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Hello beautiful Earth lights, my name is Bridget and I’m a New Earth shaman, healer, lightworker, grid worker, activator and New Earth guide.


In my practice, Heal Therapies, I focus on attuning your vibration through clearing your energy field of what is no longer serving it. I have lived many, many soul lives in different forms and periods of existence, this gives me the ability to look with incredible depth and a very wide view into your personal story and your life. I am able to clear or remove experiences, implants, violations, agreements, contracts, break down and clear illusions, .. (etc.. the list is long..) that may be blocking you or keeping you stuck or in unhealthy lower vibrations.

My gift is to connect with your higher self and spirit team and to be guided by You from a healed and higher existence.

I understand the mystics, the mechanics, and the precision around my work to safely and responsibly attune you to your highest available frequency. I also have the gift of sight and knowing to help you to see yourself in different forms and different lives as well as to support you in this current one.


The new health CARE system is attunement and raising your vibe and frequency into activation so that it may perfectly serve you as it is designed to do.


We only need to come back home to ourselves to activate our beautiful internal genius. I teach, guide and support this awareness and journey back to self.


I love what I do very much and am honored and grateful to get to do what I do! My light is here to ignite yours and to ignite all who are ready.

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Healing Meditation Channel

Frequency Healing Videos on YouTube

Queen Romana Didulo of Canada posted healing link:

She recommends playing it 24/7 for those who are very ill - but best if done in the morning and at night

Relaxing Music. Healing Dolphins Songs + Alpha Binaural Beats for Study, Meditation, Deep Sleep

Queen Romana's Telegram Channel

All 6 Videos recommended by Queen Romana, infused with 10D vibrational energetic frequencies.

*How to Loop* right click on the video and a pop-up menu will come up, first choice = Loop**

1) Terminate A.I Nano Bots- Smart Dust Nanites.

DO NOT loop this video.

Safe for Children and Pets

2) Healing MorgellonS LymE Disease Sine Wave.

Safe for Children and Pets.

DO NOT Loop this video.

3) For those who want to be Healers....

This video is for you...

3) IF you want to also heal your Pets -

let your Pet listen to this as well while you are listening...

Safe for Children and Pets

4) Listen to remove duality from your life.

Note: Low frequencies people and those that no longer resonate with your high vibration will be removed from your life, ie friends and Families, places and things- so that's a Head up.

You will notice you won't be able to stand certain people.

Safe for Children and Pets.

5) To sleep listen to this video 30 minutes before going to sleep...

Do not drive or operate mechanical device(s) after listening to this video until next day.

6) Anyone who may have anxiety, foggy minds or negative energy attachments...

Please, listen to this on a Loop or as much as possible.

Play it out loud in your home or room to remove any entities hanging around.

It is safe for animals and children

DMT Music to Full Restore All 7 Chakras┇DMT Power to Open All Chakras┇UNLOCK Pineal Gland Activation

Started streaming on Oct 30, 2021

Lovemotives Meditation Music

DMT Music to Full Restore All 7 Chakras, (Octaves)

DMT Power to Open All Chakras,

UNLOCK Pineal Gland Activation with this music for deep meditation and trance experience.

🎶🤍 Andrew Bauer - Heal-A-Ness Vol. 2 🤍🎶

Grand Rising Beloved One's 🌞🙏🧡

How are You Feeling today? 🥰4-11-2022

I have something very special to share with You today,

I just finished a New DJ Mix, Following Up on my "Music Healing Sessions", I was drawn to continue on this "Progressive" Vibe, I really enjoy mixing this genre.

All I can say, this genre is Magical...

As for any of my DJ Mixes, all of the songs I choose to Play or Share, always have a Deeper Meaning to Me.

If there's a Vocal for example, it probably applies in parts or in full with something relatable to my Life, or some of my own Personal Life  Experiences.

As always, I've also Encoded Reiki Healing Energies & Retuned the whole Mix in 432Hz.

Link to Listen Online & Download... 👇👇👇


From my Heart ♥️ to Yours 🙏♥️

Enjoy 🙏🎶🤍🎶🤍🎶

Andrew Bauer - WWG1WGA Vol.1

July 29th, 2021

Andrew Bauer - Nascondiglio

July 20th, 2021


Why Sound Heals | Cymatics, Entrainment, Mandalas, Frequencies and DNA

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Rife Machine and Sound Healing
Great Awakening Map:
Royal Rife was able to cure cancer in the 1930's

with his invention but Big Pharma quickly swept him and this info under the rug.

The microorganism oscillates at a certain frequency and explodes. Having an exact diagnosis and lots of Rife research greatly helps when using this machine. I personally treated my own Lyme disease with the help of one of these machines along with A LOT of supplemental support.

Solfeggio 369:
Royal Rife:
Rife bacteria:
Doug Coil:

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Bridget Stipek  - Heal Therapies 


Alternative & Holistic Health Service

Subconscious Emotional Release Therapy. Healing Guide. Shadow Work. Guided Meditations. Believer in all things possible.

Located in Kenosha, WI

Bridget understands the emotional/psychological impact of our soul contracts and the ancient trauma so many of us unknowingly carry with us. Those often dark, (archonic forces) acting against you, or that may be attached to you, and many of the things we don't completely understand that may be holding us back, or causing us to 'stand in our own way'. 

She can help you release those dark energies from your personal 'field' and unblock the subconcious mindsets and emotions that can hold us all back from living our best lives from time to time.

If you feel connected to Bridget and her services, please contact her through her Facebook page:

Just a little background on Bridget's work...

Bridget spent the better part of 2020-2021 traveling half-way around the world to places like - Egypt, Tanzania, and living at the base of Mt Meru, Africa - clearing her soul, anchoring the new energy of Earth, and discovering herself, so she can now help heal ALL OF YOU!!

She is SO eager to begin healing and anchoring in the energy of The New Earth with you all!!

Bridget is pictured here with Joseph, the son of the man who owns the property where the crystal is located.  In order to place that crystal back in that grid, Bridget needed to find the location, using only GPS cooridinates, which were given to her by another wonderful person she came across in her travels, and then identify exactly what crystal was supposed to be placed there.

There are no coincidences. 

Let your little light shine!!

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