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Schumann Resonance Report on Telegram

Schumann Resonanz on Telegram

This is the original website I have been following the Schumann on for well over a decade.

Global Coherence InitiativeLive Data

GCMS MagnetometerSchumann Resonances Power

View live data from GCI’s Global Coherence Monitoring System, a worldwide network of magnetometers that collect a continuous stream of data from the earth’s magnetic field.

The Global Coherence Initiative is an international effort that seeks to help activate the heart of humanity and promote peace, harmony and a shift in global consciousness. GCI conducts groundbreaking research on the interconnection between humanity and Earth’s magnetic fields and energetic systems.

00 Feb 2021, Update. How To Read The Schumann resonance Spectrograph [“The Schumann”] Properly.



Part 2: The Importance of the Schumann Resonance for Humanity


Schumann Resonance Power chart:


Spectrogram Calendar:


Geomagnetic Storms: Sun Flares:


Spaceweather Solar Flare news


Earthquake monitoring

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The South Atlantic Anomaly Nasa video:


The South Atlantic Anomaly North America monitoring chart:

For Beginners - Schumann Resonance



Disclosure News - Italian Site

The Schumann Discussion for the Resonances 11/22/2020 - 11/24/2020

The Schumann Discussion for the Resonances 11/25/2020 - 11/27/2020 The Schumann Discussion for the Resonances 11/28/2020 - 11/30/2020 To see the live data:


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Don't think he is physically coming to take his people?

Look 👀 at this: the SR is spelling his name.

Do you believe now 😳 @PandoraBoxc @Pandoraschat 3-29-2022


WHAT is Schumann Resonance, &
WHO was Schumann?


We are energy beings that are born & thrive in an Electromagnetic Energetic Environment

The Earth & its ionosphere is a giant resonator, the cavity of which is filled with an electrically conductive medium that affects all life within it

"Our planet, had a pulse.
A measurable Frequency that surrounded all life on Earth

The pulse of the Earth, Schumann Resonance, wasn't just similar to the alpha waves of the human brain, it was identical

The brain's frequency which controlled our creativity, our performance, stress, anxiety & IMMUNE SYSTEM, had somehow tuned into the frequency of the planet.

The pulse of the Earth, became the pulse of all life itself"

It is possible that the Schumann resonance signals, the natural Electromagnetic patterns of the Earth, act like a tuning fork not just for the biological oscillators of the brain, but for absolutely all processes of life

Frequency : Universal "LAW ϕ ORDER"

⚡️ϕ 🧲


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