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The Jesus Strand Transcribed on Telegram

Jesus Strand Part 1

Oct 30, 2021

Jesus Strand 2


Oct 31, 2021


Patriot Streetfighter POST Jesus Strand Discussion w/ Neg48 & Crew

Team Global


PPN, Patriot Street Fighter, Neg48 & The Apostles For The Big Reveal, The Jesus Strand 8.27.21


The Jesus Strand: A Round Table from The Dark OutPost

Published September 23, 2021


Trump Hails ‘Unbreakable’ Transatlantic Bond At D-Day Ceremony

What is Russelll Pickett in Gematria?

Check out the 1:11 Mark.  Hello, Mr. President!

Jun 6, 2019

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All credit for transcription goes to:

The Jesus Strand Transcribed on Telegram

Transcription by MQAB

A transcription & reference point for The Jesus Strand 1 & 2. This is a work in progress. It is word for word & in chronological order.  The 1st pinned post takes you to the beginning of part 1, and the 2nd pinned post is part 2. Thank You & Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: I apologize in advance for any inaccuracies or errors that may occurr on this post.

I am doing my best to share the information from this Telegram channel to the best of my abilites. 

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The Jesus Strand Part 1 
Transcription by MQAB

SabrinaGal:  This story is a compilation of research from today’s presenters in addition to Patrick Bouvier Kennedy the brother of John F. Kennedy Jr. who has a PHD in Middle Eastern studies and a masters in engineering.

SabrinaGal:  We ask you to have an open mind, an open heart, and honor the wisdom of the ancients, those who came before us, and their sacred relationship with God.  This is a genealogy story, a miracle story, a glorious story.  Before we begin we’d like to give you a brief introduction of what Gematria is with Negative 48.

Negative 48:  Hello everybody.  Gematria is something that most of us didn’t know anything about and most of us still don’t know anything about, and it’s a way to send a message, using different cyphers, to somebody in code.  And so you know, we are at war, this is a war for your mind, WWIII, and gematria is A is 1 and Z is 26.

Negative48:  It’s just a real simple, ya know, ABC 123.  Trump and the Q board gave it to us on drop 40 so you can go look at drop 40 on the Q board and it said “4,10,20”.  Underneath it it said “A, b, c, d, e……”.

Negative48:  So, we can clearly see that “4, 10, 20” 4 is D, so 4 represents D.  That means 1 is A, 2 is B, 3 is C, 4 is D, E is 5.  So to get to 10 back in the day we were rookies and we were counting on our fingers, and we realized that 10 was J.  And then we would do some more counting because that’s what the “…” means you have to continue on with the alphabet.  And so we would count up to 20 and we realized that 20 was T, “4, 10, 20” was DJT, Donald J Trump

Negative48:  So, when you add up all the numbers, I mean Z is obviously 26, Y is 25, and that’s 51 right there, and A-X equals 300.  So A-Z is 351.  “God communicates through numbers”, 351.  Meaning, G-O-D.  G is 7, O is 15, D is 4, C is 3 and you just keep adding up all the letters in “God communicates through numbers” and you get 351, and A-Z (the full alphabet) is 351.  “The twenty six Holy letters”, 351.  “God’s prophecy is the English alphabet”, 351.  “God coded every English alphabet letter”, 351.  “Jesus Christ is the English alphabet”, 351.  “English’s twenty six letters”, 351.  “The manifestation of Jesus Christ”, 351.  Ya know?  You get what I’m sayin?  “The terms of simple English Gematria”, 351.  That’s what this is.  We’re just using simple English Gematria.

Negative48:  Now simple is A is 1 and Z is 26.  English is a different one, but this is simple English Gematria.  So I know it’s a little confusing, so as long as your A is 1 and Z is 26 you’re going to get and use the cypher Q gave us so that you can figure out the communications and the comms they’re giving.

Negative48:  So throughout this story someone’s going to say a phrase or a word like “President”, 110.  P is 16, R is 18, E is 5, S is 19…  You just add up the letters in the word and you get a number.  So when you hear a phrase and a number, you’re going to realize that they’re related.  “President”, 110.  “American bad ass”, 110.  Our president’s an American badass so they’re going to be related.  These numbers are going to be related, and they’re both going to obviously be related because they share the same number.

Negative48:  So with that being said, “Kingdom of satan destroyed by word”, 351.  We’re supposed to follow the truth?  The truth is his Word.  So, here we go, take it away.

SabrinaGal:  Alright, thank you Michael.  So back to the Jesus strand.  Now, our Bibles of today basically have about 66 books, but in actuality there are about 777 books of the Bible.  Some even say 888 books if we include the book of giants.  Now we know that the Vatican has 50 miles of tunnels beneath the building that contains books that many of us haven’t seen but we now are privy to that information.  Now, the books we have today are not the original books.  They have been edited, and let me tell you a little bit about the older Bibles that we’re aware of.

👆SabrinaGal:  There is the Codex Sinaiticus from 350 AD which is the oldest available inclusive Bible.  The Codex Vaticanus from 300 - 305 AD written in Greek which was found near Alexandria Egypt, but it’s not the oldest.  Then there’s the Dead Sea Scrolls from 250 BC - 70 AD which are extremely fragmented and incomplete.  And older still are the Greek translations of the Hebrew and Aramaic scriptures, Aramaic being the language of Jesus Christ, called The Septuagint which is considered even older from about 250 AD.  There’s the Ethiopian Garima Gospels which is the world’s earliest illustrated Christian book from the 5th century, and then there are the Bibles from the Coptics, the Egyptian Coptics, and the orthodox religions like the Armenians, the Lebanese, the Greek, and the Russian orthodox.  And all of these lead us to our edited Bibles of today.

SabrinaGal:  I’d like to introduce Brice who’s going to give us a deep dive, a Biblical and historical deep dive into the ancient texts, the scriptures, the books that have been found and are revealing new truths about Jesus Christ.

Brice:  Hi guys.  Thank you so much for having me here today, and I like to say that these missing books found me I didn’t find them, and they have really opened up my eyes to the fact that we have been misled in a lot of ways and misled intentionally.  And yes, I know that’s hard for a lot of practicing Christians to understand that our Bible has been edited.  It has been edited, it has been changed.  That does not change God, that does not change the light.

Brice:  In Genesis 1:3 it says “Let there be LIGHT”.  And at least for me growing up in a Presbyterian southern church I always thought that just meant God said “Let there be light” so people can see the sun.  But what I’ve learned in my studies is that the original word “light”, what the original people reading these scriptures would have understood, meant DIVINE SPARK.  And this divine spark is really apparent in some of these missing gospels like The Apocryphon of John.  The value of that divine spark, that divine spark that anointment that God gave each of us.  That is something that [they] would like to take away in my opinion.
So, when Jesus was born, we…well, we’ll get into where he possibly might have been born later on in the show, but he had people following him around.  Now we know that we were told that he had 12 apostles.  Well, what I have found in my studies is that he had more than 12 apostles.  And, in fact, he had many women apostles as well.  Women who were anointed by him to continue teaching.

Brice:  Now why are we told there are 12 apostles?  Well, something I have just found is that 12 + 1 is 13.  13 is the number of a coven.  Why is this important?  Well, this goes back to Constantine the Great who created the council of Nicaea.  In order to understand Constantine, we have to look at what was happening after Jesus’ death.  After Jesus died all of his disciples, his students, had to scatter from where they were living.  This was, as most of us can understand living in our day today, if we kind of mirror it with what they were going through, this was revolutionary what Jesus was teaching, this whole concept.  They had to get out of town.  Jesus had been executed and they were all very much in some trouble, and they all died very very horrific deaths most of them for their convictions.

Brice:  Well this is how a lot of these works started to move across the continent.  And we know, for the New Testament at least, we have the 4 Canonized Gospels which are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  And then we have a bunch of letters that were written by Paul.  Well obviously there are way more Gospels out there than what we were allowed to read, and I have gone through some of the Gospels that we have and it’s pretty eye opening as to what the real teachings of Jesus were and the information in these Gospels.  And yes, the Vatican has not released any of these Gospels to us.  Everything we’ve found, or we have, has been found by people just like us, from the early Christian days, that hid these books.  Because at some point, after the council of Nicaea, there were severe punishments for owning these books like death, imprisonment, and slavery.  So, it doesn’t sound like something Jesus would have taught, right?

Brice:  So, then we have Constantine coming along, Constantine was born in 272 AD.  At this point the Roman Empire had been divided up into four different sections.  Almost like a republic like what the United States is supposed to be.  And with each four sections there was a governor.  Constantine’s father was the governor of the western side of Europe, and he passed away in 306 AD.  At this point, Constantine became the ruler of the western side of this empire.  Constantine decided that he didn’t just want to rule the western side of this empire.  He wanted to rule the whole empire almost like what we would call today “a new world order”.  And so, at this point he’s up in Great Britain, where we call Great Britain today, near Hadrian’s Wall.  That is a wall that marked the outer most points of the Roman Empire.  This is where he started his crusades to become the untouchable emperor that he eventually would become.

Brice:  So Constantine practiced a religion called Mithraism.  And a lot of what we see with Mithraism from the past is what you might recognize in our Christian churches today.  Constantine never intended on taking the teachings of Jesus in my opinion from my research.  Instead what he did was manipulate all of the soldiers in the area to fight for him.  Now why was this?  A lot of these soldiers were peasantry class and they had accepted this new found faith.  Now if we look at Hadrian’s Wall today you can see almost like ancient graffiti where a lot of the soldiers had put crosses on the wall symbolizing their new faith.

Brice:  Now if all the Christians, thinking back to Sunday school or vacation Bible school when you were a kid, they taught us that at one point the Christian faith was illegal.  They were feeding Christians to the lions in the coliseum for sport.  So being a Christian in this day and age was dangerous.  So the  Mithraic cult, that Constantine was a part of, was a religion to the sun god Mithra.  The initiates of this religion called themselves the Syndexioi, that basically meant “united by handshakes”.  They had secret handshakes…sounds familiar.  They met in secret in underground temples…sounds familiar right?  And this was a religion that was inclusive to the upper class of the Roman army.  So the elites basically.

Brice:  So you can also find at Hadrian’s wall ruins of old Mithraic temples.  Well in order for Constantine to have an army to help him on his quest, he had to then accept these Christians so that they would fight for him.  Now the biggest obstacle in Constantine’s way was a man named Maxentius and he was the governor of the land mass right beside the western side of Europe which included Rome, Italy.  The history books will tell you that Maxentius was a tyrant, but archeologists have found that is not true.  In fact, everything we’ve been taught about Constantine, as being this great and Holy ruler that became a Christian, can actually be flipped and put on Maxentius.  Maxentius, in reality, was a great ruler who had already started accepting this new Christian faith, and he did not want Constantine taking over the empire.  So there was a big battle at a bridge where Constantine claimed that he had seen a vision of the cross and had a conversation with Jesus.  Now if you go to the Vatican City, I’ve been to the Vatican myself, there are frescos everywhere by Raphael where he’s drawn this image of Constantine having this revelation where he all of sudden accepts Jesus and becomes a Christian.  Well we can call this propaganda, or “fake news”.  This never happened.  He was a die-hard Mithraic practitioner.  When he finally did defeat Maxentius, Maxentius drowned in the Tiber river, and he cut his head off, and paraded his head all through town.

Brice:  Now in Rome, Italy there is an arch called the arch of Constantine where Constantine basically tells on himself because if you get close to the arch that tells the story of him taking over the Roman Empire, there’s no mention of God or Jesus.  In fact, it’s all pagan gods and satanic gods.  So once Constantine has his new world order, as they say, he starts to merge the Christian faith, that he’s manipulated to conquer, into the Mithraic faith.  In fact, he recreates Jesus…he recreates the image of Jesus.

Brice:  For example, Mithra’s birthday, along with a lot of other old sun gods, was December 25th.  This is also the Saturnalian festival, which I’ve covered on my channel, this was a festival to Saturnalia.  There was human sacrifice involved, December 25th was during this time “the 12 days of Saturnalia” (“the 12 days of Christmas”) if that sounds familiar.  And so we now have substituted Mithra’s birthday for Jesus’ birthday.  Mithra, being the sun god, always had a halo around him.  Sounds familiar right?  We see halos to represent the S-U-N, the sun.  Mithra also slays a bull which is the shedding of the bull’s blood to save the world.  In fact, in some of the temples it is written “You have saved us through the shedding of the eternal blood”.  In these different ceremonies in these Mithra temples, they would eat a sacred meal of sacrifice of bread and wine just like our communion.  Mithra was also resurrected.

Brice:  So I hope people can start to see that there is a convergence.  This does not mean that the story of Jesus isn’t real or that God isn’t real, it just means that they have intentionally lied to us to try to distort our light from the truth.  Now today, especially in older churches in the Roman Empire especially in Italy, you can find Mithra temples still in the basement of these Christian churches.  They’re still there where the masses would be having their service upstairs while the elite would be doing whatever they were doing down in the basement below.  Again, that sounds really familiar with what we’ve learned so far in this Great Awakening.

Brice:  Eusebius was Constantine’s biographer, he was also kind of like his assistant.  The first written accounts of Constantine’s battle at Milvian bridge, there again was no mention of Constantine having this great awakening where he saw a vision of Jesus…nothing.  That didn’t come until years later, in fact 13 years later, at 325 AD which is when we have the council of Nicaea.  He decided to then have Eusebius re-write history that he had had some vision like he was a prophet.  Now, this will grow because by the end of Constantine’s life he was no longer a prophet but wanted people to believe he was the second coming of Jesus.  We know that after Jesus left the first time everybody thought he was coming back real soon.  So this would have possibly been alluring except a lot of the Christians knew that this wasn’t right.  Some of the things that he changed in the Bible was Jesus’ birth story.  In a lot of the missing Gospels it says that Jesus was born of Joseph and Mary.  Again, a lot of the satanic gods and the pagan gods were of joint human and a god.  They were like Dionysus.  Constantine switched the stories.  Again, the birthday, all that good stuff that we were taught was real, wasn’t really a part of the original Christian faith.  And at the council of Nicaea, Constantine decided he was going to be the first fact checker of the Bible.  He banned basically most of the books.  Most of them were banned, and he edited the Bible that we have today.  Now the bishops couldn’t say a whole lot because he was Constantine.  If they had disagreed with him, he would have either had them executed, or had them imprisoned, or cut off any financial aid or supply.  So once this was all established, and a dogma was established, they put out decrees that people had to get rid of these books that were not approved by “the prophet” Constantine.

Brice:  And this is where we see a lot of these books like the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Mary, the Dead Sea Scrolls were buried…some of them in tombs.  Some of them were found with literally dead bodies in hiding.  These were people that knew what was happening wasn’t right and so they hid the information hoping that some day we would find them, and we did find them.  Constantine moved the capital of the Roman Empire to Byzantion which then became Constantinople because he named it after himself.

Brice:  And he (Constantine) built a church called the church of the Holy apostles.  Now when he died he had 12 coffins buried around him.  Again, this was supposed to represent the designated 12 apostles again creating the number 13 to be a coven.  And so when we start to get into the bloodline of Jesus, and the light that we all have within us, I hope that people can start to see, through the studying of the missing texts and the history of what happened, where we were deceived and how we’ve been deceived.  So I hope that’s a good starting point for going through these missing books.  I do recommend people looking up the Gospel of the Holy Twelve which original name was the Gospel of the Nazirenes which tells the full complete story of the Gospels and the book of Q which apparently was one of the original Gospels as well…Ironically, or not ironically.

SabrinaGal:  Thank you, Brice.  So from the information we just learned from Brice, we know now that there are some missing books…quite a few, and one of them being the book of Mary Magdalene.  Now I was raised Catholic and I was taught that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute.  That is what we thought, but in actuality Mary Magdalene was an apostle of Christ.  She was a friend, she was a lover, and she was a wife.  Now you’re probably asking yourself why would the role of Mary Magdalene and also of other women in the church be diminished?  And it was because the feminine role was diminished by this Patriarchal society we know as the Roman Catholic Church because it was male dominated to maintain wealth and power within the empire.

SabrinaGal:  Now if we look at Davinci’s painting The Last Supper you will see that when you invert that painting you can see Jesus actually sitting next to Mary Magdalene where we thought maybe it was Thomas or John.  But it’s actually Mary Magdalene, and in that inverted position you see they are holding a child…they are holding the Holy Grail Child.  So, as I said prior, Jesus and Mary did marry, and they did have children.  And after the crucifixion Mary fled, and she fled to the south of France, and there she started a very special order called The Order Of The Blue Rose.  I’m going to read an excerpt from to give you a little bit of an idea of The Order Of The Blue Rose.  The Order Of The Blue Rose was established by Mary Magdalene after the crucifixion of Yeshua.  Yeshua is the true name that has come into English as Jesus.  It’s a special order for only the most faithful followers of the Nazarean religion of the Essene way.  You see, Immediately after the crucifixion many of the male followers of Yeshua, Jesus, refused to accept a woman, Mary Magdalene, as their leader.  Magdalene, the rightful successor to Yeshua, established The Order Of The Blue Rose for those who remained faithful to her.  She established the order in Israel shortly after the crucifixion, then escaped to France carrying the baby of her husband, and co-messiah Yeshua.  They were legally married in Cana (of Galilee).

SabrinaGal:  Now before we go any further, I should provide some background information on the significance of Mary Magdalene.  According to the scriptures of the Nazarean religion of the Essene way, there is both a Lord Christ, and a Lady Christ.  They worked together and are eternal consorts in this world and many others.  On earth they are known by the name Jesus and Mary Magdalene.  Because the world was so patriarchal at the time the Lord Jesus Christ and Lady Christ came to earth 2000 years ago, the Magdalene was rejected even more fully than Jesus.  The idea that Mary Magdalene was a reformed prostitute is simply an erroneous Catholic legend.  An early Catholic pope confused Mary Magdalene with another New Testament woman who was a reformed prostitute and that became Catholic belief, but never in the New Testament does it say that.  In fact, Catholic scholars today admit this pope made an error.

SabrinaGal:  The New Testament does say that Jesus cast 7 demons “out” of Mary Magdalene, but the scrolls say Jesus cast 7 demons “OFF” her…not “out” of her.  7 demonically possessed men had jumped Magdalene and tried to rape her, but Jesus came to her defense and cast the demonically possessed men off of her.

SabrinaGal:  On the night that Yeshua (that we know as Jesus) and Miriam (Mary Magdalene) conceived their baby the Holy Grail Child, he gifted her with her favorite flower…the blue rose.  Magdalene wore the blue rose in her hair when she conceived the Grail Child.  The next morning Yeshua was arrested, and three days later he was crucified.  After the crucifixion, Mary pregnant with the Grail Child was rejected by many of the male followers of Yeshua.  Mainly those who had been non Nazarean converts from main stream Judaism, and were not disposed to accept a woman guru.  Soon she fled to France with the Grail Child in her womb.  Her most devoted disciples followed her to France and formed what later came to be called The Order Of The Magdalene which was her devoted inner circle of personal students.  But the original name of The Order, chosen by Miriam herself, was The Order Of The Blue Rose.  That name came from the rose that Yeshua gifted her on their last night before his arrest.  The rose that she had worn in her hair during the conception of the Grail Child.  Miriam saved that rose, dried it, and used it in the initiation rituals of The Order.  This was appropriate, for the inner circles of initiates within this Order became members of the Grail Family and have a special relationship with the Holy Grail Child.

SabrinaGal:  So now we’re going to take our genealogy story a little further to a documentary that was made called “The Jesus Strand: A Search For DNA”.  Now most of us believed that Jesus was a Jew, but when we do the Gematria on “Jews”, we get 57.  Human is 57.  But Jesus, his gematria is 74…and let’s take this story a little further.

SabrinaGal:  So in this documentary they tested the Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium of Oviedo which is the cloth that enveloped the body and face of Jesus.  A group of forensic scientists and geneticists got together to research.  They decided to research the DNA.  And what was the conclusion?  Well, the conclusion was that Jesus, or at least the Shroud of Turin, did not have DNA that descended from Jewish DNA.  They discovered that the DNA was closest to those of Druze descent.  They are descendants from Jethro, priest of Midian in the Bible and in the Torah.  And their origins can be traced to ancient Egypt, to the Middle East, the Levant which is inclusive of Syria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine.  They are an Abrahamic monotheistic religion, and they all derive, as I said, from the Levant.  The one thing that was even more interesting then just the DNA conclusion was that both samples of blood from the Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium were AB-, and AB- blood is the rarest blood type on earth.  Less than one percent of the population is AB-.

SabrinaGal:  So when we do the Gematria on Jesus, we come to the conclusion that Jesus was a Druze.  Druze, 74. Jesus, 74. Messiah, 74. Code of God, 74.  I thought I’d do some simple gematria on just the words “Jesus Strand”.  The result is 150.  The Holy Bible Code, 150.  Human God Soul, 150.  The Lord’s Alive, 150.  Magdalene Bloodline, 150.  Then I did the gematria on the Shroud of Turin.  Shroud of Turin, 188.  Cloth Image of Jesus, 188.  Image of God in the Flesh, 188.  The Lord in the Flesh, 188.  The Image of Father Omega, 188.  An Image of God the Father, 188.  And finally, perhaps the most beautiful, Jesus of Nazareth, 188.

Negative48:  SabrinaGal?
SabrinaGal:  Yes sir!  
Negative48:  Later, I’m going to call on you to read those 188’s again, ok?
SabrinaGal:  Ok!
Negative48:  And the numbers you did before…
SabrinaGal:  Perfect.
Negative48:  …what were the numbers you did before?
SabrinaGal:  74’s, I had some 74’s in there, 57’s, and 150’s
Negative48:  Well you had 74.  Gematria, 74.  Q Army, 74.  And then 150, we had Tesla tell us that the magnificence of the numbers 3, 6, and 9 would unlock the keys to the universe.  369 spelled out (Three Six Nine) come to 150.  Trump Train equals 150.

SabrinaGal:  So now, we’re going to take the story a little further.  And we’re going to go to Abraham Lincoln who was born on February 12th, 1809, and he was our 16th president.  Abraham Lincoln, was actually, of Druze descent.  Amazing, huh?  We were told that he was English, but Abraham Lincoln’s real name was Abrahahim Kahlil Kahlooni.  And again, he was a Druze.  And how do we know that?  Well, there’s a couple of projects that have been ongoing and you can find them on the web.  One called “The Lincoln DNA Project” and there were tests being done on that.  But there was a second project done on the matrilineal line, meaning the mother line, of Lincoln, and his mother’s name was Nancy Hanks.  Now they took some artifacts and they contacted some of the descendants, relatives of Nancy Hanks, and they tested the DNA, and the conclusion was fascinating.  They found that Nancy Hanks, meaning Abraham Lincoln also, was of a very rare matrilineal haplogroup.  Now a haplogroup is a genetic population that you can test to determine who has the closest chromosomes or DNA in a particular region or particular group.  And with Nancy Hanks, they found that her maternal haplogroup was X1C.  And now the X haplogroups are the rarest matrilineal haplogroups in Europe found in only one percent of the population.  Similar to the AB- blood that is also found in only one percent of the population.

SabrinaGal:  X haplogroups in Europe can be observed in certain groups.  They’re observed in Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Armenia, Scotland, Catalonia (which is near Barcelona Spain), and in the Basque Country.  And if you’re familiar with the Basque, that’s the region between Spain and France in the Pyrenees.  Now the X haplogroup variants are also found in the Eurasian population.  Listen to this… They are found in the Druze of Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Tunisia, Egypt, Sardinia, and also in Asturias Spain.  So when we put together all this information, we come to the conclusion that Nancy Hanks was of X1C haplogroup, again the rarest one found in Europe and also in the Eurasian population.  The haplogroup was most common, in relation to Nancy Hanks and Lincoln, to the Levant, to Tunisia, and to Italy.

SabrinaGal:  So when we do the Gematria on Abrahahim Khalil Kahlooni, which is the real name of Abraham Lincoln, the result is 199.  Divine Master Teacher, 199.  Name of Christ Lord, 199.  The Lord’s Higher Plan, 199.  It’s God’s Prophecy, 199.  And finally, God’s Family Bloodline, 199.

SabrinaGal:  So Abraham Lincoln, or we know him as Abrahahim Khalil Kahlooni, he married a woman named Mary Todd and they had four sons.  Those sons were Robert Todd Lincoln, Edward “Eddie” Baker Lincoln, William Wallace Lincoln (who the infamous freedom fighter, Mel Gibson, in the film Braveheart was named after), and the fourth brother is Thomas Tad Lincoln.  We’re going to speak to the lineage of William Wallace Lincoln right now.  The three brothers, we were told, died and Abraham Lincoln suffered tremendous melancholy at the thought that his sons had died.  But in actuality, they did not die.  They were sent to Benghazi, Libya.  And you’re probably asking, why were they sent to Benghazi, Libya.  Let me give you a little story of what was going on in the time.

SabrinaGal:  In 1885 ISIS, which is the Israel Secret Intelligence Service (we also know them as Mossad), was formed by the kings of Morocco and the kings of Libya.  They were known as the Hassan family.  They signed in the Mohamedi law which was to kill the bloodlines of Jesus Christ…those are the Druze.  Six years later they merged with Skull and Bones, the Rothschilds, the Schiffs, the Rockefellers, the Scherffs (who we also know as the Bush family), and the Kissingers.

SabrinaGal:  The UK royals, artificially inseminated by the Rothschilds, had taken control of the satanic Senussi Hassan family of Libya, and when ISIS was created they merged with Skull and Bones to assassinate JFK.

SabrinaGal:  So William Wallace Lincoln was sent then to Benghazi to protect him because he was a descendant of Jesus Christ of the Druze bloodline.  And William Wallace Lincoln took a new name.  He became Omar Mukhtar.  Now if you’re familiar with a very famous movie called “The Lion In The Desert” starring Anthony Quinn, he portrayed Omar Muhktar.  And Omar Muhktar was another freedom fighter who fought for independence for Libya against the Italians…the Italian colonialists who were basically an extension of the Holy Roman Empire who were sent to Libya to massacre the Druze people.

SabrinaGal:  When we do the Gematria on Omar Muhktar, the name of William Wallace Lincoln when he moved to Benghazi, the result is 131.  John F Kennedy, 131.  The Chosen One, 131.  God is Christ, 131.  Make America Great, 131.  Alpha and the Omega, 131.  And finally, Mary & Jesus, 131.
Negative48:  Can I um…
SabrinaGal:  Of course!
Negative48:  Yeah so…131…  John F Kennedy, 131.  Make America Great, 131.  Trump said “Make America Great Again” was more than a political slogan.  Make America Great Again, 163.  John F Kennedy Again, 163.  Alpha and the Omega Again, 163.  Alpha and the Omega is in the beginning and the end.  “I am the beginning and the end”.  A is 1, Z is 26, that’s 27…JFK is 27.
SabrinaGal:  Perfect

SabrinaGal:  So we were just speaking of William Wallace Lincoln who was also known as Omar Muhktar the famous lion in the desert who fought the Italians.  He unfortunately died in 1931 at the age of 81, but before dying he had children.  Omar Muhktar married an Armenian woman, a woman of Armenian descent, and later in our discussion we’re going to learn how important Armenia is in this story.  So Omar, aka William Wallace, married and had four children; Daidea, Saidea, Mary, and they also had a son.  And because that son was a descendant of the Druze, a descendant of Jesus Christ, he was shot and killed in 1942.  Now Mary, his third daughter, married a prince.  She married a man named Prince Said Isa Kahlooni.  Isa is a beautiful name and let me tell you what it means.  In Arabic it’s Jesus, in Egyptian it means God saves, and in Islam it means Prophet.

SabrinaGal:  Let me tell you a little bit about the Kahloonis and where they derive from.  Prince Said Isa Kahlooni was born in the orchards in the governorate of Mt. Lebanon.  He arrived at the Port of Derna Libya March 1911 coming from the port of Beirut Lebanon.  They (Prince Kahlooni & his wife Mary) had two sons.  Let me tell you about their sons.  Their first son was born on July 25th 1915 and his name was Joseph.  The second son?  The second son was born on May 29th 1917 and his name was John.  Joseph and John Kahlooni.

SabrinaGal:  Now remember, the Mohamedi law was still in effect and these two sons, of Mary and of the Prince, were in danger.  In fact, the Prince was executed.  Let me give you a little story from Patrick Bouvier Kennedy.  I mentioned him earlier that he is alive and he is the brother of JFKJr.  He wrote, “The real holocaust of the descendants of Christ happened between 1911 to 1943 in Libya, where hundreds of thousands of Libyans were murdered in camps in Libya and military prisons in Italy.  In 1912, thousands of Libyans were shipped and murdered in Gaeta military prison.”.  So with that in mind, it was very important to protect Joseph and John.  There was another massacre a continuation of the same massacre of the Druze that killed Christ, Abraham Lincoln, William Wallace Lincoln (aka Omar Muhktar), his son the Prince, and finally they did assassinate JFK.  At the time, to protect John and Joseph, they were sent to the United States.  And they were adopted, and raised, by a very famous family…the Kennedys.

SabrinaGal:  When we do the Gematria on John Kennedy we get 125.  Biblical Lord God, 125.  Welcome Lord, 125.  Son of Light, 125.  Holiest Being, 125.  Meet the Lord, 125.  Alpha and Omega Code, 125.  
Negative48:  Most High God, 125.  Dark to Light, 125.  Everything in the dark, comes to the light.

SabrinaGal:  So I thought it would be interesting, since we know that John and Joseph were both born Kahloonis, to test the Gematria on Kahlooni to see if it comes out to similar results as it did for John Kennedy.  When we do the gematria on John Kahlooni the result is 132.  The Living God, 132.  God’s Prophecy, 132.  The Most High, 132.  JFKJr is Alive, 132.  No Coincidences, 132.  God in the Flesh, 132.

Negative48:  Just so everybody knows, it was coded in the plane crash.  See, P is 16 and C is 3. 163.  Make America Great Again, 163.  Double Edged Sword, 163.  Alpha and the Omega Again, 163.  So in the plane crash, P is 16 C is 3 which is 19.  It could have been 1999 but they wrote the date down 7-16-99 “Plane Crash”….P 16, C 3, which is 19.  KAG (Keep America Great), 19.  KAG is 19.  Keep America Great, 138.  Donald Trump, 138.  Beautiful Freak, 138.  I Am Positive, 138.  I’m in the Zone, 138.  MAGA in the Zone, 138.  So, you have 7-16-99 “Plane Crash”.  P and C are capital, that’s the letters you count.  7 + 1 + 6 + 99 + 16 (which is P) + 3 (which is C) is 132.  JFKJr is Alive, 132.  The mirror reflection of 231, which we’ll get to later.
SabrinaGal:  Great, thank you.

SabrinaGal:  So we now know that John and Joseph were born Kahlooni, adopted by the Kennedys, by Rose and Joe Kennedy, and raised as their children.  John married Jacqueline in an arranged marriage.  And when we do the Gematria on Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, the result is 211.  The Ark of the Covenant, 211.  Order of the Blue Rose, 211.  Which connects Jackie then back to Mary Magdalene, the Essenes, the Merovingians, and the Jesus strand.

SabrinaGal:  John and Jacqueline had children.  We know in history that their first child born in 1956 was Arabella who we were told was stillborn.  There was Caroline in 1957, John Junior in 1960, and Patrick in 1963 who died 39 hours after he was born.  But, through research and the twitter account of Patrick Bouvier Kennedy we learned that there was actually a third sister.  And her name is Fatima, and she was born in 1962 by surrogate.  So you’re probably asking yourself well how come we didn’t see all these children?  Well, we have to go back to the story.  Their all descendants of the Druze, descendants of the Jesus strand, and Mohamedi law is still in place.  There was the threat of killing the bloodline.  So Arabella, Fatima, and Patrick were raised in Benghazi, Libya.  Now who raised them you’re probably asking.  This is where the story gets interesting.

SabrinaGal:  Remember we said three boys, three sons, of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd were sent to Benghazi.  The brother named Edward “Eddie” Baker Lincoln, born March 10th 1846, was sent to live in Benghazi and his grandson raised Arabella, Patrick, and Fatima.  His name was Mufta Salim Ghazala Kazar Ahmad, and his wife was Aziza Al Massli (transcriber’s note: I am unsure of the spelling on both of those names).  As I said, they raised Arabella and Aziza was the surrogate of Jack (JFKSr) and Jackie’s third daughter Fatima.  They had a daughter of their own, and they also helped raise Patrick.  Do we want to let anyone know who the daughter is Negative?
Negative48:  Uh yeah, let’s do all the other ones first and then will do her last.
SabrinaGal:  Ok, so we’ll keep that for last.

SabrinaGal:  So Patrick, Fatima, and Arabella were all raised in Benghazi by more Lincolns because they’re all related to Abraham.  And unfortunately Fatima’s son and an uncle were killed under the Mohamedi law.  So we know that the assassination of the bloodlines of Jesus Christ and the Druze continued and continued.

SabrinaGal:  When we then go a little further, I’m sure everyone is very curious about John F Kennedy Jr and if he and Carolyn have children.  We know that they are alive.  The Gematria proves that along with all of the other information we’ve been gathering in this Great Awakening.  So I am going to tell you some secrets about who their children are.  John F Kennedy Jr and Carolyn Bessette actually wed earlier than the dates that we were told, and they had some children.

(Transcriber’s note:  👆I have pinned the very first post so that you can get back to and start all the way at the beginning if you wish to do so)

Negative48:  So the date that the pen, which thinks it’s mightier than the sword…at least everybody keeps saying that but guess what, that sword can cut down anything it wants and that’s exactly what it’s going to be doing here real soon.  So, according to the pen, Jr and Carolyn were married on September 21st.  Now, 9 2 1 is Uranium One, because Uranium is 92 on the periodic table.  Uranium One, which 92 + 1 = 93.  The pope wears red shoes.  Red Shoes, 93.  We all know the color, the material of those shoes.  Those shoes are made from human skin…baby skin shoes died blood red.  And Trump told him (the pope) to wear those red shoes when he came and handed over his power to Trump and gave him all the wealth.  And the pope looks like he’d been run over by two trains, Trump trains to be exact, and Trump had the biggest smile on his face ever.

Negative48:  So anyway, think mirror.  921, 129.  The time of day that JFK was shot and killed in Dallas Texas.  See, in Dallas it’s 12:29, but the Osiris clock, the sun dial the Washington monument Osiris’ penis that they tell time with these satanists, it was 1:29…the mirror reflection of 9/21 when Jr got married.

SabrinaGal:  Great, thank you.  So, let’s start with some bombs.  The first bomb is that they had three children, but those three children were carried by surrogate.  And who do you think that surrogate may have been?  That surrogate was Arabella Kennedy who did not die but, as I said, was sent to Benghazi.  And she carried the first three children of JF Kennedy Jr and Carolyn Bessette.  The first child?  The first child was someone we all know and love, Kayleigh McEnany.  The second one?  The second child is a son, another individual we know and love.  His name is Ezra Cohen-Watnik.  And the third son, carried by Arabella on behalf of Jr and Carolyn, is Josh Kennedy.  And he’s a very famous, I believe rugby player?  Is that correct, Negative?
Negative48:  Yeah.
SabrinaGal:  In Australia, yeah I believe it’s rugby.  So those are the first three children of Jr and Carolyn.

SabrinaGal:  Now we also know that there are maybe three more, I like to call them “munchkins”, that were born of Jr and Carolyn.  And that can be seen…  What was the rally Negative that they were out there?
Negative48:  That was July 25th, 2018 the 103rd birthday of Joe Kennedy in Youngstown, Ohio.  Youngstown Ohio, 220.  Military Operation, 220.  And the two youngest of the three, which were like 15/16 years old, were right off Trump’s left knee.  Because there was, you know, the crowd was down below him and he was up on a platform.  And the third one, which they filmed for at least 7 minutes that I saw, they moved him around but of course the camera just followed him.  And he’s smiling at the camera because any time you know you’re getting away with something, and it’s kind of a secret you have, it’s what they call “dubious delight” where you’re just forced to smile or at least crack the corner of your mouth if you’re closer to a psycho path…but he’s got this big smile on his face because he’s not anywhere near a psycho path.  And he looks just like his great great grandfather, he’s identical.  And they just kept moving him around and all over.  We don’t know the names of the three youngest ones, but they belong to Carolyn and John.
SabrinaGal:  Beautiful bombs, right

Negative48:  Yeah, and that was the rally where Vincent Fusca showed up behind Trump’s right shoulder…because Vincent Fusca is John F Kennedy Jr.  And he’s over his right shoulder because he’s Tump’s right hand man.  And over his left shoulder was Carolyn just wearing a hat.  She didn’t even have a disguise on.  And John John, backwards in the air, wrote “JFKJR” with his finger.  They put a laser on it and traced it and he writes “JFKJR”.

Negative48:  And he had a “Women For Trump” sign, and on it was red ink.  And in that red ink it said “Ruby Cute”.  Ruby Cute, 115.  His birthday, 11 + 25 + 19 + 60 = 115.  The day they shot his dad,  11 + 22 + 19 + 63 = 115.  We’re at War, 115.  Key Code of God, 115.  Trump JFK, 115.  Trump’s book…Art Of The Deal, 115.

Negative48:  Think mirror, 511.  Jr showed up on the Q boards five months and eleven days after Q started on April 8th...4/8, I know that number 4 8, 2018.  I know that number 2018…218 because zero means nothing.  Operation Sunrise, 218.  Where We Go One We Go All, 218.  Mysterious Eyes, 218.  John F Kennedy Junior, 218.  Michael Brian Protzman, 218.  He’s Right You Know, 218.  A tweet Trump sent to me once about the Great Awakening (“He’s right you know”).  Anyway…  Guardians of the Galaxy, 218.  So that was the rally Youngstown, Ohio July 25th 2018.  
SabrinaGal:  Fantastic.

SabrinaGal:  We are going to now turn the mic over to Toronto.  And, as I said earlier, Armenia is very very important in The Jesus Strand story.  So, Toronto, take it away.
Toronto:  Thank you.  Hello and welcome patriots.  I know you all love intel, as do I…but just as important, if not more, is for us to find out who we are and know how we got here.  And I quote “Silence ensures that history repeats itself”, and “History repeats itself endlessly for those who are unwilling to learn from the past” end quote.  So folks, it’s time to learn and be just as excited as we discover our past.  My journey on this deep research started early last year, 2020, with Patrick Bouvier Kennedy on facebook.  He then was on twitter, and now continued here on telegram.  I was also lucky enough to find Michael (Negative48) and SabrinaGal early and continue my research.  With them, and because of them, I’ve been able to connect so many dots about Armenia.  The connection to Jesus, the Kennedys, Christianity, Lady Diana, and our roots.  So although you’ll be hearing me say “Armenian” throughout this presentation, please remember, WE ARE ALL 1, and where we go one we go all (WWG1WGA).

Toronto:  In 1939, just before the invasion of Poland, Adolf Hitler told his generals, and I quote, “The aim of war is not to reach definite lines, but to annihilate the enemy physically.  It is by this means that we shall obtain the vital living space that we need.  Who, today, still speaks of the massacre of the Armenians?”, end quote.  He was referring to the systematic murder of the Armenians by Turkish leaders from the Ottoman Empire during WWI.  It was because of the Armenian genocide where the word genocide was coined.  The story of the Armenian genocide, and it’s legacies, is all what we would now say “crimes against humanity” and all civilization.  Have you heard of Armenia?  Many haven’t.

Toronto:  An English historian is quoted as saying, “Visiting Armenia means entering humanity’s purest form known for millennium of their survival because of their spiritual strength”.  The more I research and discover I believe it was by design of the luciferian cabal to erase Armenia and to bring the least amount of attention to what is left of it.  We’ll start with Noah’s ark.  It landed on the mountains of Ararat in Armenia.  Noah’s sons and grandsons immigrated those lands.  It is in Armenia that Noah and his family began the process of repopulating the world after the deluge that nearly destroyed the human race.

Toronto:  Just this month, my mind was blown when I made the connection that The Garden of Eden was in Armenia.  According to the book of Genesis, The Garden of Eden was located near the four rivers of paradise.  Euphrates, Tigris, Aras (Araxes), Pishon all rise in the mountains south of Lake Van in the Armenian highlands.  I was then led to look into Abraham, grandson of Noah.  He was born in Urfa, Armenia…my jaw dropped once again.  Once I discovered that, I wanted to know who founded Armenia.  Well, his name was Hayk the Great.  From the research and description, and what we’ve come to learn with what SabrinaGal mentioned earlier, I believe he was a giant.  He was a grandson of Noah through his son Japheth.  Well, most of us have heard of and know of Cyrus the Great who conquered Babylon in 539 BC.  We know of Goliath who was taken out by David in the 11th century.  But what’s never talked about, or ever referenced, is in 2492 BC Hayk the Great took nearly an impossible shot using a long bow, and he took out the founder of Babylon, King Bel.

Toronto:  Recently Whiplash, the JFK account, and Ezra on telegram shared a photo from the Holy Bible in 1630 and on page 2 it shows a photo of Armenia as the origin of humanity.  Later, Armenia was erased from the Bible after the 18th century when the King James Version of the Bible from the 1600’s was altered.  We now can find Armenia only mentioned once in the Bible.  Are you starting to wonder why you’ve never heard of Armenia?  And I’ll pause here and do some Gematria.  Armenia Cradle of Civilization, 274.  The Keys to the Universe, 274.  The Greatest Show On Earth, 274.  You’ll Find the Truth Here, 274.  It’s In God’s Holy Hands Now, 274.  In Aquarius Christs Son, 274.  Apocalypse Is To Uncover, 274.

Toronto:  Some more Gematria…  Armenian Land of Noah, 165.  Christ Bloodline, 165.  Tree of Knowledge, 165.  Salvations Gate, 165.  Jesus’ Spirit, 165.  Blessing From God, 165.  And Fresno California, which is where the majority of Armenians ended up after the genocide, is 165.
Negative48:  Resurrection, 165.

Toronto:  Being born and raised in Canada to Armenian parents, it was instilled in us from a very young kindergarten age that life is about God, country, and freedom.  And, that’s all we knew.  It was, we would die for God, we would die for country, and freedom.  And this is still evident to this day which I will go into soon.  It was just the way of life and a daily battle in the homeland.  It’s very familiar to what us patriots are fighting for now.  So imagine this last two years, and everything we’ve gone through, and all the patriots that have stepped up, and those who have turned to God…  This in a nutshell has been, since the beginning of time, what Armenians have been fighting for.

Toronto:  So I’ll go into the genocide and the wars in a bit, but a little bit of history of how it began.  So Armenia, known as “The Land of Noah”, is in the Middle East situated between Turkey, Iran, and Azerbaijan.  Clay tablets of the oldest Babylonian maps show Babylon, Armenia, and Assyria.  Native to their land, since the dawn of history, Armenia traces back to the third century and back to the Paleolithic period.  Armenia became the first country in the world to officially embrace Christianity.  In 436 AD, Armenia was one of the first languages in which the Bible was translated.  So going back to what SabrinaGal was saying earlier, it was in 436 AD the Armenian Bible was written.

Toronto:  I recently researched how the Armenian people converted to Christianity from paganism.  And how this came about is also divine.  I’ll briefly tell you the story.  After the death of Jesus, two of the apostles went straight to Armenia and started the “underground church” to spread the word of the Lord.  One of the descendants of the apostles was Gregory.  He became the assistant to the king of Armenia.  And refusing to follow worshipping pagan statues, the king ordered that Gregory’s hands and legs be tied and that he be thrown into Khor Virab, a dark prison dungeon, to die.  Gregory did not die.  During his 13 years of imprisonment in that dungeon, his survival was attributed to a Christian widow from the local town who under the influence of a strange dream vision regularly fed Gregory by dropping a loaf of freshly baked bread into the pit.  During these years, many nuns and religious leaders fled Rome and other cities to Armenia to join the Christian movement.  However, what ensued was the persecution and murder of them and many Christians by the king.  He went mad, and is said to have behaved like a wild boar.  While torments fell on his household, and demons possessed the people of the city, it was then that the kings sister had a vision in the night where an angel told her about the prisoner Gregory in the city of who could end the torments with the words.

Toronto:  When he comes, he will teach you the remedies for all your ills.  People did not place much reliance on that vision as most thought that Gregory had died within days of his being cast into the pit.  But, the kings sister had the same dream repeatedly, and eventually threatened that if the dreams instructions were not followed there would be dire consequences.  The prince was debuted to get Gregory from Khor Virab, the dungeon.  He went to the pit and shouted to Gregory saying, “Gregory, if you are somewhere down there come out!  The God whom you worship has commanded that you be brought out!”.  Gregory was brought out in a miserable state.  He was taken to the king who had gone mad tearing his own skin.  Gregory cured the king, and brought him back to his senses.  Gregory knew of all the atrocities committed, and saw the bodies of the martyrs who were later cremated.  The king, accompanied by his court, approached Gregory seeking forgiveness for all the sins they committed.  Henceforth, Gregory started preaching Christianity to the king, his court, his army, and the state.  This made Armenia the first Christian state in the world in 301 AD.  And to this day, 97%+ are of Christian faith.  This Christian Nation devoted to God ended up by countries landlocked that over time converted to Islam.

Toronto:  Fast forward to 15th century, Armenia was absorbed into the Ottoman Empire.  The rulers were muslim, and this is when history ties us to who we’ve come to learn are the Khazars, the Rothschilds…the Khazarian mafia.  One of the countries the Khazarian mafia satanists took power and control of was Turkey.  In the late 1800’s, the systematic and premeditated killing and deportation of Armenians started, and by the end of WWI in 1917 over two million Armenians were slaughtered and killed.  Children, and elders…men and women.  Why?  Religious persecution, that’s why.  They refused to convert to Islam and denounce Jesus Christ.  The plan always has been, and still is to this day, to Turkify, sea to sea, that part of the world.  Which, in a future presentation, will be explored in length through Gladio A and B.  Those that fled marched through the deserts in horrific conditions.  Starving, being raped, robbed, deprived of water, and they went to the neighboring countries SabrinaGal mentioned, the Levant.  Mainly Syria and Lebanon.  That’s where my parents were born.  It didn’t end there.  Many wars were fought, and thousands of patriot freedom fighters have died since.  The Armenian army was controlled by the government with ties to British royals.  And so at a moment’s notice patriots from around the world would fly to Armenia for battle…to this day.  Right up until the last few months of 2020, amidst the pandemic, and all countries and allied countries preoccupied with the corona virus, Turkey and Israel armed Azerbaijan to take over what’s left of Armenia.

Toronto:  It was during this time I started tweeting with Patrick Bouvier Kennedy on twitter.  And he’d share with me…Why?  Why are they after the Armenians?  And he would say, “it is the bloodline”.  He replied to a tweet that George Papadopoulos had put out asking the government to recognize the Armenian genocide.  And he responded, if they would declass the JFK files, this current genocide would never had happened, Patrick said to George.  This got me on a journey of researching what he meant by that.  The ties to JFK?!…whose grandmother was Armenian.

Toronto:  And in my research I found that Lady Diana was also part Armenian.  Patrick would say, “Religion is a big fat lie!  It is a blood line they’re after.  They, the Rothschilds, are anti-Christ jews and they hate Armenians, the Druze, the descendants of Christ.”  A tweet was shared during this time as well which really put things in perspective.  And it said, “This is going to be a hard pill to swallow:  Grandchildren of genocide perpetrators are KILLING grandchildren of genocide survivors, with WEAPONS supplied by children of Holocaust survivors.”, Israel.

Toronto:  And there was another tweet that was shared by, of all people, Kanye West.  He put a snapshot of his private message on his iPhone to somebody I guess he knows in Armenia, and he wrote to him, “Pray for Armenia”, he said, “I would love to bring Sunday service to Armenia, and do a concert for peace.  Do you think the president would cover all the costs?”  And this person in Armenia responded, “At the moment, no.  We are losing the war Kanye.  We literally have no weapons.  The enemy has drones from Turkey and Israel, and we have…guns.  And no country.  No one is helping.  It’s a David Goliath battle literally.  It’ll be by my God’s only miracle that we come out of this victorious.”  And Kanye responded to him, “Ok, speaking with team now to figure out how to get there as soon as possible.  Praying for Armenia.”

Toronto:  So going back to the genocide…  The Turkish government, to this day, denies the genocide happened.  And although many countries around the world have recognized it, the USA was not one of them until this year (2021).  On the anniversary of the Armenian genocide, which is April 24th, Joe Biden issued a statement saying quote, “The American people honor all those Armenians who perished through genocide that began 106 years ago today."  We all know who truly made that official statement, and I pray the truth comes out sooner than later.  The Armenian genocide did not take place without witnesses, journalists, missionaries, and diplomats from many countries who witnessed the genocide or listened to first hand accounts.

Toronto:  The United States president at the time was Woodrow Wilson.  They don’t want to pressure the Turks or the Germans, that were backing the church, of the atrocities being committed against the Armenian people.  He chose to remain neutral.  And many presidents, like Obama, would campaign and promise to recognize the genocide, but nothing.  Until last year (2020).  Kayleigh (McEnany) in the press room shocked Armenians globally and upset the Turkish prime minister when she used the word genocide in responding to a genocide memorial statue in Colorado that was vandalized during the riots of early last year.  Followed by a statement president Trump made, which I found on Bloomberg and I quote what he said, “We’re working with Armenia.  We have a very good relationship with Armenia.  They’re very good people.  They’re so dedicated, they’re incredible people and we’ll see what happens.”  And then he took a pause and I quote again, “We have a lot of people living in this country from Armenia, originally from Armenia, and they’re great people and we’re going to help them.”  President Trump didn’t mention Azerbaijan in his remarks.  So it has brought me so much peace knowing Armenia is not alone.  A small country somewhat forgotten and defenseless compared to the weapons of mass destruction the Rothschild minions surrounding them have.  With the help of Patrick Kennedy, Michael, Sabrina sharing their research, after all these years it finally answered my one question…WHY?  Why not just let these people be?  They’re just a small country with barely 3 million people left in Armenia.  Now we know it’s the blood line and our roots.

Toronto:  Patrick has also tweeted that Jesus’ grandmother who was Saint Anne was Armenian.  She was born from the House of David, the line prophesied to give birth to Christ.  It’s not talked about, but the birth of Mother Mary was also divine.  I’ll leave you with a quote a French author/historian wrote in 1916 during the genocide that should give us all strength and courage for what we’ve lived through as Americans, and look at it as US, as humanity as a whole.  “Armenia is dying, but it will survive.  The little blood that is left is precious blood that will give birth to a heroic generation.  A nation that does not want to die, does not die.”  And I’ll end it with just a little more Gematria.  Armenian Holy Land, 166.  Faithful and True, 166.  Let My People Go, 166.  The Omega Lord Plan, 166.  The Promised One, 166.  Trump Kennedy, 166.  Thank you all.


Negative48:  Well that’s some pretty fascinating information.  SabrinaGal, we still have the missing girl…
SabrinaGal:  We still have the missing girl.  If we go back to the story of the gentleman, the grandson of William Wallace’s brother Eddie Lincoln, his grandson and wife had a girl.  They were also, as I mentioned, the surrogate of Fatima, but they had a girl.  And why don’t you tell us who that girl is, Negative48.
Negative48:  Well we had a palace the other day that had some horse shit sprayed all over it (laughs).  The farmers came by and sprayed crap all over Macron’s house.  They passed the 2nd floor window which opened, the crowd went crazy so the farmer backed up, went too far, pulled forward and started dumping, ya know, liquid horse crap in the 2nd floor window, and then continued on spraying.  There was even another tractor there that probably had more crap.  But, um, the president of France, a couple presidents ago, he had a daughter.  And that daughter’s name is the next president of France, and her name is Marine Le Pen.  Who actually beat Macron, the banker’s little agent, but elections were picked by the winners, and they think they’re the winners, and they think we’re the losers.  Well, we already know who’s going to get the last laugh.  So yeah that’s who it was, Marine Le Pen.

SabrinaGal:  So I mean when we connect the dots of this beautiful tapestry, we come to the conclusion that it’s just this bad ass family I like to say and you like to say, Negative.  And I did a little Gematria on that that I think is kind of beautiful so…  American Davidic Bloodline Taking Back God’s Kingdom On Earth, 482.  And To Heal All Manner Of Sickness And All Manner Of Disease, 482.  It’s Better To Light A Candle Than Curse The Darkness, 482.  And He Shall Thrust Out The Enemy From Before Thee, 482.  The Kindness Of Strangers Is Truly A Blessing, 482.  He Is Jesus Of Nazareth The Keeper Of Keys And Kings, 482.  
Negative48:  So if you did it a little different, it’s all FORE number 82.  Anointed, 82.  Maverick, 82.  He kinda likes to do things his way, which so far is working out beautifully.

Negative48:  So, onto the Gematria part…  A is 1, Z is 26, which comes to 351 (ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ = 351).  God Communicates Through Numbers, 351.  The Manifestation Of Christ, 351.  If we go back to Q drop 35, it’s signed “4, 10, 20” which we know is DJT.  But it says, now remember it’s drop 35, it says POTUS will be on Air Force 1 while insulated and protected.  What do you mean POTUS?  It’s signed by YOU 4, 10, 20.  Who is POTUS?  Exactly.  So just remember they said there’s going to be a “smooth transition”.  A Smooth = 91.  POTUS = 91.  President of the United States (POTUS).  POTUS transition…can’t be a POTUS transition from Trump to Trump.  Can’t be a transition from military to Trump, not a smooth transition, not a POTUS transition.  Can’t be a POTUS transition from “Let’s face it Joe’s shot”.  1% Joe…(audio cuts out a bit).  Sleepy Joe is dead, low energy Joe as in zero energy because he’s dead.  Creepy Joe is because he’s in the graveyard dead.  “Let’s face it, Joe’s shot.”  How many times does Trump gotta tell ya?  I don’t think it’s him, he said, in Arizona.  When he said we lost 48,000 jobs…48…lost…hmm.  So anyway, there can be a POTUS transition from a POTUS to a POTUS so just keep that in mind.

Negative48:  So Trump runs for president, it’s June 16, 2015.  6/16/15.  Now I don’t care if we do it June 16 15 or June 16 2015.  It says the same thing.  It’s the 167th day of the year.  It leaves 198 days in the future.  So in the future is 198.  167 is Enjoy The Show.  198 is President Trump.  He knew he was going to win.  It’s a military ran operation.  Military Operation, 220.  Operation Warp Speed, 220.  Obama said that Trump would need a magic wand to create manufacturing jobs.  Manufacturing Jobs, M J.  M 13, J 10.  1310.  131.  John F Kennedy, 131.  Trump’s answer was…I Guess We Have A Magic Wand, 220.  American Bad Ass President, 220.  But on that date, June 16th 2015, we can do it either way, but let’s do it this way…  6 + 16 = 22, 22 + 15 = 37.  Three and seven spelled out comes to 121, Second Coming.  It also comes out to Shit Show and that’s why they sent out 3.7 million dollars to Wuhan…the previous administration.  Because 3.7 is the same as 3 7.  When you spell out three seven you get 121.  I See Dead People, 121.  Everything is done by the numbers, folks.

Negative48:  So it says, Second Coming.  It’s the 167th day…let’s do it the other way.  6/16/2015.  2 x 15 = 30.  30 is Baby.  Baby is 22 and 8, just like gold and silver.  Gold is Au, silver is Ag.  A is 1, U is 21.  A is 1, G is 7.  So right there you have 121 Second Coming, 17 Q.  121 + 17 = 138.  Keep America Great, 138.  Donald Trump, 138.  His first full day in office was 121 because he signed in the afternoon at 12:01, which is 121 Second Coming.  His first full day in office was 1/21/17…which is Second Coming (121) Q (17).  And he was 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old….if you believe his birthday is Flag Day 1946…which it’s not.  That’s when he was adopted…at 10:54.  10:54?  You mean 154?  Trump Family, 154.  He looked up at the sky, held his arms out high.  He was talking about, you know, taking down China and putting tariffs on.  He says “I am the Chosen One”.  I Am The Chosen One, 154.  Trump’s just running interference, folks.  Even though DJT is 34, Grace is 34.  He’s just running interference, you’ll find out.  President is 110.  American Bad Ass is 110.  You’re about to find out who the American bad ass is.

Negative48:  So, it’s 2015 and 6 and 16 is 22.  MAGA is 22.  We already did the 2015, 2 x 15 is 30, but 6 and 16 is 22.  MAGA is 22.  M-A-G-A, Make America Great Again.  Trump told everybody it was more than a political slogan.  I already told ya.  Make America Great Again, 163.  Alpha And The Omega Again, 163.  John F Kennedy Again, 163.  You do know what “again” means…  Again means again.

Negative48:  So, he comes down the escalator on the 167th day of the year.  It leaves 198 days in the future.  198 is the future on that day.  167, King Of The World.  198, President Trump.  He went around and took all their power, took all their money, he’s the king of the world.  He has all their money and all their power.  And if you don’t know that, you know, there’s plenty of proof for that.  You know, you can ask in the chat and people will point you in the right direction to the right video.  But see, 198 is just a guy running interference.  Because see, 167 is The Appointed One.  198 is President J Kennedy.  Here Comes Your Man, 198.  Greatest Come Back Ever, 198.  The Resurrection, 198.  President J Kennedy equals 198.  I Love You Jesus, 198.  Elephant In The Room, 198.  See, Trump won the election on 1/18.  That’s 118.  The Storm, 118.  11 x 8 is 88.  Trump, 88.  J Kennedy, 88.  The Storm, 118?  JFK POTUS, 118.  There’s another 118 coming.

Negative48:  Trump said on 10/5/17, when he was in the Oval Office with all those military generals…actually it was across the hall from the Oval Office he was in the Roosevelt Room, and all those generals on his left, all those generals on his right, on 10/5/17.  10/5’s kinda like 105.  God’s Word, 105.  American Dream, 105.  Trump 88, Q 17…105.  The English version, and the Biblical version “Saviour”, 105.  17, Q. 105 and 17 is 122 which is Junior’s plane crash which we’ll get to in a minute.

Negative48:  So Trump says, “Maybe what you’re looking at is the calm before the storm.”  It’s chapter 7 in JFK’s book.  It’s “The Calm Before The Storm”, 231.  What follows 231?  232.  Glorious Demolition, 232.  They said it was going to be GLORIOUS.  So, he tells them what they’re looking at is maybe the calm before the storm.  And they said, “What storm Mr. President?”, but he’s smart enough to make them ask three times because he knows you gotta maximize power, you gotta do it times three…  “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.”  Q 17, Q 17, Q 17, is 51.  Michael’s 51.  Michael’s their strongest and highest angel.  He’s the one that wields the flaming sword, the truth of God’s Word.  He is the defender of The Kingdom.  And they finally asked him (Trump) on the third time, “What storm Mr. President?”  And he said, “You’ll find out.”, 174.  Trust The Plan, 174.  POTUS Winner, 174.  JFK Jr As Promised, 174.  We’ll come back to those 174’s in a bit.

Negative48:  So, we’re still at the 167th day of the year when Trump came down the escalator.  King Of The World 167,  President J Kennedy 198, which is 365 (167 + 198 = 365).  36 and 5 is 41.  King is 41.  The key that unlocks all doors, Q said.  Key is 41, King is 41.  The King unlocks all doors.  USA is 41.  MAGA + KAG is 41.

Negative48:  So, Trump goes to D Day, and he put’s JFK right in your face on June 6th 2019.  He’s right there in the middle.  The guy on the left, everybody thought that was JFK.  He died, and well he was shorter than Macron…physically can’t be JFK.  The guy on the right, way too big.  Even though he had an orange diamond 5 hat on.  Orange Diamond Five, 162.  The Invisible Man, 162.  1, 6, 2, JFK.  J is 10, there’s your 1.  F is 6, there’s your 6.  K is 11, 1 + 1 is 2.  162, The Invisible Man.  The mirror reflection of 261.  John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 261.  Mirror Reflection is 198.  President J Kennedy is 198.  Think Mirror, 153.  John Kennedy Jr, 153.  153 and 198 is 351.  President J Kennedy John Kennedy Jr, 351.  God Communicates Through Numbers, 351.  It’s the mirror reflection of 153, which is the 17th triangular number which is Q…which is you.  That’s right.


Negative48:  So you put a bunch of bowling pins down.  1 for A, 2 for B, 3 for C.  You get down to Z, you got 26 bowling pins down, you have 351 bowling pins.  And God, G-O-D, is 26.  Just like there’s 26 letters in the alphabet.  Like I told you, the English alphabet is coded, and it tells you over, over, and over that it’s not only His language…it’s basically Him.  Jesus Christ Is The English Alphabet, 351.  The Manifestation Of Jesus Christ, 351.  So if God is 26, which it is... G-O-D.  G is 7, O is 15, that’s 22, and  D is 4.  God is 26.  So if God is 26, and it’s 351 26th triangular number’s 351, then we must be the mirror image of God which is 153…which is Q.  The 17th triangular number is 153.  So, if you put a bowling pin down for A, 2 for B, 3 for C, by the time you get down to the 17th row you have 153 bowling pins.  You are Q.  We Are Q, 69.  People, 69.  Qanon, 61.  You, 61.  Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You, 601.  Zero means nothing, You 61.  Oh My, 61.  Wow, 61.  Miracle, 61.  Red Tie, 61.

Negative48:  But let’s go back to you being Q.  Humanity, 111.  Spell out the word “humanity”.  H is 8, U is 21, M is 13…you just spell it out.  Just spell it out in the position the letters are in the alphabet.  Humanity, 111.  God Creation, 111.  Perfection, 111.  The letter U is 21 in the alphabet, 777 jackpot.  You were created in His image perfect.  So, Perfection 111, God Creation 111, Humanity 111, Man Woman Q 111.  See at the start, The Start equals 111, when the sperm is halfway in the egg, that’s a Q…that’s you.  That is the point of conception.  So every Q is followed by a U in the English language.  Quick, quiver, queen, quid, it doesn’t matter…every one of them.  You should be following Q…you are.  You’re following your mom and your dad.  Q and Q, 17 and 17, 34.  Grace, 34.  Everybody follows Grace because he came first.

Negative48:  So that red tie, that Trump wears, with his jacket open, super long, and the press made fun of it…because he wants you to notice…because he’s talking to ya.  He wears it 90% of the time.  Red 27, Tie 34.  JFK 27, DJT 34.  Right now you can think all you want about DJT is finishing what JFK started, but when I’m done I’m gonna tell you to think mirror…that JFK is finishing everything that DJT started.  You’ll Find Out, 174.  When You Know, 174.  So that red tie says many things.  Red tie…  Red 27, Tie 34?  JFK 27, Grace 34.  You heard me.  I didn’t stutter.  See, Grace is 34, 3 and 4 is 7.  7 is God’s perfect number.  God’s Perfect Number, 191?  All Roads To Lead To Q, 191.  The Beginning Of The End, 191.  The Beginning Of The I Am, 191.  Exclamation Point comes to 191.  Maybe you oughta start looking at all the tweets from all the people that we’re talking about.  General Flynn, Don Jr, Trump, all the CBK Carolyn Bessette Kennedy News…yeah.  They’re always putting 3 exclamation points.  191, 191, 191.

Negative48:  I am the beginning and the end.  A and Z, 27 (A = 1, Z = 26.  1 + 26 = 27).  27 JFK.  I Am is 23.  End is 23.  Any time two or more gather, I Am there.  I Am is 23.  End, E-N-D.  E is the 5th letter of the alphabet, and N is 14, that’s 19, and D is 4, that’s 23.  I Am.  I is 9, A is 1, that’s 10, and M is 13, which is 23.  23 + 23 = 46.  I Am End, 46.  I Am the beginning and the end.  46?  Best is 46.  Who is 46.  Hero is 46.  True American Hero, 174?  I told you you’ll find out about those later.  So best is 46, which is 23 and 23, which is I Am the beginning and the end.  I AM (23) the beginning and the END (23).

Negative48:  The Best Is Yet To Come, 228.  The Best Kennedy To Come, 228.  I’m On A Mission From God, 228.  Well who the hell do you think God’s gonna send?  His second Son?  John IS a second Son.  His older brother was Joe.  So, we have lots of ways to prove this.  We have 9/11.  It’s all coded.  Tower 1, tower 2, building 7.  Tower 1’s 110 stories.  American Bad Ass, 110.  Tower 2’s 110 stories.  President’s 110.  And, building 7 is just like the masons compass.  It’s got a G at the top which is 7, it’s open at 47 degrees, it’s 47 stories tall, and it’s building 7.  7 + 7 + 4 is 18.  And Jr is known as R (R follows Q), and R is the 18th letter of the alphabet.  It’s in the red tie.  I’ll just show you that later.  So anyway, 110…tower 1, if you use a number, is 82.  Anointed, 82.  Tower 2, if you use the number 2, is 83.  The Donald, 83.  I don’t know anybody that has a “the” in front of their name.  And then of course you got building 7, which is 47 stories tall, 7 + 4 + 7 = 18.  But see, 110 is actually 11, zero means nothing.  Tower 1, 110, zero means nothing so it’s 11.  We were supposed to have a parade on 11/11/18.  It’s right there in Q drop 1234.  Funny how Trump and I used to have conversations about 1234 and 4321.  432 is the natural hertz of the earth.  The natural hertz of your body.

(Transcriber’s note:  In the pictures for this post you will start to see some of the Gematria done on instead of just  So I just want to point out that “English Ordinal” on Gematrinator, is the same as “Simple Gematria” on Gematrix.)

Negative48:  And One (one spelled out is 34)?  Well that’s Grace, 34.  But see, 34 is DJT…is 34.  Again, he’s just running interference.  The 234?  We’ll get to that in a second.  The parade was 11/11/18.  It was the 100 year anniversary of WWI that ended on the 11th hour, of the 11th month, on the 11th day.  33.  What is it with the 33?  Well, GOD is number 1.  The devil couldn’t be number 2…so it has to be twice as good (because they mock us).  It has to be 1 and 1 which is 11.  11 11 11 you gotta strengthen it times three.  11 times 3 is 33.  11 is K.  KKK, 33.  So, just like on the 11th hour and the 11th month and the 11th day, they ended WWI on 11/22 which is 33.  The 33 degree masons, on the 33rd parallel, in Dallas Texas, 3 days before Jr turned 3, shot and killed JFK at 12:29.  12 is 3, 1 + 2 = 3.  2 and 9 is 11.  3, 11 (3 x 11 = 33)…interesting.

Negative48:  So, tower 1 is 82 if you use a number.  Tower 2 is 83.  82 and 83?  Well that’s on the Mickey Mouse clock.  See, the Mickey Mouse clock…  Mickey Mouse Clock is 183, and 1 x 83 is 83.  The Donald, 83.  And the code on the Mickey Mouse clock is ten eighty two (1082).  And Q drop 1082 is the one Jr’s mentioned on, on 4/8 2018.  5 months and 11 days, which is the mirror reflection of 115.  Trump JFK, 115.  Art Of The Deal, 115.  Key Code Of God, 115.  We Are At War, 115.  And it says “The ’Start’” when it says “1999”, and “JFK JR”, and the “Relationship”, and “POTUS”…  It’s all on that drop 1082, but that’s what that code is on the Mickey Mouse clock.  It’s pointed at the 10 on the left, there’s 8 red 1 minutes, and it’s pointing at the START of the 2.  And the words “The ’Start’” are on drop 1082.  It’s not pointing at the 10, it’s not pointing at the 9, it’s not pointing at the 8.  It’s pointing at the 8.5.  85?  Storm, 85.  WWG1WGA, 85.  Silver, 85.  But it’s really pointing at the 2.  The start of the 2.  So it’s ten eighty two (1082).  Just like on drop 1082 it says the words “The ’Start’”.  Go look at it.  It’s pointed at the very start of the 2 right at the top where the 2 starts.  And zero means nothings you got 182.  Mickey Mouse Clock, 183?  182 because zero means nothing.  1 x 82 is 82.  1 x 83 is 83.  Anointed, 82.  The Donald, 83.  Then again tower one with a number (82) is a 110 stories.  American Badass, 110.  And tower two with a number is 83.  The Donald’s 83 and he’s also a president.  President, 110.

Negative48:  So we’re back down to the 11/11/18, because zeros mean nothing.  We were supposed to have a parade on 11 dot 11 dot 18 dot (11.11.18.).  That’s not a date.  It’s not a uh…it’s a computer code, but it’s also code for eleven eleven eighteen.  American Badass (110), President (110), and R (18) which is Jr.  But the dot dot dot…d-o-t, d-o-t, d-o-t is 39, 39, 39 is 117.  Jackie Kennedy, 117.  We’re gonna have a parade because she’s not dead either.  That’s where the 234 comes in on… this is on drop Q 1234.  It says eleven dot eleven dot eighteen dot (11.11.18.).  And 1234, One is 34 which is DJT (34).  2 34?  Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy, 234.  23 and 4 is 27, JFK.  But, Jackie Kennedy’s 117.  1 and 1 is two because you get to stack em’.  1 and 1 is 2, 2 and 7 is 27 JFK.  Everything’s tellin’ ya.

Negative48:  So we go to drop fourteen forty (1440) which is really 144.  Why do we go there?  Well, Trump took ya there.  He took ya there right after he got elected on 11/8.  So he got to speak to you on 11/9, and 119 is Foundation.  It’s also backwards for 9/11.  And his first 15 words, Key Code Of God 115, they came to 1087.  Zero means nothing, 187.  The Insurrection Act of 1807.  Zero means nothing, 187.  They stole your country in 1871.  187 x 1, 187.  He was elected on 11/8.  11 x 8 is 88.  He’s now speaking to you on 11/9.  11 x 9, 99.  99 + 88 = 187.  He said he was going to bring power back to the people.  Power Back To The People, 220?  American Bad Ass President, 220.  Power, 77.  Christ, 77.  Christ 77, President 110? Christ President, 187.  Are you hearin’ what we’re sayin’?

Negative48:  They said Q, at the beginning, they said Q was 70% military, 30% civilian, less than ten (people).  The presstitutes told you everything 23 days before Q started posting.  They said, “What storm Mr. President?”  What Storm is 137.  Think mirror.  70% civilian, there’s your 7.  30% military, there’s your 3.  Less than 10 (people), there’s your 1.  Can’t be less than 10 and be 30 70.  Every mathematician knows that that 3 and 7 is 30 70.  Can’t pull out a machete and cut em’ up.  So…Think Mirror, 137.  Vincent Fusca, 137.  But Vincent Fusca, well at least one of the three of em’…there’s three of them folks, there’s three of em’.  There’s the tall one, there’s the short one, and there’s another short one.  Vincent Fusca number two, the short one…  “I’m leavin’ on a jet plane, I don’t know when I’ll be back again”…  Yeah you do John Denver, because you’re Vincent Fusca number two.  Vincent Fusca number three will be in The Jesus Strand 3.  The tall one is John Kennedy Jr.  John Kennedy Jr 153 the 17th triangular number.  Wait a minute…John Kennedy Jr’s 153 the 17th triangular…?  So John John’s Think Mirror 153?  So John Kennedy Jr is Q?  Vincent Fusca, 137.  Less Than Ten, 137.  What Storm?  What Storm is 137.  What storm Mr. President?  Mr. President, 141.  I Am The Storm, 141.  Jr’s not a president.  They told us to think mirror.  Think Mirror, 153?  John Kennedy Jr, 153?  Well then Jr’s Q because that’s the 17th triangular number 153…NO.  They said to THINK MIRROR.  Mirror, 91.  POTUS, 91.  Think POTUS.  He (Jr) was never a POTUS.  Jr’s out.  137.  Vincent Fusca, 137.  President JFK, 137.  That’s who’s Q.  That’s why Jr’s known as R…because R follows Q.  137?  God Of Thunder, 137.  President JFK, 137.

Negative48:  They told us so much stuff.  So D Day…go back to D Day.  It was 6/6/2019…June 6th 2019.  6 and 6 is 12.  12 spelled out (twelve) comes to 87 which is Junior (87), but it also comes to Truth 87.  It also comes to Justice 87.  87, 87, 87 = 261.  John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr, 261.  The mirror reflection of 162.  The Invisible Man (162).  But see, it was just 6 and 6 which is 12, but 6 x 6 is 36.  And the 36th prime number is 151.  Jesus Christ, 151.  But let’s just take the date 6/6/2019.  6 x 6 is 36, x 2 is 72.  I Am Alive, 72.  72 x 1 is still 72, but 72 x 9 is 648.  648, that’s the mirror reflection of when tower 1 got hit.  Tower 1, if you spell it out O-N-E, Tower One’s 115.  We Are At War, 115.  Trump JFK, 115.  It got hit at 8:46, the mirror reflection of 648.  Mirror Reflection’s 198.  President J Kennedy, 198.

Negative48:  So let’s take JFK’s (assassination) date 11/22/1963.  11 + 22 + 19 + 63 is 115.  Tower One, 115.  Ok, wait a minute so let’s take it, let’s times it.  1 x 1 x 2 x 2 x 1 x 9 x 6 x 3 is 648, the mirror reflection of 8:46 when Tower 1 got hit…just like D Day.  So he went…he came back on the same math as D Day and his assassination date…interesting.  But see, we don’t know it’s right just by 1963, let’s just go with the 63.  1 x 1 is 1, x  2 is 2, x 2 is 4.  We just have the 6 and the 3 to go.  4 x 6 is 24, 24 x 3 is 72.  I Am Alive, 72…the mirror reflection of 27, JFK .  And 27 and 72 is 99.  99’s Most High.  But we have 648 and 72.  Add em’ together and you get 720.  72 is I Am Alive, and 7 x 20 is 140.  POTUS Yes (140).  And 72 and 140 come to 212…Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.  212…T-W-O, O-N-E, T-W-O, comes to 150.  Trump Train, 150.  JFK POTUS Again, 150.  Pretty interesting.

Negative48:  You know, there’s a Q drop they gave us that has to do with what Trump said with his first 6 words.  His first 6 words to the public.  He came out on 11/9.  Foundation, 119.  And when you fully reduce it, when fully reduce it, foundation, F-O…O is 15, no it’s 6.  You just fully reduce it 1 and 5 is 6.  U is 21, no it’s 3.  T is 20, no it’s 2.  N is 14, no it’s 5.  So, you just fully reduce all the letters and add em’ up, it comes to 47.  The only day we say backwards in this country, “4th of July”, which we should say “July 4th”, 7/4.  Well, 47’s John…74’s Jesus.  47 and 74?  121.  Second Coming, 121.  We talked about Human being 57, Jews being 57.  We talked about Jesus 74, Druze 74.  Human Jesus, 131.  John F Kennedy, 131.  You starting to get it?  It’s pretty hard…at what point is it mathematically impossible?  They said it was going to be “The Greatest Story Ever Told”.  There’s only one way that’s possible.  They said wait til’ ya learn who, which is 46…I am the beginning and the end, 23 and 23…wait til’ you learn who has been talking to you here.  Not me folks, I’m just reading a Q drop.  That one got me in a lot of trouble (laughs)….yeah.  Michael Protzman, 174?  Yes John Kennedy, 174.  Michael Brian Protzman, 218?  John F Kennedy Junior, spelled all the way out, 218.

Negative48:  So anyway, Trump came out and his first 6 words he said... Thank You 115, Thank You 115, Very Much 115...345 (115 x 3 = 345).  Do You Have Your Popcorn Ready, 345?  That’s what it comes to.  He already told you Enjoy The Show 167 we he came down the escalator on the 167th day of the year.  167 is Enjoy The Show.  They said what makes a good movie?  GREAT ACTORS.  Great, 51?  Q Q Q, 51.  Q actors.  So when he said 345...  The Predators Will Become The Prey, 345.  Get your popcorn ready cuz’ I’m gonna kick some predator ass is what he told ya!  But he also told ya Intelligence Intelligence Intelligence, 115 115 115, because this language is intelligent design.

Negative48:  He also started with a 3 4 5.  3 squared + 4 squared = 5 squared.  9 + 16 = 25.  To start perfect, you have to start with a 3 4 5, and that’s exactly what Donald Trump did.  He started perfect with a 3 4 5.  An absolute perfect 90 degree corner.  In The Beginning God Created Heaven And Earth, 345.  That’s the very first thing HE did.  That’s the very first thing Donald Trump did.  HE did it in 6 days, Donald Trump did it in 6 words.  Who’d he do it for?  What was Donald Trump’s 7th word that night?  Thank You, 115.  Thank You Very Much Everybody, 351.  God Communicates Through Numbers, 351.  And Everybody comes to 121, Second Coming.  Everybody…his 7th word.  7 is God’s perfect number.  God’s Perfect Number, 191?  All Roads To Lead To Q, 191.  So God did it for all of us.  Very first thing he did.  Look outside, it’s perfect.  Donald Trump’s an excellent builder, because he always start with a 3 4 5 to make sure it’s square, perfect, and true.  And Donald Trump’s building his greatest construction project ever.  He is building the Foundation, 119.  He is saying this on 11/9, which is the opposite of 9/11.  He’s building his greatest construction project ever.  The foundation which America’s going to sit.

Negative48:  That’s one of the reason’s why it was “Make America Great Again”, because it wasn’t America.  Because anytime they put gold trim on your flag, all the way around it, that’s not your flag.  Your flag is red, white, and blue.  That’s the only one you’ve ever seen burned in the street.  You’ve never, ever, ever, seen a red white blue with gold trim flag burned in the street…because that’s their flag.  The king’s flag, the queen’s flag, the freak’s flag.  Those flags are gonna burn in the street real soon because they’re not yours.  That’s why they’re in the courtroom, and that’s why they’re in the government offices.  Because they’re not yours, they’re theirs.

Negative48:  Well we’re taking our country back, and that’s what Donald Trump did when he went and saw the queen on D Day.  He went over there and took our country back.  We knew it before he left, and as soon as he got back everything we learned told us he did it.  So, it was the actually said..the banner said D Day 75th Anniversary.  JFK is sitting there, Trump’s giving a speech. He talks for x amount of time, all of a sudden he stops talking, turns around, faces the crowd for like 6-8 seconds, and then he walks forward, and then he walks to the left, and he walks over and shakes JFK’s hand.  And Trump’s body’s in the way, but it appears Macron shakes his hand too.

Negative48:  Now, he’s wearing a red tie (JFK, not Trump).  Red, 27.  Tie, 34.  JFK, 27.  Grace, 34.  Which is 61 (Red Tie, 61)(27 + 34 = 61).  Miracle, 61.  You, 61.  Oh My, 61.  Wow, 61.  And, he’s wearing his sunglasses.  Sunglasses, 136.  Great Awakening, 136.  136 = One Four Nine.  Just remember 149 we’re gonna get to it in a minute.  See, then he’s wearing a D Day Survivor hat which comes to 178.  178.  Son Of The Highest, 178.  But see, that’s S-U-N…that’s those guys.  Lord How Will I Die, 178.  Now that’s an interesting question…  How is he alive?  Lord How Will I Die, 178.  The Greatest Ever, 178.  Hundred Fourteen, 178.  Yeah, 114…Trump Card, 114.  Hammering God, 114.  Thor is 61.  Qanon, 61.  You, 61.

Negative48:  Thor is the hammering God.  Hammering God, 114?  It’s on that drop fourteen forty (1440).  Remember He said, In The Beginning God Created Heaven And Earth, 345.  Thank You Thank You Very Much, 345.  God created Heaven and Earth in 6 days.  There’s 144 hours in 6 days.  We’re going to go to drop fourteen forty (1440) in a minute because zero means nothing.  144?  Yeah…that tells you a lot.  Drop fourteen forty.  It’s got Q right there as the hammer on the gun.  The drop’s upside down.  Q always has to be on the bottom, that’s where Q signed.  Flip it upside down and it’s a gun.  Matter of fact it looks like a three fifty seven.  And on April 6th 2020, while drop 4620 for April 6th 20 was on the top of the Q board, Donald Trump put out a tweet on 4/6/20.  All capital letters.  There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel, 357.  Well on that gun is a bullet.  It’s…”Dark To Light”, 125.  Golden Ticket, 125.  John Kennedy, 125.  Not For Sale, 125.

Negative48:  Hey SabrinaGal are you ready with your 125’s?  Let’s just re-visit em.  You go once, then I’ll go.
SabrinaGal:  Ok!  Let me get my 125’s.  125, if y’all remember is John Kennedy.  So…John Kennedy, 125.
Negative48:  Well see, that’s what I…that’s my answer, and you get to say…
SabrinaGal:  Oh, that was your’s?
Negative48:  I got that one!  And you can say the other ones (laughs).
SabrinaGal:  Ok, I’ll do another one.  Biblical Lord God, 125.
Negative48:  John Kennedy, 125.
SabrinaGal:  Welcome Lord, 125.
Negative48:  John Kennedy, 125.
SabrinaGal:  Son Of Light, 125.
Negative48:  Dark To Light, 125?
SabrinaGal:  Holiest Being, 125.
Negative48:  John Kennedy, 125.
SabrinaGal:  Meet The Lord, 125.
Negative48:  John Kennedy, 125.
SabrinaGal:  Christ Live, 125.
Negative48:  John Kennedy, 125.  At what point is mathematically impossible, people?  See, the mirror reflection of 125…   And Mirror Reflection is 198.  President J Kennedy, 198.  Greatest Comeback Ever, 198.  The Resurrection, 198…  The mirror reflection of 125 is 521.  The Wealth Of The Wicked Is Saved Up For The Righteous, 521.  It was in the dark, it is now coming to the light.  Dark To Light, 125?  Golden Ticket, 125.  Here’s your golden ticket.  You have wealth, and then you have wealth.  You have John Kennedy, 125.  Golden Ticket, 125.  Not For Sale, 125.  Neither one of my Presidents, the only two I can count as my Presidents, neither one of them are for sale.

Negative48:  So, we’re not done yet.  He’s (JFK) at D Day, he’s wearing the red tie, he’s wearing the sunglasses…  He’s D Day Survivor, 178.  The Greatest Ever, 178.  Sexiest Man Alive, 178 (laughs).  Lord How Will I Die, 178.  But see, D Day Survivor is DDS.  D is 4, D is 4, that’s 8, and S is 19.  And, 8 and 19 is 27 JFK.  How obvious is it?  It was to me on the next day.  I didn’t watch D Day the day it came out.  I did watch it the next day on 6/7.  And Sixty Seven, spelled out, comes to 162, The Invisible Man (162).  1-6-2…J is ten, which is one, cuz’ zero means nothing.  F is 6, there’s your 6.  And K’s 11, 1-1 there’s your 2.  1-6-2, The Invisible Man.  Trump’s just hiding him.  Trump’s running interference.  President Trump, 198?  President J Kennedy, 198.  DJT, 34?  Grace, 34.  The red tie tells you.  Red Tie.  Red 27,  Tie 34?  JFK 27, Grace 34.  But see, JFK’s 27, but Tie?  T-I-E.  T is 20.  Twenty, spelled out, is 107 which is Superman (107).  Can’t kill Superman.

Negative48:  So, zero means nothing...  So, 17 Q.  Throw the zero to the right.  Tie, T-I-E.  T is 20, we got the 17, zero’s to the right, I-E.  I is 9, E is 5, that’s 14, add the zero, that’s 140 POTUS Yes.  JFK, Q, POTUS Yes.  That’s what the red tie tells ya’.  Take the red tie off of Trump’s neck.  Don’t untie it, just take it off, lay it on the bed.  It looks like a keyhole lock.  Think mirror.  It’s the key.  Red 27, Tie 34?  What’s the 27th letter of the alphabet?  It’s A…you have to start over.  What’s the 34th letter of the alphabet?  When you get to Z, you keep going.  27, 28, 29, 30, 31…it’s H.  A-H, 1-8, which is R (18).  Which is what we need to put back into our country.  United States OF America?  They changed it from The United States FOR America.  There’s the R…put it right back.  But think mirror…  A-H?  Let’s go with H-A, ha!  He who laughs last, laughs loudest.  But see there’s more there.  H is 8, A is 1, that’s 81.  81?  Trump responded to the presstitutes when they asked him the very first time about the “corona virus”.  He said “unforeseen problem”.  Unforeseen is 122.  It Was Rigged, America, 122 (It Was Rigged = 122).  I Am Alive America, 122.  JFK Jr Lives, 122…which is Jr’s plane crash, 7/16/99.  7 and 16’s 23, 23 and 99 is 122.  But see…unforeseen problem…Problem is 81.  Just like H-A, ha!  Oh there’s an unforeseen problem, and I can’t wait to tell you about it, but right now I just can’t.

Negative48:  So, that’s D Day(explained in previous post), but see we gotta go back to that drop fourteen forty (1440).  Cuz’ Trump did say In The Beginning God Created Heaven And Earth, which happened in 144 hours.  Which is the upside down gun on drop fourteen forty.  So, if you look at drop 1440 it’s hidden…the message is hidden right there.  I’ll just read it real fast.  Says, “BOOM.  BOOM.  BOOM.”  “A WEEK TO REMEMBER.”  “DARK TO LIGHT.” 125, John Kennedy 125.  That’s the bullet inside the gun.  “BLACKOUT NECESSARY.” 194, “Q”.  Well, A Week To Remember is 159.  John F Kennedy Jr, 159.  Puppy Show, 159.  Q said they were gonna make the super bowl look like a puppy show…yeah.  But see, there’s not 4 booms there.  Boom, boom, boom, boom.  There’s 5 booms.  There’s the vertical boom.  See, the 2nd boom, the 3rd boom, and the 4th boom are all off set 3, 6, and 9 spaces.  Three Six Nine, spelled out, comes to 150.  Trump Train, 150.  The secrets of the universe are 3, 6, and 9.  And 150 comes to JFK POTUS Again.  But there’s a 5th vertical boom.  It’s the last M in the first boom, and there’s an O and an O, and then there’s a B on the 4th boom.  That means it’s worth 225 cuz’  Boom is 45, and there’s 5 booms.

Negative48:  So, 225…22 x 5 is 110.  President, 110 (laughs).  22 + 5 is 27, JFK (27).  President JFK, 137?  Vincent Fusca, 137.  70% military, 3% civilian, less than 10.  7-3-1, think mirror, 137.  What Storm, 137.  Mr. President, 141?  I Am The Storm, 141.  Anytime two or more gather I am there.  I AM the storm.  The Storm, 118?  POTUS JFK, 118.  But there’s another 118 coming…  You’ll find out.  It’s Q on that gun on drop 1440, cuz see, dark to light’s the bullet.  Bullet is 72.  I Am Alive, 72.  And, Dark To Light 125 is John Kennedy 125.  So he’s the bullet.  Somebody else has to drop the hammer.  Thor is 61, Red Tie 61.  Hammering God, 114?  Trump Card, 114.  Wait til you find out what that Trump card looks like.

Negative48:  So anyway, we were talking about 1440, and we know that boom, boom, boom, boom, and a boom is 225.  A Week To Remember, 159.  Dark To Light, 125.  Blackout Necessary, 194.  Add all these up.  225 + 159 + 125 + 194 + Q (17), which is the hammer, it equals 720.  Just like…just like the assassination date.  11/22/1963.  It came to 648, and 72, which is 720.  72 is I Am Alive.  7 x 20 = 140, POTUS Yes.  I Am Alive POTUS Yes, 212?  Abraham Lincoln was born on 2/12.  T-W-O, O-N-E, T-W-O comes to 150.  Trump Train, 150.  JFK Again POTUS, 150.  But see, if you add the Q (17) and the 144 up above…just add the Q (17) and the 144, you get to 881.  Think Mirror.  You got your 188’s ready, SabrinaGal?
SabrinaGal:  I do!  I was gonna throw in a 150 before we forget the most famous 150.
Negative48:  Ok, let’s do it.  Trump Train, 150.  Do it!
SabrinaGal:  Jesus Strand, 150.  The Holy Bible Code, 150.  The Lord’s Alive, 150.  Human God Soul, 150.  And, Magdalene Bloodline, 150.
Negative48:  Beautiful.  You know you said Jews 57, Druze 74?  Human 57, Jesus 74.  Human Jesus, 131?  John F Kennedy, 131 (almost cries).

Negative48:  So if you take that drop, Q drop 1440, and you drop the zero, and you take Q (17) + 144 + 225 + 159 + 125 + 194 + 17 (Q), you get to 881.  Think mirror, 188?  Show Me The Money, 188.  OK!  $100 + $50 is $150, + $20 is $170, + $10 is $180, + $5 is $185, + $2 is $187, + $1 that’s $188.  I just showed you the money.  Show Me The Money, 188?  President Kennedy, 188!
SabrinaGal:  Shroud Of Turin, 188.  The Lord In The Flesh, 188.  The Image Of Father Omega, 188.  An Image Of God The Father, 188.  And, Jesus Of Nazareth, 188.
Negative48:  Trump Towers, 188.  President Kennedy, 188.  Show Me The Money, 188.

Negative48:  So those 5 booms, 4 booms are 180 but there’s that vertical 5th boom…5 booms.  5 x 45, 225.  Again, 22 x 5 is 110.  American Bad Ass, 110.  22 and 5 is 27, JFK…which is 137 (110 + 27 = 137).  But see, 225…  spell out the numbers, folks.  Two One Eight?  Where We Go One We Go All, 218, and Five Five…  Boss, 55.  We follow The Boss.  Boss, 55?  218 spelled out (Two One Eight)….Two One Eight Five Five comes to 225 which we know 22 x 5 is 110.  President, 110.  American Bad Ass, 110.  And 22 + 5 is 27, JFK…yeah.  Trump said he was bringing power back to the people?  Power, 77?  Christ, 77.  President, 110?  187 ( = Christ President, 77 + 110 = 187).  It’s just amazing.  Amazing Numbers, 163?  Alpha And The Omega Again, 163.  187?  The God Of The Heavens, 187.  Being Divinely Guided, 187.  I Am The Alpha And The Omega, 187.  Use Your Brains, 187.  Two Zero Seven, 187.  Just spell it out, Two Zero Seven, 187.  Two Zero Seven, zero means nothing, 27 JFK.

Negative48:  And 20 x 7 is 140 which is POTUS Yes.  Which is 167.  Trump came down the escalator on the 167th day of the year.  On June 16th 15’.  6 + 15 + 15 is 37.  3 and 7 spelled out (Three Seven) is 121, Second Coming (121).  167, King Of The World.  198, President J Kennedy.  The Appointed One, 167.  198, President J Kennedy, Greatest Comeback Ever (198).  GREATEST COMEBACK EVER!  They said it was going to be the greatest story ever told, and then they said wait til’ you learn who has been talking to you here.  Not me, I’m just the reader.  Who is 46, I Am is 23, End is 23.  I Am The Beginning And The End (I Am End = 46).  Hero, 46.  So I’m gonna wrap it up.  I can go on for a lot longer, but I’m gonna wrap it up.

SabrinaGal:  I’ve got one…got one to just close…
Negative48:  Yeah, yeah.
SabrinaGal:  …just close this beautiful story.  On November 20th 2020, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy tweeted, “With God On Our Side, You Should Not Worry”, 494.  The Constitution Of The United States Of America, 494.  The Son Of Man Sitting At The Right Hand Of Yehoshua, 494.  I Am Recovering The Earth Not Destroying The Earth, 494.  And the best one?  The Donald Trumpet Of The Lord Is About To Sound, 494.

Negative48:  You know I’d forgot something, ya know…  We gotta do JFK’s birthday.  You know, I can’t imagine I missed it but I kinda missed it for a second so…  He was born May 29th 1917.  1917.  1 and 9 is 10, 1 and 7 is 8, that’s 18.  That’s the number of man.  6 three scored 6, 666, the number of man (6 x 3 = 18).  May 29th, 5 and 9 is 34 which is Grace.  Grace Man?  Think mirror.  Man Grace.  See, May 29th, well see, it’s the 149th day of the year.  149 is The Anointed One.  It leaves 216 days left in the year.  6 x 6 x 6 = 216, the number of man.  The Anointed One Man?  Think mirror.  Man, then The Anointed One.  It was the 149th day of the year, and 14 and 9 is 23, which is I Am.  Hmm…yeah.  So it was May 29th.  5 x 29 is 145.  Amazing Jesus, 145.  It just…it just gets crazy after a while…

Negative48:  Trump said he was gonna drain the swamp.  Well if you drain the swamp you gotta fill it with somethin’.  Drain The Swamp, 151?  Jesus Christ, 151.  151 equals King President.  They said, Follow The Pen, 151.  Pen is 35.  JFK was the 35th President.  See, Hope is 44.  We never lose hope, because 4 and 4 is 8, 8’s infinite.  But see, in the Bible number 35 represents hope.  3 and 5’s 8, and 8 is infinite because number 35 is infinite.  That birthday, May 29th…  5 x 29, 145?  Amazing Gematria, 145.  Amazing Jesus, 145.  Amazing Messiah, 145.  Dark To Light, 125?  John Kennedy, 125?  Majestic Leader, 125.  I mean, at what point is mathematically impossible?  107, Superman?  Zero means nothing, 17, Q.  Majestic JFK, 107.  Great Awakening, 136?  Sunglasses, 136?  Like he was wearing on D Day?  God President, 136.  His birthday, May 29th…5 x 25, 145?  JFK The Storm, 145.  JFK Perfect Leader, 145.  That’s right.  On D Day they had that word “anniversary”.  Anniversary, 146?  I Am POTUS Again, 146.

Negative48:  See, when Trump had the speech in Washington DC on January 6th, he knew that antifa and black lives matter were going to break into the capital.  Trump’s always 5 steps ahead…he knows everything.  So he delayed his speech, and then when he did speak, he spoke extra long so the event would take place prior.  And then, afterwards, he called for a nation wide step down.  He told everybody to go home.  I Am POTUS Again, 146.  He had to present…he had to appoint a constitutional republic.  He (Trump) had to step down, Pence had to step down…well he’s already stepped all the way down to GITMO garden’s fertilizer…him and his wife were already liquidated.  And he had to appoint a Constitutional President and a Vice President.  Number 19, and number 19.  He told you, Make America Great Again was more than a political slogan…  John F Kennedy Again, 163?  He Never Quits, 163.

Negative48:  Now I’m gonna tell ya somethin’ about that license plate number on that Lincoln on 11/19/1963.  The license plate number was GG 300.  G and G is 77. Three Hundred spelled out comes to (130) We Will Win.  Trump’s tweeted that many times in all capital letters.  See, You People…  130.  We The People, 130.  We Will Win, 130.  American Freedom, 130.  All you gotta do is add Q, 17, you got 147 (We The People Q).  21 x 7 is 147.  Twenty One spelled out is 141.  Mr. President, 141.  I Am The Storm, 141.  I think you know who Mr. President is…  “Happy Birthday…Mr. President”.  See, Marilyn told you that Happy Birthday’s 153.  The 17th triangular number (153) is Q.  Mr. President, 141?  Q, 17?  158 (141 + 17 = 158).  Perfect Storm, 158.  Arizona Audits, 158.  They’re in Arizona…A-Z (27)…hmm (JFK, 27).  So anyway, sorry to get off track a little bit, it said GG 300.  And by the way, 130 + 17 is 147.  The New World, 147.  21 x 7?  There’s four 7’s there, people.  7 is one seven, and 21 is three 7’s.  That’s four 7’s.  47, John.  Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming, 316.  What name comes to your head when you hear the number 316?  That’s what I thought…  John.  They’re tellin’ ya.  Nothing Can Stop What IS Coming, 316.  3 x 16 is 48…hmm…

Negative48:  So um…  The license plate, GG 300.  G and G is 7 and 7, which is 14.  Then you have the 3, which is 17 Q (7 + 7 = 14, + 3 = 17).  But 14 and 3 is 143.  Ground Zero, 143.  Next to the RV in Tennessee, when it blew up on the street, there was a sign that said 341W.  Backwards is, I Am Ground Zero (W - 23 = 23 - I Am, 143 - Ground Zero).  Forwards 341 is (laughs), King Of The World Yes John Kennedy, 341, W (23 is) I Am (23).  They’re tellin ya’.  It’s everywhere.  Trump tells ya when he’s sitting at his desk.  The Resolute Desk.  It was JFK’s desk, the one that Jr used to hide under, and Trump’s using that desk cuz’ he’s hidin’ Jr.  Resolute, 115.  And he’s sitting at that desk with Ivanka on his left, and the NASA female astronaut on his right, and he says, “Mr. President, can you hear me?”  Now why in the heck would he say that?  You already know who Mr. President is.  Mr. President Can You Hear Me comes to 270.  27, JFK.  2 x 70’s 140, POTUS Yes (140).  140 and 27 comes to 167, the day he came down the escalator (JFK POTUS Yes, 167).  King Of The World, 167, (plus) Yes John Kennedy equals 341 (King Of The World Yes John Kennedy, 341).  The mirror reflection of 143 on the license plate.  Like the sign on the wall next to the RV.  341W.  King Of The World Yes John Kennedy I Am.  The W (23) is I Am (23).  341 one is…hmm…King Of The World, 167…Yes John Kennedy, 174 (167 + 174 = 341).  It comes to 341 just like the sign says.  The mirror reflection of 143 which is on the license plate.  143, Ground Zero?  341, King Of The World Yes John Kennedy.  Pretty Amazing.
(Transcriber’s Note:  Something I noticed also was that 341 spelled out, Three Forty One, equals 174.)

Negative48:  I know I’m forgetting somethin’…  Oh yeah…  See, some of this stuff’s brand new, nobody’s ever heard it before even my admins, nobody’s heard it.  Here you go.  So I sent a book, a picture of a book, I sent it to Hellywood, Hellywood Defector.  She had a bigger account than I did on Twitter, and I wanted people to see it.  I didn’t care if Trump re-tweeted me, he’d already done that.  So, I sent this picture that said “Four Dark Days”, that comes to 143.  Ground Zero, 143, the license plate on the Lincoln, and backwards (341) which is on the building in Tennessee next to the RV.  Backwards there’s a W (23) that says I Am (23), Ground Zero (143).  So Four Dark Days comes to 143.  It said “Four Dark Days In History” but “In History” was small.  It was capital letters, but it was small.  “Four Dark Days” was the front of the cover, it’s on my channel.  Go to Negative48 channel and look at it.  It’s got a picture of John Kennedy, it says “Four Dark Days”.  If he’s The Light…dark to light?  The means he was only gone for 4 days.  Want me to prove it?  Get your pencils out...

Negative48:  …Because Trump re-tweeted it, that told me he was gone for 4 days exactly.  They killed him at 12:29, the 2’s you get to stack, that’s 149.  The Anointed One (149), his birthday, the 149th day of the year.  But see, Washington DC on the Osiris stone penis dick clock for the sun gods, sun god Ra, it was 1:29.  And he was on the east coast after, 4 days.  So 1:29, here we go, which is the mirror reflection of 9/21 Jr’s, you know, wedding date September 21st, and Uranium One.  92 and 1, 93.  The Pope Wears Red Shoes, 93.  The sun is 93 million miles away.  Especially on 9/21 (9 then 2 + 1 = 3, 93), the fall solstice, right?  In the spring, 3/21…33 (3 and then 2 + 1 is 3, 33)…

Negative48:  …Anyway, here we go…here we go.  JFK came back on 11/26/1963, that equals 124.  You’re using numbers, 11-26-1963, the dashes are nothing they’re just the dash symbol.  JFK Came Back On 11-26-1963, (comes to) 124.  Trump’s favorite Bible verse.  Eye For An Eye, 124.  A New Beginning, 124.  Fireworks, 124.  JFK Came Back On 11-26-1963 (add) 129, it comes to 136.  Great Awakening, 136.  Just like the Sunglasses, 136.  JFK Came Back On 11-26-1963 129 PM, (comes to) 165.  Resurrection, 165.  JFK Came Back On 11-26-1963 129 PM EST (EST, Eastern Standard Time), (comes to) 209.  29 spelled out (Twenty Nine) comes to 149, The Anointed One (149), (and) his birthday the 149th day of the year, May 29th.  But it’s 209, and 20 x 9 is 180, and if you do 2 + 9 it’s 11.  11 and 180 is 191.  All Roads To Lead To Q, 191.  But you can do it a couple different ways.  209.  20 x 9’s 180, and then add 2 x 9 is 18.  180 and 18 is 198.  Here Comes Your Man, 198.  Greatest Comeback Ever, 198.  The Resurrection, 198.  Elephant In The Room, 198.  President J Kennedy, 198.  Through Gematria, I just told you when JFK came back…

Negative48:  …Exactly 4 days, 96 hours.  9 x 6 is 15.  Zero means nothin’, 105, God’s Word (105).  150, Trump Train.  But see, 96 hours is 4 days.  The game of King’s is golf.  It’s a gentlemen’s game, and when you take a shot at somebody you gotta yell “FORRRRE!”  Well, he did.  He signed executive order 11110….”FORRRRE!”  11 and 11 is 22 which is MAGA (22), and 11 x 11 is 121, Second Coming (121).  So Trump asked those presstitutes, they gotta go back to that day 10-5-17.  It was 4 days after the Vegas shooting, the Harvest 91 concert.  91 is POTUS…cut down (“harvest”) POTUS.  He was in town that day, but 4 days later…  You can look it up on the Q boards, Q drops, just look up under Las Vegas and Air Force One, AF1, you’ll find it…
(Transcriber’s Note:  FORRRRE, with 4 R’s, comes to 98.)

Negative48:  …So he asked em’, or he told em’, “Maybe what you’re looking at is the calm before the storm.”  They said, “What storm Mr. President?”  And he said, “You’ll find out.”, 174.  Junior Justice, 174.  When You Know, 174.  We Have The Power, 174.  Power, 77?  Christ, 77.  We Have The Glory, 174.  Storm Is Coming, 174.  Currency Reset, 174.  The Flood Is Coming, 174.  Awakening Is Coming, 174.  JFK Jr As Promised, 174.  Jr Coming To America, 174.  A New World View, 174.  Welcome To The Q Age, 174.  Fight The Good Fight, 174.  Give It Up For God, 174.  POTUS Winner, 174.  I Am Victorious, 174.  Just remember what “I Am” is.  Anytime 2 or more gather, I Am there.  I Am A Power To Change, 174.  I Am The Perfect Leader, 174.  Yes I Am Coming Home, 174.  Yes I Am Q Anon King, 174.  Yes John Kennedy, 174.  You did hear it right?  Yes I Am Coming Home, 174.  Yes John Kennedy, 174.  I Am USA President, 174.  I Caught The Swamp, 174.  I is 9, 9 is Most High.  JFK, I Am the beginning and the end.  A (1) and Z (26), 1 and 26 is 27, JFK 27, 2 and 7’s 9, 9’s Most High.  I, the letter “I” is 9.  I Caught The Swamp, 174.  The New JFK World, 174.  True American Hero, 174.  We Shall Remain Free, 174...

Negative48:  …He (JFK) told you, just like Trump’s tellin’ ya.  He’s telling you he’s POTUS, Yes.  He told you in 1962.  The most controversial statement EVER.  Cuz’ see, the word “conspiracy theorist” wasn’t put out yet.  Coincidence Theorist, 198.  President J Kennedy, 198.  We Are The News Now, 198.  So, he said…  Let’s see if this sounds familiar…  “There’s a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child.  Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot.”  Well, number one, you have to be alive.  And number two, you have to be in office.  Remember, I Caught The Swamp, 174.  Yes John Kennedy, 174.  True American Hero, 174…

Negative48:  …At the beginning of the video, which is on my channel, to the song “I Did It My Way” by Frank Sinatra, that’s when Trump says, “Mr. President can you hear me?”…and then that video plays.  Trump sent that out…  I did it my way…  I.  Did.  It.  My.  Way.  “Way” is 49, which is Yes (49).  “My” is 38, which is Gold (38), which is AU (A is 1, U is 21, 121), which is Second Coming 121.  “It” is 29, which 29 spelled out (Twenty Nine) is 149, The Anointed One (149), his birthday (May 29th, the 149th day of the year).  “Did” is 17, which is Q.  “I” is 9, which is Most High.  I (I), Q (DID), The Anointed One (IT), Second Coming (MY), Yes (WAY).  Yes, Second Coming, The Anointed One, Q, Most High.  I did it my way.  And remember the lyrics…remember the lyrics to the song, I Did It My Way.  At the very end, watch the guy tip his hat.  JFK D Day Hat Tipper, 174.  Right when the lyrics say, “I took the blow, and did it my way”.  That’s all I got…  Thank you Sabrina, thank you Brice, thank you Toronto.  And remember, Thank You is 115.  Trump JFK, 115.

The Jesus Strand Part 2

SabrinaGal:  Welcome to part 2 of The Jesus Strand.  We’re very excited to present the sequel to this amazing genealogy story, miracle story, and glorious story.  This is a compilation of research from our presenters including historical work from Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, the younger brother of JFK Jr, who has a PHD in Middle Eastern studies, and a masters in Engineering.  Again, we ask that you maintain an open mind and an open heart, and honor the wisdom of the ancients who came before us who gifted their sacred wisdom to us, their descendants.  Before we begin, Negative48 will give a brief introduction to Gematria, the language of our Lord.

Negative48:  Well, A is 1, Z is 26.  Every letter in the alphabet has a numerical value, and when you add up words the numbers add up.  So just like the word “Cab”, C-A-B, C is 3, A is 1, that’s 4 total, B is 2, “Cab” is 6.  So you get to something like “Star”, S-T-A-R, comes to 58.  Ivanka, 58.  So there’s different values to different words.  It depends on what letters are there.  So, A through Z, is 351 if you add em’ all up.  God Communicates Through Numbers, 351.  The Twenty Six Holy Letters, 351.  God Coded Every English Alphabet Letter, 351.  Jesus Christ Is The English Alphabet, 351.  Supreme Architect Of The Universe, 351.  The Manifestation Of Jesus Christ, 351.  I think you see that the language is real.  The Algorithms Of Consciousness, 351.  Kingdom Of Satan Destroyed By Word, 351.  So, the mirror reflection of 351 is 153.  And God is 26, and there’s 26 letters.  G is 7, O is 15, and D is 4, God is 26.  And 1, well 1 is I Am the beginning and the end.  Number 1 is God, I Am the beginning and the end.  So the language is what it is, and you’ll see later, as we go through the story of The Jesus Strand, how it all lines up.  The whole Bible’s coded, everything’s coded, everything is in numbers.
SabrinaGal:  Thank you Negative(48).

SabrinaGal:  If you remember, from part 1 of The Jesus Strand, we learned that genetic testing was performed on the Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium of Oviedo which were the burial cloths of Jesus of Nazareth.  The DNA samples proved not to be of origin of Jewish descent, but of Druze descent.  The Druze derive from the Levant, and are descendants of Jethro, priest of Midian in the Bible and the Torah.  And Jethro was actually the father in law of Moses.  The father of his wife, Zipporah.  What was also fascinating is that the blood samples taken from the two cloths were both AB-.  The rarest blood type on earth.  There are 8 human blood types and, regardless of yours, know that Christ is within all of us.  How do we know?  Because of the molecule, Laminin.  The protein that holds all human beings together.  And if you notice it’s shape, God knew to think so far into the future that he made the very symbol of Jesus within our formation.  God made you not only to live as an image of Christ, but to never escape the fact that Christ is within you, literally in the shape of His cross.  “He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” Colossians chapter 1 verse 17.

SabrinaGal:  The researchers also found botanical evidence on the cloth samples indicating an origin of over 2000 years ago from the Jerusalem area of ancient Palestine.  Even more, the plant images on the Shroud were enhanced using Kirlian photography that highlights the aura of a subject, some even say, the soul of an organism.  And the photos showcased a corona discharge found in that of the flora, or flowers, of Palestine.  Corona means garland, wreath, or crown in ancient Latin.  And as the images prove, Christ was enveloped in the Shroud in Sudarium with the remnants of His Father’s earth, the flora of the Levant.  They included, Chrysanthemum, Coronarium, fruits of Pistachia Atlantica (a species of Pistachio tree), flowers of Capparis Egyptia, leaves of Zygophyllo, several pair of Ziziphus Spina Christi thorns, rope fragments, and a flower bouquet.  These flowers, rope, and thorns encasing Christ are symbolic of our very own DNA which also reveals the Flower of Life, and the Golden Ratio.  Even at birth, our placenta depicts the Tree of Life.  Breathtaking isn’t it?

SabrinaGal:  When we do the Gematria on Flora Of Palestine, the result is 174.  God Lives On Earth, 174.  I Am Jesus Christ, 174.  Storm Is Coming, 174.  Trust The Plan, 174.  I Am Victorious, 174.  And finally, if we look at the Flower of Life, that I described about our DNA, the Gematria for The Flower Of Life is 165.  Christ Bloodline, is 165.  We Found Christ, 165.  Jesus Loves Me, 165.  Tree Of Knowledge, 165.  And finally, Soul Of Christ, 165.  The lineage of Christ within us cannot be disputed

SabrinaGal:  In Jesus Strand 1 we learned that America’s most famous president, of Druze descent, and the bloodline of Jesus Christ was Abraham Lincoln.  If you remember, Abraham Lincoln, or Abrahahim Khalil Kahlooni, had four sons three of which were sent to live in Benghazi, Libya.  Because Mohamedi law, signed in 1855, decreed death to all descendants of Jesus Christ by the satanic Senussi Hassan family along with the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Scherff/Bushs, and many more.  We learned William Wallace Lincoln became Omar Muhktar, the famous freedom fighter from Benghazi.  Who, with his wife, of Armenian descent, had four children, and grandsons Joseph and John Kahlooni later to be known as Kennedys.  John Kennedy married Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy and had five children.  Arabella, Caroline, John Jr, Fatima, and Patrick.  Joseph Kennedy, John’s older brother who we thought died in WWII, was actually the father of one of our beloved sons.  That person is General Michael Flynn.  General Flynn is the first cousin of JFK’s children.

SabrinaGal:  Now another son of Abraham Lincoln is named Thomas Tad Lincoln, and he was also sent to Benghazi and had children.  Thanks to Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, we discovered that two of Tad’s sons were leaders and immortalized in military war history.  The first child I will discuss has the initials G.P.  The same initials as the date of JFK Jr’s plane crash (G = 7, P = 16).  These initials belong to a very famous commander…General George S. Patton who was born on November 11th, 1885.  Known as “El Bandito” and “Old Blood and Guts”, General Patton was a general in the United States Military who commanded the Seventh United States Army in the Mediterranean theater of WWII, and the Third United States Army in France and Germany after the Allied invasion of Normandy in June 1944

SabrinaGal:  After brilliantly defending The Allied Forces, General Patton was involved in an automobile accident passing away at 6am on December 21st, 1945.  A blood clot in his paralyzed body worked its way to his heart ending the life of one of America’s greatest battlefield commanders.  But the truth of General Patton’s death had nothing to do with the blood clot.  In actuality, the CIA deliberately caused the car crash which left the general with a broken neck in an attempt to silence him.  He was allegedly killed by US government assassin, Douglas Bazata, via poison as he laid in his hospital bed in Heidelberg, Germany.  Why, you ask?  Well, General Patton was planning to resign, and with that reveal allied blunders which cost thousands and thousands of lives.  These war time secrets would have ruined careers and taken down politicians such as President Dwight Eisenhower, and the Rothschild’s controlled bankers who initiated, and executed, both WWI and WWII playing both sides solely for profit.

SabrinaGal:  When we do the Gematria on “Old Blood and Guts”, the nickname of General Patton, the result is 165.  Prove The Past, 165.  Salvation’s Gate, 165.  Christ Bloodline, 165.  We Found Christ, 165.  Bible God Is On Earth, 165.  And finally, Vincent Kennedy, 165.  
Negative48:  It’s In Your Face, 165

SabrinaGal:  According to Patrick Kennedy, Tad Lincoln’s son General George S Patton had a very famous brother who was also involved in WWII on the European Axis side.  Born July 29th, 1883, he became the Prime Minister of Italy from The March on Rome in 1922.  In 1929, he led the Vatican to become its own city/state via The Lateran Treaty.  This new nation, between The Holy Sea and Italy, was a brilliant move to contain the Roman Empire, the luciferian Vatican, from further nefarious expansion.
Negative48:  So, we’re actually gonna go there, huh?  Let’s do it, right?
SabrinaGal:  I thought we were supposed to (laughs).
Negative48:  Well we are!  I’m just having’ some fun (laughs)!
SabrinaGal:  I know!  I’m scared sayin’ it!  I’m waiting to be shot by my uncle (laughs)!
Negative48:  Well, let’s just do it!
SabrinaGal:  Hey dude!  I did it!


SabrinaGal:  Like his famous grandfather, Abraham Lincoln, he strived for national unity, and went to war to abolish slavery and free 420,000 human beings enslaved in Ethiopia.  And, he removed the Italian colonial regimented administration in both Ethiopia and Libya to improve the infrastructure and the standard of living of its people.  He re-built countries including the city of Cyrene, Libya to it’s former glory.  As a side note of information, Cyrene was situated in modern day Libya on the Northern coast of the African continent.  Christianity is reputed, from it’s beginning, to have links with Cyrene.  All the Synoptic Gospels mention a Simon of Cyrene as having been forced to help carry the cross of Jesus.  In The Acts of the Apostles, there is mention of people of Cyrene being in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost, and Christ himself visited the ancient city.  Patrick Bouvier Kennedy wrote about Cyrene, Libya and about Mohamad.  He said, “There was a forgery in the translation of Scripture, or Verse 144 in Chapter 3 ‘Al Imran’ Family of Amram in Quran.  His name is Ahmad, not Mohamad.  He is the son of Ismael, his grandfather is Abraham.  He is not Arab…”, Ahmad, or Mohamad as he’s known, “…he was born in Cyrene, Libya.” (Continued quote, “They are liars.  They caused chaos.”).  This means that Ahmad, or Mohamad, was a cousin of Jesus Christ.  The man that completed the historical feats that I’ve just mentioned was Abraham Lincoln’s grandson, Tad Lincoln’s first son, and General George Patton’s brother.  And he was known as none other than Benito Mussolini, also known as il Duce (pronounced “el DOO-chay”) which means leader and guide.  Patrick Bouvier Kennedy wrote, “It was Mussolini who planned to make The Holy Land great again.  He made The City of Light white and beautiful.  He built the Cathedral in 1929, in The City of Light.  He built The Temple Cathedral in Pekka, Libya.”

SabrinaGal:  Like his famous grandfather, Abraham Lincoln, he strived for national unity, and went to war to abolish slavery and free 420,000 human beings enslaved in Ethiopia.  And, he removed the Italian colonial regimented administration in both Ethiopia and Libya to improve the infrastructure and the standard of living of its people.  He re-built countries including the city of Cyrene, Libya to it’s former glory.  As a side note of information, Cyrene was situated in modern day Libya on the Northern coast of the African continent.  Christianity is reputed, from it’s beginning, to have links with Cyrene.  All the Synoptic Gospels mention a Simon of Cyrene as having been forced to help carry the cross of Jesus.  In The Acts of the Apostles, there is mention of people of Cyrene being in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost, and Christ himself visited the ancient city.  Patrick Bouvier Kennedy wrote about Cyrene, Libya and about Mohamad.  He said, “There was a forgery in the translation of Scripture, or Verse 144 in Chapter 3 ‘Al Imran’ Family of Amram in Quran.  His name is Ahmad, not Mohamad.  He is the son of Ismael, his grandfather is Abraham.  He is not Arab…”, Ahmad, or Mohamad as he’s known, “…he was born in Cyrene, Libya.” (Continued quote, “They are liars.  They caused chaos.”).  This means that Ahmad, or Mohamad, was a cousin of Jesus Christ.  The man that completed the historical feats that I’ve just mentioned was Abraham Lincoln’s grandson, Tad Lincoln’s first son, and General George Patton’s brother.  And he was known as none other than Benito Mussolini, also known as il Duce (pronounced “el DOO-chay”) which means leader and guide.  Patrick Bouvier Kennedy wrote, “It was Mussolini who planned to make The Holy Land great again.  He made The City of Light white and beautiful.  He built the Cathedral in 1929, in The City of Light.  He built The Temple Cathedral in Pekka, Libya.”

SabrinaGal:  When we do the Gematria on Il Duce Was Druze, the result is 171.  The True Jesus, 171.  The Plan Of Jesus, 171.  Final Countdown, 171.  One Hundred Eleven, 171.  God Is Here On Earth, 171.  And finally, Construction 171.

SabrinaGal:  If the name Il Duce sounds familiar to a character on social media, we know and love as Il Donaldo Trumpo, it is no coincidence.  Our beloved President Donald Trump is a general like his father George S. Patton, a builder like his uncle Benito Mussolini, and a unifier like his great grandfather Abraham Lincoln.  President Donald Trump is the son of General George S. Patton, and his beloved birth mother Jean Gordon, an American socialite.  Because both his mother and father are believed to have been killed, President Trump was adopted and raised by Fred and Mary Anne Trump.
Negative48:  And he was adopted at 10:54, 154.  The Trump Family, 154.  I Am The Chosen One, 154.
SabrinaGal:  And the rest, as we know is history.

SabrinaGal:  If we do the Gematria on Il Donaldo Trumpo, the result is 189.  God’s Simple Proof, 189.  Jesus Loved Mary, 189.  Great Conjunction, 189.  Insurrection Act, 189.  I Found The Truth, 189.  Thank You Jesus, 189.  
Negative48:  That is breathtaking.  Breathtaking, 116.  Glorious, 116.  Demolition, 116.  Country, 116.  Glorious Country, 232.  Glorious Demolition, 232.  Then The Penny Dropped, 232.  If you think that was a bomb, wait til’ ya find out.  You’ll Find Out, 174.  When You Know, 174.  Give It Up For God, 174.  I Am USA President, 174.  Yes John Kennedy, 174.  I Caught The Swamp, 174.  Yes John Kennedy, 174.  You have no idea what’s coming…
SabrinaGal:  Quite a family…a Druze dynasty.

SabrinaGal:  Now let me introduce Brice and Toronto who will enlighten us on the Biblical and historic teachings of this beautiful bloodline of Jesus Christ.  
Brice:  In 1945 an Egyptian farmer dug up papyrus’ in tombs in Nag Hammadi, Egypt.  As to what the farmer was doing in these tombs is still up for debate.  According to him, he was merely digging for soil, but because he was near the tombs of the pharaohs of the 6th dynasty, it is believed that he was most likely grave robbing.  Regardless of how he discovered these papyrus’, his discovery would change the course of our understanding of true Christianity, its origins, and what begin to unravel the deceptions created by the cabal well over a thousand years ago.  This collection of papyrus’, written in Coptic Egyptian, would turn out to be some of the missing books from the Bible banned from the church in the 4th century, and hated by many of the church fathers prior to The Council of Nicaea.  This collection is now known as the Nag Hammadi Library.  A year later in 1946, more papyrus’ were found in the Judea desert.  Buried in the caves of Qumran, these papyrus’ were ancient Jewish and Hebrew religious teachings.  And just like the Nag Hammadi library, a scholar started reading through the text, and they realized these too were books from the Bible that were banned in the 4th century.  These papyrus’, in the caves of Qumran, became known as The Dead Sea Scrolls.  During our modern time of The Great Awakening, we have been told that “Nothing Can Stop What’s Coming”, and the rediscovery of these banned books is testimony to that truth that nothing can stop what’s coming.

Brice:  In part 1 of The Jesus Strand, we spoke about Constantine the Great who perverted the true Christian teachings at the council of Nicaea in 325 AD.  By banning most of the books written by the early Christians, including books written by Jesus himself. Constantine turned the faith into a Mithraic faith which is a faith based on the worship of the sun god, and the planet Saturn, or satan.  If everything we know about the Christian narrative is really the story of the sun god, then who was the real Jesus, and what were his real teachings?  The early Christians were known as the Essenes, or Nazarenes.  The caves in Qumran were the home of the ancient religious group called the Essenes.  You can see brief mention of this group in the Bible, and many archeologists believe that this is the group that Jesus and John the Baptist lived and studied with during their lives.  The Essenes turned into the Nazarenes.  The Essenes were persecuted by leading rabbis of the pharisees and the sadducees.  Numerous times in the Bible we see Jesus upset with the leaders of these two other groups for manipulating the people, a trend that would continue for the next 2,000 years.  Although, those doing the main persecuting of the true Christians, or Essenes, would change hands from the rabbis to the preachers and the priests of our modern time.

Brice:  Many people are now aware that one of the books that was the genesis of the New Testament library was a gospel called “The Gospel of the Holy Twelve”, but it’s original title was “The Gospel Of The Nazarene Way” (or, “The Gospel of the Nazirenes”).  Of course this book was also banned by the church as this book tells the true story of Jesus and his teachings.  The early Christians practiced a faith that is now known as Gnosticism.  They did not call themselves Gnostics though, nor did they call their faith Gnosticism.  This is a modern word used to describe these teachings.  The modern church will tell you that Gnosticism is heresy.  However, as we now know, all information given to us by cabal controlled organizations is either fake news, or an inversion of the truth.  The truth, as we know it now, is the teachings of the church are in fact heresy as the church worships the sun god Mithra, and not the Christ.  One of the most telling signs of this is holding ceremony on Sunday (Sun-day) instead of the Sabbath, or Saturday.  For more information on the religion of Mithraism, and the worship of the sun god in our modern churches, please refer back to part 1 of The Jesus Strand.

Brice:  We also know that, early on, the Gnostics were smeared as people who practice ritualized sex, cannibalism, and the drinking of blood.  However, archeologists and secular scholars have found absolutely no evidence that the Gnostics practiced any of this.  Instead, the opposite…where many members took vows of chastity.  As more information comes out, we now understand that it was the organized Christian church who practiced, and still practice, these monstrosities in reverence to their sun god and their master, lucifer.  We see this in the Gospel of Judas, a banned book where the early church is called out for these practices.  And we see this today with all the information we’ve received on the red shoes many wear in the church.  Even before the council of Nicaea, early church fathers were smearing the Gnostics.  However, many scholars now believe the early church fathers did this under duress of the Roman Empire.  Forced to make these claims so they would not lose their lives.  This same duress was present at the council of Nicaea in the 4th century and still continues to this day.  The cabal knows that by threatening someones life, or the life of their family, you gain control of that person.

Brice:  To start to understand the teachings of the early Christians, let’s first break down the word ‘Gnosticism’ so we can understand why scholars and archeologists have labeled the early Christians as such.  ‘Gnosticism’ comes from the Greek word ‘Gnosis’ which means ‘inner knowing’.  ‘Idio’, however, is opposite of ‘Gnosis’.  It is ‘outer knowing’.  Idio would be the worldly education, the indoctrination, but Gnosis is inner understanding of truth.  Many of us experience profound Gnosis during this Great Awakening while some of our friends and family have remained enslaved by Idio through their university educations, the churches indoctrination, medical tyranny, and MSM propaganda.  When we understand this, we already see why the church feared these teachings so much.  We start to understand the crux of the faith of the Gnostics, and of course, the Druze.  In order to control someone you have to take away their inner power, and make them believe their salvation is found on the outside.  This again is Idio, and Idio, or external knowledge, is the path of the church and satan.  (Transcriber’s note:  it is interesting to also think of the word ‘idiot’, which is also Greek in origin)

Brice:  But Jesus spoke about Heaven being inside of you and you personally knowing God without the rabbi or the priest.  The Gnostics believed that each human carried a divine spark given to him, or her, by God.  They understood that the earthly world was not the world ruled by almighty God, but rather by lucifer.  This is mentioned in the canonized Bible, but is very clear in many of the banned books of The Bible.  They understood that their soul was not of this Earth, but rather stuck in a body that was on this Earth.  Therefore, they understood that mortality was necessary in order to return the soul back home to God.  Because the early Christians, or Gnostics, believed that they were not of this world, they often rejected the material world choosing to live apart from society so they could focus on their inner work.  The Essenes during Jesus’ time also separated themselves from the world as evident by the digs in Qumran.  This practice is still very common among the monks of many religions, as well as yoga students, and people living in ashrams.  The remaining Druze in the Levant still practice this form of detachment from the world.

Brice:  The Gnostics were also known as ‘Suppliants’.  They understood what truly happened in The Garden of Eden which is believed to be located in Armenia.  They knew that the start of Adam and Eve was the start of a new timeline after the fall of Atlantis.  According to my research, the flooding of Atlantis was the result of the first battle between God and lucifer where lucifer tried to take over and hijack this realm.  Lucifer was cast down into the earth as the timeline of Atlantis came to an end with the great flood as a new timeline started with The Garden of Eden.  But this time with lucifer cast down into the Earth realm…and man had a choice to make.  The Gnostics believe that God knew Adam and Eve would eat from The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  He knew they would embark on the journey of learning, and would have to then experience the consequences of that knowledge.  The knowledge of good and evil comes down to the understanding of a divine spark, and the battle between the Canaanites and, originally, the Suppliants.

Brice: Light can create, but darkness cannot create.  This is why darkness must take from the light in order to maintain its existence.  Lucifer is very powerful indeed, but the one thing he cannot do is give that divine spark so he has to take it from the Divinity.  This is why the dark cult does such rituals involving the dedication of children to lucifer in ceremonies.  Lucifer literally needs to feed off light to maintain his power and his life force.  To reward his followers, lucifer gives them worldly power, or Idio based power, because he cannot give Gnosis.  In The Garden of Eden, once Adam and Eve had made the choice to understand, they immediately started the path of consequence and karma.  Because of their decision, lucifer became the god and ruler of this planet.  The Almighty God had to step back to allow the learning to unfold for the humans.  Basically, this was an act of tough love.  According to scriptures, like The Book of Jubilees, God created a contract with lucifer.  Lucifer was allowed to reign over the Earth for a certain amount of time in order for humans to learn and make choices based off of free will and learned understanding

Brice:  According to the old scripture, Cain was not the son of Eve, but of Lilith and Adam.  This story is a little obscure, and it is possible that the story of Lilith was also inverted by the dark cult.  But regardless, the basis of this story is that Cain was not of the divine spark, but rather the original Canaanite.  Abel was the son of both Eve and Adam, and was fully man…not half man half demon like his half brother Cain.  Because of this divine spark, Cain killed Abel, and fed off him in order to survive.  Abel had no children so Adam and Eve had Seth, and through Seth the divine spark of God descends through humanity.

Brice:  Before the flood of Noah, while giants roamed the earth, the perversion with Cain’s line continued to grow out of hand.  To worship their god lucifer, they had to persecute the Suppliants to feed off their light.  When ‘the watchers’ came down, and mated with the women, demons were born upon the Earth in flesh.  We call these ’Nephilim’.  You can find the story of the Nephilim in another banned book from the Bible, and this is the book of the Ethiopian, Enoch.  Please note that this mating between spirit and human, or succubus and incubus and human, is still performed by the dark cult today.  Please note that this is why Constantine changed Jesus’ birth story.  The raping of women by an incubus demon is very much a satanic practice.  The original Bible, as well as the missing books, speak of Jesus’ father being Joseph.  Jesus was born through the line of David who was through the line of Seth.  The Christ came into a body of the line of divine light.  This is why bloodlines and lineages are so important to the dark cult.  They need the correct bloodline to feed off in order to exist.

Brice:  After the flood took the Canaanites off the map, the spirits of the Nephilim were cast into hell and became demons.  The Canaanites restarted with Noah’s grandson, Canaan.  Because remember, this is lucifer’s earth.  Even the story of Abraham and Isaac has been manipulated in our Old Testament.  Why would Almighty God demand that Abraham make a human sacrifice, a blood sacrifice, to Him?  That’s not what our God does, that’s what lucifer does.  If you look through the missing books of the Bible, the ones that should be in the New Testament or Torah, it says clearly that Abraham was fooled by lucifer pretending to be Almighty God to try to get Abraham to commit this heinous sacrifice in order for lucifer to feed off of this light.  Lucky for Abraham, and for Isaac, God intervened at the last minute and stopped it from happening.  The Gnostics knew this.

Brice:  The Gnostics also knew about the divine feminine, and like Jesus, they anointed women to teach as well.  The Gnostics also taught the belief of reincarnation.  The whole point in us learning the true difference between good and evil, was to experience through multiple lifetimes.  This means that the children of light, as we are, are limited in number. God created us in the beginning, and we have always been his children.  And each lifetime, we got stronger in our own light.  We keep coming back in order to be here today, in 2021, to help fight this final battle, and reclaim our Earth for Almighty God.  This means that you who are listening are very special indeed.  You are the line of Seth, and hold that sacred divine spark.

Brice:  We know that The Bible has been altered many times, and over the years the church has tried desperately to hide certain truths including reincarnation.  Satan and his demons not only feed off of the physical body of God’s children, but they also feed off the emotional body as well.  When fear is created, the body produces an energy called ‘loosh’.  This loosh is what vibrationally feeds the dark entities that are around you that you might not be able to see.  In fact, in the Canonized Bible, God tells us not to fear 365 times.  By teaching you that this life ‘was it’, the church is then able to weaponize your life against you making you vulnerable and fearful about death.  Death, through the teachings of the church, becomes final.  Where as according to the Gnostics, death was only a passing to the next life, and therefore nothing to fear.  In 1536, a man named William Tyndale was executed for translating the Bible into English.  However, less than 100 years later in 1611, the King James Bible was published in English.  I, for one, am curious to see Tyndale’s translation.  If I were a betting person, I would bet that it read very different from the controlled King James Version.  And make no mistake about it, King James was no Christian, but a free mason.

Brice:  If we look at some references to reincarnation in The Bible, we can still see it.  In Mark 8:27-28 it says, “And Jesus and his disciples went onto the villages.  On the way, He questioned His disciples.  ‘Who do people say I am?’  They replied ‘some say John the Baptist, others say Elijah, and still others, one of the prophets’.”  Elijah lived in the 8th century BC many hundreds of years before Jesus.  How would his name come up if reincarnation was not something that was being taught?  We also see multiple times in The New Testament that John the Baptist was often thought to be the reincarnate of Isaiah who also lived hundreds of years before John the Baptist.  The majority of the Gnostics were eventually killed off by the armies of the church, aka the Canaanites.  However, some followed Mary Magdalene to France and eventually became known as the Cathars while others merged into the group of Christ, the Druze…  Going into hiding knowing that they would reemerge in positions of power at the end of this timeline.  After all, they knew the power of bloodlines, and knew the power of the true God, and the true Christ.  And with that, I’m going to pass it over to Toronto.

Toronto:  Thank you, Brice.  In part 1 of The Jesus Strand, we learned the history of the Armenians, the Armenian genocide, and the mass killing occurring today by surrounding Khazar infiltrated countries.  We also learned JFK, Lady Diana, and Jesus Christ were of part Armenian descent.  We have learned the war is between the bloodlines, and lineage is so important to the dark cult.  The battle has always been, and still is, which bloodline will control the planet.  The bloodline I’m going to focus on today is of the Druze.  As SabrinaGal mentions, Abrahahim Khalil Kahlooni, who we know of as Abraham Lincoln, grandfather of JFK, the Kahloonis are of the Druze bloodline.  William Wallace Lincoln was born to Abraham Lincoln, and married an Armenian woman named Mary.  The two bloodlines the cabal has been at war with for centuries.

Toronto:  If you remember from Jesus Strand 1, I shared the tweets of Patrick Bouvier Kennedy.  One of which was a response to a tweet I had tweeted out when the war broke out last year in Armenia.  And I said, “The muslim Turks are back to finish the genocide of the Armenians.”  He responded to me, “…The Druze are not Hebrew.  Hebrews and Arabs are cousins.  Arabi/Abari.  The Turks are Hebrew and Arab ‘Donamah’.  They hate Jews and Armenians, they are the anti Christ Jews, and Armenians ‘Druze’ are the Descendants of Christ.”  I will share another tweet by John Cardillo that had tweeted, “While you were focused on Biden not wearing a mask, he invaded Syria.”  And Patrick responded to him, “To complete his mission of genocide the Jewish bloodline Christians and their Holy sites in the Middle East, and they lie to The American people that they are targeting Muslim extremists.”

Toronto:  Who are the Druze?  The Druze are a fascinating religious minority, dispersed across the Levant, that is secretive and isolated.  There are many questions surrounding the Druze.  Are they muslim, are they not muslim?  Both people, inside and outside the group itself, answer these questions very differently.  What is clear is that the Druze have historical roots in the 11th century Ismaili branch of Shia Islam.  Although, the Druze believe the religion has existed since the beginning of time.  What is Ismaili Islam?  They are a sub-branch of the larger sort of denomination of Shia muslims.  The Shias generally follow the Ahmans (unsure of spelling), or descendants of the prophet Muhammad through is his daughter Fatima who are both worldly and spiritual leaders in the line of succession beginning with Fatima.

Toronto:  For 1,000+ years, the mysterious origin of the Druze people has captivated linguists, historians, and sociologists.  There has been much dispute over whether the Druze are of Arabian, Turkish, Armenian, or Persian origin.  The Druze are an independent religious group mainly concentrated in parts of Lebanon, and in the mountains of Beirut and Sidon.  Druze are also located just inside the northern border of Israel, in Jordan, on the Golan Heights in Syria, in Turkey, and in smaller numbers throughout North America and Europe.  Even though the religion developed that of Ismaili Islam, a philosophical movement based in the Fatimid Caliphate in the 10th century, a time of particular cultural wealth, the religion did not attempt to reform main stream Islam, but to create a whole new religious body.  Influenced by Greek philosophy, Gnosticism, and Christianity…among others we’ll go into later.

Toronto:  The main actors were Turiq (unsure of spelling) Al-Hakim, meaning ‘ruler’, ‘ruler in the name of God’, and Hamza ibn Ali ibn Ahmad the main architect of the movement.  For this presentation’s purposes, I’ll be using their names in short form, but mean no disrespect.  It was Hamza who first publicly proclaimed that Hakim was a ruler in the name of God.  Hakim was opposed by mainstream muslims for what was considered apostasy, and on the night of February 13, 1021 Hakim left his home alone and ventured out.  Maybe to take a walk, maybe to mediate, but he never returned home, and he hasn’t been seen since.  The Druze believe that Hakim disappeared, and will return in the ‘End of Days’.  Because the Druze considered Hakim to be the incarnation of God, they were persecuted by mainstream Muslims especially after Hakim’s death in 1021.  The Druze then took up ’Taqiya’, dissimulation.  A practice whereby they conceal their true beliefs, and outwardly accept the religious beliefs of those amongst whom they live, even as a secretly retain their true convictions.  After Hakim’s sudden disappearance, his successor, persecuted the Druze ruthlessly, and abolished the faith in Egypt.  But by that time, the faith had spread outside Egypt and became accepted among several Levantine groups.

Toronto:  The Druze name comes from the title, ‘The People of Monotheism’, which in the Arabic language translates them as ‘Al Al Tawhid’.  However, the rest of the world referred to them as Druze.  Many scholars believe that the origin itself came from an early preacher called Muhammad Ad-Darazi who was executed.  The Druze recognize seven major prophets including Adam, Abraham, Jesus, and Muhammad, but they reject the concept of the virgin birth, and believe that Jesus was the Son of Joseph.  They have a belief that each major prophet had seven minor prophets.  Each of the latter had twelve disciples including Daniel, Plato, and other individuals from Biblical and Greek history.  Prophets are not worshipped, although their names may be called out for help in times of trouble, and the prophets are considered as noble and pious.

Toronto:  The Druze are known as mountain-dwelling warriors.  Throughout history, the Caucasus region where Armenian is, and borders Europe and Asia, was subjected to political, military, religious, and cultural conflict which prompted many tribes to seek refuge in remote regions.  The Druze were no different.  As a minority, to protect themselves, the Druze lived in mountains in order not to have their house of worship visible to the enemy.  To date, you’ll find no arches, bells, or ornate designs at The Druze House of Prayer.  It is very ordinary to blend in amongst the dwellings, and/or an unassuming place off the beaten track, to a quiet place where you can reunite with your Creator.  And you can’t enter The House of Prayer unless you’re a religious Druze.

Toronto:  There are thought to be around 1 million Druze people in the world.  While the spiritual elements of their religion are highly guarded, and only known to the elders, the known practices are made up of various religions which include Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Greek philosophy, and Persian Sufi.  The characteristic dogma of the Druze is the absolute unity of God.  He is the essence of life although incomprehensible, and invisible.  Sheikhs, or the select number of initiated Druze who have fully immersed themselves in religious life, are only the ones allowed to pray and read the faiths Holy texts called The Kitab Al-Hikmah, ‘The Book of Wisdom’.  All other Druze are considered secular, or uninitiated, and aside from a cursory understanding of the religion’s main tenants, which they are taught as children, most do not know much about their religion.  Many religious practices are kept secret.  Only a group of elite initiatives, called ‘The Knowers, have access to these secret teachings of the ancient scriptures.  They are a non-proselytizing monotheistic religion.  Proselytizing meaning they do not attempt to convert anyone.  And according to Plato as well the ancient Gnostic teachings of the Druze can only be passed on to those who have been initiated, and properly prepared to receive it.

Toronto:  Initiation is also accessible to a woman.  Druze consider their companions with great respect.  They are not inferior or impure beings.  Contrary, woman can reach self fulfillment same as the men.  Sounds familiar.  The morality of the Druze is strict and uncompromising.  Nothing can tempt one of these Lebanon unitarians to go astray from what is taught to consider his duty.  Their ritual being unknown to outsiders, there would be historians have either though denied them one.  Their Thursday meetings are open to all, but no interloper has ever participated in the rights of initiation which take place occasionally on Fridays in the greatest secrecy.  Women are admitted to them as well as men, and they play a part of great importance at the initiation of men.  The probation, unless some extraordinary exception is made, is long and severe.  Once, in a certain period of time, a solemn ceremony takes place during which all the elders and the initiates of the highest two degrees, start out for a pilgrimage of several days to a certain place in the mountains.  The meet within the safe presence of a monastery said to have been erected during the earliest times of the Christian Era.  It takes time and perseverance.  School masters teach them with major principles of Druze wisdom which are personal mystic research, domination of the senses, (as well as) respect for nature, one’s neighbor, and other religions.  After about forty years, when the Druze has attained the wisdom, and achieved the spirituality, the doors of houses of mediation will open for them.

Toronto:  They believe religion causes division, and there is one unique God.  Seven precepts of the Druze religion are; veracity and speech and the truthfulness of the tongue, protection and mutual aid to the brethren in faith, renunciation of all forms of former worship and false beliefs, repudiation of the devil and all forces of evil, confession of God’s unity, acquiescence of God’s acts no matter what they be, and #7, absolute submission and resignation to God’s Divine Will in both secret and public.  Their wisdom derives from esoteric writings, Indian wisdom, the Bible and Gospels, the Quran, and sacred ancient texts. They believe the truth can only be revealed when mankind is ready to receive it.  They are bound to silence until then.   8-11-2022

Toronto:  Educational sessions are held at conventions in the USA and Europe especially for young people that may not have access to Sheikhs in their own cities.  Kids might learn about Druze history, including its complicated connection with Islam, and years of persecution by muslims.  They might also learn about cultural requirements like modest dress, and rules about tattoos and piercings.  Most importantly, they learn about the central belief of the Druze faith; Humans are reincarnated lifetime after lifetime.  Which is one of the biggest reasons why exogamy is prohibited.  Marrying a Druze means continuing the cycle.  Like the followers of many far Eastern religions, Druze people believe in reincarnation which is why they value the soul more than the physical body.  They believe the soul that dies enters to a new born baby after death, the circle of life.  Every family has an incarnated brother or sister.  It is not uncommon that children have memories from their previous life, and connections of previous lifetimes have been made amongst the families in their close knit communities.

Toronto:  A Druze never say they die.  They say they transmigrate.  During many lifetimes a soul will experience immense health and illness, fortunes and misfortunes, riches and poverty.  Each soul has the opportunity to progress upward until it reaches purity.  Through success of reincarnations the soul may eventually unite with the cosmic mind they call ‘Al Aaqal Al Kulli’.  Speaking to my father about the Druze he clearly remembers the Israeli army would specifically recruit the Druze because they fought with passion, and won battles because they didn’t have the fear of death.  The Druze people’s conception of Heaven and Hell is spiritual in nature.  And I quote, “Heaven is the ultimate happiness that the soul encounters when it unites and meets its creator.  However, Hell is the bitter experience of being deprived endlessly of the glorious presence of the Almighty.”

Toronto:  Druze don’t consider themselves Islam, nor do they follow the The Five Pillars of Islam.  They have their own seven duties.  Their beliefs in short are; there are several levels of knowledge, your meditation is worth what your being is worth, your God is a God you deserve, and He betokens the light or the darkness of your being.  When it comes to marriage, someone within the faith is not just a preference.  Their religion prohibits exogamy.  If a Druze marries a non-Druze it will not be a Druze wedding, nor can the couples children be Druze.  Their religion can only be passed on through birth to two Druze parents.  There are no conversions into the Druze faith you have to be born into it.  What I found interesting was the Druze don’t have aspirations for a state of their own which is very different than the Armenians.  Wherever they are, they are loyal to the soil they live on.  The way they see it, sanctity is in the place you are born, and it has no borders.  The Druze are meant to be connected to God at all times.  There are no religious days, no Holy days, rituals, or ceremonies.

Toronto:  Their flag, which is a star, has five colors.  Green for nature, red for love, yellow for the wheat, blue for the water, and white for the purity.  Druze tradition also honors several mentors and prophets.  Tombs of patriarchs from the Bible are visited by all Druze.  The most important Druze sanctuary is in Galilee; the tomb of Jethro Priest of Midian, and father in-law of Moses.  Another is in Syria where the Druze gather around the tomb of Abel, son of Adam.  Several philosophers and other influential people are also held in high regard by the Druze including Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Alexander the Great.  They have their own courts to deal with community businesses, marriages, divorces, inheritances, etc.  The Druze today are awaiting the further incarnation, of the Voice of Highest Reason, that will unite all different religions.  And this is prophesied to happen before the end of this century at a time when all the planets, known to the ancients, will be grouped together under a certain sign of the zodiac.  With that, it concludes what I was able to research about the Druze by means of interviews with my family members from Lebanon who grew up there, articles, documentaries, and of course, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy.

👆Toronto:  Now a brief update on further information about some more research on Armenia.  If you all remember the drawing of the Tree of Life (family tree), it shows Armenia as the cradle of civilization with Noah’s ark sitting on top.  It was on page 2 of the Bible prior to King James having removed it.  Research is showing Armenia, the cradle of civilization, has played a fundamental part, bigger than we can imagine, in history.  We found the secrets of Adam are buried in Armenia.  We’ll be doing a show on this of it’s own, but I’ll give you a summary which ties to what Brice spoke of earlier, the Sethians.  One of the most prolific branches of Gnostic Christianity were the Sethians.  A name honoring Seth the third son of Adam and Eve.  In the centuries following the death of Jesus, they believe that Seth’s seed, which included the antediluvian patriarchs of the book of Genesis, (antediluvian) which is a time before the flood, were the only true and righteous descendants of Adam, and the inheritors of His divine wisdom.  Seeds Of Seth, 125.  Lord Of Heaven, 125.  Son Of Light, 125.  Holiest Being, 125.  John Kennedy, 125.
(Transcriber’s note: While Brice was speaking previously, I misheard ‘Sethians’ as ‘Suppliants’.  I have gone back and corrected the mistake😅)

👆Toronto:  Sethian writings, such as the various text found in a cave at Nag Hammadi in Egypt in 1945, speak repeatedly of the secrets of Adam being passed to Seth before his father’s death.  Seth is said to have recorded them either in book form, or on tablets, or pillars called ‘stealie’(unsure of spelling) .  They were written in, or on, Holy Mountain existing in the vicinity of Paradise so that they might survive a coming cataclysm of fire and flood.  This mountain, called variously ‘Caraxio’ (unsure of spelling), ’Seir’ mountain, is linked in earlier Christian tradition with a site inhabited by the generations of Adam following the expulsion of the first couple from Paradise.  Mount Seir, 134.  A Divine Secret, 134.  The Tree Of Life, 134.  Ab Negative Blood, 134. God’s Right Hand, 134.  So what are the secrets of Adam, and where might they be found today?
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👆Toronto:  So what are these secrets of Adam, and where could they be found today?  ‘Where’ was Mount Seir where the books of Seth containing the secrets of Adam await discovery.  This is the quest German archeologist Klaus Schmidt embarked upon, and Gobekli Tepe was discovered as recently as 1994.  Here its secrets have remained hidden beneath an artificial belly shaped mound for the last 10,000 years.  With the result of the mountain, a discovery in (the) Eastern Taurus mountains, (is) of a forgotten Armenian monastery overlooking the traditional site of (The) Garden of Eden.  Before its destruction at the time of (the) Armenian genocide of 1915, the monks here preserved archaic traditions concerning The Garden of Eden and the existence of a Holy relic of incredible religious significance.  Confirmation of the presence of this Holy relic at the monastery, which in the 7th century was given a special decree of immunity from attack signed by the prophet Muhammad himself, reveals what could be Adam’s ultimate secret.  The manner in which we as mortals may re-enter Paradise and become, as once we were, angels ourselves.  Wow…just wow.  I know this is all mind blowing, and our journey to discover our true mystery is only just beginning.

👆Toronto:  Before I end, I’m going to leave you with this cliff-hanger I came across only yesterday.  And SabrinaGal and Brice haven’t even heard this so I’m excited to share this.  I always considered the length of the skull and crossbones to piracy.  Especially as it was linked to the Templars, but my research shows it is from a Templar named the lord of Sidon, and great lady of Maraclea who was loved by the lord of Sidon.  You see, she died in her youth, and on the night of her burial this wicked lover crept to the grave, dug up her body, and violated it.  Then a voice from the void told him to return in 9 months time for he would find a son.  He obeyed the injunction, and at the appointed time he opened the grave again and found a head (a skull) on the leg bones of the skeleton….’skull and crossbones’.  You see, lady of Maraclea, according to theologians and scholars, was thought to have come from Armenia where Christianity was widespread, a Christianity that would not be recognized by most today.  Under the umbrella of the Cathars, which Brice spoke of, who worshiped Mary Magdalene as the wife of Jesus Christ, whose descendants they claim to be.  So it was not coincidence.  She was chosen by lord Sidon as she was from illumination.  So here we have the lord of Sidon, a Knights Templar, if indeed not a grand master, coming into union with a greater shining.  This story is bigger than I can cover at this time, but it is yet another example of infiltration of the bloodlines.

👆Toronto:  In closing for now, because there’s so much more to cover and share with you all, I’m gonna end with this fantastic news I received a couple of weeks ago.  It was a God wink that we are on the right track here.  Coming March 2023 in Washington DC, a 2.1 million dollar project at The Museum of The Bible, a very special exhibition to share with the world.  The beautiful story of Armenia’s ancient and enduring relationship with The Bible that they call the “Breath of God”.  The website reads, “They are the world’s first Christian nation, and their historical lands include the traditional resting place of Noah’s ark, and the Garden of Eden.  The Armenian people have one of the richest Biblical histories and cultures in the world.  In 2023, Museum of The Bible will open a groundbreaking exhibition focusing on the significance of the Armenian church, and people, to the history of The Bible.  The Bible, or the “Breath of God” in Armenian, is deeply engrained in Armenia’s culture.  In this exhibition guests will explore The Bible’s history in Armenia and see that it is ancient, exceptional, and resilient.  This exhibit is the first major exhibit to focus on The Bible’s history in Armenia.  Additionally, it will showcase artifacts never before displayed in the nation’s capital as well as put special emphasis on Armenian Americans and the Armenian diaspora.  Guests will learn about the tragic unfolding of the Armenian genocide from 1915 to 1923, and hear stories of survival and endurance.  A theme throughout the exhibition will be ‘a second chance’ derived from the story of Noah’s ark, and the new opportunity given to humanity.  The second chance breaths hope into the Armenians, and reminds them that they thrive despite great hardships.  This remarkable exhibition will also explore the latest threats to Armenia’s cultural heritage, some as recent as last year.  Yet in the face of peril, a young generation of Armenians are preserving their traditions.  Guests will explore the sophisticated carvings of cross stones (khachkars), hear the rapturous symphonies of an Armenian maestro, and leave the exhibition with a profound and enduring message from the leaders of the Armenian Apostolic Church.”

👆Toronto:  What we need to remember here is the USA acknowledging The Garden of Eden being in Armenia, Noah’s ark being in Armenia, and using the word ’genocide’ after 106 years of denying it, is huge.  It’s huge because wikipedia will tell you all these locations are in Turkey.  President Trump ran on ‘Truth & Justice’ didn’t he?  And with that said, I love you all, and I’ll pass the mic to my beautiful friend, Sabrinagal, to enlighten us some more.  Thank you.

👆SabrinaGal:  Thank you, Toronto.  As we learned in Jesus Strand 1, Abraham Lincoln’s matrilineal, or maternal, haplogroup was X1c, and X is the rarest haplogroup on earth.  It is linked to Armenians, Celts, Romanians, Greeks, the Basque, the Druze of Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Palestine…and incredibly to the Indians of North, Central, and South America.  Such a diaspora of different peoples with the same maternal haplogroup which suggest migration from the same origin of birth, the same Divine crescent.  According to Genesis, the descendants of Japheth, who escaped out of the Great Flood with Noah, are the true Aryans who came from the drowned land we know as Atlantis.  Non Biblical sources also describe the early dispersion of the Japhethites as Indo-Europeans, also called Aryans.  The center of the Aryan migrations between this historical period was Armenia.  Particularly, Mount Ararat where it is said the ark rested.  Another identification with the flood regions as it represents the usual transfer of the Atlantis legend by an Atlantean people to a high mountain in their home.

👆SabrinaGal:  Now turn to a map.  Suppose the ships of Atlantis reach the shores of Syria at the eastern end of the Mediterranean where dwelt a people who, as we know, used the Central American Mayan alphabet.  The ships extended to the Black Sea, to the shores of Armenia, to south eastern Europe, to Spain, Italy, Greece, Libya, Palestine, and more.  Some traveled from Iberia, Spain and settled in Ireland, and the language of these people is now admitted to be Aryan, of Indo-European origin.  There is reason to believe that these Celts were originally part of the population and empire of Atlantis.  Out of the Celts were the same Titans, the giant race, who rebelled in Atlantis, and their princes were the same as the giants of scripture.  Think, the Book of Enoch.  The word ’Titan’ is perfect Celtic, and comes from ’tit’ (pronounced ‘tight’) ‘the Earth’, and ‘tan’ as in ‘man’.  Plato uses the same phrase when he speaks of the race into which Poseidon intermarried as the Earth born primeval men of that country.

👆SabrinaGal:  The Basque, per Armenian history, fled Armenia for another higher ground in the Pyrenees mountains between Spain and France.  The Basque language was not similar to any other Latin derived language because it too was Indo-European, and most similar to the Armenian language.  The Basque also have the highest percentage of O- blood encompassing 30% of their population.  O rhesus negative blood was the first blood of humanity.

👆SabrinaGal:  Other nations who are included under the term ‘Indo-Europeans’ are the Hindus, the Persians, Germans, Romans, Greeks, Slavs, the Mayans, and the Ameyrucons (unsure of spelling) of ancient America.  They (the Ameyrucons) were a civilized race possessing the institution of marriage, and recognizing the relationship of father, mother, son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, and all types of in-laws.  They possessed houses, carriages, family names, and dwelt in towns and cities.  They were not hunters or nomads.  They were a peaceful people.  And, in fact, war like words cannot be traced to this original race.  They divided the year into 12 months, and created the decimal system of numeration.  They were farmers who raised various types of grain, used fire, cooked and baked food, wove and wore clothing, and possessed different metals including iron and gold.  Remains of iron swords, and meteoric iron weapons, have been found in the mounds of the Mississippi River valley where the Ameyrucons lived while the name of the metal is found in the ancient language of Peru and Chile, and the Incas worked in iron on the shores of Lake Titican (Titicaca).  Such a high degree of progress implies the existence of an alphabet, commerce, trade, and navigation.  Still, further evidence of the civilization of this ancient race confirms the development of an organized religion.  They worshipped God, and an evil spirit.  Plato pointed to this narrative, and concluded that the kingdom consisted of ten kings ruling over ten provinces.  When we do the Gematria on Ten Kingdoms, the result is 131.  Hidden Truth, 131.  A Great Sword, 131.  Paradigm Shift, 131.  Belt Of Orion, 131.  The Alpha And Omega, 131.  Jesus Rose, 131.  And finally, Don J Trump, 131.

👆SabrinaGal:  Now some say the famous Emerald Tablets, which was a guide to alchemy and civilization, were written by an Atlantean priest king named Thoth around 36,000 BC, and found in the pyramids of South America.  Others say it was one of Adam’s sons…Seth, in fact.  The Emerald Tablets were later in Noah’s hands who took them aboard his ark.  And yet another version says Abraham’s son gave the tablets to Moses’ daughter, Miriam, and it is believed they were placed in the Ark of the Covenant.  Which takes the wisdom back to Jethro and his descendants, the Druze, and even further back to the world’s oldest and most magnificent megaliths of Gobekli Tepe in Armenia.  Remember the mysterious monoliths over the last few years that appeared and disappeared in remote areas of Utah, Romania, California, the Congo, Belgium, the Isle of Wight, and even in Armenia adjacent to the megaliths of Gobekli Tepe?  These shiny 10ft structures were reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, and invited conspiracy theorists from around the world.  But, we knew better.  These monoliths were a symbol of Atlantis, after the deluge, directing mankind as a message of hope.  A base point for the renewal of humanity and civilization.  (Transcriber’s note: These monoliths were also linked to Sabmyk (King of Orion and Atlantis), and Noah’s prophecy)

No, Banksy Is Not Behind Those Mysterious Metal Monoliths
Installations have now reportedly appeared on the Isle of Wight and in the US, Romania, and the Netherlands.

(👆Transcriber’s note:  This article is not in The Jesus Strand pt 2, but I thought it would be good to include as it was posted recently by The Sacred Blue Tent, which is SabrinaGal’s channel, and shows what the monoliths looked like)

👆SabrinaGal:  We all come from Atlantis.  The Emeralds Tablets decreed the following…
“Truly without deceit, certain, and most veritable.  That which is below corresponds to that which is above, and that which is above corresponds to that which is below to accomplish the miracles of the One thing.  And just as all things come from this One thing through the meditation of One mind, so do all created things originate from this One thing through transformation.  Its Father is the Sun; Its mother the Moon.  The wind carries it in its belly.  Its nurse is the Earth.  It is origin of all.  The consecration of The Universe.  Its inherent strength is perfected, if it is turned into Earth.  Separate the Earth from Heaven, the subtle from the gross.  Gently, and with great ingenuity, it rises from Earth to Heaven and descends again to Earth.  Thereby combining within it the power of both the above and the below.  Thus you will obtain the glory of the whole Universe.  All obscurity will be clear to you.  This is the greatest force of all powers, because it overcomes every subtle thing, and penetrates every solid thing.  In this way was the Universe created.  From this will come many wondrous applications, because this is the pattern.  (Therefore am I called thrice greatest Hermes, having all three of the wisdom of the whole Universe…  Herein have I completely explained the operation of the sun.)” 
As above, so below.  Where we go one, we go all.  And, it will be glorious.

👆SabrinaGal:  When we do the Gematria on Atlantis, also known as the Ancient Atmumra Dynasty, the result is 261.  The United States Of America, is 261.  You Have The Seed Of Christ, 261.  Number Of A Man Donald Trump, 261.  John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr, 261.  Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, 261.  The One Thousand Year Plan, 261.  The God Of The Old Testament, 261.  And finally, The Lion Is Soon To Roar, 261.

👆Negative48:  I got a 261.  The mirror image, the mirror reflection…261 < > 162.  Mirror Reflection, 198.  President J Kennedy, 198.  (261) The mirror reflection of 162.  The Invisible Man, 162.  1-6-2, JFK.  JFK.  J is 10, there’s your 1.  F is 6, there’s your six.  And K’s 11, 1 + 1 =  2.  162, The Invisible Man.  261?  American Bad Ass Jesus Christ, 261.  American Bad Ass equals 110.  President equals 110.  Punisher, 110.  Punisher President, 220.  Military Operation, 220.  Operation Warp Speed, 220.  American Bad Ass President, 220.  You’ll Find Out, 174.  Trust The Plan, 174.  Hit it.

👆SabrinaGal:  Well, also with Atlantis there’s the legend of ‘The Sword of Shawunawaz’ which is similar to the legend we know of King Arthur from Camelot.  When we do the Gematria on The Sword Of Shawunawaz, the number’s 270.  Winning Winning Winning, is 270.  Acceptance Of The Actual Truth, 270.  For The Greater Glory Of God, 270.  I Send Unto You Wise Men, 270.  Thank You God For Saving Me, 270.

👆Negative48:  270…  Fastest Animal On The Planet, 270.  Trump tweeted that on 9/20/2013.  9 x 20 is 180.  2 x 13 is 26.  180 and 26 is 206.  20 x 6 is 120.  The Truth, 120.  120 spelled out (One Twenty) comes to 141.  Mr. President, 141.  I Am The Storm, 141.  270…  Mr. President Can You Hear Me, 270.  That’s what Donald Trump said from his desk…  The Resolute Desk…  JFK’s old desk…  The one Junior used to hide in.  Trump’s using that desk cuz’ he’s hiding Junior.  Mr. President Can You Hear Me, 270.  Mary Magdalene Jesus Christ, 270.  Wait til’ you find out what Trump’s tellin’ ya.  I’ll reveal it when it’s my turn…hit it.

👆SabrinaGal:  It is your turn (laughs).
Negative48:  Well whataya’ know.
SabrinaGal:  (laughs)
Negative48:  It is my turn huh…  I gotta’ code that, hold on…  It Is Your Turn, 209.  JFK Came Back On 11/26/1963 1:29PM EST, (equals) 209.  JFK Is The Second Coming, 209.  A through Z (every letter), 351.  God Communicates Through Numbers, 351.  The Manifestation Of Jesus Christ, 351.  35 x 1, 35.  Hope is 44.  H-O, 23.  P and E is 21.  23 and 21 is 44.  4 and 4 is 8.  8’s infinite because hope is infinite, you never lose hope.  But, in The Bible number 35 represents hope.  3 and 5 is 8, 8’s infinite because number 35 is infinite, and JFK was the 35th President of the United States of America.

👆Negative48:  A is 1, Z is 26.  1 and 26 is 27.  JFK, 27.  2 and 7’s 9.  Trump told you straight up Make America Great Again was more than a political slogan.  Make America Great Again, 163.  The Alpha And Omega Again, 163.  John F Kennedy Again, 163.  He Never Quits, 163.  Double Edged Sword, 163.  One side’s Truth 87, the other side’s Justice 87.  87 + 87 = 174.  Welcome To The Q Age, 174.  A New World View, 174.  The New JFK World, 174.  At the end of this video you’re gonna be shown another video.  It’s gonna start off with… “Mr President Can You Hear Me”, 270.  27, JFK.  2 x 70 = 140.  POTUS Yes, 140.  JFK POTUS Yes is 167…the day Trump came down the escalator.  167th day of the year.  It left 198 days in the future.  198.  Elephant In The Room, 198.  Everybody’s gonna have to deal with the elephant in the room.

👆Negative48:  See, but June 16th 2015, when he came down that escalator, where it said Currency Exchange, 174… Thank you Tom Numbers for that one.  Currency Reset, 174, just like Currency Exchange, 174.  I Am Victorious, 174.  I Am USA President, 174.  Yes John Kennedy, 174.  I Am The Perfect Leader, 174.  Yes John Kennedy, 174.  I Caught The Swamp, 174.  Yes John Kennedy, 174.  We Have The Power, 174.  We Have The Glory, 174.  We Have The Christ, 174.  Yes John Kennedy, 174.  I Am Jesus Christ, 174.  Yes John Kennedy, 174.  Father Son Holy Ghost, 235.  President John Kennedy, 235.  Alpha And The Omega, 131.  John F Kennedy, 131.

👆Negative48:  See, that Red Tie, 61…it says You, 61.  Wow, 61.  Oh My, 61.  News, 61.  Miracle, 61.  Q Anon, 61.  Church, 61.  Thor, 61.  Thor’s the Hammering God, 114.  Trump Card, 114.  JFK Junior, 114.  JFK Truth, 114.  That 4th Trump card?  Well, you’re gonna have to wait for that one.  That’s like…(laughs) that’s like Glorious Demolition, 232.  That’s like uh…just stuff flies everywhere (laughs).  Yeah…232.  Q One & Q Two Are Anointed, 232.  United States Magic Wand, 232.  Magic Wand, 75…

👆Negative48:  (Magic Wand, 75)…that’s what 106 Years comes to.  It comes to 75.  1-0-6 Years, 75.  Obama said to Trump, “You’re gonna need a magic wand”.  So Trump on the campaign trail said, “Barack Obama said we need a magic wand to create manufacturing jobs”.  M-J?  M 13, J 10, 1310?  131?  John F Kennedy, 131.  And Trump said, “I Guess We Have A Magic Wand”, 220.  American Bad Ass President, 220.  You’ll Find Out, 174.  When You Know, 174.  Give It Up For God, 174.

👆Negative48:  That red tie tells you everything.  The key that unlocks all doors.  Key, 41.  King, 41.  So who’s the key?  Not a question…that’s a statement.  Because ‘Who” is 46.  W’s 23, HO is 23.  I am the beginning and the end.  I Am End, 46.  I Am equals 23.  End equals 23.  I am the beginning and the end.  They said, wait til’ you learn who you have been talking to here.  They said it was going to be The Greatest Story Ever Told.  Trump told ya’.8-26-2022

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