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1.20.2017.  A quiet panic settled over Washington DC.  The plan for a tyrannical New World Order, meticulously forged by the Bush-Clinton crime syndicate, and lusted after by the power-hungry Cabal for over a century, had been laid on its funeral pyre.

We the People had installed an agent of chaos in the White House, but the “Deep State” threatened another “King Sacrifice.”  Only a collective effort to awaken the masses to our hidden history could ultimately break the Illuminati's spell over their cattle.
​Thus began the Deep State Mapping Project.

Executive Order 12.21.2017 was the shot across the bow; Washington crossing the Delaware.  A vast clandestine operation was set into motion, whose aim was nothing short of imploding the establishment.  Now we, the anons, are the mercenaries for freedom.  We are intelligence agents on a psychological battlefield.  While the Cabal continues to spew its endless stream of smear campaigns on late night talk shows, patriots and free-thinkers disseminate counter-propaganda in the form of “dank memes” across the dark web.  Conventional weapons are obsolete.  In today’s world, PSYOPS are paramount.  Whoever wins the psychological battle, wins this war.

A physical power struggle is playing out at higher levels, in low orbit and deep underground hives.  This is actually a multi-dimensional war between good and evil that spans the galaxy.  Our planet is breaking free from an ancient quarantine imposed on it by Archons, hostile to humanity.  The success of Operation Mjölnir depends on the truth movement reaching a critical mass, at which point, the timeline leading to our enslavement will collapse entirely.  Once the Deep State is defeated, and all its dark secrets exposed, a new utopia will be built in accordance with the Galactic Codex.

The Great Awakening is upon us. History is being rewritten not by the victors, but by the individuals, and the mass consciousness connected to higher Source.  The New World Order is crumbling before our eyes.  We’re using their cyberweapons against them, and we’re winning, Bigly!  Godspeed patriots.

The Second American Revolution has begun.


The Great Awakening Map ~ A visual exploration ~ WWG1WGA ~ Awaken Humanity

Nov 4, 2018

The Inner Infinite


WhoKnows?!✺ #8 Q-Map fully explained - Dylan Monroe creator of "The Deep State Map" is joining us!

Tom WhoKnows

Today we are sitting together with Dylan Monroe who created the famous Q-Map or "The Deep State Map". Lots of people found a great mindmap wandering around the internet in the last few months which combines nearly all conspiracy and history aspects out there (and more!). What was originally planned as a small interview ended up in a 5!!! hour long Livestream together with Dylan and Flo from Team WhoKnows. Together Dylan walks us through the whole map and gives us great insights on how to read and interpret the whole map. What can i say 5 hours of deeeeeeep research and deeeeeeep mind exchange :) Just wow! It looks like this won't be our last stream together and we will try to combine our potentials in some way or form in the near future! :) We will also try to translate the whole video into german subtitles. If you are willing to help us (and we really need help!!!!) - check out this link:


Here you can add german subtitles which will make it easier for the non speaking people to understand this important messages. I know the video is very long but if the whole community is helping together and everyone is translating a few minutes we will be successful. :)


Thank you again Dylan for this interesting talk, please support his work: For free downloads of the Q-web & other diagrams, as well as posters & T-shrits visit:

Dylan's instagram: @masterconspiracy


Q-Map colored:

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Bloodlines of the DS Dylan-Louis-Monroe-Q-MAP.jpg
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