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Abel Danger Livestream  TORSION FIELD/SLAVES NO MORE: JFK Jr Salutes his slain father

Jun 21, 2019 



Field O’Connell speaking:

We, who were alive and witnessed JFK Jr saluting his father, are now, collectively, globally looking for a leader such as JFK to fill the void that has remained empty from 22 November 1963 until now. For the deep state cabalists, be warned we are coming for you and we will not file a flight plan, but we know the route, we know the target and are LOADED FOR BEAR and we are legion. We will cause you to suffer involuntary bladder voiding, you cowards. In James Bond fictions there was M and there was Q. From our license plate you may think we are Q MINUS. But we are not. We are something much bigger, something that few will anticipate or see coming. In fighter tactics and infantry tactics you cannot defend against what you don't see coming at you. Q, Qanon, Q Minus? No something much, much bigger. If we can microwave Angela MERKIN, if we can remove her sister Cucumber Girl, if we can cause a fake queen to agree to SLAVES NO FUCKING MORE we can save the Republic of the United States and we will. More accurately, we already have. Capeche? Agent Chips


I am Field, How are you?


Excellent, ya know… this is a really interesting day. These people that we have been fighting all along, they, ah, they love their calendar dates, their number alignments they are a pretty, a tough crowd to deal with. They are constantly imposing their imagery on us, and casting their spells, they think they are all wizards and magicians and everything else, so I thought we would take a minute today, Field, and just kinda draw a line in the sand, and, ah devil lodge ???  Because they made us fight, they put this here, these wizards and magicians of Wallstreet, these wizards and magicians of DC, and the money cities and politics. 




Umm, So, the key thing is, is that today is the summer solstice. Now in DC, just a few minutes ago, an interesting thing happened at 11:54 DC time, a.m, which is an interesting number all by itself.  11:54, that’s a 911, did you know that Field? 11, and then 5 and 4 are 9.  It’s a reverse 911.


That, that was high noon in DC.  And ya know, this skull and bones crowd, they have a big joke, that skull and bones time is 5 minutes ahead of everybody else, so 5 minutes before noon, is the time that they go by.  Well, I’m just telling you Field, high noon, in DC, happened, just now, at 11:54 am.

The whole history, of our country, prior even, to the declaration of ah, freedom, independence, there was this battle going on, the people that came here to begin with, they came here, to get away from, these blood line families, that believe that they have the right to rule, just because of who their Mom and Dad were, this right of blood. These Cainsian families, these Cain families, who believe that they are more than human, so the rest of us are just here, to be their servants, and slaves.

The people that founded this country, the people that came here and built out this country, to begin with, prior even to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, those people wanted to escape and have their own land, determine their OWN way of conducting their life, have their own religious freedom, and not be subject to somebody else’s dictates, on every aspect of their life; and where they had to live and what they had to plant and who they had to be, beholden to.  The problem is, that those European rulers, they couldn’t, ah, let good enough alone.  They couldn’t let us just come here and be our own people.  They had to try and extend their rule out across the Atlantic, and try to dominate us even over here, and they sent their red coats over and made their rules and tried to reign over our cities and our local leaders and ah, tell them what they’re going to do and how they are going to serve the king.  At some certain point, the people, had had enough.

They had a Boston Tea Party, started right there in Boston, and they went out and threw the tea in the ocean and said we’re not paying your taxes and we don’t want your tea and if you’re going to run these prices into outer space we’re not going to play with you, we’ll do our own stuff.  Crown didn’t like that, and they’re coming to just, put their, impose their taxes, when we don’t get an representation, we don’t get any say in how they’re spent, the taxes go for their games, their wars – their mischief – and we’re stuck with, ah, just paying the bill?  We don’t like that, we don’t want that, we’re not gonna go along with that.  We’re not going to be your slaves, anymore.  That’s what that early generation of Americans said.  You know we think about what defines, an American.  What, is America?  It’s – an attitude - America, is not a place on a map, solely.  It’s an idea, it’s an ideal.  It’s a way of thinking, it’s a way of conducting your own life.  Living, according to principles, ah, under God and within a community, umm… within laws to be able to function together for your own purposes, for your own end, not under some King’s rule for their game to do their wars their way.  We came here, established this country.  We want to elect our own leaders from our own families, from our own communities, to help us in determining our own destiny.

Now, what’s been going on, for a LONG, LONG time, is that these hidden manipulators, these hidden rulers, wanna be rulers, of our life, have been fooling us.  They’ve been sifting in – their people – people that would do stuff that THEY wanted done, to control us.  Sifting in infiltrators, to try and manipulate us into doing their will, their way, their timing – over and over, and over.

Back when this country was founded, the people, when they finally had enough, they begin to work with leaders, and pamphlets went out through the community, people read, and understood what was the makings for a nation. They argued and discussed, back and forth, what made a difference.  Every American, all the people in these cities, were very intellectual, very knowledgeable, of what was lawful, what was ordained by God, what was lawful, in a Christian community, a Christ centered community, a Godly community, and uh, they came to some level of agreement. 

When those men gathered, to sign the Declaration of Independence, to work out the final details, that was a culmination of DECADES: years, months, hours of conversations, back and forth, discuss, discussions and discord, eventually arriving at that sacred document, that we, have built a whole country around, those concepts.  When they signed that, on July 4th, 1776, they drew a line in the sand and they said, We will not be your slaves, anymore.  We will not serve foreign masters.  We will not have, people ruling, and reigning over us, just because of some blood right. Not happening!  We will ELECT leaders, who fit our ideals, who will follow our principles, who will do the things, that we as a community, collectively, have agreed on, and we’re not going to let somebody rule over us just because they have a fit of fancy, or they have a war blood feud with some relative in a neighboring country, and we’re not going to be, your mercenaries. And we’re not gonna let our substance, our life, our kid’s lives, be fodder for your cannons.

The people that founded this country, that signed that document, and the people that they represented, were very clear, in that moment, in that day, about where they were at.  There was a summer solstice, in the weeks before the signing of that document, 1776, when the men gathered and they discussed all these things, they were in the bars and taverns because that was a social gathering place in those days.  They were in the churches, and the pastors were speaking on these subjects,  about freedom and slavery and a biblical history, with Egypt, and the people of God, where God told his servant – Go, get my kids, get ‘em out of slavery and take ‘em to a new land and show them how to live.

We’re, right now, at another hinge point, just like that time and that moment, that era at the beginning of the country was a hinge point in history.  We’re back at a hinge point, like that, right now.  The reality is, this dossier, that was constructed, to try and effect the outcome of an election, to try and steer, WHO would be our leaders. (Field holds up a book titled “Jesus Calling”) who would direct us and on what principles they would direct us as a country, that dossier, and the players around it, constructed their scheme – on foreign soil – right back there, in England.  The players from the FBI, the players from the CIA, the players from other intelligence agencies around the world, came and went – from London – while they were conspiring against the American people, in order to get leadership in place in America, that suited their goals, their ambitions, who THEY are – not us.  That’s what this battle is all about right now. People that are paying attention, get it.  But a lot of our neighbors haven’t quite figured this out yet and the reason they haven’t figured it out yet is because they are still asleep, they’ve been listening to the mainstream news, they haven’t understood, that these players that are manipulating us, they’re manipulating us on so many levels, it’s hard for them to even, ya know, get their mind around it.

But think about this Field, this didn’t just start, ya know, a few years ago, it didn’t start a President or two ago, they had these plans, and aspirations for us, before we even had leaders that signed that document, and when our leaders, did sign that document, and when our leaders did sign that document, when they came together, and drew a line in the sand, and said, “Slaves no more,”  that moment in time  - Is being repeated, right now - because they are still trying to bring us back under, their rule.

Over the years, we had the War of 1812.  After we, ya know, a decade or more, of fighting, your act of signing 1776, remember, the war didn’t really start. In earnest, until after it was signed.  For us right now, the war really isn’t gonna start, probably until July 5th of this year, symbolically, because it didn’t start until July 5th of 1776.  They signed the document, that was the final thing, they all put their brand on it, and they said we either hang together, or we hang separately, and July 5th, the word went out, that was the first, full day, it was only a matter of time before, lead was exchanged.

Today, right now, we’re really back at that same type of a thing.  These revelations that are coming out this second, ah, these weeks, these days, leading up to ah, our July 4th celebration, where we re-assert our independence, our sovereignty as individuals in this nation, from foreign rule, foreign mischief, foreign taxes, paying their proposed bullshit energy stuff for saving the planet from their schemes.  Ah, we’re getting ready, to have to go back and re-explain to them, in detail, that they are not going to rule us from afar, and they’re not gonna rule us by deception.

You see Field, over all these years, every time you turn around, they’ve tried to put, by deception, mechanisms in play, that then caused us have to fight a war with them, fight a war for them – and what’s their plan?  They’re not even happy with just ruling Europe, or just ruling America, they want to rule the whole planet, these foreign masters, these hidden-hand families.

Think about it, Field, you had Pike.  A lot of people are Masons, many of them possibly even in this audience and they’re hearing what I’m having to say, I’m asking them to think again.  This is a person, who in “Morals and Dogma” is very, very clear.  They serve Satan. If you think that just because your Masonic meetings are held in a church, that the people are all really nice people, good people, well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and the devil himself, enjoys, that you are deceived.  But the reality is, the foundation, and the purpose, as you go up through the ranks, of those hidden organizations, is a New World Order, but not founded on the principles of God in heaven, but of their God, Satan.  These people are sun worshipers, that’s why they are so excited, Field, about having the summer solstice celebration, about orchestrating it, because the sun’s rising, on all their schemes and machinations, they’re coming into a new day, their celebrating the light, they’re having all their rainbow celebrations.  I’m here to tell ya Field, THAT’S TURNING AROUND, RIGHT NOW. 

This isn’t about their sunrise, and they’re rising over us to dictate over us, this is about their sunset, this is about the sun setting on all their schemes and machinations, to take over our country, to rule us by deception, with leaders, internally, that are bought and paid for, to do their bidding, against us, the American people.  That’s what this moment is all about, that’s what this election of President Trump was all about, and this coming election is going to be about – in Spades!


We have a moment, right now, where revelations are going to be coming, as fast as, well, ya know, you can believe. It’s just going to be astonishing, how quickly, new revelations are going to keep coming out about the people, and what they were doing against us, behind the scenes, and that will continue all the remainder of this year.  The sun is setting, on these manipulators and we are about to enter another American Revolution. Darkness to Light.

We’ve seen it, we know it, and now the sun is going to begin to set, on them.  A lot of people think that these issues have to do with left and right – they don’t have to do with left and right – they have to do with RIGHT and WRONG. Are we going to heaven or are we going to hell?  Are we following people who have a heavenly course, or are we following people that have a hellish course. These people, create our heroes, they create, our stars, they create the media and the fake news.

Imagine, think of all the people, out there, that we’re supposed to idolize as being really good guys and really important good people and our leaders. You know, I’ll use one that comes to mind right off the top of my head, George Bush Sr.  Here’s a guy who was supposed to be the youngest naval pilot  aviator, and he’s, ya know, just a wiz bang kid, and then ah, ya know, he survives getting shot down, We’ve looked at the pictures.  That aircraft that supposedly came in and had issues where it got shot from behind, that prop was shot on the ground.  That was a fake hit - never happened. It was a manufactured hero.  All the mischief around that, it’s John Kerry. Look at what happened with him.  He gets 3 purple hearts in Vietnam.  The last one, the injury was so minor, the guy was like, do you really want a band aid for this, this is a scratch, there isn’t even hardly blood coming out of it, you want a band-aid for this? You want a purple heart for this? Are you kidding?  We got kids in body bags and you want a purple heart for this bullshit?  Questionable if the event even happened?  They manufactured these heroes.

Look at the fake stars we get out of Hollywood.  Look at Katy Perry. Katy Perry gets to be brought into the White House, the puppet of a President, brings her into the White House, they change the colors in the dining room to red.  Who is she? One of the Disney, ah, ah, mind-controlled kids?  And what’s she say, she goes on national TV and talks about how human flesh, is more nutritious than any other kind of food, and oh, by the way, yes, she couldn’t get fame, singing as a Christian singer, so, she made a deal with the devil, so that she could have fame. Really?  That’s somebody that we invite to the White House to sing? In our national house? And we turn the lamps to blood red and allow her to sing there?  No wonder Melania wouldn’t go into the White House until it was cleansed.  No wonder President Trump says that Satan has been evicted from the White House.

People don’t understand, this moment in time, Field, is right and wrong, heaven and hell.  Those people that don’t choose, right, if they just stand on the side lines to watch, are gonna slip, right into Gomarrah, into hell itself.

You have to make a choice.  When those men, put pen to paper, on July 4th, and signed their names, to that declaration, that line in the sand, WE WILL NOT BE YOUR SLAVES, King George.  We’re our own nation, we’re adults, and we’re not putting up with it anymore.  They signed a death warrant.  It was full-on, it was all out war.  That’s going on right now, those same (Field holds up Sweet and Salty Planters bag) people are still trying to run our lives as a nation.  That’s what this moment is all about, and if you don’t see that, you’re not paying attention. Those conspirators, that are about to be picked up and charged with crimes against our nation, treasonous crimes against our nations, because of their treasonous activities, Mr. Brennan, Mr. Comey.  Those people conspired with foreign governments, and players in foreign governments, some of ‘em are Benedict Arnold’s, Mr. Halper, who was a spy in the Reagan Administration.  Tried to become a spy in the President’s administration right now with President Trump, tried to be a spy in the campaign. Tried to engineer it to get people rolled over, to become spies with him, with Papadopulous and others, misled all of his friends. Are you kidding me?  This is about right and wrong. This is about a heavenly course or a hellish course.  These people that they are putting out in front of us, if we went the way these Democrats want to go right now, what would we have?   We’d have “Oh Pedophilia is a lifestyle, it’s a life choice.”  Really? We’re supposed to accept that?  Pedophilia is a life choice?  Give me a break.  If you don’t think that this is right and wrong, you’re not paying attention.

It’s not left and right, it’s right and wrong. And those people, that they are putting up there to be our leaders, ya know, fairly recently, was Bill Clinton. Ok.  Bill Clinton, first of all – he got a Fulbright Scholarship, So what’s a Fulbright, What’s Fulbright say? Fulbright, himself said, and he was a Senator from Arkansas by the way, on the payroll inside the families, Fulbright said that the constitution was an outdated document, that it caused a problem and made it so a President couldn’t function properly, handcuffed him, OK, so Fulbright thought the constitution was an outdated document? And Bill Clinton gets a Fulbright Scholarship, believes that crap.  Then where’s he go? Then he gets a Rhodes Scholarship, well, what’s the Rhodes Scholarship all about? Cecil Rhodes - Cecil Rhodes believes that the United States had gone astray and needed to be brought back under the Queen’s rule, needed to be brought back under England’s rule, the Crown’s rule, and so, we needed to be, ya know, herded back in, and brought into the nations under the authority of the British Crown. Are you kidding me? Bill Clinton, that qualifies him to be President of the United States? It qualifies him to NOT be President of the United States. Why? Why are we getting these people put in office? Who’s doing it behind the scenes, who’s promoting them?

If you go back, and you look at what Pike said in Morals and Dogma, What was he saying?  He said it was gonna take 3 World Wars, in order for them to realize their great work.  And what was the great work they wanted to do Field?  The great work they wanted to do, was to create, a planet, under the authority of their sun God, Satan.  They wanted our whole planet subjugated to their type of rule, with their God. He was the head of the Masons.  He was the guy that was trying to say, ya know, anybody that doesn’t think that Satan, Lucifer is the head of Free Masonry doesn’t understand.  So you go through all the ranks, and it’s about good, and we’re helping out children, and we do all these wonderful things…  What’s the checkerboard all about? Black and White?  We do good works and we do bad works, but we balance it out, and we meet in churches.  Bullshit. You’re doing the works of darkness, you’re doing the works of Satan.  If you’re part of those organizations you need to think again about what you are actually involved in, you know, whether or not are you just a useful tool, in Satan’s plan, Satan’s designs.  The reality is - he - Pike, laid out this game plan and what’s been happening in the world ever since. We’ve been getting, this continual march, towards some kind of a cataclysmic, grand, seismic event, that after which, all the people of the world come under their subjugation, cause, they… all the governments are wiped out and they have a new government that’s in charge of everything.

That’s not what we want. That’s not what’s right.  And how much blood, along that path to get there. Anybody that doesn’t think that they have been successful in pulling this off this far isn’t paying attention.  The Illuminati, they’re real.  May 1st, 1776, they established their organization also.  Just 2 months before we established ours, as the United States, declared our independence. So these Illuminatus’ were hard at it, and they were a little bit ahead of us in getting their organization going, and they infiltrated, they had people that agreed with, and understood. And then, a lot of our founding fathers, yes, they were in these organizations themselves.  And over the course of time, through the Revolutionary War of England, and in the years after, many of them, disavowed themselves of those relationships with the Masons, and these organizations, these secret handshake clubs, not just the Masons, but the Illuminati themselves  – why? – because they came to understand that they weren’t actually working in the best interest of America, that they did have other, plans and ideals that were against the ideals of the American citizen, and our independence, and our own way of life.  They were (entidone? 28:22)

This is that moment when we need people to think again about what are you actually involved in, who are you actually associated with, what are your ties? And choose, good over evil.  THAT’S what this is all about Field, and, in this time, in this moment – we have this, pause, moment – this solstice moment…

I say, Field, it’s high noon – in America, right now.

Joe Biden came out the other day, and he said that, ah, Democrats need to figure out how to work with Republicans.  But if they can’t, if they can’t come up with a way to work with Republicans – well – it’s gonna get physical.  And then what’s he do?  He makes a gesture, imitating, that he’s holding, an assault weapon.  Look at the picture, tell me I’m not seein’ what I’m seein’!  HELLO! Joe Biden and an assault weapon!  HELLO!  And what’s the context?  They’re coming after Republicans. Really?  If I did that, if you did that, Field, if anybody in this audience did that, OH MY GOSH – THE OUTRAGE!  OH THE DRAMA OF THE STORM! – BULLSHIT.

They’re the ones that are bringing this to a head. They’re the ones that are bragging about flesh-eaters in the White House.  They’re the ones that want Satan ruling over our country and putting all their monuments to Isis, and to Osiris, and to all of these rituals, and the owl, and all their little secret handshake clubs, all over DC.  They’re the ones that are doing that.  That’s not what we want.  That’s not what is common in America. That’s being imposed on us, because they are a part of a club. A club that wants an international society, and international governments, over the whole world.  And where does it hail from?  It hails from Europe.  It’s not just London, It’s Bavaria.

Remember what the Q Team showed us – when they showed the pictures of May, and Merkel, and Macron – the sisters… sisters???  Sisters – are you kidding me?  Oh, and people got all upset, ah, maybe we’re going to fast, they didn’t say they were wrong?  Maybe people just couldn’t accept it, they couldn’t realize it, well we’re coming of age, Field, we grew up in this, the thing that people forget, and we need to be mindful of right now, especially those that are a little bit older in this audience.  When I was young, what was the defining event prior to 911, that was the assassination – of our President - our national leader, right there in FRONT OF THE WORLD.  We all watched an assassination.  There was no truth – told to us – by the fake media, there was no truth told to us, from the halls of Congress, there was no truth told to us, from the White House.  All we got was lies.  Every word – a lie.

To say that there was this lone gunman – who killed the President – was one of the most monstrous lies in the history of this country, in the history of the world.  And why did they kill him? Those same secret societies. Ruling us from afar, ruling us from behind the curtains. And we all stood, by the side of the rode, and watched the aftermath, and participated.  We, have grown up, in the shadow of that moment Field, this audience, every last one of us.  And the people who pulled that off, have continued in all their evil machinations, while we watched, while we came of age.  They’ve continued to deceive us all along, putting their players, in governance over us, manipulating us from foreign soil for their purposes, putting us into wars, where our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, parents – were injured or killed – and, destroying other countries at the same time, forcing migrations of people, millions of people, dead – for what?  So we could build their New World Order on the bones, of millions. If they have their way, it will be on the bones of billions.  This audience, needs to be part of the solution, and not part of the problem.  We cannot stand, idlily by, and accept, that they get their way.  If they had gotten their way, we would have not gotten President Trump.

The problem for us is, the nail that sticks up gets hammered down.  President Trump, is the nail that’s sticking up, and so are these people in this audience Field, a lot of us are sticking up, and they want to hammer us down, they’d like to destroy us, they’d like to subjugate us again- to keep us, under their thumb.  If you’re not outspoken, if you don’t make your views understood and known within your community, within your family – you don’t have to be an asshole about it and you don’t have to be ridiculous, but you should stand up and be counted.  Down the road, you’re going to wish you had, if you don’t, because this revolution, is well under way right now, and the revelations that are going to be happening throughout the remainder of this year – are going to set the world – on fire.  And YOU need to be part of it – this audience, needs to be part of making that change.  And the other problem we have, Field – the other crisis we have – if we do, if we do it by ourselves, or if we let others do it by themselves, they’re gonna take all the pressure.  If there’s just a nail here or there sticking up, they’re the ones taken out, they’ll snipe out, the ones that are a threat.  When it was just  one President, and a few people around him, surrounded by traitors, surrounded by people, that had another… ideal, another perspective, they just snipe ‘em out, the other ones duck for cover. Mission Accomplished. Doesn’t go forward.  They get their way, they get their war in Southeast Asia they get their drugs from Southeast Asia, they get their drug money from Southeast Asia they get their drugs from South America, they get their drug money from South America, and they change the course of elections. They buy off politicians, they buy off police, they put their people, promote ‘em up through the ranks, get ‘em up into upper ranks of the FBI, the CIA, every agency, the news networks, Hollywood – they can buy anything, anyone, any place – and all you get , is the lies, the fakes.  They’ve been doing it for a long time.


Hitler, goes to Tavistock Institute in London, in 1912, and practices his speech presentations, practices how to be an orator. In London? Tavistock? Yea.  Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin – they all go to Vienna, hang out together.  They’re in the same city, who knows if they cross paths, but the bankers are there, promoting who they promote, and suddenly they get to go out and start a whole revolution.  Money shows up from the bankers in London and New York, to take the ruling class out of ah, of ah, Russia, and start a communist revolution.  They’ve been doing that over and over, for centuries. We’ve been fighting this little cartel, these clans behind the scenes, continuously, for decades and decades and decades.  And now, in the current time period, what do they do?  It’s the CIA, it’s black ops money.  Truman said that if he understood he was creating an American Gestapo, he would never have approved the creation of the CIA in ’47.   A decade later he realized what had happened, what it was gonna become.  Where’s this money, come from?  Where’s this expertise in tech, come from, to make Iran – the best enemy money can buy – or Russia, a century ago.  It comes from the West.  It comes from traitors, inside.

Where’d the money come from for, ah, you have Tavistock over in London, but what do we have here?  We have Rand Corporation here looking at how to engineer society.  Look at, ah, where they put Hilltop Airforce Base, ah, up there at the top of Laurel Canyon. And, who’s going there, what’s the purpose of it?  Well, they’re doing movie stuff for nuclear detonations.   No they weren’t.  NO THEY WEREN’T!  They were training people, to be stars, to be – media figures – to be influencers, out into society.  So, where’s Marilyn Monroe?  She gets a top-secret security clearance to be there at Hiltop Airforce Base. What the..?  What’s she doing there?  And where does she go?  She goes over to Playboy, and she’s a centerfold at Playboy.  Where did Hugh Hefner get his money from?  Now it’s coming out – OHH, YEA, Yea, we actually were creating honey pots and we helped get Playboy goin’.  He was getting’ money from CIA ‘cause we needed to bring in some foreign leaders and influence them, etc… Oh, really?


What about ah, ah, the influence that we have all over these movie stars, that were being influenced, through that operation at Hilltop? All of the singers that came out of Laurel Canyon, that caused this 60’s revolution here, and the British Revolution in England.  By the way, yea, Paul did die.  Paul died on 11/9, check it out.  They can make you believe anything they want. They can even make you believe that somebody that’s dead, isn’t.  They can control the way societies think and if you start to say, “no, no, no… I don’t believe that, they’ll hammer ya’ down.  And if you resist, they’ll get a bigger sledgehammer.  And if you resist too much, they’ll hammer you and pulverize you into nothing – if it’s just a nail, here and there.

The only way, that we win, from this point forward, is the same way we won the first revolution Field.  If the signers, of the Declaration of Freedom - of our Independence - had been the only ones that stood up, the Brits would have gotten every last one of ‘em, and hung ‘em all.  As it was, they got a bunch of ‘em, and they destroyed their properties and their families, not everybody walked away.  But what happened Field, was that the rest of the Americans, closed ranks, took up the cause, and said “I’m in – Me too.”  Yea, you like your little “me too” movement? Well, ME TOO – I’M IN!  I’m not puttin’ up with this anymore!  They stood up - and got counted.  We all need to collectively stand up and say, “We’re not putting up with the fake news – the fake stars.  We’re not gonna have the fake wars, anymore.  (In a whiny snowflake voice) “Ohh, they’re putting babies out of incubators, we have to go bomb them, it’s horrible, it’s horrible…” “Yes, I think a boat fired a bullet, somewhere in the Gulf of Tonkin, and we’re gonna have to go to war over that…”  OR – THE BIG ONES – like 911 !  Yea, so we go blast Iraq and Afghanistan to smithereens.  What did it have to do with anything, on 911? Do you understand – it was a RITUAL – just like 11:54 today, was a ritual moment, another 911.  High noon in DC – high noon in America – high noon on planet Earth!  5 minutes before the hour.  911 was a ritual.  All those buildings, around the towers… Statue of Liberty, they had it built it’s Isis, it’s their statue, they got all the… every one of those buildings around that area has a ritual meaning… you got the bull down there in Wall Street, suddenly, miraculously, shows up a sculpture, tens of thousands of dollars to create it, it’s part of all of the ornamentation.  Even the UN, whose backing is that?  Who is putting it together??  Why? For what purposes?  Same people that funded the UN property, and gave it to the UN, has funded the buildings there at 911.  Rockefeller family.  Well, we have any of the Rockefellers in here?  Yea!  Bill Clinton’s a Rockefeller.  His Dad’s Winthrop Rockefeller.  Hidden.  You got a story.  It’s not live. Fake news.  His Dad was Winthrop Rockefeller, but you wouldn’t elect him as a Rockefeller, so they had to give him a different name, give him a different identity, so that you wouldn’t, ah, shut him down.  Hiding in plain site.  I’ve told your audience this before. We have LOTS of those kind of players.  They’re all over the place.  They can create anything they want, create the illusion, they’re wizards…  That’s what they take delight in, they’re wizards…   Where did Michael Rockefeller go?  You know him as a star!!  He’s right there, another Disney kid, come on, man!  Wake up!  Don’t buy, their lies, anymore!


You may have been a kid, like me, on the side of a street – at a critical moment in our history – not understanding, what the hell just happened, completely.  But they play on your patriotism. They play on who you are, what you want to be, what you desire to be, they play on that, they feed on it, and they’re laughing at you, because they think you’re so dumb, you can’t get it. But what you have to do now – is grow up.  This is about that moment, where we all grow up as a nation Field.  And we take our responsibilities as adults, and we say – NO MORE.  We will not be your slaves, anymore. And we won’t buy, your lies, anymore.  We’re done with that.  And if you want to try and manipulate our elections and you want to try to manipulate who we get – if you want to snipe ‘em out – this time, it will matter.  We’re not letting just one family, carry the weight for the whole nation.  You can take out an entire family, we’re not gonna let ya.  But even if you did succeed, we’re ALL standing here, we’re ALL, working together.  Because when they took out that President, they may have struck one man but they were aiming for the heart, of the whole country.   They were aiming, for all of us, we were all in cross hairs, we are – now, STILL – in the cross hairs, collectively.  And we have to decide, as a matter of choice – line in the sand -  just like the founders did, We’re in – we’re not taking it anymore, we are ALL – that kid, standing on the side of the street – watching it on the TV, watching the replay,  growing up in the shadow, of their destructive moment, where they intended to drive us down the cattle shoot of history, to their New World Order.  We’re not doing it, we’re not putting up with it, and we’re gonna kick ya in the ass, and kick ya the hell out of our country, and put you in jail, if you think that you’re gonna get away with it, you’re not.  We’re taking our country back.  And we’re gonna support the leaders in our country, who are gonna go after these monsters, and put ‘em away.  Promises made, PROMISES KEPT!  People, are going, to jail.  Now we have all fall.  We’re gonna have hearings, we’re gonna have these people in their explaining, before the whole world, why they did what they did, why they felt justified, to do what they did – and we’ll have people protecting them – and we’ll have people in political office asking all sorts of stupid questions, it’ll be like a scene from the Godfather movie.  But in the end – you’re gonna see prosecutions this time, and people are going to jail.  They didn’t upgrade Gitmo, for nothing.  And all of those sealed indictments, are not, a LARP.  This is going to come to a head.  This audience, needs to be part of it.  And we need to be able to be seen, together, in one spirit, in one ideal, in one way of presenting ourselves.  We may have been a kid, but we’re not anymore.  We’re standing up, and we’re being counted, in the spirit, of that kid, that all of us are – and were – over this last generation.  Does that work for ya, Field?

FIELD: Yes, and ah, by the way, right now on our YouTube, version, there’s 2200 people chatting, and over here at Livestream, which I declare, or I consider the world’s most well informed and lethal chat room, we have a pretty big room too, so I think the message is getting out. And ah, I don’t know if you realize… oh, and by the way, a lady in England, let me just quote her, you’re gonna like this… a lady in England, named Amanda, just put this up, well, let me think, yea, my thing jumps around, let me find what Amanda just put up. Doo De Doo De Doo… It’s worth waiting for, if I can find it, and if I can’t find it, I wouldn’t be surprised. She said “Slaves No Fucking More.”  Now that’s proper English and I hope you embrace that.

Juan:  Yes. (laughs)




Field: So I responded, I said Amanda Flasher, please don’t say Fucking again, as it fucking pisses off the fucking snowflakes. (Juan laughs) So, anyway, we’ve cleaned up our language, and I just wanna let you know, in case you didn’t pick up on this, cause things are happening at viral speed, ah, a platform down in Dallas, TX, is going to be posting our content, 24/7, The platform link, has been put up in our chatroom, twice, but it’s basically called GOODDOG, ah and, I will email you that link.  But, everything you and I do, from this point forward, and actually, anything we’ve done in the past, going back to the Loretta Fuddy thing, ah, those items of content are going to be visible, or available, 24/7, 365, for free, and before I go off the air today, I’ll make sure that I put the BIGDOG platform in, before you, and I know that you wouldn’t do this, Juan, but some people would say, oh great, another platform, well… not like this one.  Ah, this platform is being built by somebody who used to do software for aircraft manufacturers and ah, people that are interested in security issues, and ah, I believe that ultimately, he will put up all 1010 radio shows that I’ve done, most of which were with David Hawkins but, I think the ones that are really getting popular are the ones I’m doing with you, or I’m doing with these ladies from CPS that are tired of our families being destroyed by our government and our judges, ah, many of which are pedophiles, no case greater than the recently assisted suicide of Linda Collins Smith down in Arkansas. I’ve been told, and I believe, that her husband, who was a judge, was a pedophile.  So pedophiles have been very, very active in our Congress and Senate, 53:10 and I can’t clean up the entire Congress or Senate, but I’ve participated in getting rid of Gov Scott Walker, let me point out that Gov Scott Walker of Wisconsin, shares a name with George H. Walker Bush, and I also participated in getting rid of Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, from WI, whose wife participated in 911.  Ah, so, I think we’re doing good work and I think we’re just about ready to become much more, easily, accessed on the internet, and so if you wish to continue, we can continue awhile if you think we’ve done enough damage but, what do you think about the JFK Jr. mask that I made available on this radio show ad.

Well, I think as an audience, if the audience wants to be identified, to be known between each other, to know that they’re dealing with another Abel Danger co-hort, they should be carrying their mask with them.  If they’re at a Trump Rally, maybe they can find the right moment, to – don their masks for a minute or two.  You know the rallys end, with some great music, and, ah, maybe they can sing along and use their mask at the same time.  I think it’s important that we all be of the same mind, it may have been a Guy Fox mask, it may have been another one in another era.  We don’t need a dark figure, we have a light figure, this is about not allowing a single to take the weight, or individuals, to take the weight, of this role that we have to play in our country.

We cannot allow people who come of age and decide to take a certain direction, to free the country, to then be nailed down, hammered down, Democrat or Republican, you know, Al Smith, was a Democrat’s – Democrat in the 20’s and 30’s and, ah, he was a Roosevelt guys 55:33    he had his concerns, he was a staunch Democrat, but by 1936, the Democratic party had become so twisted and maligned from his perspective, in what they were doing and who they were supporting, ya know he said, that he was watching the party, um of Jefferson, and Jackson and Cleveland, ah, ah, turn into the party of Marx, and Lennon and Stalin. I mean, this is the Democrat’s – Democrat, this is their cheerleader, this is the big guy – he could no longer stomach – being in that situation, and counted in that crowd, and he made a very famous speech, and said “I’m out” and he walked away and never came back the rest of his life, because he would not be counted as a traitor to 1:52:48 to the citizens.  He would not participate in their lies.  President Reagan, started life as a Democrat himself, and he did a speech, “A Time for Choosing’ 1964, in the shadow, of the murder of a President, by secret handshake club.  A group of people with globalist ideals and visions.

His “Time for Choosing’ speech, defined him as a leader, and led the way for him to first become Gov. of California and then later President of the United States and he defined the differences between the way the parties thought.  Today – President Kennedy – could not possibly, be a Democrat.  What’s happened in the party over the last 34 years ??  He would’ve had to have left the party. It would have been against his character – his ideals – his way of thinking.  These people, today, the Ocasian Cortez, the Biden crowd, 57:50  have lost their way. Their may be a lot of people out there in this audience that can’t exactly, get, all excited about President Trump, for whatever reason, is he a bit caustic, does he come across with a bit different demeanor than you like, ah, do you think he’s not right, do you disagree on climate change, or something else – alright, well – let’s have the conversation. But, if you’re staying in the party for those reasons and ignoring the murder of children, dismembering them in the womb, the idea that pedophilia is a way of life and we should be more accepting and state agencies should be allowed to take children away because the parents are too religious in their thinking, or have a gun in the house.  Well, you’re in the wrong party, you need to think again. I’m not throwing stones at ya, I’m just asking you to consider again, where you’re at.  There’s lots of people walking away. Al Smith walked away, Reagan walked away, others have walked away.  If you need to make some changes, you have different viewpoints, let’s have a conversation.  Let’s try to get to the right answer together and let’s try to get the lies out of our discussions and conversations.  Those people that are telling us lies, and then we’re supposed to take action – based on these lies, that’s not what we’re gonna do, and these next many months, about exposing the lies, that have been perpetrated on us, and establishing what the true facts are, both in manipulating who we got for leaders and how they got their way over us to pass laws that really didn’t jive with the majority of the country, ah, ya know, they have dead ideas because they have dead people voting for ‘em, so they’re voting in the stuff that their constituency, likes.  Those paid Gods, love death, so they got dead voters. We have to, reach out, bring more people into the fray, on our side, it’s a numbers game at this point in time, and help people to have reasons for making the choice, which side they’re on. And in this moment – promises made – promises kept.

We’re gonna put some people away, that deserve, to be taken off the streets, that deserve, to be taken out of places of authority, because of their criminal activity, their treasonous activity. We’re gonna shut those things down, so that we can have an honest conversation about what we need to do as a country and where we are going.  Not a manipulated, lying, deceitful conversation, based on a bunch of lies, that have been perpetrated into our society, into our governments, into our media, that twist the way we think, and don’t let us have a normal, natural thought of our own.  That’s what this time is about. And we’re gonna help our neighbors cause we’re gonna take some of those influencers out of their positions of authority in the media, out of their positions of influence in Hollywood, out of their positions of voting authority in Congress, and we’re gonna get other people in there that will actually have a fair, honest, conversation – and we’re gonna get to the right answers.  COME ON!  I may not agree, with everything that everybody says around me, but we can have an honest conversation, if all you have are lies, by deceivers, how can you have an honest conversation, get to the true facts of the matter, and get on with it.  These people want their Brakely 102:08 society, they want us as their slaves.  They serve Satan, it’s that simple.  We cannot stomach, we cannot put up with, we cannot avert our eyes and allow, that it’s OK, for organizations to exist where – it’s “the cannibal club” and we eat human flesh, people offer their bodies for us.  Look it up. That exists in Calif.  You didn’t know that?  True story.  Go ahead and Google it.  They haven’t taken that site down. They take every other conservative site down, but they’ll keep the cannibal club site up. Are you kidding me? And they’re serious, that’s not a LARP, they’re not kidding. 

Did you see, Did you see what happened, ah, when we had the witness from the NXIUM trial yesterday.  There were some texts about this particular witness, took 3 polygraphs.  And the polygraphist, gave, a ah, ya know, afterward, made a legal statement, finding that this person was speaking the truth.  What did the person testify too, what were they talking about at this NXIUM trial, that was handled by the media yesterday, and by the way, what media was covering it, or 2 days ago.  Did you see it on any of the big channels? On any of the the big media channels?  They acted  like it never happened, it’s a BIG DEAL.  Why? Cause it’s gonna go after media people, and Hollywood people before it’s all over, but – this witness says that at this recruiting meeting, that took place, ah, down in the Bahamas, in the shadow, just around the corner from Epstein Island, at this recruiting meeting, they were shown videos of snuff films.  They were being recruited into the NXIUM cult, with snuff films.  Snuff films – are where you kill somebody.  Now, was it faked??  Who knows?  But is that something to get you all excited and make you want to be part of the NXIUM because you are watching somebody be killed on video?  Oh -it’s just a fake – well, who was there?  Alefantas was there, oh, of Pizza fame?  One of the 50 most influential people in Washington DC?  The person whose emails and other information is part of the Wikileaks drop that led to the defeat of Hillary Clinton. Ah, along with Podesta and his emails talking about spirit cooking, that simulates, cannibalism amongst other things, and these are the people that you’re gonna have for your leaders?  These are the people that are OK to have around you, to have as entertainers in the White House?  Katy Perry?  Are you kidding me? WAKE THE FUCK – UP!!

WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??  Seriously.  If you’re a Democrat, and you’re backing this, it’s OK?  (In a snobby voice) Well, It’s just a lifestyle.  God will not look favorably on that, and neither will the rest of the citizens because we’re adults and we’re not putting up with it in our society.  In a PRISON – the inmates would not put up with an inmate like that.  They killed Dahmer.  They wouldn’t put up with it in a PRISON - and I’m supposed to put up with it in my neighborhood, in my city, in my state, in my country??  Are you kidding me??  WAKE THE FUCK UP!!  Get a brain in your head!  If you’re asleep, now’s the time to come out of the digs. There’s plenty of people here to help you. Come on. Seriously.  This is the time to stand up and be counted. As an American, to think like an honest to goodness, classic American.  Not this fake American that they tried to voice on us.  The classic, real American is never out of date, in any generation.  Every, generation has to decide to come of age.  We’re coming of age now Field, in the shadow of all these events, all the fake news, all the fake gun shootings.  All the fake false flags, all the fake wars.  They’ve been faking us…the devil, is the father of deception, and he’s taking the light, and those people that are serving them, serving him in our midst, have to be rooted out – so we can get on with our lives and get to truth, and find ways to live together and work together, preserve the planet, preserve the way of life, preserve something of a future for our children, and our children’s children.  A good man, leaves an inheritance, to his children’s children.  But beyond that, what kind of an inheritance, is it freedom, is it a life, or is it slavery?  We will fight, to be free.  That was the way that people thought that signed that document in 1776.  That’s the way the people thought that supported them, and went out, to the bridge at Concord, and said “HELL NO – YOU HAVE GOT TO GO!” Get off our soil!

1:09:05 Marker. These people, that are over-lording us from afar have got to go. And the leaders that have foisted upon us, unlawfully – with all their little schemes and maneuvers – HELLO OBAMA!   Born on Aug 4th?  Seriously? Oh, my goodness!  The 216th day of the year – gosh… 6x6x6…  What IS that?? And, by the way, when is the Queen Mother’s Birthday?  And how many times have you visited the Peace Arch Hospital in DC?  Who is behind that scam? How many intelligence agencies were involved in that scam?  We have got to get these liars, these deceivers, out of our midst, and their lying, deceiving minions. (In weird voice) Zuckerberg came up with Facebook, because he’s such a business genius… NO!  Fa… He’s just a puppet, he’s just a pawn for other people, for their money, to manipulate it.  Look at George Soros, everybody in this audience, listen, right now.  Do you think that George Soros, Dr. Evil, just happened, because George Soros is such a genius?? Are you kidding me?  George Soros is an asshole and an idiot.  YOU HEAR ME GEORGE??  ANOTHER GEORGE OUT THERE -HUH? Well a false George.  All that money he got, where’d he get it? (funny voice) Oh, he was shorting the British Pound, and he made a bunch of money, shorting the British Pound…  Well, who probably had a pretty good idea what was going to happen with the pound, based on how the economy was going there, Britain and what they were doing and how they were leveraging it. Ya spose, any of the political leaders and the bankers and MI five and six and the City of London had any clue, years in advance, what they were gonna do to the pound? Of course they did! It was a scam! (funny voice) they wanted to rake up some money, you put it in this guy’s hand over here, now whatya gonna do?  You build these places, you put the money in this group, you put the money in that group, IT’S A MONEY LAUNDERING OPERATION – HE’S JUST THE FIGURE HEAD!!  BY THE WAY, Who was the most frequent visitor in the first term of the Obama Administration to the White House, who wasn’t actually a government official of the United States Government?  Who was the most frequent visitor??  GEORGE FUCKING SOROS AND I’LL SAY FUCKING AGAIN – CAUSE HE’S FUCKING EVERYBODY!! WHY?? Cause he’s a British agent…DON’T YOU GET THAT?  WHEN THEY HAVE THAT LITTLE SCAM, (funny voice) and Barak Obama has the bust of Churchill sent back to England from the White House, oh, well, he and England just don’t get along. WHAT A SCAM, MAN?  DO YOU BUY THAT, SERIOUSLY?? AND THEN THEY HAVE THEIR BRITISH AGENT SOROS IN THERE DICTACTING, (funny voice) Here’s what we want you do, here’s what we want this to go, and not, and what can I do to help you right now, today? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? SERIOUSLY?? AND THEN YOU, if you’re a Democrat, and you’re Ok with that?  Even backing drugs. Look, I know this is a sensitive subject for a lot of listeners, I’ll lose a lot of listeners when I say this, ahh… the marijuana, I understand, the medicinal, medical stuff, and all that, OK. I understand it for some of our soldiers and other things, I get it, but ya know what?  They don’t call it “dope” for nothin’.  And, on the whole, like any medicine, like anything, a lot of times it’s got a good purpose, it can also be abused, it can be damaging, and if Soros was backing it, it wasn’t to do good for the country. He wants to dumb us down, he wants to collect our youth, our young people, to delete themselves, to dilute themselves, and then delete themselves, to get to some point of desperation, to not have their wits about them.  1:13:59 Marker That’s why they want a dumbed down herd.  They want us not to be -sharp. Have our wits about us, enjoying life, building, creating, doing… just chillin’ out, serves their purposes.  You gonna be a sheep for them??  You gonna go along with it cause that’s what they want you to do?  That’s the devil’s way!!  That’s this good and evil – that’s this moment that we’re in.  You’ve got a choice – heaven or hell – it’s that simple, really.  Cause the way that these Democrats that are in office right now are trying to lead the country, that’s the way to hell. Groppin’ Joe and his crowd, are you kidding me??  Skull and Bones, and their crowd?  Those who hate God and love death? Ooh, let’s do a secret handshake, let’s do it in the dark, let’s do our ceremonies in a coffin, let’s have skulls, and displays in our little rooms for our secret handshake club… THOSE ARE THE PEOPLE YOU WANT RUNNING YOUR COUNTRY??   THAT LYING, CHEATING, PIECE A SHIT KERRY? Lobbying, against the interest of the United States in Iran? Against our President? 


Where do these people get all this money?? Iran got BILLIONS, from Obama!!  The best enemy money can buy!  Happens over, and over and over.  Where do we find the technology going into Korea from? Who is over there in N.Korea giving all this computer technology away?  Where did they get the printing press from to print those dollars, by the way, those incredibly perfect, American dollars they were shipping out of there??  Where’d they get the supplies to do that, the silk? Who’s funding these operations against us, creating the best enemy money can buy?  Shipping technology and truck plants to Russia. Building up the infrastructure for a war in Germany.  Creating the context for war in the Mideast.  (funny voice) Three wars – it’ll take 3 wars - for us to create our global, New World Order, under our Lord, Lucifer- Satan.

1:16:34 Marker. Where’d the first World War start?  Lucitania. LUCITANIA, HELLO??  WHERE’S THE MONEY BEHIND THE UN?  LUCES TRUST?  Luces Trust creating the UN?  Where’d the twin towers come from – oh, Nelson Rockefeller, he helped with the money for the UN building and buying the grounds for it on a slaughter- house property – oh, it had been sanctified by the slaughter of animals it was a sacrificial site.  What’s the deal with 911?  The Towers, built by Nelson Rockefeller – like the Titanic – DESIGNED – to come down.  Always, from the beginning. We are watching these people playing out their machinations against us, but IT’S HIGH NOON – IN AMERICA!! AND THE SUN IS STARTING TO SET, ON THESE CRIMINALS!

1:17:32 Marker. And what you’re about to see – over the remainder of this year, is THOSE PEOPLE COMING OFF THE STREET FOR GOOD CAUSE. And this audience, needs to be ready, to give a solid account to their neighbors, to their friends, to the other citizens. SLAVES, NO MORE!!  Back to you Field…

Field:  Did you just say back to me?


Field: Have I ever once corrected you, Juan?

I can’t think of anything, but I probably needed it. (laughs)

Field: Well, you need one right now, it’s not, it’s not Slaves No More, it’s FUCKING SLAVES, NO FUCKING MORE!!  OK?

Aye, aye, Sir.

1:18:27 Marker Field: OK? I wanna give you a giant compliment that you cannot anticipate, according to Eager Beaver, um, we’re at a record number of chatters at YouTube, at YouTube LIVE, and this is not a normal show day, so, to set a record on not a normal show day is simply a testament, a testimony, to how much people like hearing you talk, because it’s the only way this notice could’ve gotten around.  I did put up a radio show, but, ah, a lot of the people at Abel Danger would see that, but nobody else would, so this is all word of mouth, and um, Chief C, says Slaves No Fucking More, well, so does Jen K, ah, we’ve got masks coming from all over the place and they’re all in our chat room, and ah, I think that mask idea, could turn into a global revolution, and when you were talking about revolution, I was thinking about John Lennon and how he was murdered in Oct of 1980, because he was set to expose the Tavistock Instititute for creating the Beatles so that they could be used to foist mind games upon the American youth, and to make the American youth less moral. Uh, and that worked.  I mean, America’s youth, from, say what America’s youth was like in 1961, when Del Shannon sang ‘Hat’s Off to Larry”  It went like this “Once I had a pretty girl, her name, it doesn’t matter, she ran away with another guy, now he won’t even look at her.”  Then he does that Del Shannon stuff, listen from then to ’68 or ’69, the youth in this country, roughly my age, were encouraged to be irresponsible breeders, and males, ah, the males were encouraged to take advantage of the ladies, with absolutely no responsibility, and that touches me in a variety of ways, one of which is it’s offensive to God, right here where I’m sitting now, within’ 150ft of where I’m sitting, there is a woman, that’s expecting a child, that was, ah, well, the person that impregnated her, also raped her 6 year old daughter. And you know what, that may have worked for a long time, but according to Johnny Cash, you can run on for a long time, you can run on for a long time, you can run on for a long time, but pretty soon, those of us who are NO FUCKING SLAVES, NO FUCKING MORE, are gonna say, sooner or later, God will cut you down.  Over to you Juan.

JUAN: Well, ya know, the thing is Field, they try to enslave us, not just, in our minds, not just in our ideals, to twist the way we think, they try to twist our taste, what we want, ah, ya know, you mention John Lennon, ah, Paul McCartney, by all accounts, was very upset when they did the ah, ah, slaughtered baby album cover, that was then, pulled back, and they had their, ah, ah, Jimmy Saville issue over there, and apparently he was aware of some of the antics that Jimmy Saville did and couldn’t stomach it, if you remember, and so, there’s questions about the mechanism of death for Paul McCartney and why he had to be taken out, cause he was going to say something.

One of the things that’s also very disturbing, for example, is ah, going back to Tavistock Institute and the Beatles, ah, and the way that they were presented to the world, ah, on the album cover, Sgt Peppers cover, they have Aleister Crowley there, Aleister Crowley was one of these key people, the leader of the band, a part of the whole Tavistock Theme, and ah, influence, also over into Hollywood.  For those people that just think that’s OK, and that’s cool, and he just had a different way of approaching the world and everything else… he worshipped Satan. He worshiped Lucifer.  By his own account, by his own words, he claims that he was sacrificing kids, almost half the days of the year. Sacrificing them – killing them – dead.  He loved killing little boys.  He also loved raping small children.  He considered raping them in the asshole as a right of Osiris and opening the mind. And so that was the eye of Osiris.  And this is somebody that you can even tolerate in your house, an album cover in your house, this Satanic, demonic contact point??  One of the people that I enjoy, Linda McAllister, she had albums, she had memorabilia from her Grandfather that was a Masonic emblems and things, once she realized, what these meant, and she was a CNN person, worked in their ah, CNN, and a number of the other networks, ah, she came of age, and realized what these things meant, what these were emblems of, she saw them, as touchpoints, to the dark side.  That the demonic world could attach themselves to, and then have right, into her home and to her life, and she took them all out into her yard and burned them.  She didn’t put them away, she didn’t put them in the garbage so they could be found in some landfill to survive,1000 years from now, she destroyed them, utterly.  So they couldn’t have any damage to the next person, and they couldn’t have a way, of getting into her life, that’s what the President did. 

1:25:06 Marker. President Trump, when he got to the Presidency, when they got to the White House, they had to have Satan kicked out, had to have a cleansing ceremony.  Satan was evicted from the White House before Melania would go in there.  Thank goodness for people with that kind of conviction in this day and age, at this hour.  That’s the problem, we’ve had leaders that would, look the other way, they would overt their eyes, they would countenance evil in our Institutions as a nation.  And we’ve had our fellow citizens that would countenance it. 

1:25:57 Marker. This is a moment about good and evil, and the revelations that are coming.  That will come late in the year, and next year, about just how far gone many of these people are, and what they have accepted and what they’ll do.  That’s when you’re going to have to be able to, dig deep, and decide can you, accept a tinge of evil?  What’s your threshold? What’s your, line in the sand?  It’s not just about slavery, but it’s also about heaven and hell.  As an individual, and as a nation, and I say that in a very serious, and solemn way, ‘cause we can’t be trite about it.  This is eternal decisions, really, because it’s also about your kids and your grandkids.  What kind of a world are you going to hand them?  Are you going to hand them a world where, (funny voice) Well, the best nutrients, the best food, is human flesh, it’s got nutrients no other food has… ARE YOU SERIOUS??  THINK AGAIN!!  WAKE, THE FUCK, UP!!  Think clearly, get out of the daze! Have a drink of water!  Think about this.  As a NATION, WE CANNOT COUNTENANCE, THAT KIND OF BEHAVIOR.   Those kind of people in our midst.  That is a gateway for evil, into our society, into our government. 

1:27:47 Marker. Before it’s all over, and we got a long road ahead of us.  I don’t think you can actually clean up Washington DC. I don’t think you can’t fix it.  It’s already fixed.  President Trump is gonna have to invite all of his contractor buddies, they’re gonna have to put a fence around DC, 3 layers deep, you’re gonna have to pamphlet the city, anybody that wants out – we’ve got metal detectors – and you’re gonna get strip searched, you’re not getting out with any of the evidence, anybody that wants to stay, YOU’RE AN ENEMY COMBATANT!   We’re gonna flood the city, and wash it out, we’re gonna divert the Potomac and watch where the water comes out of those slimy holes, I don’t care if they’re 200 miles away… AND THEN, WHEN IT’S FLUSHED AND CLEANED, ABOUT 3 TIMES, cause we’re not taking any chances with any of our guys, THEN WE’RE GOIN’ – AND WE’RE GOING DOOR TO DOOR,  and we’re gonna clean that place out, and we’re not gonna occupy it again, we’re just gonna leave it fenced up as a spectacle to the world, of the INSANITY, of these groups that have tried to manipulate us, and we’re going back to right thinking, Godly thinking, sound thinking – humans – not these monsters, that have taken over our country and our way of life.  I hope all of your listeners decide to be counted. I hope they’ll find a way to close ranks, recognize each other, in the spirit of that kid, we all are, we all choose, to remember and be, standing on the side of the street, as our Father – President, Figure, Friend, Fellow American rolled by.  We won’t take it anymore, we’re not your slaves anymore. You’re not picking us out of the crowd, cause they’re just one or two nails here and there and they’re the ones that stick up…WE’RE ALL STICKING UP – FOR EACH OTHER, AND FOR OUR COUNTRY – I’M THE NAIL STICKING UP, TAKE A LOOK AT THIS FACE – HEY, DOES YOUR ID, FACIAL RECOGNITION SCANNER, RECOGNIZE – THIS!?  (laughs) YEA!   We’re all that kid.  Back to you Field.

Field: OK, Well I think we’ve done a fair job. Do you mind if I read a brief poem and then, maybe a brief prayer before you leave.  Here comes the poem, it’s called “The House By the Side of the Road, but keep in mind, if we were all by the side of the road with our JFK JR masks, we could think of the thoughts expressed inside of this poem and I’ll try to read as quickly and yet clearly as I can.

There are hermit souls that live withdrawn in the peace of their self-content

There are souls that dwell apart, in a fellowless firmament

There are pioneer souls that blaze their paths, where highways never ran,

But let me live, by the side of the road, and be a friend to man.

Let me live in a house by the side of the road,

Where the race of men go by

The men who are good, and the men who are bad,

As good, and as bad, as I

I would not sit in the scorner’s seat or hurl the cynics ban

Let me live in a house by the side of the road,

And be a friend to man.

I see from my house by the side of the road,

By the highway of the side of life

The men who press with the ardor of hope

The men who are faint with strife

But I turn not away from their smiles, nor their tears

Both parts are an infinite plan

Let me live in a house by the side of the road,

And be a friend to man

I know there are brook laden meadows ahead

And mountains of worrysome height

That the road pases on through the long afternoon

And stretches way into the night

But still I rejoice when the travelers rejoice

And I weep with the strangers that moan

Nor live in my house like

Who lives alone

Let me live in my house by the side of the road

Where the race full of man go by

They are good they are bad they are weak they are strong

Wise, foolish, but so am i

Then why should I sit in the scorners seat

Or hurl the cynics ban

Let me live in my house by the side of the road

And be a friend to man.


Field: I would encourage all of the listeners who like the theme of that poem, the name of the poem is “The House By the Side of the Road”  The name of the poet is Sam Walter Foss and I’m gonna say a prayer right now, spontaneously, I have no idea what I’m gonna say, but here it comes.  Dear Heavenly Father, let this be a starting place of a great, global group that wishes to be a friend to man. A group that wishes not to judge, not necessarily to teach or demand, an army, globally, that is willing to accept people for who they are, and reach out to their needs and to help them heal their wounds, because the way the world has been for 400 or 500 years, has wounded all of us.  There’s not one person listening to my voice right now who cannot relate to some loss in their family fabric, or some loss in their corporate life, or some loss in their personal fortune, um..  the people who have been running this world, especially here in the United States, from 1606 to inauguration day of 2017, those people Lord, are your enemies, and somewhere in Hebrews it talks about what happens to the enemies of God, and I’m just one of your feeble soldiers, Lord, I’m not strong and I’m not smart, but I am strong enough and smart enough to make sure that these people who are trying to destroy me,  and to destroy us, and to destroy marriages, and to destroy families and to destroy countries, will be held accountable, and I want them to be very, very nervous now and if they prefer not to be nervous that I want to let them know that if they got on their knees, in a dark place, all alone, and cry out to God, that you will hear them and you will heal their wounds, but you will also expect them not to re-offend. I say this in total confidence and in total service to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Well, there’s a prayer for ya, I hope it works, and before you go Juan, I want to remind you, that tonight at 6 o’ clock, I will be doing my first ever, no second ever show with a guy named Big Dog and in any interview that I have every participated in, as the guy being interviewed, I’ve never been interviewed more effectively, than the one interview I did with Big Dog, and the interview, which was lost,



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