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JFK JR reads

Thessalonians 4:13-18

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The Plot Against The President

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Presidents’ Day is most often observed on the third Monday in February. 

In 2020, Presidents’ Day will be celebrated on Monday, February 17. 

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Dave Dave Larry King Live

(Full interview)

•Aug 13, 2018

Floyd Maxwell@justthinkit



0:03 There he is again ! Love to all the good people. Pain to all the bad ones. Hope for all the rest. Have a great day everyone!


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· Feb 22

He is JhonFKennedy Sorry I could not do more with the photo of the Rally I am not an expert, but if you look at the features without a cap and glasses, it is an honor to be alive to see it @QTAnon1 @930VM @Renee41085532 @AWISHNSTAR2 @Lightworker2012 @P0A_Triot23 @bob_donoven

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By Andy Soltis

June 20, 2000 | 4:00am

The FBI knew of at least three threats to kidnap John Kennedy Jr., the last time four years before his fatal plane crash last year, records show.

The last threat arose when a caller told the FBI field office in New York about a plot to abduct Kennedy.

The plotters “determined that Kennedy rode a bicycle in Manhattan and did not have any bodyguards,” an FBI report dated July 13, 1995, said.

The records, obtained by The Associated Press through the Freedom of Information Act, were heavily edited and revealed few details about the alleged plot.

The suspects were believed to have some connection to Colombia, and the phrase “ARMED AND DANGEROUS” was typed on several of the FBI files.

An FBI informant said, however, that “he never heard any statements from any of the suspects that suggested they would harm Kennedy.”

The 162 FBI documents released also revealed that another kidnap threat was made on May 14, 1985, when an apparently intoxicated male caller told the Herndon, Va., police department that “he and seven other individuals intended on kidnapping John Kennedy that evening at 8 p.m.”

The third threat, which was previously known, occurred when Kennedy was still in elementary school.

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The Crown


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Feb 24Remember this one? Tell be again that Caroline Kennedy is not in on this plan #JFK #JFKJRLIVES





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JFK Library@JFKLibrary

· Oct 1, 2014

JFK's grandson, Jack Schlossberg, presents @GeorgeHWBush with #JFK socks. [Updated Link]

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A long day of darkness will come upon you and you will hear the silence and you will see the towering horses of the sea and we will call it the calm before the storm; and when the new dawn rises with the magic juan of peace you will steer the father's ship to shore

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JFK jr 2024@striderraven1

· 4h


Alice Down the Rabbit Hole Published August 14, 2022

Do you really think I would let the mons


11m Hey@HillaryClinton

with the two hundred people you have murdered. JFK Jr has to be the most famous right? Seth Rich, Your brother. Wow you have a heart of stone and no soul at all. Just a vile person. Guess what You'll Never Be President and America couldn't be happier #Loser

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A couple interesting facts about Eyes Wide Shut. It was released on the same day as JFK JR's plane crash, July 16, 1999, and this was the headline of the newspaper Tom Cruise was reading. 10 Insane Conspiracy Theories About Stanley Kubrick ...…






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· 7m

Nicole Kidman's father, Antony, recently passed away from a heart attack while in Singapore. While this seems fairly innocuous, there is an article on BeforeItsNews that seems to argue he was murdered for his alleged involvement in a Satanic-Pedo ring called the Ninth Circle…



just call me Patriot


· 17h

Replying to @Charitable_Fury and @jeanette_landen

My father called Kidman and cruises downfall when they made eyes wide shut and he noticed when oprah changed. People have been awake for years. It has just taken this long to catch on.


Dec 9, 2019

Replying to@RedFootBlueFoot@trixirilla

and 46 others

The bad guys worship OSIRIS (Lucifer/Satan). They do a lot of their rituals and spells from OSIRIS’s book of the dead. Chapter 17. They killed JFK and marked his grave with 17(Q)a spell. The good guys are now taking the power back and taking over 17 for the power of LOVE AN LIGHT




Dec 19, 2019

JFK Jr. / Tribute / I'm Alive !!!!!!

WWG1WGA ThankQ Waiting 4

11/ 22/18 You-Tube Channel: ANILU9/ I'm Alive ELO You-Tube Channel: Nurul Azman

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