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Gene Decode on Ukraine and more…


Broadcasted 3/9/22 1:00pm – 3/9/22 3:18pm

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Notebook of today’s show –

Notebook pages are NOT an exact transcription of the show's audio.  It is an overview that has been edited by the listener and NOT to be interpreted as actual ‘word for word’ overview of anything that any single person said during this broadcast.  This is simply the editor’s personal notes taken while listening to the show and shared with others who are interested in getting a broad idea of what topics were discussed.  ALWAYS LISTEN AND DO THE RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF!!

The Ukraine today.

13 (Gene says now 14) Bioweapon Manufacturers found there.


GENE: Data function bioweapons to target certain ethnic groups.

China has massive computing power and data function to engineer/ type the entire human genome with every difference between every ethnicity.

CCP is another arm of the DS targeting every ethnic group other than their own.

They were making it so it could be airborne and individually targeted like the black plague.

Russia allegedly has the documents that will prove that.


Victoria Nuland 2018 – Appointed by Clinton or Obama helped with McCain and Lindsey Graham going over to the Ukraine for the coup de ta

Gene says everybody who is anybody in the ‘the know’ is involved over there. 

Gene: “Sleepy Joe, I call him Smokey Joe ‘cause when he talks it sounds like he must be smoking something pretty serious…”

Chas Carter: “Maybe it’s crack, somebody was givin' him some pipes…”

Gene: ­“Well, his son does, so…” 4:55 marker

Everybody knows about Burisma and the bribing at the CFR that if they didn’t get rid of the prosecutor who was investigating corruption and investigating his son, that he would withhold the money and Ukraine said You can’t do that and Joe said, Yeah, I can, I’ll pick up the phone, I leave in like 3 hours, if it’s not done by the time I leave, you don’t get the money.

He bribed them, blackmailed them, and of course Pelosi’s children are involved, Kerry’s children, Romney’s children, the mafia’s junior is involved with Whitey Bolger and it’s nothing but Sodom and another one on the other side of the world, is Gomorrah.


There is child trafficking, human trafficking, guns, weapons, drugs, anything the DS would want to be doing they are doing it in Ukraine.


They were developing aerosolized anthrax, aerosolized, airborn black plague, tetanus, many things targeted toward specific human genome specific.


We have already been attacked.  19 was on purpose and that they targeted it to the ACE2, but they didn’t just target it with ACE2 they targeted it with genome specific, with 19 (Covid) 5:51marker


If you look at the uptake of how different groups, how different groups uptake the viral load of the spike protein, which is Prof. Luc Montagnier, before they killed him had isolated the HIV and shown that spike proteins has hundreds of the genetic pairs for HIV. 7:22 marker.


And so what came out of Wuhan, targets the white population uptake by 56%, the regulation, it’s called, African American – black people by 39% but there’s certain ethnic groups where it’s nearly zero, which is bizarre, and that means that’s on purpose.


This is a biologic war.  So if you look at the Ashkansic, Yiddish, Amish, the Finland and the Laplanders, those are actually where the people of the Ukraine that were originally there before they were chased out by the Czar and they went all over the world, which is the Khazarian mafia, jews that’s the groups they took over and went into.  8:13 marker


So, it’s quite obvious. And so what is the difference?  Well, they’re ACR2, they’re genetic pairing is called the AC2 they’re genetic pairing is called the K 26R model modification and its interesting how that is such a massive difference. 


We are not only in a digital war, we are in a DNA war, and they fired the first shot and so now with Omicron and the Alliances developed that to where it will balance the playing field, it’s a back and forth thing going on, what they’re doing is getting good Christian people to fight, they are egging, the Ukraine is egging the US to get involved and NATO to get involved and like 71% of the Russian people are Christian, 78% of the Ukraine people are Christian and they want us to kill each other off, to help them kill each other off and we need to wake up and see what they really have planned, it’s Georgia Guidestones on steroids.  Marker 9:28


The 500 million that they want left are just the specific groups they know they can absolutely control, that will NEVER step out because they’ve never done that ever, in history, which is the Chinese people, and it’s only specific groups within them too, so they’re targeting pretty much everybody else on Earth with these weapons and they had a massive cache additionally, besides that with Ukraine egging us in and trying to egg NATO in and then right after that nuclear facility there was huge release,  there was NO release.  The Russians went in there surgically, kept it running, very, very careful, same with the labs… you can’t just go in there like we did in Afghanistan and we did in Desert Storm, you can’t just go in there and carpet bomb the place.  You can’t go in there and carpet bomb a biolab.  You have to go in there surgically and make containment, all of that is mandatory.  Marker 10:38


Additionally, with Chernobyl, that Odessa region, many, many dumbs where they are taking out thousands of children and soldiers, and military, people of the Russian people and the (Nosq, and the Masq) all of those areas and they were grabbing and taking in the DUMBS and using them as human guinea pigs for all of these experiments for all of this specific targeting.  Targeting Slavic people, specific white groups, specific black groups, exactly whom and what so they had specific weapons for specific situations. 11:11 Marker


They have been looking at this for a very, very long time.  I would say since the 1950’s probably before that in the 1940’s in Australia, every 10 years or so they have this explosion in the rodent population and so they targeted the females to make them sterile, with spike proteins, and then they would, with the population exploding and such, they would rub up against other groups and then they would capture a few and then they would release them and then they would go in the wild and they would hop from one to another but it has a burn out so, three to five generations down it would sterilize the majority of the population but enough, they don’t want to wipe the species out, but they want to leave just enough so that the species would run itself out, and end itself and so they had been talking about doing that since 1947.   Marker 12:41


And in Rebuilding American Defenses, Sept of 2007 on pg 64 it actually said, Advance forms of biological warfare that can target specific genotypes and they can’t transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.  


Well, isn’t that exactly what we’re now seeing?  That is exactly.  That was the year 2000. That’s 22 years ago.  We are at war with these Khazarian groups and if you look at the flag of the Ukraine, it is pretty darn close to the Sigil of Satan, and I find it stunning that the symbol on the crest of Russia, is a white knight, ya know, a guy with a white hat, his horse is holding down a reptile, and he’s killing the reptile and I’m like, yeah – that’s EXACTLY what we’re talking about.


Who are the Khazarians when you get down to it?  It’s the bloodlines of Cain.  It’s the mankind that came from Cain that spread out and want to wipe out all of the children of Abraham, which is all of US, the Human race.  Marker 14:05


DALLAS : Do you think that they’ve been perfecting this with the seasonal flu?  I tend to think the seasonal flu is a bioweapon launched on humanity just like we found out COVID 19 was, do you think that they’ve been perfecting this genome sequencing, this gene targeting??  I don’t have anything to back this up, other than you’re talking and it seemed to make sense to me that every year, I would be interested to go back every year and look at what geographical or demographical parts had the highest cases reported and the highest deaths just connected to the seasonal flu.  Marker 14:51


GENE:  When I was in the Navy we used to get vaxed every 6 months, and every 6 months I got the flu and then the last 2 years I was able to use my abilities to skip out, and the last year they almost got me, I’d be on vacation, I knew when to take leave, and the last one they almost got me because I was training a guy to replace me, an African-American gentlemen and there were five in our command, and this is when I realized that the vaccination program has never been what they’re telling us.  They came in and we were the last two, and they came in and said you gotta go over to the thing, ya know cause you can’t just directly walk in, so you and your guy have to go over to the other building and get your shots.


So, we went over there, and I saw the trash can with all the used vials, and all the vials, except for a very few, all had blue tops, and there were 4 in the trash with red tops, and then there were 2 vials left in the holders, one blue, one red.  I’m like 5 red, what do we have 5 of only…  5 African-American people in this command.  So, black people get different, Wow.  And they had a red vial there and I said let me go first and they changed out the vial and I said, ah, never mind I gotta go to that other building and go get some stuff out of the safe, so you go ahead and go first because they were loading the blue one in and they took that out and put the red one back in and I was like… ah ha.  Marker 16:59


Something else I didn’t realize with the injections and the graphene is that they were putting that in chem trails way back and studying Morgellans and listening to Harold Kautz-Vella I’ve learned that when you are really seriously compromised you start having low blood pressure and your temperature stabilizes out at 94.7 and I had that, at that time, way back in the early 90’s.  They’ve been jabbing that stuff into me and everybody else, for many decades before we even knew of what this was. Marker 18:56


This Indigo Skyfall program, the chem trails, all of these different types of weapons, they’ve been using this, this is not new.  They’ve been using this since the early 90’s. We have been looking at this since the advent of the polio vaccine and they were going to make that airborn too.  That’s why you see for the first time in a very long time a case of polio coming up again and so they are targeting things and this is biological warfare. Marker 19:39


Their children are never in danger of this vax at all and now they are saying that they are going to vax down to the age of five and for under thirteen they’ve already done a lot of that and you can see the results.  There is a thirteen thousand percent increase in myocarditis in children under thirteen. 



We are at war and they’re wiping out our children.


And they know about shedding and they’ve known about that a long time.

If you look at the general medicine in Oct of 2007 they were saying that would develop stuff that things like that can be transferred by shedding so its not something new.


DALLAS:  Where are we in this war, Gene?

I learned a few things this morning and that the cold war was never really about nuclear weapons, it was about space weapons. I mean zero point energy weapons that Russia developed back in the 60’s and 70’s where they could shoot stuff out with, Directed Energy Weapons is what we call them now, and like Star Wars, not the movie  but like Star Wars the Defense program well that was directed energy, do you know anything about that, Gene?  We’ve been lied to this whole time, I mean we’ve been lied to – forever.  Generations. Marker 22:15


GENE:  Well actually the cold war as people understand it never existed like Stokeley Carmichael said, its fake.  Something’s happening here and you really don’t know what it is and the head of the black panthers at that time said that rich men paid for them to do the things they were doing and he found out it was Rockefeller money and so this cold war in the old Soviet Union was actually when Khazarians took over Russia and took them by the hair of their head and locked them in.


So if you listen to it’s called the CFR tapes (Council of Foreign Relations) from the 40’s and 50’s, this is what Stokeley was saying, they create pressure from above and pressure from below : Problem, Reaction, Solution, so they can get massively powerful governments to get all the arms and control the people absolutely where the people fear the government but have no power to do anything about it and it’s the opposite of how this country was created to have the government fear the people because then you have rampant freedom! Marker 23:55


You have freedom so that you don’t get censored and now with Smokey Joe saying that anybody that talks against the government is a terrorist.  What happened to Freedom of Speech, number one, and additionally that means that you have a government that is out of control and so we can see that now.  He’s rallied for airstrikes and no fly zones and getting migs in there and Putin isn’t gonna permit it.


Kennedy took us to the brink with the Cuban Missile crisis because they were putting nuclear weapons right next to us.  That’s exactly what Zelensky wanted.  He wanted nuclear weapons right next to the border of Russia, not to mention he’s nothing but a puppet (actor) The dance, the video of Zalensky dancing is pretty disturbing…  Marker 25:08


CHAS CARTER:  It looked like a Sprockets video with Mike Myer out of the 90’s.


GENE:  Spandex (leather) or something dancing… Oh my God!


All of his acting buddies and all of that, which are nothing but the Khazarians, they run Hollywood, that’s what they do, to make us believe what they want us to believe and they just transferred him over to a country as Servant to the people TV Show, Servant to the People TV show as government of Ukraine not in a TV Show, but for real.  That’s what it is.   It’s nothing but a bunch of talking heads that are controlled by the people we talked about earlier.  McCain, Bush family, and the Clinton family and all of that, the Clinton Foundation are HUGE donors there.  Hundreds of millions of dollars there.


Uranium one, ya know they wanted to make, they have an anti-ballistic missile ability, they had it before.  He can’t allow that to happen, there’s no way.  It would literally mean the end of all of the human race if you let Russia get back into being in control. 


What happened when the end of the Cold War ended is that Russia got control back to the Russian people and a real government that isn’t run by a bunch of stooges for the deep state.  The cold war was never really actually there, it was only to get massive amounts of funding and money and interconnectedness to do a space war for the cabal, to go out with the Nazi’s third, fourth, fifth reich with their dark fleet and go out and conquer the planets over the Milky Way.  This is what they’ve been doing for an incredibly long time.  Marker 27:06


The Nazi’s went onto the moon, in 1935 and built a base the shape of a swastika there was actually a low D grade movie called Iron Sky 

where they were showing that, and that’s there the game, the movies are just showing you, they have to show you (symbolism) requires them to show you what they are doing.  They’re sitting there laughing at you because they’re showing you what they are doing.  Just like the Simpson’s are showing 911 and Back to the Future shows 911 and all of that and everybody knows that stuff and that’s just what they’ve been doing and they’re showing movies about the same plans they have of doing nuclear war, doing biological war, like Z Nation, all of that stuff.  I am Legend, where they tried to do something and it got out of their control and hardly anybody survived it and that’s exactly the problem when you get involved in this.  Viruses have a tendency to mutate and these people being as brilliant as they are are incredibly stupid because the tendency to mutate is not something you can control.  There are planets that have been utterly decimated and we need to put a stop to this, permanently now and forever.


So the cold war, I actually became aware of this on third submarine I was on in ’78-’80.  It was a spec op submarine with a CIA spook guy on there took me aside after all of the things all the way up to where it was just me and the captain and one other person, and then he took me aside and briefed me separately and he goes “You don’t share this with anybody” and I’m like, I have more clearance than the Captain??  What the heck??  And he goes this is just for you to know what you need to do.  It was weird. 

Out of the wall, just reached his hand and taps on the wall, and then out of the wall he pulls this big plastic thick piece of plastic, like the wall just suddenly transmuted itself, and he could pull it out of the wall, and it was a Formica wall, I thought and I was like, “I don’t understand…”


And he said I want you to take the message trafficked from the radio every day, he’s at the level of being able to look at this information and gets it to you, and you will plot on this, all of the submarines that are here and I’m like, this is every submarine on Earth, including the Soviet Union and China.  I know the names of a lot of these ships, I know these ships and I know some of the people on them, too because we’d done sharing ops before where we’d tie up alongside, so they know obviously where WE are too, so what is the cold war about if they know where our submarines are, we know where their submarines are, I’m like… umm.  This, is a game.  What is the point of this and he goes “It’s just what you need to do.”  Seems rather pointless, to me.  And he goes, well, I know you’re very brilliant and you’ll figure it out.  Marker 30:31


So, I did figure it out.  It’s about DUMBS it’s about space wars, it’s about all kinds of stuff, very few people have a clue and they’ve been pulling the wool over our eyes and the rug out from underneath us, literally, with the DUMBS, for almost a hundred years now.


CHAS:   Well that makes sense with what you said last time when you came on PPN when we asked the question how far behind is technology and you said almost, right at a million years.  It drops your mouth to the ground about what should be in our possession and what’s being held away from us on purpose from the evil doers in the world.


GENE:   Just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about in regards to what you’re saying, like the messages in water with the brilliant, young Japanese man, (Masaru Emoto) and he showed that water holds memory, and he just put Kanji (form of Japenese writing taken from Chinese characters)  on water from a dam and Kanji one would be like war, hate, Hitler, love, etc…  and the water after 48 hours, looked at it, froze it, looked at it under a microscope, looked at the crystalline structure, was completely different, depending on the Kanji, it changed the structure of the water, it’s called structured water. Water will restructure itself, well, WE’RE water!  We’re 87% water, and then Luc Montagnier actually took DNA, put it in water and then after 48 hours and then emptied the water and then refilled it, several times with distilled water and they test it to make sure there is no DNA or living material in the water, it was distilled and completely boiled and everything so there’s no life in the water or whatever, then they send it to labs, they sent it to a lab in Switzerland and they were actually able to look at the resonate structure of the water and could see the resonate structure of DNA in the structure of the water and they actually could identify that it was from a frog.  What species of frog that the DNA that had been in that water was.  


He then later took a frog egg, because of that and he put it in distilled water and he passed a lazer through it, a low-level light lazer, an infrared laser and then passed it into another vial of a salamander egg.  When the salamander egg hatched later, it was a frog. It changed the egg.  So this shows how frequency is literally the base of everything – everywhere. 


Literally, if you go down to the Quantum level, all the way down to the singulariate, the center of every particle, it is literally the word of God coming out of that same singularity at the center of every single atom in everything in the entire creation.  That’s why there’s quantum entanglement. It’s ONE singularity, it’s not different singularities, it’s a binding force.  They lie to us constantly, even on physics, so the binding force of the atom is gravity going back into that singularity like a miniature black hole.


It’s called the Culombs force of all the protons that could cause it to explode like helium, or if you have anything like helium with two so anything from helium up.  So hydrogen one, you would be OK but if you get two protons together they should cause that nucleus to explode it’s called the Coulomb force.


They had to make up a force because they don’t want to admit that gravity is the primary thing, gravity and electro magnetism are the primary two forces and that’s it and they’re Interrelated, you can cause suspension of gravitational fields causing high energy electromagnetic fields, sort of like into the pyramid in Teotihuacan.  This is how long they’ve been doing it.


They found a huge amount of red mercury in a big pool.  In other words, the people who built Teotihuacan were involved in space travel.  That’s exactly how Viktor Shauberger’s engine runs is on red mercury spinning in a high electromagnetic field.


And another reason they want Odessa in their hands is rarified neon gas from one of the biggest sources on Earth is there and palladium and that’s part of the TR3 units, their drive system uses palladium and rarified neon gas, like on the submarine like in the hulls when they first lifted for solar ward in the first submarines, by sealing up the ballast tanks and pumping in rarified neon gas at high pressure and high energy electromagnetic fields it causes it to become ant gravitational and this has been going on for a very long time and they don’t want us to know all of these technologies.




There’s a guy down in Zimbabwe who just built a little tiny solidstate circuit, hooked it to the back end of the TV and it powers the TV.  He’s also done it to a car.  No water, no fuel, no nothing!  It’s converting radio waves into usable electricity.


All of the uses of electricity, of all the energy in the water, it’s already there with the original genetic structure of who you are, so you lose a leg, the med beds, all that technology they’ve been hiding from us, they’ve been using for a very long time and making their pharmakea, their black magic, which is literally what it means to bring our health down, shorten our lives and there are parallels they actually do have, where they put a chip in the arm, like in the old movie, Logan’s Run, you have 35 years of life so when your chip time is out, they euthanize you. You get pureed and you’re like in Soylent Green.  You’re the next generation’s food and they’ve been doing that to us too.


If you go back to… I know people keep saying ‘the Jewish people, the Jewish people…’  It’s not the Jewish people themselves, it’s not the Ashkenazi themselves, its this parasite that got in them.  They’re the most beleaguered of all the people on Earth. 


When they were up in the steps of Central Asia and the Czar, around that Ukrainian region, that came out of Central Asia told them you HAVE to pick a religion.  You can’t be doing this, sacrificing our children to bail, anymore, or we’ll end you. So they chose either Jewish faith, Christian faith, or Muslim faith.  So they said we’re gonna take the Jewish faith, and they infiltrated that and they made it Talmudian Jewish religion. It’s like what Mohamad did when he re wrote the Koran, it’s not the original, it’s not even close. Honoring the cube God is just re-branded Satanism.  You just re-write it and hide it and that’s what they do until you get way up, just like in the Masons once you get into the Presbyterian world and the thirty third degree world and abov, you find out the real secrets of what God you’re worshipping – it’s not God, at all.  It’s this being that THEY believe is God but that’s Satan. Its not God at all. It’s a being at a high level density with a lot of technology and a lot gifts that he was given by God are the ones you have but he’s fooling them too.


The alpha Draco, that’s why now, the Dark fleet has entirely defected to the Alliance.  They’ve started to realize it too.  They had a Fifth Column, first it was two then it was five then it was ten and now its half the species.  Yeah, when he’s done, we’re dinner too.  So they realized the state of the dark state, is nothing but feed on everything below you and they’ll all defected completely out.  Marker 39:31


So now the solar system is completely in the Alliance’s hands and the Mars base is now making these big huge crafts, there’s four of them, they’re now building a fifth one.


There’s one over Antarctica, there’s one currently parked over Ukraine.  There’s one currently parked over DC, there’s one parked, essentially over Israel.   These are big wagon wheel shaped space stations that house big huge carrier ships, most people know them as the cigar ships and those hold thousands of TRB’s and smaller cigar shaped ships too and other kinds of ships as well as the Russian fleet because its kind of obvious at this point that Putin is working to get rid of the Deep State.


You look at everything they say, you know the thing with the nuclear plant we talked about earlier.  They attacked a kindergarten, now that didn’t happen. Zelensky and his group are completely lying that they attacked a memorial to the Holocaust.  Two days later, and independent journalist went and took pictures of it still there.   All of its nothing but lies to get the world into war.  They want to get the world into a nuclear war, have us kill each other off, have NATO go in there. 


Just like Kennedy, Putin will not allow it. Its not an option.  He is the Alliance and he is standing up, a major player of the Alliance and saying we have to stop this Cabal.  And so, if you get involved, he made a list of countries that are on his list of players of the Deep State.  In other words, countries that are against Russia that are a danger to Russia.

Smokey Joe said we’re gonna have MIGS going from Poland or MIGS from surrounding countries and so, that’s not going to happen and so they are putting pressure and getting the whole DUMBS, you know, that’s our main fighting team.  It's not really the Ukrainian military, people need to understand their military is pathetic, they’re laying down their weapons and going we are done, we don’t want anything.  The Russian military are giving every chance for them to surrender.  They’re not arming civilians, in fact they’ve laid down corridors for safe egress because Zelensky said anybody who deserts this country, not even this military, any Ukrainian citizen will be shot on site and there will killing corridors.  They were actually killing people.


And in Kiev, they were taking the mercenaries they hired.  Its horrific what’s going on in the Ukranian military. They’re making it seem like they are heroes for them.  Biden even said Putin and Russia is not good for the New World Order.


CHAS:  They have hostages, is really what it comes down to, won’t let them leave.


They are grabbing people, Ukrainian people, not just the Russian people and using them as human shields. That’s the monster that runs that country and he said they can’t leave so they put corridors enforced by the Russian military for those people to get out of there safely.


They have groups that are high level, retired special forces from every country you can name, Mossad, whatever that are free lance and they are offering $2000 to get them out of Ukraine.  The average person there doesn’t have two thousand to twenty two thousand dollars to do that.  You can guess who they are getting out.


I don’t know where he is, but I’m wondering, because Zalensky hasn’t been seen for days.  So you pay and get out of there, that’s what these creeps do every time.  It’s just like what happened in Kazakhstan when they said our governments not going to fall.  They locked up the bank accounts like they did in Canada.   Castro Junior locked up the bank accounts and was arresting people and mandates and all of that stuff and they said no we’re not.  If you don’t have a chip in your arm that you’ve got your boosters and all that then you can’t pull your money, and they said, NO.  Not gonna happen and they pulled their money out by themselves.  People went to the banks and got them open and got their money out and so that government fell in 24 hours, so Ukraine is MASSIVE Deep State, with the best of their best and mercenaries, that’s what’s in the Donbas region, if that falls, it’s now completely encircled and enclosed by the Russian military.  They call it a cauldron because they put so much pressure on that military that they either have to cause it to crumble and disintegrate or wipe it out, or you allow them to surrender, lay down their weapons and they’ve done that.  They’ve done that on Snake Island but those people that are surrendering are being shot by their own people.  These mercenaries are shooting deserters too, that lay down their weapons, and they shoot them.  Marker 45:20


CHAS:  And they’re blaming on Russia, saying they’re the ones killin’ 'em.


GENE:  Yep.  Every single battalion has at least twelve people, actually thirteen that it’s their job, to shoot defectors that lay down their weapons and they’re then showing it, this is what the Russian people are doing. Here’s these dead children, here’s these dead people in Kiev and stuff, NO, you used them as human body shields so the Russian military wouldn’t shoot you and there are surgical strikes all the buildings are being blown up and you see the ones that were hit, that’s where there were servers that’s where there was mercenary headquarters, communication headquarters and what has been going on for 8 years in Ukraine.  Putin has been asking for 8 years for them to hold the Minsk, to become neutral and to stay out of things and stop killing Russian people in those regions that he now completely controls in Odessa and Crimea and nobody would recognize it but him. 


Who’s gonna come to their aid? Obviously, NO ONE, for 8 years!  At some point, you’ve gotta go, NO MORE, and it’s our turn to say NO MORE on the entire Earth!  No more mandates, no more jabs – AT ALL.  Marker 46:45


We’ll let God’s given immune system work for us and the natural medicines and the natural herbs and I can’t even put my protocols out because with my massive amounts of studies for 44 years of martial arts they’re like oh, you’re practicing medicine without a license…  Um, I’m just saying things that work for me, 44 years of study and almost dying several times, what I found out works and NASA had even said, several years back that Jim Hubble’s protocols that that stuff is a panacea for everything it literally wipes out EVERYTHING known to man!


The first AIDS trials in Africa were on that, cures for Ebola, one week to live, ninety-nine percent of them, one person died.  They only had a week to live when they volunteered for the trial, what have I got to lose, right? Two hundred and ninety-nine were HIV negative in a week and went back to work a week after that, that’s how much better, the same thing it did with me, I was dying for a [borg?] attack, my doctor said,  You have a week to live, I don’t know what to do.  I sent your blood work, all of your lab results all over the Earth, it’s gone outside the US because you have over 850 things that the genomes and the parasites of the different things you have – aren’t from EARTH.  You have stuff that not only do we not know WHAT it is, we don’t know WHERE it came from.  It isn’t in the Earth’s genetic field, at all, so I have no idea what to do.


A friend of mine said I looked really bad.  It was two weeks later and I said, yeah, I’m dying and he said well, there’s this stuff but if it’s really bad, this might help.  By this time I had black mold coming out of my skin, it was breaking open all on its own, I was coughing up blood and a lung, I had no more immune system and no more metabolism, I was freezing to death dressed in ski clothes and wrapped in a custom made sleeping bag rated for seventy eight below made to climb Mt Everest and freezing to death. That’s why I look bad!  Marker 49:04

He made me three drops of these two things you put together, and I felt better – in MINUTES!  Ok, I’ll make you another one and then half hour later, four, no five - half hour later, seven, eight, nine, ten, so literally, in a week – I was over – EVERYTHING, stuff not even from Earth.  Marker 49:39


And now, of course they are saying that’s bleach.  Um, no it’s not, it’s one oxygen difference, and they say that’s NO difference, they lie, they lie, they lie…


One oxygen difference in water is hydrogen peroxide.  A thirty percent solution, is so powerful that if you put a drop on an eight foot block of concrete, it’ll burn through it!  What’s the difference in water, you want to drink that??  It’s no different, they said so…  No difference than water, obviously one oxygen difference, is massive!


For me, because of how sick I was, when I got all better…  in the group I was belonging to at that time, I got that when I was attacked and that was in that group that was run by that creature that was a shapeshifter and I didn’t even know it, and two of them, were actually nurses that were dying too. One of them had pancreatic cancer and was told she only had a week to live Marker 50:44


So, I told him about Jim Humble’s stuff and literally six months later she came up and gave me a big, huge hug and said you saved my life.  You’re all better, huh?  In one month. One week to live, with pancreatic cancer one of the worst there is, and she was better in one month.  Marker 51:04


THAT’S why they don’t want you to know!  What do they do when you get cancer?  They give you mustard gas, that’s chemotherapy.  They pump you with nuclear radiation.  Look at the results.  If you were to actually study the results of the people who were treated and the people who were NOT, the people who were NOT – LIVE LONGER – and they certainly live BETTER for the remaining years they’ve got left.  


If they were really to learn and study, all cancer is your body keeping itself alive longer to surround poisons and toxins in all those areas that you’re not getting the toxins out of and makes a tumor. And so by getting the toxins out, and by getting the vitamins and minerals you need, you can get over that but you’re too toxic, so I’ve been doing cleansing, a really simple saltwater cleanse that I learned about 30 years and I’ve been doing that all of that time, and then when I got that attack, I couldn’t do it.  It hit me so fast, I couldn’t do it.  And then the stuff with Jim Humble got me over that, I got back in my cleanses, I was back doing my martial arts in like three weeks. Marker 52:37


A year’s supply of this stuff is like $30.  It’s super simple to use, it’s super easy to use, yeah, does it kind of taste like a swimming pool a little bit, but what’s the option.  Even there, you go into Rife therapy and all of these therapies that they’ve known, since the turn of the 1900’s, they’ve known about this and they’ve been using it and they don’t want US to be using it.


CHAS:  So I’ve got some questions from in the chat. Can you ask Gene about Queen Romana, kingdom of Canada?



GENE :   I’m not allowed to say much about this, but what I WILL say is to pay attention to what’s going on, pray, use logic, research, common sense, and then lastly your intuition and sit and feel, what RESONATES, with you, and what is the person who’s sitting, from day one, to now, of who’s who, and what’s what, in very species and groups, and use your common sense and use that compared to everything else you’ve heard, but as far as, like I say, I’ve done deep dives on which groups are good and which groups – aren’t.  Elena DeNaan’s put out which groups are good and which groups, aren’t.  Dr. Sallas put out which groups are good and which groups aren’t.  Corey Goode has put out which groups are good, so when you compare the over all, to what you know, and then pray on it and listen for God to give you direction, go with that and that’s all I can say regarding that, but I know there’s been a huge explosion, I’ve been told personally, and Blessed for Service, I’ve told them, the day before that happened, we put on the Telegram, we could no longer talk about this, in one way or another.  I can’t say yes, I can’t say no. I’m told to stay out of it and so that’s all I can say.  I no longer… I did say yes, before, I can no longer do that, so.  For those that’ve known me for a long time, you probably understand what that means. They know who I am.  Marker 55:25


DALLAS :  Can you shed any light, on where we are in the timeline?  Why is the world just, straight, bat doo-doo crazy upside down, what’s up is down and right is left, and we’re buying 500,000 barrels of oil from Russia because we’re not producing any and then we put sanctions on them and then we say we’re not gonna trade with them, Germany and the UK are doing the same thing even though the UK gets 50% of their energy from Russia but they’re no longer gonna buy oil from Russia, we’ve got people dying in the streets we’ve got Bioweapons being launched on us, I mean… where, where are we?


GENE:  We’re in the middle of World War III.  Marker 56:38


CHAS:  So we’re in the middle, not to the end, or not in the beginning.


GENE:  We’re a little bit past the middle…  We’re, I would say 2/3.  God wins, and we win and I mean those that would be the Christians and the people of the world that follow the one and only God of all creation, we win, and that’s how it’s always been.  You can hide it for only so long and it’s now coming out.  Once the truth is out of the bag, the Genie’s out of the bottle, you can’t go break it’s leg and have it jump back in the bottle, there’s no break it’s leg on this one if you remember the story I’m referencing, it’s a group of fairy tales I used to read when I was young and it’s pretty fitting for where we are now. The genie’s out of the bottle and you’re not getting it back in, the people of the world – the narrative of the 19 is gone – it’s breaking down worldwide and that’s why they needed a distraction, and that’s why they said, Smokey Joe has said that “Putin is not good for the New World Order.”  Well then, what does that mean, for those of us who know what that is? 


It means that he is not good for the control of humanity and the eradication as per Georgia Guidestones and the complete end of our freedom and our sovereignty they’re gonna have like in a sparse document put out by the Johns Hopkins University isolated communities only connected sparse, low-populated communities only connected by the internet, so that’s it, exactly.  So Putin has only gotten Russia, they have until the eleventh of March (3-11) to have their internet up and running.  Their banks are already on GESARA, in their case, NESARA because they’re local, they’re already doing all of that.


McDonald’s has already shut all of their fast food things down in Russia, that’s a big favor. The question is, all of the ground up children that go into that meat, where do they send that now?  And think back about where oil used to come from – OPEC ?   Wasn’t there something called OPEC?  I could swear there was…  so, what happened to that? So, Saudi ran dry.


CHAS:  Well, Saudi’s not even answering his phone calls. ALL OF THEM are not answering his phone calls where he’s trying to beg for fuel.  Marker 59:13


GENE:  Right.  So, you know, the guy in Zimbabwe is ready to run his technology out!  So, you want water to run your car or a device to run your vehicle, like Tesla did.  He took a little device, with two metals that you can buy at the hardware store and put it in and built up the antenna, drove the car, electric car, on radio frequencies. That was 1903.   The world’s fair, in Chicago, ran the same way.  Several countries, Kazakhstan is one, I believe and there’s another country up in that area that are actually running on free energy as well.  You see the big towers and cooling, there’s big huge pools, it’s really hot during the day and people go out at night it’s lit up, ya know, you can definitely see that from the moon!  There’s like A LOT of lights in there.  Marker 1:00:07


So, whatever the main stream media says, you need to say exactly the opposite of that.  They’re doing bombing runs with jets and all that and you look at the lights on the street at night and all of the buildings are lit up and the highways are full of cars, I’m like, I wouldn’t be out driving if that’s what’s going on!  I do have a little common sense.  If I’m gonna go somewhere I’ll hike in the dark with cross country skis on and I’ll go that way!


DALLAS:  Well, I thought that back in the summer, I remember you saying, you’ve always been further out than, virtually everybody else, as far as…  I didn’t quite mean that the way it came out…


GENE: We’re not marching to the same drum as everybody else.  We’re in a world, where you don’t fit because you came here to make a better world,  Marker 1:01:11  because the world we have, is terrible!


DALLAS:  It’s true, but what I meant was, your time frame, your timeline that you have kind of talked about this summer, it seemed like it was kind of around where we are, right?  I mean, kind of the March-April time frame is kind of, is that still where you feel, or…


GENE:  I think we’re headed that way. It’s very possible.  TruthSocial is up and running.  The way the main stream media is, and a lot of the social media too, now is, people are going crazy ya know, a bunch of soccer Moms burned a Russian mother’s car, because she’s Russian because they believe the garbage of the MSM.  I mean, really?


CHAS:  We’ve got some breaking news coming in…  It’s on Breaking 911. Trump’s plane, Trump was flying, they’re saying a plane carrying Donald Trump made an emergency landing in New Orleans after an incident over the Gulf of Mexico.  So, something has happened, his plane came down.  This is just now happening, just now.


GENE: I would say, The Alliances are aware of operations, and they divert things immediately, as needed.  It’s just like what happened with the CIA submarine USS Rathbone that was taken out, the one that launched on Trump’s plane before off the west coast of this continent, and the Russians took out that submarine immediately.  Putin was called back to the Kremiln, he was on a trip, and Pence was called back from his trip, because they surfaced that submarine surfaced  1:02:58  They did get hit by a torpedo and they had over a dozen sailors die.  That was a decommissioned US submarine and they recommissioned it for the CIA and they had MIGS for each different country, Korea, China, US – all the nuclear powers – and they launch a nuclear weapon you can see by the different elements, it’s not 100% pure, where that missile was originally developed and built. They could have made it look like anything they wanted but that was taken out by Putin too.  They were called back immediately at that time too, so that’s what’s going on.  Same thing here. Marker 1:04:06


DALLAS:  It’s getting real.  I mean, it’s always been real, but it’s coming so fast that it’s hard to keep up and process.


GENE:  Yeah and they did such a good job deluding us for so long as far as the moon landing, the one we’re watching isn’t actually what’s going on, I mean obviously you’re not going up there with a tin foil craft, it was kinda obvious this is a big film by Stanley Kubrick, that was kinda obvious but at the very same time, they are up there but they can’t really show you what’s up there because the whole wall of the crater has got nothing but Draco ships on it.  If they pan the camera you’re gonna go “What are those?” 


This is what they do and then they let that information out and they’ve got the flat Earth site going out and so people go yeah, see.  No, you’re not understanding how they do it.  “To lie so well and make it so huge that when people find the truth they can’t possibly believe it.”   Like I was saying a long time ago it’s like I’m living every science fiction and fantasy book or show I’ve ever watched.  ITS ALL TRUE!!  Everything that we think that was fantasy or a science fiction movie, was ALL TRUE and it happened a long time ago and people don’t pay attention to history.


If you go to Bangkok, Thailand and you go to the beautiful place where the Buddha, one of the oldest religious artifacts on Earth is, and along there is a mural painted of a war, long in early history of Thailand, and the war has mermaids and dragons and people that are pink and green and blue people.  Originally, the human race had seven colors. Marker 1:06:10. We’re down to three.  They’ve wiped out the blues they’ve wiped out the greens and they’ve wiped out one other color.  You can go to Thailand or you can Google Wall Murals in Bangkok Thailand Palace   and you can see that war and you can see them working with and against, fighting Jinn and flying beings and dragons and all kinds of stuff and it’s really obvious. I mean, they’re not painting out of their imagination, they’re painting the battle scenes – LITERALLY.


You see the same thing in Egypt where they were making Chimera long ago back in Atlantis where there were beings with the body of a person and the arms of a person but the head of a jackl or a bull or a minotaur type thing, all these things.  They’ve been doing this for a long time.  This is NOT new 1:07:20


CHAS:   You just described, perfectly … DALLAS, remember that picture, that mask??

GENE:  The Gorilla Lady. 


DALLAS:  In the U.N?


GENE:  The United States, African American lady, is a shapeshifter.  Every movie, is pretty much fiction and science fiction. They Live, is real.  They block the signal long enough for that person to be shown what, and how, they REALLY are.   If you get your third eye decalcified, you’ll be seeing that stuff too.


When we had our meeting for Blessed for Service I asked if anybody knows this kind of creature – I don’t know this one – what the heck, is that?  You know, because I saw that creature, kind of like a Darth Vader…


CHAS:   and her hats up on the top like a LOGO.  It was white, ‘cause of all it was black, like a symbol?  At first I was thinking is it a hat?  Is it just part of them?  I don’t know…


GENE:  Well, they have to identify themselves with symbols so they know who’s who.  And you’ve got different groups too, so they either have it like we do, tattooed, or they have it embedded or created into the being.  They can create markings with genetic manipulation.  They are THAT FINE with genetic manipulation in the dark fleets, even when the Nazi’s were doing that stuff.  They could have you born with a mark on your head if they wanted to, or on your arm or on your right ear or wherever they want, anything they want, they can create your body to become that way.  That’s how fine they have the genomes of EVERTHING down to.  They’ve got it down to a science. Marker 1:09:44


GENE:  The first time my pineal gland opened and I went to Target and there’s this 12 foot ostrich woman in front of me and my hands getting ready to lock, my keys in the door.. “What the heck is that?’  I’m looking at everybody else, ya know when you’re looking at somebody 12 feet up there you look 12 feet up and they’re all looking at five feet five and I’m like, “OK, you see a human, really?  You don’t notice the knees are going the wrong way?”


CHAS:  So Gene, I do have a question about what Dr. Charlie Ward was talking about in Antarctica that there was around 50 million underneath the ground with aliens as well as humans and humanoids I believe, if I’m not mistaken and also they’re talking about the Arctic circle being part of “Gone with the Wind” and a lot of people that are presumed dead, ya know like Michael Jackson, all these other well-known celebrities from the past that were part of the good guys that are there until the time is right for them to come back to what I guess is “The Great Reveal” so to speak.  What’s your thoughts on all of that, regardless of whether you agree with Dr. Ward or not, what’s your thoughts about what you’ve learned and seen.


GENE: Both poles, both the North Pole in Antarctica and the South Pole in the Arctic, have entrances into the center of the Earth, the Hollow Earth – the earth is hollow – it is a honeycombed hollow Earth. You have a lot of structure, different honeycombs and different species, Saros and the Daros and the Vril, this originally, this planet wasn’t even home to the human race – ya know, you say “Gene’s not from here…”  Neither are you!  You guys aren’t from here, either!  Marker 1:10:22

This was a moon called Keenu, before they blew up Tiamat and that was the home of the human race at  that time, it was a war between what they call the “Pre-Adamite” civilization on Mars and the [Jovents?] So they blew up Earth, Keenu was home to this unit and humans got on it to get out.  Before they were on Keenu and before Tiamat, we were on a planet called Gaia which was a huge planet like Tiamat too and that was blown up.  Before we were on Gaia, we were in Andromeda galaxy on a planet called Tara before they caused that to implode and create the Milky Way and create a black hole, which is the center of the Milky Way with the sun, Alcion in the center of it, which is the signature of terrible fallen galaxy which backwards we’re dating it 55…???   Then, before that we were in the Lyra system and before that the home of the human race was originally a planet called Uranche, with a central sun which is Sigra


CHAS:  So how do these planets die, or explode?   So do you have any intel there?


GENE:  So, the Khazarian actually came from the star system called Scion and they blew up their home worlds in the two worlds they lived on.  We have a trinary star system here, but we have two suns that orbit our sun – one is called Clarion and a planet called Matria a big huge rocky, huge planet about the size of Jupiter but it’s not a gas planet it’s a rock planet, like Earth.  Then there’s another star system, with a sun called Nemisis, a brown dwarf, the other ones a blue dwarf – that one orbits 29.700 year cycle which causes the tilt of the Earth and the procession of the equinoxes and it has three outermost planets inhabited by the Annunaki who were taken over by the Draco a LONG time ago and are just a work machine for them now and they’re mostly kinda tall, red-bearded, red-raced, very, very tall, originally about 16/60?? Feet tall but do to all the radiation and pollution that’s why they grow only down to about thirty feet, between 17 and 30 feet tall now.  They actually have six fingers and six toes, the way humans originally did, where you had two opposable thumbs on each hand and two middle fingers and two index fingers and so it makes for a perfectly balanced arm which represents God’s six days of creation, so we’ve lost, essentially three of our fingers, lost a thumb and then you’ve got these other, weird kinda stunted things that we call a ring finger and a little finger what’s the use of that?  I’ve been trying for YEARS to try to make up use for them.


So the Khazarians originally came from two planets in Scion, then they changed to Zionism when they came to Earth, and they call their home worlds Arianna and Na and that’s where they later degraded it down to Aristiana and from there, to Aryan and Na went straight to Nazi.  So that’s those groups that came there, although which one is which, they switched it 180, which is what they often do, they switch, they change who’s who, so they keep you confused, so they say ok, we’re NOT gonna do sacrifice to Baal we’re gonna do Jewish people, well no you’re not, you just re-branded, you still are doing what you’re doing, so they got the shriners countries and the Czar came in and destroyed it.  No you didn’t they just flushed out, left and went into the Holy land and the Vikings infiltrated them.  Marker 1:16:11


And so you had the one group, the Na, which are actually the Arayan – Artistiana and then they changed it again, and so they’re actually the Nazi, which are the ones that look like Hitler and they went down into the Holy land.


The other group swarmed up and went into the Vikings and they were originally the Nazis and then changed it to Arayan and then changed it back again to the Arayan so that the tall, blonde hair, blue-eyed, cleft chin kinda people, like in the Vikings and they took over them and went in too.


But the worst of the worst went into the Holy Land were the Nazi, really the top of that invasion.  It’s like Carlos Castenada said there is a predator that came to Earth.   Humans at that time were capable of feats because we were twelve genetic strands and that was a massive difference than 2 strands.


So. The trick they did, is they gave us – THEIR mind.  So if you follow darkness, and this is why now there’s Draco pulling out because they remote view, and the pictures my wife drew, are actually, I saw it was true.  They used to have full wings, the alpha draco, they were of much higher stature their scales shimmered in the sun and gave off rainbows of light and not just pure white kinda looking like a maggot with wings that don’t really work and so they are constantly, now, leaving when they find out the truth. Marker 1:18:07


The two, the ones now that are talking to the Alliance, their wings are almost eighty percent, cause their wings now because you return to your original pretty quick when you’re in fifth density, alignment to God – the God of all creation and so their scales are starting to get cleaned up and iridescent again. And so these groups that have been following this invasion group force that came in here, went to the steps of central asia and when they were first forced out of the steps of central asia they went to the Ukranian area which was Khazaria and then Khazar broke that apart because they didn’t do what they said they were gonna do so they went into the Vikings and into Israel, actually not Israel, but the Holy Land and then the Balfour agreement created the future for what became Israel. Marker 1:18:59 and the lower levels, went to Palastine.  So that’s why if you look at the genetics of the people in Palastine, that’s ACTUALLY, the original Hebrew and the people that are in Israel, that aren’t true, Jewish people, the one’s that are, that are saying “We’re not Zionists.” And that, they are Semetic, but the ones running it at the time, the Jewish faith and the Talmudic – ARE NOT – they’re the bloodlines of Cain. They’re this group with that A.C.E2 receptor that is different, it has no uptake, almost at all, of the spike proteins, at all. It has that different type of K26R genotype, that A.C.E2 and so that’s why that group, that’s why Israel’s the last that is their headquarters. 


So their house of economic power is in Davos and Geneva.  So, under Lake Geneva is a massive D.U.M.B which the Alliance is currently working on and also ALL of the Alps, not just the Swiss Alps, the Italian Alps, all of that is mostly hollowed out and are just FULL of gold – let alone what they got out of the Vatican D.U.M.B that went from the Vatican to Jerusalem which was Quadrillions of dollars and then when they removed the gold, they found a door that went all the way to Switzerland, well that’s Septillions of dollars, so how much is in all of the D.U.M.B.S in all of the Alps, in every country?? Oh, my goodness!  That’s why we live like paupers and they live in opulence that word doesn’t even describe it. They live in a technology a million years ahead of ours where they don’t grow old, they don’t die, they transfer their consciousness to a new body.


CHAS:  What are they, Vulcan – like Spock?


GENE: Yeah, he went into, I think it was McCoy.

CHAS:  Yeah, that was Star Trek III by the way.


GENE:  The Queen of England, whether it’s Queen Elizabeth One or Victoria, all of them are the same being jumping from meat suit, to meat suit, to meat suit with this technology. The problem with the way they do it, is their consciousness is moving, they don’t have a soul, the soul, is gone long, long, LONG , billions of years, trillions of years, ago.


CHAS:  Is that what we’re seeing now, is clones?


GENE:  No. More like the demonic energy is a body snatcher, so they create a meat suit that’s a highbred mostly of Alpha Draco that’s why they have the tall heads, the huge hips, the narrow upper body, that’s  Annunaki and the tall headed part, they have a lot of Alpha Draco blood, they’re very reptilian that’s why they get the slits in the eyes, like McCain before he died he’s like a viper he had that thing with his teeth, like a viper, like a cobra and his poison gland was infected so he was all swollen out.  You periodically see that in the globalists where they get all swollen because a poison gland can get infected. You’re just looking at a reptile, Why do you think the Russian crest – show that!?  And we’ve seen that for how many thousands of years, we’ve seen these species.  Do you think people are imagining this – its in a movie Fierce Creatures which is a Harry Potter spin off, this HAS to be real, I don’t have an imagination this good!  Marker 1:23:06  Because they were actually making statues of real things.


You go to India and they have part of it called Naga which isn’t really part of India, it’s called Nagaland. The Naga are the original shape and structure of these demonic beings that came here.  They’re a Reptilian group.  They are part of several different ones, but they’re a Reptilian group.


I’m not saying all Reptiles are bad, there are good Reptiles the Gamma Draconians the Alpha Draco took over their world.  They lost 650 billion of their species, it’s a huge planet in the fight of the Draco and they wiped out almost all of the original Draco kind which was their goal, the only one left because it is a matriarchal society is Nana Ingwell which is on Nataka and she is now the Gamma Queen and so this is their motis opprendi to invade a world and take it over from within and shape shift, they’re all about investments, they’re economic investors.  If the return is not equal to the investment and your stock is dropping and you’re not gonna get your investment back, they’ll pull out.


That’s why the primes left over the portal they created above Antarctica that goes back to Utah and one more that’s in Nanaimo, in the Nanaimo Harbor in Canada so they said, it’s not worth it.  So they come in and they destroy religion, the Holy books they take it mostly apart and hide them and take the secrets in them for their own and then they develop wars between us to change things and get opposing factions within the group on the planet they’re on and they shape shift and they go into those groups and they create division and create lies and counter lies and disinformation and misinformation and they are experts at this.  Then they start cloning and they clone all kinds of crazy stuff. This is what they’ve been doing on Earth for millions of years. Marker 1:22:53


DALLAS:  Kind of like the movie, Jupiter Ascencding


GENE: Yeah. Very close.  In that movie, this was originally Keenu, when it was on Tiamat the whole of the species called the Raptors.  Queen was a very adept remote viewer and she thought if they didn’t join with the Alliance they would be wiped out, so they joined way back in the 1940’s with the Alliance to end this Cabal on Earth so they could have their planet back and we would go elsewhere so we would go back to – there’s worlds in the Milky Way in the Goldilocks zone which is the zone where you can have life like Earth-like life.  Every planet has life I mean gas giants have methane based life and plasma beings on the sun. God’s a living God, everything he does is living. There’s nothing not living anywhere but the Goldilocks type planets in the Milky Way, there’s billions of them that have no sentient life there’s plenty of places to go and we don’t have to be/have all the destruction they’ve done to this planet and then the Sarians would come back with the technology and get it back to how it used to be.  The entire thing, was tropical from pole to pole except at high altitudes it was tropical. The methane levels were so high it didn’t make it big huge deserts it made it tropical. You had tropical rain forests on the plateau of Giza


The reason that’s a big huge Sahara desert is because they dropped neutron bombs and made sand for a thousand years that used to be buildings.  It’s the same in the Ukraine.  That was a space station. That’s why Giza underneath is activated, because they’re doing stuff in there.  


CHAS:  Did you say Giza because I think of pillows with Mike Lindell when he talks about all of his pillow stuff is from Giza!



GENE: Underneath the Giza plateau is a ship, bigger than Texas. Marker 1:28:15 

People don’t understand stealth, like a did a decode on all the US dumbs and the one in AZ, that’s a water reservoir, that’s not a TR3, just because it’s shaped like one doesn’t mean that’s a TR3 landing… Yeah, it does, because they can go through the land, through the water, they can go through the Earth literally, if they’re in stealth, like you saw it in Stargate.  They drove a ship with an asteroid through the Earth!  That’s absolutely fact you can do that. That’s not even a million years in the future, that’s only a few thousand years in the future, that’s Star Trek, Stargate they had that way back in the 40’s.


GENE: It wasn’t just Operation Highjump.  When we talk about Hollow Earth there was another British operation before Highjump.  The British sent an Expeditionary small, tactical force that actually got in Base 211 – The Nazi-Neushawberland Base and that base, people get confused but that is inside the Hollow Earth. It’s under the ice.  Antarctica is actually two pieces – one piece used to be Atlantis, one piece used to be Lemuria along with the rest of it, that used to be Lemuria is Antarctica.  In Antarctica, there are HUGE pyramids that are penetrating a mile of ice and they still look the size of Giza after coming out of a mile of ice and there’s pyramids in fact in Australia, a lot of them are buried under the sand, just small tips of them.  There’s pyramids everywhere on Earth, actually there are several in the Rocky Mountains, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado… all the way down even down into New Mexico there’s pyramids in the Satchels because it’s part of a free energy system the Lemurian’s had put up before the Atlanteans went sideways and started using the power crystals, which were just meant to take the energy, like the guy did with the radio frequencies from the pyramids into their local fields for power, electricity and light and heat and communications like you see in the pyramids in Giza in the scrolls and the carvings that have these big huge tubes, they could lay somebody down and regenerate you!  Regenerate limbs, half of your body, they had that back in ancient Egypt. The Atlanteans took it and started waging war and so if you read the writings of the ancient Greeks – not that ancient, actually – they’re talking about Atlantis and how several of the Atlantean/Greek cities got together and repelled the Atlanteans before it sunk and Atlantis sunk because they were violating the laws of God by creating Chimera which is against the law of God so first God warned them by sinking a couple of the islands so there were only 5 island states left.  They didn’t stop, it actually got worse, just like you see here even with the Czars throwing them out, they didn’t stop they just got worse because they’re soulless creatures now and have been for eons and so when a being doesn’t have a soul they’re founded in darkness so they take the beautiful gifts that God gave humans and other species and use them for power and control and they want absolute power and control, there’s no limit to how far that goes.  There is no such thing as absolute, that’s a God, They’re trying to win at God but without a soul it’s kind of impossible. Marker 1:33:48 Only through the soul, can you join back and have massive abilities for you too, as long as you use them for what God designed you to use them for.


DALLAS:  Gene, I just had kind of a weird thought as you were talking and going through the planetary history, and I know you are a man of faith, as am I and so is Chaz, I want to have a deep dive into who the God of Creation really is – because I just can’t – the vision, or the version our whole lives – ONE, is not complete – well, at least in my opinion it’s not complete – just like you said it’s been broken up and separated and hidden, but to really understand, because the God that I was taught about in the bible, it doesn’t correlate with all of those other things, as far as I know. So, I believe that everything is way bigger and way more comprehensive for lack of a better word…


GENE:  All encompassing.  All-encompassing and beyond that.


DALLAS:  Correct.  I believe its WAY more, right?  I want to dive into that and talk about who and what the God of Creation is because I have come to believe that most of us around the world, there’s a spiritual shift, that’s been happening for the last two years and an awakening and a drawing to The Creator, except we might just call them a different name.  I don’t want to misinterpret anything you’ve said but I think people are being drawn to The Creator, we just never have been given all the facts and all the truth.


CHAS:  I just have one simple question for both of you – Is JFK JR an alien and if so, is he still living?


GENE:  Can’t go there. Sorry.  It diverts to God.  Every single breath you take, every thought you’ve had, everything you are, everything you see, everything you experience, every thought you think, and everything else in all of creation, every universe, every time line, everything else in all of the areas that enclose all of that, and far more than that – is God. Marker 1:37:21


Omnipresent, means it’s everywhere. Omnipotent means all powerful because you can’t control something that’s not part of you, not 100%.  All knowing, you can’t know absolutely something and most people aren’t very knowing of who and what they are.  


CHAS:  I think that’s just about all of us, to be perfectly honest.

GENE: I’ve spent most of 40 years trying to figure out what is MY thoughts and not something created for me.  Going back to when I was a young child and thinking about the thoughts I had then and looking at those thoughts even before I learned to speak because I can remember in the womb and remembering the things I thought there and a few days after I was born and before I could walk and talk – those thoughts of who I really am what did I really see and how did I see it and what did I know, and how did I know it and at that point you are literally in communication with God, 24/7 and so you can feel that inflow and outflow your pineal’s wide open it is your seat for direct communication to the Holy Spirit from line of birth the Holy Spirit comes in there and it literally is the three dimensional cross of Christ.  Our body is not just a temple, it is the rendition of God. It’s got the cross of Christ in 3 dimensions.  It’s got the light of the Holy Spirit, it’s got six bodies in the spirits of the souls and the six days of creation and the day of rest, it has three circulatory systems representing the Trinity, it’s everything shows in how we are, what we are, even down to the genetics itself, which shows the word of God, all of the scriptures of all of the 777 books, all of that – what they call junk, to them – is the word of God.  It’s junk to them that’s why they call it ‘junk DNA’.  So that is, everything that is, all of that, and more.  Marker 1:38:42


Q&A from Chat


CHAS:  Is JFK JR alive?


GENE:  I will say that a lot of people do the disappearing and coming back trick so we’ll see that with many people, Michael Jackson, someone mentioned Elvis Presley and on and on.  I would refer people to the Men in Black movie. Michael’s in there, that’s pretty accurate actually. You’re not from here either, huh?


For me, once you start doing your research and you learn to NOT understand that there’s only ONE God as many as these people are you cannot see it you cannot have a soul, you can’t even have a grain of sand left into it because it’s intuitively, inherently obvious that there is a being of all creation.  Creation certainly wasn’t a big bang event is REALLY obvious.  It literally resonates on a six by one – or seven days of creation in a resonante sequencing pattern of a septive and then a doubling of frequency being the next thing, the octave, the next seven up, it’s literally how creation works and you can see the harmony and the reflection of [asaproxial] glow, as above so below, within us, without us, it’s all intra-connected and elegant and you have things that are called irreducible complexity, where you have things like blood clotting that requires many different proteins. Any one of them and you won’t be able to clot the blood. The human eye is the same way – many different parts – any one is gone, you don’t see. Marker 1:43:09


What would be the purpose of adding parts before that –none. Literally, like say you’re walking on the beach random patterns of waves will pick up a Rolex because it was created by the waves and the minerals and the elements and the sand and the pounding of the waves create a Rolex, I mean, come on – same here.  You have animals, in the rainforest for example, their reproductive organs look exactly like the fruit they eat and it’s like exactly which came first, the fruit or the creature with that. All of this unique interconnectedness in nature are things one couldn’t exist without the other and so how did they come about and you never find a missing book, ever.  All of this ‘missing link’ stuff – doesn’t exist.


You literally get changes of life in sudden moments.  What came first, the chicken or the egg – real simple – the egg.  ?? did this too, he took distilled water and made sure it was nothing but water, boiled it did all kind of things, sealed it, and then he radiated with a lazer for 48 hours and after it was done he allowed it to come back to normal vibration and he looked at it in a slide glass and there was life in there.  There were new, single celled plants and animals that don’t exist on Earth.  It’s literally our prayers being answered by God in what do you want to see next?  It’s how life exists.  It comes through prayer, through interconnection for what we need, what we want to experience and what we manifest and so it’s not evolution, at all.


It's the evolution of the needs and the desires and what you need to learn and what you need to experience for every species in that area, including us, in this case.


CHAS:  Did you know about the ship in Ukraine?


GENE: Yeah, I mentioned that earlier, it’s that whole sandy region. That was a spaceport and the ship that’s underneath there is the size of that sandy region. It’s completely now activated, they have completely taken that area, it’s across from the Nipah River, it’s near that area, so people know what I mean and what area I’m talking about. I went through that with Janette the other day, so if you go to my Real Gene Decode on Telegram,   all of the previous interviews including this one will be loaded up there as soon as they send them to me.


It’s gonna open everyone’s eyes when they see the sand, not even disturb the sand and see a ship coming up through the sand. It will be awesome but they’re good at hiding things people don’t even remember in the news in California during WWII the battle of LA - that happened.  The overflies of DC were literally by the Hanibu where the Nazi’s saying either you unconditional surrender and let us use your industrial might to complete our dark fleet or we will wreak havoc in your country.  Marker 1:47:12


There’s videos, you can see videos of it, people have filmed it and there’s many, many crisis, not just Roswell and they bury them and people don’t remember it and they don’t talk about it because they’re told not to cause they’ll kill you and everybody you know first, and then you.


Gene will be posting book recommendations when he gets his website up and running.


CHAS: Regarding a conversation I had with Lin Wood on the phone and he said all of this has to happen before May, really, because if Trump is going to come back it has to be before May, before the midterms and all this stuff.  I guess my question is A. What can you talk about in terms of Trump returning before 2024 and 2.Militarily the Alliance is going to be helping Trump regardless if he is the public that comes back from the previous term so to speak, OR is it going to be, as we were once told, it would be JFK JR coming back as President like you just said earlier, you know they disappear and come back… What’s your thoughts on all of that.


GENE:  I would say there’s over a 50% probability that’s that is correct on the timeline as it sits right now.  With the stuff with Romana and what not, it’s caused some glitches, I can say that, it’s caused the Sarah timeline to break into two pieces so there’s two time line Sarah’s so that’s an issue, so because there’s two primary lines I can’t say an absolute for May, but it’s the Trump timeline or the Romana timeline so which one of the Sarah lines are you on?


So, one will be May possibly, it depends on how they bounce back and forth across and through each other.  The timelines actually for a while there pass through each other and bounce in and off each other until they get too divergent where there’s too much difference and then you go on your line and everybody died to you or just ceased to exist to many people and things will disappear you know, like the Mandela effect, where they are, and then eventually they’ll move so far away that – there are timelines for example – where Kennedy and Lincoln were never shot because there were psychics that warned about Lincoln and they created a Bureau of Psychic Affairs to advise the President’s to keep them safe and so there’s time lines where the only war on Earth, was the War of 1812 for the independence of the US, it was in 1812 and that was the independence.  There’s timelines where the cabal isn’t here, there’s timelines where dinosaurs did not completely… pretty much, I mean there’s dinosaurs on the surface of the Earth they’ve just gotten smaller as the Earth has gotten bigger and larger in the gravitational field, too.  There’s still some dinosaurs, like in the Congo for example and in different parts of Africa that are very heavily jungled and in the Amazon, but there are timelines where they are preserved all over the Earth so that every possibility that can exist, does exist.


The same with Trump coming back again. It depends on a contingency. Timelines create themselves by the thoughts and the choices of the individuals. So, thoughts, feelings, emotions and the choices you make all of those, are the delineating factor and that’s why if you don’t have a soul, you can’t control squat other than making people think what you need them to think to create the timeline.


If you have a soul, you have thoughts, feelings and emotions that are getting energy input from God, from the particles coming out of the singularities that create reality and physicality and all of that as it drops down from the higher vibrations, it becomes 8D, down to 7, 6, 5, 4 down to where we are, and becomes physical reality so it’s not exactly the decision you make but it’s WHY you make that decision that matters and how you make that decision so if you drastically change how you think and you let go of the fear, you let go of buying into the fear, you let go of the greed, you let go of all of that stuff, if all of humanity were to start heading towards doing that…


CHAS:  Your frequency…


GENE: A psychic, it was during WWII where Edgar Cayce was told that if you could get 60 people to suddenly meditate on peace, WWII would suddenly come to an end and they actually did experiments with that in DC in the middle of the summer.  They said they were going to meditate on being peaceful and all of that and they told the DC Police Dept and they said the only way that they expect a 30% drop in crime, ALL crime, the only way that would happen is if it snowed 3 ft. And in actuality, by the end of the thirty days, the police were joining them because they did see even more than a 30% decrease particularly in violent crimes, murders, rape, all went down. If we were to change our thoughts, feelings and emotions and not buy in or focus on death and destruction and nuclear holocaust and all this other stuff, that’s why they are pumping it again. It’s not gonna happen – by them – its gonna happen by our thoughts feelings and emotions creating a choice.

Fear – is a choice – it’s a story you’re telling yourself about what may or may not happen in the future.  The only way it can happen is if you buy into it.  It’s false expectation that attracts reality. That expectation of what you’ve been told, when you falsely buy into it and you attract that reality. In other words, you create that timeline.


If everybody were to meditate and really focus, over half the world, especially the US, half the US people, wake up to 19 and everything about it and the mandates are a crock – it’s never been true – it’s spike proteins and then they aerosolized it and then additionally, that it was intentional and the people that were part of that intention are currently running this country and the media is complicit in their propaganda and if the people of the US were to wake up just half of us, it only takes half and we’re at 30%, we’re not that far away, if half the people were to wake up and say we want a person that runs and represents our government for us, not for themselves, whether it’s Trump or whoever, or it’s somebody else, Trump, if you want, who represents the people as a true Christian, then the good of the people and the faith in God, as a true Christian, God first, in everything you do and that we get back all our freedoms per the original Bill of Rights and the Constitution, as the ORIGINAL Constitution – not the 1871 organic act that they replaced at the battle of 1812, Constitutions of these United States for America and pull them back out and we were taught them and show them again and get rid of the Corporate Industrial Complex and the pharmaceutical industrial complex and realign everything into a system that all of the truth has to come out and people demanded it and focused on it in their minds their thoughts and feelings and say we don’t want our children abused, we want the truth, we want God principals and everything taught like it used to be, every day you go to school and every day you pledge allegiance with your hand over your heart to the United States for which it stands, one nation – under God.  If we got back to that you would wind up having it happen by May, for sure.




U.S. Air Force Pilot Exposes Top Secret Chemtrail Program — It’s Called ‘Operation Indigo Skyfold’




Water Memory and Structured Water Martin Chaplin


Water Memory (2014 Documentary about Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier)


The Inexhaustible Power of Water   Viktor Schauberger

SACRED GEOMETRY: ‘The Spiral Vortex’, Viktor Schauberger’s Repulsine – By Frank Germano (Archive)


The MMS Protocols - Jim Humble


Go to Time Marker 46:45 to hear Gene discuss Humble's success

For some time MMS protocols have been listed on my websites.

Some have also been listed on other websites and many “adjusted” or supposed “non-official” Jim Humble protocols have been floating around as well. I have spent the last three years or more writing my latest book, the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook.

About Jim Humble

Jim Humble first began his work in the health field in his early 20’s when he became the manager of a health food store in Los Angeles, California. He authored a 200 question “Nutritional Evaluation Test” that determined the vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fats a person’s body might be deficient in. The test was later computerized and was considered by many to be the most accurate method of determining deficiencies known at the time. Over the years Jim has maintained his interest in alternative health, and worked with numerous healing modalities including healing his own broken neck in record time using magnets. He has authored many successful books and his current developments are outlined in this instruction guidebook.


The MMS Protocols

My intent with this book has been to have all the needed MMS information to recover one’s health in one handy and easy to follow volume.




MMS / Chlorine Dioxide Health Recovery Guide Protocols



By Kerry Cassidy February 3, 20201 Min Read

Jim's Book or Ebook is highly recommended especially if you are new to MMS)

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