force was responsible for investigating governmental officials, congressional officers, judges, and the Federal Reserve.

*Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jeremy Boorda
*General David McCloud
*Former Director of Central Intelligence, William Colby
They uncovered the common practice of bribery and extortion committed by both senators and judges. The criminal activity was so rampant that only 2 out of 535 members of congress were deemed honest. But more importantly they carried out the first ever audit of the Federal Reserve.
The Federal Reserve was accustomed to giving orders to politicians and had no intentions of being audited. However after they were informed their offices would be raided under military gunpoint if necessary; they complied with the investigation. After reviewing their files the military officers found $800 trillion dollars sitting in accounts which should have been applied to the national debt. And contrary to federal government propaganda they also discovered that most nations had in fact owed money to the United States instead of the other way around.
These hidden trillions were then confiscated and placed into European bank accounts in order to generate the enormous funds needed to pay the farmers claims class action lawsuit.  Later this money would become the basis of the prosperity programs.

Despite these death blows President George H.W. Bush and the illuminati continued on with their plans of global enslavement.
1992 - In August 1992 the military officers confronted President Bush and demanded he sign agreement that he would return the United States to constitutional law and ordered him to never use the term New World Order again. Bush pretended to cooperate but secretly planned to bring about the New World Order anyway by signing an Executive Order on December 25, 1992, that would have indefinitely closed all banks giving Bush an excuse to declare martial law. Under the chaos of martial law, Bush intended to install a new constitution which would have kept everyone currently in office in their same position for 25 years and it would have removed all rights to elect new officials. The military intervened and stopped Bush from signing that Executive order.

1993 - In 1993 members of the Supreme Court, certain members of congress and representatives from the Clinton government meet with high ranking US military officers who were demanding a return to constitutional law, reforms of the banking system, and financial redress. They agreed to create the farm claims process which would allow the legal team to set up meetings all over the country on a grass roots level to help others file claims and to educate them about the lawsuit. A claim of harm could be made on any loan issued by a financial institution for all interest paid; foreclosures; attorney and court fees; IRS taxes or liens; real estate and property taxes; mental and emotional stress caused by the loss of property; stress related illness such as suicide and divorce; and even warrants, incarceration, and probation could also be claimed.
1994 - But the Clinton government undermined their efforts by requiring the farm claims to use a specific form designed by the government. This form imposed an administrative fee of $300 for each claim, which was later used in 1994 as a basis to arrest the leaders of the legal team including Roy Schwasinger. The government was so afraid of what they would say during their trial in Michigan that extra steps were taken to conceal the true nature of the case. County courthouse employees were not allowed to work between Monday and Thursday during the course of the trial. And outside the courthouse, FBI agents swarmed the perimeter preventing the media and visitors from learning what was going on as well. Harassment and retaliation by the government increased, many where sent prison or murdered while incarcerated. Despite being protected by his military personnel the army general who acquired the original 1933 Title of Bankruptcy of the United States; was imprisoned, killed, and replaced with a clone. This clone was then used as a decoy to prevent any further claims from being filed.  (I am not qualified to speak on the fact of human clones; however, that they exist is a fairly widely accepted fact among those who study behind the scenes activities.  You may read more at: 

Don’t allow the thought of clones running the government cause you to refuse to consider the veracity of this history.  As truth emerges, we will be shocked at much we hear.

During the first Clinton administration the military delayed many of Clinton’s federal appointments until they were sure these individuals would help restore constitutional law. One such individual who promised to bring about the necessary changes was Attorney General Janet Reno.
1993 - In agreement with the Supreme Court ruling on June 3, 1993, Janet Reno ordered the Delta Force and Navy Seals to Switzerland, England, and Israel to recapture trillions of dollars of gold stolen by the Federal Reserve System from the strategic gold reserves. These nations cooperated with the raid because they were promised their debts owed to the United States would be canceled and because the people who stole the money from the United States also stole money from their nations as well. This bullion is to be used for the new currency backed by precious metals. It’s now safely stockpiled at the Norad Complex at Colorado Springs, Colorado and four other repositories. Janet Reno’s action so enraged the powers-that-be, that it resulted in her death. She was then replaced with a clone and it was this creature that was responsible for covering-up the various Clinton scandals.

To keep the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Robert Rubin in line, he too was also cloned. For the remainder of their term in office both Reno and Rubin received their salaries from the International Monetary Fund as foreign agents and not from the U.S. Treasury. Despite these actions the legal team continued on with their fight while managing to avoid bloodshed and a major revolution. After 1993 the farmer claims process name was changed to Bank Claims. Between 1993 and 1996, the U.S. Supreme Court required U.S. citizens to file “Bank Claims” to collect damages paid by the U.S. Treasury Department. This process CLOSED in 1996. During this time the U.S. Supreme Court assigned one or more Justices to monitor the progress of the rulings. They enlisted help of experts in economics, monetary systems, banking, constitutional government and law, and many other related areas. These justices built coalitions of support and assistance with thousands of people worldwide; known as “White Knights.”  The term 'White Knights' was borrowed from the world of big business.  It refers to a vulnerable company that is rescued from a hostile takeover by a corporation or a wealthy person—a White Knight.

To implement the required changes, the five Justices spent years negotiating how the reformations would occur. Eventually they settled on certain agreements, also known as Accords, with the U.S. government, the Federal Reserve Bank owners, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and with numerous other countries including the United Kingdom and countries of the Euro Zone. Because these U.S. banking reformations will impact the entire world; the IMF, World Bank, and other countries had to be involved. The reformations require that the Federal Reserve be absorbed by the U.S. Treasury Department and the banks' fraudulent activities must be stopped and payment must be made for past harm.
1998 - The military generals who originally participated in the famer’s claim process realized that the US Supreme Court justices had no intentions of implementing the Accords.  So they decided the only way to implement the reformations was through a law passed by congress.

1999 -  A 75 page document known as the National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA) was submitted to congress where it sat with little action for almost a year.
2000 - Late one evening on March 9, 2000, a written quorum call was hand-delivered by Delta Force and Navy SEALs to 15 members of the US Senate and the US House who were sponsors and co-sponsors of NESARA. They were immediately escorted by the Delta Force and Navy SEALs to their respective voting chambers where they passed the National Economic Security and Reformation Act. These 15 members of congress were the only people lawfully allowed to hold office in accordance with the original 13th amendment. Remember British soldiers destroyed copies of the Titles of Nobility Amendment (TONA) in the war of 1812 because it prevented anyone who had ties to the crown of England from holding public office.

October 10, 2000 - Because President Clinton’s clone had no interest in signing NESARA into law on October 10, 2000; under orders from U.S. military generals, the elite Naval Seals and Delta Force stormed the White House and under gunpoint forced Bill Clinton to sign NESARA. During this time Secret Service and White House security personnel were ordered to stand down, disarmed, and allowed to witness this event under a gag order. From its very inception Bush Sr., the corporate government, major bank houses, and the Carlyle group have opposed NESARA. To maintain secrecy, the case details and the docket number were sealed and revised within the official congressional registry, to reflect a commemorative coin and then again it was revised even more recently. This is why there are no public Congressional Records and why a search for this law will not yield the correct details until after the reformations are made public. Members of congress will not reveal NESARA because they have been ordered by the U.S. Supreme Court Justices to deny its existence or face charges of treason punishable by death. Some members of Congress have actually been charged with obstruction.  When Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone was about to break the gag order, his small passenger plane crashed killing his wife, daughter, and himself. If fear isn’t enough to keep Washington in line, money is.  Routine bribes are offered to governmental/military officials by the power elite/secret government.

Not surprisingly, much disinformation about NESARA can be found on the internet.  Wikipedia’s article is total disinformation.  Dr. Harvey Francis Barnard’s NESARA bill—National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act was rejected by congress in the 1990s.  Dr. Barnard was a systems philosopher and had tried for years to interest Congress in his monetary reform suggestions.  A testimony by Dr. Barnard’s close friend, Darrell Anderson, may be read at: 

You may also read articles by Darrell Anderson at this site.  Both men were interested in monetary reform.  

September 11, 2001 - The next step is to announce NESARA to the world, but it’s not an easy task. Many powerful groups have tried to prevent the implementation of NESARA. The NESARA law requires that at least once a year, an effort be made to announce the law to the public. Three then current US Supreme Court judges control the committee in charge of NESARA’s announcement. These Judges have used their overall authority to secretly sabotage NESARA’s announcement.

In 2001 after much negotiation the Supreme Court justices ordered the 107th Congress to pass resolutions approving' NESARA. This took place on September 9, 2001, eighteen months after NESARA became law. On September 10, 2001, George Bush Sr. moved into the White house to steer his son on how to block the announcement. The next day, on September 11, 2001, at 10 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Alan Greenspan was scheduled to announce the new US Treasury Bank system, debt forgiveness for all U.S. citizens, and abolishment of the IRS as the first part of the public announcements of NESARA.
Just before the announcement at 9 am, Bush Sr. ordered the demolition of the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers to stop the international banking computers on Floors 1and 2 in the North Tower from initiating the new U.S. Treasury Bank system. Explosives in the World Trade Center were planted by operatives and detonated remotely in Building 7, which was demolished later that day in order to cover-up their crime. Remote pilot technology was used in a flyover event to deliver a payload of explosives into the Pentagon at the exact location of the White Knights in their new Naval Command Center who were coordinating activities supporting NESARA's implementation nationwide. With the announcement of NESARA stopped dead in its tracks, George Bush Sr. decapitated any hopes of returning the government back to the people. 

For the past 10 years, life in the USA, and numerous other countries, has been dictated by the staged terrorist’ attack and its repercussions.  Seldom does a day go by that we do not hear mention of 9/11. 

2005 – Dr. Harvey F. Barnard died on May 18, 2005.

2009 – Roy E. Schwasinger, Jr. died on 8/23/2009 at the age of 75.  Verification – Social Security Death Index at:

2011 – The Debt Ceiling debacle kindled re-newed interest in NESARA.  As we watch the world economy collapse, we can know that the NESARA LAW remains in the background, ready to be announced.

Copyright © 2001-2016 Nancy B. Detweiler, Richmond, VA All Rights Reserved


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NESARA / GESARA - money for humanitarian projects​

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Is this global shutdown a reset? Going to Gold Standard? What would it mean to us and our investments? Does Corona have a role to play? Corona means Crown in Latin. 7 Videos below viewed in order will certainly inform you. ThanQ


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Is the Defense Production Act signed- NESARA?


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NESARA has merged with GESARA 3-27-2018



NESARA / GESARA - Part 1 A Law that would change our lives!

March 10, 2020|BOOMS, News, Q, Trump


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NESARA / GESARA - A Law that would change our lives!

March 10, 2020|BOOMS, News, Q, Trump

NESARA / GESARA Part 2 - Seized assets - what is that value?

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NESARA Part 3 - CoronaVirus is a front for the Global Take Down!

Mar 13, 2020

I will start this broadcast with this clip from President Trump about Justice John Roberts.

Here is a clip from November 2018 when President Trump unleashed on Justice Roberts.  

What is it?

In short. It was formed by Farmers that were taken advantage of by the government.  They incorporated a section of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution. This article summarizes NESARA origins and how it applies to us today.

It's the 14th Amendment!   Read it carefully! Section 4 of the 14th Amendment:


NESARA in Short is:


So let's Dive a little deeper and find out what President Trump meant about Justice John Roberts being a bad 

In these Blog posts and articles, you will find out more about how this law was stifled from us for 2 decades!  Papa Bush knew his son was a defacto President so he moved in the White House to make sure his stupid son would NOT enforce the Power to the People, the doing away of Corruption in the government and return our wealth! 

Who benefits from it?

Every American Citizen over the age of 18.

What happens to us?

What happens to the World?

We live in wealth and prosperity!  Remember when President Trump said to Dream Big...He meant it! Here's a clip from January 2018:


Clip of Trump Speech Jan 18, 2018



Why can't we this law be implemented now?  

Dirty Cops / Crooked politicians / Deep State Cabal needs to face their justice before any of these benefits goes into affect!  And we are watching this happen right now! 

My Comments in Question Form! 

Is Justice Roberts is a Bush Loving scumbag that worked with Bush Jr. to steal the "missing" $9.1 Trillion from the Treasury Department?  Funds allocated towards the Global Prosperity funds.

Did Justice Roberts work together with Bush Jr. to avoid NESARA?

Was Bush Jr. a puppet and had to have his daddy move into the White House on September 9, 2001 only to prevent NESARA from being announced and instead...over 3,000 innocent lives were taken away from a Hologram or remote control Device on September 11, 2001 with bombs implanted in all the buildings from that day of horror?

Did you know Justice Roberts got caught by transferring $3T to his own personal bank account and $10T to Cheney, Bush, Clintons, and McCain?

Was Bush Jr. a defacto President?

Did you know NESARA pays out $100K each month for 11 years to every American Citizen?

Did you know it completely wipes out your debts?

Did you know treasonous traitors in Congress get a one way ticket to GITMO?

Did you know that over 6,000 patents for cures (for diseases) will be released?

Did you know it was initially formed by fighting farmers that got defrauded?

Did you know that NESARA is an offshoot of the 14th Amendment?

There was only one problem, USA did not have enough bullions...but guess who does...India!  And where did Trump recently return from?  And Trump worked out a deal with India, buy from us and pay it in gold!  And India is a friendly partner (for now).  And Why would a whole Nation in India celebrate and welcome President and Melania Trump...there were over 100,000 attendees at this huge welcome party!!!  Never ever has this happened (in my lifetime)!


Feb 23, 2020 India Welcomes President and Melania Trump


What is Allodial Title?

Allodial Title, originating from medieval Europe, represents a unique and comprehensive form of ownership of land in real estate. In historical context, it denoted land ownership free from feudal duties and obligations or superior landlords providing absolute control. In modern property laws, This grant of Title signifies absolute and unencumbered land rights, emphasizing individual sovereignty over ownership of land without needing to pay rent or tax liens to the government or landlords.

This distinctive concept reflects a historical evolution from medieval land tenure practices to a contemporary legal framework today, highlighting the enduring significance of autonomy and independence in property ownership.

Allodial vs. Fee Simple Ownership

While there are several forms of property ownership. Here is a comparison of Allodial Ownership and Fee Simple Ownership

Allodial Title

  • Obligations: Allodial status allows an absolute form of land ownership without feudal relationship obligations, providing unparalleled autonomy.

  • Rights: The titleholder enjoys sovereign control over the ownership of property, with minimal external restrictions.

Gold found in India!



It's a Win Win!

This is not about Democrat or Republican, Left or's about Good vs. Evil.

People in Congress that dreaded for NESARA to come into play are the crooked treasonous ones!  They are from both sides!  I will not stand for anyone, regardless of party, that prohibits what is owed to us, our wealth!  I will not stay silent about Justice Roberts until he resigns from his posts a Chief Justice and from the Supreme Court!

I always wondered why Roberts was such a weasel!  How much more corrupt can our system be if the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America is so corrupt to  steal from hundreds of millions of Americans!  


Now Corona Virus is targeting people.  Here are a few links for you to Enjoy!

Maria Bartiromo posted this video knowing how many CV cases will come up...interesting it is about the same number of unsealed indictments!  

Bernie Sanders is offering free Corona Virus shots ONLY if he is elected President!  What a Jerk!  He's been in Congress a lot longer than most of us have been alive and he won't give it up!  He's one of the JERKS that signed that gag order!  They know about NESARA and have not ever said a word!  They watched us struggle and go thru that fraudulent housing crisis and did nothing!!! He knows NESARA / GESARA will release those patents for cures!

Yig posted this about Corona Virus targeting areas with Indictments!

Now in Italy...they are suspending mortgage payments amid CV lockdown!  Is GESARA happening in other countries?  


As I am writing just broke that the UK and Scotland are doing the same!

UK Article  Scotland Article

And USA Banks just quarantined themselves! 


Folks...we are watching the NESARA / GESARA plan aka THE GREAT AWAKENING!

I will share more tomorrow!  I have so much more to share!

In sum...GESARA / NESARA will change our lives!

God Bless you Beautiful Patriots All over the world!

Thank you Lord God in Heaven for choosing President Trump to take out this task!

Hat Tips:




Listen: 18:35 Min.


NESARA Part 3 - CoronaVirus is a front for the Global Take Down!

Mar 13, 2020



NESARA / GESARA Part 2 - Seized assets - what is that value?

Mar 11, 2020

SOLD US Corporation of America.jpg

Website for video updates and newsletters

Ok frogs.   I suggest that you take the time to read this article by It is too long for me to post it here but it summarizes Nesara/Gesara in very understandable way (even for this blonde).  So take a look and know it is closer than ever now. 

CaptKyle Patriots🍊, [4/11/2022 8:17 PM]
Website to register your email address to get notified when RV occurs:

To register for 800#S

Sign up for newsletter and wait for T4b notifications like the rest of us

What do you think, know?

Fleming DoD –NEW PROTOCOLS for Redemption on R/V GCR. Big note: R/V GCR military Goal & Deadline is by the end of the Month!!

(From Videos by Fleming)


        -) Everyone that exchanges will receive a “Q” phone & a “Q” computer. This is for security reasons, so one can get directly on the QFS system.  One can transfer Pier to Pier then, if the receiver is on the system too. We can transfer from the new “Q” phone too.

          -) It is estimated that all Banks will be gone in 5 Years, with the QFS, one is not needed and with the new Protocols, the Alliance will put a knife in the old corrupt Cabal, or the Rothchild banking system. With this system, and the new Q computers to access our account in total security, and transfer money to people, by-passing the old system.

          -) Everyone will get a “Digital Wallet” on the QFS, which is another way to say account, when they go in and exchange.  This is really the same as saying an account. Do not get a wallet yet, wait until we go in.

          -) Stellar is a company, that we will keep our humanitarian money. Stellar will be a base for the QFS. Stellar is a military operation. Stellar is a de-centralized platform, for money security reasons. Stellar is also, contracted by the new U.S. Treasury to make or mint the “Coins that represent the value” of each countries value of assets.  For example, this is the big pressure now, to get all countries to comply; Nick says 105 to 110 countries are have coins to represent there “in country value of hard assets”. As of 4/8/2022, Iraq and Vietnam have NOT had their coins minted.  THIS HAS BEEN THE HOLD UP FOR THE R/V GCR. Getting all countries on these Protocols, and the dead line is the end of the month, April 2022, so we can exchange.

          -) XRP will be the “Asset Backed” crypto currency that will be part of the transfer of money. One can pick up the New USN notes at the other end, or it can be an international transfer, and one can pick-up that in-country currency. XLM will be another crypto that will be asset backed. By the end of the year, all crypto that will be available will have to be asset backed. Bitcoin and Coinbase will be gone. I know Bitcoin was a CCP or illuminati creation, it has to go. IBM is partnered with XLM.

          -) We will not have to have a Wealth Manager, but one might need one, to feel comfortable. We will still need lawyers, but one might what to check on getting one that is versed on “common law” which were we are going to. We may need a Wealth Manager for a short time.

          -) Zim will be the only structured payout. This means we will receive all the money in our wallet for all other currencies, except the Zim, this is if you have humanitarian projects, you can get payouts up to 80 years, from my understanding, with interest.


Big changes for Countries for the R/V GCR Procedures:

Military has kept this secret for two years; Protocol 19 & Protocol 20 which is ISO20022. There is a book on it, and it is on-line called “ISO20022 for Dummies”. I downloaded a copy; a PDF copy is available on-line.

Just a little note: Michelle Fielding and Dr. Tom both predicted the required Q phones and Q computers. This was in December 2021. This has been the reason for the delays. SB

Ledger S - for XRP - you can buy BitCoin and XRP and have access to your financial wallet

turns your Cryptos into digital on a flash drive. 


MrE Kuff @eikcuf

 1 minute ago  7-1-2021

Ever wonder why "two planes" took down 3.2 buildings (two towers, building 7, and the missile strike on the pentagon),
well the reason is TREASON.





Educating Libs
14 hrs · 
DANG ALL MIGHTY this is SPOT ON. I have been singing this tune for several years now. Free energy, no more fiat currency, we are at WAR with an enemy you proudly pay your taxes to and fill your tanks with their crude oil.


"President Trump authorized the US Treasury to take control over the Federal Reserve. This is easily one of the biggest news stories in the last 100 years, yet many are completely unaware of it, because it was not reported in any real way on mainstream news outlets.

Many know that the Fed is not a government agency, but a privately owned banking cartel, which in 1913 instituted a monetary system in which their currency, unlinked to any hard assets like gold, was loaned into existence at interest to governments, and by extension their citizens. They came quietly in the night, and usurped the power of money away from We the People.

The first dollar was indeed loaned into existence, but more than a dollar required in return payment. Thus, by its very model, government debt could never be repaid, since not enough money exists to repay it. More money can only be borrowed into existence to service the interest payments on the existing debt, while creating more of said debt.

The majority of funds collected by the IRS go to servicing the interest on debts to the Fed and not to any public utilities. In this respect, the Fed has more power than the US Government which it loans its money to. But not any more.

The Trump Alliance is far bigger than simply one US President, though Donald Trump is easily one of our greatest, on par with Washington and Lincoln. One day, he will be up on Mount Rushmore, and those who did not understand what he stood for while all this was actually happening can explain to the next generation the mind control aspects of popular media and how, unfortunately, it also worked on them.

Because every day it gets more obvious, as people from all walks of life break through the noise of those who might rule us, and discover the story that is playing out on the world stage. The true definition of Apocalypse, after all, is not the destruction of the world, but an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling.

We have entered the unveiling stage of world history. To those who wish to know, all information is available on virtually every subject right at your fingertips, if you can get past the entertainment media complex, which is owned by 6 corporations, the members of which are all on each other's boards and the boards of the international banking conglomerate, upon which the Fed sat like a crown jewel.

But crown jewels ain't what they used to be. And in this Apocalypse all historical Titans must fall. A new world will not be birthed via the control mechanisms of the old. That means the Medical Cartels & Big Pharma must fall. Illness-for-profit is the name of their game.

Diseases can be, and sometimes are, created in labs and afterwards the non-cures promoted to the population. These non-cures keep the disease in a holding pattern long enough to extract maximum profit. After all, there is no profit in cheaply curing any disease.

In order for the people to know they must be shown, beyond any and all doubt. For most, telling alone will not be enough. I write these posts chiefly for posterity. For those deeply ensconced in the anti-Trump world, no words will ever be enough. No article or news story will ever meet their standards of validity, and as long as they can still palm off everything they don't like or agree with as conspiracy, they will continue to do so. What is at stake are their well-cultivated illusions, upon which their cherished anti-Trump beliefs are cemented in media-justified intellectual certainty.

Trump is an ignorant racist buffoon and his followers are morons. These truths must be self evident if Jimmy Kimmel & Bill Maher repeat them every night on TV. But the TV has rarely been a fountain of truth when real power is at stake. You can detonate buildings in front of some people and they will believe it when you tell them it was hijacked planes.

Even the building that no planes hit, that was from hijacked planes, too. The laws of physics mean nothing when you have been brainwashed by the media and have Stockholm Syndrome for those who have historically led you around by the nose.

In a way, we are all still sitting inside the prison of an old history. The doors are open, however, and nothing stops us from leaving except our own hesitation regarding what might lay on the other side. True, there are yet some of the old guard left, wardens telling us we may not leave, that they are still in charge of us.

But the sun is bright in the meadows outside the prison gates, the birds beckoning us forward with song. The prison might have fed us and housed us for longer than we care to remember, but we were never truly free while in its confines.

What awaits on the other side of this historical moment is true freedom. It is the promise at the end of history's story. 5,000+ energy patents have been shelved for 'national security reasons' over the last 70 years. Nikola Tesla was one of the great geniuses of history and yet the majority of his work was suppressed.

Did you know Donald Trump's favorite uncle John Trump went to MIT with Tesla and they worked together, having a shared interest in particle acceleration? Did you know John Trump inherited the notes of Tesla upon his death? Those notes went into the right hands.

Energy is one big piece of the puzzle, but first we must start with banking. This the golden rule: that those with the gold make the rules. Can you imagine what the world would be like if Good instead of Evil was actually in charge?

The Federal Reserve will be forced to swallow its own debt and the US Treasury will institute a new gold backed currency from the ashes of the dying Fed. The first step has already been taken for this, with many other steps concurrently behind the scenes. When it is launched it will seem as if it happened overnight.

The old petrol-based energy technologies will then be replaced by a release of new energy tech that will make our current alternative energies look like children's toys. One of the (very many) reasons Space Force was instituted was to mine products such as Helium 3 from the moon. It is an extraordinarily rare element on earth, but exists in far greater supply on the moon.

A pound of it is worth over a billion dollars. The reason why is that it can be utilized in nuclear fusion. We currently utilize nuclear fission, splitting uranium atoms to produce steam which powers turbines to create electricity. The problem is that the end product is very dangerous nuclear waste. With nuclear fusion via Helium 3, the end product is organic and harmless.

But you thought Trump was just a big goofball instituting Space Force, didn't you? Just another goofy moron who keeps outsmarting the most entrenched and powerful cartels the world has ever known at each and every turn. And yes, Covid19 was created and released to counter the freedom fighters of the Trump Alliance and to stop the inevitable awakening of humanity on Earth. The plan was discovered and largely mitigated, though there has been obvious fall out.

And no, they don't get to lock down the world indefinitely and inject us all with their Gates vaccine. Their plans will be used against them. The whole world is watching and they will be unmasked for all to see. Many already do see, quite clearly, but there are just as many still entranced by the spell of Hollywood & the Media.

They thought we would all follow the stars. We may follow the north star, and light our way at night by the glimmer of constellations, but the bought-and-sold 'stars' of Hollywood have never had less value. Most of them report to those who gave them their stardom, their 'special job' of prominence, and as such, that is where their allegiances can be found, even when those allegiances run counter to the benefit of humanity. Define sell-out.

Define rationalization. There are notable exceptions, of course, and you can't knock someone for wanting to work in a creative field like the arts. However, there is no excuse for steering the public wrong at such a critical juncture. And those that do are the chaff and not the wheat of this harvest. They should change their tunes while they still have the chance.

An Anon once said in regard to what Trump faces: "What's the most difficult thing in your life? Multiply that times a billion. Now try to fix that problem on a public stage with thousands of brilliant psychopathic adversaries working against you."

Eventually all will come to realize that a Divine Providence has guided the Trump Alliance's quest to rid the world of the death cult control of the old guard and free humanity. Trump is a true hero of the American People, and by extension, the entire World. Some see it now. Some will see it later. But eventually it will be a well established permanent truth.

You can tell the difference by what they promote. Trump has promoted Hydroxychloroquine. It is a generic drug that costs 63 cents. He has no stake in it, beyond the fact that it works, and for much more than just Covid. His opponents promote a thousand dollar pill that they own. And they promote a vaccine with medical chip tracking.

These are the same people that believe there are too many humans on Earth and we need to reduce the numbers. They're so in-your-face obvious about their plans at this point they might as well be wearing Dr. Evil costumes. This is what I mean when I say that people cannot be told, they must be shown.

If you haven't figured out at this point that they put things in vaccines that are not radiant products of health-promoting vitality, then you are simply not paying attention. And this is a bad time to be not paying attention. Therefore, the stage play will get more and more obvious until all but the most blind can see it.

Right now we still have a great many well-meaning people advocating for their oppressors and battling against the Trump Alliance. That very Alliance which is opening the gates of our metaphoric jails and smashing down the prison walls.

But you can't be forced out of your individual cell. Freewill is still paramount. While it is true that the Titans are going down whether they like it or not (and they most certainly do not like it) each individual must decide for themselves how to interpret events and proceed forward on their own two feet.

What awaits us? Trump himself told us in his inaugural address.

"The time for empty talk is over. Now arrives the hour of action...

We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the Earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow."

In order to unlock these technologies and free the Earth from disease, those that controlled the technologies and hid the cures from us must be comprehensively defeated. And make no mistake, we are here to defeat them, absolutely and at every level.

And when we are done there will be nothing left of their 'new world order' power structure. It was never the new world order anyway, it was the old, and it has literally no chance of maintaining its structure in the reality of the increasing light upon the planet.

The Aboriginals, the Natives, the great seers from the past, they knew this time was coming. And none of us are here today by accident. At one level or another, you signed up for this time, and chose to be here now. It's a heck of a wave to surf, but it will take us to a far better shore, one we can only imagine from our current vantage point. It's promise is worth whatever it takes to get there. In the end, it is only the ghosts of the past we leave behind.

As light increases, frequencies change. As light increases, what was once hidden is revealed. Again, the true meaning of Apocalypse. This is the Apocalypse for the old world order. As more of the public awakens, their control continues to slip. They will fight every step of the way, but they cannot stop what is coming, or hide what is being revealed.

So ask yourself what side of history you'd like to be on as this final series of curtains are pulled back, one after the other.
Do you still wish that somehow Trump will be stopped? You will not get your wish.

If you stand for the freedom of humanity to live in a world that supports their true health and well-being, you might ask to be shown the actual truth, hidden behind all those curtains, instead of the pretty little lies promoted by those that would control you with their banks, their medical cartels, and their old energy technology.

Do not be fooled by their claims to love the environment. They are heavily invested in oil and gas. Do not be fooled by their claims to love health care. They are heavily invested in the corrupt pharmaceutical industry. Do not be fooled by their claims to support prosperity. They foisted their banking system on us on Christmas Eve, 1913.

And sunk the Titanic beforehand to take out the 3 major bankers who were against their plan. That's how little they care about any lives lost in the fallout of their schemes. Did Hollywood tell you about that story? No, it gave you a fictional tale of a lost diamond and a touching little love story about a floating hunk of wood with room for only one.

But something else also happened once upon a Christmas Eve. A rag-tag band of freedom loving Patriots crossed the semi-frozen Delaware and hiked 9 miles in a blizzard to take on the most powerful empire on Earth. Their chance of victory in this war of Revolution, by any mathematical calculation, hovered right around zero percent. But as Washington himself said:

"The Man must be bad indeed who can look upon the events of the American Revolution without feeling the warmest gratitude towards the great Author of the Universe whose divine interposition was so frequently manifested in our behalf.”

Do not bet against President Trump and the Trump Alliance. Divine Providence guides them, like Washington and his Continental Army, in this battle. No one can tell the exact time frames while we are still in the story, but the route itself is inexorable.

The Titan known as the Federal Reserve was taken down, quietly, overnight, with a single hit from a slingshot.

What is next? When Trump mentioned that light can be used as a disinfectant for diseases in the body, did you make fun of him or choose to look into that technology? The choice, as ever, is yours. The path of ignorance or enlightenment. Both are difficult in their own ways, but only one gets to a place worth getting to.

When light dawns, people awaken. When light dawns, darkness disappears. Darkness and its progenitors had their time for historical rule. There was a genius in their darkness and their methods of control. But when the time is up, the time is up. You don't bet against cycles whose imprimatur predates the plans of any and all mice and men.

And do not bet against Donald Trump or the Alliance that supports him. The best is truly yet to come. Where we go one, we go all.

(PART 1) NESARA And GESARA | Brief Overview | Charlie Ward & Former Marine Chris Thrall

•Premiered Sep 23, 2020


My Balcony Garden ✔️ @mybalconygarden

 32 seconds ago


This military take down of the Federal Reserve was done in order to remove the last vestiges of the old D/eep State SWIFT system

Tues. 23 Feb. the QFS switch was turned on and liquidity released to Zurich platforms.

On Wed. 24 Feb. at 4:30 am EST Quantum Financial System funds were released. At 10 am EST that day they shut down the Federal Reserve System and didn’t allow any more bank wires to go through the old SWIFT System. By 6pm EST the QFS had been absorbed by the new US Treasury, the fiat US Dollar had crashed and the new gold/ asset-backed US Treasury Note had been activated– the Cabal and old Central Banking System had been completely cut off from using We the People taxpayer dollars.

On Thurs. 25 Feb. at 2am EST the QFS trading platform containing 23 global currencies, activated. The total activation of the QFS System occurred by 4 pm EST that day.

NESARA would kick off between Mon. 1 March and Wed. 15 March.

Leslie Nelson  13h  · 

D J T filed bankruptc Y papers for the USA INC in May 2020 and it was completed in December 2020. We Are back to the Republi C of the USA since then.. ps... Jo E Bid e N 'WON" fraudulentl Y the

presidenc Y of the U N C INC... however, not only is it a defunct and bankrupt "private" corporation, J B was sworn in BEFORE NOON on 1.20.21 making his "swearing in" INVALID... as was Kamal A Harri S '...

Enjoy the Movie! scottb



Quantum Financial System Movie. Q.F.S. (10:22 minutes)

BOOST MY FUEL @boostmyfuel ·Aug 30

Replying to @MaltzmanCody and@VincentCrypt46

QFS Ousts Fraudulent Monetary System

Posted on 10/08/2020 by EraOfLight


Charlie and Colleen Freak: NESARA, Tesla Towers and B. Gates Updates 8-2-20

Charlie and Colleen Freak: NESARA, Tesla Towers and B. Gates Updates 8-2-20
Charlie and Colleen Freak: NESARA, Tesla Towers and B. Gates Updates 8-2-20 

Entry Submitted by Kat at 12:56 AM EDT on August 4, 2020

Hi Dinarlandia,  Happy Full Moon.

This is a short-ish partial transcription of a video by Charlie and Colleen Freak.  They update on NESARA, Tesla Towers and Bill Gates… who might actually be working for… are you ready… the Q-team?! Whaaaaaaa?  As always, take what you can use and leave the rest.  Unceasing blessings of Peace, Health, Happiness and Abundance for all — we are Goddess, Sovereign, Free,  xo, Kat

The Q Plan Update, Sorry Who Works For Whom? 8-2-20
With Charlie and Colleen Freak    Partially transcribed by Kat

3:39 Colleen: There’s so many beautiful things coming forward in our future… there’s never been a more amazing time to be alive… there’s some horrific things that we have to deal with… but there’s never been a more positive, beautiful time for Mankind…

4:19 Charlie: Re NESARA – it is kind of time sensitive to get this out to you right away… The first thing that I want everyone to know and remind everyone about NESARA…

Remember, this isn’t a gift from some politician… this is YOUR stuff…stuff that is rightfully ours…or illegal things that have been dumped on us  that are completely illegal and can’t exist…

5:01 When people start freaking out and think, “Boy, everyone’s debt is going to be wiped off but I was good with my debt but people were reckless…”

Debt is ILLEGAL… you can’t have USURY…
usury is the bearing of interest on dollars that are created…

So what that means is that every new dollar that is put into circulation has a debt requirement paid against… as soon as you do one note that way we have fallen and we are in the game of Monopoly… it doesn’t matter how long it plays out but everyone’s going to go bankrupt except the bank who prints the fake money…

Usury: noun,
1. the illegal action or practice of lending money at an exorbitant interest.
2. an exorbitant amount or rate of interest, especially in excess of the legal rate
3. Loan-sharking.
Synonyms: exploitation, stealing

5:41 Colleen: That’s what we’re hearing from all our friends… they’re on the edge… they’ve lost businesses… they’ve lost all their income and it’s just a dire situation… some people are OK they had savings but some people didn’t… it’s a very precarious time for many people, it’s a very scary time for many people… we need to share this information with you… because of that reason… IT IS COMING…

6:07 Charlie: The situation with NESARA is that not everything is going to be rolled out to you right away… [Colleen: Gradual]… it’s not going to be a full release…

But debt is going to be removed right away.
In fact that’s already been happening…

In Europe and Great Britain people have been writing into us and saying “Wow, Charlie, you are so right, I was looking at my loans today and it said ZERO… I checked with my family and they said no, it hasn’t happened to me.” So it’s an experimental stage right now… like the Tesla Towers…

7:45 Let me remind you — the reason that there’s DEBT in the first place is because they’ve been lying to all of us… it cannot exist… [Colleen: It’s been a completely unfair system]… Yeah, downright evil…

Usury has been outlawed in every single country and the people who have tried to orchestrate usury in every single country they have been kicked out of cultures for thousands of years…

Colleen: I read something about that in the Bible with the moneychangers…

8:34 Charlie: So don’t get caught up in this… it’s illegal to charge interest. You can’t have it. OK.

that will be one of the first things to happen with NESARA.

Colleen: And it will be a beautiful thing.

9:00 Charlie: Also with NESARA one of the first things is just getting this new currency situation structured… probably the same in every other country but in the USA they have a new note the United States Note… it has everything to do with the gold-standard…

BTW, this has ALL BEEN DONE… they were taking time to do this behind the scenes…

I mentioned this to Charlie Ward today on his show… every time you see the Q-team or Q in particular where he goes silent for a period of time, this is the kind of thing that they’re working on to get done…

9:49 The new USN that’s backed by the gold-standard is already set up. Already in place. It’s just a question of when they’re gonna role it out… It will be one of the very first things… a zero-debt-based-currency, based upon the gold reserves that America has… so from the very beginning it’s going to be a very strong currency…

10:19 Colleen: And that’s why Trump keeps saying that we’re going to have a VERY STRONG 4TH QUARTER...

Speaking about money, somebody sent us a coin that’s been minted from England… it hasn’t been in circulation at all… but it’s a Q with children passing through the portal… what do you think of that? … it’s very beautiful…


11:40 Charlie: Re the NESARA stuff… Colleen has mentioned… a lot of people has been speculating that there could be some money involved in this… and this relates to investments that have been illegally made in our birthing certificate names… this is the number that is on your birthing certificate documents… it’s essentially how they know you…

It’s the number they use to buy / sell /trade on the Stock Exchange… apparently every single person in the world has at least ONE of these FUNDS that have been ILLEGALLY created in your name…

Basically people have been buying and selling their benefits of your labors in your life… what are they doing with you? We’re all being traded on the stock exchange… betting on us to fail… when… it’s all symbology… all astrological based symbology… numerology… family… etc.

13:34 Remember those are all God’s creations… the left-brain Canaanites, the cabal, they don’t have creativity… they don’t make stuff up… they pervert…

13:51 There have been cryptic comments now from POTUS, Donald Trump, and originally from Q referencing NESARA… that there are going to be some very pleasant surprises relating to the NESARA process that is going to hurt the cabal where it hurts them the most… believe me with these people it’s their pocketbook…

14:20 With these people what they’ve been doing is investing our corpse-eration… our 3 word all capital letter name… the Maritime Admiralty Law name… our straw man identity and they’ve been publicly trading us back and forth and making wagers… and there’s quite a bit of money that’s been accrued to us…

14:54 I want you to just think logically… this is so simple for you to wrap your heads around here… there is a lot of money attached to each and every one of these…

So think about this… with the takedown of the cabal… there is an enormous… an amount of money that you can’t even wrap your heads around is how much money that they/cabal have put into the system by all of the games that they have been playing…

15:24 So what happens to that money? Does POTUS and Q-Team just eradicate much of it out of existence?

Do they just seize it for the American government because this group has been predominantly behind this? How’s this going to work? Get rid of it altogether, take it for themselves, OR…

15:47 If all of this is about empowering the individual and making us stronger like Q talked about and getting things back to a grass roots level… then wouldn’t it make sense that this money would be gifted to “we” who have sweated for it?...

They’ve taken these out illegally in our names… we’ve lived our lives as their slaves… playing this rigged game going to work every day… [Colleen: Slavery was never abolished folks. They went underground.]… so that money is hard-earned and rightfully ours…


16:24 Charlie: Even we have been saying a lot about NESARA / GESARA… the two things we just want to give you an update on… they’re backing off this idea of a Global or earth-wide roll out all at once… too similar to the New World Order system that the cabal was so close to set up…

They don’t want this to be that Donald Trump is the only hero in the entire world…

Colleen: Charlie, people are on the verge of losing their shirt…

17:45 Charlie: You’re not going to… every country has a plan in place… to be tolerant and patient with this new system that’s coming after the November election… there’s been tests with the debt removal right away…

18:12 The delay on the money thing is this… a fool and their money are soon parted… with all of the massive of hypnosis we have been under… and all of the lies that have been taught for such a long period of time… everyone is going to need to absorb what has happened…

18:35 Colleen: This is an unprecedented time… most people don’t even realize THIS IS HAPPENING. That’s how obscure this is… just a very few amount of people here in this movement of being aware…

18:53 Charlie: Then all of a sudden a check arrives for $800k…

19:00 Colleen: Sure they’re scared of a virus and they’ve got their mask on… and they’re scared they’re going to lose their business but many people don’t understand this is a much bigger picture…

[Talking about people who are still glued to the MSM and have never heard of or who haven’t yet awakened to who the cabal - deep state - illuminati are / or Q / or the Q-team / or don’t know President Trump is an angel and saving Earth / or the NSA / or the Alliance / or what adrenochrome is / or that the Military have been blowing up DUMBs and saving millions of children, etc.]

19:13 Charlie: Right and then suddenly to have any one of these people wake up and find there’s a check for $800k or $1.2 million dollars in their mail slot…

Colleen: They’re not emotionally prepared for that… there’s many things to take into consideration…

20:17 Charlie: There is and there’s a healing process, an awakening process… there’s so much we need to be brought up to speed with… once we come to inner-stand what World War Three represented, how long it’s been going on, and all the victims, in particular the children, it’s going to necessitate a completely different outlook on what we consider valuable… so a Walmart table made in Wuhan China has suddenly lost its lustre in every possible way…

21:17 Colleen: There will be a whole paradigm shift on what we consider to be valuable…

23:00 Charlie: There needs to be a shift from left-brain to right-brain and then when we are spending… we’ll be building beautiful things for the animals, for children, for truth, a beautiful hostel network, so kids can begin to travel the whole Earth… education will change… it’s going to be a beautiful world…

24:21 So yes, NESARA is for us but they want individual countries to roll out GESARA themselves so they’ll have their own heroes… so it’s not just all about the United States, Q-John F. Kennedy Jr. and Donald Trump… they want individuals and individual countries to grow…

24:43 Charlie: It’s all coming… we want to confirm, yes the monies are very real… that is the perfect way to disseminate all of this stolen wealth and stolen gold all at our expense… SO IT HAS TO BE PAID BACK... SO THIS IS THAT SILVER LINING…

25:00 Colleen: So when they arrest and execute the criminals that were doing bad things to children and other people they’re going to take their wealth and gold from these “elites” these people that were “ruling” the world and that will be distributed to all…

26:10 Charlie: One thing that was released today from AG Barr’s files were the papers relating to Jeffrey Epstein… much of it has been redacted… that’s not how these things are going to stay… but they wanted to make as much information available legally… it is naming these people who were there including the Clintons… but when it comes to specific things and specific names much of that has been redacted but in the end everything will be disclosed…

26:10 Charlie: Yes.. Tom Hanks is still dead… he’s not in Greece… I spoke a little to this on Charlie Ward’s show as well… cnn broke the story that Hanks and his wife are in Greece… take a closer look… these documents were filed in 2018… the story was first run in December 2018, then they ran it again in 2019 and now they’re running it in 2020… I’ve done so much stuff into the Hanks thing…

What’s been coming out after his execution… there were stories that came out and said they both finally fell victim to Covid-19… and that they’re the latest victims of the virus… and that’s what they may have put out themselves before they were executed so they could escape… this is called “kill-switches” from the stars on both sides… they use CGI, body doubles… hosting Saturday Night Live from his house… it’s not him, not his kitchen, saying he can’t leave…

32:44 Why are things being allowed to continue? Because you can’t tell people anything anymore… they continue to accept Mainstream Media… but the MSM is going crazy now and even the sheeple are confused…

36:03 Charlie: Just like the tunnel destruction with the Marines right now… they were instructing the New Zealand Army on how to do these things… 2.5 or 3 weeks ago now… then they went to Australia and it took them a lot longer than they thought because of the spider web they found under Melbourne…

36:30 Colleen: We’re all going to be in shock about what was happening underground there… like you just can’t even believe…

36:34 Charlie: They’ve moved off now and they’re moving to South Africa and apparently we’re told South Africa is riddled with an underground system… and again, it’s not just doing if for the other countries, they want to involve the other countries, and to teach them…

They need equipment, they need training, they need experience being underground because it’s a vast difference… your senses work differently when you’re in these deprivations… anyone who’s been in a deprivation tank knows this… your body reacts profoundly…

37:10 That’s what it is when you go deep underground… and these are deep deep underground tunnel networks… not just under the surface… these are deep DUMBs [the Deep Underground Military Bases and Systems] that exist they’re very deep… and not all of them are Military… so it’s pressure pressure so if you come up too soon… it’s not as profound as when you’re scuba diving where you get the bends…

38:07 Colleen: This must be why they were using all of the ventilators… and Trump’s comms about ventilators being “generators”… So let’s get onto Elon Musk…

38:33 Charlie: I’m sure some of you have heard rumors that Elon Musk has capitulated and we can confirm those rumors for you… Elon Musk has submitted… Elon Musk is now working FOR the Trump Administration… in terms of the kind of relationship they’re talking about with Elon Musk he cannot be an adrenochromer… there’s no way in the world they would look past an adrenochromer… the penalty for adrenochromers is death 100%...

Colleen: So either (A) he’s been doubled and this is a different Elon Musk or (B) he was not an adrenochromer…

38:19 Charlie: And we haven’t heard anything that he’s been doubled… it is announced the world’s largest Tesla plant in Texas in the United States… Trump said “Elon Musk has kept his word, he’s kept his first promise… because we’re announcing today Tesla Manufacturing…”

Now — he did not once say “cars” !! So there is a lot of stuff about Nikola Tesla in the news right now… and that all relates to Nikola Tesla’s work in the 1920’s — Free Energy.

Tesla was proposing, in Wardenclyffe on Long Island he actually made the first of these… he was going to transmit this free energy to every single across the Earth in towers…

41:54 Colleen: We got banned from facebook for 7 days because we did this amazing post about Tesla Towers and whoosh… facebook jail.

42:02 Charlie: So as soon as Trump released that I knew instantly what he was talking about… I did a very cryptic post and very Spiritual post as well talking about these Tesla Towers… So Elon Musk is going to be opening in Texas the largest Tesla factory in the world…

So what is the country on the border of Texas? Mexico. What is being built there? The wall. What is the wall being made out of? They’ll be turning that into the Tesla Wall… transmitting…

43:35 Charlie: The wall that’s being built is a Tesla Wall… but first of all the wall right now is designed is toprevent forevermore this trafficking… by the MS-13 monsters… these are the real killers, the real assassins… the most violent gang in the world… 2 weeks ago Trump announced that they cleaned up and took them out…

A photo was released and it shows a Military Air Force hanger and it is filled with naked men on their knees and their wrists are handcuffed… all tattooed to high heaven… the MS-13 people were used for high level assassinations… they were the leaders of all these ANTIFA riots… they have been behind all of the Social unrest… BLM… all of this is being professionally done by MS-13…

But what’s worse about MS-13 is they have become very wealthy and powerful because for at least the last 10-years they have been working for people like Tom Hanks and that is procuring children… extremely ruthless people… they are responsible for network after network after network… sleeper cell after sleeper cell after sleeper cell… all across the world…

46:14 Charlie cont.: Basically, what came past us last week is over the last 10-years in particular… if they were out in public in the last 10-years… outside of you being with then or a sporting or school even anywhere from a 10 – 90% chance of being abducted… did you hear anything about that on the news? No…

47:00 Trump announced the head of the serpent has been cut off… they had a major major op in play, they infiltrated them as well… they were led into a trap and the vast majority was arrested… they’re basically saying that MS-13 was incapacitated… this is MASSIVE…

And again, the news about a month ago, out of London, the largest Human Trafficking network that was headquartered in London all for Western Europe, was taken down…

47:56 Colleen: The Alliance has been working very hard under the “covid lockdown”…

48:01 Charlie: Every single time the covid threat appears again? It’s all designed to push you back into your homes… this is a World War and there are clean up operations ongoing… remember… we’ve got to wake people up to at least 50-50… but in the last 2-years this has been about sleeper cells…

Even someone like Tom Hanks, acting is a side-job for Tom Hanks… his main job was running the distribution, stringing along these famous people on the West Coast… he was a distributor of adrenochrome… and paid massively well for doing this… and that’s why everybody was all about Tom Hanks… we’ve got to find Tom Hanks… they were all freaking out when their batch from Wuhan had been tampered with… there was no advance warning… cuz they didn’t have a bunch of adrenochrome in reserve…

51:25 Charlie cont.: Getting back to Texas and Elon Musk… that’s where the wall is… a Tesla wall… designed to stop child trafficking forever… that’s why we mentioned MS-13… the wall will be magnified not electrified… so you can’t dig under…. It’s giving free energy to everyone… remember magnetism is a field, it’s not a circuit… it doesn’t deal with a power grid based on circuits and fuses… it is an entire area… it fills like plasma the entire area… the thing with magnetism it needs to be collected and distributed equally… this is the Tesla coil…

The Tesla coil is the Human sacrum , the Human spine, and the Human skull… it collects the magnetism at the base, allow it to rise and when it reaches the brain it begins to pulse… in a radial pattern… 360 degrees so no one gets left behind… it pulses this eternal energy…

53:57 Colleen: And now we get to have something like that… it’s so exciting…

(Discussion to watch the movies Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead)

58:27 Charlie: So, he never said Tesla cars… the buzz word now is Tesla Towers… very fantastic news… you can see how long Elon Musk been working for the good guys… he names his electrical cars Tesla which had nothing to do with Nikola Tesla… it didn’t make a lot of sense because it was foreshadowing what was coming… which is the Tesla Towers…

(Long discussion about space, the Earth is flat, never been to the Moon, Spacex, etc.)

1:17:23 Charlie cont.: So this is the last part of this: Bill Gates… So Colleen said, what are you trying to tell me, Bill Gates is a good guy? No…Bill Gates has been a monster… his Microsoft partner, Paul Allen, this is all foreshadowed… MS-Dos become Windows… you don’t think there are better options? C’mon people it’s a Monopoly… it’s all cheating.. so Paul Allen was CIA and Paul Allen existed on the Harvard campus to recruit…

Paul Allen/CIA brought Bill Gates into the fold and then the plan was to build this big computer company… that gets viruses, then you need Norton Utilities… protection for all the viruses… all BS… yes, he’s trying to de-populate the world… that’s who his father and mother are, they’re Eugenicists… trying to wipe out minorities… so he’s dirty and he’s evil…

1:19:38 On December 13 of 2016… 5-6 weeks after Trump elected but not yet POTUS… in Trump Towers there is a meeting… The Secret Service is there, Trump was there, and Bill Gates shows up… We are telling you that at that meeting… this was proven because just like a week later… in a newspaper article, suddenly Bill Gates says publicly… Trump is actually a very intelligent man and reminds Bill Gates a lot of John F. Kennedy… Huh? Did they read him into the plan or something? Yes… They said you either work with us from this point or you’re dead…

On that day, you’re going to see the Elon Musk kind of thing here… making all these mistakes…

1:21:04 Bill Gates is the most hated man in the world now… the cabal had plans to have him run for President… if that hadn’t been true, this capitulation… they wouldn’t have put him in the forefront of the Coronavirus and making him look like a complete a-hole… the cabal did not know this was going down, they did this so effectively… so they were running a plan on top of another plan… how genius this is… they rolled out Bill Gates he’s their #1 weapon with his ties to Fauci, to Wuhan… this is deadly serious stuff…

1:22:15 Gates capitulated… and it will absolutely come out… Dec. 13, 2016 Bill Gates flipped… he started working for the good guys… I doubt there was any promise of sparing him from death… maybe it was like the promise given to Jeffrey Epstein to roll and give up everyone including Ghislaine Maxwell… which is a kicker cuz she’s a Buffer and a direct link to the Venetians… and an important one…

1:23:59 Remember back in 2017 or 2018 on Ted Talks Gates gives it away… he’s talking about the vaccine alone should get the population down… What did he just say?!? He said “If the vaccination works as intended the population would be reduced…” And you’re like, what?... WOW… well Bill Gates is a dummy… no this is Elon Musk all over again… Q-Team got to them…

1:24:54 All this way through Bill Gates is the one that told them that the Coronavirus was going to be a fake… that Hydroxychloroquine would work very well against it… he told them when it was going to roll out, how it was going to roll out… and that the secret weapon was 5G… so they got everything from him, right down to who was going to be involved… that means that they’re watching Fauci… the NSA has been tapping Fauci forever… they OWN this guy…

1:25:40 The ONLY reason Fauci is still around before he faces his tribunal, and he will, is because he is completely owned… a little weasel, Fauci is a little rat… he is doing everything he can to try to preserve and protect himself… he’s a little coward, Fauci… and he is working for Trump… the scare can only last so much longer…

1:26:17 Because General Flynn cannot be exonerated until these take-downs especially relating to the FBI and Obamagate… until those start to go down… he can’t be publicly exonerated… and when he IS exonerated he can run for Vice-President with Trump… so we are now on the cusp…
We are now on the cusp… we are now literally if not weeks or a month or a couple of months away from massive massive stuff… it’s 96 days to the election…
The dominoes are going to start to fall and fast now… they’re so behind schedule with this stuff… once this starts to fall your head’s just going to be spinning… you won’t be able to keep up with… did you hear? did you hear?... OMG! WOW! WOW! WOW! OMG I was so wrong about Trump… I was so wrong about Trump…
And then make this about the kids… make this about the kids… make this about the kids… to save all those beautiful children that were slaved down below…

Colleen: This is all about the kids at this point… cleaning the entire Earth… so we can actually begin to live in the Garden of Eden…

Charlie: We love you guys… thanks… we’ve given you everything… be strong… be leaders… and be that way for your friends and family so we can wake up as many of the sheeple that we can… have faith in Humanity if they’re not hearing it right now… there will be a tipping point… that’s where we need to be for them… calm, peaceful and loving…

Be as respectful as you can to Donald Trump… if you only knew the sacrifices he’s made and how great he is…    Be patient with NESARA… we’re all going to be OK… Where We Go One We Go All…

End transcription by Kat
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Wreck of the Titan 1898 Morgan Robertson

Published 1898.  Robertson's story, written 14 years before the historic event it presaged, parallels the descriptions and fate of the Titanic with psychic precision. His tale, however, doesn't end with the passengers' watery demise; rather, it chronicles the detective work instigated by members of Lloyd's of London, embroiling Scotland Yard, when word comes in that the heavily insured ship has sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

What ensues is a battle between insurers and attorneys, in London and New York, and a survivor who has rescued another passenger's daughter. Robertson draws upon his own rich and wild experience as a seaman on the Atlantic to weave a narrative interspersed with colloquial dialogue, bringing to life the conflicts between the rich merchants who rely upon shipping and the sailing men relied upon to chart their courses.

The Titanic was Sunk Deliberately to Create the Federal Reserve

Lisa Rougeux

By the turn on the 20th century,

John D. ROCKEFELLER controlled 90% of all petroleum refineries in the America through ownership of the Standard Oil Corporation (which was later split into Mobil, Chevron, Exxon, etc.)

Concurrently, around 1900, the science world was getting excited about new “petrochemicals” and the ability to create a variety of new of compounds from oil. Some of the first products derived from petrochemicals were plastics, but organic chemists knew that oil had the potential to create far more than plastic bags.

• He started Big Pharma BECAUSE OF HIS FINANCIAL INTEREST and invested in manufacturing poisonous chemicals made from his oil ( = drugs, pharmaceuticals)

• He FOUNDED the American Medical Association!!!! Yep, that’s right!

• He pushed his financial agenda and basically ended all holistic and natural medical ways of treatment commonly practiced at the time

~~~always follow the money!!!~~~

Stay awake friends

Unfastened Coins: Titanic Conspiracy  

Did J.P. Morgan Build the Titanic to Kill Off the Competition and Form the Federal Reserve? The Coincidences Are Amazing.


In 1898 a man named Morgan Robertson penned a book titled "Wreck of the Titan" about a luxury liner deemed unsinkable that was going too fast in the North Atlantic in April and hit and iceberg killing most everyone on board due to lack of lifeboats.

14 years later this fictional book would play out in real life exactly down to the name, with the wreck of the Titanic; but this time it would have major political implications. Some of the wealthiest men in the world were on that ship and some were opposed to the Federal Reserve and central banks.

FACT: JP Morgan funded/built the Titanic

FACT: JP Morgan was booked on the voyage but canceled at the last second.

FACT: Friend of JP Morgan, Milton Hersey, also canceled at the last moment and survived to build the Hersey food empire.

FACT: There were no red flares on board to signal to any boats for rescue. Only white flares that signal a party and that everything is okay.

FACT: It was the first ship of its kind with the ability to seal decks electromagnetically which could also seal people below deck.

FACT: The Captain Edward Smith was one of the most decorated Captains of his time and would have been totally out of character by avoiding precautions.

FACT: The author of the book was poisoned to death a couple years after the Titanic sank.

FACT: The Federal Reserve was formed the very next year.

FACT: The Astor Family was one of the richest families in the world and John Astor III opposed the Federal Reserve.

John Jacob Astor IV, the richest man in the world at the time, a friend of Nikola Tesla, and an outspoken opponent of the creation of the Federal Reserve. Astor gained his wealth, in part, as a real estate builder, investor, and inventor. Other prominent Federal Reserve detractors, such as Benjamin Guggenheim and Isa Strauss, also died on board.

Did JP Morgan get the idea of how to kill off the opposition to the Federal Reserve from a book written 14 years prior? This was a book titled "The Titan" published 14 years before the Titanic sank and look at the similarities.

Did they hatch a plan at Jekyll Island to build a ship to eliminate the competition?

Similarities to the Titanic

Although the novel was written before the Olympic-class Titanic had even been designed, there are some remarkable similarities between the fictional and real-life counterparts. Like the Titanic, the fictional ship sank in April in the North Atlantic, and there were not enough lifeboats for the passengers. There are also similarities between the size (800 ft long for Titan versus 882 ft 9 in long for the Titanic), speed (25 knots for Titan, 21 knots for Titanic) and life-saving equipment.

Beyond the name, the similarities between the Titanic and the fictional Titan include:

Described as "unsinkable"

The Titanic was the world's largest luxury liner (882 feet, displacing 63,000 long tons), and was once described as being practically "unsinkable". The Titan was the largest craft afloat and the greatest of the works of men (800 feet, displacing 75,000 tons), and was considered "unsinkable".

Shortage of lifeboats

The Titanic carried only 16 lifeboats, plus 4 Engelhardt folding lifeboats,less than half the number required for her passenger capacity of 3000. The Titan carried "as few as the law allowed", 24 lifeboats, less than half needed for her 3000 capacity.

Struck an iceberg

Moving too fast at 22½ knots,the Titanic struck an iceberg on the starboard side on the night of April 14, 1912 in the North Atlantic 400 miles away from Newfoundland. Also on an April night, in the North Atlantic 400 miles from Newfoundland (Terranova), the Titan hit an iceberg while traveling at 25 knots, also on the starboard side.


The unsinkable Titanic sank, and more than half of her 2200 passengers died. The indestructible Titan also sank, more than half of her 2500 passengers drowning. Went down bow first, the Titan actually capsizing before it sank.


7 points·6 years ago

Just wanted to add that the actual Titanic was never called "unsinkable" until after it sank. That was one of the large myths that surrounded the Titanic. It was never said of advertised as such, but was somehow attributed as unsinkable after it had already sank.

Here is some more info on this

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I know.

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This is seriously the best conspiracy theory I have ever heard/read.

The genesis of this conspiracy would have begun in July of 1908, when the idea of the Titanic was first presented in a series of concept drawings.

During the next four years, JP Morgan would have needed the following parts of his plan for killing John Jacob Astor IV, Benjamin Guggenheim and Isa Strauss to fall into place:

  1. Getting all of those men on board the Titanic.

  2. Developing a fail proof plan for sinking the Titanic.

  3. Developing a plan of making sure none of those men getting into a life boat.

  4. Developing a plan in which there would be no other ships that could/would help with the rescuing of the survivors.

All in all, it's gotta be the most elaborate plan in the history of the world to kill three men.

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Considering the creation of the FED was at stake, copying a plan detailed in a book to eliminate opposition is not that far fetched.

All JP had to do was build a ship interesting enough to get those people on board the death trap, the rest would play itself out.

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Offing those three, in the version of this conspiracy theory, was just icing on the cake.

The original plan was to get rid of the "Titanic" (actually the Olympus, its sister ship) in a massive insurance scam. They were not planning on having that many people die. There was an extremely tragic miscommunication, and the ship that was prepared to rescue the passengers from the Titanic was miles away from where it needed to be.

Those "in the know" on the Titanic signaled what they thought was that ship, but was actually an illegal fishing vessel. When the fishing vessel responded, they assumed everything was going according to plan, when it couldn't be further from the truth.

During this insurance "scam," it would be conceivable to assassinate all three men during the confusion. In fact, one eye witness reported seeing John Astor's "maimed" body, but obviously that could've happened on accident during the sinking as well.

Further viewing:

Titanic: The Ship that Never Sank


The Titanic Conspiracy: The Great Deception

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I firmly believe this theory but it also could have been a double whammy for insurance fraud (damaged sister ship Olympic rebranded as the Titanic).

Would explain the weakened hull of the Titanic.

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The ship's famous sinking in 1912, the year before Morgan's death, was a financial disaster for IMM, which was forced to apply for bankruptcy protection in 1915. Analysis of financial records shows that IMM was overleveraged and suffered from inadequate cash flow that caused it to default on bond interest payments. (wiki information)

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I'm aware of Olympic also, but it didn't really tie in with the theory I was presenting so I chose to leave it out. It's an important detail nevertheless.

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If you've not seen it, I highly recommend watching 'Conspiracies: Titanic, the ship that never sank'. From an old Sky One series presented by British presenter Danny Wallace. It's not that in-depth but gives a good overview of the Olympic conspiracy.

Sadly never officially released after its TV broadcast, but it's online in a lot of the usual places.

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It is one of the most probable conspiracy theories. It only makes since to off your competition if you are at that height and are malevolent.

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I have actually done some research on an academic level regarding this subject.

  • In 1898 Morgan Robertson authored a novella entitled: Futility (Wreck of the Titan) which featured the ocean liner Titan sinking in the North Atlantic after striking an iceberg, in April. In the novella, on the Titan there were not sufficient lifeboats for passengers.,_or_the_Wreck_of_the_Titan

  • The RMS Titanic sank on the 15th of April 1912 in North Atlantic.

J.P. Morgan owned White Star Lines and was one of the many people who were supposed to be aboard the titanic – but failed to embark on the journey for various reasons including:

  • Robert Bacon – US ambassador to France had reserved passage but was delayed by tardy arrival.

  • Barron M. Von Bethmann – “We tossed a coin to decide.”

  • Norman Craig – Scottish MP and King’s Counsel, booked passage, “I suddenly decided not to sail, I cannot tell you why; there was simply no reason for it…I had no mysterious premonitions or visions of any kind nor did I dream of any disaster…but I do know that, at practically the last moment, I did not want to go.”

  • James Martin Gray – booked passage but took an earlier steamship a week before.

  • David Blair – second officer of the Titanic, sailed with her during sea trials. White Star Line wanted Chief Officer Henry Wilde to have experience aboard a ship he might someday captain (Titanic) so Wilde was transferred from the Olympic to the Titanic, and Blair sent over to the Olympic. This caused confusion as the ship was about to depart for America. In his rush to get off the Titanic and onto the Olympic, Blair took with him the key to crow’s nest telephone. Blair also had mislaid the crows nest binoculars. Blair stored the binoculars in his cabin and failed to inform anyone aboard the ship. Fleet had no binoculars when he was in the crow’s nest, looking for icebergs.

  • Alfred Grynne Vanderbilt I – changed his mind and decided not to board. Someone in his family objected, “because so many things can go wrong on a maiden voyage.”

  • Rev. J. Stuart Holden – On April 9, the day before sailing, Holden postponed his trip to stay with his wife.

  • Milton Hershey – In 1912, Hershey paid a $300 deposit for a class passage aboard the White Star Line. An employee at his company requested that he return early from a trip in Europe to deal with business.


Patrick Weidinger – “10 People Who Did Not Board the Titanic”

Stephen Cox “The Titanic Story: Hard Choises, Dangerous Decision” 1999

Bruce Beveridge, Steve Hall Olympic & Titanic: The Truth Behind the Conspiracy 2004

Tom McCluski (1998). Anatomy of the Titanic pg. 120

Roy Brander, P. Eng. “The Titanic Disaster: An Enduring Example of Money Management vs. Risk Management” (1995).

Robin Gardiner (1996). The Titanic Conspiracy: Cover-Ups and Mysterious of the World’s Most Famous Sea Disaster

Steve Hall. (2004) Olympic & Tytanic: The Truth Behind the Conspiracy

  • Reasons for Sinking:

Shortly after the ship left berth in Belfast, there was a coal fire in one of the bunkers. It took days to put out because the fire had started deep in the coal pile. The captain was made aware (on the first day the fire was noticed) but decided to continue on. It took three days to get to where the fire was, and another day to put the fire out. There were only 3 people to dig out thousands of tons of coal.

The Marconi wireless radio was also down. Radio staff were not hired by White Star Line, and they didn’t take order from the officers, except in times of emergencies. Any radio traffic coming to or from the ship was mostly based on the operators’ whim, and they worked for tips, so mostly they were interested in relaying passenger messages to or from shore.

The radio was down on April 13th, so on the 14th, the operators were scrambling to catch up with the work load. When important messages like Californian’s “Surrounded by ice on all sides” they were ignored, or dismissed by operators – instead of relaying the message to the bridge.

That upset the Californian's (ship that could have saved the Titanic) radio operator who ended his sift early and didn’t turn on the recorder for his radio (because it would have kept him up). The Titanic’s CQD / SOS messages fell on deaf ears for the Californian.

Murdoch (first officer) died under mysterious circumstances. His body was never recovered. He was one of three officers to die. Gunshots were definitely fired on the ship, but there’s many interpretations of what happened, and all living sources are survivors who may or may not have been a part of the conspiracy.

The Titanic was supposed to have the “ideal” number of 60 lifeboats – instead it had 16 lifeboats, plus 4 Engelhardt folding lifeboats – less than half the number required for the passenger and crew capacity of 3000.

The lifeboat problem was exacerbated by poor procedure. Only at the last few did lifeboats leave full; at first, many left partly empty because passengers were not queued up to them. Second Officer Herbert Lightoller (who lived) took the instruction “Women and Children first” so literally that he let lifeboats leave with empty spaces rather than let men or boys as young as thirteen aboard. He was never reprimanded for such flagrant violation of procedure. It is estimated that 1200 could have been saved instead of just over 700 people.

According to “official accounts” all the people on the following list willingly forfeited their lives when there were open seats leaving on lifeboats.

The Businessmen and Women who were aboard the Titanic and perished (some of whom were vocal and powerful critics of the Federal Reserve): Along with 1,514 other people

  • American millionaire John Jacob Astor IV – who supposedly opted for one last cigar after being told that women and children would board life-boats first.

  • Irish businessman Thomas Andrews, (overseen the ships construction) American millionaire Benjamin Guggenheim (critic of Fed) –supposedly played a hand of cards as the ship sank after escorting his date onto a life-boat.

  • Ira Strauss (critic of Fed)

  • American owner of the Macy’s Department Store – Isidor Straus, and his wife, Ida

  • Canadian Railroad President Charles Hays

  • American cricket player John Borland Thayer

  • English journalist William Thomas Stead

  • American military aid Major Archibald Willingham Butt

  • American writer Jacques Futrelle

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John Jacob Astor IV, the richest man in the world at the time, a friend of Nikola Tesla, and an outspoken opponent of the creation of the Federal Reserve. Astor gained his wealth, in part, as a real estate builder, investor, and inventor. Other prominent Federal Reserve detractors, such as Benjamin Guggenheim and Isa Strauss, also died on board.

This is not true. There were no opponents of the Federal Reserve in April, 1912, because the Federal Reserve had not even been proposed yet. It wasn't proposed until after Woodrow Wilson was elected. Wilson was not even a frontrunner for the Democratic nomination back in April 1912.

These people may have been opponents of Aldrich's National Reserve plan, but:

  • I've looked for evidence of that and never found any.

  • Many opponents of Aldrich's plan later favored the Federal Reserve plan and vice versa.

As far as I can tell, the story of there being any connection between the Titanic and the Federal Reserve is a hoax.

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Im not taking sides on this theory, but you have to remember (to touch on your no opponents of the Federal Reserve part), when it comes to planning something, it is not done on a whim or out of the blue. A plan is methodical and intricate in every detail. These plans were more than likely drawn up many years in advance, 15, 20 and 50 to 100 years in advance, striking when all pieces are in place, as planned.

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The fight over a central bank had been ongoing for decades before 1913.

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Col. John Jacob Astor IV was a close friend and financier of Tesla. Tesla was now at the mercy of Morgan and Tesla's wireless system (which Morgan discarded since there was no way to charge for such a service, forcing people to use the AC/DC system which could be charged) was sunk too.

Morgan's opponents were not against the FED specifically, because like you said Federal Reserve had not even been proposed yet, but they were against central banking the way the FED would have been and was set up. So they would have never accepted the plan for the FED if it had come to light before their deaths.


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You are correct that researchers have had a difficult time connecting Astor with opposing the Federal Reserve, other than his history of philanthropy that was markedly different from the other men of his stature like Morgan and Rockefeller, who are known to have had very few scruples.

I will one up this particularly conspiracy by saying that what we do know is that Astor was very interested and supportive of the research and ideas of Nikola Tesla.

In fact, Astor, had he survived, may have become one of Tesla's greatest benefactors, and his struggles for financial help and eventually drifting into obscurity may never have occurred.

After all, it's very widely known about how Morgan pulled the plug on Tesla's dreams (and funding) when he found out that Tesla wanted to share power, wirelessly and free, to the entire world.

Astor would've been on board, but sadly he was "on board" the wrong ship.

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Interesting, thanks for this.

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Only 2 flaws I can see:

  1. Why would they call it the Titanic if the one in the book was called the Titan?! Seems like giving the game away!

  2. The ship was apparently not called 'unsinkable', at least not officially. It was only afterwards that everyone started saying how it was 'the "unsinkable" Titanic'.

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If the plan as a whole was plagiarized, why would they care about the title? They killed the author who would most likely be the only one to connect the dots.

The shipbuilders Harland and Wolff insist that the Titanic was never advertised as an unsinkable ship. They claim that the 'unsinkable' myth was the result of people's interpretations of articles in the Irish News and the Shipbuilder magazine. They also claim that the myth grew after the disaster.

Yet, when the New York office of the White Star Line was informed that Titanic was in trouble, White Star Line Vice President P.A.S. Franklin announced: "We place absolute confidence in the Titanic. We believe the boat is unsinkable." By the time Franklin spoke those words Titanic was at the bottom of the ocean. It would seem that the White Star Line President was also influenced by the 'myth'.

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I wonder if there's any artwork inside JP Morgan celebrating this. That would be interesting to see.

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Dude... That's amazing. Nice post.

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Interesting stuff.

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I have never heard of this. Thank you

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I thought that Mr. Aston didn't oppose the Federal Reserve but instead he disagreed wholeheartedly with the privatization of it? I could be wrong.

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Like I mentioned in another comment, he couldn't have possibly been against the FED specifically since he wasn't in on it and it was not public knowledge at the time, but he was against private central banks and the idea of something like the FED.

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There's a really good YouTube documentary about this!

Google "Unfastened Coins", and you'll see it... That is, if the DoJ hasn't had it taken down yet!

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This is very interesting. I remember reading about the Robertson book when I was a kid, and I remember thinking, "Wow! What a coincidence." Being older now, I realize there aren't as many coincidences as one with less knowledge of science might assume. OP's theory is much more plausible than just mere coincidence. Plus, rich businessmen are more into crappy dime novels, thrillers, and such, than real literature. So it would not surprise me one bit if Morgan had read it. And if he had, well...

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See this is believable and all but, don't you think JP Morgan being how wealthy he was would just hire a hitman?

Unless he was a real prick and actually wanted more people to die than needed(~1100 People).

I don't know but we'll never know so lets not stress over this fact of the past.

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To be fair, he did fund Nikola Tesla's research and then stole all of his ideas and cut him off at the knees when he (JP Morgan) found out Tesla intended to provide everyone in the world with free electricity forever.


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