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GENE DECODE: Interview #2  PART TWO  6-8-2021

Time in the bible.  God’s days are not our days.

1000 days per day of God.

Milky Way was pulled out of Andromeda through the wormhole they created for the humans.  The Heavens and the Earth.

Before that, humans lived on Urancha, which orbits around the same Central Sun that all the galaxies turn around, which is Sheebra.  Talked about in the Sumerian Scrolls.  Going back trillions of years.

If People realized you can manifest things through thought and focus. Humans were here long before these Reptilians.  We are more ancient than they are.

Humans have 64 stranded genomes.  That is why they are after our DNA. We were the FIRST CREATION – created in the image of God, THE most ancient culture.  The original blueprint, our DNA, the human DNA, still has 64 genetic strands, which contains the blueprint of all creation.  ALL species in the universe are in the etheric blue print, the human blueprint, of our DNA.

777 books were put together Trillions of years ago.  We are just finishing 18 trillion years. First duration of seven.


There were the Ubers, and Atlantis, and Lemuria, and Hyperboria, and then Polaria.

The Earth broke up with the war of Giglamesh, 167 million 500 thousand years ago.

The spin of the Earth caused the continents to move to their current locations in less than 40 days.

The continents have only shifted 40 ft or so, since that time.

The Earth split when the nuke was launched during the war, and became what we know now.

Before that, it was a solid mass of crust, with freshwater seas on the surface.

The oldest core samples from the depths of the ocean, no one is older than 170 million years.

The first rift started where the Marianas Trench is, where those freshwater seas were.

The pressure of the water then created sandstone, which is very weak compared to metamorphic and igneous rock.

A liquid mantle underneath it began eroding, so the liquid mantle, underneath, got weak.

The continents would have eventually drifted due to this, but that’s not what happened.

The land mass would have appeared to have been sinking, but what actually happened was they were drifting out, away from the main land mass towards the horizon, and that gave the appearance of sinking.


Atlantis is half of Antarctica.  Lemuria, is the other part of it.  Those were the 2 primary land structures.

The majority of Lemuria was destroyed by Atlantis when they shot from the moon with particle weapons.

Lemuria shot back, which is a lot of the devastation we see on this side of the moon. 

The big craters on this side of the moon.


The big crack from that blast, cracked the continents and caused them to drift to where they are now.

A vast amount of change happened in a very short time.

The core samples tell this story.

The Lemurian land mass in Antarctica line up with Australia and fit nicely into the Pacific Coast of the North American Continent.

The MerCator map, The map you have in school, is a false projection.  (Wikipedia lists it as the MerCator Projection)

They moved the Equator up – well, actually down – to make Africa look smaller, because they flipped the map upside down, too. 

Antarctica is actually the north pole of the firmament. (Santa/Satan)


Angelics and Demonics exist as separate entities – from Aliens.

The Book of Enoch – used as the formation of many of these secret societies.

Not all demonics are non-terrestrial type beings.

The true demonics are actually created in Andromeda, on their home planet, at that time, which was known as Tara.

The movie EarthSeed.  The nameless ones, were the dark sides of the sorcerers, at that time the cabal had taught the non-terrestrial groups, black magic, to cast out the dark side.

The dark side – has a purpose.  When you do things that harm other beings or that you should be shameful for, you feel guilty, and that prevents you from doing it again. And then, as if that wasn’t enough, it attracts to you, situations that are not good for you, and so you will attract things to you, like car accidents and things, because you are not acting out of that higher purpose, and service to source.  The dark side has a purpose – not to operate from there – but to understand when you are off-track.


When they did that magic, then they cast that out that darkness.  The purpose of the dark, was to serve the light, and now the darkness has nothing to serve, but it’s own darkness, and that magic, that separation of the darkness from the light, created the demons.  Darkness, serving itself, and attracting to it, more darkness. 


The high sorcerers at that time, were given that satanic magic, and cast the darkness out of the humans and that actually created the first demons.

The Cabal re-wrote the book of Enoch, so that when you find the book, you won’t know if you have the right one or not.

Blessed 2 Teach on YouTube does a series of videos on how to tell the difference between the 2 books.

Every Gene DeCode that he has ever done is on Backstage at Blessed 2 Teach.

There is a new website that Blessed for service coordinators have put up you can get when you join.



QFS needs to be in place, to keep evil from being financed around the world, before Trump can return.

NESARA – a group of farmers got together and forced the President,

A QUANTUM COMPUTER Set – has the capacity, and is AI, but it is monitored by higher dimensional beings – beyond 7th density, so that it doesn’t do

Every economic system created, will be given a Quantum Signature Stamp, so that when you create something, everything you create has a unique signature – a unique point in space time – a quantum signature. 

That Quantum Signature will be linked to that economic instrument, whether that is a gold, or silver coin, or a mortgage, or whatever it is – will be instantly linked, and then rippled out to every server on Earth, in 2.7 seconds, so that every server on Earth knows that Quantum signature, and you can’t fake/re-make a singular Quantum moment, time/space event.

It is also being monitored by the 7th dimensional beings, so that no one can create counterfeit currency, ballots, ets..

It’s NOT BLOCKCHAIN because in Blockchain, if you’ve got over 52%, the cabal created cryptocurrencies, you can make it go up and down, or crash it if you need to. 

The Fictional market is known as the common market.

They have the original NESARA documents, even though the cabal brought down the WTC Towers to try and get rid of it.  Trump has the original


The Vatican kept meticulous records about where they stole all their gold and possessions from over the centuries. 

It’s enough gold, to give every country on Earth their own gold coins.


The notes, the Treasury bills – the T Bills – per the original constitution, Article 1, Section 8 -  says that all money shall be coined, by an act of Congress, through the US Treasury, that’s the mints.

So, like Denver, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. 


All that other paper money was issued by the Bank of NY, which is not real money, so all that goes away.


So, when you travel, you will have silver and gold certificates – paper money – that will be backed directly– one for one with gold and silver.  So that you don’t have to travel with coin.

If someone would try to fake a note, the system would show 2 notes, and the original has a Quantum time stamp, so you immediately know which one is fake.




The technology comes from the Nordics, which are non-terrestrial.

They are part of the Galactic Alliance.


Galactic Alliance or Federation, works under Thor-Han or Val-Thor. 

That group works directly, and was called to help the human race and Earth, and the galaxy through the Council of Andromeda.

The 17 Alliance – working under the Andromedan Council are the ‘good guys’

It is ACTUALLY an ALLIANCE – because a Federation, like the Federated States of Germany, gave up their autonomy to join Germany.  In a federation you must give up a part of its autonomy to join a bigger group and you no longer have your own rules, like Germany.

In an ALLIANCE – you keep your sovereignty, and just join a group to participate in a common goal.  38:30 Marker


There is a ‘jump-gate’ in the Hilton in Amsterdam that can take you to any other Hilton with a jump gate in the world.  Most of the bigger Hilton’s have those Jump Gates.  It’s essentially an Einstein-Rosen bridge theory, where you essentially create a warp in space that connects 2 points without having to go through the points in-between. You take an elevator down to a small room below the Hilton, and you get in and then you go to the Hilton you requested.

Most of us, have had an experience with a non-terrestrial.  Many of them can shape-shift.  When Gene’s third eye first opened, there are a few days a month that are non-terrestrial days.  I have pictures of members of Congress, and both the 3D and 5D sun.  When your third eye opens you can obviously see things that the rest of us cannot see.

Did your near-death experience where you talked to God and saw the Universe and then brought your body back to life.  Third Eye opening happened about 2012.  So even with your third eye open, you would have to be pretty high up in 5D to see both suns, like in Bali

So when they first did the 2 slit experiment.  Photon light, appears to be both.  They had an electron barrier that would allow them to see the electron strikes as they passed through the slits.  If it’s a particle, you would expect to see a scatter.   When nobody watches, you have a wave pattern, but when the electrons are viewed, even with an electronic eye, you get a scatter pattern – showing that an electron will behave differently when observed.

3D vs 5D Experience – How It Works

When they first started bombarding protons in particle colliders, they found that certain particles have a certain trajectory, which will be the same – but when someone watches that particle, the wave pattern changes. So the MERE process of someone watching it, changes how the particle behaves. What they realize that when you have a particle that is no one is watching, the wave pattern represents all the possible quantum states, all the universes that particle could be in,  but a person has choices they have made hat delineates the universe, in other words the Quantum state that they are in, so that means you are looking at a certain level of the wave, if you would, and you looking at it collapses the wave function to a particle level, and so each person experiences THEIR universe and THE Universe, it’s a collective consciousness that we choose overall,  the choices matches a quantum vibration that chooses that vibration over all, but each person within that wavelength of that Universe Quantum packet vibration, there’s a variant. Each person has a slightly unique selection, so what you see will be slightly different than anybody else so there becomes an overall consensus, but if it became massively different, outside the overall consensus, you would then move to a consensus that matches your Quantum frequency. Third Eye open isn’t necessary for seeing Aliens, but it helps a lot.

You can train yourself to see the energy body, the astral body, the emotional body, the etherical body, etc.  Gene did it through martial arts training. You can learn divergous vision and convergous vision, even without your third eye open and learn to see those things.  For example you hold your finger out in front of your eyes and then you look at it and then you focus WAY past it, like in the amazing 3D eye books that you look deep into the photo and hold your focus and your eyes will start to integrate and it will pop out in 3D, and if you focus far away from your finger, but still you’re looking at your finger, but focus far away, you will start to see what looks like a double image or maybe like a haze or a mist, like you see on the road sometimes, a reflection like that due to the light bending.  So that, you’re actually seeing your astral body and/or your ethereal body, depending on what your emotional state is so that type of vision can actually be worked on. MARKER 13:45


I don’t call it a near-death experience, because I was actually dead for a half hour, so I call it a death experience.  If you are actually dead, the cord that connects your soul to your actual body is broken, so to find your physical body, for me, God brought me back, and from that point on, he warned me that if I leave my body, I needed to learn the resonant frequency of my body, because if I leave it, I won’t find it again, so I had to do that.  And so if you’ve had a near-death experience, than that cord is still attached, so you can find your body again, so there is a difference there.  That woke me up, as far as a MASSIVE amount of information but upon talking to Rick, when I first met him, God told me I had to go to somebody to give the information out, and he gave me 5 people to pick from, and after looking at each platform for a while, I picked Rick, and so I met Rick here at the airport in the city I live in and we talked for about 30 minutes to an hour and then I told him I had a DeCode for him some weeks later and that I was the guy that met you at the airport and so he did that decode and then finally it progressed to the DUMB decode and he said “I have to be honest with you, when I met you at the airport – I thought you were totally psychotic.” MARKER 15:34

30 Years ago when I brought up the Illumanati and Satanism people thought I was out of my mind.  Now that I’m talking about trains that go mach speed and underground tunnels, 100’s under the US, and thousands around the world.  Now, some know about the NOW and the DUMBS, they are saying I am psychotic about the Space Program and the non-terrestrials.

Now, there is TONS of information out there.  The internet has it all out there.  There is a very small group of families that run the world and they are Satanists that are really evil and do terrible things, so the secret space program and time travel and sliding and all of that, to me that was common place. To me, that was normal because I grew up with that.  My father was a scientist for Martin- Marietta and he’d be doing experiments like Tesla and lightning bolts would be flying around and I thought that was normal. MARKER 19:40  It took me a long time to wrap my head around what was down the rabbit hole for me, was different than others.  They have actual been working with anti-gravity since the 1800’s, and had DEFININITELY been on the moon and Mars by, at the VERY latest, the 1930’s.  Even the US had a mission in 1903.


Sun gazing is great.  I noticed the more I did, the more my vision improved. It actually went past perfect, so that helps to re-acrue the genetics that we had originally, as we were created by God – 64 genetic strands – so they say we have all this ‘junk’ DNA.  It’s not junk, and its not even DNA, because DNA is double helix

Gene DeCode  Nicholas Veniamin 7-20-2021


SDI – Strategic Defense Initiative –

Particle based back in the 80’s lazers

DARPA created 4 terawatt lazer that is bounced off of a satellite mounted for targeting.

Paradise Fires were targeted

D.E.W. – Directed Energy Weapon – beam – it’s a phased beam. It’s phased such that it doesn’t lose it’s coherency through atmosphere

Fireplace and entire house vaporized – garbage cans 2 feet away and trees around it – untouched

Same thing with 911, there was a parking lot a few blocks away that they used as a test run.

As long as they have a one foot area around you, they could vaporize you, and not touch a thing around you.  

It could take out every nuke on Earth, even if they all launched at once.

Submarines with nuclear warheads.  They can tell the signature and type of fuel the warheads they can tell where it was mined and where it was refined.  There is a nuclear signature.


Rathbone off the coast that launched at Hawaii in 2018, had a nuke with every signature of every country on Earth, so they could make it look like whoever they wanted it to look like sent the nuke.

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