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1) Here's some help with POTUS code talk to anons!!!
Christina Barker
Decode of POTUS Speech ~
“1. Medical Miracle = MedBeds
2. Safe & Effective Vaccine = Safe Military
3. Greatest Scientific Accomplishments in HIstory = Galactic Federation Of Light 

2) 4. End of the Pandemic Once & for All = Elimination of the DeepState/Cabal
5. FISA x3 = EO Signed in 2018
6. Brilliant, Scientists, Technicians, Doctors, Workers = Galactic Assistance.
7. 95% Defective = Junk Vaccine
8. Vaccines also very safe = Safe Military Operation 

3) 9. Golden Standard of Saftey = Gold-Backed Currency
10. 14 Billion Dollars for Vaccine Development = Money Spent on Military
11. 500 Million additional doses = Size of Miltary (Globally)
12. FedEx & UPS Shipping = Military to every zip code & State in the Country. 

13. First Vaccines administered in 24hrs = Martial Law/Insurrection Act.
14. Governors decide where the vaccine goes in their State = Upon their actions against us, the military will respond anywhere. 

5) 15. Seniors, Healthcare workers, 1st Responders to be 1st inline = 1st in line for the MedBeds.
16. Quickly & Dramatically reduce death & hospitalizations = No more need for Hospitals.
17. China Virus invaded our shores we would produce a vaccine in record time before the end 

6) of the year they said it couldn't be done = DeepState invasion, organized the military by the end of the year, Martial Law/Insurrection Act.
18. The United States is the 1st Nation to produce a verifiably safe & effective vaccine = 1st ever safe military operation/war. 

19. Unlimited Potential = Galactic Assistance
20. Vaccine will vanquish the Virus = Military will vanquish the DeepState/Cabal
21. Return life back to normal
22. The Pandemic may have begun in China = DeepState helped China. 

8) 23. But we are ending it right here in America = DeepState finished
24. Operation Warp Speed is the greatest medical manufacturing endeavor in American History = Production of the MedBeds
25. We are deeply grateful to every person who has worked around the clock on this 

9) monumental national project to save lives = "Q"
26. Thank you All for your tremendous gifts to humanity = Nesara/Gesara
27. God Bless You, God Bless the United States of America, God Bless the World = God Bless to a New Golden Age!”
Author: Lemi Hyde
Thank Q Julianne Parkinson 

Hammurabi (Eye For An Eye) @i4ni2th4a2th

 1 minute ago

It’s going to be BIBLICAL.

T = UpsideDown Pyramid = Trump Tower/hand sign

Δ = CABAL = Pyramid = Illuminati = LightRays = Δ
Jesus = Cross = UpsideDown Pyramid = Trump


One side of the triangle removed (1st time in history). Other sides falling.

Turn CABAL on its head (opposite/oppose)
Dark to LIGHT - You have so much more than you know.

+++ = House of Saud
++ = Rothschild
+ = Soros

Focus on the above (3).
Who are the puppet masters?

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