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TR-3B Anti-Gravity Spacecrafts

23 Nov 2013 | Posted by Flanker41


It doesn't exist officially. It uses highly pressured mercury accelerated by nuclear energy to produce a plasma that creates a field of anti-gravity around the ship. Conventional thrusters located at the tips of the craft allow it to perform all manner of rapid high speed maneuvers along all three axes. Interestingly, the plasma generated also reduces radar signature significantly. So it'll be almost invisible on radar & remain undetected. This literally means that it can go to any country it likes without being detected by air traffic control & air defence systems. Read more at

TR3B Fleet in Afghanistan?

Aug 30, 2021

TR3B News

TR-3B Aurora Anti-Gravity

Jan 29, 2018

Dana Scully

TR-3B Aurora anti-gravity. The Aurora is the most classified aerospace development of existence program. The TR-3B is the most exotic vehicle created by the Aurora program. It is funded and operationally responsible for the National Reconnaissance Office, the NSA and the CIA. The TR-3B is not fiction and was built with the technology available in the mid-80s

TR-3B Anti-Gravity Spacecraft and other UFOs - Weird Videos Vol. 022

Jan 24, 2020

Pandora Secrets

Amazing Anti-Gravity TR3B Military Spacecraft in Action!

Premiered Aug 1, 2020

TR3B News


First published at 04:44 UTC on February 12th, 2022.


TR3 Black Manta
Jul 30, 2016

Roc Hatfield patents TR-3 Black Manta Space Plane. This anti gravity Surface to Space vehicle is layed out in this overview.

How Anti-Gravity Work_ Nuclear Powered UFO TR-3B

Mar 24, 2013


Electro Magnetic Theory on Vector Field

Cloaked Craft / TR3B Swarm

Jul 11, 2016

NOLA Skies

This cloaked cloud craft / TR3B swarm photo was taken in Baton Rouge, La. in January, 2014. Aside from a few chemtrails in the distance, this was the only “cloud” in the sky. I found this photo in my archives after I learned about the existence of these crafts. Mad props to Industrial Surrealism for turning me on to this. ©

TR-3B Anti Gravity Spacecraft Fleet againts Ufo in South America

by Planet Today-Wednesday, January 10, 2018

This is everything you ever expected not to see when talking about the TR3B! A fleet of Tr_3b filmed in South America, Brazil coupled with other alien ship.The TR-3B, a triangular anti-gravity flying platform, powered by nuclear power, appears to be the new aerospace technology craft designed and created by the (CMITF) Military and Industrial Technology Complex in the US aerospace, this aircraft until recently Top Secret was developed and created by the Aurora Program in conjunction with the SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) and sponsored with a black budget.
The following document is the translation of the description of this artifact that Edgar Rothschild Fouche saw in Nevada in 1998.
Mr. Fouche has worked on Government Programs in the Defense Industry for the past 30 years, including Area 51, the Air Force base of Groom Lake and Nellis for several years, also on top secret projects.
Fouche describes the TR-3B propulsion system as follows: "It is a circular, plasma-filled accelerator ring called Magnetic Field Disrupter, (MFD or Magnetic Field Switch) that surrounds the crew's revolving cockpit, is far beyond any technology imaginable ... The plasma, based on mercury, is pressurized to 250,000 atmospheres at a temperature of 150 degrees Kelvin, and accelerated to 50,000 RPM to generate a superconducting plasma with the result of the interruption of the force of gravity.
The MFD generates a magnetic field vortex, which interrupts or neutralizes the effects of gravity on any mass that is in the vicinity, in a percentage of 89%. This means that the "G" force is reduced by 89%. The MFD that owns the TR-3B causes that the vehicle is extremely light and can carry out maneuvers that no other airplane could ... My sources say that the possibilities are only limited by the physical resistance of the human pilots. Which is a lot really, considering the reduction of 89% of the mass, the G forces are also reduced by 89%. The crew of the TR-3B could comfortably support up to 40G ... reduced by 89% the occupants would only feel 4.2Gs.

Aurora TR-3B???

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 09:46 PM


This is the Aurora TR-3B. Look, says so right there on the photo. Most skeptics, and a lot of UFOlogists alike, hold this as true. "The Triangular Craft sightings are Gov. Black Projects, most likely the TR-3B."

My research has left me with a plaguing question. If this is the TR-3B, how long as the Government had it?

Well, aside from a few YouTube! videos I have seen and comments made here on this board and elsewhere on the net, I am at a loss who is actually "leaking" this information.
The reason I say so is because surely these people leaking us this information about how they developed this technology weren't around previous to 1960!
This is when the first Triangular Craft were spotted. 49 years ago!
Were these the Aurora TR-3B?

I have looked over a list of triangular craft sightings reported since 1960.

In North America alone, I have counted 91 (NINETY ONE!) documented cases of Triangular Craft sightings begining in the sixties.

The first documented case "hails from Spain."
"May 22, 1960. Palma, Majorca, Spain (MUFON). Astronomers at an observa­tory in Palma sighted a triangular-shaped object. The object spun on its axis without deviating from its path and appeared to be about the size of a quarter-moon. It was seen for two minutes. Its velocity, altitude and lack of noise or tail ruled out its being a jet aircraft of a balloon, an observatory spokesman said."

But for North America, 1965.

"January 3, 1965, dusk. Near Washington, D.C. (MUFON). A four-engine Electra airliner nearly collided with a delta-shaped object several miles from the airport. The flight crew of the Electra saw what they thought was an ordinary aircraft. Abruptly it turned and moved swiftly toward the airlin­er. It was a huge craft with a black silhouette. Just as suddenly the object turned away and disappeared at a tremendous speed."

South America

These things have been spotted in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile begining December 23, 1978 near Punta del Este, Uruguay.
" A newspaper sports reporter driving to Punta del Este on assignment saw a giant V formation of lights 300 to 400 meters away along the slope of the Pan de Azucar (Sugar Loaf) hill. They were stationary and he stopped to get a better look. It was an imposing sight but since there was nothing he could do, he decided to continue his trip. Just a few minutes later he saw a pair of bright lights in his rearview mirror and thought it was a truck. He pulled over to let it pass, but nothing happened. He again stopped and got out. The lights had disappeared and there was no truck. Somewhat alarmed, he got in his car again and started up only to see a bright white light cross the road 500 meters ahead of him and perhaps 300 meters high, heading out to sea.

December 28, 1978, 4:30 a.m. Arroyito, Cordoba, Argentina. Three workers of the electrical company of Cordoba were driving in a company truck near Arroyito and were about to cross a bridge over the Rio Segundo when they suddenly found themselves in the town of Transito, 15 kilometers farther on. They were amazed and didn't understand how they had gotten there. The cigarettes they had been smoking were still burning. They discussed what had happened as they continued on their way. But shortly after, as they approached the locality of Santiago Temple, they saw a very intense light coming from a nearby hill, 150 meters from the road. It was coming from a flattened rhomboid-shaped object about 25 meters across which revolved on a vertical axis while emitting intense rays of light from the upper part. At times it oscillated as if it were a top on a wave. The men said another truck had stopped and as they watched, the object suddenly focused a strong beam of light on their truck before moving away."

The official numbers for South America are unknown. Suffice to say they were NUMEROUS! Some of the most notorious flaps ever to occur occured in Brazil in the 70's.



"March 27, 1978, 9 p.m. Ratby (near Hinckley), Leicester, England. A 19-year-old student nurse was riding a motorcycle on a lane when she saw an object about two fields away and 200 feet in the sky. She described it as a long red object with white hot flames coming from the rear end. It hovered for four minutes, during which it made a loud droning noise. It then tilted and she could see lights at each point of a triangular shape."


My personal favorite?

December 15, 1977, 7 to 10 p.m. Area from just southwest of Eureka Springs, Arkansas eastward through much of Carroll County (Pratt). Dozens of people, including two retired scientists and a police officer, saw a giant triangular or kite-shaped UFO move slowly eastward 25 to 30 miles across the county. About 7 p.m. a woman in Eureka Springs watched it for about 15 minutes as it approached and passed over her home. She described it as diamond-shaped with a bottom that looked like "raw wood." It had a red signal-like light in the middle and three or four smaller red lights elsewhere. The two scientists, a 73-year-old biologist and her husband, a 69-year-old nuclear chemist, saw the object about 9:25 p.m. near Beaver Lake, about five miles southwest of Eureka Springs. They were traveling home in separate vehicles about a mile apart when each saw two big bright lights passing slowly overhead toward Eureka Springs. Each stopped, got out and looked and neither heard any sound. Between 9:30 and 10, dozens of other people watched it pass over Berryville (ten miles east of Eureka Springs), going east. Most said it was diamond or kite-shaped, had three or four lights on it, sometimes pointed downward like spotlights, and was moving at a speed of 5 to 10 miles an hour. A policeman said it was triangular-shaped. He watched it with binoculars for 30 to 45 minutes from atop the highest hill in Berryville. Some people said they heard a humming sound. It was seen in Green Forest, a community seven miles southeast of Berryville, and was last seen passing over Oak Grove, nine miles northeast of Berryville, heading toward the Missouri border, about three miles beyond.

Here is the thread that I wrote in regards to my "favorite".

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