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Trance Formation of America Cathy Obrien
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Cathy Obrien 

Survivor or Scam

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Cathy Obrien 

MKUltra Survivor


Susan Ford, writing as Brice Taylor, exposed Bob Hope and Henry Kissinger as abusive pimps and handlers under the same obscene CIA program.

Thanks for the Memories by Brice Taylor

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Fiona Barnett MK Ultra

Episode 2          

Fiona Barnett MK Ultra

Episode 3

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Fiona Barnett MK Ultra 

Episode 1         

Eyes Wide Open by Fiona Barnett


Nicole Kidman's Father: Satanist, Silenced by His Own ...

Antony David Kidman AM was an Australian psychologist and academic. He was the father of actress Nicole Kidman and journalist Antonia Kidman.Wikipedia

Born:Antony David Kidman, December 10, 1938, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Died:September 12, 2014, Singapore

Occupation:Psychologist, biochemist, writer

Kidman Connections: The CIA, Secret Societies & Ritual ...

Dr. Antony Kidman was in the Laboratory of Preclinical Pharmacology, which Dr. Joel Elkes had helped to create. Elkes was an LSD and mind control researcher who attended Scottish Rite sponsored events. The lab at the time of Kidman's work was run by Dr. Erminio Costa, who

Sarah Edelman and Antony D. Kidman, "Mind and Cancer: Is There a Relationship?— A Review of Evidence" 32 (2) Australian Psychologist (1997): 79-85 Sarah Edelman, David R. Bell and Antony D. Kidman, "A group cognitive behaviour therapy programme with metastatic breast cancer patients" 8 (4) Psycho-Oncology (1999): 295-305

MKULTRA in Australia (Pedophiles Down Under, 2015) - Gang ...

Interestingly, Fiona Barnett alleges that Dr. Antony Kidman was working for the CIA with Dr. John W. Gittinger as part of a mind control research program that she was abused by - during and after he was involved with research in Pennsylvania. Aldous Huxley was one of the key intellectuals behind the creation of the MKULTRA program.

Nicole Kidman Sent For 'Reprogramming' After Supporting Trump

"Yesterday Barnett released her own theory about Kidman's death," The main perpetrator of my child abuse, Antony Kidman, is dead after I filed formal complaints accusing him of the abuse, torture and murder of children in an exclusive Sydney ring. As a child victim of mind control I feel he's been sacrificed for failing to adequately ...

Antony Kidman, Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Mkultra & the ...

Dr ANTONY KIDMAN was trained by Gittinger and others in the employment of torture, unethical hypnosis, and drugs to artificially induce a state of dissociation in children. He also was in a kiddie killing cult. His MK-Ultra programming was structured on a pentagram - the same emblem that featured in his inner Sydney City cult.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman | Doppelganger and Identity ...

"Dr. Antony Kidman died Friday after fleeing Australia when accused of the sexual abuse and murder of children in an elite Sydney pedophile ring. A month prior Fiona Barnett had filed a complaint with the Australian NSW police and Child Abuse Royal Commission alleging Kidman's sexual and physical assaults on her throughout childhood.

Was Nicole Kidman’s father in a Satanic-Pedo ring?…


Nicole Kidman’s father, Antony, recently passed away from a heart attack while in Singapore. While this seems fairly innocuous, there is an article on BeforeItsNews that seems to argue he was murdered for his alleged involvement in a Satanic-Pedo ring called the Ninth Circle (shout out to Watcher xyzc for sharing that link).

Nicole Kidman | Illuminati Celebrities

Nicole Kidman father Antony Kidman died Suddenly amid Secret ... 666 Alex Jones Beyonce Celebrities Celebrity Conspiracy CONTROL death demon DEVIL disney Entertainment Exposed freemason Freemasonry Hollywood ILLUMINATI jay-z kanye west Katy Perry lady gaga Lucifer MADONNA Miley cyrus Mind Mind Control MK Ultra music new News New World Order nwo ...

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MONARCH Mind Control Programming

The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier

Fritz Artz Springmeier is an American author of conspiracy theory literature who has written a number of books claiming that a global elite who belong to Satanic bloodlines are conspiring to dominate the world. He has described his goal as "exposing the New World Order agenda."Wikipedia

Fritz Springmeier: Profile Of A Government-Trained Vatican Terrorist

By Johnny Cirucci

Fighting Monarch - Website

A Resistance Site For Victims of CIA, NSA, MI5 and Illuminati Mind Control

Survivors of the Montreal experiments at Allan Memorial Institute rally for justice


By Kwabena Oduro  Global News

Posted September 19, 2020

Victims of the Montreal experiments at the Allan Memorial Institute rallied Saturday morning for justice, an apology and compensation for the abuse and torture they suffered.

The rally started at the Allan Memorial Institute and ended with a march to the Roddick Gates outside the McGill University campus.

“My dad was at the Royal Victoria asthma clinic and they told him if he went to the Allan they could cure his asthma,” co-organizer Lana Mills Sowchucks said. “Well, that didn’t happen; he went in there and had 54 high-voltage shock treatments followed by 54 grand mal seizures. He had been put in an insulin coma with a recording going around, ‘your mother hates you.'”

Seventy-seven victims received compensation from the Canadian government in 1992 for experimental treatments by Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron at the Allan Memorial Institute. The treatments included torture techniques involving drug-induced comas and intensive electroconvulsive therapy aimed at reprogramming the brain. The Montreal-based psychiatrist received funding from the Canadian government and the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

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Meet the Man Who Started the Illuminati -

Born in 1748 in Ingolstadt, a city in the Electorate of Bavaria (now part of modern-day Germany), Weishaupt was a descendant of Jewish converts to Christianity. Orphaned at a young age, his...

Adam Weishaupt, the Founder of the Illuminati, and His ...

The secret society of the Illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt with the high aim of giving human beings freedom and happiness. This aim and the means of achieving it were very much influenced by his background, education, and the era in which he lived.

YouTube Videos


Johann Adam Weishaupt: The Founder of the Illuminati 6:56

The order of the Illuminati | Adam Weishaupt's world Part 1 (documentary) 7:17

The Illuminati JESUITS 1776 Adam Weishaupt 'Pawns in the game'

Bavarian Illuminati [Full HD Documentary]

Are the illuminati real? - Chip Berlet

Adam Weishaupt l The Complete List Of His Works

The History of the Illuminati in 7 Minutes w/ Kristan T. Harris

Adam Weishaupt & Illuminati

Illuminate Confirm! Adam Weishaupt & the Truth About the Templars

Adam Weishaupt | Dark Truth Wiki | Fandom

Adam Weishaupt was the founder of the Order of the Illuminati. Weishaupt was born Febuary 6, 1748. He was originally a devout, God-fearing Christain. However, he soon began to practice the occult.

Adam Weishaupt Establishes a Secret Society called the ...

On the night of Wednesday, the first of May 1776, three men gathered at the house of a young law professor, Adam Weishaupt, in the Bavarian town of Ingolstadt and established a secret society called the Order of the Illuminati.Weishaupt was the Professor of Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria, part of Germany.. It was secret order to undermine the social system, at first ...

PART 1: Adam Weishaupt and the Origins of ... - Illuminati Rex

Part 1 - Adam Weishaupt and the Origins of the Bavarian Illuminati - Book 3 - Adam Weishaupt and the Secrets of the Bavarian Illuminati - Transcript p.1-11 June 20th, 1785 Jakob Lanz, a diocesan priest, and his friend professor Adam Weishaupt are walking in the outskirts of the free city of Regensburg.

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Adam Weishaupt - The New World Order & Utopian Globalism

An Illuminati courier was struck by lightning and killed. When the Bavarian police searched his body, they found coded messages from Weishaupt sewn into the clothes. At this critical juncture, Utschneider and his three companions came forward and told the Bavarian authorities all about the Illuminati.

Adam Weishaupt - Wikipedia

Johann Adam Weishaupt ([ˈjoːhan ˈaːdam ˈvaɪ̯s.haʊ̯pt], 6 February 1748 - 18 November 1830) was a German philosopher, professor of civil law and later canon law, and founder of the Illuminati, a secret society.

The Secret Society of the Illuminati

Adam Weishaupt was the founder of the Illuminati Order. (Image: Friedrich Rossmassler/Public domain) The Illuminati Order was represented by a symbol of the ancient goddess of wisdom, Athena, or the Owl of Minerva. Another emblem was a dot within a circle that symbolized the all-seeing eye.

Adam Weishaupt - Illuminati

Adam Weishaupt was basically a Jew, converted to become a Catholic Priest and ended up starting a new secret society called the Illuminati.During Weishaupt's lifetime this organization was revealed in public. It's unclear if he was the master-mind behind it, but most researchers, including myself, are more or less certain that Weishaupt was just a puppet for the Freemasonic Elite.


Website publisher of and top 5% Amazon author of THE DARK PATH; Isaac Weishaupt has been on the leading edge of conspiracy theories surrounding the elusive "Illuminati" and its infiltration of the entertainment industry.

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