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The Great Awakening on Rumble 

Published February 25, 2021

The Process of Research and Digging 

The Burden of Proof 

The "Show Me Your Sources" BS

Biden and Castlerock

Don't Worship False Idols

The Significance of 11-11 and Wars

The Storm Patriot Fight.jpg

WindsOfChange on YouTube

The Patriot Fight Channel on Rumble 

Air Date 3-18-2021

We explain how to use this website

Jack Parsons Alliester Crowley Hilarion
Eisenhower and the Treaty of Greada Area 51
Demonic voice play Biden speech backwards
Tavistock  The White Album 
Laurel Canyon Lookout Mt Hilltop Military
440hz vs 432hz
They are not chakras they are octaves
The Temple of Man healing in Egypt
Coral Castle - Edward Liedskalin
Mt Meru and Tanzania  Crystal Grids
Pine Gap


The Storm Patriot Fight.jpg

We explain how to use this website

Jack Parsons Alliester Crowley Hilarion
Eisenhower and the Treaty of Greada Area 51
Demonic voice play Biden speech backwards
Tavistock  The White Album 
Laurel Canyon Lookout Mt Hilltop Military
440hz vs 432hz
They are not chakras they are octaves
The Temple of Man healing in Egypt
Coral Castle - Edward Liedskalin
Mt Meru and Tanzania  Crystal Grids
Pine Gap


The Storm Patriot Fight.jpg
The Storm Patriot Fight.jpg
The Storm Patriot Fight.jpg

Ascension Info, Frequencies, Symbolism And News

The Great Awakening 

Published March 4, 2021

Nov 8 2020

Nov 8.jpg

SHOW TOPICS 12-13-2020

Martial Law

Lincoln declared it during the Civil War and never UNDECLARED IT

The flag we fly, “Old Glory – the Stars and Stripes” is actually a war time flag.

We have a peace time flag and we have not flown the peace time flag.

Maritime Law is what we have been operating under as the Corporation of the US

Why did the Supreme Court throw out the Texas decision?

What if the Supreme Court is corrupt, then do we really need them deciding?

They are teaching the American People HOW the process of government works.

Why does the ‘Due Process of Law’ matter so much.

Your perception of the law, is NOT the Letter of the law.

If you don’t know who Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are, why is that?

Where does most, if not ALL of your information come from?

If all 3 of those sources were all corrupt, and wanted to lie to you, how EASY would it be to

Convince you of that lie?

Trumps Executive Order from Sept 18, 2018 about foreign election interference, it changed everything.

Foreign Interference in an election would NOT go to the Supreme Court anyway, it would be a treasonus act, which it presented in a military court under a military tribunal.

National Emergency gives the President and military authority it does not ordinarily have as well. Showing layers of authority that Trump has to act with military force to carry out certain activities.

General Rogers went to Trump and told him he had suspicions that the election was set to be rigged and that the White House and Trump tower were bugged.

There is this theory, that we have to TELL THE PUBLIC if Trump does things.  Well, when we established the government here in 1776, the communications were NOT time efficient so there was never a time requirement for info disclosure be

Remember, we NEVER vote for a VP, they are always appointed. People don’t realize that.

Under the actual Constitution, the Federal Government was only supposed to have 10% of the power, mainly to protect the States, and their sovereign beings – and that – was IT!

Who works at the SAME job for over 30+ years??  WHY do these people in Congress never retire?

The Ukraine, when the USSR became the current Soviet Union when the wall came down, happened to be the location of 3 nuclear war heads for the USSR, making Ukraine the 3rd biggest nuclear power in the world, yes, that’s right – THIRD in the world.

The only thing you need to know about the Ukraine, is that it is the money laundering location for the bad guys world wide.

Trump is forcing everyone to take a look back at how the government actually works and EXACTLY WHO is responsible – he is pointing back at the States, because the problem started in the States.


Trump tweets in code and is speaking to the military and to the public through code – GEMATRIA

I challenge you to find evidence to the contrary and share it with everyone.

Operation Mockingbird, Operation Paperclip are real.


  1. SHOW TOPICS   NOV 8, 2020

  2. Difference between a Democracy and Republic

  3. Watermark on the Ballots linked to QFS – Blockchain technology

  4. CyberSecurity Agency and what they do

  5. UUSS – Your Birth Certificate is issued by bankers – Central Bank – City of London

    1. Your number on your birth certificate and on your Social Security card are your Bond

    2. YOU – your ‘Strawman’ (paper version of your person) is a BOND and you are traded on the Stock Market as a commodity on the ship – The Corporation of the United States of America.

  6. Maritime Law – The Law of Commerce – The Law of the Sea  L.A.W. = Land, Air, Water

  7. 1933 – Woodrow Wilson. Pledged our Federal Territories and National Parks and our people as collateral for the loan from the Rothschild Central Bank when the Stock Market crashed.

  8. Brettenwood – 1947 – Established the US Dollar (Petro dollar-oil backed) Currency Worldwide

  9. Your name is in Capital letters, because you are now CAPITAL for the Corporation of the United States of America

  10. Civil Law, Law of the Land, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) – Law of God in Business – based on Cannon Law based on the Catholic Church

  11. Zionists – “Fake Jews”  Black Nobility, Top of the Catholic Church.

  12. Bank Secrecy started with the French King – Rothschilds own 3 banks in Switzerland – own most wealth in the world.

  13. 264 BC Rome attacked Carthage and took everything over. Entimites intermarried with the Turks and became the Kazarians, who later became the Venetians and them married into European royalty and Aristocracy and they became Black Nobility and then intermarried with the world mafia, royalty, nobility, Knights of Malta, drug cartels and Hollywood.  Forced themselves into every bloodline they possibly could that had power worldwide.  About 200 people run the world.

  14. People are not who you think they are.  All these same families give themselves new identities so the people would not catch on.  There are 13 bloodline families running the world.

  15. Most companies in America are run by CEO’s that are put in place by Black Nobility (Jesuit) families.  Appear to be ‘Jewish’ so that when you question them, they claim they are oppressed so you will back down.

  16. Field McConnell, whistleblower for 911, MH370 (Malaysia Air) and MH317 (Ukraine) and the Boeing Un-Interruptible Auto Pilot (BUAP)

  17. Kim Picazio – Broward County, Florida – Field McConnell.  Picazio’s husband was arrested for selling stolen boats in Finger Lakes area of upstate NewYork.  Hunter Biden has a tattoo of the Finger Lakes on his back and his corporations are named after them.

  18. Margaritaville Spec. Op Canada – Montegraph – Field McConnell – Timothy Charles Holmseth

  19. Operation Paperclip and the infiltration of NASA, the CIA and the Military and the creation of the Navy Seals in 1962 to infiltrate OUR OWN military.

  20. Bay of Tonkin – Admiral Morrison (Jim Morrison – The Doors) father.  Reported events in the Bay of Tonkin to John McCain’s father and McCain silenced it.

  21. Bay of Pigs event with President Kennedy and Onassis and Batista and the Castro overthrow of Cuba

  22. The Kennedy-Onassis connection and the shipping during both World Wars.  Liberty Ships and FDR.

  23. Peace Treaties and Trump signing are ALSO agreements for all these foreign nations to join the new Quantum Financial System (gold backed with Rothschild assets) 

Q shirts Anitas 2019.jpg

Oct 25 2020 Part I & 2

Oct 25 1.jpg
Sun Nov 8.jpg

Oct 18 2020 Part 1

Oct 11.jpg

Oct 18 2020 Part 2

Oct 11.jpg

TAP Podcast Part 1 & 2, Oct 18, 2020  Heart & Sol Café

  1. How we got introduced to Q and the great awakening movement

  2. Keystone and Sturgis Trip July 4, 2020. Original QBQ.  Dallas in March

  3. 1619 – The year they assassinated an Aristocrat in Sweden and that is when the new bloodline family took over.  Change of the guard.  1654 is the timeline reset date.

  4. First time Q Dropped was Oct 28, 2017.  Colin explains his connection to Q and 4 Chan/ 8 Chan

  5. The Clinton Foundation and Haiti and her Senate run in 1999 and the JFK Jr. connection.

  6. The JFK Jr. plane crash and the conspiracy theories surrounding it. Todd Burgun calls in.

  7. Hulu and Netflix connection and the show 11-22-63 on Netflix.

  8. A brief explanation of the “Q Movement” and symbology and Gematria.

  9. The Patriot Act and how we screwed ourselves for Patriotism.

  10. Seal Team Six and Benghazi

  11. Khadafi and the West African Gold backed currency and why he was murdered.

  12. Bin Laden and the CIA and the Iranian money drop

  13. How all that relates to WTC Building 7 and why it collapsed

  14. Rumsfeld announcing, we lost money at the Pentagon, Hillary lost money as Secretary of State

  15. Ukraine – bad guy banking country and the nukes that were there and how they funnel the money back through all these Energy Companies created under the United Nations push for Global Warming.

  16. Al Gore, Tommy Lee Jones, Energy Ministry guy at the UN all went to college together and that the colleges are all in on the deception.

  17. 16 year plan to destroy America

  18. Military Industrial Complex – Eisenhauer

  19. Battle of Dolce and Los Alamos

  20. Operation Paperclip

  21. Dan Bongino and Rush Limbaugh are disclosure for the cures. Tachyon Chambers – Med Beds

  22. What it means when Trump talks about “vaccines” and COVID.

  23. The difference between clones, droids, robots, and doubles.

  24. Luciferins must “show” you and what a Sin of Omission

  25. Naval Map

  26. Three Gorges Dam / Hoover Dam

  27. Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein Island

  28. What is ‘natural flavors’ Nestle wanted to take over waters.

  29. Vatican, City of London, Washington DC



  32. Dragging the game of chess out

  33. Three Gorges Dam and Wuhan

  34. If it was the Hunger Games, what FEMA district would we be in.

  35. Vatican, City of London, Washington DC

  36. We are NOT a Republic – elevator story.

  37. June 2, Trump went over and told the Queen how to pound sand on June 6.

  38. BAR – British Accreditation Registry under the City of London

  39. My theory on how we transfer from the Corporation to a Republic

  40. This mess started in 1619

  41. They have tried to do this before with Lincoln, Kennedy, Reagan, and now Trump

  42. Explanation of how Trump may have been in charge of the holdings of Britain.

  43. The Last President, The Great Adventures of Barron Von Trump

  44. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not eligible to be President

  45. What happens after the election.

  46. Resetting the Global Currency and how COVID is a cover for doing it globally

  47. Why IRS was in Puerto Rico

  48. Strawman account.

  49. SWIFTPAY and switch over to QFS

  50. Tesla towers

  51. Mercy and The Comfort and the Clinton Foundation/Hells Kitchen N.Y

  52. They have to drown all the symbology, hence the Naval Map

  53. Getty Museum and the Manson Murders

  54. Laurel Canyon Hilltop Military Base Lookout Mountain

  55. Playboy Mansion and Grand Geneva Lake Geneva.  Who owns the Grand?

  56. Bay of Tonkin Admiral Morrison / Jim Morrison / 27 Club

  57. Cathy O’Brien – Fiona Barrett – Dr. Antony Kidman Australia

  58. Vanderbilt’s – Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin

  59. Biltmore Hotel – owned by Vanderbilt’s – empty pool Podesta Art

  60. Black Forest, Pine Gap, Bohemian Grove, Royal Hunting Parties and the Hunger Games

  61. Laurel Canyon, the Free Love Movement of 1960’s

  62. 432hz Musical Scale, the Solfeggio Scale and Cymatics

  63. False Flags and Frequency

  64. Cody Snodgress and the Muir Building in Oklahoma

  65. Waco and the Oklahoma bombing connection

  66. The Fire in Atlanta that burnt up all the military records

  67. 13 bloodlines families all put in place around the world and arranged marriages

  68. JFK Jr was in a silicone mask and was a Secret Service Agent for the Obamas

  69. Tiffany Blue and the symbolism

  70. JFK Jr and his plane crash and all the symbolism

  71. Hollywood keeps doing remakes for the repetition as a part of the psy-op

  72. The internet was what allowed them to catch the bad guys.

  73. Rogers went to Trump Tower in 2015 and told him he was being spied on.

  74. Ivanka is on the Epstein Island flight logs

  75. Kyle Rittenhouse and Lin Wood and how that addresses the second amendment

  76. Gregory Hallett and The Crown on Netflix and who Queen Victoria is.

  77. David Rockefeller is Tom Hanks

  78. Gitmo The Spa

  79. JFK Jr My dog Friday

  80. Trumps timeline video stopping at all the countries

  81. Peace treaties are also the agreement to operate under the new QFS system.

  82. Congress had dual citizenship with Israel.  433 of 535

  83. How do you ‘reset’ the global currency.  Class action suit.

  84. Trump is a time traveler and remote viewing

  85. What is Trump’s motive for being President.  How do we know we can trust him.

  86. Trump announces he’s running for President 2017 so everything they do is election interference.

  87. Constitution of 1871 moved capital of US from Philadelphia to Washington DC

  88. Russell J Gould and War Castles and Postmaster General

  89. How will the new money work and what will the ‘world’ look like.

  90. Timelines and the Schumann Resonance

TAP What does All This Mean 3-12-2020.we

TAP Podcast Episode 6



TAP Podcast 9-18-18.webp
TAP Podcast 1 9-18-18.webp
Tammy at all Night Flea Market Interview.jpg

Interview with Author Tammy Teigland at the All Night Flea Market

Aug 17, 2014

Anita All Night Flea Market Interview.jpg

Interview with Author Anita Meyer at the All Night Flea Market

Aug 17, 2014


Proof Of God! Divine Design Found Within The Hebrew Letters.

•Dec 8, 2020

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies

DLC 1 Leak! New Release Date, Time, and Trailer Coming Soon?! BO4 Zombies News Update 1.07!

Featured Video: Black Ops 4 Zombies

was launched in select countries on December 1, 2011 

It was released worldwide in

November 2010 

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Mason Russians always in my head.jpg
Mason and the red numbers.jpg
Mason and the numbers its all we ever wa
Mason and the numbers number and TV.jpg

Mason and the Numbers

Black Ops 4 - Zombies

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