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Tesla's Visionary Tower

The Dream of Wardenclyffe

Construction of the Wardenclyffe facility began in 1901 and was based on one of Tesla’s most revolutionary ideas: a global, wireless system for communication and power transfer. Consisting of a brick laboratory building and a 187-foot wooden tower, the site was a testament to Tesla’s grand vision.

Tesla's Tower at Wardenclyffe

A Dream Ahead of Its Time

By 1900, Tesla was already widely regarded as America’s foremost electrical engineer, having dazzled the world with his groundbreaking inventions and his triumph over Thomas Edison in the “battle of currents.”

It was then that he embarked on his most ambitious project to date: the transmission tower at Wardenclyffe. Constructed during the period of 1901-05, the Wardenclyffe facility was based on another of Tesla’s revolutionary ideas.

Tesla planned to use the tower to achieve what the scientific community had so far considered impossible: a global, wireless communication system. The tower would be the prototype for a system that could broadcast music, news, stock market reports, secured military communications, even facsimile images around the world, using the Earth itself as a conductor. It was an incredibly prescient attempt to create a telecommunications infrastructure similar to what the Internet offers us today—but completely wireless.

Wardenclyffe Tower: Tesla’s Dream of a World System of Wireless Power Distribution

After completing his work in Colorado Springs Tesla departed on 7 January 1900; his laboratory being dismantled to cover some of his debts. With his new discoveries now in hand events moved rapidly forwards, with Tesla seeking out financial backing to construct the first power plant/wireless transmission station of the ‘world system’ he envisioned. Up stepped the great financier J. P. Morgan. After several discussions Tesla was able to convince Morgan of the superiority of his system over those of his competitors, and in 1901 a contract was signed between both men granting Tesla $150,000 to build the station on Long Island, New York (a sum equivalent to $4,252,200 in present day US dollars). This gave Morgan precisely 51% of the company that was formed around the project.

The Tesla Wardenclyffe Project -

Dec 19, 2010 Photos from the archives "The Tesla Wardenclyffe Project " what a shame it never came to be - the world as we know it would have been changed forever - I think mankind has missed out tremendously.

Dr. Tesla You Tub Channel

"Only Few People On Earth Know About This!"


Sep 17, 2020




Film Description

Meet Nikola Tesla, the genius engineer and tireless inventor whose technology revolutionized the electrical age of the 20th century. Regarded by many historians as an eccentric genius, Tesla gained international fame for his invention of a system of alternating current that made possible the distribution of electricity over vast distances and is the basis for the electrical grid that powers 21st century life. But the visionary Tesla imagined much more — robots, radio, radar, remote control, the wireless transmission of messages and pictures, and harnessing the wind and sun to provide free energy to all. A showman, he dazzled his scientific peers who flocked to see him demonstrate his inventions and send thousands of volts of electricity pulsing through his body. His fertile but undisciplined imagination was the source of his genius but also his downfall, as the image of Tesla as a “mad scientist” came to overshadow his reputation as a brilliant innovator. Even before his death in 1943, he was largely forgotten, his name obscured by Thomas Edison — his hero, one-time employer, and rival. But it is his exhilarating sense of the future that has inspired renewed interest in the man, as his once scoffed-at vision of a world connected by wireless technology has become a realit

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The World's Fair of 1893

(Excerpt from Tesla Master of Light)

17,770 views Feb 28, 2016

The Columbian Exposition, from Tesla

Oct 14, 2016 At the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago, 160,000 light bulbs lit up the evening sky over Chicago. Westinghouse had outfoxed Edison, winning the contract to wire the Exposition with alternating current.

Expo - Magic of the White City (Narrated by Gene Wilder) | 1893 Chicago World's Fair - Full Movie

May 20, 2021 Subscribe for more great movies:

Narrated by Gene Wilder, this film explores the world of 1893 through a cinematic visit to Chicago's Columbian Exposition. Many of the world's greatest achievements in art, architecture, science, technology and culture are unveiled there. The 1893 World's Fair was an engineering marvel.

More Information on the Free Documentary: IMDb:

Chicago's 1893 World's Columbian Exposition


Oct 28, 2019 Presenting the beauty and splendor of the 1893 Chicago World's Columbian Exposition, "The White City". Produced, Edited, and accompanied by an Original Music Score by the producer, visually brought to life through the Virtual Real-Time Simulation Technology created in 2008-2010 by the UCLA Urban Simulation Team. (Only the Music and this Video are Copyrighted by Steven Schwartz - C 2019). (All Rights Reserved). The original version of this video (produced in 2012) had over 34,000 views on YouTube to date!

Chicago World's Fair 1893 (part 1)

May 27, 2019

The 1893 world's fair....What is left?..So little.

May 10, 2015 What a difference a quarter century makes as I look at the little left from the Columbian Exhibition.

Jack Stanley

A few items from the Chicago World's Fair of 1892-93

75 views Jul 8, 2014

Tour of the Chicago World's Fair of Today

Dec 11, 2016 Most attractions from the Chicago World's Fair are gone, but there are still a few great places from the fair you can visit today.

Sarah Scheer

The 1893 Chicago World's Fair in Color using Artificial Intelligence

Feb 26, 2020 High quality photo set on my website:

Experience the 1893 Chicago World's Fair photo montage in color. The original black and white pictures were colorized using artificial intelligence with DeOldify.

Westinghouse - Chapter 18 - Lights at the Fair

Oct 28, 2015 (COPE) …

Great Documentaries

Nikola Tesla's EGG of Columbus from the 1893 Chicago world's fair

Jul 8, 2009 Nikola Tesla's EGG of Columbus from the 1893 Chicago world's fair...Note the sound of the metal egg as it hits its 'resonant frequency ....R66D

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