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Man of Steel - It's not an S (2013)

Greta Van Fleet - A Change Is Gonna Come

Welcome to, the home of the National Quantum Initiative and ongoing activities to explore and promote Quantum Information Science. The National Quantum Initiative Act was signed into law on December 21, 2018. The purpose of this Act is to ensure the continued leadership of the United States in quantum information science and its technology applications. It provides for a coordinated Federal program to accelerate quantum research and development for the economic and national security of the United States.

The Global Peoples Monetary System & Simplified Divine Law– Interview with Rick Jewers

Sep 27, 2021

Humanity is ready, it has all been Divinely Prepared reasons why You should not hesitate and join NOW

Awakening Journals

Real World Awakenings


So the unrestricted travel, utilization of Unalienable Rights is rapidly growing, as governments separate airline workers through discrimination. With increasing accidents occurring with the operations of machinery due to the uncertain and instant effects caused by vaccinations upon those operators of machinery, the safety is now being created and seen in the less risky environment of the unvaccinated.

Rick Jewers


Replacing politicians with patriots

TAPs America is a community of like-minded True Patriotic Conservatives who have joined together in a concerted effort to combat the evils of the liberal agenda upon our beloved America. We are structured and organized for the unique purpose of effective conservative victories in local elections. We have agreed to combine our resources and exist as a cohesive community with similar goals.

Rather than each individual trying to effect change alone, we have formed a more perfect union among ourselves to make our voices heard and the effects of our resources recognized in the conservative movement. We have been called by God for such a time as this and to preserve the original American way of life.


Premiered Oct 21, 2021

Singer Nasir

Operation Inherent Resolve

DEVELOPING: American Express Customers Report System Outages Worldwide

October 21, 2021

By T. Grant Benson


Reset Eminent StockMarket,Evergrande Collapse Bitcoin


Cherin Ron is with Carolyn BeGood and 

***MICHAEL PENNY LIVE NOW***Events started today leading up to 11/2--Veteran's Day 11/11 will be one we will never forget with our new Inauguration that will take place!!!!!!!!!!!!((Gregorian calendar will end, Julian calendar starts at midnite on 11/2 & clocks will get turned back 12 days to Julian calendar set to Oct 20th)) Everything will be revealed -- TRUTH!!!


Premiered Oct 21, 2021




2020 | The Hunters Become The Hunted | Part 1 | Intro

Premiered Feb 17, 2020

The Michael Jackson Innocent Project

2020 | The Hunters Become The Hunted | Part 2 | 50 Cents For Your Soul

Premiered Apr 9, 2020

The Michael Jackson Innocent Project


2020 | The Hunters Become The Hunted | Part 3 | It's A Small World After All​

Premiered Jun 21, 2020

The Michael Jackson Innocent Project

【4K】Michael Jackson - Captain EO 1986 Disneyland

Premiered Apr 26, 2019

MJ Disney Channel


Mar 6, 2011

douglas moore


Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Us (2020)

Aug 29, 2020

Michael Jackson


Oct 19, 2012

Jesse Goldsmith

THIS IS IT (live at O2 Arena July 13, 2009) (Full Show) - Michael Jackson

Premiered Oct 29, 2020



What Killed the King of Pop?: The Death of Michael Jackson (Mystery Documentary) | Real Stories

Mar 20, 2021

Real Stories

Killing Michael Jackson is a 2019 documentary film directed and produced by ZigZag, focusing on the death of singer Michael Jackson. The documentary features Orlando Martinez, Dan Myers and Scott Smith – three detectives who were involved in the initial investigation of Jackson's death.


Jan 28, 2010

Lorna t.s.

Michael Jackson - HIStory Tour Live in London (July 15, 1997)

Jun 3, 2020

MJ Live & Rare Videos

Michael Jackson Talks to Oprah (4K Up-rez)

Jan 30, 2021

MJ The Man

Michael Jackson - Primetime FULL Interview 1995 | (GMJHD)

Jul 14, 2015


Documentary - This Boy's Life: A Look At Leonardo DiCaprio's Career (re-uploaded)

Mar 30, 2021

Lorelle Shorten

Drew Barrymore's Classic First Appearance | Carson Tonight Show

Oct 11, 2021

Johnny Carson

What Drew Barrymore Learned from Dealing with Her Toxic Mother | Life Stories by Goalcast

Nov 29, 2020

Life Stories By Goalcast

Message to the Humans of Earth ~ Oct 20 2021

Oct 19, 2021

Elena Danaan


Liz Bliss Shares her thoughts on Juan O' Savin, the Jubilee, the QFS, the RV & Biblical Prophecy

Oct 16, 2021

Our Great Awakening

Bible by Billie Beene E44 102121 Intel from God! Pass Tr Prov C16 P1 V 1-9

Oct 21, 2021

billie beene

Hear why William Shatner is ‘overwhelmed by sadness’ after space flight

Oct 15, 2021


Robert Gates: The 2021 60 Minutes Interview

Oct 17, 2021

60 Minutes


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We defeated the Nazis.jpg
Joe Kanteny is with Ezio Auditoree.

Immediately after the footage with the total immersion of the continent, I was shown a very large gathering of human beings and aliens under a huge dome in a mountainous area, but I couldn't identify the exact spot on Earth where this happened product. From a certain point of view, this meeting looked like the Planetary Grand Council from 28 years ago, but the assembly following Atlantis disappeared was more eventful, and the proportion of human beings in the world in this one was higher. Despite this, I got to see an amazing variety of races, both human and alien. I have estimated the number of beings attending this meeting at over 250 beings. From what I understood telepathically, it was a menagerie of life forms and races that had responded to the call for help from the E-N-L wise, a call that had been made even before the complete disappearance from Atlantis.

Radu cinamar

download (1).jpg

Chaze Matthews

I just can't be discouraged today.

- God is on the Throne.

- The warriors are on the battlefield.

- The enemy is on the run.

It's a great day!

Carolyn BeGood



From: Evelyn Walls

The following post is an overview for those who don't know what this GCR/RV is all about. Most people think these three things are basically the same event, not true. Each one is different.

The GCR – the Global Currency Reset – has two separate factors or parts of the whole even.

The First factor: two hundred and nine countries of the world have signed a treaty in 2014 and will reset the value of their currency through the Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS) to be on parity with all other nations of the world. That means the value of the one Dong will be the same as the value of one dollar, or any other national currency. The real value will be felt in international trade. The Global reset means that Forex Trading for profit will be of little value as the reset will stabilize currencies and would not be subject to manipulation of currency by any government or corporation. It will affect the export markets as well, to accommodate a country’s balance of trade. Obviously, Fiat Currencies will never work in such a structured, internationally balanced,

Quantum Financial System (QFS).

To accomplish this parity, a mathematical formula was created, by some very intelligent economist types (the QFS Super Artificial Intelligence), to take a conglomerate of economic data, apply a predetermined value to each data point and come up with a value for each country. This value, compared to other countries, has more to do with, the amount of currency put into circulation in that country, than it has to do with the value of its currency. The, use factor, of the amount of currency in a countries economy, must balance the problem of supply and demand of currency while still maintaining consistent value within the international community. A problem of no small consequence for those who plan the world economy around currency and economical parity and how to accomplish this.

The Second factor in the reset, is digital Gold backed currency. To back the currency with Gold in the new QFS financial system means there is a digital Gold certificate that says you can exchange that piece of digital currency for a real piece of Gold. That means you can use either a piece of Gold or a piece of Gold backed digital money to make a purchase. Digital Money is used for convenience instead of carrying around Gold pieces. Both have the same value. The common denominator of the value of any currency is the backing of that currency by a valued commodity or asset.

While in-ground assets and other types of assets, as well as, the economy of the country, etc., plays into the parity of that currency, Gold is the most visible and universal standard to determine value. In the new QFS Digital Financial System, Gold is used as the leveling factor that buffers diversities within each country as compared to another.

As we Exchange our old Fiat currencies for the new Gold backed currencies, we are, in effect exchanging the entire old Cabal debt slavery Financial System for a brand new, QFS Gold backed Financial System. The Central Bank of each country will once again be a part of their Treasury Department and not owned by outside private entities like the Federal Reserve Banking system, who function for their own greed and agenda. The old system is dead in the water just like an old Battleship that is no longer functionable and of little value, except for target practice.

The Gold, used by the Chinese Elders [The good guys! They're not the commies!] - to create this new QFS digital money, stands as the backing for all currencies in the world. There is plenty of Gold or assets to back these currencies, in fact, more than sufficient to accomplish a new QFS monetary system for the entire world, and to flood it with asset backed digital cash. We get to say goodbye and good riddance, to the Cabal financial system of debt slavery.

No longer as slaves, are we.

The RV [revaluation of currencies] will happen sooner than later. That's all I can say

Carolyn Wondra Mair

THIS IS FROM NEGATIVE48's telegram channel !!!

What do you think lovely Utsava Prophecy ???

It began and ends in DALLAS!


Negative 48 said he will be in Dallas November 2nd for it to all be revealed to the world. He also said that as of midnight the 2nd, the world will go back to the Julian calendar; thus, the date will go back to October 20th.

That we will have two Halloweens.

JFK Sr, Jackie, and JFK Jr will be reintroduced to the world. JFK Sr will travel around for seven days, on week, "a week to remember" and then will pass. JFK Sr. will be brought back and showed to the world on 11/2 in Dallas where he was shot at the grassy noel at Deiley Plaza.

The beginning and the end. JFK Sr. will transfer power to Donald Trump and JFK Jr. will be Trumps vice president. It's the second coming of Christ, going to be biblical. Kennedy's are the Jesus bloodline. -AB Greatest show on earth of all time!!!!!

Time for us crazy people to be vindicated. God is good, love Trump and The Kennedy's. POTUS post about turning off the Christmas Lights and celebrating Halloween At Mar A Lago tells me its all gonna blow up this week.

As you know we are also flipping the Calendar back to the Julian Calendar. We would have these days of darkness then flip the Calendar. So October will be a 40 day Month.

We were told Christmas is coming early.

This also makes me feel that we will then be celebrating Christmas on November 9.

Mirror 9/11 - 11/9. This way of writing the date will be changed too. Day/Month/Year. Jesus was born on September 11.

Darkness ends & we will have 4 weeks to get prepared for Christmas & the Victory Celebration/Inauguration/Concert Event on 11.11 In the 10 Days of Darkness

God Sends down his Angels to help us.

Those in the Federal Witness Protection Program will be walking out to guide and Unite us all.

Many will be performing 11.11

Nana HorvathLeslie Nelson

Received a group family text from my brother who works for railroad in georgia. He warned us to stock up as their gonna mandate the thing on 10/29 and the railroad workers are striking and going out. Be prepared and be safe my friends

Apparently it wasn't so safe to fly an airplane in August of 2018...

Airplane crash Monday th August twenty eighteen

494 188 613 217

Arch Angels

Spookily, this was written nearly 70 years ago and in a sense applies


′′One young devil asked the old man: "How did you manage to bring so many souls to hell?" The old devil answered: "I instilled fear in them!" Answers the youngster: "Great job! And what were they afraid of? Wars? Hunger?" Answers the man: "No, they were afraid of the disease!" For this youngster: "Does this mean they didn't get sick? Are they not dead? There was no rescue for them?"

The old man answered: "but no . . . they got sick, died, and the rescue was there." The young devil, surprised, answered: "Then I don't understand???" The old man answered: "You know they believed the only thing they have to keep at any cost is their lives. They stopped hugging, greeting each other. They've moved away from each other. They gave up all social contacts and everything that was human! Later they ran out of money, lost their jobs, but that was their choice because they were afraid for their lives, that's why they quit their jobs without even having bread. They believed blindly everything they heard and read in the papers. They gave up their freedoms, they didn't leave their own homes literally anywhere. They stopped visiting family and friends. The world turned into such a concentration camp without forcing them into captivity. They accepted everything!!! Just to live at least one more miserable day . . . And so living, they died every day!!! And that's how it was very easy for me to take their miserable souls to hell..... ′

Mars Place

Patriots and Frog Family

So very much is about to change in the world we know. We fought hard to help the White Hats defeat the evil. We were committed to helping secure our future and the future of our kids, grandkids and future generations. We must have truly believed we would succeed to stay in this battle for so very long. It took faith. It took a dream of a world without evil. We did it. We are approaching the grand finale. You will all be cheered as heroes in history for the courage it took to believe in this plan. This absolutely magnificent God-inspired plan. This plan that will be seen in time as brilliantly flawless and flawlessly brilliant. But…. How did we get to this point? It took faith, hope, charity, love, love, love, strength, love, courage, and more love. It took belief in our dreams in making it happen.

Being laid up for a week and not into much tv, i always have my music going. Yes my favorite artist to listen to is our very own Whiplash347. Yes, Whip sings for me. Yes, that is how he pays me for assisting him. but a week in bed and about 40 of his songs, I went looking for some additional music to add into the mix (and find a list of new song requests to give Whip because I asked him for a raise…more songs.) I came across a couple of songs that made me think about our mission…our journey. When you are not one that is used to being stuck in bed well lets just say my mind traveled to many places is probably the best way to put it. I wondered why I truly got tapped to do what I do. I am told repeatedly that there are no coincidences. So I indulged myself in my thoughts and my music and realized it was true. There are no coincidences in this mission. For me personally, My music choices were tied into my mission. I love a bunch of Elvis’ songs but some really hit home. (Note to Whip…get ready to get your Elvis on because a new request list is headed your way.). Two songs kept setting me on fire for some reason. Fire as in a good way. The first ones I will leave you with the lyrics. But do your youtube thing and go listen to it. The second one is attached to this post. The point I am trying to make here is it takes Pure belief and ability to dream to accomplish anything that is lodged so deeply in our hearts as this mission/journey/adventure is lodged in our hearts. I have said often that we are the chosen for this time in history. Many comments I got back was we are all God’s children so we are all chosen. But no…WE were chosen to lead the sheep out of slavery. We were chosen to teach them the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We had to believe in our dream that we would have a free loving world. We were prepared to do the hard work. We were prepared to make the sacrifices. We were able to accomplish it to this point because we had two major elements that the sheep are missing. We believe in the dream we are fighting for …. And the belief to make it come true. We have a dream of what life should be. We have the belief in ourselves and our cause to take it to fruition. THAT is what separates us from the sheep. That is why WE are chosen for this mission. God never makes a mistake. So lets get back to Elvis and the two songs. First one is called “I Believe”. The second one is called “If I Can Dream”. Ok the point I am trying to make to you frogs is that you can achieve anything you want in life if you have the courage to dream it, the intelligence to make a realistic plan, and the will to see that plan in the end. See? Belief and Dream are the two main ingredients. So here are the lyrics to the first. Enjoy listening to the second and then go take a listen to Elvis’ “I Believe” at

I believe for every drop of rain that falls

A flower grows

I believe that somewhere in the darkest night

A candle glows

I believe for everyone that goes astray

Someone will come to show the way

I believe

I believe

I believe above the storm the smallest prayer

Will still be heard

I believe that someone in the great somewhere

Hears every word

Every time I hear a newborn baby cry

Or touch a leaf

Or see the sky

Then I know why

I believe

Every time I hear a newborn baby cry

Or touch a leaf

Or see the sky

Then I know why

I believe (Why I believe)

We are Flynn’s F.R.O.G.s and fully reliant on God. WWG1WGA! God bless you all.

Mar 10/21/21. Wow another “7” day! (1+2+1+2+1=7)

P Miller, [21.10.21 12:38]

[Forwarded from WhipLash347]

I have a list of 17 Questions that i will be answering.

I just answered the 1st one

1. If Trump has repeatedly mentioned crypto isn't good, why should we risk buying it?

Well the answer was he doesn't like 'UNREGULATED" Crypto and not backed by anything.

So there is a International Regulation

IS020022 they will need to come under. Follow the XRP - SEC case to know which ones that have been brought up as they are the ones that will fail. Ie BTC, Tether, ETH, Monero etc.

You have the Hi Resolution QFS Chart i provided showing Regulation, Certificates, Metal/Stock/Asset backing.

You may back your ISO20022 Digital Currency by Chilli Powder or Coffee Beans. - i almost said Mungbeans.

2. Is crypto part of cabal? Except for certain ones?

Crypto is an Old term

The new way is Asset backed Digital Currency.

The WhiteHats have taken it all over.

To get on to the QFS it must Regulated & backed.

The United States SpaceForce are the guardians of the galaxy and the Quantum Internet & systems.

All protected above by Secret Space Programs. Out of Cabal's reach.

This is why Donald J Trump created the Space Force.

3. Can you explain Rainbow treasury notes?

Yes we have been living a Rothschild's Central Banking System where they loan money to Govts at a high interest rate that they never ever were getting back. Every 4 yrs you have stupid no good for nothing rigged elections always about paying debts back.

So USA used to have Treasury Gold backed notes years ago.

Every Country will be changing notes to Rainbow Treasury Notes as in Treasury Department's that will be backed by ALL precious metals rather than just Gold.

In todays day & age Mining Metals is a lot more established than it was back then

4. What is going to happen with Bitcoin?

Well there has been an Operation against it shutting the BTC Mining down Worldwide. I have big lists of the Mine shutdowns/seizures on the channel.

Prices have continued to climb due to less supply=higher demand.

Bitcoin uses too much Electricity (Wired) and we are moving to Wireless Free Energy.

Bitcoin has also been using for Trafficking & many other Nefarious activities. It will not pass Regulation

It is tied to Tether which is tied to the US Rothschild's Dollar. There is a DATA CENTER that will be taken out in China and the Collapse will be dramatic.

See the Countless SHOCK faces by Mr Pool.

5. Is XRP going to be the new currency for the good people and not the corrupt?

6. XRP= Banks XLM= For the people. Can you explain?

The answer to 5 is at the start of Question 6.

XRP = Banking Institutions used for Instant Payments. Will be a buy back no doubt.

XLM = For Business, for the people. Will be used as a method of payment along with other ways. Think why Akon sold his BTC for XLM.

The whole point of the Regulation and Metal/Stock/Asset backing is to stop Corruption. It must pass hoops to get on Quantum Financial System.

7. Would appreciate a step by step on how to get XRP from Uphold to Ledger.

8. How do I get my XRP shares out of Wallet into Lobstr??

Subscribe to this channel "IF" you want to move XRP into the Fchain version.

9. I read somewhere that when the mortgage debt is erased so are your property rights. All ownership goes to the government. Is that true?

False. That is a scare from the Cabal.

Fear NOT. Debt's are wiped because you have all lived under an Illegal "Unconstitutional" System since 1871.

10. If I have my money savings and checking in a bank that is an FDIC member, is it safe?

Your Money is safe. It will transfer to the Treasury Notes/New QFS.

I would recommend investing in at least Silver or XRP/XLM as a minimum.

11. I only have some xrp on uphold which is a wallet also, is it safe to keep it there? I’m new to the whole confusing steps to take on crypto.

I hear ABRA is the place to move it too.

I keep XRP in EXODUS or another to use is XUMM.

12. How will people's mortgages be affected if they own a condo or apt since it's multiple residences in one building?

Mortgage's Wiped.

The Old Corrupt Diseased Temple is getting Humpty Dumptied.

13. Is the IRS gone and will we get our funds back from it?

Yes plus much more.

Don't get me started on Birth Certificates. They get sold by the Vatican 20,000 times.

14. We cashed out of our stocks in case of market crash. Most funds are in IRA retirement accounts. What should we do about cash? Re invest, if so, in what? Or keep in cash for now?

Yes i recommend you invest in at least Silver - XRP & XLM.

But Cash will transfer as mentioned

15. Will all our debt be wiped out when Nesara/Gesara is implemented?

Yes 50th Debt Jubilee year too.

It is biblical.

16. Why am I getting Air Dropped Tokens daily?

A combination of the Military/Quantum Companies and probably some desperado's wanting you to buy their tokens.

My advice swap the ones you dont like into something you do like or just forget about it - Cuppla Days -- Bewdiful.

17. What coins will survive the storm?


Simplflied and you will now see what i started with in early to mid 2020.

Rothschild's Central Bank Oil/War Backed Notes are being changed out with RAINBOW Treasury Department Notes in Every country. USTN etc....

You can see Australian Central Bank Deal on Notes. (Look it up)

In the Global Currency Reset we Revaluate all Currencies on Earth so they are EVEN. You Remember Trump saying "EVEN PLAYING FIELD & Talking about the Road Trip in the RV"

I gave you those 3 Foreign Currencies that will have big worth. Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong & The 2008 AA 100 Trillion Dollar Note from Zimbabwe.

So Remember i said many immigrants will return home to their lands to build and rebuild under newly Blockchain Elected Non Tyrant Governments 10% the size of what they are now. 3rd World Nations under GESARA recieve massive money to Build & Rebuild from years of Rape, Pillage, Genocide, War & Destruction. Think Africa, Mid East, Asia & South America. They will be building these Continents & Nations up to being 1st World. To have what we have. I am pretty sure the plan is to populate the entire world and one day in near future we become Inter-Planetary. See Elon & Mars.

So instead of Oil backed Currencies we move to using Precious Metals. I have always Mentioned Gold, Silver, Platinum, Paladium. Iridium & Copper. Add Rhodium too

This has been highlighted in many Gold Telegraph articles i have shared, Stellar DEX articles, the evidence on the Stellar DEX now with some very big hitters on there, and also Russel Jay Gould. Yes he is Real - Confirmed by a pretty good friend. He like's to call me Son.


So Blockchain like i have said The Old Fork CHYNA/Khazar Coins get removed. You can see BITCOIN, TETHER & ETHEREUM placed in the SEC Case. The latest "Arrests" of those creators including Monero too, Cardano as well.

In with the Patient X Family and their DEX/Networks. ISO20022 International Regulation plus Precious Metal Backing after the Event and in the 10 days of darkness upon us.

XRP - FLARE - Networks

XLM - Stellar DEX Networks

(Patiently awaiting Protocol 18 & 19 upgrades)


ALGORAND - DEX (Brand New)

IOTA - I still havent got 1 Iota(Joke)

Check out this link on my website. 

It was posted two weeks before Steven Leonard plagiarized my article and called it his own claiming to be the Chief Scientist for the QFS. Charlie Ward read it on his program two weeks later. If Mr. Leonard is the Chief Scientist of the QFS, couldn't he write his own version of how the QFS works instead of stealing mine??? Just saying. Fraudsters abound everywhere, this one is a biggy. Ron Giles


Brad Barton is with Kristin Mayberry Barton.

56m  · 

In case u missed it …. here was Joe’s greeting the other day in his own hometown!

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