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These charts are from@GlynHowardFndIt2. (Thank you, Glyn!).

N529JK is still flying today...

But no one knows what person owns it (we just know that SKYDOGS LLC does).

Reverse ordinal=89=17
Reverse full reduction=35
Skydogs LLC
Reverse full reduction=53, 35 flipped/mirrored
For both, all (gematria no., full reduction, reverse ordinal, reverse full reduction)


Info about the plane that John owned when he and Michael Berman ran Random Ventures (before George mag).
Someone is still flying it...🧐

John chose that registration/tail # to honor his father:
5.29=JFK's birthday
JK=John Kennedy

Look at those numbers... 17s and 18s... And yep, this is one of John's planes. He bought it when he and Michael Berman started Random Ventures, before George magazine. 😉As I like to say, somebody's flying that plane, whether it's Jr. or not, and seems to leave clues all the time.

So far, no one can find a name for the person flying this. Just a business name: SKYDOGS LLC. The registration/tail # is: N529JK. John chose that to honor his father -- 5.29 was President Kennedy's birthday.

7:10=71, 17 flipped/mirrored
8:17=81, 18 flipped & 17
1 hr. 7 minutes=17
Full reduction=35
Full reduction=53, 35 flipped
Reverse full reduction=55=5:5 (pilot's term, "loud & clear")
Stafford, Virginia=178 (you can pull 17 & 18 out of that)
Stafford VA=112=4
Reverse full reduction=59=14=5
(Put those 2 numbers together=45)


Forest Hill, Harford County, Maryland
Reverse ordinal=457
(you can pull 45 out of that
& 57, 75 flipped/mirrored,
The 75th birthday of POTUS 45 today.)
A combination of the gematria number, full reduction, reverse ordinal, reverse full reduction=380, 155, 457, 169=11, 11, 7, 7=1+1+1+1+7+7=18 (R).

Harford County, formed in 1774: "The first mention of a prosecutor is found in the documents that set up the first County government. George Chalmers is designated as the 'Clerk of Indictments and Prosecutions.'”
A hint of what's to come for the corrupt ones?
(Btw, for Stafford, VA, George Washington lived there when it was called King George County, and Abraham Lincoln visited Stafford six times.)

N529JK pic with JR.png
n529jk flight log.jpg
N529JK flight pattern 3.png
N529JK flight pattern 2.png
N529JK flight pattern 1.png
crash site video disappears.jpg
death at sea.jpg
JFK plane with names labeled.png
N529JK image.jpg
john by his plane.jpg
more 529jk flight logs.jpg
coroners report is full of holes.jpg
Flight log 1.png
Futures so bright gotta wear shades.jpg
Circle Q no background good copy.jpg

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AF 1 tail markings.jpg
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son rises after darkest storms.jpg
529 jk q clock.jpg
How to make the swamp believe they kille
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In response Glyn Howard to his Publication

JFK Jr flew N529JK today 7-10-2021 on Nikola Tesla’s Birthday. Juan O. Savin recently talked about how he admired Tesla so much in a recent interview. What are the odds? 🤗 🐸🐸🐸👍👍

The pattern JFK Jr flew draws out a Sine wave indicating AC electricity. Tesla was the inventor/discoverer of AC electricity. The world would never be the same.