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Anon translated leaked cabal doc from 1985 from French to English- An old French periodical called

"Murmures d’Irem", volume 7. 

l E T 17@Inevitable_ET   Jan 14th 2020

Anon translated leaked cabal doc from 1985 from French to English- An old French periodical called "Murmures d’Irem", volume 7.

This may very well be the find of all finds.
Thread 👇🏼link to a Pdf:

Molpoch ball.jpg


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Jul 25th 2019, 24 tweets, 8 min read
1. Oh my God. They're the descendants of or they are mimicking the Amorites, aka the Canaanites...some of the most wicked people to ever walk the face of the earth, worshippers of Moloch and Baal. Dear God, this battle is for the human race! Epstein's temple ties it all together. 
2. Recently, a photo was produced that showed a bath house in Aleppo, Syria that looked very similar to the temple on Epstein's Little Saint James island. Q showed us the discovery in drop 3346. I looked up that bath house in Syria, the color pattern continues inside.


3. But, Epstein's temple matches more than just that bathhouse. In fact, quite a large amount of architecture in Aleppo, Syria has similar color patterns, archways and golden domes. You can see here, Aleppo has these patterns on much of its structures.

91 Best Aleppo Stones images in 2020 | Aleppo, Syria, Aleppo syria
Apr 25, 2020 - Explore Taima Krayem's board "Aleppo Stones" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Aleppo, Syria, Aleppo syria.

4. What's interesting is, nowhere else in the world seems to have THIS MUCH of these strange colors/patterns.

Aleppo is one of the oldest cities in the world. Their history is traced to the BC era, this article says nearly 2,000 years before Christ. 
5. Aleppo Syria was home to the Amorites. According to the Jewish Encylopedia of 1906, "The descendants of the fourth son of Canaan...where we ought probably to follow the Septuagint reading, "the forsaken places of the Amorites and the Hivites")."… 

6. More from the encyclopedia "...generally in post-Biblical literature, the Canaanites are usually spoken of as the Amorites".

When God led the children of Israel out of Egypt and into the land of Canaan, he told the Jews to wipe out the Canaanites because they were wicked. 
7. The Canaanites were the descendants of Canaan, son of Ham...SON OF NOAH. The city of Aleppo appears to have been founded by the most wicked and evil, violent and terrible people this world has ever known.

"To the apocryphal writers of the first and second pre-Christian... 
8. ...century they are the main representatives of heathen superstition, loathed as idolaters, in whose ordinances Israelites may not walk (Lev. xviii. 3)"

"According to the Book of Jubilees (xxix. [9] 11), "the former terrible giants, the Rephaim, gave way to the Amorites... 
9. evil and sinful people whose wickedness surpasses that of any other, and whose life will be cut short on earth." In the Syriac Apocalypse of Baruch (lx.) they are symbolized by "black water" on account of "their black art, their witchcraft and impure mysteries...". 
10. Right there, the Rephaim, otherwise known in Hebrew as, "The Nephilim" gave way to the Amorites. My God, the evil we're fighting is patterning after and worshipping the same demons and evil that caused God to send a flood to this earth to destroy all but 8 people. 
11. "The Amorites were an ancient people group frequently listed among the enemies of Israel in the writings of the Old Testament. Genesis 10:15-16 first mentions the Amorites, referring to them as descendants of Canaan, son of Ham, the son of Noah (Genesis 10:6)." 
12. "11 “For only Og king of Bashan remained of the remnant of the giants. Indeed his bedstead was an iron bedstead. (Is it not in Rabbah of the people of Ammon?) Nine cubits is its length and four cubits its width, according to the standard cubit." Deuteronomy 3:11 
13. The cubit is the distance from the finger tip to the elbow or, 18-20 inches. Using 18 inches as a cubit, that means King Og's bed was 13.5 feet long and 6 feet wide. A California King bed is 84 inches long and 72 inches wide. 
14. "Canaanite gods demanded human sacrifice and more specifically, the sacrifice of children...something that I (God) had not commanded or spoken of and that had never even come into my heart.” (Jeremiah 19:5)"

Did The Canaanites Really Sacrifice Their Children?
Were the Canaanites merciless child killers or gentle nature worshippers? Warning: Subject matter may disturb Historical revisionist theories regularly receive more traction among Bible critics tha…

15. More from that article: "According to the Bible, centers of worship for Canaanite gods such as Molech and the Baal’s were set up in Judah and Israel by apostate kings. Child sacrifice was even practiced in the Valley of Hinnom just outside of Jerusalem." 
16. The bible has told us, for over 3,000 years, the Canaanites/Amorites are evil, satan worshipping people who sacrificed their children to Moloch and Baal. You need to read this article, I simply can't quote enough of it to show you the full picture.

Did The Canaanites Really Sacrifice Their Children?
Were the Canaanites merciless child killers or gentle nature worshippers? Warning: Subject matter may disturb Historical revisionist theories regularly receive more traction among Bible critics tha…
17. There is a claim that the Aryan people originated in Canaan. What we today see as a genetic profile, radicalized and weaponized by the 3rd reich, were Amorites. You can research this if you desire, just know, you're going to run into a ton of racist idiocy and lies. 
18. Do you see the connection here? God told the Jews to destroy the Canaanites. There's a longstanding hatred, routed MUCH deeper than racism. The hatred is spiritual. Demons and angels, fighting a very real spiritual battle that bled into the minds of humans from time to time. 
19. BUT, perhaps this is why Hitler killed over 6 million Jews? It ties deeply to the original history of humanity, shortly after the flood. And, can you see what's happening? What is the TRUE enemy of Judaism and Christianity? Demon worship, followers of Moloch, child sacrifice. 
20. Now you know the bible is true, that God is real. The battle between good and evil has been explained and it is coming to a head. The cabal is following that terrible and evil line, while the rest of us buck against their vile wickedness. The battle rages. 
21. This realization makes truths come into focus. The ruling families of the world: the Saudis which are a hashemite kingdom, hailing from the Levant which includes Syria. The Rothschilds, holding demonic and satan worshipping festivals honoring Moloch. Soros, a hitler youth.


22. And, Epstein, the man who made all of this power a special place to go and practice their witchcraft, their idolatry, their pagan sexual abuse and sacrifices of children. Pray like you have never prayed before. Gird yourself in the things of God.

23. Folks, if there ever was a doubt...ever a fear...that what #QAnon stands for, you should be cleared of that right now. #TheGreatAwakeningWorldWide will happen as THESE TRUTHS are spread far and wide.

It makes #WhereWeGoOneWeGoAll a little more powerful, doesn't it?

24. Father God, please send your mighty angels to reach into the realms of this earth and embrace your precious children. Destroy the wickedness that injures little ones, wipe out the evil that endangers us. Bring us lasting peace today Lord, in Christ's MIGHTY NAME!


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Nov 14th 2019
1. BOOM! @Jim_Jordan says aid was withheld from Ukraine for 55 days. 55 = 5:5 (message received loud and clear) @realDonaldTrump retweets Jordan at 2336hrs. #QDrop 2336 speaks of HRC's crimes including use of#CrowdStrike, which was part of Trump's phone call with Ukraine!


2. Aid withheld July 18th, 2019 - 55 days later was September 11th, 2019. Coincidence? Nope! Q showed us the watch marker on July 18th! Trump had till September 30th to release the aid. Why choose 9/11? Because, 55 days would be needed for this #FutureProvesPast decoding!


3. Just so happens, #QDrop 55 is what we're ALL looking forward to and waiting for. The information from Ukraine and the server exposing HRC's crimes will lead us to this, soon. That's why Schiff is working so hard to stop it. #WWG1WGA -End I present to you, #QDrop 55

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Nov 12th 2019
1. @MastersShelby and @Americanlll got me onto this discovery. Do you all remember, EARLY in the #QDrops, we were told there were 4 ruling families controlling the world? One was removed immediately after Trump took office. So, who was that 4th family?…

2. I came across this interesting article. Osama Bin Laden's (OBL) mother and certain family members agreed to an interview some 17 years after 9/11. Apparently it was the Saudi Royal Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) that agreed to allow the interview.…
3. It's not always about what you see in an article. It's also about what you DON'T see. This family gave a wide array of historical points about OBL, but not a single one mentioned his kidney dialysis or needing to have serious medical attention in life. Somebody's been lying!
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Nov 11th 2019
1. @MastersShelby can attest to the fact that the USMC were posting on a schedule at 0800 (8am) and 2000 (8pm) for quite some time. It seemed to start during the recent 93 days dark. Then came, RIG FOR RED. So, when this USMC Birthday post came at 0830, [30m] came to mind.
2. I'll be the first to admit, I don't understand all of this. I see pieces that line up, stuff that sticks out. Let's work the drop. T: B, F, J, 1,5,11-20, ^ Then, there's this: _Conf_d-ww_CON_off[dark]_ This is a command, and it looks like it says to turn OFF the dark.
3. Then: _Conf_SIL-_EX Perhaps a silent extraction or maybe extradition? Then: COMM_Castle_Active_7ZbV-WT9 This could be exactly what Q verified...Comms are active, coming from the Castle (White House), and they're being secured by the Department Of Defense!
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Adonis Dionysus
Oct 4th 2019
Chanyeol finishes work one evening. He glances at his watch. 8:30pm. He has some time to spare to kill before he goes home. He starts walking, his mind wandering back to this person name byun who was his first love and his biggest heart ache.

The night was cold and the taller tries to find some warmth from his coat. His face mask was drawn down to his chin so he could take a deep breathe and release a misty air. He had a long day. Its been like this every day as well for past few years.
Sometimes Chanyeol wants to quit. He wonders if producing music is really what he wants to do for remainder of his life when the industry has become more demanding. He doesn't remember the last time he had a proper sleep, or the last time he was able to do things so freely.
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Chanda Prescod-Weinstein 🙅🏽‍♀️ 🇧🇧🌈
Mar 30th 2019
OH MY GOD, @PeteButtigieg. I was one of those Harvard student Living Wage campaigners. Fuck you too.
I remember the white men who used to walk by our protests, laughing and saying disparaging things and I will do everything I can to make sure that not one of them gets to be president of the United States, especially the one who is gauche enough to brag about being a dick to us
Not only that @PeteButtigieg but anyone with half a brain would either know or use Wikipedia to find out that Zuckerberg wasn’t even a Harvard student in 2001. And we were ineffective? I guess getting living wages for low paid workers isn’t your thing, is it, Pete?
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Joseph Stalin
Nov 7th 2018
1/8 My favorite #quote by #JosephStalin, which explains the scientific, #DialecticalMaterialist explanation of true freedom in material reality, not just as an abstract ideal. #StalinIsBack #StalinLives #JVStalin #Stalin #StalinQuote #StalinQuotes #Truth #MELS #MarxismLeninism

2/8 Having an #objective, #rational, #ScientificSocialist, #Dialectical, & #Materialist viewpoint allows us to accurately see & evaluate & analyze #Truth & #Reality as they truly materially exist in this universe.
3/8 An idealistic, dogmatic viewpoint, which capitalists have, however, makes one irrational enough to 'see' freedom where freedom stays trapped on a piece of paper while people are oppressed in their actual lived lives.
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Marcin Wichary
Feb 1st 2018
Things that surprised/amazed me about Japan, an ongoing thread. (More likely UI than food, but you know this already.) It’s my first time here. Please comment away and/or point out my cultural insensitivities!
1. A very friendly immigration officer and I laughed together, and when I said “I don’t really know where I’ll be staying,” he actually applauded it.
2. Very nice and clean train from the airport, with power sockets, and vending machines onboard. Tons of solar panels passed by on the way.
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Nov 14th 2016
*Thread* (1/75) Clinton & Co are directly, irrefutably responsible for President Trump and the epic implosion of the Democratic party.
(2/75) Hillary has a long record of choosing self service over public service; this time her personal ambitions delivered us Donald Trump.

(3/75) Wall st banks gambled away the pensions, homes, & livelihoods of millions of Americans; Hillary & co gambled away the US presidency.
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JFK JR Gematria Threadeer.jpg



18 hours ago, 17 tweets, 8 min read



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  My Authors

"When The Bulls Come Running"

A lot of people assume that "JFK.jr" is "R" or "18"

Even more hope it...

The whole Jr thing is so controversial when it comes to the Q community.
So many have taken a hard line which is totally understandable...

Numbers don't lie

So WHO or WHAT is "R"

We're dealing with Gematria which is letters having a number value...

Just remember...

There is no [ R ]...
There is ONLY "Q"

I've revealed several times in previous threads WHO "R" is, but it's coded, so...


You are watching a movie.jpg

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  My Authors

1/ Set the Stage the BIGGEST of Sages
Is the Stage Set?

You are WATCHING a Movie

Red Carpet Rollout

The WORLD is watching

Enjoy the Show.

We are all-so-familiar with these Q drops...

Does it all point to TONIGHT?


GUESS WHO's Nominated?

2/ will B and M be 'crowned' King and Queen tonight?

For their LAST CHANCE at glory?

POTUS tweeted 'last chance' today, after 'clean up'.

Q told us the Stage had to be set AFTER the WH was CLEANed.

3/ POTUS also tweeted out MUNCHKIN, instead of Manchin. the WIZARD of OZ reference, of course.

What do we find out about the WIZARD in OZ, when we peek behind the STAGE CURTAIN? .... you ALL KNOW.... but wait for it.

simpsons and looking glass.jpg

Back in 2006, Dr. Dan Burisch, a microbiologist, came out and claimed he once worked for Majestic 12, a secret organization formed in 1947 by U.S. President Harry S. Truman. It was created in order to facilitate the recovery and investigation of alien spacecraft.

According to Dan, U.S. intelligence agencies were in possession of several devices that were capable of bending space-time, allowing one to look backward or forward in time. They were supposedly a part of a top secret CIA program known as Project Looking Glass.

Dan explained how one of the devices was built using instructions found in ancient Sumerian and Egyptian carvings as well as technology recovered from a crashed UFO. The ship was said to come from Zeta Reticuli, a binary star system somewhere in the Orion arm of the Milky Way.

Fibonacci and Pentagram.jpg

"Symbolism will be their downfall"
The Owl. Fibonacci spiral. The Pentagram. The pyramid. The patterns...
ALL secret science (Nikola Tesla science), related to magnetism, & how energy propagates in the universe.
Here's the SIDE view of a magnet under a Ferrocell.

1) The Fibonacci spiral.
Energy in the universe doesn't travel in a straight line. EVER. It's curved linear, generally towards a central focal point.

2) This is a magnet under a Ferrocell. ALL magnets have a vortex on either pole going 2 the middle of the magnet like a bathtub drain
A Ferrocell is 2 pieces of glass with ferrofluid in between & LED lights surrounding it. The magnets static field is propagated through the light

3) This is a RING magnet under a Ferrocell. Where have we seen this pattern before in NATURE???

The Fibonacci's "Spiral of Life".
Energy doesn't travel in a straight line in the universe. Magnetism is NOT limited to a coherent object you can hold, ie a magnet.

4) Symbolism of the Snake. ALL energy manifests & propagates in a 3D S curve, as seen under a Ferrocell, & told to us by the men who gave us 100 percent of the CURRENT electric grid 100 years ago. Light/energy doesn't travel in a straight line. EVER. It's curved linear.
Snake = S


6) How energy manifests & propagates in the universe.
The 3D S curve, linear.
What's BENDING the light in that Ferrocell?? Space-time?? No.

7) Here is a video, of a Ferrocell in action, with a magnet under it.
The conjugate shape of fields, is a Torus. Self reciprocating via the vortex at the top & bottom of said torus. The hyperboloid. Hourglass if you prefer.

8) Propagation of magnetism AS SEEN under a Ferrocell.

The Auroras at our Earth's poles, is the vortex of increasing inertia and acelleration. The "bathtub drain". What some of you would call, "Vortex Maths".

9) Think, EVERYTHING that grows in the ground. At exact ground level, is the "Equator". How the energy manifests & propagates in a tree, starting from the center. The seed. Root/tree. The 3D S curve.
As above ground, so below.

10) The Pentagram

Ken Wheelers formula for magnetic reciprocation based on pythagorean theorem
Ken wheeler doesn't believe in aliens
He doesn't believe in the cabal.
He doesn't believe in conspiracies.
However, they do exist.

Here's your Pentagram, formulating magnetism.


Pi = PIZZA pie
They wave the symbolism in our faces.
Without magnetism, electricity CANNOT exist.
Electricity is the hybrid of static electricity & magnetism, as stated by the men who gave us 100 percent of the CURRENT electric grid, 100 years ago.

12) This is NOT new science trying to emerge. This Ferrocell research is simply validating Charles Proteus Steinmetz, Faraday, maxwell, Heavyside, and Nikola Tesla.
They ALL agreed upon the manifestation & propagation of energy in the universe. These men gave us 100 percent of 

13) the current electric grid.
What did Einstein invent? Nothing.
Not a damn thing. Yet their understanding of energy of energy in the universe, was covered up and blanketed with Einsteins nonsense.
Wanna know why??? 

14) Because THIS science is directly related to the areas these globalists amass their wealth, therefore political power. From the energy sector THEY OWN and control, to Big Pharma (natural healing), to fossil fuels (anti-grav), to the food industry & many more. It's ALL related 

15) This is a PYRAMID magnet under a Ferrocell. In terms of energy release, think fireman's hose. The taper. The FLUX DENSITY at the tip.
It's very vital the top is not pointed. All its Flux density, will be scattered & lost.
Think, GIZA

16) Here is a VIDEO of a pyramid magnet under a Ferrocell.
Tell me, the Hydro ram under giza. The Vibrations.
What does a MOVING magnetic field create? A CHARGE.

17) The Helix Nebula
"The Eye of God" as many call it.
This would be the "All seeing eye" seen on top of the pyramid on the back of our fiat currency.
BOTH can be attributed, to secret forbidden knowledge of the manifestation and propagation of energy in the universe.

18) The Butterfly
There are MANY cosmic butterflies.

19) The cosmic "Butterfly of Death"


21) Left picture is the SIDE view of a magnet under a Ferrocell. North pole, South pole, tropics and Equator.
Tell me, why isn't a Ferrocell in EVERY science class????

22) What IS magnetism? Simple pressure mediations in the Aether. God's pressure pointed fingerprint if you will. Ask your physics professor WHY all magnets have a vortex on either pole going to the middle of the magnet. They won't know. They don't even know they're there. 

23) Ferrocells aren't in science classes because they don't want us knowing Nikola Teslas work, let alone name
Well someone important knew of Nikolas name & research
John G Trump
Milford Texas LATE 2018 under the Trump administration
"The United States WILL be energy independent"

24) Think about that from a business POV. Factories and NYC buildings that normally have a $25,000 - $75,000 A MONTH Electric bill. What if that were suddenly gone?
What's a GOOD HONEST business owner going to put that extra money every month? Into the company. 

25) Hire more employees. Higher wages. New equipment. Renovations / Add ons. Expansion.
MASSIVE NATIONWIDE ECONOMIC EXPLOSION!!!! Imagine not just businesses benefiting from free energy, but you & I. How much money would we save each month not having to pay for gas & electricity 

26) Trump doesn't just want to end the Feds power to print money. He wants to end their ability to generate revenue in THEIR energy sectors to take their money away. Zero money = zero chance of buying their way into our government in the future.


What's Really Going on at the 'Tesla Tower'?There's a mysterious tower in Texas that strongly resembles Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower. Its constructors say they're testing some new forms of electromagnetic waves. But is something else goin…

27) This Ferrocell research shows propagation of magnetism as follows.
See that VERY center line? That's the Equator. ALSO, flat galaxy disc. The plasma jets above n below center of a galaxy is ur vortex on either pole going to the center of the galaxy. Magnetism = micro & macro

28 As noted by Suspicious 0bservers, here's the Torus labeled in a galaxy. There's your Torus.
Your Galactic plane of inertia, (Equator) right at the center.
The Equator isn't located at the center of magnetism. It's forced there due to pressure mediation.


30) What's going on INSIDE a magnet under a Ferrocell, is perfectly mimicking Galaxies.
That's the Macro. What about the micro? The same.
Magnetism propagates the same no matter size. Those fields, are a Torus.


32) EVERYTHING is fields. Those fields are torodial.
You can take this small.
Very small.

33) From the Macro, to the micro, it's all the same. Magnetism makes up 100 percent of the visible universe.
The universe IS electromagnetic.

34) What did CPS, Nikola Tesla ect ect tell us gravity was? Incoherent dielectric acelleration. Static electricity.
Your socks aren't sticking together from static cling in the dryer. They're ACCELERATING towards each other due to the POLARIZED static. (like magnets) 

35) Remember the way dust would accelerate towards ur old CRT tube TV due to the static gun inside it? WE'RE ALL just extremely light dust acellerating towards a polarized source under our feet, that's literally the size of Mars.
Everything is made of atoms. Atoms are WHAT again? 

36) Fact of the matter is, everything is fields & fields are not particles.
The Deep State is funding NASA & other BS institutions BILLIONS of $ to build equipment to search for particles that don'texist.
LARGEST money laundering OP in the world. 

37) Think it's just climate change they have their sticky little fingers in?
Think again.
They control what we're taught in school.
The Ferrocell exists.
WTF are they doing teaching magnetism in this way, to our children in school?

38) Well well well
"Matter in microgravity develops strong electrical charges and sticks together"
"so strongly, they POLARIZED one another, and behaved like magnets".
Here we go

Planets Started Out From Dust Clumping Together. Here’s How | Technology Org


Planets Started Out From Dust Clumping Together. Here's HowAccording to the most widely accepted theory of planet formation (the Nebular Hypothesis), the Solar System began roughly 4.6 billion years ago from a massive cloud of dust and gas (aka. a nebula). A…

Find number 14
Idk why these aren't in order.
I'm doing everything perfectly.
Twitter messing with me? 

39) We know the Deep State has UFO tech. Which means they KNOW gravity is nothing more than static electricity. Which means they know about magnetism. Which isn't described the way they teach us. It's simple pressure mediations in the Aether.

40) The Energy Department trying to tell us what our Earth's core is doing.
Wow. It's a TORUS. 👀
Humans need math to build.
Mother nature doesn't work with a calculator.
Everything is fields. (Dynamos)
Fields are pressure mediation in the Aether


Energy Department✔@ENERGY

= Positive
= Negative

Radial velocity field on the equatorial plane of a numerical simulation of Earth’s core dynamo. These small-scale convective flows generate a strong planetary-scale magnetic field.



7:21 PM - Feb 25, 2020

Twitter Ads info and privacy

113 people are talking about this

40) They wave secret knowledge right in front of our faces. Forbidden science, that govern the universe. Not all would know the origin of the symbolism. They just sport it cuz they're in the club
But the ones DEEPLY embedded, by a long bloodline dating 2 our Ancestors, would know

41) Give Nikola Tesla & others told us 100 years ago gravity was nothing more than an electromagnetic byproduct, I thought I'd share some FACTS based on
Known UFO cases / samples. ALL consisting of diamagnetic (HATES magnetism) metals in a plasma state.


Thread by @VdarknessF: Linda Moulten Howe has a piece of UFO metal that was obtained from a crash retrieveal from White Sands NM in the 1940s. Upon analysis it was…Thread by @VdarknessF: Linda Moulten Howe has a piece of UFO metal that was obtained from a crash retrieveal from White Sands NM in the 1940salysis it was discovered this metal was made up of micron …

42) Another anon helped point this one out to me.
"What you find here is the Star of David. 2 triangles overlaid. Pointing up is masculine, pointing down is feminine".

43) Left pic is the SIDE view of a magnet under a Ferrocell. Picture on the right? Think electric lines going down the street. One line is one pole, 2nd line is the other pole. Compare the red lines in that diagram to the static lines of the magnet under the Ferrocell on left.

44) Watch Ken wheeler on YouTube. "Theoria Apophasis", to see more Ferrocell research.
Make one at home.
Follow along youself.
EASILY verifyable. Unlike NASA's BS.



Ken Wheeler on Magnetism and Field theory - YouTubeKen Wheeler aka Theoria Apophasis speaks about Buddhism, old Greeks, science, magnetism, field theory, Light, nature, dielectricity, metaphysics, Tesla, Plat...

45) Fractal Woman on YT is phenomenal. There's alot about magnetism you won't understand, because we weren't taught the truth about magnetism.
Terminology/language that hasn't been spoken in over 100 years.
These words aren't new. Just lost



Fractal WomanThe videos found in this channel are for informational purposes only. Many of the videos are about fractal geometry and fractal cosmology. There is also a se...

46) Getting the picture yet????


The Missing Secrets of ElectroMagnetism & Fractality – Ferrocell, CRT and Ferroliquid Revelations of Fractal Toroidal Electromagnetic Energy Dynamics – or in other words: Why we dont need anything else than (Di-)Electric power potential and Magnetism (vibrating fundamental electromagnetic field – cymatics) to explain the UniverseScientifically unobserved and for certain unexplained – Never have I come across any literature taking note of the above presented observations of permanent magnetic field interactions Check …


47) This forbidden hidden science of Nikola & others, brought to light by means of the Ferrocell, is where we take a MASSIVE step forward and back the cabal into the corner!
I haven't even covered how the Ferrocell proves WHAT light is, & how birds use "Magnetism" to migrate. 

48) The information is there.
You just have to dig anons.

I'll STOP asking that question, when everyone else STARTS asking it to their children's schoolboards.
Make one at home. See magnetisms TRUE GEOMETRY, & follow along! 

49) That future, is NOW

Texas White Hats 1-20-2020.jpg
George the Collective Puerto Rico 1-20-2
Texas White Hats FBI Corrupt Johnheretoh
Central Banks.jpg



Jul 4th 2019, 21 tweets, 19 min read  Read on Twitter

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#Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 02/19/19 No. 5263795 #QPost2807 #NoCoincidences
Part 1⃣This may have already been put forth, but I'm not sure how to even start looking for that information. I apologize if this is a repeat and was already decoded. There's definitely a pattern emerging here. 👇

#Q!!mG7VJxZNCI No. 5263795 #QPost2807
Part 2⃣Only the countries that do NOT have their Central Bank owned by the Rothschilds seem to be the focus of American sanctions, hostile media and eventually our military.

#Q!!mG7VJxZNCI No. 5263795 #QPost2807
Part 3⃣ Our Federal Reserve Bank is a PRIVATE Company. The FED buys government debt and charges U.S. taxpayers interest.

#Q!!mG7VJxZNCI No. 5263795 #QPost2807
Part 4⃣ Here are the owners of the FED and shows why Clinton was supposed to win, not President Trump. And why the elites and media have done everything they can to remove him since he was elected. Rothschild Bank of London #1 on the list.

#Q!!mG7VJxZNCI No. 5263795 #QPost2807
Part 5⃣ They use the media to spread lies and fear. Eventually the "go-to" threats to our safety and national security arise because of WMD's or terrorists. We send in the troops and when it's over, they are in control of the banks.

#Q!!mG7VJxZNCI No. 5263795 #QPost2807
Part 6⃣ In 2000, only seven countries did not have a Rothschild Central Bank: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran. And guess who were the targets on our list.

#Q!!mG7VJxZNCI No. 5263795 #QPost2807
Part 7⃣ "If it worked in Iraq, why not replicate in Iran" And that's exactly what they are trying to do now. I don't think this has anything to do with nuclear weapons, just like it wasn't Iraq's WMDs or Bin Laden in Afghanistan.

#Q!!mG7VJxZNCI No. 5263795 #QPost2807
Part 8⃣ After the lie of 9/11, two of those were marked off the list. Between 2005 and 2009, billions stolen from taxpayers went to Sudan, then stolen by corrupt leaders, causing massive inflation. Rothschilds bank came in and took over.

James Alefantis.jpg

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  My Authors

Keep Your Eyes on


Pegasus Museum is located in the Columbia Heights neighborhood in Washington

owned by Castellum Achilles LLC, registered to James Alefantis in June of 2014. kill room" or "holding center" for trafficked children exists there



: 1/ This Administration gave Puerto Rico the LARGEST FEDERAL DISASTER GRANT in American…

Replying to@amandpms Hello, the unroll you asked for: Thread by @TheCollectiveQ…. Talk to you soon.

1/ This Administration gave Puerto Rico the LARGEST FEDERAL DISASTER GRANT in American history. TRUMP was ALSO the FIRST President in history to authorize RECORD LEVELS of EMERGENCY CASH on the ground in Puerto Rico BEFORE the storm hit. 

2/ Yet Democrats slammed us for not distributing enough supplies & funding in time.

BUT WE NOW KNOW that Puerto Rico leadership was engaging in MASS CORRUPTION resulting in 3 GOVERNORS IN ONE MONTH

WE NOW KNOW that over four (4) Puerto Rican elected officials have been… 

3/ …either investigated - or arrested - for corruption and interference as it pertains to hurricane assistance - INCLUDING THAT INCOMPETENT, SELF-SERVING, SPOTLIGHT CRAVING MAYOR CARMEN YULIN CRUZ FOR FRAUD & OBSTRUCTION

WE NOW KNOW that HAD President TRUMP given Puerto… 

4/ …Rico the nearly $50 BILLION DOLLARS WE FUNDED UP FRONT, there is a 100% chance it would’ve been MISAPPROPRIATED & SQUANDERED - exactly as President Trump predicted - GUARANTEEING yet ANOTHER WASTEFUL INVESTIGATION BY DEMOCRATS slamming him for giving a corrupt government… 

5/ …tax-payer money

AND SADLY, WE NOW KNOW that WHILE THE MEDIA AND DEMOCRATS MOCKED TRUMP OVER PAPER TOWELS, tens of millions of dollars in emergency supplies SAT ROTTING AND WASTED in massive warehouses while INNOCENT PUERTO RICANS DIED due to the THEFT AND FRAUD by… 


And for the record, NO ADMINISTRATION can release disaster funds without a comprehensive ACTION PLAN from the affected area FOR THOSE FUNDS



Florida & Texas both submitted comprehensive action plans for their FULL FUNDING, so they got their FULL FUNDING. PERIOD




8/ Oh, and President TRUMP just authorized ANOTHER $8 BILLION in emergency funding for Puerto Rico OVER TWO WEEKS AGO WHICH THE MEDIA DIDN’T REPORT, for newfound earthquake repair. - @LynnePattonHUD 


Timestamps and Comms 2-11.jpg

21 hours ago, 7 tweets, 3 min read


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"..a failed screenwriter" @realDonaldTrump

Highlighted have all been in past post connections in comms. The 2/11 timestamp in video connects to other posts as well.

Still working off the same article (From Vulture) I am seeing a lot of connects.


Who Is Writing Brad Pitt’s Awards Season Speeches?Who Is Writing Brad Pitt’s Awards Season Speeches?: A Serious Investigation. At least one outside speech-writing agency confirms that Pitt’s representatives contacted the organization.


Follow the stars
I have feeling we all need to pay attn to the self loving awards show tonight.

So the first thing Brad says when accepting award is about having more time to speak than Bolton. Name a failed screenwriter? 

mentions twt stating its a 'Very Big deal'. It was the time on the clock that drew my attn. initially. 11:30

The 'Big' connected directly to something else I just posted. Who do we think of when we think 'Big'. It connected directly back to 'failed screenwriter'.
I remember from the video that would get him elected he was in a strange pose. Then I recalled where I had seen it b4

Who Gave the order.jpg

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"The Orders Came From Highest In The Land" ...
Where Or Who Did Those Orders Come From..?
And For What ..?
@VincentCrypt46 Asked The Question Awhile Back, "Who Is Gods, God ..?

Who Was/IS Jesus A Mirror Image Of..?
I Say I AM, 

...Because My DNA Is A MIRROR Image Of Gods Generic Code..
I Can Do Things Different, I NEVER Once Acted Like I Was SPECIAL Or Deserved SPECIAL Treatement ..
I GAVE Respect And TRUTH Of (HIDDEN TRUTHS) Of This World ..
All To Just Be What ..?
Even After Proven Daily, 

...By The @POTUS , In Many Ways ..
Not Just The #POTUS , But @FLOTUS , @IvankaTrump , @VincentCrypt46 , @DonaldJTrumpJr , @EricTrump , And MANY More ..
ONES Just Have To Ask The RIGHT Questions ..
Unfortunately, That Is NOT The Case ..
...And People Just Like To Talk Shit, 

...And Run Their Mouths About #Purity ..
All I Have Done Is Show Love And Tell ALL Exactly How This All Works, Down To A T, Down To The Finest Of Detail ..
Giving TRUTHS And TRUE MULTIPLE Meanings And Levels To Q.

It Is NOT My Fault Ones REFUSE To Expand Ones Thinking, Thinking, 

...Outside Of The BOX, As All Were Told To Do MANY Times..
I Come Along And Give All These ANSWERS, AND NOT ONLY ANSWRS, ANSWERS With Direct Confirmation From @realDonaldTrump And @VincentCrypt46 Themselves ...
But Because I AM (DIFFERENT) Ones Overlook "The Vibe" .. 

...Now, The Vibe Is Done ..
The Vibe Is Moving Forward With The Vibes Life..
Starting A #FAMILY Of My Own, And Helping RE-SHAPE This World To A Reality ALL Can Live With Love And Peace Within The Soul ..


...Love Gets OTHERS (Like Myself) What ..?
Cast Off, While Others That Are Just USING Good Peoples Hard Work And Dedication( #Sacrifice) For Personal Gain, Or To Seek Attention They Are Not Receiving In REALITY ..

I AM On Here For One Purpose, Saving Lives And Help Raise, 

...The Worlds Vibration ..
Ones Thought I Was On Here For All The Wrong Reasons, Until I Proved Otherwise ..
I See The Future Befoee The Future Happens, Meta Human..?
I Do Things Different, A Gift I Was Born With ..
I See Alot, 

...Much I Can Not Explain, It Is All Natural ..
I Just See, And I Prove This EVRY Day .At
@realDonaldTrump Rallies, It's Like I AM In His Head, Even Before He Says Thjngs I AM Ahead Of Him ..

...ALL Of It, I Have Been Teeching ..
(LOOKING GLASS) , Movies, Music, Life, Death, Space, Hollow Earth, Asking For Disclosure And Pics For The People and Then It Gets Released Subliminally, Refelctions(ET'S) ETC.

I Speak In Code With @realDonaldTrump And The Rest Of My Family, 

...In The Open, Right In Plain Sight ..
And Still Ones Question and Try To Bring Someone Like ME Down .

Yes, Go Follow Those Entertaining Q Accounts , I AM Sorry This Is Not A Game To Me, Nor To My FAMILY ..
I AM On This #VirusOfLife For One Purpose, My #Family .



Thread Reader

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Jul 4th 2020, 125 tweets, 120 min read
Everyone on the Epstein Flight Log

We have all seen the names but most of use don't know what some of these people look like or what they do

This is going to take a while so I will post each person separately


1/ Adam Perry Lang
The chef/proprietor of the LA hot spot APL (
APL Restaurant | Steakhouse | Hollywood | Adam Perry Lang
APL Restaurant elevates the contemporary steakhouse with inspiration from those of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The 143-seat neighborhood restaurant is situated on the ground floor of L.A.’s fir…
) and a forthcoming Napa Valley steakhouse worked as a private chef for Jeffrey Epstein.


2/ Akon
A Senegalese-American singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and actor from New Jersey

Another thread👇
Akon molest a 15 year old girl at his concert



3/ Alan Dershowitz
A member of the legal defense team for Jeffrey Epstein, who was investigated following accusations that he had repeatedly solicited sex from minors.

He had previously befriended Epstein through their mutual acquaintance Lynn Forester de Rothschild


4/ Alberto Pinto (1943–2012)
He decorated Epstein’s 21,000-square-foot seven-story Beaux-Arts mansion

He was one of the world’s top prestige interior designers and designed the interiors of apartments, corporations, hotels, yachts, and jets.
Portraits d'Alberto Pinto et de Linda Pinto
« Peu importe le style, j’aime l’éclectisme. L’important ce sont les volumes, l’espace et la lumière. » Alberto Pinto (1943-2012)


5/ Alyssa Rogers aka Alyssa Milano

She is an American actress, producer, and political activist

She is also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for the United States of America

Thread on why it's Milano👇



6/ Anderson Cooper

He is an American television journalist and political commentator and is the primary anchor of the CNN news show Anderson Cooper 360°

Son of Gloria Vanderbilt and rumored to have been What CIA Farm born
Q Research General #11635: The "Goodlatte & Gowdy [important]" 2 Year Delta Edition
8kun /qresearch/ - Q Research - Q Research General #11635: The "Goodlatte & Gowdy [important]" 2 Year Delta Edition



7/ Andrea Mitrovich aka Andrea Stowell

She's worked for Clinton Foundation, World Bank, and as a consultant for RTI/Sanitation Technology Platform, a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation initiative.

Good Thread👇



8/ Andres Pastrana

He was the 30th President of Colombia from 1998 to 2002, following in the footsteps of his father, Misael Pastrana Borrero, who was president from 1970 to 1974

Good Article👇
Colombia's former president admits having flown on Jeffrey Epstein's 'Lolita Jet'
Colombia’s former President Andres Pastrana has been tied to the child abuse scandal around Jeffrey Epstein, an American millionaire and sex offender who apparently committed suicide on Saturday. Pas…


9/ Anthony Kiedis

He is an American singer, songwriter and rapper.

He is best known as a founding member and the lead vocalist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers



10/ Audrey Raimbault

CEO of interior and luxury event designing company GMI Productions

Audrey is a great friend of Prince Albert of Monaco and a golfing partner of Prince Andrew

Good Thread👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader



11/ Barack Obama

He is an American politician and attorney who served as the 44th president of the United States from 2009 to 2017

Shadow Presidency👇
QMAP: [#4196] The Shadow Presidency, Shadow Government and the Greatest Political Scandal in History
Be a part of the Great Awakening. Get real-time Qanon drops and POTUS tweets. We are the news now!


12/ Ben Affleck

He is an American actor, philanthropist, social activist and filmmaker. His accolades include two Academy Awards and three Golden Globe Awards.

He is in Weinstein's red flag list as well👇
Ben Affleck Was on Harvey Weinstein’s ‘Red Flag List’
Ben Affleck's name was on Harvey Weinstein's "red flag list," newly unsealed court documents have revealed.


13/ Beyonce Knowles

She is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, and actress

Her and Jay-Z ( husband ) are drenched in symbolism of Y-heads, gold, all-seeing eye, etc

Good Symbolism Read👇
QMAP: [#194] Iran Deal & Y Symbology
Be a part of the Great Awakening. Get real-time Qanon drops and POTUS tweets. We are the news now!




14/ Bill Clinton

He was the 42nd president of the United States from 1993 to 2001

Epstein had the cross-dress painting in his NYC Home

Ghislaine Maxwell attended daughter's wedding

Supposed Hits👇
The List of Clinton Associates Who've Died Mysteriously. Check It Out | KXNT 840 AM
This list has been around for awhile, but worth a re-post.


15/ Bill Hammond

One of the pilots for the Lolita Express

Good Thread👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader



16/ Bill Murray

He is an American actor, comedian, filmmaker, and writer. Known for his deadpan delivery, he first rose to fame on Saturday Night Live

He downplayed Harvey Weinstein accusations👇
Bill Murray Doesn't Seem to Know What Harvey Weinstein Has Been Accused Of
He does have a vague idea of the situation, though.


17/ Brian Affleck aka Casey Affleck

He is an American actor and director and Brother of Ben Affleck

Sexual allegations👇
Casey Affleck’s Dark Secret: The Disturbing Allegations Against the Oscar Hopeful
The producer and cinematographer of his mockumentary ‘I’m Still Here’ accused the ‘Manchester by the Sea’ star of a long cycle of sexual harassment and verbal abuse.


18/ Karen Casey ( maybe )

She is an Irish folk singer, and a former member of the Irish band Solas

She is performer for Childsplay, a non-profit organization dedicated to the performance of traditional and contemporary fiddle tunes, songs, and dance


19/ Casey Wasserman

He is the Chairman of LA 2028 and CEO of Wasserman, a leading sports and entertainment agency

He also serves as President and CEO of the Wasserman Foundation

Good Read👇
Jason Collins: Telling Powerful Stories Through Sports :: The Pavlovic Today
Jason Collins, Goodwill Ambassador and a former NBA basketball star joins the panel: Sports as a Catalyst for Development and Integration, at the Annual Meeting of Global Clinton Initiative in New Yo…


20/ Anderson Cooper
( Censored from 6/ ... Twitter protecting him? )

He is an American television journalist and political commentator and is the primary anchor of the CNN news show Anderson Cooper 360°

Son of Gloria Vanderbilt
QMAP: [#4163] Dig: What Media Assets are Farm (CIA) Born?
Be a part of the Great Awakening. Get real-time Qanon drops and POTUS tweets. We are the news now!


21/ Charlie Sheen

Carlos Irwin Estévez, known professionally as Charlie Sheen, is an American actor

He was named as an alleged sexual abuser of former child star Corey Haim

Good Read👇
Entertainment news, reviews and gossip from New Zealand and around the world - NZ Herald
The latest entertainment news, celebrity gossip, music, book, television and movie reviews from New Zealand and around the world - New Zealand Herald


22/ Chelsea Handler

She is an American comedian, actress, writer, television host, producer, and activist

Good Thread👇



23/ Chris Tucker

He is an American actor and stand-up comedian and he is best known for acting in Rush Hour and Friday

Michael Jackson Accuser first went after him 👇
Accuser in Michael Jackson’s 2005 Molestation Case Also Went After Chris Tucker
*Here’s some old school news straight from the vault of Hollywood’s forgotten tales… The family of the teen boy who accused the late-great Michael Jackson of molesting him in 2005 him first went afte…


24/ Chris Wagner ( not sure )

He is an American professional ice hockey forward for the Boston Bruins of the National Hockey League


25/ Chrissy Teigan

She is an American model, television personality and author who made her modeling debut in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2010

Good Thread👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader



26/ Cindy Lopez

She is listed in Epstein's Black Book which reveals that Cindy was a model working for an agency owned by Jean-Luc Brunel who 'procured' underage girls for Epstein

Good Thread👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader



27/ Claire Hazel

She is the President Of West Suffolk National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC)

Good Thread👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader



28/ Courtney Love

She is an American singer, songwriter and actress

She rose to prominence as the lead vocalist of the alternative rock band Hole, which she formed in 1989

Good Read 👇
Courtney Love claims Prince Andrew turned up at her house 'looking for sex'
ROCK chick Courtney Love has alleged Prince Andrew once tried to seduce her — amid claims that they were introduced through paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. The royal turned up at the star’s house at 1a…


29/ Dan Schneider

He is an American television producer, screenwriter, and actor, but mostly devoted himself to behind-the-scenes work in production

Good Thread👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader



30/ David Koch ( 1940 – 2019 )

He was an American businessman, philanthropist, political activist, and chemical engineer

He was the fourth-richest person in the United States in 2012 and was the wealthiest resident of New York City in 2013


31/ David Yarovesky

He is a director and editor, known for Brightburn (2019), Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) and The Hive (2014)

Good Thread👇



32/ Demi Moore

She is an American actress and film producer

Has been married to Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher

Full Video👇



33/ Doug Band

He is an American businessman and lawyer and founding partner and president of Teneo, a multinational C-suite advisory firm and investment bank

Previously he was Deputy Assistant to President Bill Clinton in the White House


34/ Ed Tuttle ( 1945 - 2020 )

He is an American architect and has undertaken many residential projects hotels that make up the majority of his projects

Most likely designed houses for Epstein

Good Read👇
Tribute: How architect Ed Tuttle's Amanpuri set the stage for game-changing Aman Resorts
The inception of Aman changed hotel design forever.


35/ Ehud Barak

He is an Israeli general and politician who served as the tenth Prime Minister from 1999 to 2001

He was leader of the Labor Party until January 2011

Good Read👇
Ehud Barak hits back as UK paper ties him to Jeffrey Epstein, threatens law suit
Former PM and IDF chief dismisses claims that he was hiding his identity as Daily Mail publishes old pictures of him outside New York townhouse of accused child sex trafficker, hinting at involvem…,7340,L-5552404,00.html


36/ Ellen Spencer aka Ellen Degeneres ( not sure )

She is an American comedian, television host, actress, writer, and producer.

Good Thread👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader



37/ Emmy Tayler

She is an Actress and was born in Oxford, England

She was named repeatedly as being close to Maxwell and was even described as the socialite’s “slave”

Good Read👇
Epstein Prosecutors Now Seeking Ghislaine Maxwell’s Former Assistant
A British woman named Emmy Tayler is reported to be the former assistant to alleged Jeffrey Epstein madam Ghislaine Maxwell. Prosecutors are looking to speak to her about the Epstein case to find out…


38/ Fleur Perry Lang

The Wife of Adam Perry Lang who has also been to the island

Her website

Good Thread👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader



39/ Freya Wissing

An artist and her art👇…

Her website👇


40/ Gary Roxburgh

Was one of the pilots for the lolita express👇
The Team | Jet Transactions | Aviation Sales Team
The Team at JetTransactions has extensive professional experience in private and business aircraft acquisitions, marketing and consulting.

Good Article👇
New Jersey's Teterboro Airport was travel hub of Jeffrey Epstein's sex traffic ring
Jeffrey Epstein's planes recorded at least 730 flights to and from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey between 1995 and 2013, according to flight logs.


41/ Ghislaine Maxwell

She is a British socialite and philanthropist who is known for her association with financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein

Good Thread👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader



42/ Glen Dubin

He is the Principal of Dubin & Co. LP, a private investment company managing a portfolio of operating businesses and other investments

His Net worth was $2.0 billion (December 2019)

Good Thread👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader



43/ Greg Holbert ( not sure )

Elder, Missions Ministry Leader
Principal of high school


44/ Gwen Stefani

She is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and record producer and is a co-founder and the lead vocalist of the band No Doubt

Good Symbolism Read👇
Gwen Stefani’s Illuminati Fueled Comeback (“Baby Don’t Lie” Video Analysis)
Gwen Stefani, in her prime, had a very successful career. But she’s been out of the spotlight until very recently. She has released a single for what I’m assuming is a “comeback.&…



45/ Gwendolyn Beck

She was a 2014 candidate seeking to represent the 8th Congressional District of Virginia

She handled 65 million dollars of Epstein's money in the 90's while she worked at Morgan Stanley

Good Thread👇



46/ Hank Coller

One of the pilots on the lolita express



For everyone labeled *not sure* or *maybe* take with a grain of salt because it could be the wrong person

From now on, I will give information of when they flew to the island and pictures of the flight log information

Thank you for your patience

47/ Heather Mann ( not sure )

Took 2 flights on April 3rd, 2001 with Jeffrey Epstein and Lydia

Took off from Teterboro Airport ( New Jersey ) to Montgomery County Airpark ( Maryland ) and back


48/ Henry Rosovsky

He is Dean Emeritus of the Faculty of Arts and Science of Harvard University

Epstein Harvard Connection Thread👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader



49/ James Franco

He is an American actor, director, screenwriter, comedian, film producer, television producer, academic, painter and writer

He wrote an article in Time about Marina Abramovich👇
Marina Abramovic
The presiding deity of performance art



50/ James Gunn

He is an American filmmaker and musician and began his career as a screenwriter in the mid-1990s

Good Thread👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader



51/ Jean Luc Brunel

He is a French model scout and former modeling agency manager

He led the modelling agency Karin Models, and founded MC2 Model Management which had offices in New York, Miami, and Tel Aviv

Good Thread👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader




52/ Jean Michelle Gathy

He founded Denniston in 1983, a niche architectural and design company, now arguably recognized as one of the world’s leading hospitality design firms

Good Read👇
Eavesdrop: Here are all the architects and designers in Jeffrey Epstein's black book
New York Magazine has published an A-to-Z list of Jeffrey Epstein's "black book," including a list of architects and designers who had contact with him.


53/ Jeffrey Epstein ( 1953 - 2019 )

He was an American financier, socialite and convicted sex offender

Good Thread👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader




54/ Jeffrey Jones

He is an American actor and sex offender best known for his role as Edward R. Rooney in Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Good Read👇
“Ferris Bueller's” Jeffrey Jones Pleads Guilty in Sex Offender Case
Jeffrey Jones, best known for playing the bumbling Principal Rooney in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” pleaded guilty in Los Angeles Tuesday to a felony...



55/ Jim Carrey

He is a Canadian-American actor, comedian, writer, producer, author, and artist

Check out his art👇
Jim Carrey Spent the Last Six Years Painting. Now, See What the Actor-Turned-Artist Has Created. | artnet News
After six years of quietly painting, Jim Carrey debuts "Sunshower," a solo exhibition at the Signature Gallery Group's Las Vegas gallery.



56/ Jimmy Kimmel

He is an American television host, comedian, writer, and producer

He is the host and executive producer of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, a late-night talk show that premiered on ABC

Forcing young boys to kiss👇




57/ Joe Pagano

The chief executive, secretary and treasurer, principal accounting officer, and principal financial officer of an insecticide-research company, Pagano even visited Epstein in jail.

The High Society That Surrounded Jeffrey Epstein
A close study of the contacts in Jeffrey Epstein’s black book and the flight logs for his private jet reveals a damning portrait of elite New York.


58/ John Cusack

He is an American actor, producer, screenwriter and activist

It looks like he's trying to expose the plot so he might have turned a new leaf and might be good ( proof in link and pics )

Good Read👇
John Cusack apologizes for retweeting apparent anti-Semitic cartoon
"Made a mistake retweeting that — as I said — and sorry," he later tweeted



59/ John Legend

He is an American singer, songwriter, producer, actor, and philanthropist

Good Thread👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader




60/ Juan Pablo Molyneux

He is an internationally acclaimed interior designer

His Website👇

He tried to sue Epstein👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader



61/ Juliette Bryant

She was introduced to Epstein when she was an aspiring 20-year-old model and says she met Epstein while he was in South Africa

Good Read👇
Epstein accuser claims he was asking her for nudes just before arrest
Juliette Bryant, 37, filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court against Jeffrey Epstein's estate on Thursday alleging that the former financier repeatedly raped her numerous times.


62/ Justin Roiland

He is an American voice actor, animator, writer, producer, director and comedian

He is best known as the co-creator Rick and Morty

Good Thread👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader



63/ Kathy Griffin

She is an American comedian and actor who has starred in television comedy specials and has released comedy albums

Her going nuts👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader



64/ Katy Perry

She is an American singer, songwriter and television judge

Pizzagate Thread👇


Cannibal Thread👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader




65/ Kelly Spamm

Flew 9 times with Epstein from Aug. - Dec. 2000

Most likely one of Epstein's girls

Good Read👇
GUY ADAMS on Prince Andrew's toxic fixation with Jeffrey Epstein
Andrew was dragged into Epstein's grotty orbit during the late 1990s, apparently via his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, who became chummy with Ghislaine Maxwell, a New York-based socialite.


66/ Kevin Spacey

He is an American actor, producer, and singer

Won Academy Awards for The Usual Suspects (1995) and American Beauty (1999)

Good Thread👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader




67/ Kristy Rodgers ( not sure )

Flew July 18, 2002 from JFK International Airport ( New York ) to Palm Beach International Airport ( Florida )

Good Discussion👇…


68/ Larry Summers

He is an American economist and worked for the Clinton and Obama Administrations

Good Thread👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader




69/ Larry Visoski

He was Jeffrey Epstein's chief pilot and had flown the billionaire around the world for the past 20 years

Good Thread👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader



70/ Laura Wasserman

Wife of Casey Wasserman (
Unroll available on Thread Reader

) who is deeply connected in California

They are both on the flight logs

Good Thread👇



71/ Lawrence Krauss

He is an American-Canadian theoretical physicist and cosmologist who previously taught at Arizona State University, Yale University, and Case Western Reserve University

Good Thread 👇




72/ Linda Pinto

Wife to Husband Alberto Pinto (
Unroll available on Thread Reader

) who also is on the flight logs

Since 2012, she holds alone the reins of Alberto Pinto Interior Design


73/ Lisa Summers aka Elisa New

Married to Lawrence Summers (
Unroll available on Thread Reader

) in 2005

She is Powell M. Cabot Professor of American Literature at Harvard University



74/ Lynn Forester de Rothschild

She is an American-British businesswoman who is the chief executive officer of E.L. Rothschild

Good Thread👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader




75/ Madonna Ciccone aka Madonna

She is an American singer, songwriter, and actress

Very similar with Beyonce (
Unroll available on Thread Reader

) regarding symbolism and being an artist

Rose symbolism👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader




76/ Mandy Ellison aka Amanda Ellison

In 1995, Ghislaine Corp. was officially founded by Epstein and Amanda J. Ellison

Her and her husband are now real estate agents in FL.…

( couldn't find pics )


77/ Marc Collins-Rector

Marc John Collins-Rector is an American businessman and a convicted sex offender, known for founding Digital Entertainment Network

Good Read 👇…


78/ Mark Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein's brother who is an American author and psychotherapist who integrates Buddha's teachings with Sigmund Freud's approaches to trauma

Good Thread👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader



79/ Mark Lloyd aka Seth Lloyd

He is a professor of mechanical engineering and physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

He purposely failed to inform MIT that Epstein made donations

Good Read👇
Jeffrey Epstein scandal: MIT professor put on leave, he 'failed to inform' college that sex offender made donations
Convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, a former friend of Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, killed himself in jail in August after being arrested on federal child sex trafficking charges.


80/ Marshal Mathers III aka Eminem

He is an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer

Pedos in Hollywood👇…



81/ Melinda Luntz

Flew once June 26, 1998 from Teterboro Airport ( New Jersery ) to Palm Beach International Airport ( Florida )

Wife of Charles Steven Dunker👇
Unroll available on Thread Reader


Good Read👇
Letting His Racing Colors Show
The unpaid chairman of the New York Racing Association has a background of being in the middle of the action, but at home, a monumental stillness seems to dominate.



82/ Meryl Streep

She is an American actress and is often described as the "best actress of her generation"

Remained Silent with Harvey Weinstein Accusations👇
'I didn't know': Meryl Streep responds to accusations she remained silent about Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual misconduct for years
"The Post" actress responded to Rose McGowan's tweets about the reported Golden Globes protest, which named the veteran actress specifically.

Good Thread👇




83/ Michelle Wolf

Michelle Wolf is an American comedian, writer, producer, and television host

2018 White House Correspondents' Dinner speaker👇


Bestiality? thread👇




84/ Naiomi Campbell

Naomi Elaine Campbell is an English model, actress, and businesswoman

Deny's knowing Epstein👇
Naomi Campbell opens up about Jeffrey Epstein, says she's 'sickened' by crimes
Naomi Campbell is opening up about her alleged association with the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Good Thread👇




85/ Natalie Blachon aka Magall Blachou

They travelled 18 times from Jan. - Apr. 2003

Good Discussion👇…


86/ Nicole Junkermann

She is the founder of NJF Holdings, which includes NJF Capital, NJF Private Equity, NJF Real Estate and The JJ Collection

Mossad Agent👇
The Epstein Associate Nobody's Talking About: The IDF-Linked Bond Girl Infiltrating the UK NHS
FIFA Corruption, the Panama Papers, the Mossad, and Nicole Junkermann


87/ Oliver Sacks ( 1933 - 2015 )

He was a British neurologist, naturalist, historian of science, and author

Epstein was apparently fixated on “transhumanism” ( genetic engineering and artificial intelligence )with the help from Sacks👇
Private jets, parties and eugenics: Jeffrey Epstein's bizarre world of scientists
The billionaire financier and convicted sex offender famously mixed with presidents, models and film stars. But he also indulged his unorthodox beliefs by cultivating top scientists


88/ Oprah Winfrey

She is an American talk show host, actress, television producer, media executive, and philanthropist

Sex Trafficker👇


Blood Ring Thread👇
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89/ Paula Halada

Flew once on Sept. 25, 2005 from Teterboro Airport ( New Jersery ) to Glenn Columbus International Airport ( Ohio )

JE, NM, SK, LV are the abbreviations of the other people that flew with her


90/ Paul Mellon ( 1907 - 1999 )

He was an American philanthropist and an owner/breeder of thoroughbred racehorses

He founded The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

He donated more than one thousand works of art to the National Gallery of Art👇…


91/ Paula Epstein aka Paula Heil Fisher

She is an Opera producer and Epstein’s former girlfriend who met him through Bear Stearns, where she was once an associate

The High Society That Surrounded Jeffrey Epstein
A close study of the contacts in Jeffrey Epstein’s black book and the flight logs for his private jet reveals a damning portrait of elite New York.

imdb info👇
Paula Heil Fisher - IMDb
Paula Heil Fisher, Producer: Finding Eleazar


92/ Peter Marino

He is an American architect and Fellow of the American Institute of Architects

He is the principal of Peter Marino Architect PLLC, an architecture and design firm which he founded in 1978

Sexual harassment allegations👇
AIANY rescinds honors for Richard Meier, Peter Marino, citing harassment allegations
AIA’s New York chapter announced that it would rescind Design Award honor it had planned to bestow on the two architects because of harassment allegations.



93/ Pharrel Williams

He is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur

Works with artists that know Marina Abromovich👇
Pharrell - The Man made of Broken Glass | Widewalls
To mark the release of Williams’ album G I R L, the two continue their artistic collaboration with an inaugural exhibition for Perrotin’s new art space, Salle de Bal, which opens on May 27. …



94/ Quentin Tarantino

He is an American filmmaker and actor

Defends Polanski👇
Quentin Tarantino Defends Polanski in Resurfaced Interview: 13-Year-Old Girl ‘Wanted to Have It’
Quentin Tarantino is under fire for defending Roman Polanski in a 2003 Howard Stern interview.





95/ Ralph Ellison

A pharmaceutical executive👇
Pharmaceutical exec sells North Bay Road home for $13M
A pharmaceutical executive and his wife have sold their Spanish-style waterfront home on Miami Beach's North Bay Road for $12.9 million, or about $2,000 per square foot. Ralph M. and Amanda

Him and his wife, Amanda Ellison, (
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) both flew in the plane

They are now real estate agents in FL👇…

( couldn't find pics )


96/ Ray Barzana

Looks like he was pilot, labeled as a check ride examiner

He used a simulator at Miami to check the plane 7 times from 2003 - 2005



97/ Ricardo Legoretta

He was a Mexican architect and was awarded the prestigious UIA Gold Medal in 1999, the AIA Gold Medal in 2000, and the Praemium Imperiale in 2011

He flew on the airplane twice

Good Read 👇
Eavesdrop: Here are all the architects and designers in Jeffrey Epstein's black book
New York Magazine has published an A-to-Z list of Jeffrey Epstein's "black book," including a list of architects and designers who had contact with him.


98/ Robert Downey Jr.

He is an American actor, producer, and singer

Robert Downey Jr. - IMDb
Robert Downey Jr., Actor: Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. has evolved into one of the most respected actors in Hollywood. With an amazing list of credits to his name, he has managed to stay new and fresh…

Blows the whistle on pedo ring👇
Robert Downey Jr. Blows The Whistle On Elite Hollywood Pedophile Ring
Actor names powerful elites connected to global pedophilia network Movie star Robert Downey Jr. has made a shocking revelation and lifted the lid on a major Hollywood pedophile ring that connects pow…



99/ Rodney Slater

He was the United States Secretary of Transportation under U.S. President Bill Clinton

Rode once Sep. 22, 2002 Santa Maria Airport ( Portugal ) to Kotoka International Airport ( Ghana )

The High Society That Surrounded Jeffrey Epstein
A close study of the contacts in Jeffrey Epstein’s black book and the flight logs for his private jet reveals a damning portrait of elite New York.


100/ Ron Burkle

He is an American billionaire businessman with a Net worth of $1.4 billion (2020)

Source 👇
The High Society That Surrounded Jeffrey Epstein
A close study of the contacts in Jeffrey Epstein’s black book and the flight logs for his private jet reveals a damning portrait of elite New York.

Son mysteriously dies at 27👇
Andrew Burkle, Producer and Son of Billionaire Investor Ronald Burkle, Dies at 27
Andrew Burkle, 27, the son of billionaire investor Ronald Burkle, who has extensive entertainment interests, has been found dead in his Beverly Hills home, according to a report.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers play at memorial👇
Red Hot Chili Peppers and John Frusciante perform at Andrew Burkle memorial concert
The Red Hot Chili Peppers have staged their first public performance with returning guitarist John Frusciante to honour late film producer Andrew Burkle.The rockers hit the stage with Frusciante for …



101/ Sandy Berger ( 1945 - 2015 )

He was a political consultant who served as the United States National Security Advisor for President Bill Clinton

He stole classified documents👇…


102/ Sarah Kellen

She is Epstein’s former assistant who allegedly kept young girls to recruit for her employer

She is now married to NASCAR driver Brian Vickers and goes by the name Sarah Kensington

Good Article 👇
Where Are Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Accomplices Now?
When prosecutors gave Jeffrey Epstein a sweetheart plea deal in 2007, they agreed not to charge four women allegedly involved in recruiting dozens of underage girls for abuse.


103/ Seth Green

He is an American actor, voice artist, comedian, producer, writer and director

Macaulay Culkin, Seth Green & Voodoo Doughnuts👇


Good Thread👇
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104/ Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z

He is an American rapper, songwriter, record executive, entrepreneur, businessman, and record producer

His wife Beyonce is also listed (
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Good Thread👇
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105/ Shelley Harrison / Shelley Lewis aka Shelley Lewis

She is the author of Naked Republicans and used to be a media executive for decades

She flew 20 times on Epstein's plane

Good Thread👇
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106/ Sophie Biddle

She has over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry

She flew 11 times on Epstein's plane from 1999 - 2000




107/ Stefani Germanotta aka Lady Gaga

She is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, actress, and businesswoman

Student of Marina Abramović👇
The Abramovic Method Practiced by Lady Gaga
This is "The Abramovic Method Practiced by Lady Gaga" by OperationGaga on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Good Thread👇
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108/ Stephen Collins

He is an American former actor and former writer

imdb profile👇
Stephen Collins - IMDb
Stephen Collins, Actor: 7th Heaven. Stephen Collins was born on October 1, 1947 in Des Moines, Iowa, USA as Stephen Weaver Collins. He is an actor, known for 7th Heaven (1996), Star Trek: The Motion …

Admits sexual experience with underage girls👇
Stephen Collins Confesses Sexual Abuse of Underage Girls to PEOPLE
The 7th Heaven star speaks out on child molestation claims, telling PEOPLE his actions "have haunted me"


109/ Stephen Colbert

He is an American comedian, television host, and writer

Mocking eating babies video👇


Good Thread👇
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110/ Steven Spielberg

He is an American film director, producer, and screenwriter

Issac Kappy Video👇


Good Read👇
Steven Spielberg & Tom Hanks Accused of Pedophilia
Neon Nettle - Steven Spielberg & Tom Hanks Accused of Pedophilia - Major Hollywood elites names in video exposé by actor



111/ Steven Tyler

He is an American singer, songwriter, musician, actor, and former television personality

14 year old girlfriend at 27👇
Steven Tyler Once Had A 14 Year Old Girlfriend That Her Parents Signed Over To Him
In 1975, Steven Tyler convinced the parents of 14 year old groupie Julia Holcomb (Holcolm) to sign over guardianship to him so that she could live with him in Boston.  Here is a photo of them togethe…

Good Thread👇
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112/ Svetlana Griaznova

Epstein’s jet was often filled with young women , including this Lithuanian model

Miami modeling agency helping Epstein👇…

Her Instagram👇…


113/ Teala Davies

She is the latest victim to come forward and accuse deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein of sexual abuse

Good Read👇
Photo shows Jeffrey Epstein with alleged teen victim: "She did not yet realize he had a predatory plan for her"
Teala Davies is joining other women who are speaking publicly about pain they have long confronted largely alone



114/ Tiffany Gramza

She was listed in the black book under "Massage California"

She flew 16 times from 1999 - 2000

Good Thread👇
A thread written by @Agenthades1
Tiffany Gramza was listed in the black book under "Massage California" She currently resides in Simi Valley, CA. She works as a esthetician and at the family construction biz, L.A. Drill. https://www…



115/ Tom Hanks

He is an American actor and filmmaker

13 year old girl claims he bought her for sex👇


Isaac Kappy's death👇




116/ Tom Pritzker

He is an American billionaire heir, businessman and philanthropist

Net worth $3.5 billion (2020)👇
How The Pritzkers Became One Of The Wealthiest Families On The Planet With A Combined Net Worth of $33.5 Billion
The 25 richest families in the world have a combined net worth of $1.1 billion. The Pritzker family is the 15th wealthiest family in the world, with a combined $33.5 billion net worth.

Good Thread👇




117/ Tyler Grasham

He is a Hollywood agent for actors

Sexual assault allegations against kids actors 👇
Hollywood Agent Investigated for Sexual Assault of Teenage Actor
Filmmaker and former actor Blase Godbe Lipma says Hollywood agent Tyler Grasham sexually assaulted him when he was in his late teens

Good Thread 👇
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118/ Victor Salva

He is an American filmmaker and convicted sex offender

Good Threads👇
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119/ Virginia Roberts

She is an American advocate of justice for sex trafficking victims

Good Read 👇
Who is Virginia Roberts Giuffre and what allegations has she made against Prince Andrew, Epstein and his 'friends'?
VIRGINIA Roberts Giuffre claims she was only 17 when she was used as a sex slave by disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein and when she claims she had sex with Prince Andrew in a toilet. But what do w…

Good Thread👇




120/ Wanda Sykes

She is an American actress, comedian, and writer

Good Read👇
From Victoria's Secret to Prince Andrew: Jeffrey Epstein connections just keep derailing the careers of billionaires, royals, and the like. Here's the full list.
Celebrity publicist Peggy Siegal complained about the uneven consequences of associating with Epstein in a recent interview with Vanity Fair.


121/ Will Ferrell

He is an American actor, comedian, producer, writer, and businessman

Child trafficking parody👇


Good Thread👇
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122/ Will Smith

He is an American actor and rapper

Orlando Brown accused him of rape👇


He love making out with son👇



123/ Woody Allen

He is an American director, writer, actor, and comedian whose career spans more than six decades and multiple Academy Award-winning movies

Story on marrying his adopted daughter👇…



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May 15th 2020
Banks control Gov'ts ( No More. Treasury owns fed now ) #Qanon
Gov'ts control people ( No More. Nationalism on the rise ) #QAnon
SA controls elected people ( No More. 2017 Saudi Arabian Purge ) #QAnon

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  My Authors

Canaanites became the Phonecians, then Venetians, then the Illuminati/global banking shadow government. They plagiarized and fabricated their history using already-ancient texts from other cultures, like Egypt and Sumer. A ruling class was born from this lie. 

They're the descendants of the Amorites, or the Canaanites - some of the most wicked people to ever walk the face of the earth, worshippers of Moloch and Baal. Epsteins ritual temple resembles Aleppo designs. Aleppo is one of the oldest cities in the world, traced 2,000 years BC. 

Cannanites you say? Aren't they just a myth? Aren't they all dead? That is exactly what they would want us to think, no? You can almost trace the lies and slowly see how "Illuminati" is just the modern term for Canaanites and how they rewrote history and control us to this day. 

When God led the children out of Egypt and into the land of Canaan, he told them to wipe out the Canaanites because they were wicked.

Phonecian Popes, Venetian Black Nobility, elite banking families all the way back to the Phonecians and Canaanites.

It will be biblical. 

The Canaanites/Amorites are evil, wicked people who sacrificed their children to Moloch and Baal.

This EVIL is deeply entrenched. 

Canaanites installed closed financial systems and have the world enslaved in imaginary debt. They have committed so many crimes on humanity it is just ridiculous. This kind of global coordination comes from a cult. Just depends how far back it goes I guess. 

Elites also have been known to congregate around a massive moloch statue and have rituals. Moloch worship is indeed real and still going on to this day within the upper echelons of power. They are the cause of attempted destruction of western world through immigration and guilt. 

Inside Epstein's New Mexico ranch: it has something to do with gaining power by performing disgusting, heinous acts in front of the true King of Kings. Reason for NM location was to use as an outpost to gain blackmail assets at Los Alamos National Labs. I.e. nuclear scientists.

🌿🕊Carminda B🕊🌿


Jul 4th 2020, 16 tweets, 11 min read



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Given what we know now about Ghislaine Maxwell

Surely her FATHER was the one that taught her the


He already was involved in so much crime

Jimmy Saville worked for Thomas Cook




Sir Jimmy Savile, 1926-2011Sir Jimmy Savile, 1926-2011 | Jimmy Savile | The Guardian

Hmm 🤔

The Thomas Cook Children's Charity


Thomas Cook, Crimson and Heritage announce mergerThomas Cook Travel Inc., Crimson Travel Service and Heritage Travel Inc. have agreed on a merger creating the nation's third largest travel company, the...



Thomas Cook Children's Charity issues statement | UK FundraisingThe Trustees of the Thomas Cook Children's Charity have issued a statement on the charity's site, assuring the safety of all funds, and stating that it is


#QArmy #QAnon
@TheCollectiveQ @ChristinePolon1 @OrtaineDevian @KarluskaP @HatMasked @MaxMedieval @VincentCrypt46 @N_AmerSolutions @DavidMi32570254 @PunishDem1776 @shadygrooove @IPOT1776



Children 'find Santa' on Thomas Cook Children's Charity Flight of DreamsFlying was a first-time experience for many of the children

The Charities , The mines for the children ... Many were handicapped children too


Barnardo's archive photos reveal first foster children


Unseen photos reveal first foster kidsPreviously unseen photographs of some of England's first foster children - and the stories of what happened next - are released by the charity Barnardo's to mark its 150th birthday.

Savile/Robert Maxwell/Elton John

This connects Jimmy Savile and Robert Maxwell (and Elton John, among several others, includng media moguls)
"How my father may have helped Jimmy Savile escape justice


Savile/Robert Maxwell/Elton John - (We) Are The NewsThis connects Jimmy Savile and Robert Maxwell (and Elton John, among several others, includng media moguls) "How my father may have helped Jimmy Savile escape justice" by Dominic Carman The son…

Robert Maxwell has a Different Name

👇🏼👇🏼 ( I’m diggin on his previous name )

Robert Maxwell
Czechoslovakia as

Jan Ludwik Hoch.

After fleeing the Nazis in 1939


Jan Ludwig HochLooking for Jan Ludwig Hoch? Find out information about Jan Ludwig Hoch. 1923–91, British business executive, b. Czechoslovakia as Jan Ludwik Hoch. He grew up in a tight-knit Jewish community. After …


“Group making an offer for pregnant photo show 🤔🤔

👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼...Knowing what we know now

Here’s What

To Know about

Operation “Mother Teresa”

🌿🕊Carminda B🕊🌿 (@carmindabrendel) Tweeted:
CIA ... Comes to mind 💥💥😡😡😡

Late Mother Teresa's Order Investigated For Child Trafficking In India


Late Mother Teresa's Order Investigated For Child Trafficking In IndiaA nun and a worker at a Missionaries of Charity shelter were arrested last week for allegedly selling four infants. India has mandated the investigation of all such facilities run by the order.

Supreme Court leaves a sister of Mother Teresa in jail. Sr Prema says 'We pray for all'

Sr Concilia headed the Nirmal Hriday orphanage in Ranchi, Jharkhand. She was arrested in July 2018 in connection with allegations of child trafficking


Supreme Court leaves a sister of Mother Teresa in jail. Sr Prema says 'We pray for all'Sr Concilia headed the Nirmal Hriday orphanage in Ranchi, Jharkhand. She was arrested in July 2018 in connection with allegations of child trafficking. After seven months, she is still behind bars wi…

Employees of Mother Teresa Charity Charged with Child Trafficking in India


Employees of Mother Teresa Charity Charged with Child Trafficking in IndiaIndian police arrest a nun and a worker at a Mother Teresa charity home for unwed mothers for child trafficking.


Jimmy Savile & R Maxwell



club whose name says it all:


turning their backs on morals & testing boundaries of decadencies

Read More:


What really went on in the Hellfire ClubSome rich people just have so much time and money on their hands they don't know what to do with it all. The Hellfire Club was made of those sorts of people. Here's what really went on behind the clo…

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Thread by @carmindabrendel: "Let’s take a closer look at The 9nth Circle & The Royals Shall we Queen Elizabeth: Guilty In Missing Children Case, Media Blackout googl […]"Thread by @carmindabrendel: "Let’s take a closer look at The 9nth Circle & The Royals Shall we Queen Elizabeth: Guilty In Missing Childrekout… Former Kamloops School res…





As Lady DIANA Said

“They are NOT human”

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🌿🕊Carminda B🕊🌿


2 days ago

SO MANY BIG NAMES 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 Prince Albert's close friend Prince Andrew, - and Jeffrey Epstein! Jean-Yves Le Fur were closely tied to Epstein!​It is known that Prince Albert raped artist Elsa Caselli on a yacht years ago…

I Never could understand this RUNAWAY BRIDE NOW I KNOW FOR SURE SHE KNEW SHE COULD’NT BUT SHE HAD TO HE IS THE SCUM OF THE PLAYGROUND ( Sadly she sold her innocent soul )…


Read 12 tweets


🌿🕊Carminda B🕊🌿


Jul 5th 2020

VENEZUELA HUB👇🏼👇🏼 Young women, even girls as young as 5 years old, are trafficked to meet the demand of the global sex-trafficking industry There is a military island in Venezuela called La Orchila, where Ghislaine Maxwell’s compound was located…

WHY DO You THINK??? Hollywood Loved to party on the Islands of VENEZUELA 🇻🇪

Let me just MAKE IT CLEAR TRUMP is CLEAN AS A WHISTLE He did own a mansion on the nearby Island but that’s typical not a crime ... he knew enough about their Dark shady business & he wanted to reveal it ... that’s what he’s doing NOW

Read 11 tweets


🌿🕊Carminda B🕊🌿


Jul 4th 2020




Read 5 tweets

Trump The Greatest Actor of All Time

Threadreader App  T Benjamin

Thread Reader


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T. Benjamin
Follow @1FreeInhabitant
   Profile picture
Feb 23rd 2019, 181 tweets, 71 min read
1) Trump the greatest actor of all time -- A hypothesis
2) Suppose for a moment that @StormIsUponUs wasn't exactly right.

In his superb video, "Q The Plan to Save The World," Joe says "they (NSA + Goodies) asked Trump to run," which suggests that they asked him recently.

My hypothesis... He was groomed since birth to play this role.
3) Suppose for a moment that this millenia-old cabal had such a tight grip on our "reality," that the few white hats "in the know" always knew the PLAN would take generations...
4) Also, for this hypothesis to work, one must accept that idea that the alliance of white hats may not be so "white." perhaps a murky beige, with some dark stains in its collective fabric...

After all, what if to defeat the cabal, one must have had to know it.
5) Let's not forget that @realDonaldTrump graduated from a private military academy in New York, and then on to Wharton. His father, Fred Trump was a financier of the John Birch Society and a personal friend of Robert Welch... His uncle, John Trump examined Tesla's work...
6) Couple of scenarios here... A) The Trumps have Scottish or German nobility, and thus were already connected to certain "societies," or B) They were the "new money" upstarts in New York, and rubbed elbows with those who were.
7) In either scenario, one thing is certain... Consistency. If you listen closely, Donald Trump has been saying the same things since the beginning... It's uncanny how consistent his message and politics have remained:

8) Stay with me here... This is just speculation to try to make things fit in my head...
9) I contend that the Trumps were more of the "upstarts" in New York flavor, and thus had to learn to swim among sharks--equally comfortable dealing with politians, bankers, and mobsters...

But then I repeat myself...
10) When you start playing big-boy commerce games, you better know your stuff. Better know your Law. Better know your Contracts. Better know your Trusts.

Remember Trump's father close association with the John Birch Society? Think they know the law? Constitutionalists.
11) Politico said "Bircherism" is making a resurgence, and a large number of political analysts from across the spectrum have argued that it shaped the modern conservative movement and especially the Trump administration.
12) Do you think Trump was raised in a household, rampant with deep discussions in philosophy, freedom, and "Patriot talk?"

Want to know what "Patriot talk" sounds like?

The sound of Donald Trump... The sound of Q!

As they are one in the same person.
13) By the time a young Donald Trump--drilled in Ivy-League commercial warfare training--begins to form his first concepts of reality...

This is the time he is also informed that what we perceive as reality is not how it really works...

He is informed about the cabal.
14) But the "Bircher" influence was merely the foundation... It was what his uncle told him that etched his destiny in stone--Savior of the World.

What did Uncle John tell young Donald?

15) Uncle John told him of MIRACULOUS things that came from the mind of a miraculous man--A man who tamed electromagnetics, and whose genius may be unparalleled to this day.

Nikola Tesla...

16) The public knows this to be a sad story. A genius who died penniless, without a home, or family...

In his final days, Tesla certainly looked the part, yeah?

The Rothschilds RUINED this man through their agent, JP Morgan...

Or so [they] thought...

17) Despite Tesla's immense "gift" to industry--First with Edison, then Westinghouse, then JP Morgan (Rothschild)--i.e. They all used his innate kindness, and then ROBBED him of his intellectual property--he still had friends.

White hat friends.

Friends like John Trump.
18) Why the heck would Tesla confide in John Trump?

Easy... Electricity... Specifically, static electricity...

This is the Van de Graaff generator, 1934.

19) Remind you of anything?

20) Did Tesla himself ever talk about Van de Graaff?

Not only did he talk about Van de Graaff and his generator, but he was also bursting at the seams with excitement!

He even wrote an article for Scientific American about it:

Possibilities of Electro-Static Generators from the Tesla Universe Article Collection
Nikola Tesla was born at the stroke of midnight, July 9-10th, 1856, in Smiljan, Jugoslavia. His father was a distinguished clergyman, and his mother, Georgina Mandic, came from a long line of...
21) So this man--Robert Jemison Van de Graaff--made Tesla's BIG vision a reality... Extreme high-voltage, with low amperes, can deliver WIRELESS electricity to every man, woman, and child on the planet...


22) JP Morgan shut down Wardenclyffe when [they] realized Tesla's ultimate plan--Free electricity.

But we all know that JP Morgan only owned 19% of his own company...

Who owned the other 81%?

Rothschild Family.

Why was Tesla REALLY shut down?

You can't put a meter on FREE!


23) So what does this have to do with John Trump?

Well... Who was Van de Graaff's business partner?

John Trump, that who...

And they formed the High Voltage Engineering Corporation (HVEC)

(research that rabbit hole!)

24) The very pre-cursor to Space Force (but I'm getting ahead of myself)


@SpaceCorpsUS @WeAreSpaceForce

Back to the greatest acting job (and subsequent sting operation) in history...
25) Interesting side note... HVEC wasn't formed until AFTER Tesla died... 1946.

Which was 1 year before the official beginning of the CIA, in 1947.
26) "John, for decades, would be approached by people of all sorts because he could make megavolt beams of ions and electrons–death rays. What did he do with it? Cancer research, sterilizing sludge--wondrous things. He didn't touch the weapons stuff."

-- James Melcher
27) What was Tesla working on in his final days? A way to PREVENT the dominance of any one nation over another using his technology. He knew this technology could be weaponized.

He set out to devise a strategy that would prevent the use of his technology for nefarious means.


28) Besides his own personal experience with bankers and patent theft, Tesla knew through his network of other threats to the safeguard of his technology.

The cabal already had plans...

29) Here is where things get a little interesting.

Some of the early "white hat" activities in this global spy game included other geniuses... Geniuses attract other geniuses...

And sometimes, THOSE geniuses have money. Lots and lots of money.



30) How do you go from the most eligible bachelor in the world one day, to the most notorious hermit the next?

What happens--no matter your wealth and status--when you go against the cabal?

31) Unfortunately for Howard (and us), he knew too much. Remember, Hughes was first a movie mogul--a playboy with extremely deep pockets. He'd collect aspiring debutantes by the dozen, and have them shipped off for acting, singing and dancing lessons.

And he SPIED on all of them
32) He'd have them followed, phones tapped, and their boyfriends pre-approved.

Hughes was a very envious and jealous man. He wasn't really trying to "train" these young actresses, so much as he was trying to "keep" them for himself.

He even had female spies for competition!
33) And it was through one of his female spies that he was horrified to find out about the CULT.

Apparently, she'd gone to an event--the details of which made his stomach turn. Sacrifices in Hollywood!

And thus began the highly "irregular" persona that we've come to know
34) Enough on Hughes for now... His future involvement with the CIA--Glomar Explorer, RFK, and all CIA satellites--are worrisome.

Did he know the CIA and FBI were infiltrated? i.e. #DeepState

We shall see...

Back to Tesla and Trump.
35) Keep this in mind: Tesla’s papers are stored in government vaults for reasons of NATIONAL SECURITY--to this very day.

But where?

Likely candidates:

Research Center Robert J. Oppenheimer
National Security Research Division | RAND
36) Buckle up... This is where the hypothesis gets fun...

Do you know who these fellas are?


37) How about these ladies? Do you know who they are?

38) The name of the game here is ENERGY.

- Original internal combustion engine was made to run on ALCOHOL.
- Edison's deep cycle alkaline battery was shelved by his creditors
- Waste product in the oil refinery is GASOLINE!
- Who FUNDED prohibition?


39) Make sense now?

If we had the technology to run automobiles on batteries 100 years ago, how many $TRILLIONS in lost gasoline, kerosene, and diesel sales?

Want to know how long the Edison Battery lasts?

100 years...

Lead-acid? 5-10


40) Key Points:

1- The Rothschilds shut down Wardenclyffe because they could not meter it
2- Wardenclyffe was NOT FREE ENERGY. It was free distribution of it
3- The Rockefellers shut down alcohol and electric battery so they could profit

What would scare the hell out of [them]?
41) How about an invention that would need neither gasoline or batteries?

Any ideas?

Enter Exhibit A: 1934 Pierce Arrow

42) Is it possible that Tesla discovered zero-point energy? Did he--as was purported by his nephew--invent a "gravitational energy converter?"

If you believe the first-hand testimony of his nephew, Tesla drove a converted car at speeds of up to 90 MPH

Zero noise... For hours...

43) I'm getting there :)
44) Just had my first cup of coffee... Picking up my partner from the airport for 3 months of hard-core coding and hacking in sunny paradise...No chemtrails, little electromagnetic interference...Ahhhh

Good year!

Shall we get back to Tesla, Uncle John, and @realDonaldTrump?
45) Also, just a reminder that this is mere speculation from a dude with an overactive imagination and an insatiable curiosity for all things...

I'm just piecing other peoples theories together in a way that would explain this surreality to my own satisfaction.
46) Now, where were we? Oh yes! FREE ENERGY

This is a huge jump from globalist bankers tending to their greed and control...

This is paradigm-shifting for all humanity.

Properly utilized, nearly unlimited free energy could change EVERYTHING
47) If we are to believe that Tesla demonstrated his device with his nephew in the car in 1934, it stands to reason that Tesla himself--a notorious promoter--would have said something about it.

And boy, did he!


In 1933, one year earlier.


48)In fact, Tesla produced no less than 13 patents, "radiant energy" from the "ether" & high-frequency eng... AKA zero-point energy / overunity.

But then, right at the last minute... The patents STOP.

There is NO PATENT from Tesla explicitly defining how it ALL pieces together.

49) Since this hypothesis is based on the idea that Tesla DID, in fact solve the zero-point energy problem, how do we reconcile that in the last 100 years, nobody (to our public knowledge) has replicated, enhanced, or improved upon this scientific work?

I mean, physics, right?
50) What if free energy doesn't work with our current body of physics? What if our science is incomplete, or even erroneous?

Some KEY piece of science would have to be missing, yeah?

Big piece? Small piece?

How about the biggest piece of all? RELATIVITY

We have a dilemma.

"Einstein's relativity work is a magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors."

"Its exponents are very brilliant men, but they are metaphysicists rather than scientists."

-Tesla, 1935 New York Times

Summary: E ≠ MC2

52) Now that's a problem! Can you imagine?

All of science going in one direction--perhaps the WRONG diretion.

It certainly would not be the first time the cabal has backed and promoted junk science, if E=MC2 is indeed incomplete or erroneous.

Tesla's answer? Dynamic Gravity


53) Want to know who else completely disregarded Einstein's work--Calling it "Jew science"--and instead, explored Tesla's version of relativity?

Any guesses?

Yep... The National Socialist German Workers' Party

We know them as---The NAZI'S!


54) Sorry for the delay. I tend to pause my threads when I discover something new--inevitably followed by a "deep dive."

Oh boy, have I found some goodies for you.

I have a full work schedule, but will try to keep the tweets coming when possible.

Got to pay bills and all... ;)
55) So, I went on a tangent, hoping it would reveal more goodies. Might this be more than a coincidence?

Tesla was FUNDED by John Jacob Astor IV after JP Morgan killed WardenClyffe.

The same John Jacob Astor IV that died on the Titanic. The same Banker that OPPOSED the FED.


56) Now don't be gettin' any strange ideas, now--Strange ideas like Astor was a secret good guy. He wasn't.

They were eugenicists, like most elite at this time.

In fact, The Astors were friends and long-time sponsors of this beauty--George Bernard Shaw



57) But I digress...

When Astor died, Tesla's 4th patron--and the corresponding funds--died w/ him.

Edison > Westinghouse > JP Morgan (Rothschild) > Astor -> ???

The man who brought us AC electricity, radio, wireless electricity, etc. was suddenly unsponsored?

I don't buy it.
58) And this is the basis of my hypothesis... After countless business disappointments and the discovery of the cabal via his own experiences, Tesla realized he was among monsters.

Somewhere along the line, he realized he needed to go solo...

Or seek a SECRET sponsor.

59) Tesla was driven into debt & reclusion.

The media exposure was designed to crush this genius do-gooder, and boy did they! Not just the headlines, but the copy--using words like "dreamer"

It appears like there was an intentional assault on his ideas, reputation and finances.


60) Unvetted, but very recent news coming in to help fill in this story... Not vetted by me, but from a trusted source, Marine whistle-blower and patriot, @fieldmcc and @Telford_Russian @AGobsmack
61) Let's jump to WWII... Perspective.
62) Guess who was involved in the "bad guy" side of the Deep State, during and after WWII?

Richard M. Nixon

63) Well... maybe bad guy turned good? Or another political player trying to save his own hide? The holder of the keystone?

64) Or maybe just a good Navy man, always true to his country, but forced to deal with international power players for political survival and to hedge himself against blackmail?
65) Nixon was shuffled through to the Bureau of Aeronautics where he served as an officer in the negotiation and termination of war contracts.

Truth = (Legal Naval Officer in charge of the placement of Nazi scientists in Project Paperclip).


66) We all know that Nixon was a Rockefeller man. I mean, that's no secret, right?

Any guess as to who calls the shots?


67) Nixon was a Rockefeller man on the inside of the espionage game--their man on the ground--An agent.

A Navy man who knew where all the (Nazi) scientists were placed, and into which black budget projects...

He knew where the "bodies were buried."

That makes him controllable.
68) It's not unheard of for a President to run alongside a controlled asset.

Sometimes the asset does the controlling.

Sometimes, they are there, laying in wait, as a "successor hedge" should the President get too out of hand.


69) Back to Nixon... Not only was he in charge of the legal side of Project Paperclip, but he knew which projects were sponsored by which families, and where best to place them.

Which Nazi project was of great interest to those that would control?

Die Glocke

The Bell

70) Certainly Tesla wasn't the only one experimenting with high-voltage. So were the best minds of the Third Reich.

But let's not pretend... The Nazi's were merely the proxy for some very deep pockets...

And those pockets were on both sides of the Atlantic...


71) Strange, yeah? A war that was meant to happen? Perhaps planned FAR in advance.

Just how far back, I wonder...


72) I mean, how far do you want to go back?

Go back back far enough, and you end up with the Canaanites, Babylonians, and the Pharaoh's.

Is that not the beginning of recorded history?

All using conquest, subjugation, taxation, and KNOWLEDGE as their weapons.

Hidden knowledge.

73) Magic.

74) Magic.


76) And let us not pretend that behind the Canaanites, Babylonians, and the Pharaoh's, were always real people...

Real families.

Powerful families.

Families that know if they "slip," they lose power. They lose control. Inheritance.

It's a vicious cycle.

He who has the MAGIC.
He who has the TECHNOLOGY.
78) And what is the singular most desirable asset to control? (More than money). More than Title.

What prevents us from regressing to a beast of burden--An existence based of subsistence farming, hunting and gathering.

You know, the REAL basics to survival.

79) And the real granddaddy of them all--something for which they didn't have to pull it out of the ground, or burn coal, or nuclear reactors--would be... what?

If you could pull it out of the AIR!!!

Well... Out of the ground, to be precise.
80) And I'm not talking about oil.

I'm talking about scalar waves. Extremely low Frequency waves (ELF).

The earth has a frequency of 7.83 Hz

Too low of a frequency to harness for practical use... (electricity)

That is...

Unless you know how to convert it.

81) Convert it to what? High-voltage current... The same stuff Tesla was trying to give away...

Remember these three guys?

Guess what?

They knew how.


82) One of them has a last name of Trump.
83) Guess who else knew?

of all people...

Richard M. Nixon.

84) Listen carefully...

85) Did you catch that?

As a hedge against the powers-that-be--and former sponsors-- Nixon played his "Trump" card.

i.e. If I am indicted for any of this shit that you sponsored, I'll release your MAGIC.

Do you think his friendship with DJT was a coincidence?
86) Let's go back in time a bit... To the end of WWII...

So much going on!

What's with all this Military Intel--specifically the Navy?

Lot's of interesting characters around this time.

Like this guy...

James V. Forrestal

87) If you're into Roswell, or ancient aliens, or hollow earth, or Antarctica... Then you'll be quite familiar w/ Forrestal.

I hold all those things as "possible," but not "probable."

Instead, rather, I see a clear military intel need to obfuscate what was really happening.
88) Well, who was Forrestal, and why is it important?

Because, there is more ample evidence that Forrestal was to be the FIRST whistleblower on the #DeepState

His "suicide" fall from the 16th floor of Bethesda was murder. No doubt.

What did he want to tell the American people?

89) This thread went semi-viral. I suspect because--In large part--@martingeddes shared it... (big fan)

Gulp... If I wasn't on the map yesterday, I sure am now.

Hello, DeepState.

Please stop the 6,000 years of madness, and insanity. (For your sake too).

Back to speculation...
90) Just a friendly reminder that this is merely my own way of reconciling various "conspiracy theories," so it makes sense, as none of this is uniquely mine...

Just piecing together the story, as I see it.

Moving on...
91) Let's dig in deep... Cut to the chase...


Take another look at the man next to Forrestal in tweet # 89.

Admiral Byrd. Another Rockefeller man, but, I suspect, a true patriot.

Who was he?

92) This thread could go on and on, so rather than tell the long story, let me finish introducing the players...

Take a hard look at this photo. There's Forrestal on the left...

See anyone else familiar? Perhaps a future hero, serving in a capacity WAY over his rank?

93) There he is again... In the back. With some cool shades on.

JFK at age 28, viewing Hitler’s offices in defeated Berlin as AIDE to Secretary of the Navy Forrestal (left), July 1945:

94) There are many other "white hats" in our history. For now, we'll stick w/ Forrestal, Byrd, and Kennedy.

Now, let me introduce you to some players on the other team.

Not good people.

Harry Truman, Allen Dulles, Stuart Symington


95) These 3 guys were a few of the KEY players for the cabal. Their mission?

(Or, their orders)




What is the National Security Act?

96) So, so important...

This Act reshuffled nearly every branch of military from what it had been for 150 years, to what it is today.

It created the CIA.

It created the DOD.

It created the Air Force

It created the National Security Council


Goodbye Dept. of War.

97) Mmmm Hmm... Been sleepin' on your military history, have you?

This was the final piece the cabal needed, and it came right on time.

It wasn't late. It wasn't early.

It was just... Well... Next.

You can't take over a nation overnight, after all...
98) I think it's pretty clear re: Truman's loyalties.


99) Despite the usual suspects (Illuminati, Jesuits, Zionists, Communists, etc.), let's not forget who #Qanon referenced IN ADDITION to some of the families named (Roths, Soros, SA).

The NAZI's.

Nazi World Order = the 4th Reich


100) Wait! What?

Like a bunch of German soldiers, shouting "Sieg Heil!"?


Remember, the Nazi's were a PROXY group, funded by the real culprits...

Hitler was a puppet... But also part of the cabal.

Who are the real Nazi's? This may surprise you.



101) Last few posts for the night...

Let me be CLEAR... It is not the Jewish people that are to blame, but the dark forces that hijacked their religion and identity.

The same insidious group that has hijacked nearly every power center throughout history.
102) Who are [they]?

If you REALLY want to dig in, feel free to see my thoughts on the DEEP history in a previous thread...

If you think this thread is long, the other is even longer--and still unfinished!

Geesh... I'm lagging!

Unroll available on Thread Reader
103) Tomorrow, I'll bring this back to WWII, Tesla, Trump, Nixon, Hughes, JFK, JFK Jr...

And the multi-generational PLAN to save the world.

Goodnight my brothers and sisters...

42.5) Correction: It's not free energy if it already exists with Earth's ELF.

Therefore, it's not over-unity. It's not zero-point.

It's LV -> HV wave conversion, which does require some energy in that conversion.

Nonetheless, absolutely brilliant, and ALMOST free. #Tesla
104) Antarctica... But why?

105) Let me ask it this way... Antarctica. But why?

106) Ok, maybe it's just me, but I don't have to think too hard on this one.

They didn't know the damn thing WAS THERE!

Occam's razor.

Holy moly... An entire continent w/ nobody living on it.

107) Not until the mid 1800's were there any kind of deliberate expeditions. But things really started to pick up steam around the turn of the last century.

About the same time Mr. Tesla was lighting lightbulbs without wires in Colorado...
108) Who would be interested in something like this? So dangerous! Capsizing ships, freak storms, glacier dynamics... Whew!

Who wants that!?

How about... Every entity with advanced technology.

The inherent dangers of an Antarctic base were also excellent defensive advantages.
109) Let's look at Antarctica in 2 ways:

1- A Playground for human technology--out of sight from people--earth curvature hiding aerial activity

2- A Playground for human and OTHER technology--out of sight from people--earth curvature hiding aerial activity

Wow. Either scenario
110) Perhaps under the Dept. of War, any kind of secret Antarctica alliance would not have happened.

But under this new NAT SEC ACT, everything was different.

SCIF's. Military autonomy. Ripe for infiltration.

Who is loyal? Who isn't?

Who caught on to this EARLY?
111) Loyal?

"You are a loyal fellow."

"You are a loyal fellow."

"You are a loyal fellow."

Said James Forrestal, muttering to himself--in some kind of distant trance--After a deeply disturbing private conversation w/ Symington.

The two were ENEMIES.

One loyal. The other?

112) What did he know? What did he want the American people to know?


113) And this is where my mind is blown...

2 Options, as I see it...

1- We had advanced technology (MAGIC) that came from the mind of MAN (electro-gravitic technology)
2- We had some OTHER technology (MAGIC) that was "inherited"

Either scenario is profound.
114) Did we have whistleblowers (or would-be whistleblowers) in our collective history?

I think so.


115) Listen to his words... Each word is important.

116) Now listen to this guy's words...

117) If former Secretary of the Navy has a bad fall from the 16th floor... And the president of the USA can be targeted, is it so hard to consider that the "White hats" went underground?

Now, survival is key.

Keepers of the truth?

To defeat the cabal, one must need to know it.


118) Guess which stable genius holds all the cards?

And the MAGIC.

And the TRUTH.

119) And he has a TRUMP card all of his own... When the time is right...

120) Now for my big wrap-up...

Why the greatest actor of all time?
125) We'll have to wait a little longer for my acting critique. Coming up for air on some deep dives on the actors in the play.

I'll finish that on July 4th.

Up until then, I need to bring this back full-circle.

126) I've been stuck on some of the points in my hypothesis (i.e. Did Tesla ever meet w/ F. Trump... Can't find it. ), and feel a sense of journalistic responsibility in proving it with evidence.

I'm no journalist. Truth seeker? Most definitely.
127) So, rather than get stuck on the things I can't prove, allow me focus on some things I find rather peculiar.

Like this...
128) By all accounts, John Trump, along with other naval intelligence officers examined Nikola Tesla's papers... Of course there was public interest in this subject.

That New Energy source mentioned in 1934, but also this DEATH RAY machine promoted in 1940.

What did they find!?

129) The official response by Trump was this:

"It should be no discredit to this distinguished engineer and scientist whose solid contributions to the electrical art were made at the beginning of the present century to report that his thoughts and efforts during at least...

130) ...the past 15 years, were primarily of a speculative, philosophical, and somewhat promotional character--often concerned with the production and wireless transmission of power--but did not include new sound, workable principles or methods for realizing such results."
131) Now... Let me ask you a question... Do you buy that baloney?

It sounds like a very well-crafted discredit for an interested populace...

You know how this works... "Official Statement"
132) Hmmm... Let's look at what Mr. Tesla was working on that had no "sound or workable principles or methods..."

Snake oil? Parlor tricks with static electricity?

Let's just take a look at what this "Quack" was working on, shall we?
133) Let me also point out that I don't feel John Trump meant what he said is that public release... He just said what he was told to say.

For... ehem...

"Reasons of National Security"

Whose nation?

(More on that later)
-Explosive values of certain compounds
-Metal purification
-High-voltage acceleration of charged particles (electrostatic generator)
-Telegeodynamics (earthquake maker)
-Electron charged particle accelerator (Laser beam)
-Power transmission via mechanical resonance



-Letter to the British about how to protect themselves from Nazi bombs with a laser
-Theory on "Dynamic Gravity" anti-relativity
-Letter re: telegeodynamics w/ Astor, Morgan, Fish, and Crawford mentioned
-Hydraulic turbine fluid propulsion
-Non-feasibility of nuclear power

-Renewable energy w/ natural earth
-Electrical transmission w/0 wires
-Worldwide system of wireless power
-Commercial agreements

137) Keep in mind, this is the sanitized version of what they found...

I don't know about you, but these papers are anything BUT tired musings from an old and once-great man...

Free energy, lasers, death rays, earthquake makers, power from the earth?

Nothing to see here...
138) Tesla doesn't strike me as a quack at all... In fact, he doesn't strike me so much as a promoter, but rather a truth-seeker and humanitarian.

He wanted to give away his best stuff--COSMIC ENERGY--to the people world.

He'll tell you this himself:

139) Now, if we put our investigative hat on, we might realize that Tesla's technology must have gotten to the 3rd Reich must earlier that the mid-40's.

Maybe even DECADES earlier.

But how on earth did his important findings get out of his lab and into the hands of bad people.
140) Wait just a doggone minute here... Shall we take a closer look? a MUCH closer look?

Occam's Razor again...

It's called "Social engineering"

It was stolen from right under his nose...
141) Forensic hats on?

Who handled all of Tesla's business dealings, his books, his legal affairs? For decades?

Tesla's trusted account, George H. Scherff, Sr.
142) That name probably won't ring a bell for you... But Tesla trusted him.

Tesla didn't like his son, though... Always rustling through papers, and messing with Tesla's things.

Tesla called him "curious George."

He was referring to George H. Scherff, Jr--Not the father.
143) But what may be shocking to you is that you know of curious George by another name...

Would you like to know who?
144) George Herbert Walker Bush

Which means, George H. Scherff, Sr.--Tesla's trusted assistant--is none other than Prescott Bush.

145) This is Otto Skorzeny, Adolf Hitler's bodyguard, and a favorite... A guerrilla warfare specialist...

AKA "The most dangerous man in Europe..."


146) And there he is again... In 1938... But this time, Skorzeny (left) is standing with GWHB and Prescott Bush.

That's weird...

147) In training? Fo their future roles?

Gehlens boys...

148) General Reinhard Gehlen, Nazi spymaster, began negotiations with Allan Dulles and the American O.S.S. Through Nazi intelligence networks, Gehlen made peace with Dulles, resulting in the clean grafting of the Nazi spy apparatus to the American one.


149) Where have we heard that term before? Oh yeah!


150) If you want to digress... And maybe look into the origins of the book "Curious George," You'll find all kinds of conspiracy theories... Crazy ones, like... Curious George may well be GHWB...

I'm not going that far...

But the authors and Tesla were friends... Just sayin'

151) Back to something more concrete... For us to believe that GHWB father (Prescott) was secretly Nazi, George Scherff--Tesla's trusted accountant--then surely there must be evidence that the Bush was a Nazi sympathizer...

Yeah? I mean, we have to establish SOME connection...
152) Oh, I don't know...


153) As I was diving into the Howard Hughes connection—something of great interest to me—I think I stumbled on yet ANOTHER weird piece to this story.

I don't think Howard Hughes Died at 76 years-old, emaciated, 90 lbs., needles in his arms, and 14-inch fingernails.

154) Because if you believe his wife, Eva McLelland, he died in 2001. However, she knew him as Nik Nicely...

Douglas Wellman and Mark Musick even wrote a book about it.


155) Fascinating tale, indeed!

Why would Howard Hughes fake his own death in 1976—Still one of the world's richest men?

Was he truly the meme we've all come to know—an incapacitated, morphine-addicted, emaciated, and needle-ridden shell of a man?

Not a chance.

156) The real story is FAR more tantalizing.

He have been eccentric—quite possibly OCD—but in my estimation, that OCD is what made him the industrial genius that we "know" today.

But we only know part of the story.

Who was the REAL man?

157) If you want to know Howard Hughes, you must first know George Van Tassle.

George Van Tassle was Hughes' man and closest confidant.

Here is where things get weird. Van Tassle is also one of the FIRST UFO contactees—of the 3rd kind, mind you.

158) This is the point in which—and the conduit from which Howard Hughes covertly became involved in what we will call a "Secret Space Program."


I believe Van Tassle was telling the truth... for the most part.

This was in 1953 in the deserts of California...
159) But the beginning of this saga starts 100 years earlier...

When philosopher mechanics were flying in the hills of California—before the blood on the ground at the Alamo was dried.

A MAGICAL time... A forgotten time. When everything was possible.

160) Wait. What?

100 years earlier?

Nonsense you say!

Impossible you insist!

Let me tell you the most FANTASTIC story you've never heard.

Buckle up.

161) This sounds like a Hollywood movie script, but it's 100% true.

We would have never known about any of this if it wasn't for a chance happening in 1970, when some beautiful manuscripts were left on the curb for trash.

In those manuscripts lay the stuff of dreams.

162) In 1970, Pete Navarro, a Houston commercial artist and UFO researcher, purchased the collection for $1,500.

The information was priceless.

The author's name was Charles Dellschau, a Prussian immigrant & butcher, who immigrated in 1850, and received his citizenship in 1860.

163) Although this man did not start his collection until his later years, the subject of his work centers on the years between 1850-1860.

He lived and died in Houston. It took him 30 years to produce his masterpiece—nearly 3 times as long as the time he was in California.
164) Keep in mind, this was Dellshcau's diary!

This was NEVER meant for our eyes. These came from the attic of a family member.

But he produced no less than 13 books and hundreds of illustrations of...

The Sonora Aero Club

An ultra top-secret club of philosopher mechanics.


165) In his late 60's a tired, grouchy, bitter man—by all accounts—began to reflect on a time-gone-by.

These were not meant to be technical drawing, submitted to the patent office. They were meant only for himself, as if to have his final goodbye, and relive the magic of Sonora.
166) Dellschau's initial drawing's—at the turn of the century—were more technical in nature, and less illustrative.

Almost as if he took on his duty again, one last time, as for the Prussian Nationalist organization funding the operation.

He was happy again. He had purpose.


167) He was trying to EXPLAIN what he witnessed 50 years prior.

He was trying to explain how the mechanism worked.

After all, he was not a philosopher mechanic... He was an artist, assigned to document the experiment.

But he was Prussian. And he was very loyal.

168) What mechanism might you ask?


Zero electricity needed.

169) How? Gyroscope

Ancient Greek = The Looking Circle

Is a device used for measuring or maintaining orientation and angular velocity.

Johann Gottlieb Friedrich von Bohnenberger's wrote extensively about his "machine."

Bohnenberger was a German/Prussian from Swabia


170) We've all experienced the magic of the gyroscope...

171) What happens is you put another gyroscope on the opposite end of that pole?

Professor Eric Laithwaite—father of the mag-lev train—staked his very esteemed reputation on it as a potential for anti-gravity... In front of the entire Royal Society!

He was laughed off the stage


172) Who had the last laugh?

At least until they buried this project. However, it wasn't our esteemed professor that realized the dream.

It was a dirty-fingernail mechanic, chipping away at his invention—w/ intention—that cracked it.

See for yourself.

173) As it would seem by this simple mechanism, a strange phenomenon occurs, that ... well... as Sandy Kid said in the previous video, "It loses some its weight..."

All done with simple mechanical instruments, readily available in the early 1800's.

No electricity needed...


174) What IS needed, however, is speed... RPMs

Our German mechanics and their backers didn't have electric drills or electric motors to spin those flywheels.

If you want more lift, you either increase the mass of the flywheel or increase the RPM's.

More mass, or more RPMs
175) Ok...

Now that we just solved anti-gravity, let's move on.


In all seriousness.

The right mass... the right RPMs... The right angles on the gyroscopes jib arms, and you create lift.

Now, let's look at Dellschau's work again, and see if these drawings make more sense.


176) In fact, if you pay close enough attention, you'll see that EVERY design always had gyroscopes and flywheels—in all imaginable configurations.

Nearly all produced lift. But only a handful were "practical," according to Dellschau.

20-40 men—innovating at incredible speed.


177) Dozens and dozens designed and tested... Extremely well-funded with the best minds of Bavaria.

Americans were there as well, not just German.
178) They kept the ideas that worked, and dumped the ones that were impractical...

So many models...

like Soso, Axel, Aeronix, Goosey, Gander, etc.

Others were named after the inventor that brought the "breakthrough" to the design, as a kind of homage.
179) Forgotten names of brilliant men...

Like Peter Mennis, Dr. Goree, Difdell, and many others...

180) But my friends, there was ONE name that stood out to me as much as it will stand out to you...

Model: 4500



181) Too bad Dellschau was in his 80's when he drew the TRUMP model. You can his illustrations became more decorated and less technical.

I imagine his hand and memory were both shaky by this point.

Much more than fancy illustrations here folks...

We have a cipher—top/middle

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Jul 4th 2020
In the 1970's, there was an old man—an American—living near Rome, known as “Hermit of Loreto.” He was a WWII veteran who moved to Rome to spend the rest of his life praying at for humanity at Mass. His name was Tom Zimmer.

Another American, Dr. Curran, who was studying medicine in Rome, and who had befriended the old man, was familiar with his works and his prayerfulness. In 1983, the hermit told Dr. Curran something he would never forget... He said:
“right now, in the United States, there’s a man who has the hand of God on him. He has the I.Q. of a genius. And a first-class education. And everything he approaches he attacks with blinding efficiency... ... his name is Donald Trump.”
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T. Benjamin
Jun 29th 2020
"WEAR A MASK!" So a moist, porous substrate acts as the ideal breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, where the heat of your breath keeps the culture resilient, w/ every exhale and inhale, you puff fountains of air, all via your petri dish muzzles. Don't forget to touch it.
"STAY INDOORS!" So the healing & sterilizing UV light from the sun won't do what nature is supposed to do. Make sure you stay in your temperature-constant, close-quartered environment with those you love. Keep those windows closed because recirculation is bad.
"DON'T GO TO CHURCH!" There is nothing you will get from a congregation of other God-fearing people. Any unity and comfort you may feel is only temporary. Large groups of passionate people is dangerous for the wrong cause. It's better to remain in fear because you never know.
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T. Benjamin
Jun 27th 2020
King Solomon's mines are in the Philippines. There. Now you know. And when I find out exactly WHERE (Luzon), I'll write the thread. The Land of Ophir—Golden Lily. Tarshish was in Southern Spain, near the Phoenician port of Cadiz and Seville. It was once a port. Whew. Fun.

I just watched a War Castles video, and he mentioned that there is so much gold that it makes national stockpiles almost comical... So, naturally, that clicked with all the Phoenician / Ancient Hebrew thread I was working on. And i said, "what if..."

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DarQlyIlluminated 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🇺🇸👁🐸☘️🐝

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a day ago, 91 tweets, 21 min read

[NEW THREAD] Please RT if you like this post....🙏🏻

This thread is aiming to breakdown the strange phenomenon that has inflicted “suicides” by celebs over the years.

(1) This bizarre ritualistic suicide scenarios started in the mid 90’s and continued until around 2018.

It would seem that the normies/sheeple of the world have not batted an eye at the fact that 12 wealthy celebrities have all died in the same manner in
(2) the past few years under very similar and bizarre circumstances.

Perhaps this is because the mainstream media refuses to report on their connections to elite pedophilia rings which tie directly to powerful people in Washington, Hollywood, and the mainstream media.

(3) People on the last presidential ticket in fact..... (2016)

Whereas this will only be news to normies, there has definitely been a lack of coverage on the occultic aspects of these deaths.

(4) The mainstream propaganda media would have you believe that -

“12 independent and highly successful people with careers and influence hanged themselves on doorknobs. DOORKNOBS!!!”

My first question is:

How the hell does one hang themselves from a doorknob?

(5) Followed by:

How common is this?

Do people hang themselves from doorknobs regularly and I’m just now finding out about it?

Is there a doorknob suicide club the rest of us aren’t aware of?

Well, the answer to that last question is “yes.”
(6) One need only substitute the word “suicide” with “murder.”

Or simply use the word “suicide” in the past tense while maintaining its usage as a verb.... 🤔

Hillary Clinton had Vince Foster “SUICIDED”


Hillary Clinton opted to have Seth Rich die in a “botched robbery”

(7) as opposed to having him “SUICIDED”

#PizzaGate, #JohnPodestaEmails (Hillary’s campaign manager, child rapist/murder),

James Alefantis (Restaurant owner front for DC child prostitution ring),

Henry Weinstein (Hollywood Rapist),

Boys Town (Male Child sex ring
(8) catering to politicians),

Israeli brown-stoning (Israeli control mechanism for the U.S. govt,

Jerry Sandusky (Low-level Pedophile who took the fall),

Jeffrey Epstein (child prostitute procurer for the elite),

Hunter S Thompson (Snuff filmmaker),
(9) The Catholic Church (Enough Said).

Hillary Clinton (Rapist, murder, Deep State Luciferian), .

None of these murders/sex rings are mutually exclusive.

What’s scarier is, they occupy seats of incredible power and operate within the normalized

(10) institutions of Hollywood and Washington while being insulated by media and pop-culture.

The desire for the supply of children for both pedophile sex rings and ritual sacrifice date back to the days of monarchy and are alive and
(11) flourishing within the institutions flowing within the undercurrents of our society today.

So why did these 12 people die in nearly identical ritual suicides laden with occultic overtones?

Quite simply because they were either in the thick of it or
(12) had information which would’ve exposed those at the heart of the pedophile networks.

Why Doorknobs?

Why 12?

Let’s break it down....

[12] At first, this seems like a good round number in which to structure a deep state-sanctioned ritualistic murder spree.
(13) However, upon second glance there’s nothing arbitrary about it.

It has everything to do with, wait for it, THE SUN or The Son (Jesus) or any ancient god which was used at the time to represent the sun through stories and allegories.

(14) The number 12 is significant for many reasons....

Jesus had 12 disciples,

Buddha had 12 followers,

Quetzaocoatl had 12 followers,

The 12 nights of the roundtable,

Hercules and his 12 labors,

The 12 tribes of Israel,
(15) the 12 great patriarchs,

12 Old Testament prophets,

12 jewels of the high priest.

And it goes on and on.....

12 signs of the zodiac
12 months of the year
12 hours of the day
12 hours of the night
12 inches in a foot
12 days of Christmas
12 grades in school


12 step-programs
12 jurors
12 notes before the octave
12 eggs in a dozen
12 years of childhood before the “teens”

Christianity and Astrotheology aside, these deaths and the fact that they were for further molded, packaged and deployed as 12 is taken full advantage
(17) of the resonance and occultic meaning behind this number as it relates to conscripting of these energies for use in ritual magick.

Only in this case is a BLACK SUN RITUAL as this is overly perverted black magick.

In his masterpiece, Secret Teachings of All Ages
(18) Manly P Hall writes this:

“The number twelve frequently occurs among ancient peoples, who in nearly every case had a pantheon consisting of twelve demigods and goddesses presided over by The Invincible One, who was Himself subject to the Incomprehensible All-Father.
(19) This use of the number twelve is especially noted in the Jewish and Christian writings. The twelve prophets, the twelve patriarchs, the twelve tribes, and the twelve Apostles–each group has a certain occult significance, for each refers to the Divine Duodecimo, or
(20) Twelvefold Deity, whose emanations are manifested in the tangible created Universe through twelve individualized channels.”

“The number 12 was celebrated as a mystical number in the ancient systems of sun-worship, of which It has already been said that Masonry Is
(21) a philosophical development. The number there referred to the twelve signs of the zodiac, and in those Masonic rites in which the Builder Is made the symbol of the sun, the twelve Fellow Crafts refer to the twelve signs in which alone the sun is to be sought for.”

(22) In the next part of this thread we are going to look at the [12] ritualistic suicides.

1) Michael Hutchence – 37

Died November 22, 1997.

INXS frontman Michael Hutchence’s body was found hanging from a doorknob in Room 524 at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Double Bay, Sydney.

(23) According to reports, Hutchence had information regarding a “VIP pedophile ring” in the UK that was connected to child killing rapist Jimmy Saville and high-ranking politicians.
(24) 2) David Carradine – 72

Died June 3, 2009

Perhaps the most occultic murder to them all.

Hollywood actor David Carradine was found dead in his room at the Swissôtel Nai Lert Park Hotel on Wireless Road, near Sukhumvit Road, in central Bangkok, Thailand.
(25) He was there shooting his latest film, titled Stretch.



A police official said that Carradine was found naked, hanging by a rope tied to the doorknob of the room’s closet leading them to believe his death was suicide.
(26) However, later reports suggested that his death was accidental, the result of autoerotic asphyxiation.

The cause of death became widely accepted as “accidental asphyxiation.”Carradine’s lawyer Vicki Roberts went on record stating: “I believe there may have been foul play.”
(27) Reports around the time of his death suggest that Carradine may have been involved in child sex tourism; a rampant issue in Thailand where he was found.

If he was involved in pedophilia, could he have been connected to a wider network of Hollywood elite pedophiles?

(28) 3) Alexander McQueen – 40

Died February 11, 2010

The first of 3 fashion designers on this list, McQueen was found in the AM, hanging from a doorknob by his housekeeper at his home in Green Street, London where paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene.
(29) Metropolitan Police stated that the note McQueen left was not suspicious, however, they did not confirm that his death was a suicide.

Photos of McQueen’s fashion shows. It’s obvious that McQueen was in the thick of it and made a regular habit of signaling his allegiance.
(30) As an occultist I can tell you that the attention to detail and themes portrayed in his shows were beyond that of casual decor.

They ran deep.....

The Eerie Similarities Between the Deaths of Kate Spade, Alexander McQueen and L’Wren Scott
ShareTweetEmailKate Spade is the third major fashion designer to die by asphyxiation since 2010. Indeed, the circumstances around her death are eerily similar to those of Alexander McQueen and L’Wren…


(31) 4) Aaron Swartz – 26

Died January 11, 2013

Tech pioneer, and Reddit co-founder, Aaron Swartz was found dead in his Brooklyn apartment by his partner, Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman.

(32) A spokeswoman for New York’s Medical Examiner reported that he had hanged himself from a doorknob.

No suicide note was found

According to former-CIA agent Robert Steele, Swartz hacked into MIT Computers and found a huge stash of Child Pornography shortly before his death.



(34) 5) L’Wren Scott – 49

Died March 17, 2014

Our second fashion designer on the list is L’Wren Scott, long time lover of Mick Jagger and (former girlfriend of Nate Rothschild) was found dead by her assistant at her apartment in the Chelsea neighborhood of

(35) Manhattan on March 17, 2014.

The police reported that no note was found and there was no sign of foul play.

The New York City Chief Medical Examiner determined Scott’s manner and cause of death to be “suicide by hanging.”
(36) I wonder what sort information concerning the underbelly of sex, privilege, and decadence the ex-girlfriend of a Rothschild and mega rockstar would be privy to which would either put her at jeopardy for elimination or make her want to kill herself?
(37) And the fact that I’m not buying the whole “death by doorknob suicide” Bullshit, I’m guessing she was silenced....

6) Robin Williams – 63

Died August 11, 2014

Williams died at his home in Paradise Cay, California.

(38) The initial report released on August 12, the Marin County Sheriff’s Office deputy coroner stated Williams had hanged himself after he was found hanging from a doorknob with a necktie.

The final autopsy report, released in November 2014, ruled that Williams had
(39) committed suicide by hanging himself from the doorknob.

Neither alcohol nor illegal drugs were involved, while all prescription drugs present in his body were at “therapeutic” levels, the coroner declared.

Williams had been a part of the Hollywood scene for so long,
(40) nearly anything one can imagine could possibly be true.

There’s a 100% chance Williams rubbed elbows with everyone in the Hollywood scene at one time or another and was exposed to everything Hollywood had to offer.

The question is: How deep was he into the scene?
(41) Decades of cocaine and partying can lead to some pretty dark places.

He most certainly knew the dirty secrets of Henry Weinstein and his ilk, but what most people forget is that these celebrities cross over into politics quite often and support the agendas of democrat
(42) candidates regularly. This is where we get into “brownstoning.”

Hollywood insider and whistleblower Jon Robberson has chimed in on the Hollywood pedophile sex rings.

He made statements in an interview regarding his belief that Robin Williams was most
(43) likely blackmailed into making the film Patch Adams.

The Family Guy predictive programming which transpired shortly before Robin’s death?

It’s obvious that Seth McFarlane has a hand in the mechanics of these rituals.

(44) 7) Chris Cornell – 52

Died May 18, 2017

Cornell was found unconscious by his bodyguard, hanging from the doorknob in the bathroom of his hotel room at the MGM Grand in Detroit, after performing at a show with Soundgarden at the Fox Theatre on May 17.

(45) He was lying on the floor with an exercise band around his neck and blood in his mouth.

An MGM medic and EMS personnel were unable to revive Cornell.

Cornell was pronounced dead by a doctor at 1:30 a.m. Police ruled out homicide by reviewing a hotel surveillance video,
(46) which showed nobody entering or exiting the suite after his bodyguard left at around 11:35 p.m.

The cause of death was determined to be “suicide by hanging.”

Cornell’s death is surrounded by rumors that he was about to expose key players in the DC pedophile ring
(47) known as pizza gate.

It’s no secret that Cornell and Chester Bennington, (Next on this list) died two months later the exact same way, had begun an organization to help at-risk children.

Chester Bennington as you will learn is the son of John Podesta.
(48) You can’t make this stuff up.

Several have questioned what they say are gaps in the timeline.

The police report says the bodyguard was in Cornell’s hotel room at 11:30 p.m. to help the star with the victim’s “computer, which was not working at that time.”
(49) It says Vicky Cornell talked to her husband at 11:35 p.m., and, alarmed by what she heard, she phoned the bodyguard to ask him to check on her husband.

He told police he went to Cornell’s room at 12:15 a.m.

Some question the apparent 40-minute gap between the
(50) start of Vicky’s conversation with her husband and the bodyguard’s welfare check at his room.

Assistant Wayne County Medical Examiner Theodore Brown said that upon a visual examination, “no pills were found in the stomach,” according to his report.
(51) But there’s no indication in the toxicology report that Cornell’s stomach was tested to determine the level of drugs there, since only the blood sample is cited.

Cornell also had nine broken ribs discovered at his autopsy.
(52) The official explanation was that the medics broke his ribs trying to resuscitate him using CPR.

Chris Cornell death probe leaves some unsatisfied
Authorities reject theories challenging cause, official timeline
(53) Chester Bennington – 41

Died July 20, 2017

Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington was found dead at his home in Palos Verdes Estates, California; his housekeeper discovered his body hanging from a doorknob around 9:00 a.m.

His death was officially ruled as suicide.

(54) On July 21, Brian Elias, the chief of operations for the office of the medical examiner-coroner, confirmed that a half-empty bottle of alcohol was found at the scene, but no other drugs were present.

Believing himself to be a victim of child abuse, Chester Bennington
(55) was working with his best friend Cornell to expose a high-reaching child trafficking network.

But to say that Bennington believed himself to be a victim of child abuse is like stating that Adolf Hitler was simply a charismatic politician.
(56) Good lord this rabbit hole runs deep.

The band’s logo was a broken version of the triangle used in pedophile networks.

There is no doubt that Bennington’s entire existence was consumed by the ritualistic sexual abuse he sustained at the hands of his father John Podesta.
(57) What are the odds that two best friends who are about to expose a DC pedophile ring of which one of the friend’s father was at the heart of died in the exact same bizarre manner and that the second want to die did so two months later on his best friend’s birthday?
(58) There is no doubt that Bennington would’ve struck at the heart of this DC pedophile ring more than likely bringing down Podesta, Hillary Clinton, and their networks.

After all he had the DNA to corroborate his claim.
(59) I don’t think Bennington knew just how much danger he was in.

Avicii – 28

Died April 20, 2018

Swedish DJ Avicii, real name Tim Bergling, died on 20 April 2018 near Muscat, Oman, at the age of 28.

No cause of death was immediately given.

(60) On 21 April, the Omani police stated that there was “no criminal suspicion” or evidence of foul play in Bergling’s death.

On 26 April, his family released an open letter stating that Bergling “really struggled with thoughts about meaning, life, happiness.
(61) He could not go on any longer.”

On 1 May, TMZ reported that the cause of death was a suicide due to self-inflicted injuries.

Although full details of his death were not released, TMZ reports that he suffered cuts from broken glass along with neck injuries.
(62) Although it is unclear what the injuries to his neck were, it could have been caused by asphyxiation and hanging has not been ruled out.

After his death, it emerged that Avicii was working to expose an elite pedophile ring.
(63) One of his videos began to recirculate in which he attempts to expose child trafficking.

In 2015 Avicii did release a video for his song “For a Better Day” where he shows child sex tracking taking place and two girls that escape from a man trying to capture them.
(64) The video later reveals that the two girls seek revenge on the ‘elite’ that were running this pedophile operation.

(65) Kate Spade – 55

Died June 5, 2018

Our third fashion designer on this list is Kate Spade.

Also linked to the Clintons Spade was found dead hanging by the neck from a doorknob in her Manhattan apartment.

It is been said that “buying a Kate Spade handbag

(66) was a coming-of-age ritual for a generation of American women.” It’s obvious that’s not the only ritual going on here.

A note found at the scene was addressed to the Spade’s 13-year-old daughter indicating that what happened was not the child’s fault.
(67) Miss Spade’s entrance into the dark world of privilege and decadence was when she met her husband to be, the brother of actor and comedian David Spade.

According to a Clinton Foundation DOCUMENT, Kate Spade was among a group that traveled to Haiti on
(68) behalf of the Clinton Foundation.

She was part of the foundation’s initiative to foster “economic growth, support small businesses, and empower girls and women.”

There’s no doubt that Spade, who seems like a generally good person came across the same information
(69) regarding the Clinton foundation Haitian child sex trafficking network that got Monica Peterson killed by the Clintons.

The Cost of Courage - Part V: Monica Petersen and the horrors in Haiti — Steemit
Monica Petersen truly lived what she believed and fought bravely to bring an end to human trafficking. Despite her… by rebelskum

(70) Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, paid tribute to the fashion designer via Twitter.

“My grandmother gave me my first Kate Spade bag when I was in college.

I still have it.

Holding Kate’s family, friends and loved ones in my heart.”

(71) Equally as strange as Kate Spade hanging herself with a red scarf from a doorknob was the reaction of her husband shortly after the incident.

Two days after Kate hanged herself from a doorknob with a red scarf Andy Spade was videotaped walking around in public wearing
(72) a mouse mask with a red scarf and newspaper hat.

It was actually the mask of one of the characters from the classic Disney cartoon The Rescuers.

This is some strange behavior that doesn’t fit into any box.
(73) Who the hell just happens to have an Avengers mouse mask laying around the house?


In my opinion, this was a public self-humiliation ritual.

A nod, a message, a signaling of subservience to the Clintons or whoever had Kate killed that he
(74) understands and will be playing ball.

(75) There is defiantly a much deeper story here which will never be told....

(76) Queen Maxima’s sister Ines Zorreguieta – 33

Died June 6, 2018

Do we even need to mention she was killed at 33? Dutch Queen Maxima’s sister Ines Zorreguieta (The only royalty on this list) was found dead in Argentina last week.

(77) Zorreguieta, 33, was found dead by a friend who discovered her body hanging from a doorknob in her apartment in the Almagro district of Buenos Aires.

Police said the autopsy report would be available in a week but did not suspect foul play.
(78) According to reports, Zorreguieta was connected to high-level elites involved in child trafficking.

Queen Maxima stepped down after allegations of her involvement in “hunts” where children were raped and massacred by her dinner guests.
(79) Some speculators believe she may have been “silenced” before she could go public about a cabal-connected pedophile ring.

European royalty, especially the Dutch have a long history of being accused of not only engaging in pedophilia but hunting killing and eating children.
(80) If you’re a normie this may seem shocking, but for those of us in the trenches this information is not new.

David Icke has been screaming from the rooftops about this for over three decades and it’s just now starting to get attention.

Do your research, then share. !!!!
(81) I have covered some of this 👆🏻 in some of my previous threads...

If you’d like them please just DM me 🙏🏻

(82) Anthony Bourdain – 61

Died June 8, 2018

At the height of his career, chef, TV personality, world traveler and armchair philosopher Anthony Bourdain decided to commit suicide by hanging himself from a doorknob.

Because apparently that’s just what you do when

(83) you’re successful and have a great life.

Just prior to being “SUICIDED” Bourdain tweeted :

“know what Hillary Clinton is NOT?

She’s not stupid.

Or unsophisticated about the world.

The Weinstein stories had been out there for years.”
(84) “Mindless Hillary hate aside, this was a terrible response to questions about a “friend” who’s been tormenting women for decades.”

“I have met Hillary Clinton. I liked her. I admired much about her. This interview was a real disappointment.”
(85) “Hillary is CLEARLY not responsible for anyting Weinstein.

Thats screamingly obvious. Her response to questions though has been uninspiring.”

“..and I am in no was an HRC fan. I’ve been on he receiving end of her operatives’ wrath. And it ain’t fun,”
(86) “It’s no secret that people who cross the Clintons wind up dead…mostly from suicide,”

Occultic and ritualistic mechanics surrounding his death include: the show he was working on was in its 11th season.
(87) He died in France which is birthplace of the Scottish Rite within Freemasonry.

Interestingly Bourdain participated in an ancient death ritual and the season finale of his TV show parts unknown which aired two weeks after he was suicided.
(88) If this isn’t predictive programming I don’t know what is....

That concludes this thread 🧵

However, there’s still more information I need to collate...

I’ll be posting the rest in a few days.

If you got this far then we’ll done ✅

Thanks for reading 🙏🏻
I probably worded that wrong.... I’m not an occultist but I have researched Ocultism quite extensively
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DarQlyIlluminated 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🇺🇸👁🐸☘️🐝
17 hours ago
THE BLACK SUN RITUAL Part 2 THE DOORKNOB SACRIFICES [NEW 🧵] This ritual is a simple inversion of the sacred 12 and one. A perversion of the natural energies of creation. Instead of the one, the source, the Sun giving life; it is extinguishing it.

(1) And not only this, but extinguishing it utilizing the 12 which normally keeps it in balance. This entire protracted ritual involving 12 murders served two purposes simultaneously. Two purposes interconnected and equally vile.
(2) Dark hermetic magick that when carried out successfully multiplies the effectiveness of evil.... (Remember - Dark Occultists like to invert symbology and archetypes) The first, to silence those who would uncover the pedophilia,
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DarQlyIlluminated 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🇺🇸👁🐸☘️🐝
2 days ago
EPSTEIN, THE MAXWELL SISTERS AND THE FBI’S COUNTER-TERRORISM DATABASE [NEW THREAD] RT if you like this thread 🧵 🙏🏻 Jeffery Epstein could not have raped as many children as he did without the help, grooming and participation of Ghislaine Maxwell.

(1) His buddy, Prince Andrew could not have made it back into high society limelight despite being of the blood without the media intervention of Ghislaine Maxwell. Epstein would owe his society access to Maxwell and to his friendship with Columbus billionaire Les Wexner,

(2) which gave him access to the world of high fashion through Victoria’s Secret. His first arrest and sweetheart plea bargain from then US Attorney and now former Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta leads Acosta to say during his vetting for the latter job that

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DarQlyIlluminated 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🇺🇸👁🐸☘️🐝
Jul 5th 2020
Switzerland and the DEEPSTATE HQ. [NEW THREAD] These are the ten reasons why Switzerland became the Deep State’s HQ; 1. Switzerland is located in central Europe. 2. It is the only neutral nation on Earth… 3. It is the only sovereign nation on Earth

(1)… 4. It is home to Onyx Interception Systems.… 5. Switzerland is home to Holy See, i.e. the Holy See means C-I-A. 6. Switzerland is home to the Bank for International Settlements(BIS).
(2)… 7. The names for Switzerland are i.e., CH and Suisse that equates to CIA and SS. 8. Swiss National Day is the same date as the anniversary of the Temple of Spies.…

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