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Eden's Crystal Trees


The Essene Books of Peace, and the Crystal Trees, felled by the Nephilim!

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Some Biblical context to start off us. Thanks Daniel!

In the early days of our Solar System, 3.6 Billion years ago, things were very chaotic.

According to Bode’s law, there should be a planet in between Mars and Jupiter, where the Inner Asteroid Belt is currently located.

It should be a pretty decently sized planet at that.

According to our ancestors via the Enuma Elish, there was a planet between Mars and Jupiter. They call it Tiamat. One day a rogue planet, Marduk, comes from out of nowhere and decides to go against the flow of traffic.

Theresa Crapello

There's always that one in a group.

Crash!! Tiamat is no more.

Half of Tiamat got knocked out of orbit and barrels towards the sun. The other half disintegrates and becomes the asteroid belt

Actual picture of the event, 3.6 Billion years ago.

The surviving half settles between Venus and Mars to become the Earth.

Due to the Law of Density, the planet reforms into a smooth ball... sort of. It’s kind of egg shaped but whatever.

And it cools, and it cools...

And there we have it. Earth is one relatively smooth, round planet. No oceans, little atmosphere, no continents.

Did you know the Earth is made of mostly Silicon? So weird how carbon based life came to dominate. Alright, science people!! Redeem yourselves!!

Ohhhh so this what Devil’s tower looked like.

Unless it was made of silicon. Cmon science people!!!

Ok so we got silicon based life forming first. This is possible because there is no water on Earth yet to interfere with the bonds. Did they look like this? I don’t know!! Silicon is shiny, maybe!!?

Crystal plants everywhere 

Shiny like this!? Ehh maybe not.

I suppose it looked like this, at first.

These are our giant silicon based trees. Let’s go back to Devils Tower.

Kind of flat on top. What On Earth Happened!!?

Ohhhh. Saw dust gives it away every time. Should’ve known.

And like, who were they??? Giants??

Let’s jump to present day Earth. Here it is without oceans. Looks very different from our smooth round planet from before. What happened?

Steep cliffs everywhere...

Giant machinery awwwwwww yyyeeeahhhhh!!! Letsss go. Earth is a giant mining quarry!!

I’ll bet the Oceans are but the remnants of a quarry. Filled in with water over the years of course.

What were they mining for? Gold? Silica?

Crunch crunch crunch crunch

Here’s what little bitty man is capable of.

We do it too.

They did it bigger though. Horseshoe Canyon

Grand Canyon.

Peru. We turned their strip mines into eco-friendly farms. Go humanity!

But what about our giant trees? What happened to them?

Looks like they cut all the branches off and threw everything in a pile.

They left a few branches behind.

Something tells me the tree fell in a downwardly direction.

They cut the trees up and burned them all.

Put them in burn piles.

Burn piles everywhere.

Like really, really big burn piles.

Some of them are still smoldering.

Kilimanjaro is a burn pile.

Who did it Incas???? Tell us!!!!

Wait here’s a clue. They had drills. Ok thanks Incas. Thanks for the heads up.

They shipped carbon to Earth to burn the trees.

What they got was pure silica. Very profitable in the intergalactic exchanges? Good for building computers??

Some more crystal forest pictures.

Ehhhh not like that. Maybe? Who knows what silicon based life looks like?

Whatever, crystal forests baby awwwwww yeaaahhh!

They packed their pure grade silica and other precious metals and took off

They went that way.

I bet we could still use these today.

So majestic.

Going deep this time guys. Check your safety harnesses.

The artist put a carbon based tree on top of a silica based stump. That would be way too big to be carbon based.  Amateur.

Awwwww yeah!!! That’s right, we’re talking giant crystal forests. Let’s gooooooooooo!!!


  • Dc Pope Pope

    Yup tree

    • Eun Pruessner I was thinking the same thing. Well if they could cut and stack stone they could cut a tree. Think about it. If it were the giants everything else would have to be in proportion to the things around it. If you had a 20 foot person and a 10 foot tree. Maybe there is more to the story of Paul and the Blue Ox named Babe

  • Eun Pruessner

    Looks like the tree was cut down by saw or something????​

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Lynn Baumgartner

So are you thinking about the dells??

Craig Wink

I am blown away. I just showed 2 people this and all your tree pics. I got shrugs and disbelief. Whats more amazing. The Giant trees or peoples block of truth?

  • Linda Hale

    Craig Wink I had the same reaction from some one I showed it to . I am so excited to see this ! Their answer was “”photoshopped “”. I don’t care I loved it !! I want to see more . Thank you Michael Marson thank you for all your work . This was amazing !!