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The Satanic NWO are meeting in and around Carbis Bay, is this a dress rehearsal for something sinister ? My understanding is that St Michael's Mount is a Sacred site, on the main Ley Line running up through the UK then through Europe all the way to Jerusalem. They know about the Earth's Sacred Energy sites, why are the G7 meeting in a tiny town in Cornwall what's your thoughts?

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VDarkness Falls @vdarknessfalls

 8 seconds ago

In response vDarkness Falls to his Publication

Not suprised the Superb Owl is broadcasted on CBS with the Eye of Providence.
"Symbolism will be their downfall".
A cult runs the world & its foundational symbolism represents knowledge of the universe & God's ingredients of creation that we aren't allowed to know about & be taught.
THAT pisses me off & as parents who send your children to [Their] school systems, you should be too.


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Christmas is the blood sacrifice to Baal

Disclosure Library @disclosurelibrary

 50 minutes ago

#popefrancis leaves a cryptic creepy message - perhaps admitting his crimes against humanity??

"So really your family should not follow me or look up to me anymore"
"Otherwise you and your family will be misled and be thrown into the lake of the fire"
"Even the kids in the family kiss me, and the parents should know better"
"They really need to be told the truth about me... it is so wrong..."
"I am ashamed to tell you this, but I have a secret agenda to deceive you"
"Yes, it looks good to unite people in a one world religion. That way I control them better."
"And have you all... worship me"
"And in doing this you will really receive the Mark of the Beast 😳
"You dont want that. Really the only way you can avoid it is firstly to know who God really is"