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Discover The Union Of Body And Spirit Be Love

The Merkaba (meaning light-spirit-body) is the energy sphere in which everything exists. It is the vehicle that carries you to the dimensions of unity and love that exist beyond the mind.

The upward and downward interlocked tetrahedrons represent the duality of existence—body and spirit—united in the harmony of a singular form. Together, they are one light.

Since each of its corner points are equally distant from each of its others, in a sacred geometric jewelry pattern, there is no strain or tension in the Merkaba. Only rest and equilibrium. It expresses the potential of a world of community and peace where no one is separate. All are one and one is all.

The Merkaba has been shared, taught and utilized for thousands of years and through many ages of life. Every major spiritual system places ultimate power in it.

In the Bible, the Angel Ezekiel accessed the three dimensional Merkaba Star Of David to ascend to heaven. In the Torah, it is the chariot, the throne of God. The Zohar, the foundation of the Kabbalah, realizes that in awareness and selfless action you bring yourself closer to the very heart of the Merkaba. The purpose of Yoga is to save individual souls from the calamity of separate existence, the same ideal of unity symbolized by the Merkaba. Zen Buddhism is a path to enlightenment focused on meditation, to the same higher consciousness the Merkaba so beautifully represents.

Merkaba meditation, first practiced in ancient Egypt, consists of 18 spherical breaths, which open the heart to a state of unconditional love that exists beyond the mind, in the realm of oneness. Through this state of oneness, we reflect our mutual light.

The Merkaba is the most powerful symbol of spiritual evolution. It is not something you can read or learn about. It is something you must experience.

Discover The Light. You Are The Merkaba.

About Meg

Hello, welcome to my personal website! My story is unusual but serves a greater purpose. As a Walk-In Soul, I entered this timeline to support the cosmic ascension plan.


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Tuesday, 27. July 2010


Is it not beautiful?

A long time ago, in the times when the Earth was a gem of light, I was one of its designers and guardians of the Field of Life surrounding the planet. Those were the beginnings of civilisation. The Earth was inhabited by a very small population of beings, which we would perhaps call from our perspective Gods or Goddesses. Hardly anybody remembers the paradise. When I go back to those times, I am infused by a feeling of all-pervasive bliss. The beauty of united and freely commingling dimensions of the spirit and matter is something indescribable in any language. Even a fleeting flash of memory from that time evokes simply astounding rapture.

Love permeated and united everything. It flowed from the eyes, expressed itself in every gesture, touch and word. Open hearts in a natural way made wordless communication possible. Words, when used, served the purpose of imparting additional meaning, for creative expression, for amusement. Language was harmonious and full of power. The wondrous paradisiacal nature amicably cuddled by the joyful and fertile Mother Earth. We were to Earth the touch of lovers, lost in delight over the wonder of creation. It is from those times that the memory of a lion and a lamb drinking from one spring originates. The love surrounding the planet developed such a powerful protective field, that nothing could disrupt it. Aggression was completely unknown, in nature pervaded harmony and internal order.

The forces of nature served their guardians, they repaid them by wise and charitable management. Matter was receptive to the commands of will, as modelling clay in a child's hands. Levitation, be it of persons or indicated items was a natural and obvious skill. Buildings were erected without difficulty, from precious minerals and metals, which were abundant. Gold, platinum, emeralds, diamonds - nobody could even suppose, that they could have any extraordinary value. Buildings did not serve to protect from cold, because the climate was mild. Doors or locks were unknown as well, because nobody had anything to hide. At that time, we all were one, wonderful family, loving, friendly, passionately creative, eager to play.

We were beautiful. Pulchritude is a stamp pressed out of matter by the internal beauty of the spirit. We were young, for aging was unknown. It was hard to tell, if the person standing in front of us was 30, 150 or 300 years old. Death was non-existent. Of course, people departed and children were born, but the transition from the mature form into infancy was never accompanied by the veil of oblivion which afflicts us nowadays. Departure from the body and assuming a new one involved a voluntary decision. It was usually taken in connection with the feeling of completion of fulfilled role and the desire to change polarisation (e.g. from male into female or vice versa)


We wore robes, they were not for covering, but decoration. The feeling of nakedness or shame was totally unknown. Though our bodies were heavenly beautiful, it was not the body which attracted attention, but the Spirit, which was its resident. Here is the vision from a dream in which I was transported there. “ I saunter through a beautiful paradisiacal garden. It is not a wood, nor a park the closest association is simply a garden. Among the plants there is no struggle for occupying every centimetre of the ground, so the vegetation here is neither too sparse, nor too abundant. Everything here has an unusual saturation of colours. It is not only the question of the colour. Everything is "saturated" with the fullness of life-giving vibration. It is evening. I have jus stood on the shore of a small lake. I feel like swimming. I undress and enter the water. When I am busy swimming, on the shore appear two Goddesses, strolling there. They are wearing beautiful, long robes. I exit the water, we exchange greetings, joke, laugh cordially. And, something curious - I know what they think and they know what I think. Our minds are open to one another, no doors are locked. This fills me with happiness.” At that moment, I wake up And only after the waking I realise that they were fully dressed and I completely nude, and none of us paid the slightest attention to that.

With the passing of time, the planet became more populated. Beings from distant systems arrived here, since the universe was open and communication with inhabited planets was conducted naturally and unhindered. The strategic element for every planet is its Field of Life. It is within it that the record of the structure of life is contained, it reflects upon the physical reality like a matrix pattern. With the growing number of contacts and the growth of the population, the need to protect the Field of Life became noticeable more evidently. The roles of the designers were completed, because the Field was formed. Those of the designers who remained on the planet, took over protective functions. Among the guardians were beings of both genders. We were not many, because there was no such need. Entities of demonic nature were located immediately, even in the most remote parts. The guardians could materialise in the right place promptly after recognising a threat. The intruders were given to understand the laws were used on the planet. A proposition which they could not refuse - accept our customs or leave in peace. To most of the society it gave the luxury of living in ignorance of possible dangers. This is one of the beautiful attributes of paradise. This attribute was maintained for a long time. Too long.

Entropy – an immutable law of the universe. In brief, it says more or less that every energy left to itself goes from the state of concentration to the state of dispersion. The law of entropy relates to spiritual energy as well. In everyday life, the energy is lost. If you just live and enjoy your life, although at the beginning it is all nice and well, your energy will end sometime. If you do nothing about it, at last you are bound to degenerate and fall. In the case of societies of entities so powerful as Gods and Goddesses, the process of losing power can go imperceptibly for millennia, but it occurs, nevertheless.

The only way to reverse the process of entropy is the conscious diverting of the stream of attention towards the inside (instead of dispersing it in the continuous game of life), or uniting of attention with the Highest Being, which is the imperishable Source. And turning it to the inside is often equivalent to uniting it with the Highest Being, and this happens due to the interpenetration of dimensions. As long as in the society of any world dominates the tendency to drawing from the internal source of wisdom and to contemplative life, such a society is not threatened by any cataclysm. Things start to go bad, when the abandon to a play of sound and image replaces internal peace. Without an external compass, passions and temptations lead to confusion, loss of direction and fall.

Millennia had passed. Practically nobody noticed when and how the sense of unity and congeniality began to gradually change into hierarchy. Hierarchy roused pride, which easily turned into haughtiness. Haughtiness bred antagonisms and arrogance. Some of the clans began to crave privileges and powers greater than those which were their due. The immediate cause of the fall was treason. As always is the case. One can safeguard against intruding demons. It is a completely different story if they are invited in swarms. The traumatic memory of those days when we were losing control over Earth remains with me to this day. I saw crowds of beautiful beings taken into cruel slavery. Devastating was the realisation of being unable to forfend that. I remember that I was out of their reach. Perhaps my light was too strong to surrender, but I was also incapable of doing anything to countercheck the catastrophe of the planet being taken over.

It looks as though I had to leave there for a time. But I returned, of course, one could not just let something like that pass. I concede that the time of my fall came as well. I became too involved in the game of emotions, I lost my reason, I abused the abilities which I was given. Provocation and driving to the extremes is the basic technique of demonic energies. I allowed myself to be provoked. I drove myself to the extremes. I can remember that I brought down walls and ignited seas of flames. No, I am not proud of those moments. That was my failure.

In the Field of Conscience enveloping the planet was inoculated the virus of aggression, which initiated a ruthless struggle for survival. That virus runs rampant to this day. With the passing of time, the Earth was separated from contact with the rest of the cosmos by wreathing with barriers hard to penetrate. Multidimensional communication was disrupted. The surviving inhabitants were deprived of their natural attributes, making them psychobiological cells. The spirit was confined in the shell of a crippled body and connected to an intricately woven and invisible to the eye grid of energetic exploitation. That grid functions to this day.

Life in a world of matter divorced from the wisdom of the spirit which used to permeate it resembles treading blindfold in a labyrinth connected to high voltage. Every, even the tiniest mistake is severely punished. Emotional discharges power the alien force draining grid and new, consecutive shocks successively weaken the beings caught in this trap, leading to their more severe embroilment.

If somebody asked me what social system governs the planet Earth at present, I would answer that it is dominated by slavery. An iron curtain separates us from most of our brothers. Those who are here, often have become accustomed so strongly to these abnormal conditions that they consider them normal and look at me with surprise when I try to convince them that what they are stuck in is not normal at all.

I can appreciate the satanic ingenuity of the rulers of the system, who so rearranged the nerve connections that they cannot see the blindingly obvious issues. They look, but they do not see, they understand individual fragments and cannot observe the greater whole. This rouses passion in me. An unflagging life passion of seeing this situation to an unambiguous solution. Not some day, but in this life, not in some indeterminate number of years, but quite soon.

Aeons ago, countless lives and dimensions, all this remained behind a veil of oblivion. A curtain forced upon by the present form of the human entity. My access to the eternal memory is at present very limited. In the accounts of the events from the distant past I might be inaccurate, due to insufficient access. Sometimes I wonder where to place these many flashes of another reality in relation to our time continuum. From the point of view outside of this dimension, linear time has absolutely no sense and it is a purely conventional phenomenon, although very realistically felt for a person confined to dimensions. Ultimately, though this sounds funny, I recognise that they come from the "future-past". The fragments which I was able to recover are a firm enough basis to be the driving force of my quest for changing of the current state of affairs. A long cycle of the Earth's voyage through the galaxy is just about to end. We have gone through all phases of growth and fall, and now we stand on the cusp of 2 epochs. According to ancient lore passed to yogis from generation to generation, the cycle of terrestrial history consists of four yugs (epochs).




The beginning of civilisation is the Golden Age. The account of the Golden Age are my memories expressed at the beginning of this text. The memory of the Golden Time is so distant and so different to the reality which we know today, that it seldom rises to the surface of consciousness. But if the words written on this page moved your heart, treat it as a sign that your history is older than the oldest recorded events.

The Golden Age smoothly transits into the Silver Age, which is characterised by the congealing of the system and initially slight, but progressing weakening of the spirit's power. At the end of the Silver Age, a social and geographic cataclysm occurred. Echoes of that cataclysm reach us in the form of myths about a deluge, the sinking of Atlantis, banishment from Paradise, the confusion of languages, etc. The power over the Field of Life was taken over by demonic entities.

After the "deluge" comes the Copper Age. At the end of this age, the separation of dimensions and the grid of control are not yet fully functional, hence here and there a light of spiritual knowledge still shines and in life magic manifests quite often. In the Copper Age, also numerous spiritual messengers arrive to the Earth. On he basis of their message, in the later period religions are formed.

The Copper Age imperceptibly transits into the Iron Age, characterised by the tightening of the grid of control and well-nigh complete decline of magic and spiritual knowledge. At the end of the Iron Age, the technological society forms. The grid of control, assisted by and coupled with technological achievements aims at achieving maximum tightness and efficiency. The Iron Age is the age of the greatest spiritual darkness. This age is also called Kali Yuga - the Age of Death.

But, please look at the cycle's diagram. The end of the Iron Age is a very special time. This brief, white episode signifies the transition from the Iron Age to the Golden Age. It represents the time of reawakening of the Spirit, a time of turbulent changes of a global scale, a clash of enormous spiritual and physical potentials. The harvest of the planet, ascending to a higher dimension, the return of the civilisation of love, the reawakening of Gods and Goddesses. This short period of several dozen years is also called the Diamond Age. It is in such extreme conditions that diamonds are formed. Live diamonds.

The growing potentials can lead to the emergence of a critical mass of consciousness, necessary for the introduction of global transformation. That mass has been forming for a long time. Everything indicates that we are approaching a culminating point of planetary transformations, to a point in which ignition should occur.

Where once from the inside the signal calling darkness was sent, there also from the inside the signal calling light must be sent. Under favourable circumstances, even a few beings with the right potential are able to perform the initiation of a chain reaction of the critical mass, thus activating the process of transformation and creation of the new Field of Life for the entire planet. Due to potential cumulation and favourable cosmic settings, even such difficult conditions like those present on the Earth today could prove to be conducive for that.

I am here and for years have asked myself this question: where are the others? I started to ask myself this question after my first amazing experiments with the Planetary Field, before I understood who I am, what I am doing here, before I understood that there must be some others. Where are they? To this question, I still have no answer. I send "letters in bottles", such as this website, for instance, counting on one of them making contact.

The cycle has completed.

Arise, Children of the Sun!


Author with his daughter.

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