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A Second Declaration of Independence, by the fifty United States of America,

signed by President Donald Trump on July the fourth, 2020

to the New Republic of the United States.

[First transcribed… I’m not gonna read all that]

Trusting our cause is just and having prayed for the fortitude of brave spiritual wickedness in high places, we Citizens of America make this announcement to the Shareholders of the US Corporation; including the City of London, the British Crown and the Vatican and their operatives in the media, government and society.

A second Declaration of Independence by the fifty United States of America with the utmost respect and admiration for the founders of America and the framers of the original Declaration of Independence, the American people humbly emulate their thoughtful measured response to certain perpetual and ascending tyranny and despotism.

We too believe it is a moral obligation of those who would acknowledge an opportunity to work on behalf of the people that the people are served best when their benefactors choose unity over division, nationalism over globalism, sovereignty over submission and liberty over oppression.  That all human beings are equal in their innate value that America was founded under God and that our God given rights may not be revoked suspended, negated, or abridged without due process.

What distinguishes the Second Declaration of Independence from its progenitor is the subject from which we seek independence.  Regrettably, to our great misfortune, shame and dismay and despite the recurrent warnings and accordant safeguards a cable of foreign investors and privateers have managed to gain possession of our land, our wealth, our labor, our well-being, our future, and even our children.

Although history has become muddied with varying interpretations of cardinal events, including the surreptitious adoption of a second corporate constitution and uncertain ratification of several amendments destructive to the people.  It matters that only one or more alien groups have claimed America as its assets, rather than to speculate on motives and weigh in profitably to bias accounts, unverifiable information and plentitudes, theories and opinions, we engage a perfection solution wherein we exact independence from all appointments, past and present - proclaimed, identified or veiled – as such the unsuppressed named in this Declaration are representative and not specific or exhaustive, regardless of supposed ancestry, proceeded instrument or process.

Although simply enumerating transgressions and usurpations would suffice to justify the insularity recounting significant events reveals important facts that are missing from history.  These forgotten facts add insight, perspective and clarity, illuminating our best way forward.

Number one, the inevitable Civil War destroyed America’s economy, ripped families apart and cast a questionable shadow on the future of a once promising nation.  America was in trouble financially and needed a massive infusion of capital to get back on its feet.  A cabal of nation building venture capitalists from Europe agreed to finance America’s recovery but demanded an active role in government to insure their investment and in 1871, mired in debt, Congress worked out a partnership in exchange for boundless financial support.  The foreign investors handle America’s administrative needs.  [You got that last sentence, right?] 3:33 Marker

Although initially, it seemed to be an innocuous concession, the consequences of allowing the nation building venture capitalists to conduct America’s business beyond the protections of the US Constitution have proved catastrophic. The investors quickly imbedded operations throughout the foreign owned corporate government and Washington DC and began serving the interests of America’s financiers over the people.

In 1871, America effectively lost its independence and the nation building venture capitalists became our new masters.   By the early 1900’s the foreign investors that bankrolled America controlled the major newspapers and news services enabling them to shape what is reported and how it is to be framed.  They had to cover their tracks before being exposed and repudiated by the people. 

The nation building venture capitalists were to soften imperturbable elevated system of government.  The founders had formed a Constitutional Republic instead of a democracy, specifically to prevent citizens in the majority from opposing those in the minority, by doing what is best for their district or state, rather than enforce the majority will, representatives serve all citizens equally, eliminating the noise, division, and violence intrinsic to democracies. 4:55 Marker

Being in control of the narrative, the foreign investors ingeniously promoted the fallacy that America is a democracy, trusting that the deception would lead to unrest and chaos that would make America vulnerable, creating additional opportunities for infiltration and manipulation.  5:10 Marker

In 1913, the foreign investors established the Anti-Defamation League to slander anyone who exposed them and their infiltration into American politics and in 1913, by way of the 16th amendment, the foreign investors were granted the authority to tax the American people directly – something expressly prohibited – by the original constitution.

That the people would willingly subject themselves to forced confiscation of their property and their labor – is illogical – putting the legitimacy of ratification in question.  5:42 Marker

In 1913, by way of the 17th amendment, the foreign investors breached an important safeguard that protected our Constitutional Republic from the infiltration of enemy forces. 

Previously, Senators – were Statesmen – appointed by their respective State Legislators as a check on the House of Representatives, raiding the public treasury.  Henceforth, Senators would run as glorified House of Representatives reducing to promising free public money and services in exchange for votes.

 The event is testy of ratification is unlikely because the legislators would not willingly surrender their authority to bridle the appetite of the people’s house, nor would they accede to transfer more power to the federal government, opening yet another door for the international bankers to buy the influence they would need to further their grip upon America. 6:34 Marker

In 1913, the foreign investors gained control of our currency, by pushing through Congress, the Federal Reserve Act, establishing a foreign owned central banking system, despite the dire warnings of Presidents Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, James Garfield and William McKinley.


The Federal Reserve Act passed with the help of compromised legislators between 1:30am and 4:30am on December the twenty second, when most of the members were away on the Christmas Holiday.   7:03 Marker


In 1920, Congress, by the way of the Independent Treasury Act, turned over the US Treasury Department and its assets, our gold and our silver, to the Federal Reserve, to the Central Banking system, owned by the foreign investors, established in 1913.


In 1921, The Council on Foreign Relations was formed under the cover of advancing America’s interest in the world.  In fact, the CFR, is sponsored by the City of London and serves to advance the interests of the foreign owned Federal Reserve by the direction of the President, Congress and the narrative through operatives in their news and information networks.  7:35 Marker


In 1925, the owners of the Federal Reserve formed the United States Corporation and just 5 out of the 100 shares issued were identified with the balance of the shareholders of The US Corporation, remaining anonymous, yet the money hail leads to the City of London, the British Crown and the Vatican.


The tax dollars we send to the Internal Revenue Service, go to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank which are under their control, and NOT to the United States Government.  8:02 Marker


The official formation of the US Corp, set the stage for the transformation of America from the Constitutional Republic of the people, to a corporation owned by foreign interests and their families.


Over the next few years, the individual states were registered as corporations as well, making them franchises of the US Corporation. Representatives and Senators, neither represent – nor work – for the American people. Rather, they are managers of the US Corporation, and as such, they are obligated first to serve its best interest.  The President is not just the President of America – he is the CEO – of the US Corporation. 8:35 Marker


The abbreviated term – The United States – was purposefully used to represent both America AND the US Corporation, to blur the distinction between them.  Similarly, the original US constitution was quietly sub-planted by an imposter, a corporate ALL CAPITAL LETTER constitution that bears a similar name and appearance, again to confuse and deceive the American people – specifically The Constitution FOR the United States of America was replaced by the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – in all caps, with the latter’s corporate status becoming the supreme law of the land. 9:12 Marker


In 1933, the US Federal government declared bankruptcy and President Roosevelt, as acting CEO, signed over to the US Corporation – ALL OF AMERICA AND ITS ASSESTS – including the people and our labor.


The bankruptcy of 1933 was arguably unnecessary and ceremonial in nature and contrived and orchestrated without the consent of the people, completed the heist, and the transfer of America and its assets to the same foreign interests who own the US Corporation. 9:44 Marker


In the bankruptcy of 1933, the US Corporation forced the American people to surrender their gold in trade for debt notes – called dollars – FIAT currency that has not, real value and that is depreciated continually, through inflation, to where it is worth less than 4 cents today.


The bankruptcy of 1933, put the US Corporation in a state of emergency, allowing it to implement Admiralty Law, made evident by the gold fringe around the American flag when in a US Corporate court room, you are considered “at sea” and not a citizen of America. 10:18 Marker


In 1936, the US Corporation began issuing social security numbers, to turn otherwise sovereign Americans into trustees of corporate fictions, making our labor taxable, which would otherwise be unconstitutional. 


According to the US Corporation, you are not a live man or woman but rather a representation of a corporation in your name, or a vessel.


In 1945, the anonymous owners of the US Corporation founded The United Nations under the guise of spreading peace, civility and humanitarian assistance throughout the world, yet the true purpose is to condition it’s citizens to recognize an international authority – a first step in establishing the promised New World Order – in which the US Constitution is retired, to make room for a universal totalitarian government. 11:07 Marker


The United Nations publications of Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 reveal the New World Order agenda calling for the end of nationalism, patriotism, private property, individual rights, the two parent family, automobiles, air travel and the right to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government.

In keeping their goal of a sustainable development they planned to reduce the population by over 90%, ridding America and the world of dissidents and useless eaters.

The remaining useful citizens were to live in coastal communities wherein they will be stacked and packed into micro apartments.  [Portland, Oregon just issued the first permit, for micro apartments.  They are a lot smaller than the hotel room I am staying in right now.] 11:55 Marker


The only thing standing in the way of their New World Order is a strong, prosperous and secure America to achieve their goal of world domination.  America must lose its sovereignty and its leadership positon, thus why the owners of the US Corporate quietly work to undermine our cultural systems, beliefs, standards, aspirations and morals. 


For over 100 years, they have been employing unrestrained methods and tactics with millions of dollars at their disposal every year from taxing our labor. [This is why President Trump said to quit paying your taxes! It doesn’t go to the United States.  It goes to a foreign nation.  STOP IT, KNOCK IT OFF.  Tell the IRS to pound sand!  They come to your door, shoot ‘em.  I ain’t kiddin’.] 12:44 Marker


With millions of dollars at their disposal every year from taxing our labor, the owners of the US Corp fund leftist non-profit groups, including The Council on Foreign Relations that work to subvert our nation and silence anyone in opposition. They integrate the officials and administrators who run the largest tyrannies and organizations including the AMA, the APA, the CDC, the FCC, the SEC and the FDA and they embed operatives in the State Department, the Department of Justice and the Intelligence agencies – both official and covert – including in the NSA, the FBI and the CIA.


In trade for generous grants and endowments the anonymous owners of the US Corporation shade the curriculum and political sentiment of the public schools, colleges and universities, ensuring that the next generations of our children harbor disdain for their own country, their history, their culture, their families and even their ethnicity.


The anonymous owners of the US Corp keep the people in the dark about the true history of America, the greatest heist and cover up in the history by controlling public education, the major publishers, the newspaper services, the airways and the social and information networks.

The foreign owners of the US Corp prop up puppets throughout society and government, allowing them to make millions of dollars in trade for perpetrating their agenda in secrecy and subjugation of America. 


These traitors include prominent politicians, newsreaders, pundits, authors, movie stars and the heads of social news and information networks, major sports teams, music and entertainment industries and corporate conglomerates responsible for over 90% of the products designed, manufactured, advertised purchased, financed and consumed in America. 14:27 Marker


By the way of funding campaigns and fixing elections the owners of the US Corporation obligate the most influential politicians to further their agenda, breaking America socially and financially.

They promote disdain for our country, dependency on government, indulgence, lawlessness and immorality, spoil and dishearten citizens, predisposing them to trade their sovereignty for the false promises of an international unelected government, sponsored by the world elite. 14:58marker

[And by God, California has a habit of putting the absolute, most criminal women in public office I’ve ever seen! Like Boxer, Pelosi and Feinstein and Waters and… oh my God, I could go on and on and on.  I get so pissed, readin’ this. {Deep Breath} I have to breathe a little here…]


By the way of the Democrat Party and operatives, posing as television hosts, entertainers, journalists, pundits and policy experts, the owners of the US Corporation brainwash and condition the people to accept invalid arguments and pseudoscience that call for globalism, socialism and a Godless society in which technology is our moral compass.

The Operatives of the foreign owned US Corporation are deeply rooted throughout the news and information networks, academia, government and society, colloquially referred to as the Deep State, the shadow government or the Swamp, the operatives perform with a high mind because they are guilty of treason, a crime punishable by death.  They are desperate to hide their complicity and thus they systematically target, demonize and even suicide all who threaten to expose their treachery and their malfeasance. 16:16 Marker


The operatives of the US Corporation favor unbridled immigration because it is the most expedient way to destroy the country from within, flooding America with illegal immigrants without allowing them time to assimilate.  It assures arrogance, separation and Anti-Americanism, and anger and animosity and conflict with the people, by design.


We can also expect a steady dilution of the principles, ethics and systems that made America successful in the first place; moreover the majority of the illegal immigrants are likely to vote for Democrats who legislate according to the will of the foreign owners of the US Corporation because a free, open and largely unrestrained internet secures the hidden heist of America and the criminal network that operates in the shadows, the owners of the US Corporation, the perpetrators of crimes against Americans and humanity are rightly concerned about exposure to ensure the people do not wake up, organize and exact justice. 17:19 Marker


They sensor the information we see, supply us with prescription drugs, make us complacent with free money from government, distract us with perpetual video games and promote one meaningless sporting event after another. 17:33 Marker


In conjunction with skewed statistics, deceptive polls, false facts and the omission of decisive information, the owners of the US Corporation promote anti-Americanism and their New World Order agenda, fake news keeps the people disoriented and misinformed and divided over ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion and academic class, meanwhile their debt system enslaves us, their grip ever tightens through surveillance and foreign nations, vaccinations and other technologies are deployed to weaken any substantive opposition. 18:03 Marker


The owners of the US Corporation are working insistently to disarm the millions of law-abiding patriots that stand in the way of their totalitarianism and oppressive New World Order by the way of orchestrating mass shootings, the owners of the US Corp will continue to terrorize the people until we ascent to comprehensive background checks.  The word comprehensive is nebulous and undefined allowing for a battery of psychological and medical testing, ever expanding until targeted individuals are deemed emotionally unstable and a danger to society. 18:35 Marker


True to the predictions of every futuristic book and movie, patriotic Americans will be disarmed by the way of political profiling, under the guise of a screening for mental health.


Through their vast indoctrination machine, the foreign owners of the US Corporation have convinced the people that America is a democracy and that democracy is the highest form of government.


This is problematic because democracy is by definition mob rule. Democracies invariably fail because a majority mob always demands more and more public money and services procured through excessive taxation and other socialist like policies resulting in economic ruin, runaway debt, fiscal collapse and ultimately social implosion, opening the door for the promised, predicted … looming New World Order because sovereignty is not sustainable without exposing the ills of democracy and re-establishing our elevated constitutional republic, we are compelled to make these following proclamations:

That the word DEMOCRACY does not appear anywhere in America’s founding documents because the framers knew that democracy in any form or disguise is fatally flawed leading invariably to oppression, unrest, societal failure, violence and death.

All modern forms of government are elected democratically.  They differentiated only by who makes the decisions after the elections are over.  20:05 Marker


In a democracy, citizens in the majority make the sales leaving those in the minority oppressed.  Consequently, a democracy is always noisy, divisive, divided, insufficient, unsteady, combustible, fiscally irresponsible and short-lived.  20:21 Marker


America was established as a Constitutional Republic, those elected must not do the bidding of the majority rather they must do what is best for their district.


Despite the majority in this way, all citizens are represented equally and no one is suppressed, making a Constitutional Republic, quiet, steady, efficient and preferred. 20:45 Marker


Although the word democracy feels good, it is founded on mob rule, making it akin to socialism, communism and every other tyrannical form of government.


Finally, Article QV-Section 4 of the US Constitution resolves any doubt. The United States, shall guarantee to every state in this Union, a Republican form of government. 21:06 Marker


Having exposed the greatest heist and cover-up in history, we’re able to summarize:

America and its assets were quietly hi-jacked and the cover-up has resulted in the unthinkable crimes against the people and humanity, allowing the hostile takeover to stand, will lead eventually to complete and irreversible subjugation and the eratification of truth, justice, and all that is good.

This Second Declaration of Independence distinguishes The United States of America from the subversive United States Corporation. 21:35 Marker

It asserts that the US Corporation was formed illegally, that it is foreign owned, and that its shareholders have been quietly at war with America for over 150 years.

Treasonous operatives embedded within government and the fake news networks, purposefully divide the citizenry and facilitate conflict among the nations to hide that the US Corporation was formed illegally, that it is foreign owned and that its shareholders have been at war.  22:06 Marker

Treasonous operators embedded within government and the fake news networks purposefully divide the citizenry and facilitate this conflict among the natives to hide that The US Corporation – is, and always has been – the only real enemy of America. 22:21 Marker

This Second Declaration of Independence also repudiates, with conviction, that the US Corporate’s satanically inspired plan for world governments, in addition to being of, by, and for the elite, and not the people. Their falsely advertised pseudo-utopian and unelected totalitarian New World Order was to play on America’s sovereignty and extinguish forever, any semblance of liberty and prosperity.


Because natural inclinations predispose human beings to be short-sided, malleable and easily bamboozled, one might presume the American people should bear responsibility for being swindled out of their homeland, inherited from their forefathers who procured and secured at great expense and much sacrifice and for slowly but steadily, traded their largely unappreciated blessings of liberty, opportunity and prosperity, for trinkets in the form of unearned comforts, frivolous indulgences and gluttonous pleasures, however the transfer of ownership from the American people was not conducted openly and with candor, but candlesteenly through calculated design and nefarious means without body consent and unconstitutionally.  It is for the latter reason that the American people claim their right to rectification that the greatest heist in history was effected outside the constraints of the US Constitution and that those who were elected to represent America’s best interests transgressed their fiduciary responsibility and exceeded their authority, warrants this proclamation that the American people are the rightful owners of our land, our labor, our well-being, our future and our children for our benefit and the benefit of our posterity. 24:02 Marker


As with any negotiated peace, after years of atrocities committed by parties of war, we seek neither vengeance nor demand justice for these past transgressions.  The simple ensure that the return of what is rightfully belongs to the people and avow firmly and emphatically, publically and officially that America shall forever remain a sovereign nation – free, self-directed and not affiliated or dependent upon any version or variation of the present plan or innovated New World Order. 24:35 Marker [almost done]

We entreat the bloodless solution wherein you decease all destructive activities, including all false flag events, dissolve the US Corporation and other illicit legal structures and each custodial instrument, return our land and our assets including our gold and our silver and redirect the tax collected on our labor back to America and have your Deep State shadow government operatives retire without drawing your influence in an orderly fashion, so society continues to thrive in trade for you keeping your wealth, your position and your heads.  25:23 Marker

In response to questions regarding legitimacy, efficacy and process… [let’s see, I hope you understood by that last paragraph that I just read, the reason, Biden is in office.  Because it gives them the opportunity to learn to withdraw peacefully, cause they’re all under sealed indictment and if they do not withdraw peacefully, their heads will roll. Understand that. That’s what’s happening right now, behind the scenes.  While we’re rebuilding our new government. (applause) 26:10 Marker

[And I didn’t think yesterday, he would spend much time on any real, new announcements, because they’re not quite ready yet. Have patience. Understand what’s going on.  The rebuilding of our new government, in Philadelphia, and in Pennsylvania, is happening – right now. Washington DC is emptying and those buildings are emptying.  Fences are put around them – that are jail cells. Nobodies getting in those buildings.  They’re not getting back in.  Watch what continues to happen.  It’s gonna take a little bit of time, have patience. Have some excitement in your souls. This is a beautiful time to be alive. It really is. (applause)  Marker 27:01

In response to questions regarding legitimacy, efficacy and process, throwing off the shackles of national thralldom is elementary and unambiguous as evidenced by the separation of the thirteen colonies from Britain in 1776 and the Mexican people from Spain in 1825, a formal declaration, hailed by authorized representations, procures independence that is immediate, whole, consummate, infrangible and unencumbered by obligation, condition or imposition.

[Understand what that paragraph means.]

As we enter grievous territory we reflect on the precarious road our forefathers forced when they judiciously severed the political and familial ties that bound them.  Our hearts, also, are filled with melancholy and trepidation, yet we too are resolute in our posture and position for being confronted with no better option.

Despite the manifest peril, the consequences of acquiescence are graver still, compelling us to claim solemnly, our independence once again.

So in support of this declaration with its firm reliance on the protection of divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other, our lives our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Signed by the fifty six signatories of the task force are to be affixed to the time of the presentation to the Congress, the President, the 50 states legislators and the Governors of their respective states.

[Thank you everyone, it’s time to go home.  Bonnie and I, appreciate you, very, very much.  It is an exciting time. We love, each and every one of you and we have the best audiences on the planet.  Thank you.]

The Real 2nd Declaration of Independence Signed by President Trump 7/4/2020

Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 9, 2021

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