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FASCINATING: How an Entire Population Falls into Mass Psychosis - 3min Vid

MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL

John Qpublic @jamescanplay

They believe in survival of the strong, the weak must die.
They follow the ways of nature and have no room for empathy or compassion.
They serve themselves because they believe that is what nature does.
They think you stupid for lifting someone up when they fall.
I will always be stupid.

Ones willingness to admit they are wrong will always lead to what is right.

It's not about the win, it's about the truth.

Be the truth.

Do you really know who the Arian race really is and where they come from?
It is not who you think.
They have been in power since the beginning.
They are the head of the snake that must be removed.
They are known as serpents, dragons, drakes, along with many other like names
Because of their power they have been feared throughout history
They have been shown in art as fierce beasts
They are those that are today called Lizard people
They are not Lizards at all, they are very human
They die by hanging just like everyone else.

 19 hours ago 5-20-2021


Over the next 12 days I will be posting extremely hard truths. It is not important that you agree or like but it is very important you read them. Military and Police train for combat with combat. They do this so they don't freeze when they encounter the unexpected. That is the purpose of these posts. When these are finished I will no longer be posting. There is only so much truth so there is no need to keep going once you are made aware of it. I will not be naming names, who is robbing your house is not important, the fact you're being robbed is. It will be an overview of what, why and how. If you want a deeper dive you will know where to start. I will not be removing this account but I can not say they will not. Grab a screen shot or a print out because you will want to refer back to this once you start seeing what I say to be true. Up until this point I have replied back to every reply, even DM's. Now it will be very few. Start here and you find your real truth.

ONE: Understand their motivation.

They hate you.
They hate you because you are of God.
They have never known the love of God, ever. The path was their choice. Nothing is ever forced. You must willingly give yourself. They did. Now they can never go back.
Since the day they could understand they have been taught to hate you. To use you. They have no empathy, your death is no concern. It is about them. Only the strong survive and you are weak to need God. You must be shown you are nothing if not for God. They rage because they believe you shouldn't be above them. Because of your connection to God you will always be above them. This is what fuels their disgust in you. This is why your suffering brings them such joy. This is why they constantly try to drive you away from the power of God. If you didn't have God you would worship them. Their egos destroy them when you don't. Their egos destroy everything. You will never win. They are sick. There is no cure.



They are bound by their oaths. Oaths grant them doorways to greater power. They must be invited to take them, they must be chosen. If they are lucky enough to be worthy of an oath they will have power over all below them. Those below treat them as kings. If they invited to take the highest oaths they are seen as Gods. They will literally rule over mankind. They sit beside satan and do his will. This is the only thing that drives them. They praise satan 24/7. Their devotion is all consuming. Everything is for their god. When ever they take what they want, it pays service to him. Whenever you suffer it pays service. When you die in a building or in a war zone it pays service. It pays service because they made you do it. They proved you unworthy. Oaths bind them to satan and to each other. If an oath is broken you will be killed in the exact way you agree to stated in that oath. There is no 2nd chance. Oaths are their rules. True followers will never break them. Ever



They have ruled man since man was cast out. Since God gave satan rule of the earth. The highest positions rule the world. It has always been this way. They have never lost control. They have never been questioned. This is why they always use the same playbook, it has always worked before. They know nothing else. They can not think for themselves because they have always been told what to do. This is the first time it has failed and they are in disbelief.
Why do you question them? You will pay. All who do not follow will be removed. Death or Jail. Maybe both. Both is good. They have been promised this, their oath binds them to that promise. They will win. YOU WILL OBEY. Even now most still obey. You know some truths and you still obey. Not because you are forced but because you choose to. You will pay. The slaves must be kept in check and asleep. There are hundreds of thousands of them, there are billions of us. We must be culled. They are losing control.


They are everyone who hold positions of power or status. If you did not take the Oath you will never be more than a worker bee. If you did not come from them, you will never be them. You will never have power, never have control. It is not about who is the president or ruler, those are fake. It is about control over the masses. Money is not real but it is used to rule you. They own everything and always have. You are temporary, they are immortal. You have nothing they can not take from you at their whim. Until very recently they have had ever position in all governments world wide. They still would but someone got greedy. Hilary took Jack Jr.'s spot in the senate by force. An oath was broken. The penalty is erasure of a family line from power. The war is being fought right before your eyes but you do not know the rules so you are blind to it. Not one single politician is on our side. Trump is part of the plan but he is NOT the plan. He is the hero for now.


Angels and demons are real. They are not of this realm but can come and go as they are told.
Angels and demons work in very different ways but both are of God.
To summon a demon they use first the words of God to summon, than the spells of satan to bind. Demons can be summoned, Angels can not.
Angels and Demons take the form of and are called many different things by different people/religions but they are indeed all of God.
Being of God they are confined to rules. The rules must be followed.
Man has the power to banish/control demons but not angles.
Man uses the power given to them by God for that control.
Man can use prayer to ask for divine help and it will be given.
Prayer and summoning both use the power of God. Prayer asks God for permission to use it, summoning steals it by taking it from his creations.
Words hold eminence power. It is power that is released when spoken in certain tones and phrases. Words=control.

While satan has domain over the earth he can not kill you without God's permission.
God will never let satan hurt his children. Those who are not might be a different story.
Demons work best in the dark. Evil is most powerful after the sun falls. Demons do most of their work at night while you sleep. They are able to influence your dreams and can physically interact with you if they are powerful enough. This is why we were taught to pray before bed. This is why we fear the dark. This is why there are people who can not sleep at night. These are things God has provided for protection.
Demons can control the actions of man through manipulation but can not take control of a person unless they are asked to.
Each of us has demons assigned to us that are constantly with us. They are countered by the power of God which is the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is what some refer to as a 6th sense or a gut feeling. It is why you know wrong from right. They do not have

I have told you these things because they are used by those who praise satan. Most of us have a vague understanding of angels and demons from the bible. They know everything about them. They know the powers and limitations. They try to keep us from knowing the powers we were given by God because than they would be servants to us. When Jesus said we could move mountains he meant exactly that. Mankind with the power of God does not die. They do not want you to know this. This is not preaching, this is fact. Everything is energy, we control the flow of that energy using the power of God. We are taught that but in a different way. Gas powers a car, electricity powers a light, balls roll down hill. The truth is all of this is moving energy from one place to another or changing its form. Matter is energy in the physical realm. Matter can be brought to and removed from the physical realm only by God and man. Man does this through Gods gift to him. Nothing else can.


First off#3 of today is dated incorrectly.
It is the power God has given man that allows us to create. We have the ability to take his energy and form it. As I stated none of his other creations can do this. We have taken that power and have flourished with it. We have created ways to make life incredible, also horrible. We literally have the power to create ANYTHING we can think of. They do not want you to know this. They keep your power from you. IF you follow Q there is a line that says you have the power you have just forgotten how to play. We are children of God, children have imaginations, they build anything they want when they play. Why do you think every single thing we have today was once a dream from a book or story? Nothing is science fiction, it just has not been created by us yet. Or so we are told. We have tech that is mind blowing, we always have. You just were not allowed to know about it. You will know about it.


You think you are awake but you are not. Very few know what is really going on. This does not make you ignorant it just shows how well you have been conditioned. Those who are awake understand that there is good and there is evil. A person can not be both. A person will find it easy to turn evil but it is very difficult to go from evil to good. It is only through the word of God this can happen. You want to reach for the light because the darkness is surrounding you, you feel and see it everywhere. They know this and use it against you. They tell you stories of Q and what he is doing when most have no clue. They say we do this or do that to keep you guessing and holding their hand while they guide you where they wish but it is nowhere near the truth. They are still using you. If a poisonous snake were in your family home do you leave it there or kill it immediately? You kill it. There is a snake in our house still and it kills our loved ones.


I know not the will of God nor will I pretend to but the snake is not being killed. It is being aloud to go into hiding because this is the way it has always been. You think Q is the American military but you are wrong. Q is part of every military world wide. You think Q has been around since JFK but you are wrong. Q has been around for thousands of years. That will sound crazy to you but it is fact. You do not remember your past because they have destroyed in right in front of you. A few generations ago almost every man knew how to work with his hands, he was taught by those who went before him. Those things were written down and kept safe. That is no longer the truth. They have taken your books and made them digital. They do this so they can change them to fit what they want. The want to make you stupid. Knowledge is power and that is something you can not have. You must remain weak. Wars are not for money, they make the money, they do not...

22/5 # 3
need to be corrupt to get more. That is the game they are playing with you. Money is just paper but you believe it to be more. That is control. That is real power. War is fought to thin the herd but it is also fought to destroy knowledge. Blow up a library, burn down a historic building, tear down a statue. All of this is done and has been done for centuries so you will remain in control. Question the narrative and be shunned. The know your limits, they know when you have had enough. They know because you gave them permission to. Have you read your facebook agreement? What'sapp? Twitter? I bet you haven't. You have given your enemy the legal right to take over your device and use it as they see fit. They can record audio and video whenever they wish because you said it was ok. That has always been right in front of you but many praise Snowden for telling the world something they already knew. What he did was get many Q members killed......

for that he will pay but not yet. They destroy your past and teach our children a new version. They have kept you so busy you did not have time to follow what your children where doing in school, you trusted the system. They know that. It is just not today's generation but decades back. If you have someone in their 80s or older ask them how many people went to school and of those who did how many graduated? Not many because it was not time for you to be smart yet. Slowly they teach you but as your children learn they are also indoctrinated. They are taught bigger and better things but fall more under the spell of their masters. Today young children and write computer code and do complex math but they do not know how to use their hands. They needed their brains not their brawn, building time is over. It is time to tear down again. Time to erase more, time to take complete and utter control because the time has grown short.

You are pavlov's dog. So is everyone else. You were raised being told you can be whatever you want right? No, probably not. That is only for the last few generations. You were told you can't. You can't finish school because you have to help support the family. You can't go to college because we can't afford it. Put your dreams away and just get a job. You did just that. Others did what you wanted to but couldn't. You couldn't because smart people want to learn more. You wanted better for your child so you worked and saved. You slaved away. You did it, you gave your kids everything you didn't have. You did nothing. You were allowed to. They changed the system not to make life better but to brainwash each generation farther away from the truth, further from the real past, farther from God. It is not your fault, you never knew anything different. Now they have what they want they no longer need smart people. College no longer means a money job.....

22/5 # 5
Your children instead of feeling grateful for all you have down now feel cheated. They were made promises of a good life. We lied to them. They are pissed. Now most are so far in debt they will have to pay their whole lives. If they did not go to college they are mad because you told them they could be anything. They no longer trust us. They trust the people who promise them a way out. They trust their teachers, their friends and the satanic bastard who runs our country. They are told the old must be destroy to make way for a better future. YOU made the world what it is, YOU will watch it burn. Dry your tears boomer. Nahh I don't think so. Not this time. This time we take our future by horns and shake it awake. I will shake you awake. You think our military is in control, ask them, anyone of them and you will see. PATRIOTS are in control. We are allowing the snakes to go hide in their barrels. Once they do that is when you will see what you long to. That...

That is when you will get your world back. Yes your world. They stole it from you. It was all yours, given to you by God. You were peaceful loving people. You lived simple lives full of joy and gratitude. You loved your God and praised him constantly. Than the devil was let loose from the ground and he lied to you. He made you forget who you really are, who you really were. He turned you away from God. That is all about to change. This was not going to be so abrupt and in your face but calculations were incorrect and time is running out quickly. The devil is going back underground. This time we will not let him. This time it is he who burns. You have this chance because many people died for you. They died protecting a book. Making sure it was kept safe and never altered. That book told the truth of what had happened, what is happening and what will happen. That book created Q. That book is what will save you. That book told of their ways. They never....

They never change their plans because they can not create. They are not of God so they can only destroy. Their plans are known and they will be stopped. This all sounds batshit crazy but the world is about to reset. It has done this many times before but we never knew it was coming. They run into their hole and seal it tight while those they leave behind die cruel deaths. The birthing pains have started. They know so their leaders have left. Why have so many of the rich stepped resigned? They are preparing. You are not invited. You are only allowed if you can be controlled. They will make you a slave and than you will be their dinner. You will be what they feast on until it is safe to resurface in 1000 years. This is why they are taught to kill as children, this is why they eat human flesh. They are passing their ways down to the next rulers. They never thought she would loose because they never knew about THE BOOK. Now PATRIOTS are in control and they can not stop

22/5 # 8
The sun is getting ready to burn the earth. They are keeping you busy with tales of a savior because you want saved without feeling the pain of it. Q will do nothing until you see the truth yourself. Than it will be you who stands up, it will be you so sees the truth in these words. It will be you that becomes the PATRIOT in control. God has given you the power to save yourself. He has given you the book. He is bringing you back unto his arms. Q will guide you there. Hidden within the Q drops you will find the truth of what I have told you. Where we go one we go all is not a slogan, it is fact. We go as one or we burn. Nothing can stop the storm that is coming. God has woken you for a reason. God will save you but you must try to do it yourself first. He helps those who help themselves. You will know this is true when the sun starts to dim. It will get cold and most electricity will be lost. Wires were hardened as much as possible but they may not hold.

22/5 # 9
Everything has been done to prepare for this. Done behind the backs of those who wish to destroy you. We control the poles. You will have a choice. You can go below and survive or you can stay above and take your chances. The choice will be yours. You will be free for the first time in your life to be able to decide what YOU want. You will finally have your freedom. The children will be taught the ways of God and they will be free to follow that teaching or not. But like the angels and demons they will know that God truly exists so it will be an easy choice. God's kingdom will return to the earth and we will praise him. We will once again live in peace. We will value each other more than money or goods. We will be the beings God created. Not because we have to but because we chose to. This is why he gave us free will. This is why God wins. This is why you win. Soon the play starts. Enjoy it because you already know the ending. God bless and keep your faith.

Godspeed warriors. Your path will not be easy but it will be yours. I will not be replying. I will only post a few things to help you see what is to come. Do not fear because the Lord is with you. He is with you because he is real. If you believe nothing else, believe that. Turn out the others and look into what you have been told here. There are PATRIOTS that they can not stop that are waiting for you. Waiting with the truth. You will be the light that saves the world. Shine and shine bright.

They failed.
You have so much more to learn. Steel yourself, enjoy the years you have. DO NOT panic, it is a waste of time and energy. I asked you early what would you do if you only had 10 years to live. Start doing those things. Help each other. Look in the Q drops, find the other clues. Do this for yourself. Do it to prepare for what is to come. Masks were a test. Not by them. How much longer will it take before people believe the truth even though MSM says it's a lie. Will you believe Q+ when he tells you the storm is coming or will you believe MSM that says it isn't. Can you survive being couped up in rooms until routines are established? Can you remain calm? Can you be unhappy but not turn to violence knowing things will get better? Can you keep trust in someone who fights for you even though you are told they mean you harm. Can you keep that trust even though it may be weeks or months before you hear from them again? These are things that had to be known. You were being used.

P.Q.Anon PCP @pqanon

 3 hours ago

... it never ended ... 👇

🔴 They are so fucked.
All these cults are, but particularly Scientology ...
Spying on Americans by hiding behind a Religious Tax Status as a rogue intelligence organization for the IRS (Central Bank) is illegal. ⛔⚠️⛔

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