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John in Tiffany Blue Coat saluting his f

What Caused JFK Jr.’s Plane to Crash?

•Aug 2, 2019


New documentary looks at life of JFK Jr.
•Jul 23, 2016

John F. Kennedy, Jr: American Royalty: Son of JFK | Full Documentary | Biography

•Sep 25, 2020


Forever Young: My Friendship With John F. Kennedy, Jr.

Leanne Haag



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ALIVE is not the name of a pain killer !!!

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1n 1909 we lost everything Trump and JFK
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Georges take on the universe  you cant a
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John in Tiffany Blue Coat saluting his f
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Here’s an Interdasting theory from Anon

Came out yesterday. 

On the website this photo Plan Z

>Z is the 26th letter in the alphabet >Potus in his “military” jacket saluting. >Q post 26

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Anthony Perkins‎ to R They ALIVE? John Kennedy Jr, Carolyn Bessette & family members?

Another great song by Trip!
This is of particular interest to me.
President Kennedy asked about the Greys.
The world famous reporter Dorothy Kilgallen, found out who really killed President Kennedy AND she also found out information about the Greys, called UFOs at the time.
Dorothy was murdered for her knowledge of this information.
Trip says NASA lies. In 1969 I was 7 years old and I saw the moon landing. I remember watching the astronauts on the moon and I said outloud, "This looks fake." I've been doubting the official narrative ever since for the past 50 years.
NASA is actually an arm of the illuminati Masonic temple.

Is JFK Jr. still alive? Did he fake his own death on July 16, 1999 in a plane crash?

•Jun 16, 2020

JFK JR and Family are they Alive?

•Premiered Mar 23, 2020

In response Liberty Belle to her Publication

it is Caroline💓
this was taken in their beautiful georgetown home on N Street in washington, dc ~#jfk went to his inauguration from this home in January 1961
interesting note💞 John met Jackie at a dinner party also at a Georgetown home in 1951~a party organized by journalist Charles L. Bartlett & his wife Martha, who intended to set up JFK with Jackie😉but the kicker is the historic house address was
3419 Q Street 3+4+1+9 = 17
just 3 + blocks away to where they future lived as Husband & Wife💓💞 🍿🍿🍿love this real life movie
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The Last Love of Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Maurice Tempelsman may have been the least famous of the men in her life, but he was the one who was with Jackie to the end.


John Kennedy Jr.'s "George Magazine" Breakdown: Survival Guide to the Future Issue,

National Notables

Feb 1997, PART 1

Feb 1997, PART 2

•Jun 12, 2019


Last footage of John F. Kennedy Jr

July 15, 1999
July 16, 2020

John remembered
By Pam Smith

JFK Jr Fan @jfkjrfan

 11 minutes ago

It is the morning of November 22, 1963. Fake news- CIA- tells us how challenging it is for the Secret Service to protect JFK and gives us a brief history lesson on Presidential assassination attempts. Monsignor Vincent Wolf, (you read that correctly), invokes a shrine and temples and shortly later a shot was heard around the world.